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Spain appoints minister of sex to tackle low birth rate

Spain has appointed a minister for sex, Edelmira Barreira, to help the country boost its dwindling birth rate and avoid a population crisis.

Barreira, a demographic expert, has been tasked to solve the problem that has led to a rapidly declining population in Spain.

Young couples have reportedly blamed being “too tired after a full day at work” and “late nights” for why they are not making babies.

The move to appoint a minister of sex began in 2015 when the country reported a higher death rate than birth rate in a country where life expectancy is put at 82.38 (2012).

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and Barreira will draft a document for a national strategy of demographic imbalances.

Statistics revealed Spanish women between 18-49 reportedly had an average of 1.3 children in 2015 – below the European Union’s (EU) figure of 1.58.

While many European countries are seeing a decline in birth rates, Spain’s figures means it has one of the lowest in the developed world.

Spain’s birthrate has fallen by 18 percent since 2008, according to figures from Eurostat.

And between 1977 and 2015, the number of childless couples tripled from 1.5 to 4.4 million, according to the latest report by Spanish social and economic think tank, Funcas .

Spain’s education ministry said the declining birth-rate “aggravates other economic imbalances and generates important ‘impacts’ in the Welfare State”, reports Spanish news site ABC .

Rafael Puyol of the IE Business School in Madrid said people are often too tired after a full day at work and blamed long working hours and late nights for the decrease in sex and birth.


Source: The Cable

My husband beats me for refusing his excessive sexual urge, wife tells court

An estranged wife, Sola Bamisile, 30, on Monday told an Ikole Ekiti Customary Court that she could no longer bear her husband’s strong sexual urge.

The petitioner alleged that her husband, Bayo Bamisile, constantly beat her whenever she refused him sex.

Sola told the court that within five and a half years of their marriage she had given birth to four children.

She also alleged that the respondent failed to care for her and the children.

According to her, none of the children is in school.

“I always quarrel with my husband because none of our children is in school; there is no proper care for me and the children.

“My husband is always concerned about having sex with me whenever he has taken palm-wine.

“He has not even paid my dowry,’’ she said.

The petitioner, however, told the court that her husband and his family members had been reaching out to her to reconsider her divorce move.

“My husband and his family have been coming to me to change my mind about the divorce.

“He has also written a letter of undertaking to be of good behaviour,” she said.

The petitioner tendered the letter of undertaking in court as exhibit.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the letter was admitted by the court.

The respondent denied the allegation of constantly fighting his wife and failing to take care of his family.

He however admitted not paying the dowry.

The president of the court, Yemisi Ojo, ruled that the plaintiff should monitor the respondent’s behaviour for three months to ascertain if he had changed.

She also ordered that the man should enrol his children in school before the next adjourned date.

Ms. Ojo adjourned the case to May 8 for report of settlement.


Source: NAN

There’s help for women who can’t achieve orgasm – Nini Iyizoba

Sexual health is the ability to embrace and enjoy our sexuality throughout our lives. It is an important part of our physical and emotional health. The act of sex itself has been shown to promote; better sleep habits, less stress, and more happiness. Our bodies thrive on the chemicals released during orgasm so a healthy sex life is indeed part of a healthy body.

Orgasmic dysfunction is the inhibition of the orgasmic phase of the sexual response cycle. Simply put, it is the inability to ‘come’ during sexual act with your partner and it is a problem most women and very few men encounter. If a woman has never had an orgasm in life, this is known as Primary Orgasmic Dysfunction. If she has been able to climax in the past, but currently unable to achieve orgasms, this is known as Secondary Orgasmic Dysfunction. Unfortunately, most women do not achieve orgasms as easily as the men. Mostly all men climax without difficulty, but for the woman, it is the exception to always reach orgasm and not the norm.

If you are a woman and you don’t climax easily, please don’t feel like there is something wrong with you or that you may be doing something wrong. Women often blame themselves or their spouses for lousy techniques as the cause of this anorgasmia, and men on the other hand blame their spouses for being too rigid and stiff and unresponsive during intercourse and hence the inability to have orgasms. Though this may be true and is sometimes the case, there is a need to explore other medical and psychological causes before playing the blame game with your spouse.

First, the female anatomy plays a major part in orgasmic dysfunction. There is a big difference between the male anatomy and the female anatomy and this makes a difference when it comes to sexuality and achieving orgasms. A man’s most sensitive nerves are just below the tip of the penis and that is the most stimulated part during intercourse whereas for the woman, the most sensitive part is the clitoris, which is outside and above the vagina and hardly stimulated during regular vaginal intercourse. This is the reason men usually have a wonderful time during sexual intercourse, when the woman may be thinking about what she’ll cook for dinner or whether the children have finished their homework. This is the sad reality.

Secondly, there are some medical conditions such as hypertension, multiple sclerosis, diabetes etc. that affect blood flow and nerve supply to the pelvis. These chronic conditions do affect responsiveness within the pelvic region and would ultimately cause orgasmic dysfunction. Hormonal deficiency that occurs in women, especially after menopause may also be a reason for lack of orgasms. Estrogen is a female hormone that is responsible for vaginal lubrication, female sensuality, and responsiveness, and when there is decline in estrogen, women start to experience vaginal dryness, vaginal atrophy, unresponsiveness and all these lead to female orgasmic dysfunction.

When the orgasmic dysfunction is a recent problem, it is important to review all your medications with your doctor. There are certain medications such as anti-hypertensive drugs and anti-depressants that are responsible for orgasmic dysfunction and this may be the cause of the problem. Sexual response requires the mind and the body functioning together. Most times, there may be an underlying chronic case of depression, anxiety or stress, or an event that has taken place such as previous sexual abuse or painful sex that affects our mental state of being and this in turn affects our minds during sex and affects the ability to reach orgasm. In addition to all these, excessive alcohol intake, cigarette smoking, lack of exercise also cause health problems for our body which directly or indirectly affect us during sexual activity and ultimately cause orgasmic dysfunction.

Whatever the cause of this orgasmic dysfunction, people are becoming more vocal about it and are now identifying it as a serious health concern. Hence, several treatment options are now available to treat the it depending on the cause. If the orgasmic dysfunction is due to an underlying medical condition such as diabetes, it is important to treat the underlying illness first because that usually resolves the issue of anorgasmia. Also, if you are suffering from orgasmic dysfunction, inform your doctor about all medications that you are currently on, including non- prescription drugs because sometimes, the medicines we take can be the reason for lack of responsiveness during sexual activity.

In conclusion, there are a few medically-approved pelvic electrical stimulating devices that help stimulate the pelvic muscles to help reach climax. If all these treatment options have been tried with no success, it is strongly advised to undergo couples counseling or sex therapy sessions to help resolve any issues that may be going on in the relationship/marriage. Treatment for orgasmic dysfunction has been successful in about 70-80 % of cases when treated by a professional. Having a healthy sex life is very important to overall well-being and it is not something to be ashamed of. Talk to your doctor today if you or your partner currently have orgasmic dysfunction, as one of these treatment options may be right for you.

Disclaimer: The medical information provided on here by Dr. Nini Iyizoba is provided as an information resource only. This information does not create any patient-physician relationship and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment

Wife seeks divorce over husband’s “withdrawal method” during sex

A 36-year-old seamstress, Sherifat Adetunji, on Friday pleaded at a Lagos Island Customary Court that her marriage should be dissolved on ground that her husband was longer ejaculating inside her during sex.

The mother of two said her 10-year-old marriage was blissful until five years ago when things started changing.

She lamented that her husband could go a year or more without making love to her and that when he did he would not ejaculate inside her.

“My husband has been starving me sexually, sometimes he will not touch me for a whole year and when he did, he would not release inside me.

“I have complained severally about my dissatisfaction over his attitude towards our sexual life, but has refused to change,” she said.

She told the court that her husband once brought a strange man into their house to perform some rituals in the middle of the night and since then she started emaciating.

“My husband brought a man to pass the night in our house and that in the middle of the night they performed some rituals since then I have been growing lean.

“He did not show any concern about my state of health or why I was growing lean everyday,” Mrs. Adetunji said.

She, therefore, prayed the court to dissolve the marriage and give her the custody of their two children, Alia, 8, and Kismat, 5.

Her husband, Monsuru, 38, a trader, told the court that he thought his wife was happy in their marriage because they hardly quarreled.

He said he was surprised when she packed out of the house and brought him to court for the dissolution of their marriage.

He admitted his sexual behaviour, saying that it was due to the current economic recession so as to prevent his wife from getting pregnant.

“I stopped making love to her regularly and releasing in her because of the present economic situation in the country so that she does not get pregnant.

“The man she said I brought home was a distant relation who had no place to pass the night.

“The reason why my wife is reducing in size is because she does not give herself rest of mind, she is always worried about one thing or the other,” he said.

He urged the court to dissolve the marriage as he was no longer interested in the marriage because she had packed out of their matrimonial home.

The Court President, Awos Awosola, said that marriage institution could only work if the two were in agreement.

“Marriage is for two people, not one; your wife should also have a say in the home.

“Since she has complained severally that you are starving her sexually, you should have made amends.

“If you do not want to get her pregnant you can always use condom,” he said.

Mr. Awosola urged the two parties to maintain the peace and adjourned the case to Feb. 16 for further hearing.


Source: NAN

My in-law forcibly had sex with me, my 2 sisters, witness tells court

A 17-year-old school dropout, on Friday, told a Jikwonyi Customary Court, Abuja, that her sister’s husband forcibly had sexual intercourse with her, and two other sisters.

The teenager, who resides in Minna, gave the testimony as a witness in a divorce petition filed by her elder sister, Janet Suleman, against her husband, Philip Ogho.

“When I was living with my sister, her husband attempted to sleep with me but I never agreed. Whenever I refused, he beat me.

“One day he asked me who I am, that he can’t have sex with me, that he has sexed my other two sisters living with them,” she testified.

The witness said that her sister’s husband kept on maltreating her until she gave in to his request.

“He kept on beating me, then one day I could not bear it again, so I allowed him to sleep with me.

“He threatened to deal with me if I tell my sister. I didn’t tell my sister but I told the other two he had sex with,” she told the court.

She told the court that she left her sister’s house because her sister’s husband kept coming to have sex with her every night.

The Court’s President, Everyman Eleanya, however, ordered that a hearing notice be placed at the Ogho’s residence because of his continued absence in court since the commencement of hearing in the case.

Mr. Eleanya adjourned the case till January 31 for hearing.


Source: NAN

My wife demands N500 before sex, man tells court.

Mr Sunday Olaosebikan on Wednesday approached an Igando Customary Court in Lagos to end his seven-year-old marriage to his wife, Mutiatu, for allegedly demanding for money before sex.

He told the court, “My wife always refuses me sex until she collects N500.

“This, I am sure, is why she has not conceived after the birth of our only child, who is six-year old now.

“I am tired of paying N500 per round before having sex with my wife, please dissolve the union.

He further told the court said that Mutiatu always threatens to kill him.

He said, “My wife is after my life, she stabs me with dangerous weapons whenever we have misunderstanding.

“She once stabbed me with a broken bottle on my head and I bled heavily which landed me in the hospital.

“Mutiatu used our kitchen knife as pillow, when I queried her; she said her pastor instructed her to use it against bad dreams.

“Many a times when I request for sex or during argument, she brings the knife out threatening to stab me.

“She is just aggressive and violent in nature; she may kill me if I continue with the marriage.

“Because of her violent nature, I ran away from the house to avoid untimely death.”

He said that his family ejected his wife from his house for fear of unknown but that she came back begging, adding that he pitied her and accepted her back.

He said, “I accepted my wife back because I thought she had learnt her lesson, but she refused to change, instead she is getting worse day by day.”

The petitioner also said that his wife failed to respect him.

“My wife does not obey my orders; she always tells me that I cannot control her because we are age mate.”

He said that because of his wife’s bad behaviour, she could not get a steady job.

“Employers always sack her when she exhibited her character.’’

Olaorebikan begged the court to terminate the marriage.

The respondent was not in the court for her defence.

The President of the court, Mr Adegboyega Omilola, therefore, ordered bailiff to serve her another summon to appear in court and adjourned the case to Feb. 28 for further hearing.


Source: NAN

Want to live longer? Avoid sex, drink coffee, say scientists

Desperate for a magical potion to help them live longer, many frantically try a range of new things in the belief it will give them an extra 10 years of life.

But now scientists believe they’ve found out exactly how you can extend your lifespan – but it won’t be an easy change for many. Refraining from having sex will help you live longer than all of your peers, a study has found. And experts believe it could explain why nuns – who stay away from the act completely – tend to live longer.

Researchers from the University of Sheffield discovered that mealworm beetles live for longer if they avoid mating. While those who tried to produce offspring each day passed away at a much younger age. Mating was found to release a hormone in the insects needed to produce sperm in a male or eggs in a female.

But this was also found to have a negative effect on their immune system, the researchers found. This makes them vulnerable to potentially deadly infections as their body’s natural ability to fight rogue bacteria is compromised.

Despite the mechanism not being the same in humans, study author Dr. Michael Siva-Jothey believes the principle can be applied.

He said: “Nuns tend to have a longer lifespan than women with children and most people know of someone with a maiden aunt who seems to live forever.

“The question is, why? The beetles which mate die sooner than the beetles which don’t mate.”

Humans also have weaker immune systems during sex, which explains how Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) can be easily spread, he added.

Nuns, priests, vicars and monks are known to live longer than others – but not for their religious protection.

It is believed their low rates of high blood pressure – which increases the risk of heart disease and stroke – are responsible.

Also, researchers have found that drinking coffee and tea may help people to live longer by reducing chemicals in the blood that can trigger heart disease.

The finding that coffee drinkers tend to live longer than people who abstain has long puzzled scientists.

Now researchers at Stanford University believe they may have hit on a reason why a having a coffee or tea break is so good for us.

The study was published in Nature Medicine.

Caffeine, the ingredient that gives coffee, tea and some fizzy drinks a lift blocks chemicals in our blood that promote inflammation.

Inflamed blood vessels are more likely to become stiffer – a risk factor for heart disease. Inflammation also plays a key role in many other diseases, the research study said.

Tests on the blood of people fewer of the chemicals linked to inflammation – were found to have more caffeine in their bloodstream. Further investigation revealed that they, as might be expected, drank more coffee than their peers.

A chemical found in chocolate, theobromine, was also found to have an anti-inflammatory effect, although not as pronounced as caffeine.

The authors found that in an ongoing study following participants aged 20-30, and another group of people aged 60, those who ‘tended to drink more caffeinated beverages’ had lower levels of inflammatory compounds in their blood.


Source: Guardian

How woman trapped robber with sex offer.

A sex-crazed criminal, Tosin Lamidi, has been arrested by the Lagos State Police Command after a woman he robbed tricked him into a trap by offering him sex in return for her property he stole.

Pm Express reports that the 21-year-old Lamidi had burgled the apartment of the lady, Gift Nseobong and stole her laptop, phone, and money but after some days, she called the number and offered to give him sex in exchange for her sim card.

Lamidi allegedly agreed to the arrangement and they arraigned to meet at the Ikotun Roundabout so he could take her to a hotel and sleep with her.

Little did he know that Nseobong had informed the police and was arrested when he showed up to keep the rendezvous.

The dumb wit robber was arraigned at an Ejigbo Magistrate’s Court where the Magistrate, Mrs. J.O.E Adeyemi promptly ordered that he should be remanded at the Kirikiri Prison till the next adjourned date on January 30, 2017.

It was gathered that Lamidi broke into Nseobong’s apartment at 8, Mutiatu Okesalu Street,  Ikotun area of the state, and stole the items which he sold off but retained the sim card and started using it.

However, when the victim bought another sim card and tried the number of the stolen phone, Lamidi picked the call.

She pleaded with the suspect to return the sim card because of the contact numbers on the card which are so important to her and offered to do anything in return.

The randy criminal allegedly told her he would only return the sim card on the condition that she would allow him to sleep with her and she agreed to the deal.

They then arranged to meet at the from where they will move to a hotel for the sex romp but his stupidity, however, landed him in prison.

Cervical cancer: Group wants Nigerian girls immunised before first sex

In a bid to stem the rising cases of cervical cancer in Nigeria, Health Education and Empowerment Initiative, a non-governmental organisation, has commenced awareness and screening sessions among women in rural communities in Ogun State.

The Information Center on Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) says there are 14,089 cervical cancer cases in Nigeria.

It also reports that about 8,240 deaths are recorded annually in the country.

HEDEN said it was driven by the heavy national burden of cervical cancer, which requires increased awareness, early detection and treatment.

The awareness program, which was taken to a faith-based women group in Abule-Ijoko, was supported by Society for Family Health, SFH.

HEDEN reports that of the 51 women that were tested, nine were found positive to the disease.

The program included talks, video presentations on symptoms of cervical cancer, its progression, stories of how early detection saves lives, question and answer session and eventual screening and treatment of women who tested positive

Many of the women expressed surprise at the subtle signs and symptoms of cervical cancer, saying they never heard about cervical cancer before.

Speaking at the event, the Executive Director of HEDEN, Folasade Ofurune, emphasised the need to go for screening early once a sign is noticed.

