US Embassy In Ankara On Lockdown After ‘Security Incident’

The United States has put its embassy in Ankara on lockdown after assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey at an art gallery nearby.

In a tweet on Monday, the US State Department advised all citizens to avoid the area following reports of a shooting near the embassy.

The alert came just moments after Andrey Karlov, was gunned down at the photo exhibition.

Moscow has said described the assault was a “terrorist act.”

The State Department described the ensuing situation at the embassy, approximately 2.5 miles away from the art gallery, as an “ongoing security incident.”

“All US citizens should avoid area near Embassy compound until further notice,” it said in a tweet.

The department also called on Americans to “avoid travel to southeast Turkey and carefully consider the risks of travel to and throughout the country.”

It is still unknown if the lockdown is related to the ambassador’s assassination.

Due to the upsurge in terrorist attacks in Turkey, Washington has been alerting citizens to avoid the country since October 29, cautioning them of “increased threats from terrorist groups throughout Turkey.”

The area where the ambassador was shot dead should specifically be avoided “at least until Tuesday morning, December 20.”

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Beyoncé & Mariah Carey’s Children Pose for a Cute Photo After Christmas Concert

When Beyoncé paid a visit to Mariah Carey‘s Christmas show at New York City’s Beacon Theater on Sunday, they weren’t the only ones getting in the holiday spirit. Both famous moms brought along their little ones.

While the internet was still collectively losing its mind over the selfie Carey, 46, posted with Beyoncé, 35, the “All I Want for Christmas Is You” singer shared a big group photo backstage with their mini-mes.

“Backstage at Christmas time with our beautiful children,” Carey captioned the shot featuring her 5-year-old twins with ex-husband Nick Cannon, Monroe and Moroccan, as well as Beyoncé’s 4-year-old daughter and a friend.

All four kids were dressed to impress, with Monroe and Moroccan donning festive red ensembles and Blue rocking a pink headband and shimmering silver skirt. The daughter of Jay Z also appeared to be taking notes from her diva mom, posing for the photo by peeking out behind a red fan.

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North Korea: Kim Jong-un’s Wife Reappears In Public After Long Mysterious Absence

The wife of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has reappeared in public after a nine-month-long absence. The reasons for her disappearance are still not known, but speculation has been rife.

Ri Sol-ju emerged in public along with Kim during an air combat training competition conducted by the Korean People’s Air Force and Defense (KPAF).

Pyongyang’s state-run mouthpiece Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported the event without many details about the presence of Ri. The exact date of the occasion is also unclear.

This is said to be the first time in nearly nine months Ri was mentioned by the North Korean state media as her last appearance was on 28 March.

Rumours have been doing the rounds that she might have been removed from Kim’s inner circle.

During the event jointly attended by Ri and Kim, the North Korean leader provided “field guidance” to the country’s air force personnel asking them maintain high vigilance. The

The KCNA dispatch said Kim “stressed that once an order of final attack is issued, they should promptly take off and mercilessly blow up the strongholds of aggression and pave a broad avenue to the units of the People’s Army advancing southward”.

The Korean peninsula has become highly unstable in recent months after the North’s nuclear and missile tests. Despite global condemnation, Pyongyang has refused to scale down any of its programmes. The regime has also reacted strongly to the recent economic sanctions announced by the UN Security Council.

The regime has also reacted strongly to the recent economic sanctions announced by the UN Security Council.

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Fake U.S. Embassy In Ghana Shut Down After Issuing Visas For decade

Authorities in Ghana have busted a fake U.S. embassy in the capital Accra, run by a criminal network that had issued visas illegally for one decade, the U.S. State Department said in a statement.

The statement noted that until its shutdown this summer, the sham embassy was housed in a run-down, pink two-storey building with a corrugated iron roof and flew a U.S. flag outside it.

It hung the portrait of U.S. President, Barack Obama, inside it.

The U.S. statement added that “it was not operated by the United States Government, but by figures from both Ghanaian and Turkish organised crime rings and a Ghanaian attorney practicing immigration and criminal law.”

Turkish citizens who spoke English and Dutch posed as consular officers and staffed the operation.

Investigations also uncovered a fake Dutch embassy, the State Department said.

Officials in the Netherlands were not immediately reachable for comment on Sunday.

The crime ring issued fraudulently obtained but legitimate U.S. visas and false identification documents, including birth certificates at a cost of 6,000 dollars each.

During raids that led to a number of arrests, authorities also seized authentic and counterfeit Indian, South African and Schengen Zone visas and 150 passports from 10 different countries, along with a laptop and smart phones.

The U.S. State Department statement, however, did not say how the gang obtained the authentic visas and did not say how many people were believed to have illegally entered the U.S. and other countries using visas issued by the crime ring.

“The criminals running the operation were able to pay off corrupt officials to look the other way, as well as obtain legitimate blank documents to be doctored,” the statement said.

There was no immediate comment from Ghana’s Criminal Investigations Division.

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Gambian President Seeks Re-election After 22 Years In Office

The incumbent president of The Gambia, Yahya Jammeh,  is as addressed as His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Doctor Yahya Abdul-Azziz Jemus Junkung Jammeh Naasiru Deen.

In addition to his fondness for titles is his undying love for power! Twenty-two years on, The Gambian president currently seeks re-election in the December 1 presidential election, and says he’s “only answerable to God.”

So far, Jammeh has spent four terms in office at the rate of five years per term, having stood for election and winning to become president of his tiny West African country in 1996.

The AFP reports that Jammeh seized power in a 1994 coup and has maintained it ever since with a mixture of severity, mysticism and iron-clad self-belief.

“No matter what people say about me, I am not moved… I don’t listen to anybody because I know what is important,” he said while depositing his candidacy for this week’s presidential election.
Governing, he said, “is between me and God Almighty.”

A deeply devout Muslim, Jammeh, 51, and husband of four wives, grew up in the western village of Kanilai in 1965, the year that The Gambia, a long east-west sliver of land bordered by Senegal, gained independence from Britain.

Never seen without his Koran, sceptre and prayer beads, Jammeh’s billowing white robes are rumoured to hide a bulletproof vest, the legacy of several coup attempts by his own guards.

He has promised to bury critics “nine feet deep” and told the UN Secretary-General to “go to hell” after Ban Ki-moon called for an investigation into an activist’s death in custody.

But in another moment, he urged his supporters to restrain themselves from violence and allow Thursday’s election to go ahead peacefully.

Jammeh controls several businesses in the country and has in the past seized them without warning, discouraging foreign investment.

The state of the economy has pushed many young Gambians to take the “Back Way”, or migrant route across the Sahara to Libya, where they board boats bound for Italy.

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Six Detained After Turkish Dormitory Fire Kills Schoolgirls

Authorities in southern Turkey, detained six people on Wednesday over a fire in a dormitory that killed 11 schoolgirls and one other person, the state-agency said.

Flames swept through the mostly wooden interior of the two-storey dormitory in the town of Aladag late on Tuesday, causing the roof to collapse.

European Affairs Minister Omer Celik, a ruling AK Party lawmaker who represents the surrounding province in the national parliament, said the suspected cause was an electrical fault.

But the opposition complained of lax regulation and criticised an education policy that has seen a growing number of such dormitories set up to house poor students from villages where there are no state schools.

Local media said the dormitory was run by one of the several religious movements in Turkey that operate such facilities. Elif Dogan Turkmen, a lawmaker from the main opposition Republican People’s Party, said she had unsuccessfully tabled several proposals in parliament to improve the inspection and supervision of such buildings.

“The AKP has abandoned all state authority on education to religious movements and cults,” Turkmen told Reuters. “They throw children from poor families into the lap of cults by not building dormitories themselves.”

Local mayor Huseyin Sozlu was quoted by the Hurriyet newspaper as saying the door to a fire escape was shut, trapping some of the victims inside. But Deputy Prime Minister Veysi Kaynak denied that was the case.

“The initial information passed on from investigators and our prosecutor suggests there was no lock on the door,” he said.

Kaynak rejected claims of insufficient inspections, saying the building had been audited in June as well as last year and that it had the necessary license.

The fire began on the ground floor but quickly spread through wooden fixtures and carpets, according to a CNN Turk correspondent who said children had smashed windows on the upper floor as they tried to escape.

Twenty-four people, many of them schoolgirls, were injured. One of the people detained was the dormitory manager.

Such incidents are not uncommon in Turkey. In 2008, an explosion triggered by a gas leak in a religious preparatory school in the central province of Konya killed 18 girls and wounded 29. Charges were brought against the dormitory manager and other officials but the case is ongoing.

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Teenager Runs Mad After Allegedly Swindling Pastor

A teenager, who deals in clothing at the popular Onitsha market, has reportedly run mad after he allegedly swindled an Asaba based evangelist, simply identified as Mr. Uzor. (surname withheld).

The boy (names withheld) was said to have sold two red pieces of male underwear (commonly called boxers) to Uzor who is also believed to be a personal driver to a Japanese expatriate working with a multinational construction company in Nigeria.

Uzor was said to have taken his boss to the Onitsha market axis where he saw the teenager who engages in mobile retailing (hawking). Sources narrated that he (Uzor) picked the two pieces of red shorts worth N250 each and he was said to have paid the seller a total N500.

Upon collection, the teenager was said to have demanded another pay, insisting that he had received no dime form the evangelist. Amazed at boy’s claim, the evangelist reportedly made several attempts to explain how he had paid the teenager, but his efforts yielded no success. This, according to sources, was in spite of the fact that a N500 note that matched his (Uzor’s) exact description was found in the boy’s pocket.

In frustration, the evangelist reportedly gave out the last N500 in his pocket to the boy, but added another N30 to it, thereby making him penniless at that moment. He was said to have intoned some inaudible statements after which he said in “Jesus name, amen”.

Few hours after the evangelist left Asaba, sources said the teenager became restless and could not continue with his business. He was said to have returned home without telling his colleagues the reason behind his early retirement for the day.

On getting home, he reportedly undressed, started screaming and danced around the neighborhood playfully. The unusual act was said to have attracted his neighbours’ attention.

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2 Teenagers Hawking Sachet Water Get N1m After Running Into Gov. Umahi

Luck smiled on two teenage hawkers in Abakaliki on Tuesday as Governor David Umahi doled out N1m to them. The two children, Ukamaka Ikema and Chimuanya Nwarie, had unknowingly ran into the Governor who was inspecting the Akanu Ibiam Roundabout flyover along the Transhara Expressway in the city.

Ukamaka, aged 10 is a primary three pupil of Ezikwo Primary School while   Chimuanya, who is 12, is  a JS I student of Evangel Nursery, Primary and Secondary School in the state capital.

Governor Umahi, who was accompanied by his deputy, Kelechi Igwe, and  some members of the state Executive Council, had on noticing  that  his security aides frightened  the children directed his orderly to bring them to him.

After interacting with Ukamaka, who was hawking sachet water, the Governor asked his ADC to deploy a patrol vehicle to pick up the parents of the teenagers from their homes. The children had told the Governor that they had closed from school  before hitting the streets to hawk.

A statement on Wednesday by the Governor’s Chief Press Secretary, Emma Anya, explained that at the Government House, Engr. Umahi interacted with the mothers of the two children, warning them  against sending their wards to hawk.

After hearing the plight of the children’s parents, he approved  N500,000  for  each of them  for the upkeep and tuition  of the two children.

Umahi told the parents to  deposit  N200, 000 each  in  their  banks and use the balance of N300,000 each to start small scale business. The women who were overjoyed also had another package: They were both offered temporary appointments by the governor.

Before they left the Government House, accounts were opened for the two children by officials of Zenith Bank.

The  mothers of the two beneficiaries, Mrs. Blessing Nwarie and and Mrs. Ada Nwota, both natives of Okposi in Ohaozara Local Government Area could not hide their joy as they  praised  and thanked the Governor  for his kind gesture.

They said they were convinced that Governor Umahi was sent by God to uplift the downtrodden in the state.
“I pray the Almighty God to continue to shower his blessings and wisdom upon our amiable Governor and family,” Mrs. Nwarie said.

Ukamaka and Nwarie, in their separate remarks, thanked Umahi and promised to be good children.


Separated Twins See Each Other For The First Time After Hardest Surgery & Quickest Recovery

The white dressing covering Jadon’s head is gently unwrapped, revealing a perfectly shaped head and a hairline with a natural curl.

It’s the first time his parents have seen him without his bandages in four weeks. That’s when he and his twin brother, Anias, born conjoined at the head, were separated in a 27-hour surgery at the Children’s Hospital at Montifiore Medical Center in the Bronx.
Mother Nicole McDonald stands at his bedside in awe. Although new bandages will be put on, the sight is breathtaking. “It’s the most amazing thing. I just can’t even believe it,” she says. “And look at his little hair. On top, it’s growing in!”
His father, Christian McDonald, leans in. “Hey there, my man,” he says, “You sure are handsome. Look at you. You look like a perfect little boy.”
Jadon stares up at them, waving his right hand. He then taps the top of his head.
 “How does it feel to be your own little boy?” Dad asks. Mom mimics her son, touching her own head and, imagining what he’s thinking, asks, “Where’s my brother?”
Anias rests in his bed across the room, near a window. His head remains wrapped. “You’ve been having a tougher go of it, but you’re going to get through it,” Dad tells him.
The boys, now 14 months old, are set to move to rehab shortly after Thanksgiving, about six weeks after the surgery to separate them. The world’s previous record for recovery from such an operation, known as craniopagus surgery, was eight weeks. Many separated twins remain hospitalized for months.
Lead surgeon Dr. James Goodrich is checking on the twins in their 10th floor room on a rainy, unseasonably warm November afternoon. He’s considered the leading expert in the world on twins conjoined at the head, and this was his seventh craniopagus operation. But it was also his most complicated: the boys’ brains so intertwined, Goodrich considered stopping hours into the operation.
“Historically, this will be the fastest (recovery),” Goodrich says at Jadon’s bedside.
“I didn’t know that,” Nicole responds. “So they were maybe your hardest set, but the fastest ones out of the hospital.”
Goodrich nods. He attributes their remarkable recovery to one thing: “Just good kids.”
The surgeon marvels at how well Jadon and Anias are doing. “I’m the least complaining person in this room,” he says. “When they’re ahead of schedule, it makes everyone happy.”
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I Started Acting After I Failed JAMB, Watch Mercy Johnson’s Biography