She highlighted that cervical cancer was preventable by receiving the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine before first sex from age 11 above.

She urged parents to vaccinate both boys and girl because HPV causes other diseases aside of cervical cancer.

“HEDEN envisions a world, in which communication saves lives, improves health and enhances wellbeing,” she said.

“Thus with the support of Society for Family Health, HEDEN will continue this campaign next year (2017) by extending it to many more communities.”

She further explained that cervical cancer was the commonest genital cancer killing women especially in sub-Saharan Africa, adding that it is the second commonest cancer affecting women in Nigeria.

“Globally, every two minutes a woman dies from cervical cancer. It is prevalent but not exclusive to the sexually active women in the reproductive (childbearing) years,” Mrs. Ofurune said.

“Cervical cancer is fatal if left unrecognized and untreated. It is very important for every woman to undergo regular cervical screening to detect abnormalities.

“Regular cervical smear testing through pap’s test or screening with low cost methods using Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid (VIA) are the most effective ways of detecting cervical abnormalities, which may be the early signs of the disease.”

She expressed confidence that with the support of SFH, screening of women aged between 25 – 60 years will continue in order to diagnose women during the long pre-cancerous phase.

I killed my mum for asking for sex with me – Man

A 33-year-old man, Segun Ogunlusi, on Tuesday claimed that he killed his 60-year-old mother for asking for sex with him.

The suspect was arrested by the police following a report by his sister that their mother was missing.

The body was later found in a soak-away in their home, at 16 Oketunde Street, Ogijo in Sagamu local government area of Ogun State?.

The suspect was said to have stabbed the victim to death.

Speaking with PREMIUM TIMES at the Eleweran Police headquarters, Abeokuta, Mr. Ogunlusi said he committed the crime because the deceased allegedly pestered him for sex.

“She had been on my neck that I should have sex with her, and I see such request as an abomination, so I decided to kill her”, Mr. Ogunlusi said.

He narrated that he used a kitchen knife to kill the woman, burnt the corpse and buried her remains in a disused sewage within the compound.

In a related development, the Ogun State Police Command paraded 23 suspects for various offences ranging from armed robbery, kidnapping, cultism, land grabbing and stealing.

The Commissioner of Police, Ahmed Ilyasu, warned fun seekers to be moderate and respect the laws during the yuletide.

“The command urges all groups/societies or community associations or youth groups to notify the police of any of their activities in order to monitor such and provide adequate security for all and sundry”, Mr. Ilyasu said.

My husband left because I refused to give him oral Sex, wife tells court

A 42-year-old woman, Fausat Ayinde, has approached a Lagos Island Customary Court on Thursday for the dissolution of her 15-year-old marriage on the grounds of emotional abuse.

Fausat told the court that her husband deserted her because she refused him oral sex, adding that he made her feel inferior because of his complaints and verbal abuse.

The fruit seller said that their marital problems started five years ago when her interior decorator husband came back from a trip to Port-Harcourt and asked her to suck his genital.

“My husband got back from a trip and asked me to suck him, something we have never done since we got married.

“When I refused he told me that is what other girls do to him outside, since then my husband stopped making love to me,’’ she said.

The mother of two said her husband also started complaining about her dress sense and her cooking.

She added that he packed out of the matrimonial home three years ago and rented another apartment two houses from her with another woman.

Fausat said that her husband came to her house on Nov. 8 to beat her up and pack out her belongings.

“I am tired of the marriage; I have reported him to his family countless times but he has refused to change.

“Since he left, I have been the one responsible for the upkeep of the children,” she said.

She prayed the court to dissolve the marriage, give her custody of their children Ahmeed 15, and Ahmeedat 12, adding that the husband should be responsibility for their upkeep.

The husband, Lukman Ayinde, 45, told the court that the genesis of their marital problems was not sexual.

Lukman said that the basis of their issues was that his wife did not know how to take care of herself, her home, her man and children.

He said that on many occasions, he had tried to upgrade her to his taste by buying her dresses, shoes and bags.

He said that his wife was also very stubborn and had refused to change, adding, “she dresses awkwardly and is unattractive’’.

“I have complained about her dress sense severally, my wife can wear mismatched top and skirt with dirty flip flop slippers to anywhere.

“When I complain, she will say who is looking at her forgetting that I am her husband, I am looking, I cannot control her.

“I cannot introduce her as my wife to my colleagues, she sells in Victoria Island, Kofo Abayomi and she meets notable people but she has refused to package herself.

“She wears jeans skirt to bed, claiming that she is tired anytime I touch her.

“She does not know how to take care of the house, her man and the kids,” he said.

Mrs Opeyemi Olanrewaju, the court Deputy President said that Lukman was behaving life a typical African man who “sees women as sex object that he could use and dump.

“You have been with other women and you are comparing her with them, before and after you married her, she gave you two kids there was nothing wrong with her.

“Now she is no longer good for you,” she said.

The court President, Mr Awos Awosola said that the husband should pay N220, 000, as the arrears of the money for the upkeep of the children on or before Dec. 20.

She ordered him not to visit the house again and that the children should be brought to the court whenever he wants to see them.

She urged both parties to maintain peace and adjourned the case to Dec. 28 for further hearing.


Japan’s Sex Problem Is So Bad That People Are Quitting Dating & Marrying

The Japanese sex problem has become so desperate that its young population are giving up on dating and are just marrying their friends.

A Government survey found 69 per cent of Japanese men and 59 per cent of Japanese women do not have a romantic partner.

One Japanese aggregator website has since been awash with stories of how people have simply got married to life-long friends.

The country has one of the lowest birth rates in the world, with just 8.4 children being born per 1,000 inhabitants over the last five years.

Its population of 127m people is predicted to decrease to 87m by 2060.

The survey, carried out by the country’s National Institute of Population and Social Security Research, also reported that about 80 per cent of unmarried Japanese want to get married.

In recent weeks, people have posted stories to the aggregator website Matome Naver, telling how in one case, a colleague married their friend of 10 years.

The trend has been coined “Kousai zero Nichikon”: roughly translated as “marrying without dating”.

Japanese actress Maki Horikita married co-star Koji Yamamoto in 2015 after just a month of dating.

Read More: businessinsider

Lagos Government to embark on ‘arming’ children against abuse.

The Lagos state government says it will be embarking on a series of event to educate the public, including children, on sexual and gender based violence in the country.

The series of event will hold in commemoration of the 16 days of activism to end all forms of violence against women and children.

The implementer of the event, the Lagos state Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team (DSVRT), will partner with Access Bank to hold a workshop and a symposium on preventing violence against women and children.

In a statement on Sunday, Titilola Vivour-Adeniyi, DSVRT coordinator, said the workshop is themed: ‘Safeguarding The Rights For A Child’, and the symposium tagged ‘It’s On You And I To End Violence Against Women  And Children’.

She said the workshop would “focus on children within the region of primary 3 and 6, saying this became imperative in view of the recent statistics which revealed that children within this age range were most vulnerable as regards falling prey to sex predators”.

“Over 1,500 children drawn from both public and private schools in the mainland, Eti- Osa and Apapa axis of the state would receive age appropriate sex education, tips on being sensitive about their body parts, and also a critical education on how to detect and avoid the process of grooming which is a process most predators adopt,” Vivour-Adeniyi said.

“It is our utmost desire that after the program, children would be better informed on their rights, red flags to look out for, and relevant self defence tips. They would also receive relevant materials and contact numbers to call to report any child abuse case.”

She said the symposium, tagged ‘It’s On You And I To End Violence Against Women  And Children’, would hold at Access Bank head office, Victoria Island, Lagos.

“We are confident that after these events, there would be an increased level of awareness on how to prevent the occurrence of these crimes, steps to take to report and renewed commitment from members of the society on their role in ridding this menace out of our society,” Vivour-Adeniyi said.

My husband denied me sex for seven years – Woman tells court

A housewife, Jelila Nurudeen, on Friday asked an Ojaoba Sharia Court, Ibadan, to put an end to the union with her husband, Nurudeen Olanrewaju, on grounds of sexual starvation for over seven years.

The mother of three in her petition alleged that her husband was subjecting her to emotional torture by starving her of sex for seven years.

“My lord, all the interventions made so far by this court has yielded no results as Olanrewaju has turned no new leaf.

“I may soon run mad if the court fails to separate us, because I can no longer withstand seven years of sexual drought.

“Should I start visiting the homes of some of the committee members set up to reconcile us to meet my sexual desire?

“Please I am ready to walk away from this union because Olanrewaju has already remarried to another wife, who is now satisfying his emotional desire,” Jelila explained.

However, Olanrewaju, who denied the allegation, rejected the divorce suit.

Olanrewaju who works at Nigeria Tobacco Company, Ibadan, said he has been living happily with Jelila and promised to still make his wife happy.

President of the court, Sheikh Ahamad Tiamiyu, advised Jelila to give peace a chance by allowing the committee raised on the matter to do their work.

Tiamiyu adjourned the case till Nov. 17, for progress report.

Porn company invites Anambra Beauty Queen, Chidinma Okeke to star in porn movie.

Adult film website, Xvideos has issued an invite to ex-Miss Anambra Chidinma Okeke.


Chidinma has been trending online for weeks after a video allegedly showed her performing a sexual act with her Personal Assistant Ada.


A Twitter user, @AmeborHQ  tweeted about the video which sparked interest from Xvideos. The adult website went ahead to request for further details to which @AmeborHQ, replied, “@xvideoscom miss Chidinma Okeke is a beauty queen.”


Xvideos took it a step further by inviting Chidinma over for casting, “@AmeborHQ who is miss Chidinma Okeke? She should join us in our next casting.”


The DIVA Awards last week announced that Chidinma will be awarded for her resilience despite the sex scandal.

Apostle Job Antwi claims sex is sweeter than anything on earth, days after his first sex.

The spokesperson of the group calling itself the Association of Virgin Pastors, Job Antwi say he regrets breaking his virginity very late.

The Man of God who tied the knot last weekend said, he never knew there was something sweet in a women until he married.

“I never knew sex is this sweet; since I was born I have not experienced this before. It is sweeter than everything, in fact I wish I can do it every day” he stated in an interview on Joy FM’s Weekend City show.

Recounting his first experience, Apostle Antwi said he nearly cried because he didn’t want to disappoint his newly wife.

But, he said his wife whom he claimed is experienced sexually, assisted him to navigate his way through the ‘Garden of Eden’ very easily.

“My wife has dated before and has experience so she taught me how to do it. I love my wife than every lady on this earth” he stressed.

Job Antwi maintained that, he is still anointed and powerful even after breaking his virginity since he is lawfully married.

“If you marry in the Lord and you sleep with a woman, God likes it so still the power of God is upon me” he stated.

Apostle Antwi who described himself as a patron of the Virgin pastors said he will soon announce the new president of the group.

Woman Dies During Sex Romp In Ibadan, After Lover Uses Herbal Concoction To Boost His Performance

An Iyaganku Chief Magistrates’ Court sitting at Ibadan on Tuesday remanded a 50- year old man, Fatai Busari, in Agodi prison for allegedly causing the death of his concubine.

Busari allegedly drank herbal aphrodisiac before having sex with 48-year-old Sadiat Adejuwon.

The Chief Magistrate, Mrs Abiona Richard, ordered the remand of Busari at Agodi prison, pending legal advice from the Directorate of Public Prosecutions.

She adjourned the case till Nov. 30 for mention.

Busari of Asaka area of Ibadan was arraigned on a one- count charge of causing death.

The Prosecutor, Cpl. Salewa Hammed, told the court that Busari on Oct. 10, at about 3.00p.m. at Asaka area, Ibadan, unlawfully caused the death of one Sadiat Adejuwon, 48.

Hammed said the death of Adejuwon occurred while Busari was having carnal knowledge of her in his house.

He said, “Busari and the deceased woman worked as casual workers cleaning the street and they were dating.

“On the fateful day, Busari drank herbal concoction to boost his manhood before sleeping with her.

“It was afterwards that he realised that something was amiss when he noticed blood flowing out of her private part.

“She later died at the spot and he raised alarm.”

Hammed said that the offence committed contravened section 316 and was punishable under section 319 of the Criminal Code, Cap 38, Vol. II, Laws of Oyo State, 2000.

Busari is found guilty of the offence, he will face the death sentence.

Mother jailed for killing son who caught her having sex with grandfather.

A mother, Veronica Panarello, received a 30-year jail term for murdering her son because he discovered she was having an affair with his grandfather.

Veronica Panarello strangled her son Loris Stival with electrical cables then abandoned his body in a remote gully in Santa Croce, Sicily, Metro UK reported.


sicily metro travel (photo: siobahn murphy)
The child’s body was abandoned in a remote gully in Santa Croce, Sicily (photo: siobahn murphy)

She thereafter lied to the police that the boy had been kidnapped.

She said she had taken Stival to school but was not seen as for the time she went back to get him in the afternoon.

Nevertheless, CCTV footage showed that she had not dropped him off at school that day.

Prosecutors branded her an ‘egocentric, manipulative liar.’

Even after she had been found guilty of Loris’ murder and received the sentence, she continued to deny the act.

She also blamed the husband’s father, Andrea Stival, When she confessed that her son had been killed in November 2014.

She told an earlier hearing that he had helped to plot and then carried out the murder because Loris had caught them having sex.

Stival is being investigated as an accessory to murder, according to Italian media.

He has denied the claim and is threatening to sue his daughter-in-law for slander, it has emerged.

Her husband has now filed for divorce.

Teacher who slept with Pupil ‘Hundreds of Times’ Claims he Seduced Her

A teacher who has confessed to sleeping with a pupil “hundreds of times” claims he seduced her.

Mary Beth Haglin, 24, told Dr Phil in a new interview: “I am the victim.”

The brunette has admitted having sex with the 17-year-old almost every day for six months and sending him raunchy selfies.But Haglin, who took a job as a lap dancer in a strip club after being sacked from school, insisted: “The student is the one who seduced me.”

She claimed the teen swept her off her feet after coming on strong and wooing her with handwritten
notes and texts.Haglin said:

 “He did so with such intelligence and such an elevated vocabulary that I was completely duped by the whole facade. “He caught me in my weakest moments, and he used that to his advantage.“I did ignore a lot of that at first because obviously, I knew that it was illegal, not allowed, frowned upon – everything.”

 She decided to respond to one of the student’s messages after a big bust-up with her boyfriend and they started their physical relationship in October 2015, she said.

Haglin said she became vulnerable through a troubled relationship with her boyfriend.

Haglin told TV’s Dr. Phil:

“We had sex – almost daily – in his car, my car, his mom’s house, and his dad’s house.”
She said she tried to end the affair but claimed the pupil threatened to expose her if she tried to leave him.
She added:

“When things got way out of control, and I wanted out, he began saying ‘I will light a match and burn your life down.’”

Haglin said she was too scared to stop the relationship. But it ended after another student saw them together.
She was sacked as a substitute teacher at Washington High School, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and was arrested after turning herself in to police in July.
She is charged with one count of sexual exploitation of a minor and her trial is due to start in November.
Daily Record

Man Catches Driver Having Sex With His Wife On Matrimonial Bed In Ogun.

A 60-year-old trailer driver, Lawal Bankole, was weekend, almost lynched by a security guard, Abdullahi Muhammed, at Iya Abiodun area, Ifo, Ogun State, after he was caught having sex with the latter’s wife, Tope, on their matrimonial bed.

The 45-year-old embattled man, an indigene of Kano State, said Bankole took advantage of his wife’s unstable mental condition to rape her.

According to the Punch, Muhammed had returned from a trip to Lagos Island only to meet Bankole on top of his wife.

Narrating the incident, Muhammed said, “I had returned from my trip when I met him on top of my wife. I had a cutlass and a knife at home and I wanted to kill him. But I had a rethink and I decided to hold him.

“But he tore my clothes and bit me. He fought me and took hold of the cutlass; I held him. We were fighting when people separated us and he escaped.

“However, I held on to his trousers, which contained his driving licence, some cash, phones and ATM cards. I used the items as my evidence. I reported the matter at the Ifo Police Division after which he was arrested.

“My wife has mental problem, which started during her first marriage. She had a surgery that time, but there was a complication which led to the problem. Her ex-husband rejected her, saying he could not live with a mentally-ill person.

“Her family had taken her to different prayer houses for solution to no avail before I came into the picture. I assisted them with money and they decided to hand her over to me in marriage.

“I made sure she stayed indoors always. All she does is to cook and wash my clothes. However, once in a month, she goes to visit her mother and returns. We have a child together, who is about two years old. Her condition is improving, but she is not totally sound yet.”

Reports say the two men could have killed each other but for the intervention of residents who separated them.

The wife, 24-year-old Tope, said the suspect gave her N200, adding that she never met the man until the day he had canal knowledge of her.

Tope, an indigene of Osun State, said, “I have never met the man before. That day, he entered our compound and asked if I wanted to eat and I said yes.

He gave me N200 and went away.

“He later returned and asked me to UnCloth and I did. He put me on the bed and had sex with me. I knew he wasn’t my husband, but I couldn’t shout or do anything. Then my husband entered and caught him.
“The two men started fighting. I ran downstairs to call people. Our neighbours separated them.”