Ace Nollywood actress and celebrity, Mercy Johnson, reveals her morning routine to her fans. Who would have thought that the nollywood star wakes up as early as 5:30am, talk less of cooking for her husband. Well, she revealed that she does her cooking herself and dresses the kids to school all by herself. She revealed these and more on her Instagram page. The actress also revealed that she began acting after she failed JAMB. Watch her biography below:


Man Sues Casino For Giving Him Free Drinks After Being Arrested For Beating His Girlfriend

 Pennsylvania man who spent four years in prison for beating his girlfriend at the Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem is suing the casino for allegedly serving him too many free drinks before the assault.

Nicholas Mullins, 31, is still on probation for the January 2012 assault. The casino contends Mullin alone is to blame for beating Caitlin Shields, of Pottsville, so badly that her brain swelled and she nearly died.

But Mullins claims he’s the long-term victim because he wound up in prison and can’t find a job as a result of his conviction —not to mention being kneed in the groin and having his nose broken during the argument, according to his attorney, Stuart Niemtzow.

“His life is the one that got ruined here,” Niemtzow said.

A 31-year-old Navy veteran, Mullins has claimed to have post-traumatic stress disorder and pleaded guilty to aggravated assault in June 2012. He contends the Sands should have known he drank to the point of having alcohol poisoning at another casino months before and that his girlfriend was also allowed to drink, even though Niemtzow contends Sands security knew she was on probation for drunken driving at the time.

Mullins is suing the Dram Shop Act, a law on the books in Pennsylvania and 37 other states. It holds that businesses selling alcohol to visibly intoxicated people can be held liable for injuries they suffer as a result. Mullinswas given at least 15 drinks before he and Shields returned to their room and got into a fight, Niemtzow said.

A Northampton County jury was picked to hear Mullins’ lawsuit Monday, before which Common Pleas Judge Paula Roscioli expressed “shock” at Mullins’ claim.

Shields “chooses not to file the suit against the Sands, but the man who ended up hitting her and causing her injuries, he wants to be compensated,” Roscioli said.

Mullins told police Shields attacked him after he lost $800, and contends he only slapped her in self-defense. But a doctor concluded Shields’ head trauma was consistent with being punched repeatedly, police said. She wasn’t criminally charged.

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WOW! See The $5.3Million House The Obamas Will Move Into After Leaving The White House

The Obamas settled on a post-Pennsylvania Avenue house to call home after the president leaves office at the end of this year, according to Politico. They will lease the home until their younger daughter, Sasha, finishes high school.

The home was listed for sale at $5.3 million before going off the market in May.

Though it’s smaller than their current, more famous abode, it’s still a lavish residence in a desirable area of the nation’s capital. It was built in 1928, with 8,200 square feet and nine bedrooms.

It’s being leased to the Obamas by Joe Lockhart, former President Bill Clinton’s White House press secretary.

The Obamas are trading white for brick at their newly leased mansion in the Kalorama section of DC.

After Trump Repeals Obamacare, What Next?

Republican President-elect Donald Trump vowed on the campaign trail to repeal Obamacare, but making good on that promise may be easier said than done.

President Barack Obama’s 2010 national healthcare reform law extended medical insurance to 25 million more people by expanding the Medicaid plan for the poor and creating subsidized coverage for individuals.

Republican lawmakers, who have voted more than 50 times to repeal all or part of the law, have begun pressing Trump to deliver. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on Wednesday repealing Obamacare is a “pretty high item on our agenda” for the new Congress.

But a complete repeal of Obama’s Affordable Care Act may not be immediately in the cards, as Republican lawmakers now hold 51 seats in the Senate at latest count, well short of the 60 seats required to overturn it.

Instead, health policy experts said, Trump could try to dismantle key elements through a process called budget reconciliation. That would allow him to eliminate funding for the income-based subsidies that make the new insurance plans affordable, or cut the money providing expanded Medicaid benefits in 31 states.

“Some of the policy experts on the Republican side would say tearing it up and starting over would be very disruptive,” said Paul Howard, director of health policy at the conservative Manhattan Institute.

Parts of the law have been weakened through legal challenges. Several of the largest U.S. health insurers have pulled out of the exchanges for individual coverage after losing money on a sicker-than-expected group of patients. Consumers not eligible for government subsidies have seen premiums rise sharply, including a projected average increase of 25 percent for 2017.

Scrapping the law altogether without a clear plan for providing replacement coverage for so many people would be politically risky, experts said.

Trump also would face a tight deadline were he to try to dismantle the insurance exchanges by 2018; many state-based health insurance regulators require insurers to submit plans for the upcoming year by April or May – only a few months into a new administration.

Trump also could seek changes to other provisions of the law, such as a tax on medical device makers, or the so-called “Cadillac tax” that is due to hit rich employer-based healthcare plans in 2020.

However, some elements could not be eliminated by depriving the law of funds. For instance, the law prevents insurers from denying coverage to people based on their health or pricing insurance based on gender. Mandatory coverage of preventive benefits also would be unaffected – short of a complete repeal.

It also is not clear if Trump would try to reverse the individual mandate, which requires people to purchase health insurance or pay a penalty. The goal of the requirement was to broaden the pool of policyholders to include more healthy Americans.

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This American Woman Waited 90 Years to Vote for a Female President, Then Died After Casting Her Ballot

For the first time in U.S. history, a woman is the presidential nominee for a major political party — something many never thought they’d be able to see in their lifetimes.

In a post to the National Pantsuit Day Facebook group on Wednesday, member Scott Harris decided to share a photo of one of these very people: His 90-year-old mother, Anita Harris. In the photo, Anita is all smiles and holding her mail-in ballot for the election. As Scott reveals in the post, she died just days after the photo was taken.

“My mom. Voting for HRC. She waited 90 years. She passed away last night. She’ll be cheering from above Tuesday [night],” the caption read.

As Scott explained in an interview with the Huffington Post, his mother had been in hospice care for about eight months before the photo was taken. He added that he was overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support he’d received after posting it.

“What is amazing is that human kindness still exists within this contentious election,” he said. “Just shows ‘Love Trumps Hate.'”

In a follow-up post to the Facebook group, Scott went on to thank everyone for their condolences and well-wishes, and to assure fellow group members they would be fighting hard for Hillary for the remainder of the election in Anita’s honor.

To everyone who has taken a moment to send condolences on my mom’s passing after her vote: My family is intimately involved in the HRC campaign. We are spread out over the nation with family and friends. I cannot express how my family is overwhelmed by the responses. We are utterly shocked that you all have taken time to simply make a condolence. Mom was a “Roosevelt Dem” as she would say. And damn proud of it. You all have eased the broken hearts of a family and given mom the greatest gift of going viral with her simple statement. Thank you all. Onward and upward!

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24 Hrs After Parley, Niger Delta Militants Bomb Shell Pipeline

Less than 24 hours after a dialogue between President Muhammadu Buhari and leaders of the Niger Delta to resolve the crisis in the region, unrepentant militants on Wednesday blasted an oil pipeline belonging to the Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC) in Batan community in Warri South West Local Government area of Delta State.

Sources said that the incident occurred at SPDC Camp Five between 4 and 5 a.m. with a huge fire enveloping the site of the attack.

“Suspected militants attacked the SPDC pipeline in Batan 4 and 5 a.m. with dynamites. As I am speaking, the place is engulfed with fire but efforts are being made to put it off,” a community source said.

Another community source confirmed the incident, stating that they heard a huge explosion in the early hours of the day only to discover it was a pipeline belonging to Shell that had been attacked.

“We heard a huge explosion. As usual, when we came out, we discovered that the Shell pipeline has been attacked again. We are not sure whether it was militants that caused it or not.”

The Niger Delta Advengers (NDA), the militant group that has claimed responsibility for the destruction of oil facilities in the Niger Delta, was yet to claim responsibility for this one at the time of filing this report.

The same pipeline had been attacked by suspected militants on July 18, this year without any resistance by the military stationed in the area.

Security sources disclosed that the latest attack by the militants might be as a result of the commencement of repair work on the pipeline while negotiations are ongoing between the Niger Delta leaders and the Federal Government.

“You know that they have always warned that no repair work should be carried out on any of the oil pipelines breached. Maybe they are angry that SPDC has commenced repair work and had to resort to the attack,” a military source said.

An undercover security agent however had a contrary view, claiming that illegal oil bunkerers have deployed a new tactic of engaging militants to breach pipelines to divert the attention of security agents away from their illegal act.

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Woman Kills Self After Court Clears Step-father Of Repeated Rape

A 22-year-old  woman killed herself after her step-father was cleared of repeatedly raping her, an inquest heard.

Juliet Crew left a note behind stating that she felt she had been let down by the legal system.

Her 60-year-old step-father, Nigel Parkin, who is a church organist was found not guilty in 2012 of sexually abusing her for seven years from the age of nine.

Juliet mother found her hung in the hall of her home in Taunton, Somerset, in August last year.

She had told the court Parkin sexually touched and raped her at least ten times.

Her step-father was cleared after he said Juliet and another alleged victim were both suffering from mental health problems.

According to Taunton Coroners Court, the result of the proceedings took a severe toll on the mental health of Juliet, she dropped to six and a half stone, self-harmed and even overdosed on medication.

The note she left behind said,”The judicial system in this country, especially for victims of sexual offences, is disgusting.

“There is no justice. It only confirmed that I cannot trust people. I do not want to live in a world where there is no justice.”

Parkin, who is employed by the Church of England, was found not guilty of ten serious offences against Juliet in a trial at Taunton Crown Court in 2012.

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I Am After The Success Of My Husband’s Administration- Aisha Buhari

The wife of President Muhammau Buhari,  Aisha Buhari, has expressed support for her husband’s administration adding that  her priority is to ensure he succeed.

She made this  statement in Benisheik, one of the liberated towns of Borno State, as she flagged off the distribution of relief items to displaced rural women.

Aside from socail media post this is Aisha’s  first public statement since her controversial BBC interview where she said she will not support the President’s re-election in 2019 if he does not rid his government of the ‘cabal’ in control of it.

She said: “On our campaign promises to Nigerians, especially to the people of Borno State, we thank Almighty Allah for giving us the opportunity of beginning to fulfill these promises.

“That is the essence of being a good leader; when you promise, you try to fulfill your promises.

“That is what we are all after. And what I am after in particular is the success of my husband’s administration. And we can’t do it alone, except with the help of the governors, their wives and members of our progressive party and all Nigerians.”

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83 Workers Get Permanent Appointment After 20 Years In Service

A total of 83 workers of Taraba State Broadcasting Service have been offered permanent appointment, 20 years after some of them started work at the station.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that those affected had served the station, owned by the Taraba Government, for between five to 20 years as adhoc staff.

They included presenters, artists, reporters, engineers among others.

A total of 83 workers of Taraba State Broadcasting Service have been offered permanent appointment, 20 years after some of them started work at the station.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that those affected had served the station, owned by the Taraba Government, for between five to 20 years as adhoc staff.

They included presenters, artists, reporters, engineers among others.

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See The Amazing Transformation Of This Sméagol Looking Cat After Its Adoption

When Melissa found this cat lying on the side of the road, caked in blood and with an injured jaw. She knew that she had to act fast to help him.

She was told by veterinarians that there was little chance that he would survive. But she never gave up on him. Melissa brought him home and gave him a name: Sméagol, after the creepy, wide-eyed character from The Lord of the Rings.

As months went by, Melissa continued to care for Sméagol. After all, he was family now. Even though he was too small for proper jaw surgery, this kitty healed up fine. His face has character and unparalleled charm.

As Sméagol’s coat grew back thick and healthy, his unique personality began to emerge.

From injured stray to loved and adopted, Sméagol is practically unrecognizable from the cat he once was.

She Found a Cat Who Looked Like Smeagol and Refused to Leave Him Behind ... Look at Him Now! (PHOTOS)

She Found a Cat Who Looked Like Smeagol and Refused to Leave Him Behind ... Look at Him Now! (PHOTOS)

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Teen Dies After 68-Day Religious Fast In India

The 13-year-old girl in the southern Indian city of Secunderabad was unusually devout, her relatives said. Even in her younger years, Aradhana Samdhariya was known to undertake strict fasts from time to time to embrace her Jain faith.

Fasting is not uncommon for Jains, a centuries-old religious sect in India that embraces non-violence as its chief tenet. Jains practice strict vegetarianism and barefoot, white-robed Jain monks carry a small brush to swipe in front of them as they walk — lest they inadvertently kill a small creature.

Even among the faithful, Aradhana’s ritual was extreme, however. She died Oct. 3, not long after completing a 68-day religious fast allegedly supported by her parents, an affluent jeweler and his wife.
As she grew weaker, she was kept home from school, according to a report in the Indian Express newspaper. Her relatives dressed her in finery, praised her devotion and took selfies with her, reports said.

“We did not try to hide it from anyone. Everyone knew,” her grandfather, Manikchand Samdhariya, told the Indian Express.