Confirming the incident and arrest, the state Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, Abimbola Oyeyemi, said, “The police have arrested the man and he has confessed to the crime.

“He took advantage of the woman’s mental condition and will be charged to court soon,” the PPRO stated.

“She loved the dildo more than me” says jealous boyfriend arrested for smashing ex-girlfriend’s sex toy

A jealous man appeared before a court for or breaking his ex-girlfriend’s sex toy in a fit of rage.
Rich Moore, 33, a builder from south east London got the hump with the toy after his seven year relationship with the woman ended. In a fit of anger while collecting his belongings from her house, he smashed up the vibrator along with a £200 pair of her sunglasses.
“I was fed up. I’ve gone to get my stuff and I came across the glasses and smashed them,” he told The Sun. “Then I found the dildo and I just ripped it up. It was one of those bullet ones. She loved the dildo more than me, that’s why I got the hump with it.

I bought it, it cost me £30.”
Moore’s ex, Sarah Mills, who he has a two-year-old daughter with, reported him to the police and he was charged with criminal damage. He admitted to the charges at Croydon Magistrates’ court.
“It’s all so petty and a waste of taxpayers’ money. It’s ridiculous if you think about it. I told the police I had broken the dildo and offered to pay for it to save us all going to court but they weren’t having it,” Moore said. “I wanted to go to court with a T-shirt saying ‘Save The Dildos’ but I decided it was probably best not to.”
Moore was released on conditional bail until October 19th.

Source: Evening Standard

Hired Killer Sent To Kill Lady Falls In Love, Demands Sex

The Lagos State Police Command has arrested a 24-year-old suspect, Tayo Adeyemi, who confessed to have been hired to kill a female hotel lodger in the Alakija, Satellite Town area of the state.

Adeyemi, who hails from Kwara State, told Punch that he was arrested by the police after he sneaked into the hotel, White House, and demanded that his target, simply known as Rosemary, had sex with him so he would spare her life.

Punch Metro gathered that Adeyemi, who dropped out of senior secondary school, was arrested by the Satellite Town Police Division last Thursday.

It was learnt that penultimate Wednesday, Adeyemi was brought by two gang members on a
motorcycle to the hotel to kill Rosemary.

However, once Adeyemi laid his eyes on his supposed target, he reportedly fell in love with her and eventually attempted to rape her after she rebuffed his pleas to have sex with him.

Rosemary, however, raised the alarm.

The hotel management subsequently called the police, and Adeyemi was arrested.

A Punch correspondent learnt that one locally-made pistol and a live cartridge were recovered from Adeyemi, who had been transferred to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, Ikeja.

The police said the suspect belonged to a three-man gang, adding that a manhunt had been launched for the fleeing two gang members.

Speaking with Punch Metro, Adeyemi said he gave the woman N1,500 to have sex with her, adding that he fell in love with his target.

Adeyemi, who spoke in pidgin English, said, “I was working as a casual worker at a bottling company in the Apapa area before I met the gang members in the Ajegunle area. A friend, Wisdom, had invited me to stay in his house.

“His friends, who are Eiye Confraternity members, saw me and said they had a job for me. They said the job was to kill a woman. I said I could not do such a job, but they threatened to kill me and since they had guns, I was afraid.

“Finally, I was left with no option but to do their wish. One of them, Ahmed, gave me the gun and they brought me on a motorcycle to the hotel. But when I got to the hotel room and saw the woman, I fell in love with her and I had mercy on her.

“I told her that I was sent to kill her, but since I loved her, I would just have sex with her. When she declined, I offered her N1,500, and said I would take her necklaces and wristwatch away and lie to my gang members that she had been killed. But she raised the alarm.

“Everyone in the hotel called the police, the Oodua Peoples’ Congress and other vigilance groups. The hotel management called the police at the Satellite Town division.

“When my parents heard about my arrest, they were disappointed. I told them that I was being threatened by the cult members. I did not mean to kill the lady. Otherwise, I would have shot her and run away.”

The state Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni, said the command would not give criminals a breathing space in the state.

A sexual health group is offering couples £200 to have sex on camera.

A sexual health organisation is offering to pay couples £200 to have sex on camera.

The Pleasure Project wants to film three couples having protected sex in natural settings like a student house or car while using a condom.

The filming will take around three hours, and the videos will only be viewable by a small test group through a private link – no-one else will have access to the footage.

Organisers say they want to make safe sex erotic, by creating videos of people having protected sex in “naturalistic” scenarios.

Campaign spokesman Suzanne Noble told The Tab: “The project we are working on is a pilot for a UK university to trial the most effective methods to ensure young people use condoms.

“The research we have done to date indicates that young people would prefer to view stylish, yet naturalistic scenarios in which couples are seen having sex while using condoms.

“So, for instance, we may film a couple having sex in a bedroom that looks like a student house or in a car.”

Those interested in taking part are asked to get in touch with the organisation.

They will have to provide details of their relationship – including whether they usually use condoms – and their availability.

The filming will take place in London in November.

The Pleasure Project describes itself as “an educational, advocacy and research initiative that promotes safer sex that feels good”.

“Most safer sex and HIV prevention programmes are negative and disease-focused,” their website states.

“The Pleasure Project is different: we take a positive, liberating and sexy approach to safer sex. Think of it as sex education … with the emphasis on ‘sex’.”

South African Woman Batters Husband During Sex Because His Manhood Is Too Big

Most men – and their women – would like to have a mean-sized 4-5 to ensure pleasure between the sheets.

But Mnombo “Anaconda” Madyibi (32) and his wife want exactly the opposite. That’s because Mnombo’s snake-sized 4-5 is allegedly too big, hairy and scary for his new wife’s kitten!

Mnombo got his nickname after his fellow soccer players saw his 4-5 in the change rooms before a soccer match. But his new wife said she’s not being entertained by his bullish 4-5 as it’s destroying her kitten.

Mnombo, a local soccer player from Bhongweni Village in Mthatha, allegedly got klapped on Friday night by his new makoti on their honeymoon in Coffee Bay, on the Wild Coast of the Eastern Cape.

“All was well and she enjoyed the pre-intimacy, but all hell broke loose the moment I took off my underwear.

“My wife said she wanted a 4-5 inside her kitten, not an anaconda,” claimed Mnombo.

“When I tried to penetrate her, she bit my ear before squeezing my balls. Before I knew it, she knocked me over with a bottle of wine before attempting to suffocate me with a red and white teddy bear I had bought her as a gift.”

Mnombo claimed his screams summoned other guests and staff at the B&B where they were staying.

“We took different buses back home. I don’t want to lay charges against my new wife. I love her.

“I think she’s angry because I could only afford a cheaper honeymoon instead of the one she wished for in Zanzibar.”

He said he met his makoti at church last year and she told him she wanted to abstain from sex until they were married.

“I’ve only heard of joystick enlargement and not joystick shrinking,” said a frustrated Mnombo.

When Daily Sun contacted her, his wife said Mnombo was telling lies.

“He has a big 4-5 – long like a cucumber and hairy and scary like a bush. I only slapped him on the cheek and never moered him or tried to suffocate him,” she said.

The couple agreed to get counselling and said they would not involve the police.

Toke Makinwa and the Promotion of the Excesses of Youthful Exuberance. – Adeeko Ademola

While the outrage against Toke Makinwa’s recent video is somehow justified, I personally do not agree with the insults hurled at her. To begin with, she stated her opinion about how to live life to the fullest when one has the chance to. However, the examples given are way too crude, immoral and unworthy of a responsible person.


I don’t know Toke as a life coach or anything close to that but her recent advice is nothing but an endorsement of youthful exuberance which in itself is not bad but when moderation and caution is thrown out the window, one begins to wonder what the point of the video was actually.


Youthful exuberance simply means; the quality of being full of energy, excitement, and cheerfulness; ebullience. These laid down qualities comes most of the time in the wake of youthfulness. Hence, the name Youthful Exuberance.


At the age of 20, one is deemed a full adult and of course the characteristics attached to that age is categorized as exuberance.


While a lot of people kicked off that stage of their lives indulging in sex, alcohol, smoking and use of drugs, others have used that period to define a clear path for their future.


I’m not here to dictate how people should live their lives neither am I making rules that should be followed for living. I’m just trying hard to make sense of how having sex with strangers, inscribing tattoos and puncturing body parts formulate characteristics of living life to the fullest.


Yes, maybe Toke was just trying to tell us to live life to the fullest and all that it means to be a youth but truth is; there’s so much to life than all she listed and of course, which will still not cut out your youthful days or make those days boring.


Considering, the kind of society that we live in, I strongly believe that the window of youthfulness should be properly utilized in such a way and manner that will not truncate one’s life.


Take for example, the one-night-stand statement is an endorsement of pre-marital sex which could also come in form of unprotected sex. Do I need to go into details of what the results of that could be? I bet we already know.


Part of what Toke is endorsing is what some people did and they regret for the rest of their lives. Encouraging youthful exuberance and the “cool kid” social construct. Some have been plagued with unwanted pregnancies that has led to abortion which in turn led to death because abortion is illegal in Nigeria and that has given a flourishing window to quack medical practitioners to risk lives of young women in other to make fast cash.


Some lives have been forever truncated because of stuff like what Toke is promoting. These things (Youthful Exuberance) will always come in at a certain stage in one’s life and that is a constant giving. However, I think what a sensible adult should do is promote and encourage decency and moderation throughout that period.


We should remember that a lot of youths get lost in those years of youthful exuberance and it takes a lot of work to get their lives back on track. There’s much to life than being a typical 20 year old.


I can categorically tell you that I did lots of things my parents warned me against but truth is; a constant reminder of where I come from in form of my mother’s voice was the thin line between life and death for me.


I will never agree with Toke on some of the things she said. I’m cool with the “make friends” part even though, one still needs to be very careful with the kind of friends we make but the promotion of sex among youths is not the way to go.


I’m pretty sure most of you will never encourage your 20 year olds to have sex, well unless of course, you don’t see anything wrong with that.


I’m all for meeting people, building bridges, attending parties, traveling, forming alliances. As a matter of fact, I’m for the Live, Love, Laugh aspect of life but encouraging pre-marital sex, body piercing all in one statement is over-reaching. Here in lies the problem with Toke’s video. We already have a lot of misconducts being promoted in today’s media and that in itself is a huge societal problem.


In as much as youthful exuberance is a constant in the life of a growing child, I don’t think engaging in immorality under the guise of living life should be endorsed and encouraged in the way and manner Toke has.

Too much sex killing Ghanaian players, says coach.

Former Black Stars player and coach, Malik Jabir believes that Ghana’s club players are not doing well because beautiful Ghanaian girls have made them weaker.

Malik who coached the Black Stars in 2003 said in a national radio that Ghana players indulge in too much sex rather than train and improve their strength and skills.

“They are having too much sex, which is destroying the energy levels of the current national football,” he said.

“In Ghana there are very beautiful women who do not want to leave them alone. However, we must know the difference between sex and football. There is time for everything. It’s not possible to reach the top if both are mixed.”

“A lot of today’s players cannot play 90 minutes because they get tired so easily.

The 71-year-old who played for the Black Stars in the 1968 and 1972 Olympics is currently a technical adviser for Asante Kotoko, a professional club in the Ghana Premier League, and was speaking mainly about the level of the country’s top local league.

Avram Grant’s side are due to face Uganda on Friday as they get their World Cup qualifying campaign underway.

Scandal Rocks IDP Camp as Female IDPs Offer Camp Officials Sex For Food

Given the living condition of Internally Displaced Person’s (IDPS’s) in the North East, there is an indication that about 66 percent of camp officials, 28 percent from host communities and 6 percent of elders are sexually molesting the vulnerable ones, a situational

Assessment survey on IDP’s in North-East conducted by NOI Polls has revealed.

NOIPolls, incorporated in 2007 has been in the forefront of championing public opinion research in Nigeria and across the West African sub-region in technical partnership with Gallup (USA).

Among startling revelations from the report is that some of the female IDPs voluntarily offer camp officials sex for food and for freedom of movement within and outside the camps just as others offer themselves for basic female sanitary requirements.

The major aim of the survey was to highlight the controversies surrounding the general welfare of IDP’s in the North-East. It was conducted between July 4th to July 29th, 2016 where a total of 400 contacts attempted the questions.

A breakdown of the report indicated that 190 respondents were drawn from Borno, 128 in Adamawa and 82 in Yobe states.

The respondents were aged between 18 years and above while the face-to-face survey technique enabled NOIPolls to capture the reality of the IDPs.

According to the findings, “Though the provision of firewood is the responsibility of local government areas and State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) as stipulated in the Memorandum of

Understanding signed between federal government and state government, thousands of IDP’s including lactating mothers, children and elderly starve due to the absence of firewood.

The survey however revealed increase in social vices at the camps like drug abuse, consumption of illicit drugs, prostitution and petty crime as a result of the general poor welfare and deplorable living conditions of the IDPs.

“There are also rising cases of unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and HIV/AIDs while some IDP’s had fallen prey to unscrupulous members of host communities who take advantage of their plight to force them into early marriages and even kidnap them for child labour”, the report added.

The report highlighted that 85 percent of IDPs in Adamawa and 84 percent in Yobe are facing incidences of discrimination compared to 76 percent in Borno which was linked to ethnic problems that had existed between the northern and southern Borno natives.

Presenting the survey, the Chief Executive Officer of NOIPolls, Dr Bell Ihua confirmed that only 10 to 20 percent of IDP’s lived in camps while 80 to 90 percent lived in host communities stressing that petty crimes and drug abuse were also on the increase at the camps.

Ihua regretted the rising cases of mortality, which he said that 88 percent IDP’s died on daily basis as was witnessed during the survey adding that there was a cholera outbreak in the camps.

He requested for unannounced presidential visit by Muhammadu Buhari to Maiduguri as a way of boosting the morals of security agencies fighting insurgency in the area even as he advocated for increased funding for the IDP’s.

Also speaking, the Chairman of Civil Society Organisation Network, Borno state, Amb Ahmed Shehu expressed worry over the increasing cases of prostitution at the camps which may result to HIV/ AIDS and other infectious diseases.

“In camps and host communities, women need cash-based assistance to establish livelihoods such as tailoring, processing and selling flour or groundnut oil, milk and among others”, he said.

On his part, the Director of Forefront Media, Mr Mohammed Alfa who is a native of Gwoza called on the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and independent Corrupt Practices and other related Offences Commission (ICPC) to visit Borno state and access the financial impropriety of Borno government towards the starving IDP’s

Nigerian Landlord In Ghana Dies In Tenant’s Room After Sex

A Nigerian landlord has been discovered dead in a female tenant’s room in Accra, Ghana after the two had allegedly had sex. StarrFM reports that 24 year old Cynthia Nubuor is being held by the Adenta Police command over the matter.

In a statement to the Police, Ms. Nubuor said she left the deceased, Achi Ogu, who is a Nigerian, in her room for work Thursday afternoon after he had forcibly had sex with her. She said she left a note asking him to lock her door if he wakes up from his sleep.

According to the Adenta Police, they received a distress call around 8:30pm and rushed to the scene only to recover the body of the deceased from the room where he died.

The body has since been deposited at the Police hospital mortuary for an autopsy to be conducted into the actual cause of death.

Michael Jackson Ran Elaborate Child Sex Abuse Operation: Suit

An alleged victim of Michael Jackson has claimed the late star helped operate the “most sophisticated child sexual abuse” operation in history in damning new legal documents.

Celebrity choreographer Wade Robson alleges the late singer abused him when he was just seven-years-old, and has now made the shocking new claims in an amended complaint filed against the star’s companies MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures.

Robson, 33, has claimed some of the star’s inner circle served “dual purposes,” and alleges they
helped systematically seek out children and entice them to his Neverland Ranch.

“The thinly-veiled, covert second purposes of these businesses was to operate as a child sex abuse operation,” Robson’s lawyer, Vince Finaldi, reportedly wrote in the motion.

“Specifically designed to locate, attract, lure and seduce child sexual abuse victims.”

He claimed the company would set up a limo to pick up families, take them to paid-for accommodation, and even sometimes offer them gifts.

“MJJ Productions operated the most sophisticated child sexual abuse procurement and facilitation operation the world has known,” Robson’s lawyer Vince Finaldi reportedly told the New York Daily News.

According to the complaint, Robson first met Jackson when he was five-years-old in Australia after winning a dance competition run by MJJ Productions, where he and his family were invited to stay at the Ranch.

Shockingly however, Robson claims while his family slept elsewhere, he shared the superstar’s bed during the stay two years later.

According to reports, he claims that was the first time he was abused by the star.

He claims it carried on for the following seven years, and stopped when he hit puberty – as he alleges Jackson was then “no longer as interested in him sexually”.

“Make no mistake, Neverland Ranch was nothing but a well-orchestrated trap,” Finaldi told the New York Daily News.

“It was custom-built to attract kids so he could groom them and decide which to sexually abuse.”

Robson previously denied he was abused when called to testify in a 2005 molestation trial – which saw Jackson accused of sexually abusing 13-year-old Gavin Arvizo.

At the time Jackson’s former housekeeper, Blanca Francia, claimed that she saw Robson and Jackson in the shower together.

Jackson was cleared of all 14 counts of allegations against him in 2005.