The grandfather said that the devout girl was determined to fast and gave her parents a choice: either the extreme fast or permit her to take “diksha,” the Jain process of giving up ones’ earthly possessions and attachments in order to become a monk.

After her fast was complete, the Jain community celebrated her success in a grand ceremony, with banner advertisements of congratulations in local newspapers. The teen was “dressed up like a goddess” and driven through the streets of her community in a silver chariot, according to a report in Firstpost.

She collapsed and died of cardiac arrest shortly after. Hundreds then attended her funeral. After a local child welfare organization filed a complaint, police launched an investigation and the girl’s parents charged with culpable homicide and a violation of the juvenile justice act Sunday, police said.

The family has denied she was forced or coerced into the fast.

“The same people who came and appreciated that your daughter is doing something great are now saying, ‘You starved her to death,’” the child’s father, Lakshmichand Samdhariya, told Firstpost.

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Lagos Resident Killed After Winning Lottery

A 35-year-old man, Ejike Onyejekwe, has been killed in the FESTAC Town area of Lagos State.

It was learnt that the victim, who lived on 21 Road, K Close, FESTAC, was stabbed to death after winning a lot of money from a lottery.

It was also gathered that Onyejekwe, to celebrate the winning, bought drinks for his friends and threw a party last Thursday and Friday.

It was learnt that on Friday evening, he was heard arguing with an unidentified person on the phone.

He allegedly told his friend he was going to see the man, but never returned.

His corpse was allegedly discovered the next day on one of the estates.

A resident, who did not want to be identified, said the chairman of the estate called the attention of residents to the corpse on Saturday.

He said, “I was sipping tea around 7am when I heard the chairman blowing a whistle. I thought it was strange, but my wife called my attention to the surging crowd on the estate.

“I went downstairs and saw the corpse on the road. Like everybody, I was alarmed. We could not tell how the corpse got there or who he was. He had multiple stab injuries in the head. We all resolved that the case should be reported at the FESTAC Police Station.”

It was learnt that some of the victim’s friends later identified him.

The corpse was said to have been deposited in a morgue, while the police arrested and detained the chairman of the estate and his secretary; they were later released.

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South Africa’s ANC Faces Deep Crisis After Vote Defeat

Record electoral losses and deep internal divisions are threatening both the long hold on power enjoyed by South Africa’s ruling ANC party and the political future of President Jacob Zuma.

Since 1994, the African National Congress — once led by Nelson Mandela — has comfortably swept to victory in elections, and remains the largest party in the country.

But in last month’s municipal elections, the loss of control of the capital city Pretoria, economic hub Johannesburg and port city Port Elizabeth point to the party’s new fragility.

“The ANC is being consumed by three demons — corruption, factionalism and a leadership without credibility,” Prince Mashele, analyst and co-author of “The Fall of the ANC: What Next?”, told AFP.

The party has always bred factions and divisions, but its dismal showing during the August 3 local elections has brought tensions to the surface.

On Monday, activists from rival party factions scuffled in downtown Johannesburg as anti-Zuma members threatened to occupy the party’s headquarters.

“This is certainly the first time it has come to the fore in such a widely expressed way,” said Mari Harris, an analyst and director of Ipsos pollsters in South Africa.

Despite the increasingly vocal calls for Zuma to step down, many experts caution that he retains a strong grip on the party’s power structure and draws loyalty from his extensive patronage network.

“There are two extremes within the party — pro and anti Zuma — but in between there are other people who tolerate the president for now,” said Harris.

The party is due to choose a new leader at the end of next year, with the selected name then running as president in national elections in 2019 when Zuma cannot stand for a third term in office.

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EU Split One Year After Merkel Migrant Offer

One year since Germany controversially opened its arms to Syrians fleeing war, the EU has tightened the borders of “Fortress Europe” but remains deeply divided over how to share the refugee burden.

Angela Merkel justified her decision at the time by saying that the biggest migrant crisis since World War II “did not reflect well on Europe”, yet other countries furiously accused her of opening the floodgates.

Since last year when one million migrants entered the continent, the EU has successfully shut the main Balkans route, while a deal with Turkey has massively reduced numbers reaching the Greek islands.

However the bloc’s flagship scheme to share out refugees around the bloc has been an embarrassing failure — meeting just two percent of its target — while deaths in the Mediterranean have actually risen this year.

Yves Pascouau, director of migration at the European Policy Centre think-tank, told AFP that the “idea of cutting migration routes, in terms of realpolitik, has worked effectively.”

But the deal with post-coup-bid Turkey is “fragile” and “we have still not succeeded in overcoming the divisions between member states” on sharing out migrants and on reforming asylum rules.

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Dollar Drops After Federal Reserve Meeting

The dollar dropped Thursday as records from the Federal Reserve’s last meeting dampened hopes of an imminent US interest rate hike.

Minutes from the US central bank’s July gathering said policymakers were keeping their “options open” but remained divided on the threat of inflation.

A hike in US borrowing costs would tend to lift the dollar by stirring demand for dollar-denominated assets, so Wednesday’s minutes weighed on the unit.

The news comes after William Dudley, the influential head of the Federal Reserve’s New York branch, unexpectedly hinted this week that a rate hike was possible as early as September.

“The message appears to be that as much as a September hike is a possibility, the Fed is unlikely to move until there is a consensus on the outlook for growth, hiring and inflation,” Rodrigo Catril, a currency strategist at National Australia Bank, said in a commentary.

“Recent data would therefore suggest a hike is not imminent.”

The dollar fell as low as 99.65 yen from 100.28 yen Wednesday in New York, before creeping back above the 100 yen level in afternoon trading.

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Erdogan Stages Mass Rally In Show Of Strength After Coup Attempt

President Tayyip Erdogan has told a rally of millions of people in Turkey that the failed July coup would be a milestone in building a stronger Turkey and defying the Western criticism of mass purges.

He also vowed to destroy those behind the putsch.

The “Democracy and Martyrs’ Rally” at the Yenikapi parade ground, built into the sea on the southern edge of Istanbul, was a show of strength by Erdogan.

He was angered by European criticism of his combative response to the coup and by U.S. reluctance to hand over the man he accuses of masterminding it.

Banners in a sea of red Turkish flags read “You are a gift from God, Erdogan” and “Order us to die and we will do it”.

It was the first time in decades that opposition leaders joined a rally in support of the government, with pockets of secularists, nationalists and others alongside his core Islamist supporters.

He said that the July 15 abortive coup, draw parallels to times past when Turkey was occupied by foreign forces.

“That night, our enemies who were rubbing their hands in anticipation of Turkey’s downfall woke up the next morning to the grief that things would be more difficult from now on.

“From now on, we will examine very carefully who we have under us.

“We will see who we have in the military, who we have in the judiciary, and throw the others out of the door,’’ Erdogan said.

The report said that the parade ground, built to hold more than a million people, was overflowed, with the streets of surrounding neighborhoods clogged by crowds.

It said that one presidency official put the numbers at around five million and the event was broadcast live on public screens at smaller rallies across Turkey’s 81 provinces.

Kwara Denies Saraki Received Salary After Leaving Office As Governor

The Kwara State Government has risen in defence of the President of the Senate, Bukola Saraki, against claims he received salary for four years after he served as governor of the state.

On Wednesday, an investigator with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission testified before the Code of Conduct Tribunal, saying Mr. Saraki kept drawing salary from Kwara Government after he left office in 2011 and had been elected senator.

But Kwara, in a statement by the Secretary to State Government, Isiaka Gold, on Wednesday, denied the EFCC claims, saying it has only been paying Mr. Saraki’s pension since he left office.

The state government said the last amount it paid Mr. Saraki as salary was N291,474.00 meant for May, 2011 – his last month in office.

According to the statement, “From June 2011, former Governor Saraki started receiving his pension which was N578,188.00 as other past governors in the country.”

The statement added that “after the review of pensions of former political office holders by the State Pension Board, the former governor’s pension increased to N1,239,493.94 monthly from October 2014 to date.

“Kwara State Government, therefore, dismissed as false and misleading the allegation that former Governor Saraki was receiving salaries after the expiration of his two-term tenure as governor of the state.”

Credit: PremiumTimes

Saraki Was Paid Governor’s Salary By Kwara After Leaving Office- Witness

The Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) sitting in Abuja was informed wednesday of how Senate President Bukola Saraki continued to get paid his salary by the Kwara State Government after he had stepped down as the governor of the state on May 29, 2011.

Details were also laid bare on the numerous lodgments and transfers made by Saraki and his aide during his tenure as governor of the state, with some occurring several times in one day.

However, power failure at the CCT Wednesday forced Justice Danladi Umar, chairman of the tribunal, to adjourn Saraki’s trial to April 18, 2016.

The power outage happened when Mr. Rotimi Jacobs (SAN), counsel to the federal government, was leading a prosecution witness, Mr. Michael Wetkas, in evidence.

Prior to the outage, Mr. Kanu Agabi (SAN), the lead counsel to Saraki, had pleaded with Umar for an adjournment, but the chairman of the tribunal refused, saying he was ready to continue with the case until 6 pm.
However, the blackout did the work for Agabi, as the outage compelled the chairman of the tribunal to adjourn the trial.

Before the lights went out, Wetkas, a detective of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), while continuing with his evidence which started on Tuesday against the Senate president, claimed he (Saraki) received monthly salaries from the Kwara State Government even after he had stepped down as governor and had become a senator.
Wetkas claimed that Saraki received monthly salaries from June 2011, when he left office as governor of the state, to August 2015 when he served as a senator.

“In the course of our investigation, we wrote to Access Bank for them to give us details of the salary account of the defendant. The salary that was coming into the account was N254,212 as of August 1, 2007,” the EFCC’s detective stated.

“As of June 3, 2011, the salary was N291,124. On July 4, there was another payment with the narration Kwara State Government (KSG), June 2011 salary. The amount was N572,286. On August 29, 2011, there was another payment in the sum of N744,002 from the Kwara State Government,” he testified.

He added that on September 29, 2011 there was another payment of N743,942 with the narration salary payment from the Kwara State Government and with another payment of N1,165,468 as salary payment on October 27, 2011.

The EFCC witness continued: “In November 2011, there was a payment of the same amount. The narration was December pension; on February 1, 2012, there was a payment of the same amount with the narration for pension.

“The salary payments stopped in this account on August 31, 2015. The defendant left office on May 29, 2011, he became senator in the same year.”

Credit: Thisday

After Ten Days In Captivity, Abducted Clergymen Freed In Kaduna

The president of the United Church of Christ in Nigeria, Rev. Emmanuel Dziggau and two other clergymen who were abducted along the Kaduna-Abuja expressway by armed gunmen have regained their freedom after 10 days in captivity.

Dziggau, Rev. Yakubu Dzarma and Rev. Iliya Anto were abducted on March 21 along the highway where they had gone to clear a piece of land for the foundation of the church seminary.

However, Anto was said to have died after he was left in the bush by the kidnappers because of his poor health.
A top official of the United Church of Christ who pleaded anonymity said Dziggau and Dzarma were freed on Wednesday night while the corpse of Anto was found, almost decomposing in the bush.

According to the official, the two clergymen were immediately taken to a private hospital in Kaduna after they were brought to the church along Katsina Road, Kaduna.

“They were not looking very good and as soon as they brought them, a decision was taken that they needed to see a doctor, so they were taken to a private hospital in Kaduna for medical checkups, but I will not tell you the hospital because they need some rest.

“We don’t want people to disturb them until they are psychologically and physically fit to see people,” the source explained.

According to him, “The person who went to collect them, rode them on a bike from where they dropped them off for four hours before they could reach a motorable road. This was very traumatic and they need some rest.”
The source explained that Anto’s corpse was found in the bush after he was abandoned by the kidnappers because of his ill health.

He said a day after their abduction, the kidnappers had called to say that Anto was not well and they had dropped him at a location in the bush.

“But when we dispatched people to the location to save him, we couldn’t find him after combing the area. The kidnappers who may have been watching us from their hideout said we sent too many people to pick him, so they refused to give further description of the location and we thought they must have gone with him,” he said.

The source however declined to state whether a ransom was paid for the release of the two clergymen who regained their freedom.

After their release, hundreds of church members and well wishers trooped to the church on Katsina road to see the clergymen.

Credit: thisdaylive

Oil Prices Rebound After Falling Below $30

Oil prices rebounded in Asia Wednesday, halting a plunge that saw crude fall below $30 a barrel for the first time in more than 12 years, but analysts warned of further pressure on the commodity.

Investors have an eye on the release later in the day of US commercial crude stockpiles data, which is expected to show another increase, further exacerbating a global supply glut that has hammered the market for 18 months.

US benchmark West Texas Intermediate (WTI) for delivery in February rose 38 cents, or 1.25 percent, to $30.82 per barrel at around 0600 GMT. European benchmark Brent rose 26 cents, or 0.84 percent, to $31.12.

On Tuesday, WTI fell at one point to $29.93, a level last seen in December 2003, although it was given a lift later by a private report pointing to a drop in inventories.

However, experts warned that prices remained fragile.

“The supply and demand landscape for oil continues being bearish as prices continue to take discounts,” Daniel Ang, an analyst with Phillip Futures in Singapore said in a market commentary.

“US oil supply continues to remain strong.”

Bernard Aw, a market strategist with IG Markets Singapore said the long-term trend is for prices to fall, with the supply glut not showing any let up.

Oil-reliant OPEC member Nigeria on Tuesday called for an emergency meeting of the grouping to address collapsing prices, which have rattled world stock markets and hammered energy firms.

The Nigerian petroleum resources minister, Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu, said he expects an extraordinary meeting of the group in “early March” to discuss the crisis.