However, Robson later sued Jackson’s estate in May 2013, accusing him of molesting him for seven years.

At the time, Jackson’s estate called the claims “less than credible”.

Four Year Old Girl Initiated Sex, Former Mayor Who Admitted Rape Claims

A  former city mayor who admitted to raping a four-year-old girl has claimed she was a ‘willing participant’ who initiated sex, reports have said.

Richard Keenan served as mayor of Hubbard, Ohio, in 2010 and 2011. He faces multiple counts of rape and attempted rape of a child.

According to the Youngstown Vindicator, Kenaan who confessed to a social worker and family members said his abuse of children spanned over three years but claimed his four-year-old victim ‘initiated sex’.

He has checked himself into a psychiatric clinic. Nonetheless, A judge must now decide if his confessions are admissible in court.

Keenan is due to stand trial in April next 2017.


Married Airport Worker Dies After Sex With Girlfriend In Her Lagos Apartment

A clearing agent, Mr. Sikiru Olanrewaju, has lost his life after leaving his wife and children at home to have fun with his girlfriend in the Abule Egba area of Lagos State.

PUNCH Metro learnt that 37-year-old Olanrewaju died shortly after having rounds of sex with his lover on Surulere Street.

The lover was said to have raised the alarm which drew the attention of residents, including the landlady, who reported at the Oke-Odo Police Division.

The victim’s corpse was deposited in a morgue pending the conclusion of investigations.

A resident, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the deceased worked with an aviation company at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Ikeja.

He said, “The man was married, but he had a girlfriend who lived in Abule Egba. On August 23, he had finished from work when he called her on the telephone that he would be sleeping at her place.

“The girlfriend said she told him not to come because he was married, but he insisted on passing the night at her house.

“The lady said when he got to her place, they ate the same food and drank the same water. They had sex, after which they slept.

“She said around 5am, she woke up to go to work and discovered he was stiff. She said she tried hard to wake him up, but he didn’t respond.

She said she was too confused to know what to do and waited for about three hours before raising the alarm, which drew the attention of people, including the landlady.”

The resident said the landlady reported at the station, and was followed by some operatives to the apartment where the incident happened.

PUNCH Metro was told that there was no mark of violence on the victim.

A source said Olanrewaju’s family were immediately contacted and the police broke the news to them.

She said, “The family said they don’t want the police to investigate anything. They said they had received the news in good faith and that the corpse should be released for burial in accordance with Islamic rites. I am not sure his wife has been informed because she did not follow them to the station. But obviously, she will not receive the news well.”

The Police Public Relations Officer, SP Dolapo Badmos, confirmed the incident, adding that investigations were ongoing.

She said, “The man was allegedly found dead in a room in the Abule Egba area after spending the night with his girlfriend. A team of police detectives from the Oke-Odo Police Division visited, examined, and photographed the scene.

We discovered that there was no trace of violence on the body. The corpse has been deposited in a morgue.”

Man Remanded Over Sexual Intercourse With Teenage Daughter.

A 56-year-old man, Abdullahi Zakari, who allegedly had sexual intercourse with his 18-year-old daughter, is to remain behind bars pending the perfection of his bail condition, a Lagos court has ruled.

A Surulere Magistrates’ Court, which gave the order, said the man should be remanded in Ikoyi Prisons until the bail conditions were met.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the Magistrate, Mrs. M.I. Dan-Oni, had admitted the accused to a bail of N500,000 with two responsible sureties in like sum.

One of the sureties, she said, must be a blood relation of the accused and the other must be living in his own house.

In addition, the magistrate said the sureties must show evidence of tax payment to Lagos State Government.

Zakari, who lives at No.42, Gaskiya St., Ijora-Badia in Apapa area, pleaded not guilty to the charge.

But the prosecutor, Sgt. Anthonia Osayande told the court that the accused committed the offence at his apartment between February and August.

“It is a shameful act that should not be condoned.

“This is a serious offence and an abomination. The complainant said the father used to fondle her breast anytime she was in the room.

“The accused had sex with the daughter against her wish,” she said.

The offence contravened Section 258 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2011.

The case was adjourned to Sept.19 for mention.

Man Remanded In Prison For Having Sex With Daughter

A 56-year-old man, Abdullahi Zakari, who allegedly had sexual intercourse with his 18-year-old daughter, is to remain behind bars pending the perfection of his bail condition, a Lagos court has ruled.

A Surulere Magistrates’ Court, which gave the order, said the man should be remanded in Ikoyi Prisons until the bail conditions were met.

The Magistrate, Mrs. M.I. Dan-Oni, had admitted the accused to a bail of N500,000 with two responsible sureties in like sum.

One of the sureties, she said, must be a blood relation of the accused and the other must be living in his own house.

In addition, the magistrate said the sureties must show evidence of tax payment to Lagos State Government.

Zakari, who lives at No.42, Gaskiya St., Ijora-Badia in Apapa area, pleaded not guilty to the charge.

But the prosecutor, Sgt. Anthonia Osayande told the court that the accused committed the offence at his apartment between February and August.

She said, “It is a shameful act that should not be condoned.

“This is a serious offence and an abomination. The complainant said the father used to fondle her breast anytime she was in the room.

“The accused had sex with the daughter against her wish.”

The offence contravened Section 258 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2011.

The case was adjourned to Sept.19 for mention.

Credit: NAN

Sex Myths: 5 Misconceptions People Have About Sex

1. Bigger is better

Most guys have heard a few people say size doesn’t matter, though very few seem to believe it. When it comes right down to it, you’re probably a lot more concerned about the ampleness of your member than your partner is. A survey of more than 1,000 people from found 89% of respondents weren’t concerned with their partner’s penis size. And some evidence suggests it has more to do with proportion than actual size.

The real takeaway is you should know how to work with what you’ve been given. Relationship expert and author of The Seven Natural Laws of Love, Deborah Anapol, penned a piece in Psychology Today that indicated a smaller size can actually be an advantage. “A smaller penis is often easier to maneuver inside the vagina, and may motivate the man to explore a variety of ways to please his lover,” she said.

2. It’s all downhill after you turn 40

Most of us reach our peak physical fitness sometime in our 20s. This includes a combination of endurance, strength, and flexibility, all important building blocks for a successful romp in the sheets, right? Maybe not. Researchers from the University of Gothenburg found 62% of women and 71% of men over the age of 70 reported feeling very satisfied with their sex lives. Maybe even more important is the fact these percentages have substantially increased since the 1970s.

Some of this may be due to a stronger relationship. Melanie Davis, a certified sexual educator (CSE), told Men’s Health, “There’s less emphasis on quick orgasms and more focus on sensuality, creativity, and emotional connection.” Basically, it has a lot more to do with the person than the specific sensation.

Older individuals also tend to have a fewer sexual hangups. Many young people find it hard to speak up during intercourse, but if you don’t tell your partner what you want, it’s unlikely they’ll just figure it out. Dr. Carmella Sebastian, an expert in women’s wellness and sexuality, told WebMD she didn’t experience multiple orgasms until after she’d had two children. She attributed it to increased confidence that allowed her to start asking for what she really wanted in the bedroom.

3. Men care more about sex than women do

We’ve all heard it before: Men think about sex every seven seconds. No one has been able to verify this statistic, but it’s widely accepted as truth or at least as mostly true. The other supposed truth is that women fall far behind when it comes to thinking about a romp in the sheets. According to a 2011 study from Ohio State University, men think about sex 19 times per day while women average 10 per day. Still more research suggests women may actually have a greater craving for bedroom time than men. One recent survey found 53.2% of females want more sex in their relationships.

Keep in mind, it’s the individual that matters most. Some people naturally have higher sex drives than others, regardless of gender. One story from The Huffington Post featured 13 females who craved far more sexual intimacy than their partners.

4. Great sex is effortless

Our notions of sex and how it should unfold are informed a little too much by pop culture. Things happen so effortlessly onscreen, but that’s only because 15 minutes of awkward conversation and fumbling doesn’t make for good TV. As AskMen pointed out, “the human body doesn’t come with an instruction manual.” Each person is different and just because one partner liked a particular move doesn’t mean your next one will. Honest communication is the best way to find your bedroom groove, and it may take a few times to get there.

There’s also no guarantee a great bedroom session will just happen. Rachel Hills, author of The Sex Myth, told New York Post spontaneity is more likely at the beginning of a relationship. Later on, it usually takes more of an effort. Scheduling time for sex might sound ridiculous, but it’s a good way to take the pressure off both you and your partner.

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Man Beats Wife To Death For Denying Him Sex

An Ado-Ekiti Magistrates’ court has ordered the remand of a 42-year-old man, Josiah Johnson, in prison custody for allegedly beating his wife to death.

The prosecutor, Sgt. Oriyomi Akinwale, told the court that the accused committed the offence on July 3 at Erio-Ekiti in Ekiti West Local Government Area of Ekiti State.

He said that the accused, on the said date, unlawfully caused the death of his wife, Mrs Julianah Johnson by beating her to death.

According to him, the husband wanted sexual intercourse with his wife, now deceased, but she declined saying she did not want to get pregnant after having seven children.

He told the court that the man, infuriated by his wife’s refusal, beat her to submission and forcefully had sexual intercourse with her, all of which led to her death.

Oriyomi said the offence contravened Section 319(1) of the Criminal Code, Cap C 16, Laws of Ekiti State. 2012.

The prosecutor, however, sought an adjournment of the matter as he still needed legal advice from the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

The plea of the accused was not taken because of the development while his counsel, Mr Tunde Falade, did not object to the request for a short adjournment pending the outcome of the DPP’s advice.

Magistrate Taiwo Ajibade consequently remanded the accused in prison custody and adjourned the case to September 12.

Credit: NAN

“Men, If You Have No Income, You’re Not Entitled To Have An Erection” – Toke Makinwa

Popular On Air Personality, OAP, Toke Makinwa, has waded into the much debated advice by the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor E.A Adeoye to young men and women concerning marriage.


In a video, Adeboye warned women, “Don’t marry a man who has no job. Before God gave Adam Eve, he gave him a job. He said, ‘This is the garden, keep it.’ So when anybody comes to you and say, ‘Sister, thus saith the Lord, you are going to be the star in my firmament,’ ask him — ‘What is your job?’”


In another video, he advised men, “Marry a prayer warrior! Don’t marry any girl who cannot pray for one hour non-stop. Don’t marry a girl who is lazy! If she is lazy when she is single, what will happen if she is married?”

The warning trended on twitter, with many countering his claims while others insisted the soft-spoken preacher was on point.


On her part, the OAP took to her Instagram page @tokemakinwa to support Pastor Adeboye.


The divorced media personality wrote: “A man is to provide for his household and not the other way round. If he has no income, he should not marry #deepbuttrue.


“The foundation remains. Men too should pray but because women pay more attention to details, it is important to know how to pray.


“The issue of praying for an hour, it is said that a man is the roof and the woman the foundation.


“If the wind blows the roof, cooking is not an issue. He didn’t assay she must cook for you every day of her life?… Read between the lines people.


“Before God gave Adam eve, he gave him a job. Ladies shine your eyes. Let his vision materialize before you marry him.


“Pastor Adeboye did not say anything bad, if anything I would hope the women take the advice on men seriously.


“Matter of fact, if he has no income, he is not entitled to an erection.


Let him find another job, let him find something to do,” the 31-year-old added.

Our Citizens Aren’t Having Enough Sex – Swedish Government.

Swedish people might not be getting laid enough – and the government is worried.


In an attempt to tackle the issue, the country’s government will ask its people about their bedroom habits in Sweden’s first major sex study in 20 years.


Reports in Swedish media have suggested a decline in sexual activity, sparking the major survey on all things sex.

The nation’s loss of libido could be a ‘political problem’ if it is linked to stress and other health issues, according to Public Health Minister Gabriel Wikstrom.


In an opinion piece for newspaper Dagens Nyheter, the politician wrote: ‘It is important to find out how much less sex Swedes are having, and what the reason is.’


And in a separate article on the government’s website, Mr Wikstrom said the government must carry out a new survey to help guide its policies related to sexual and reproductive health.


He said: ‘Sex is an area that strongly influences people’s health, so we can’t just talk about things like, for example, venereal disease, but also things that are positive and lust-filled about sex.’


The people of Sweden have a bit of time to get down to business – as the Public Health Agency of Sweden has been tasked with preparing a report by 2019.

Malawi Orders Arrest Of Man Paid To Have Sex With Children

Malawian President Peter Mutharika ordered the arrest Tuesday of a man paid to have sex with more than 100 adolescent girls as part of a traditional ritual marking their passage to womanhood.

The order was issued after the man from the southern district of Nsanje gave a media interview confessing to have slept with the girls for a fee of between four and seven dollars paid by each of their families.

“I order police to immediately arrest Mr Eric Aniva, investigate him and take him to court forthwith for defilement cases,” Mutharika said in a statement.

This little-known local practice is performed in southern Malawi by men known as “hyenas” at the behest of a girl’s parents after her first menstruation.

The ritual is believed to train girls to become good wives and to protect them from disease, or misfortune could fall on their families or their village.

But it is blamed for spreading AIDS.

In a BBC interview broadcast last week, Aniva confessed to being infected with HIV and sleeping with virgin girls without using protection.

Aniva said that the girls were as young as 12.

“All these girls find pleasure in having me as their ‘hyena’,’ he said. “They actually are proud.”

Mutharika said Aniva should “be investigated for exposing the young girls to contracting HIV and further be charged accordingly.”

He also ordered an inquiry into the role of parents, saying “harmful cultural and traditional practices cannot be accepted.”

The sexual cleansing ritual by a “hyena” is also performed on bereaved widows in Nsanje district to exorcise villages of evil spirits or to prevent another death occurring.

Aniva said a “hyena” was selected by the community based on good morals and that custom did not allow him to use condoms.

Malawi, which has one of the highest HIV infections in the world, criminalises sex with a person under the age of 16.

Credit: Guardian

Nigerian Lawmakers Accused Of Sex Scandal. Who Should We Believe?

Mr. James Entwistle, the United States Ambassador to Nigeria, has accused some members of the House of Representatives of improper conduct. In a petition he wrote to Hon. Yakubu Dogara, the Speaker, House of Representatives, he alleged that three members of the house – Hon. Mohammed Garba Gololo (Bauchi, APC), Hon. Mark Gbillah (Benue, APC) and Hon. Samuel Ikon (Akwa Ibom, PDP) requested for prostitutes and attempted to rape a hotel housekeeper.

Between April 7 and 13, 2016, ten Nigerian lawmakers were invited by the US government for the International Visitor Leadership Program, which took place in Ohio. The US claimed that they received misconduct reports from the employees of the Cleveland hotel, where the lawmakers were lodged. “Mohammed Garba allegedly grabbed a housekeeper in his hotel room and solicited sex from her. Two others [Mark Gbillah and Samuel Ikon], allegedly requested hotel parking attendants assist them to solicit prostitutes,” Entwistle said.

The Ambassador claimed that “the U.S. Mission took pains to confirm these allegations and the identities of the individuals with the employees of the hotel in Cleveland,” and this incidence may hamper the acceptance of Nigerians for such programmes in the future. While Entwistle has expressed his displeasure with the negative reaction of the lawmakers, the accused reps have denied the allegations.

Mark Gbillah has responded to the Ambassador’s letter claiming that the allegation is a calculated attempt to tarnish their images. “This is an affront on the National Assembly and Nigeria, it appears they have ulterior motives. We are not going to take this lightly; we will take legal actions against the US government. It is a dent on our image,” Gbillah said. Gbillah noted that the incidence was brought to their notice about a month after their trip, when he met Entwistle at a dinner.

He further explained that there was a basketball match going on around the hotel area, and as such, many of the spectators were lodged at the same hotel; some of whom were Black. He also questioned the basis of the accusation. “It was after this encounter that they called us to their premises and said they were identified by their accusers in a group picture. This is curious. No video footage. They didn’t accost us while we were in the US. We suspect this is a calculated attempt to rubbish the National Assembly. Is this how they would have investigated their congressmen? Do they know that there were other black people who came to watch the match? How could they have identified us in a picture without our knowledge?”

Gololo also corroborated Gbillah’s claim by stating that the hotel house keeper may have pointed to the wrong person, since they were all Black. Who then should be believed? Is this another example of racism in America or could it be that the Nigerian lawmakers are guilty and only hiding behind their racial identity?


Nigerian lawmakers accused of sex scandal. Who should we believe?

ISIS Execute 250 Women For Refusing To Become Sex Slaves

ISIS has executed 250 women in Mosul for refusing to become s3x slaves under the group’s ‘sexual jihad’.

The victims had all been ordered to accept ‘temporary marriages’ to fighters in the terror group’s northern Iraq stronghold.

But when they refused the so-called s3xual jihad, they were butchered – sometimes along with their
families, according to an official from the Kurdistan Democratic Party.

Said Mamuzini told the AhlulBayt news agency that ‘at least 250’ have so far been executed by ISIS in the city ‘for refusing to accept the practice of sexual jihad, and sometimes the families of the girls were also executed for rejecting to submit to IS’s request.’

Another official, from the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, claimed women were barred from going out alone in Mosul and must be fully covered while in public.