“We did say that if it hits the $35 (per barrel level), we will begin to look (at)… an extraordinary meeting,” Kachikwu said at the Gulf Intelligence UAE Energy Forum.

Poorer members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries have been clamouring for a cut in the high production levels in a bid to drive prices higher.

But influential OPEC members led by Saudi Arabia have rejected any such move, preferring to fight for market share against rival producers, particularly the United States.

Crude accounts for 90 percent of Nigeria’s export earnings and 70 percent of overall government revenue.

Credit: Vanguard

Senators, Reps To Get 496 Cars After Collecting Car Loans

The cars are being purchased four months after the senators were given N8m car loans each in August this year.
During the 7th Senate, the senators used Prado jeeps but this time around, they have opted for more expensive cars.
Senate spokesperson, Senator Aliyu Sabi Abdullahi said the cars are for committee use. However, it was exclusive gathered that the senators will get a car each.
Reports SA that the headship of the  65 standing committees are appointed  in such a way that each senator will chair a committee or serve as vice chairman.
It was gathered that during the 7th Senate, the cars acquired for the committees were sold to the senators at N1m.
“To the best of my knowledge the cars we used at the 7th Senate were monetised to us, I think, at N1m each and the money was deducted from our severance package,” a senator who benefitted said.
He also confirmed receipt of the vehicle loan in August, saying, “we were given three allowances in August and they are car loan, housing and furniture allowances, all amounting to N18m”.
At the House of Representatives, a source said that in line with the tradition of the House, vehicles would be bought for members to use for committee assignments.
Even during the immediate past 7th House, the 360 lawmakers got a Camry XL car each, which our source said was bought at the sum of about N12 million, including insurance.
A source said:  “yes, we learnt they want to do the same thing that was done during the last Assembly, where each member got a car, but they said it was for committee activities.”
The source said the Camry XL cars purchased for members during the last Assembly were monetized at the end of their tenure in June and the money was deducted from their severance packages, while few members opted not to buy the cars.
“Initially, they valued the cars at N1.750 million, but members protested, because most of the cars were not in good shape. In the end, they settled at N900, 000, so those of us who wanted to go with our own applied, and they deducted it from our severance, while a few members returned their own,” the source said.
But House spokesman Rep Abdulrazak Namdas (APC, Adamawa) said although leadership of the lower chamber plans to purchase cars to aid members during committees’ oversights, they were yet to reach a decision on the number and the brand of cars to buy.
“There’s no doubt that we’ll buy cars, but they will be for committee use. We haven’t decided on any brand or units to buy yet until we see our 2016 budget. We don’t want to do anything that cannot be realised at the end of the day,” he said.
Credit: DailyTrust

What Mourinho Told Me After Chelsea’s Exit- Lukaku

Belgium star, Romelu Lukaku, has said that former Blues boss Jose Mourinho did not force him out at Chelsea and revealed the Portuguese was the first person to send him a message of support following his move to Everton.

“Choices have been made by me. By me. Not by them,” Lukaku told the Daily Express.

Mourinho has been criticised for allowing the Belgian to leave Stamford Bridge, initially on loan for the 2013-14 campaign before the move was made permanent by Everton the following summer.

Lukaku, who has scored in each of his last seven Premier League games, admits he is saddened by Mourinho’s exit and believes the criticism surrounding the former Chelsea manager is unfair.

“Everyone says it is Mourinho’s fault, but it is not his fault because I made the decision. I went to his office to ask if I could go.

“He was the first one to say, ‘Good luck.’ When I signed the deal [at Everton] at 11 o’clock, I got a text message on my old BlackBerry saying ‘Good luck, do your best and I will see you next season.’ He was the first, nobody knows that and that is why for me he gets immense respect.

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10 Ways To Know He Is After You For Sex

?1. He never asks to hang out before 11 p.m. At worst, he just wants you for sex, and at best, he’s trying to avoid taking you out on a real date. Keep in mind that “at best” is relative here unless he’s a starving artist or something.

2. He’s superficial in almost every conceivable way. No, just because a guy is vain and narcissistic when it comes to everything from his clothes to his hobby, that doesn’t mean the same attitude also carries over to his relationships. But a pattern is definitely emerging here.

3. You get the feeling that he hates talking to you. Anytime you do anything that isn’t sex/cuddling/fondling, etc. it’s something passive like watching Netflix because you’re pretty sure he’s doing his best to limit interaction that doesn’t involve his penis.

4. Every time he compliments you, it’s about something physical. It took you a while to realize that even when he’s being nice, he’s being nice about your smile, or your legs, or…

5. All your dates are “hanging out at his place.” You’ve even brought it up to him, and he says he never has time to go out. He’s always coming up with new excuses — he doesn’t want anything serious, or he needs to focus on work — and they’re all wearing thin.

6. Your relationship never progresses beyond casual. ?He never asks you to be his plus-one at a wedding, or brings you to a party with his friends, or introduces you to his parents. It’s just lots and lots of (possibly good but likely bad) sex. Because that’s all he cares about.

7. He’s bragged about you to his friends in ways that have made you nauseated. You’ve heard through the grapevine that he brags about your sex life, or that he’s even shown his friends sexts you’ve sent him. If it’s the second one, it’s inexcusable. Break up with him.

8. He leaves if it seems like you’re not going to have sex, or doesn’t bother showing up. He’s never come over when you’re sick, and he’s basically stormed out when you said you “weren’t in the mood.”

9. He tries to pressure you into shit you don’t want to do. ?Asking to try anal every once in a while isn’t the worst thing a guy can do, but getting angry because you don’t want to try things he wants to try is pretty bad.

10. He doesn’t respect you. ?He openly flirts with other women in front of you, or cheats, or ignores your messages for days. That’s a pretty strong sign he doesn’t care about you, but he’s keeping you around for your hot bod. It’s also pretty definitive proof he’s a piece of shit.

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Olawale Rotimi: Has Anything Changed After The Change?

After a stretch of poor governance in Nigeria for sixteen uninterrupted years, Nigerians home and abroad demanded for a “change”. That the change requested for is uniform in ideology to Nigerians is apparently not clear. Under the “change” cloud, some Nigerians desperately wanted a change of political party/government, whether the other parties were made up of same hands who messed the former ruling party was not important to the set of people. Further to this, to some other Nigerians under same “change” cloud, their crave for change implies a transformation in social and political ideology in the country while some conceived the “change” has a reformed leadership that will bring about developmental changes in the nation in no time. In all these views, one thing is certain, Nigerians wanted renewed approach in the way the nation is been governed.

The 2015 elections came with huge expectations which accosted the new government; considering the outrageous flow of propaganda against the ruling government and the juicy electoral promises of the All Progressive Congress prior to the general elections, majority of Nigerians believed and argued vehemently that once the People’s Democratic Party government is voted out and the All Progressive Congress is voted into power, Nigeria will experience dramatic progress in all sectors of the nation, particularly in the areas of insecurity, unemployment, economic growth and corruption.