They are also not allowed to choose their spouses.

Mosul has been under the extremists’ control since 2014.

News of the executions comes as Turkey revealed it had killed 32 suspected ISIS fighters close to the city near the Bashiqa military camp.

Kim Kardashian Reveals the Craziest Place She’s Ever Had Sex

Khloe Kardashian isn’t the only family member getting candid about sex today.

Just a few hours after her sister blogged about having sex for the very first time, Kim Kardashian decided to talk about love during a Q&A on her website’s livestream. 

One fan was curious to find out if the reality star is a member of the mile high club. “Am I? Yeah,” Kim shared with her assistant Steph who was reading questions. “But like the private. I don’t think like a public plane…It would have to be an international flight. It was an international, night flight when no one’s like around.”

But could that be the craziest place Kim has ever had sex? Not so says the fashion designer. “Like a public movie theatre, yeah.” 

Earlier today, Khloe opened up about a few of her firsts including her first kiss, her first time saying “I love you” and her first time having sex.

“It’s not funny to lose your virginity. It’s weird and you’re scared and it hurts and you don’t know what will happen. I was 15 and he was an older guy who wasn’t a virgin,” she shared. “I don’t really remember it hurting but I do remember that I just wanted to get it over with.”

Khloe continued, “You definitely don’t have an orgasm your first time. I didn’t for the first few years. I didn’t even know what the feeling was until I had one; I just liked the intimacy part. When it happened, I was like, ‘Ohhhhh, that’s what that is!!!'”

Source – e

Mum Who Has Sex With Her Son Plans To Marry And Have Kids With Him

51 year old English woman, Kim West gave up her son, Ben Ford for adoption 30 years ago. Ben who was living in the US was able to track her down in 2013 and sent her a letter to let her know he was her son. Ben who had been married 2 years prior to contacting his mum began exchanging phone calls with his mum before they agreed to meet up.
Kim said when they met, it seemed like they had known each other for years.
Kim who is an interior designer said after she met her son, Ben Ford, 32, she started having sexy dreams about him and then realized she was sexually attracted to him so decided to look it up on the
Internet. She said while surfing the net, she came across an article on Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA), and felt like a weight had lifted.

She said the first time they met was in a hotel, she shared they kissed and it progressed from there.

But the couple, who say their sex life is ‘incredible’ and are planning to get married, insist their relationship is not incest, the New Day reports

Kim has now been in a relationship with her biological son Ben Ford, 32, for two years and believe they are ‘meant to be’. She said they are now in love with each other and are trying for a baby together.

Ben who was married for 2 years to his wife Victoria has since divorced her to be in a relationship with his mum. He said his wife was disgusted when he told her but he insisted that the relationship wasn’t incestuous.

They claim it is ‘Genetic Sexual Attraction’, a term used for relatives who feel sexual attraction for each other after meeting as adults.

Source: New Day

Sex Workers Kick, As France Bans Paying For Sex

French MPs have passed a law that makes it illegal to pay for sex and imposes fines of up to €3,750 (£3,027, $4,274) for those buying sexual acts, reports the BBC. Those convicted would also have to attend classes to learn about the conditions faced by prostitutes. It has taken more than two years to pass the controversial legislation because of differences between the two houses of parliament over the issue. Some sex workers protested against the law during the final debate.

The demonstrators outside parliament in Paris, numbering about 60, carried banners and placards one of which read: “Don’t liberate me, I’ll take care of myself”, the AFP news agency reports. Members of the Strass sex workers’ union say it will affect the livelihoods of prostitutes, estimated to number between 30,000 and 40,000. But supporters of the law have said it will help fight trafficking networks.

It will also make it easier for foreign prostitutes to get a temporary residence permit in France if they agree to find jobs outside prostitution. “The most important aspect of this law is to accompany prostitutes, give them identity papers because we know that 85% of prostitutes here are victims of trafficking,” Socialist MP Maud Olivier, who sponsored the legislation, told the Associated Press news agency.

The law was passed in the final vote on the bill in the lower house of parliament by 64 to 12 with 11 abstentions, France’s Le Monde newspaper reports.

Credit: vanguardngr

Man Gets Funny Letter From Neighbours Over Loud Sex

One young man who has been getting it so good he let his neighbors know by his loud huffing and puffing got a letter from said neighbors over what they consider a disturbance. It wasn’t the usual biting, neighbor complaint though, they filled the envelope with condoms and signed off with
“always enjoy the sex”. With neighbors like these…. Lol

20-Year Old Who Paid £320 A Night For A Romantic Val With GF, Goes Gaga After Girl Refused To Give Him Sex

Rhys Weatherburn (pictured outside court today, left), booked a room at the exclusive £320-a-night London hotel as a romantic treat for partner Shannon Fidge (right). But when she refused to sleep with him following an argument over dinner, he lost his temper – yelling expletives at her while demanding she make love to him. Terrified, Ms Fidge screamed so loudly for help that guests in neighbouring rooms contacted the reception.

They sent security up to the room. As they were escorting raging Weatherburn off the premises, he smashed a window. Westminster Magistrates’ Court was told police have twice previously been called out to deal with domestic incidents with Weatherburn and Miss Fidge (pictured together, inset) after he had been drinking.
The 20-year-old, of Tonbridge, Kent, admitted assault by beating and criminal damage to property. He will return to court for sentencing on March 2.

Married Woman Who Gave 22-Year Old Boy Overdose Of Sex Enhancement Drugs On The Run

Military authorities in Benin, Edo State, are on the trail of a married woman, who abandoned a 22-year-old boy in a hotel room after she gave the boy an overdose of sex enhancement drugs.

Vanguard learned that the boy raised an alarm when he started experiencing pains in his erect penis.

The receptionist reportedly met the boy looking very weak. He was then rushed to a nearby hospital.

Vanguard was informed that the said woman normally comes to the hotel with the boy after dropping off her children in school. A source told Vanguard: “She will be in the hotel from 8a.m. till about 2p.m., when she will go and pick the children from school. She spends all the time with the boy in the hotel room.”

It was further gathered that the woman was always buying milk and sex enhancement drugs for the boy. However, on this said day, she was alleged to have given the boy an overdose, leading to the boy’s permanent state of erection.

The boy is said to be receiving treatment under the watch of some military personnel, who came to his rescue. It was learned that police have also been informed, but that they intend to allow the boy regain his strength before going after the married woman, who is said to be a mother of three and married to a wealthy man.

Police Officer Who Battered His Wife To Death For Refusing Sex Jailed For Life

PC Adrian Goldsmith was jailed for life on February 1 at Stafford Crown Court after he was found guilty of killing his wife.

Goldsmith, 50, beat wife Jill, 49, with a mallet, paint pot and heavy battery then stabbed himself to make it look like self-defence. He tried to trick colleagues and a jury into thinking she had attacked him first at their home close to Northants Police headquarters.
Goldsmith also known as Otis, was arrested after his wife was found dead in March last year. The lying policeman even made out Mrs Goldsmith had “self-harmed” in the moments before her death.
But a jury at Stafford Crown Court dismissed his fantasy defence and found him guilty of murder. Judge Paul Glenn who delivered the sentence said he must spend at least 15 years behind bars before he can be considered for parole.
The officer, who has been dismissed from the force, showed no emotion as he was sentenced.
“You set about establishing a defence in an attempt to avoid the consequences of your actions. You lied repeatedly to the police, to the doctors who were treating you and to the prison chaplain some weeks later when you were on remand. You had caused injuries to yourself to enable the defence you ran at your trial to get off the ground.”
Judge Glenn rejected Goldsmith’s claims that his wife had become violent and aggressive shortly before she died.
“Jill Goldsmith was a mother, a daughter and a friend of many. No sentence the court can impose can even begin to compensate for the loss and anguish the family are feeling. The nature of this attack was such that your victim would inevitably have suffered physically before she died. There were multiple blows, predominantly to the head. She must have been in terror as she fought for her life, as I am satisfied she did.”
Goldsmith, also known as Otis, was a serving officer at the time of the offence and had 28 years of service and a number of commendations. The officer, of Wootton Hall Park, Northampton, denied murder. According to the prosecutor, John Lloyd-Jones, QC:
“Jill was undergoing the menopause and the reduction in her sex drive annoyed and frustrated the defendant.”
The victim’s heartbroken son Charlie Bailey said in an impact statement that his mother’s death means “there is a massive part of me missing”

Scientists Say Zika Virus Can Be Spread Through Sex

As the devastating Zika virus rampages through the Caribbean and Latin America – and threatens to hit parts of the US such as Florida – more and more questions are being asked about how it can be transmitted.

The virus has been linked to birth defects in thousands of Brazilian babies, born with heads smaller than normal and undeveloped brains.
Symptoms include a rash, fever, conjunctivitis and headache and to date, 21 countries have been affected.
At the moment, there is clear scientific evidence the virus is transmitted by the same type of mosquito that spreads other tropical diseases, such as dengue fever, chikungunya and yellow fever.
But there are also fears the virus may be passed on through sex, following two reports in medical literature.
One states that Zika was found in the semen of a man from Tahiti, the other that the virus was passed from a husband to his wife after intercourse.
But is there really a risk?
In a statement issued this week, the World Health Organisation said there was still insufficient evidence to make the link.
But these research papers argue otherwise.

The 14 Year Old Girl Tyga Was Allegedly Texting Opens Up

Celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred says her 14-year-old client has been forced to reveal her identity after Tyga repeatedly contacted her, and then OK! ran a story about it, claiming Kylie Jenner busted him.
Allred held a news conference in NYC with the teenager, a model named Molly O’Malia … who claims Tyga initiated the convo with her, and not the other way around.

Molly O’Malia spoke about what was published in the magazine, saying “Even though OK magazine pixelated my face and did not use my name, a lot of people could tell it was me.”

The ninth grade girl is an aspiring model and singer, who apparently has thousands of followers on social media sites. Since being exposed as Tyga’s side chick, the young 14 year old has hired famous celebrity lawyer, Gloria Allred, to represent her, and has not ruled out the possibility of taking legal action against both Tyga and the magazine that exposed her relationship to him.

Allred said in a statement that Molly “
feels that she needs to speak out and so does her mom, people need to be accountable.” The young girl stepped forward in a press conference in Monday to share her account of the story.
According to Molly and Allred, the young teenager’s relationship to Tyga has been completely digital, as they have not met in person. Tyga apparently contacted the girl after seeing her photos on Instagram, and Allred maintains that the rapper was not aware of Molly’s age at the time.

Porn Star Offers To Teach Sex In Italian Schools

Porn star Rocco Siffredi, known as the “Italian stallion”, has launched a petition demanding sex education become mandatory in Italy’s schools and offered himself up as a teacher.

“I wanted to launch this appeal because sex is a magnificent thing,” he wrote on the website that began collecting signatures on Tuesday.

“I put forth my name and my experience, I make myself fully available to go into Italian schools and personally promote this initiative,” the 51-year-old added.

Despite efforts stretching back over a century and dozens of legislative proposals, sex education is not part of the curriculum in Italy’s schools.

The petition on, addressed to Italian Education Minister Stefania Giannini, had gathered some 21,600 supporters by Wednesday.

“Pornography should be entertainment, but due to lacking alternatives, it has become a means to learn, especially for young people,” he said.

“I have been doing my work for 30 years and I have acquired enough experience to guarantee that what I do is not sex education,” he added.

Credit: Vanguard

Woman Beats Daughter’s Boyfriend To Stupor After Finding Them In Bed

A mother has been arrested for brutally beating her daughter’s teen boyfriend after she caught the pair in bed together in Tucson, Texas, USA.
Jeanette Salas Woods, 35, came home to find a 16-year-old boy sleeping with her daughter in one bed. The woman flew into rage and repeatedly punched the unsuspecting boy in the face.

Jeanette Salas Woods is now facing criminal charges

When the teenager woke up Mrs Woods  jumped on him, hitting, kicking and swearing at him. At one point, the boy got so terrified he lost control of his bladder and peed on himself.

And even when he managed to free himself and ran out of the house wearing only a pair of jeans, a furious woman continued pursuing him and threatening with reprisal. Then she turned back home and smashed his car with a baseball bat.

The boy called the police reporting the assault and Woods was arrested afteradmitting  to hit the boy. She is now facing charges of assault and causing  $5,300 damage to a vehicle.

82 Year Old 911 Caller Claims She Heard Neighbors Screaming “ISIS Is Great” During Sex

An 82 year old woman called 911 after thought she heard a neighbor screaming, “ISIS is good, ISIS is great,” while having sex.

The police apparently had no idea what to say to the woman, so they just told her to call back if she heard it again.

Brown Deer Police Chief Mike Kass thought the call was pretty funny, tweeting, “maybe taking see something say something a little to far?” while a few other people on Twitter said police should’ve taken the claim more seriously and investigated further.

Credit: Cosmopolitan

10 Ways To Know He Is After You For Sex

?1. He never asks to hang out before 11 p.m. At worst, he just wants you for sex, and at best, he’s trying to avoid taking you out on a real date. Keep in mind that “at best” is relative here unless he’s a starving artist or something.

2. He’s superficial in almost every conceivable way. No, just because a guy is vain and narcissistic when it comes to everything from his clothes to his hobby, that doesn’t mean the same attitude also carries over to his relationships. But a pattern is definitely emerging here.

3. You get the feeling that he hates talking to you. Anytime you do anything that isn’t sex/cuddling/fondling, etc. it’s something passive like watching Netflix because you’re pretty sure he’s doing his best to limit interaction that doesn’t involve his penis.

4. Every time he compliments you, it’s about something physical. It took you a while to realize that even when he’s being nice, he’s being nice about your smile, or your legs, or…

5. All your dates are “hanging out at his place.” You’ve even brought it up to him, and he says he never has time to go out. He’s always coming up with new excuses — he doesn’t want anything serious, or he needs to focus on work — and they’re all wearing thin.

6. Your relationship never progresses beyond casual. ?He never asks you to be his plus-one at a wedding, or brings you to a party with his friends, or introduces you to his parents. It’s just lots and lots of (possibly good but likely bad) sex. Because that’s all he cares about.

7. He’s bragged about you to his friends in ways that have made you nauseated. You’ve heard through the grapevine that he brags about your sex life, or that he’s even shown his friends sexts you’ve sent him. If it’s the second one, it’s inexcusable. Break up with him.

8. He leaves if it seems like you’re not going to have sex, or doesn’t bother showing up. He’s never come over when you’re sick, and he’s basically stormed out when you said you “weren’t in the mood.”

9. He tries to pressure you into shit you don’t want to do. ?Asking to try anal every once in a while isn’t the worst thing a guy can do, but getting angry because you don’t want to try things he wants to try is pretty bad.

10. He doesn’t respect you. ?He openly flirts with other women in front of you, or cheats, or ignores your messages for days. That’s a pretty strong sign he doesn’t care about you, but he’s keeping you around for your hot bod. It’s also pretty definitive proof he’s a piece of shit.

Credit: Cosmopolitan

Video: Ghanaian Catholic Priest Caught In Sex Scandal With A Married Nurse

The medical director of the St. Joseph’s Hospital in Koforidua, Rev. Brother George Castro Yankey has been caught pants down in an alleged sex scandal with a married nurse of the medical facility.

Starr News investigations at the St. Joseph’s Hospital reveal the director has been implicated in several allegations of sexual harassment against his female staff, but has vehemently denied until he was caught on camera.

The painstaking investigations by Starr News’ Eastern regional correspondent Kojo Ansah uncovers
an undressed Yankey in the hall of a married nurse, who is a staff, in an attempt to have sexual intercourse with her to facilitate her promotion.

The medical director allegedly demanded for sex before he signs her promotion letter. The director refused to approve the promotion because the nurse in question turned down his request. Starr News can reveal that the nurse then broached the barrage of sexual harassment to her husband.

The couple then agreed that the nurse should pretend she has fallen for the request of the director hence must come home to satisfy his libido.

Yankey quickly jumped on board his official vehicle and drove to the matrimonial home of the nurse, hoping the husband was out of town. After some pleasantries at the house of the nurse, the medical director undressed, looking forward to a memorable sexual encounter only for the nurse’s husband to pop up.

The damning video captured the wretched medical director on his knees begging for clemency.

Incidentally, the accountant at the hospital unknowingly called the director’s mobile phone on a separate issue only for the nurse’s husband to pick the line and divulged the embarrassing ordeal of the director to him.

The accountant, according to Kojo Ansah, was given directions to the location and quickly drove there with other officials to plead and promised to pay over GHS 400,000 compensation to the couple.

Rev. Bro Yankey has refused to grant Starr News an interview when reached on phone, saying the case is with the police and pleaded that the story must not go public.

Watch full video below…

The Real Power Couple: 800-Pound Couple Vows To Lose Weight So They Can Have Sex For The First Time

Lin Yue and Deng Yang, both 30, haven’t had sex in the five years they’ve been married, Central European News reports. The couple says their weight (which combined is more than 800 pounds) has prevented them from doing so.

They recently made the decision to prepare themselves for gastric bypass surgeries, not so much for the sake of their sex lives, but because they want to start a family. A doctor in Changchun, China, told them they’d have to begin working on their fitness before the surgery in order to do so.

According to Central European News, Lin and Deng also made the gastric bypass decision because Qian Qian, who at 538 pounds is currently the heaviest person in China, announced earlier this month she was going to undergo the operation.

Best of luck to the couple!

Credit: Cosmopolitan

Fanatical Parents Jailed For Life After Murdering Daughter For Having Sex

A Muslim mother and father who murdered their own daughter for bringing ‘shame’ on the family because she had sex with a man they did not approve of have been caged for life in Germany.

The so-called ‘honour killing’ of Lareeb Khan, 19, was carried out by her father Azadullah, 52, who crept into her bedroom at night and strangled her while her mother Shazia, 42, looked on.

The killing was triggered because they learned she had tried to steal condoms for her illicit sex sessions with her lover.Both then disposed of the body of the ‘bright and talented’ youngster whose only crime was to fall in love with a 23-year-old man called Raheel they disapproved of.
The court heard how he crept into her room as she slept and strangled her while her mother looked on. Both then dressed dead daughter Lareeb, a dental technician, in her clothes.

They then wheeled her in the wheelchair used by Lareeb’s grandmother from their high-rise apartment to the family car, drove to a secluded embankment in their home city of Darmstadt and tipped the corpse down it.

Mother Shazia would later tell police that she did not intervene to try to save her daughter out of fear of her husband. But the court learned she was every bit as fanatical as him and was often at loggerheads with Lareeb.

Khan told police after the killing:

‘My daughter could not defend herself because one arm was pinned under the mattress and she could not speak because I was applying so much pressure. I noticed that after five minutes she was dead but I continued to press.’

He said they dumped her body and planned to tell people she had run away. But her corpse was found the next day and the parents confessed to the crime almost immediately.

Judge Wagner heard the father take all the guilt for the crime, that his wife did not have the strength to resist him. Axel Kollbach, her lawyer, asked for her to be sentenced only for help in disposing of the body, not murder, and to take into account the ‘cultural background’ to the crime.

But Judge Wagner was having none of it, stating:

She clearly is also guilty of murder. Yopu feared being shunned by the community if it got out that your daughter had slept with her boyfriend.’It was worth killing your daughter for. A woman cannot be so physically weak that she doesn’t intervene in the murder of her own daughter and instead watches it for five minutes.’You lived in two cultural worlds. It is not the case that you may not be allowed to live in your own culture. But you must also deal with our values.’ 

He said they could have cut their daughter off from the family if they wanted to show their disapproval of her lifestyle, not murder her.

Her father’s pathetic last words to the court on Tuesday before he was led away to begin his sentence were spoken through an interpreter. ‘I would undo it all if I could,’ he said. ‘I accept any punishment.’

Daily Mail

Too little, too late…

Woman Finds Photos Of Her Husband Having Sex With Her Mom

Distraught Reddit user Awakiri2 told the site she’d found photos of her mother having sex with her husband in an old shoebox and had no idea how to confront him about it.

In the post, she says she was cleaning out a bunch of shoeboxes when she found a USB drive inside one of them and decided to check out what was on it. Bizarrely, she found over 50 photos of her husband and her mother having sex that she says were taken before they got married because “they were at my mom’s house but she doesn’t own that house anymore.”

She explained that she originally met her husband because he was working for her mother, but it never occurred to her that they could’ve been interested in each other since her mother is 30 years older than he is and now she has no idea what to do with this information.

The rest of Reddit chimed in with similar stories (one user said she knew a woman who dated a younger man and later introduced him to her daughter, who he married) and advice for her.


Science Prescribes Exactly How Often Couples Should Be Having Sex

When you think of a deliriously happy couple, you might assume they’re having sex every waking moment. But according to a new study, it turns out that many satisfied couples spend most nights reading in their pajamas instead.

Researchers at the University of Toronto collected data from surveys of 30,000 Americans over the past 40 years to see if happy couples have more or less sex than unhappy ones. Their results, published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, revealed there’s a sweet spot for happy couples everywhere, and that’s having sex once a week.

They found that more sex meant more happiness, but there was a limit to the connection, and that was the once-a-week mark. This was the case regardless of age, gender, or length of a relationship. But this was only for people in relationships; for single people, there was no link between frequency of sex and general happiness.

Why does satisfaction drop off after once a week? It remains unclear, but the study authors write that couples might feel satisfied if they’re having the amount of sex they think is “average” for couples like them. Previous studies have found that people tend to report they have sex approximately, yep, once a week, so couples who do it that often probably feel pretty good about themselves.

Overall, the researchers say their results shouldn’t be a prescription for more or less sex, but a reason to have a conversation with your partner and see if you’re meeting each other’s needs in the bedroom.

“Our findings suggest that it’s important to maintain an intimate connection with your partner, but you don’t need to have sex everyday as long as you’re maintaining that connection,” researcher Amy Muise said in a statement. “It’s important to maintain an intimate connection with your partner without putting too much pressure on engaging in sex as frequently as possible.”


84 Year Old Wife Files Divorce From 88 year Old Husband Because They Were Having Sex ‘Just’ Twice A Month

An 84-year-old Italian woman has filed for a divorce from her 88-year-old husband on the grounds of sexual unfulfillment.  The octogenarian who hails from Scafati in Campania, southern Italy, told her lawyer that her elderly husband only wants to have sex with her twice a month, which is not enough for her.

The woman, who has outlived two husbands, then added insult to injury, by claiming that her late partners had been better in bed than her third spouse,

When asked if she could not possibly find any other activity which could keep her happy and satisfied, the retired teacher said she could not see why she should have to give up sex just because of
her age.

During mediation the 84-year-old admitted that the divorce proceedings had been an ‘elaborate rouse’ to get her 88-year-old husband to take Viagra.

Italian media reports that when her husband, a retired bank clerk, refused to take the erectile aid due to a heart condition, she shouted: ‘Rubbish! You just have palpitations from time to time.’

Her husband is then said to have admitted to the lawyer that he prefers ‘playing boules with my friends’ to having sex with his elderly wife. In response, the woman allegedly pledged to find herself ‘a new lover’.

It is not known if the couple has gone through with the divorce.

Man Brutally Kills Girlfriend For Screaming Her Ex’s Name During Sex

A 24 year old man identified as Fidel Lopez has been arrested of killing his girlfriend after she screamed her ex-husband’s name twice during sex, The 24-year-old brutally murdered his girlfriend Maria Nemeth by cutting open her stomach, disemboweling her by ripping out her intestines and ovaries before shoving a hair iron into her body. Her crime was that in the height of sexual pleasure she mistakenly called out the name of her ex-husband twice during sex.

Police officers were called to Lopez’s apartment early Sunday morning after he called 911 to say that his girlfriend was having trouble breathing and was going to die. When officers arrived, they found the naked body of Maria Nemeth on the bathroom floor next to a large amount of blood.

[Warning: This article contains graphic details that some readers may find disturbing.]

According to the police report, there were “several chunks of bloody tissue on the floor inside the closet.” Police said the closet door had been ripped out and was on the hallway floor, and there were holes in the dry wall. Police said the rear sliding glass door was shattered.

During an interview with detectives, Lopez said that he and Nemeth were drinking tequila inside his apartment when they began to have “rough sex.” He said Nemeth asked him to put a beer bottle and his fist inside her vagina, saying that it was her idea and that she enjoyed it, the report said.

Lopez said Nemeth then went into the bathroom to vomit, and he later found her having trouble breathing, so he called 911, the report said.

Detectives said Lopez later admitted that Nemeth “became very intoxicated” and they ended up inside the closet, where they started to have sex. It was during sex that Nemeth said the name of her ex-husband twice, enraging Lopez, detectives said.

Lopez began to break things throughout the apartment, shattering the sliding glass door and punching holes in the wall, detectives said. He then returned to the closet, where Nemeth was lying unconscious, and “began to insert several items into (her),” the report said. Among the items noted in the report are a beer bottle and a flat iron.

Detectives said Lopez gave them a graphic description of how he stuck his arm inside her vagina and anus “all the way up to his elbow,” causing her to bleed. Lopez admitted to ripping internal tissue out of her, including intestinal matter, detectives said.

In the report, Lopez told detectives that he became a “monster.”

Lopez said he carried Nemeth to the bathroom and tried to put water on her face to wake her up, but she never regained consciousness, the report said. Lopez then washed the blood off his hands in the bathroom sink, went outside to smoke a cigarette and then began to panic, taking items from the closet to cover up the bloody tissue, the report said.

When he returned to the bathroom to check on Nemeth, Lopez noticed that she wasn’t breathing, so he decided to call 911, detectives said Lopez told them.

Nemeth worked in the leasing office at the Colonnade Residences, where her body was found.

“We’re devastated,” neighbor Dan Carter told Local 10. “There’s a black cloud hanging over this apartment complex. Now the neighbors are sad. It’s a horrible loss.”

Lopez is being held without bond at the main Broward County jail.

71 Yr Old GrandMum Claims That Sleeping With Youngmen Keeps Her Young

For great grand mum, Margaret Collins, Life is all about partying, pole dancing and having countless sex with young able bodied men. The 71-year-old platinum blonde has slept with more than 200 younger men, whom she says keep her looking so youthful. Margaret says:

“Men my own age are stiff and boring.

“I like to enjoy myself and have a dance and they just like to go to bed and read.

“I love clubbing with my daughter Mandy and we both get a lot of attention from young men when we’re out.

“I’m a firm believer that life begins at 70. I’ve never felt more carefree and desirable and I’m determined to spend my retirement having fun.”



She like to enjoy herself and even have guys whisking her off on exotic holidays all over the world.
In her words:

“I love clubbing with my daughter Mandy and we both get a lot of attention from young men when we’re out. ‘I have profiles on Plenty of Fish and,’ some weeks I can get over 100 messages and I could have sex every night if I wanted to.”

‘”Men just seem to fall at my feet, I’ve had marriage proposals and all sorts but I’m enjoying playing the field at the moment.”

Margaret, who has five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, adds: “It doesn’t faze me when men pick up the bill because if I wanted to I could do all of those things for myself.

Corpse Caught Having Sex With Another In Morgue (MUST READ)

This story is factual and can be verified.

Reports emanating from Aba had it that a man who died in Aba, last Tuesday, atop a prostitute in a brothel, was later deposited in a mortuary in Aba awaiting investigation and collection for burial probably by his relations.

However, on Thursday, when another corpse arrived, the mortuary attendants were shocked to find the corpse of the dead man on top of another female corps.

Initially, the attendants were scared and took to their heels and later came back to put the corps apart. To their surprise, the penis of the man was erect and stiff as if he was alive.

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Teenager In Police Custody Caught Having Sex With 52 Men As Initiation Ritual

A 16-year-old secondary school dropout, Ifechukwu Atunanya, has been arrested by policemen from the Anambra State Police Command while allegedly having sex with over 52 young men inside a bush in what looked like an initiation ceremony.

According to reports, the suspects were all rounded up in the bush in Awka and are reportedly members of the Supreme Vikings Confraternity, during the initiation of new members.

Ifechukwu, on her arrest, claimed she was forced to sleep with every male member of the cult during her initiation.

According to the state Commissioner of Police, Hosea Karma, the police acted on an intelligence tip-off that the cult members and their new entrants were in a bush performing some rituals, explaining that some items including guns, machetes and several wraps of Indian hemp, were recovered from them.

On apprehension, the Police said the suspects confirmed that as part of their ritual, every male member of the cult will sleep with every prospective female member.

“This they did in order to secure their oath of secrecy and it was during the raid we arrested ifechukwu,” Hosea stated.

At the police station, Ifechukwu claimed that she had to travel to Anambra from Abuja just to witness the initiation of new members.

In her statement, she said:

“I joined them three months ago and during my initiation; I was forced to have sex with every registered male member of the cult present that night. I was given sedatives so as not to feel what they were doing. It was not easy, but I bore the pain,” she said.

“The day we were initiated, I was the only girl in their midst. I was determined to be a successful member. I was further convinced to stay because I discovered that they were more honorable men than the other cult groups.

“I am sorry for myself and would love to be given the opportunity to go back to school,” she sobbed.

She went further to say she never knew that it was crime to be a cult member.

“I am so sorry,” Ifechukwu begged.

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UNILAG Disowns Lecturer who Raped Admission Seeker

Authorities of the University of Lagos on Sunday have disowned the randy lecturer, Dr. Akin Baruwa, who allegedly raped an 18-year-old admission seeker.

Baruwa allegedly raped the young girl (name withheld), who is seeking admission to the university, in his office on July 23, 2015.

The lecturer, currently in detention at the Kirikiri Prison, was arraigned before an Ikeja Magistrate’s Court, Lagos, on Thursday.

But speaking with PUNCH on Sunday, the Head, Information Unit of the university, Mr. Olagoke Oke, said Baruwa was not an employee of the institution.

According to him, no such name exists on the university’s employee list whether teaching or non-

He added:

 “The said Dr. Baruwa is a not a member of staff of the university, whether teaching or non-teaching. He also does not belong to the part-time or full-time teaching staff of the school. His name is not on the master list of workers of the university. I have checked the staff list using his full name and initials and could not come up with any such name as of Friday, August 6, 2015.

I have also checked the list of office accommodation given to members of staff of the university and his name is not there. There is no office allocation attached to such a name. How he reportedly entered the said office where the crime took place is what we are looking into as an institution.

While we sympathise with the alleged victim, we are ready to cooperate with every agency of government to get to the root of the matter as soon as possible. As an institution, we do not support any act of violence, not even against women. Therefore, we will help to ensure that the case comes to a logical conclusion.”

Meanwhile, as the authorities disowned the lecturer, some students, in the Faculty of Business Administration, who craved anonymity for fear of victimisation, claimed that the suspect was a part-time lecturer of the accounting department of the university.

One of them said:

 “I know him as a part-time lecturer in the accounting department. I wonder what the university wants to achieve now by trying to disown him.”

The Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration, Prof. Rasheed Ojikutu, could not be reached as of 6pm on Sunday.

Baruwa, who the police in Lagos arrested on August 3, reportedly confessed to the act but claimed that the sex was by mutual consent.

ISIS Executes 19 Girls For Refusing To Have Sex With Fighters

ISIS fanatics have executed 19 women for refusing to have sex with its fighters, a Kurdish official has said.

He claimed the women were being held hostage in Islamic State’s stronghold of Mosul, Iraq, which the terror group seized in June last year.

Meanwhile a UN envoy investigating Islamic State’s vile sex trade has said ‘girls get peddled like barrels of petrol’ and one can be bought by six different men.

She also verified a disturbing ISIS document which suggested the extremists sell the Yazidi and Christian women and children they have abducted, with girls aged just one to nine-years-old fetching the most money.

ISIS stormed the Sinjar district in northern Iraq last year and captured hundreds of women belonging to the Yazidi community, who the Islamists view as heretics.

Barbaric: ISIS fanatics have reportedly executed 19 women (file photo) for refusing to have sex with its fighters

Barbaric: ISIS fanatics have reportedly executed 19 women (file photo) for refusing to have sex with its fighters

Enslaved: A UN envoy investigating Islamic State's vile sex trade says 'girls get peddled like barrels of petrol' (file photo purports to show captured girls in ISIS territory)

Enslaved: A UN envoy investigating Islamic State’s vile sex trade says ‘girls get peddled like barrels of petrol’ (file photo purports to show captured girls in ISIS territory)

Sex Between Humans And Robots May Soon Become Real

Would YOU have sex with a robot? Experts claim it will be a norm in the next 50 years.

Pictured above is android Anita from Channel 4 drama Humans, who at one point in the drama is used as a sex bot by a married man, causing problems in the marriage. The sex scene between the man and her shocked audiences.

According to academic Dr Helen Driscoll, a sex psychologist, in a blog post for the Huffington Post, humans spend more time in virtual realities – including online gaming and social media. And our physical relationships will come to be seen as primitive in the near future as humanity embraces machines as partners.
Sex mannequins that you can order online already exist, and rapid advances in technology will enable them to ‘come to life’. Robophilia – the word for a sexual attraction to robots – seems like an alien concept to us now, but could become the norm as our attitudes catch up to the technology.

‘As virtual reality becomes more realistic and immersive and is able to mimic and even improve on the experience of sex with a human partner, it is conceivable that some will choose this in preference to sex with a less than perfect human being,’ said Dr Driscoll.

In addition to having physical relationships with machines, advances in artificial intelligence could enable machines or even computer programs to become realistic enough to fall in love with.
This was explored in the 2013 film Her, which saw Joaquin Phoenix’s character fall in love with a Siri-like operating system.

‘This may seem shocking and unusual now, but we should not automatically assume that virtual relationships have less value than real relationships,’ wrote Dr Driscoll.

Dr Driscoll points to people who have lost their partner or who live alone as people who might benefit psychologically from a virtual sexual relationship.

 ‘After all a virtual partner is surely better than no partner at all.’

Virtual affairs could also present a problem in the future, with some partners seeing sex with a machine as similar to sex with another person, according to Dr Driscoll.

The amount of time we spend online – communicating via emails and social media – is already a problem for some people, but our relationships with other humans could soon be conducted entirely online.
As we spend more time in virtual reality and living alone, this will lead to increased mental health problems, according to Dr Driscoll.