In the history of Nigeria’s democracy, there was never a time the citizens are this tasty for improvement in governance. The decadence caused by previous government prompted this- Nigeria became globally recognized for corruption and terrorism, infrastructural plight of the nation became depressing and the economy regressed daily with increased number of unemployed graduates. The campaigns promises of the Muhammadu Buhari led government centres on these pressing issues. Been a former military head of state and a converted democratic president, with outstanding records of service, particularly in the fight against corruption, more and more Nigerians believed the task of rebuilding Nigeria, speedily is possible with Muhammadu Buhari. Six months down the road, but nothing seem to have changed.

On swearing in, Muhammadu Buhari received global support to deliver his campaign promises to Nigerians. Play markers in the globe pledged their support for Muhammadu Buhari in his fight against corruption, terrorism, unemployment among others. The United States and United Kingdom had promised to support the Nigerian government in recovering stolen funds saved and invested abroad, the frenzies that followed these promises gave specific assurance to Nigerians that all stolen funds will be released and guilty public office holders will be prosecuted in no time. Even though, the Buhari administration has made moves to charge a few public office holders who were alleged of corruption, none seem to have been productive for over six months. So far, the alleged persons end up with a bail in the court. The fight against corruption seems to have been frustrated early enough. The approach used as a military head of state cannot be used as a democratic president. Over time, the president has alleged the judiciary of frustrating his fight against corruption.

The hope and confidence invested in this government on election has dropped drastically, as the government proves incapable to deliver its promises to Nigerians. Aside the fight against corruption which is been frustrated, the president had promised to crush Boko Haram extremist in two months, contrary to his promise, the group seem to have waxed stronger in its activities, as more deadly attacks are launched against the Nigerian people, including the deadly blasts in outskirt areas of Abuja. Even though he has extended timeline to crush Boko Haram to December 2015, recent activities of the sect in Kano, Yobe and Borno places strong doubt about the tendency to crush them by December.

Economic imbalance and unemployment is one of Nigeria’s major challenges. Contrary to Buhari’s campaign promises, there no clear economic direction yet, even after six months. After tough intra party crisis on the emergence of NASS leadership, the president produced his ministerial list in the dying hours of September, four months after he was sworn-in. Unemployment is rising, so also inflation. No doubt the fall in oil price is affecting Nigeria’s economy; however, diversification plans are yet to be unveiled by the government despite the on-going regression. Almost immediately after the president announced himself as the petroleum minister, nationwide fuel scarcity commenced which has lasted for more than three weeks, with no solution yet.

Now the change has come, has Nigeria changed? Nigeria is systematically returning to the old ways. So far, the situations are becoming more complex for the government to handle. More of the campaign promises have been contradicted. Nigeria today is turning out to remain the same, no changes, at least none yet!


Kogi: APC Officially Presents Yahaya Bello To Replace Late Audu After Long Hours Of Meeting

The National Working Committee of the All Progressives Congress has unveiled Alh. Yahaya Bello, popularly known as Fair Plus as the replacement for the late Prince Abubakar Audu. It would be recalled that Alh. Yahaya Bello was runner-up in the APC governorship primaries.

Unveiling Bello at the National Headquarters of the party in Abuja, Monday after about 3 hours of meeting, the national chairman of the party, Chief John Odigie Oyegun urged party leaders and stakeholders to accept the decision of the party leadership and ensure the party become victorious in Saturday’s supplementary poll.

The party also announced that Hon James Abiodun Faleke will be Bello’s running mate but the former Chairman of Ikeja Local Government Area rejected the offer.

Credit: Vanguard

Buhari To Swear In Ministers On Wednesday, Assign Portfolios After Inauguration

President Muhammadu Buhari is to swear in members of his cabinet on Wednesday, a presidency statement said on Sunday, ending a five-month wait for a cabinet to be installed in Africa’s most populace nation.

Buhari was inaugurated in late May, has been criticised for waiting until September to name his ministers, who then underwent a month-long Senate vetting process. Portfolios will be assigned after ministers have been sworn in.

“President Muhammadu Buhari will officially inaugurate a new Federal Executive Council on Wednesday, November 11, 2015,” said the emailed statement from Buhari’s spokesman Femi Adesina.

“Before the commencement of the inaugural session of the council, the ministers-designate will take their oaths of office in the Council Chambers of the Presidential Villa,” it said, adding that this would begin at 10 am local time (0900 GMT).

Credit: Reuters

Iyanya Bags New Bentley After Album Launch

Kukere crooner, Iyanya, recently launched his new “Appluadise” album in Abuja.

Seems the album launch paid him off for so much hard work. Well for the one we know, Mr Oreo shared one of his blessing and hashtagged Applaudise album.

See Instagram post below:

Bolt To Retire After 2016 Olympics?

Usain Bolt will decide after next year’s Rio Olympics whether to retire or continue until the London 2017 world championships.

The Jamaican star Bolt told the BBC after in Thursday’s 10th career world title in Beijing, in the 200m, that he is `50-50’ on whether he will compete in London, where he won a second Olympic treble in 2012.

“I really want to run at London but I think the sport is not as fun as it used to be. It’s more taxing,’’ he said.

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No More Bride Price Refund After Divorce In Uganda

In Uganda, as in many other countries such as China, India, and Nigeria—it is customary for the groom to give money or property to the bride’s family as a token of goodwill before marriage. This dowry is called a bride price in Uganda. But what happens if you get divorced?

Uganda’s highest court has now ruled that it is unconstitutional for men to ask for a refund on the bride price upon divorce in a “customary marriage,” which is one takes place under traditional law. The court ruled that refunding bride prices infringes on the rights of women to divorce, instead making it seem as if they are things to be bought and sold.

It was the MIFUMI Project—a women’s rights organization based in Uganda—that brought the case before the court. The organization argued that allowing men to ask for a mandatory refund from the bride’s family implies that women are property, and that women in abusive relationships seeking a divorce are likely to be trapped if they have no funds to pay back the bride price.

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At Least 20 Reported Dead After Military Plane Crashes

At least 20 people have been killed in the military plane crash in the Indonesian city of Medan, CNN affiliate Trans 7 TV reported, citing local hospital officials. At least five people have been killed after a military transport plane crashed in an Indonesian city shortly after takeoff, authorities said Tuesday.

The C-130 Hercules aircraft went down with 12 people on board in Medan, the capital of North Sumatra province, said Indonesian military spokesman Maj. Gen. Fuad Basya. Local television broadcast images of people gathered around the plane’s burning wreckage in what appeared to be a residential area.

Basya said it was unclear whether the five bodies that had so far been recovered were all of people who had been on the plane. He said the aircraft, built in the United States in the 1960s, had been inspected and cleared to fly before it took off from Soewondo Air Force Base. The crash site is about 5 kilometers (3 miles) from the air base, he said.