The lack of human contact is currently harmful, as humans are social animals and isolation is linked with mental health problems, she said.

Recent studies have shown that young Japanese people are already avoiding sex and intimate relationships, with half of Japanese adults saying they no longer have sex.

And earlier in August, a Chinese ‘girlfriend app’ called Xiaoice was reported to be keeping thousands of heartbroken people company. People can add her as a friend on several major Chinese social networking services including Weibo, a Twitter like microblogging service used by 700 million people, and Touchpal.

This trend may seem like a problematic trend now, but as the technology improves the isolation issues will disappear as it becomes harder to tell the difference between artificial intelligence and machines, according to Dr Driscoll.

‘When eventually there are intelligent robots indistinguishable from humans – apart from their lack of bad habits, imperfections and need for investment – not only are we likely to choose them over ‘real’ humans but psychologically we will not suffer if we are not able to tell the difference.’

Mother Discovers Neighbour, 55, Abused Her 14-Year Old Daughter For Two Years

William Brown, 55, is pictured draping his arm around Natasha Cooper during her 16th birthday celebrations (centre) before her parents discovered that he was grooming and sexually abusing the teenager while living next door. Brown, a mechanic, became friendly with neighbours Anthony, 47, and Sharon Cooper, 45, when they moved into a three-bedroom property in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, with their daughter Natasha (together inset) and son Joseph.

The family quickly became friends with Brown and his hospital worker wife Dawn and the two families would often throw barbecues and parties together. However, the Coopers later discovered that Brown was using their friendship to groom and sexually abuse their daughter, who was just 14-years-old (pictured right aged 14, wearing one of Brown’s hats) when it began in 2010. Brown went behind his neighbours’ backs and tricked young Natasha into thinking she loved him before having sex with her on four occasions. He has now been jailed for three years, while Natasha, now aged 18 (left), has spoken out about the ordeal after deciding to waive her right to anonymity.

She said: ‘It just started off with holding hands when I was 13 while we were walking the dogs, but after a little while he would kiss me on the cheek, and the on the lips.

‘I really liked him and when I was 14, we had sex for the first time in a field. I knew it was wrong because he was married, but I didn’t care. He was so funny and mature, I fell completely in love with him.

‘In the end, I realised what I had to do, and told the police everything. It broke my heart because I felt like I was betraying Will. But I didn’t want our family to be torn apart anymore.’

Brown’s grooming and sexual abuse was discovered after Mrs Cooper saw her daughter and next-door neighbour close in the garden one night.

She confronted the pair, who both denied it, but pushed her daughter on the matter after Brown joked about not being able to keep his hands off the youngster.

The teenager eventually admitted the sexual activity to her mother, who informed Brown’s wife Dawn.

She said: ‘Dawn refused to believe me and got angry so I showed her the messages.

‘Natasha had begged me not to tell her dad but I couldn’t hide it from him.’

The family then reported Brown to the police, who fled his family home but was found and arrested at his sister’s house in September last year.

#BelieveItOrNot !! Hotel Where Perverts Pay to Have Sex With Animals Busted By Police

Three men have been jailed after being convicted of running an animal brothel in Swansea, Wales. The hotel specializes in getting animals and grooming them to become good in having sex with humans.

Their animal catalog includes domesticated female white lions, mountain nanny goats, Irish pigs, Himalayan gentle donkeys and other species of animals. Some animals that are not dangerous like female sheep’s and some breeds of dogs are also trained to give oral sex and receive full vaginal sex from the customer who come to book rooms and have sex with these animals over night.

The customers who cannot afford to pay for full sex or book a room end up paying $15 for oral sex by the sheep’s while the rich clients pay as much as $120 a night for a room and an animal sex partner that is healthy and experienced in human sexual pleasure. News reaching reporters say the animals are often cleaned and sanitized before the act. The vaginas and anus are deep cleaned with antiseptic smeared with lavenders and honey to make it tight and wet. The animals are sometimes dressed with pantyhose, G strings and high heeled shoes depending on the taste of the client.

The ring leaders Adam Cafferty and John Cafferty and their father David Cafferty ran a ‘gentlemen’s club’ known as “The Ram Inn” in Grange Road, Swansea.

The brothers, 31 and 28 and father 52 admitted keeping an animal brothel between January 2011 and July 2015 and a jury took less than three hours to find them all guilty.

During their trial at Swansea Crown Court the jury heard they setup a website on the hidden “Deep Web” where people from all over the country could select the animal of their liking and book in for an appointment.

In their defense, the defense lawyer, Damian Erow told the trial judge and jury that the brothel poses no threat to its customers because the animal sex organs are sterilized regularly and that the animals are well trained to give and receive sex with their human counterparts.

All have previous convictions for committing the same offense at the same address.

The two brothers and father were all sentenced to four years in prison and the animals confiscated and sent back to animal conservatories because they have been so domesticated and sexually traumatized to survive tin the wild.

The clients are planning a peaceful demonstration to protest the infringement on their fundamental human right to happiness and sexual freedom. They ask to be allowed to chose their sex partners and follow their sexual orientation. They claim that they do not harm the animals instead the give the animals a chance to live a better qualitative life. The march is scheduled to hold Sometime later this year.

Guys, What is the world turning into?

Sex Starved Monk Stabs Prostitute To Death For Not Satisfying Him

Police on Thursday night arrested an acquaintance of a 37-year-old woman found stabbed to death in Matsuyama City last year, reports the Yomiuri Shimbun.

Police took Yoshinori Kurumi, a 29-year-old Buddhist monk from Tokushima City, into custody for killing nail artist Miki Kuroda insider her third-floor apartment.

The suspect is reported to have repeatedly stalked the victim before he killed her.

“She worked part-time in the fuzoku (sex-related) trade, and he was her customer; that’s how they became acquainted. On several occasions, he stalked her. He posted defamatory messages on adult-service promotion sites,” an investigator said.

These posts, which described the victim’s ‘sex’ services as “bad”.  And surveillance camera footage eventually lead police to Kurumi.

The suspect hired a private detective to do a background check on the victim to find out where she lives.

On getting to her apartment, the suspect posed as a delivery man. He attached a delivery slip to a cardboard box that concealed a survival knife, the weapon used to carry out the crime.

“He said that he carried her mobile phone and the knife used to kill Kuroda from the crime scene and threw them ‘into the sea,’” the investigator said.

Kurumi has admitted to killing Kuroda. “I stabbed her head with a knife,” the suspect is quoted by police.

On the day of the murder, her co-workers held a party in the office. When Kuroda did not arrive at the appointed time, some members visited her apartment.

It was a grisly scene: She had suffered deep wounds to her neck that extended to the carotid artery.

The investigator said given all of the wounds on the body, it seems that the perpetrator must have held tremendous resentment for the victim.

N600k Worth Of Pornographic Movies Confiscated In Plateau State

Mr Ailewon Danlami, the Zonal Coordinator, North Central, National Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB), has said the organisation has confiscated about 4,182 pornographic movies in Plateau from July 2014 till date. The coordinator made the disclosure when he visited the National Orientation Agency office in Jos today.

He said the movies were confiscated across the 17 local government areas of the state as part of efforts to enforce compliance with the required standard for movie production and classification.

“We have so far confiscated 4,182 pornographic movies worth more than N600,000 to serve as
deterrent to defaulters,” he said. After taking goskolo my favorite plateau people surely need mojo to cure so i no go blame tham .. lol

Three People Arrested For Gang Raping 16-Year Old Virgin In Lagos

Three young men have been arrested for gang raping a 16 year old virgin in Orile area of Lagos while on her way from school. The suspects identified as Sunday Simeon, 18, from Akwa Ibom state; Adebayo Omoniyi 18, from Ondo state; Nnaemeka Uzodinma 24, from Imo state and Seyi (surname unknown) who is currently on the run attacked, abducted and gang raped the victim who is a JSS 3 student on June 23, 2015.

Vanguard learnt that the suspects attacked the victim after one of the suspects; Adebayo took the victim’s phone around Arikeuyo junction while returning from school at Orile. It was gathered that while the victim was struggling with Adebayo, his partners-in-crime dragged her into a tricycle and rode her to no 15 Unity Close in Orile Iganmu. When they got there they took off her school uniform
and raped her one after the other starting from Adebayo.

Vanguard gathered that after successfully raping the victim, one of the suspects Adebayo suggested to the other gang members that they kill the victim and throw her corpse into the canal so that she won’t expose them. But another member of the gang, Seyi pleaded with them to be cautious with Adebayo’s advice, instead advice his colleagues to threaten the victim rather than kill her.

Hearkening to Seyi’s advice the suspects threatened to kill her with a cutlass if she ever mentioned to anyone what they did to her or that they gang raped her. Later they collected her phone number and rode her back to Alako area in Orile while Sunday gave her N100 to board a commercial vehicle home.

According to a source close to the family who spoke to Vanguard on the condition of anonymity said: “when the victim came back from school it was obvious that something was wrong as she was walking with difficulty, her uniform torn, she was bleeding because she sustained severe bruises all over her vagina”.

“Her parents who saw her torn uniform and noticed the way she walked asked what had happened to her and she told them how she was attacked by four men who raped her on her way back from school. Immediately her father took her to Orile Divisional Police station to report the incidence. Fortunately while she was at the station with her father the suspects kept calling and threatening to kill her if she told anyone what they did to her”.

Meanwhile the victim was taken to Ifelodun Ajeromi Government Hospital where she received treatment after a series of test were carried out on her which confirmed that he has been sexually abused.
Vanguard learnt that the police advised her to lure the suspects who were calling and threatening her by telling them that she was coming to see them again after school the next day. Unknown to them that it was a trap and that her parents had notified the police, they bought the idea.

At the agreed time she went there with the detectives who succeeded in arresting one of the suspect’s Nnaemeka Uzodinma, his arrest eventually led to the arrest of two others. It was gathered that the victim’s blood stained pant and the cutlass which was used to threaten her have been recovered from the suspects one-room apartment in Orile. The suspects who are currently being investigated at the State Criminal Investigation Department, yaba, Panti would soon be arraigned in court.

Bill Cosby Finally Admits Drugging One Woman And “Other People” For Sex

According to documents obtained by the Associated Press,the 77-year-old actor and comedian said he obtained Quaaludes with the intent of giving them to young women he wanted to have sex with, and he admitted giving the sedative to at least one woman and “other people,”

The news agency obtained the legal documents after they became public on Monday. Mr Cosby testified that he gave a woman three half pills of Benadryl in a lawsuit filed by a former Temple University employee.
The 77-year-old was questioned by Dolores Troiani, a lawyer for Andrea Constand, a former women’s basketball director at Philadelphia’s Temple University where Cosby studied and was a member of the board of trustees. Constand took her rape case to court, but the case was dropped.
In one exchange between Cosby and Troiani, the comic admitted having obtained seven prescriptions for Quaaludes, a powerful sedative drug.

“You gave them to other people?” asked the attorney.

“Yes,” replied Cosby.

Troiani then asked him:

“When you got the Quaaludes, was it in your mind that you were going to use these Quaaludes for young women that you wanted to have sex with?”

“Yes,” replied Cosby, although a short time later he said he had misunderstood the question, and was referring only to one woman.

“I misunderstood. Woman, meaning T….., and not women,” he said.

Later in the deposition, Cosby said:

 “I meet Ms (T, whose name was redacted to preserve her anonymity) in Las Vegas. She meets me back stage. I give her Quaaludes. We then have sex.”

Mr Cosby settled the lawsuit outside of court in 2006 for undisclosed terms. Mr Cosby’s lawyers fought to keep the documents private and argued that revealing them to the public would ultimately embarrass their client.The entertainer resigned from the board of Temple University last December, as sexual abuse accusations against him multiplied.

Ciara’s New Boyfriend Russell Wilson Says They Are Abstaining From Sex!

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is a born again Christian who abstains from sex! From Future, that is definitely an upgrade for Ciara. Russell told The Rock Church in an interview over the weekend that God told him to lead Ciara and says they abstain from having sex…

“I met this girl named Ciara who is the most beautiful woman in the world. She is the most kind person, the most engaging person, everything I could ever want…and I’ll never forget she was on tour and I was looking at her in the mirror, sitting in her dressing room and God spoke to me and said, “I need you to lead her…”

“So I told her right then and there, “What would you do if we took all that extra stuff off the table and do it Jesus’ way?”…we’re talking about sex.”

“But for me, I knew that God brought me into her life to bless her and for her to bless me.”

UN Peacekeepers Face New Sex Abuse Claims In CAR

THE United Nations (UN) peacekeeping contingent serving in the Central African Republic (CAR) are accused of sexually abusing street children in Bangui, a UN spokesman has said.?? UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon’s, spokesperson Stephane Dujarric said the latest incident was the third case of alleged child sexual abuse involving peacekeepers in the CAR to have surfaced in recent months.

“If the allegations are substantiated, this would constitute a grave violation of UN principles and of the code of conduct of peacekeepers,” Dujarric said.

The UN mission in Bangui has notified the troop-contributing country of the new allegations and has opened an investigation, Dujarric said. The country of origin was not identified, but a UN official said it was an African contingent. ??The “member-state will be requested to take swift and appropriate punitive action,” he added.

In the wake of previous cases, the UN MINUSCA force asked Morocco to open a formal investigation after allegations that one of its soldiers raped a girl under the age of 16.?? A UN report by rights investigators last year detailed testimony from children in the Central African Republic who said they were sexually abused by French troops and soldiers from Chad and Equatorial Guinea.

The sexual abuse allegedly took place from December 2013 to June 2014, a few months before the United Nations took over from the African Union mission with its MINUSCA force. Last week, a UN report said that South African soldiers face the most accusations of sexual abuse while on UN peace-keeping missions.

The UN said it had received 480 allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse relating to its peace-keeping and special political missions between 2008 and 2013, with South African troops facing the most allegations of abuse.

The report showed that South African troops faced nine allegations, followed by Uruguay with eight allegations and Nigeria with seven allegations. The details of the allegations were not given.

France announced last month that 14 soldiers were facing possible charges in the case that only came to light when it was reported it in April.?? In the most recent case, MINUSCA received allegations on June 19 that two girls under age 16 had been sexually abused in Bangui, a UN official said.

The girls, who have been offered medical assistance, told a local rights group that they received food and goods in exchange for sex and that the abuse started in 2014.? ??The troop-contributing country was notified on Monday of the allegations and given 10 days to advise the United Nations on the measures that it intends to take in response to the serious claims.

Under UN rules, military personnel serving in peace operations face possible prosecution at home.?? Ban on Monday appointed a three-member panel to review how the United Nations handled the child sexual abuse allegations in the Central African Republic.

Former Supreme Court justice of Canada, Marie Deschamps, will lead the review that is expected to begin work next month, with a final report to be submitted within 10 weeks.

An internal UN report revealed this month that UN blue helmets routinely buy sex with jewelry, cell-phones and televisions in countries where they are deployed. The United Nations has 125,000 peacekeepers deployed in 16 missions worldwide. The MINUSCA force was deployed in September, taking over from the AU force that had been sent to help restore order after the country exploded into violence following a coup.

Women Who Mention God’s Name During Sex Should Be Jailed, Says American Televangelist

American televangelist and founder of the Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, John Hagee, has accused women who call the name of God during sex as saying the name of God in vain, a transgression, he believes, should be punishable by imprisonment.

In an interview with, Hagee, said that “If you’re asking about my personal opinion, there is no greater sin in terms of wrongly using God’s name than women who use it during sex.

“That is one of the filthiest, most derogatory and sinful uses of the Lord’s name I can think of. If it were up to me, I would put every single woman or girl who does that in jail. That would be a fine example of God’s wrath aimed at what is, in my opinion, a terrible misuse of our Maker’s good name.”

Hagee added that the Bible expressly forbids calling the name of God in vain.

“One of the things that the Bible has consistently denounced is the taking of the Lord’s name in vain. In fact, one of the Ten Commandments in the Old Testament states: “You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes his name in vain” (Exodus 20:7). The word “vain” means “for no reason” or “useless,”.

“One of the things that the Bible has consistently denounced is the taking of the Lord’s name in vain. In fact, one of the Ten Commandments in the Old Testament states: “You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes his name in vain” (Exodus 20:7). The word “vain” means “for no reason” or “useless.”

“Thus, God was instructing the Israelites to avoid using his name in a useless, disrespectful way. Instead, the Israelites were supposed to revere the name of God and use it in a serious, considerate way.

“Many of the ancient Israelites were so respectful of the name of God that they would not even pronounce it or write it for fear of using it in vain.

“Those who did write it would often throw away the quill they had used, because they thought that any quill that had written God’s name was holy and should not be used for regular words.

“in this world of crimes and deaths that surround us, a simple blasphemy does not get that much attention when it should.

“Saying the Lord’s name in vain might seem petite and insignificant compared to some of the things that are going on in the world right now, even in churches all across America,” Hagee elaborated.

“But, that’s precisely the problem. If the shepherds of a faith start doing wrong, what is the flock supposed to do? Follow in their footsteps? I don’t think so. The flock needs to get its bearings and start thinking for itself.”

The pastor reprimanded: “But, nowadays you have people committing sin everywhere you look, including Houses of God, which are the holiest of places.”


Man Arrested For Having Sex With His 14 Year Old Daughter In Lagos

The Lagos state police command has arrested a 49 year old plank seller and father, Adeboye Adesola (pictured right) for allegedly having sex with his 14 year old daughter (pictured left) who is in SS1.

The girl said she moved in with her father and his new wife in a one-room apartment in Ikorodu after she lost her mother. According to Daily Independent, the girl alleged that he first had sex with her in November 2014 and tried it again in March 2015 immediately after he separated from her stepmother. He slept with her claiming he wanted to see if she was still a virgin.

 After the second encounter, she ran away from home and  took refuge in a church where she told a pastor what her father had done to her. The pastor and other church leaders reported the case at the Zone 2 Police Command, Onikan, Lagos on May 20th. Her father was arrested on May 21st.

“My mother died when I was three years old. We were six in number living in the room, my father, his new wife, my younger brother and my two half sisters. My mom died in 2007. She gave birth to me and my brother. It all started in 2014. He used to check my private part to see if I had started menstruating or having sex with men. I was sleeping in the midnight, he removed my wrapper. By then, my step mother had packed out of his house because she was accused of dating other men in the compound. He inserted his finger in my private part and asked me if I had started menstruation, I said no. He asked if I have had sex before and I said no. He said he would use his penis to test it. He climbed on me, I wanted to scream, but he held my mouth. I bled from that night till the following day. I felt very bad but he warned me that nobody must hear what he did to me. He repeated it again on 5th March, 2015. He did it between 9pm and 10pm. He used condom in the first one. This time, he asked me to remove my clothe and lie on the bed. It was a Thursday night, I could not bear it anymore. So the following day, I packed my things and left the house. I dropped a note that he should not look for me. I moved to a nearby church and stayed there. My uncle took me to the church and the members brought me to the police station after I told them what my dad did to me.”the girl said.

When interrogated, her father blamed the devil for his action

“The day I was brought here (police station), I was thoroughly beaten by members of the O’odua People’s Congress (OPC) who forced me to confess that I had canal knowledge of my daughter. But here in the police station, nobody beat me. I told the Oga that it was devil’s work. Oga, I’m sorry, pity me. I’m from poor family. I am the only one taking care of them. Forgive me for whatever happened, I did not know what happened.”

Lovers Found Dead In A Hostel After Using Sex Enhancing Drug

Two students, a male and female of a University in Anambra State (name withheld), have reportedly died in a hostel room located near the school.

The female student is from Imo State. She visited her male boyfriend and they went in together on Saturday but never woke up until their doors were forced open by the
police after a neighbor raised the alarm.

The male student was 300level student of public administration.

They allegedly died after sex romp and their neighbors never knew until their bodies started

The guy allegedly drugged the girl to have access to free sex which resulted to her death and he equally took the pills and lay beside her.

Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) from Awkuzu removed both bodies and deposited then at an undisclosed morgue.

The Police Public Relation Officer (PPRO), DSP Uche Ezeh while reacting to the incident said investigations were ongoing to ascertain the veracity of the case but confirmed the incident while charting with Daily Independent Metro.

Housewife Stabs Self To Death Over Hubby’s Failed Organ

A 32-year-old housewife, Nancy (surname withheld) in Okpanam Community, near Asaba Delta State, has allegedly stabbed herself to death following the failure of the husband to fulfill his conjugal responsibility at the weekend.

It was reliably gathered that the woman, an evangelist with a prominent church in the area, had complained bitterly to her relations about her husband’s “weakness” during sexual intercourse, threatening that she cannot stand it anymore.

But insiders said that she got married to the man, a highly placed mechanical engineer (name withheld) without premarital sex, and is said to have grumbled after the situation confronted her.

Trouble started last Saturday night after the husband reportedly failed to perform again; and she allegedly took the decision to kill herself by stabbing herself in the stomach.

Police officers at the Okpanam Police Division, who confirmed the incident but did not want their names in the print, said they saw her lifeless body in her room after the husband had gone to work.No arrest had yet been made at the time of filing this report as investigation was ongoing.

Teacher Sentenced To Death By Hanging For Sexually Abusing His Students (Photo)

A death penalty was handed to school teacher Li Jishun for sexually abusing his students.

According to a statement by the Supreme People’s Court, Jishun had abused 26 girls while teaching at a school in the Gansu province.

The girls were said to be aged between 4 and 11 in when the crimes were committed between 2011 and 2012. Li had raped 21 of his victims and sexually abused the other five in classrooms, dormitories, and the forest surrounding the village near Wushan town.

“The Supreme People’s Court thus believes that it was appropriate for Li Jishun to be executed,” the statement said, noting that the crimes were committed in the space of just one year

Gay Lovers Shocked To Find Out They Are Blood Brothers

Two gay men who met online and started a physical relationship discovered they were actually brothers live on the Jeremy Kyle show.

A DNA test revealed the shock truth for lovers Paul and Lee, who had been a couple for years after coming across each other online.

The pair – who exchanged flirty messages for a full two years before hooking-up – were none the wiser to the fact they shared the same mother…and were in fact closer than either of them could ever have imagined.

The reality only came to light when Lee’s family and friends first met his new lover and noticed a striking similarity between Paul and his mother’s former husband, Ron.The pair sitting in a stunned silence for 20 seconds, with even notorious motor-mouth Kyle left lost for words at the shock revelation.The couple-come-brothers had never met before chatting online.

Paul was taken into care when he was only 18 months old, with Lee later conceived by the same mother, Ena.

I Care About The Quality Of Sex Not The Duration – Stella Damasus

On Monday, 18th May 2015, Stella Damasus and her man,Daniel Ademinokan were on i2Radio where she was on the hot seat.During the program,he asked her

“One of the things most guys complain about is when we first got married the sex is good but it just diminished. They keep asking, but why do women do that?”

Stella Damasus replied

“Whatever I say, I will tell you my personal opinion but what other women might feel.Women’s bodies are different from men’s. We have hormonal in balance. Sometimes you just don’t want to think of anything in your body. As a woman gets older, her sex drives diminishes.In the beginning, you are excited and really want to please the man every time. But as time goes on, you other things come into play.
You become a wife and mother.But me, I say that I don’t believe it should be.You should always please your try to please man but the man should also understand when she’s not into it. If you married a man who loves sex and you knew in the beginning, then don’t complain.”

 When Ademinokan asked if women  are looking at how long a guy can last in bed or if there is something else they are looking for…
She replied

 “I believe in the pleasure not the duration. I believe in quality over how many hours.Normal women who have normal sex drives look for pleasure over the duration. The truth is if you’re talking to me about 2 , 3 hours and there are breaks between I can understand that.”

Michigan Pastor Resigns After Sharing Photos On Gay Dating App

The pastor, who is married with five children, had shared photos on Grindr

A Lutheran pastor in Michigan resigned recently after being caught sending messages on a mobile gay dating app, according to report on the local news site M Live. The pastor, Rev. Matthew Makela from Midland, is married with five children and has spoken of being gay as a “sinful temptation.”

In posts on the dating and hookup app Grindr, Makela said he was looking to “mess around” with a guy and sent shirtless photos. Screenshots of the conversation with an unidentified user found their way to the gay news site Queerty.

A letter on the website of St. John’s Lutheran Church, where Makela worked, acknowledged Makela’s resignation and asked members of the congregation not to pay attention to discussions of Makela on social media or on the news.

“This changes nothing. Matt is still forgiven and he is still loved, and we will do what we can to stand by him and the family as they face this spiteful attack of shame,” the letter said. “God is bigger than this and will see us through.”

Mystery Businessman Pays ‘Porn’ Star N1.5billion For Exclusive Service For The Next 15 Years

A 22 year old porn star has sealed a £5 million = N1.5billion deal to give a mysterious businessman 15 years of exclusive service. It is not known what duties personal assistant Rola Misaki will be expected to perform for this hefty sum.

The erotic actress, who performs under the name Rola Takizawa, is half Japanese and half Russian and is a big hit in China. She appeared with her mystery beau at an event in Beijing where the pair were holding hands and being affectionate – he was wearing a mask.

MirrorUK reports it is claimed the man is Chinese, works in the adult film industry and has a huge property portfolio. He has appeared at events in disguise before and given out massive cash gifts.

Misaki made her debut in the adult video industry in 2012 . She has few fans in Japan , where she is from, but has become a hit in China. And now has millions of followers on Sina Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter. Fans have now gone online to mourn the loss of the porn star.

One, GuangY, wrote: “Nooo! She can’t leave us like this.”

Another, Mai86, wrote: “She’s one of the best, a natural. I can’t believe she’s gone off with this man.”

While Bao Hung posted: “It’s a sad day for us fans. Come back to us after 15 years. We’ll still be here.”

Nigeria Senate Finally Passes Bill To Criminalize Female Genital Mutilation

The Nigerian Senate on Tuesday, passed Violence against Persons (Prohibition) Bill which seeks to prohibit female circumcision or genital mutilation, forceful ejection from home and harmful widowhood practices. The bill also prohibits abandonment of spouse, children and other dependents without sustenance, battery and harmful traditional practices.

The Bill was sponsored by the Leader of the Senate, Victor Ndoma-Egba. It is also intended to eliminate violence in private and public life and provide maximum protection and effective remedies for victims of violence, and punishment of offenders.

The bill equally prohibits economic abuse, forced isolation and separation from family and friends,
substance attack, depriving persons of their liberty, incest, indecent exposure, among others.

In his remarks, Deputy President of the Senate, Ike Ekweremadu, who presided at the session, said that the passage of the bill would provide adequate protection for the vulnerable in the society and punish those who take advantage of them.

He commended the senators and other stakeholders for their efforts in ensuring that the bill was passed, adding that it was a good step in the fight against violence in the society.

“The primary responsibility of government is to protect lives and property and as a responsible arm of government, our primary responsibility is to enact laws that will not only protect our people, but also protect their property.

“Today, we have discharged one of our responsibilities to the vulnerable in terms of violence. Congratulations for this achievement,’’ he said.

Credit – NAN.

68 Year Old Man Fooled 342 Women In To Having Sex In A Dark Room By Posing As A Male Model

A 68-year-old man fooled women into having sex with him in a darkened bedroom by posing as a young male model online(right)
The man, using the name ‘Anthony LaRoche’, promised the women 50 Shades of Grey-style bedroom antics with a handsome man through e-mails and texts.
He now faces charges of ‘surprise rape’ after a woman – ‘Sylvie’ – complained.

According to UK Mirror, Sylvie, who was lured to the man’s apartment in Nice, France, said he suggested a darkened room and a blindfold for a kinky thrill.When she arrived and covered her eyes she got into bed with the man, who she thought was handsome, with brown hair and blue eyes.She was stunned when she flicked the light on after sex to see a much older man.

She said: “He was a balding man of about 65, who was quite wrinkly and wore glasses – I was absolutely disgusted.”

When she told police they found her testimony matched three other women’s.When they raided his flat they discovered he had tried the same subterfuge on 342 women across the country.

A second victim was quoted as saying:

 “He didn’t want me to take off the blindfold. When I insisted, he got angry. I ended up seeing his silhouette in the dark. He was old, pot-bellied with a big nose.”

After he was arrested he told police that he had the woman’s consent to the sex and couldn’t see what he’d done wrong.
The man, who has already served a prison sentence for tax fraud, added that had she asked the truth about the picture, which he found on Google, he would have come clean.

“Some women have a crazy side to them and like men who surprise them,” he reportedly said.

“My Wife Does Not Have Any Vagina Opening”, Man Tells Court

An Abeokuta Customary Court sitting in Ake on Wednesday dissolved a three-year-old marriage between Mr Femi Olayiwole and wife, Kemi, due to the absence of vagina, deceit and frequent fighting.

Olayiwole told the court that his wife deceived him to marry her knowing that she could not bear him a child.

He accused his wife, who had failed to appear in court after being summoned several times, of living a false life, frequent fighting and threatening his life.

“My wife had been deceiving me since we got married I have never seen her pass through menstruation. My wife does not have any vagina opening.

“Anytime I ask her for sex, she would give an excuse to back up her refusal. Meanwhile, we have been praying to God to give us children.

“My wife did not tell me anything about her condition before we got married, until February this year that she confessed to me that she had never experienced menstruation in her life.

“I thought she was lying, so I went to see her parents who told me it was true, and that they thought their daughter explained to me before we got married,” Olayiwole told the court.

He pleaded with the court’s president to dissolve his three-year-old marriage that had nothing to show for both now and in future.

The defendant was absent in spite several summons by the court.

The court’s president, Mr, Olalekan Akande, dissolved the marriage, saying that both parties had made up their minds to part ways.

Akande said that both parties were free to remarry anybody of their choice, adding that the document of the marriage dissolution should be sent to Kemi.

Credit – Vanguard Ngr

Man Arrested For Removing Women’s Teeth During Sex Because He Liked ‘Toothless Ladies

A man has been accused of removing women’s teeth with pliers and a screwdriver during sex because he liked ‘gummy ladies’
New Zealander Philip Lyle Hansen, 56, who has pleaded not guilty to 11 charges claims he was just trying to ‘help’ them.
A woman, 47, who was in a relationship with Hansen during the 1990s,told the court she never consented to Hansen pulling out her teeth but was too ‘afraid’ to say anything.

New Zealand Herald reports that,Crown prosecutor Sally Carter talked about Hansen’s ‘fascination or obsession with them [women] not having any teeth’.He liked his women without teeth,’

The court watched a video form 2012 of the woman talking about how Hansen allegedly held her against a car door and removed six of her bottom teeth, using an oily rag to stop the bleeding, during sex.She later had all her teeth removed and replaced with dentures, but when her wisdom teeth started coming through Hansen allegedly removed them with a screwdriver.

‘He had a screwdriver in his hand, he then tilted my head back… after that he had grabbed the screwdriver and started digging at the back of my gums to try and get out these wisdom teeth,’ she said in the video.

During cross-examination his defence lawyer Mike Antunovic said the woman had let Hansen pull out six teeth from her lower jaw and that Hansen was just trying to help the women, not hurt them.

‘So after he pulled out the first tooth … the second tooth, the third tooth, the fourth tooth, the fifth tooth, the sixth tooth … you didn’t ask him to stop?’ said Mr Antunovic.

‘No,’ replied the woman, who said she had been drinking that night but was not heavily intoxicated.

The lawyer said the woman had not objected to Hansen extracting her teeth with pliers.

‘You opened your mouth to allow him to put the pliers in,’ said Mr Antunovic.

‘I would not just freely open my mouth to a pair of pliers,’ said the woman.

Well, you didn’t shut your mouth. You didn’t tell him to stop,’ said the lawyer.

The woman told the court she couldn’t, saying

 ‘I had no choice’.

Mr Antunovic suggested Hansen had been trying to help the woman when he tried to remove her emerging wisdom teeth with a screwdriver after she complained about the problems they were causing her.

‘Do you think Philip was trying to help you, in his own way?’ he said.

‘Not really, no,’ said the woman.

Woman Asks 100 Men She Met On The Street For Sex, And You Won’t Believe How Many Of Them Said Yes!

It’s a social experiment by to see how men and women respond to sex from strangers. Last month, a man went to the streets to see how many women will agree to sleep with a random stranger. He asked 100 random women for sex and all 100 women turned him down. Now, guess what happened when a woman went to the streets to ask random men for sex?

Andrea Wendel (pictured above) approached 100 men by directly asking them whether they would follow her home and have sex with her. Out of the 100, guess how many men said yes? 30! 30 men agreed to there and then to follow a woman they have never seen before to her home for sex!

The experiment happened in the US. The clip was uploaded to Youtube and has since gone viral.

School Principal Discovered To Have Had Sex With 12,000 Girls And Women Between 14 And 70 Years Old

A principal has been fired after he had s*x with 12,000 girls and women. According to worldwideweirdnews, the former school principal of Japan, was arrested after he allegedly took photographs of at least 12,000 women and girls he had slept with. 64-year-old Yohei Takashima is accused of having nearly 150,000 “photographic souvenirs” of females with whom he had s*x with.

Police began investigating Takashima after he took pictures of his s*x acts with a teenage girl in Manila, during a trip to the Philippines. Police searched his house and were surprised to find 150,000 compromising photos, involving a staggering 12,000 girls and women.

The photos were placed in about 400 different albums. Takashima allegedly admitted to violating laws on child prostitution and p****graphy. He allegedly told police that he wanted to keep a record of the women he met for s*x. About 10 percent of the women were under 18, and some were as young as 14, while the oldest was 70.

27-yr old Woman Attempts Suicide Because Her Family Didn’t Believe She Was A Virgin

A woman has gone to extreme lengths to prove she is still a virgin.. 27 year old Shona Knight has  undergone medical tests and even taken a lie detector test on TV to prove to her family she is still a virgin.

Miss Knight, 27, said that she was left feeling suicidal after incorrect rumours began surfacing.

“I’m not exaggerating when I say to be accused of sex before marriage has ruined my life. It goes against everything I believe in.I have been saving myself for marriage because that is what I believe it and I want the people around me, my family and the people I love to know beyond any doubt I am telling the truth when I say I am a virgin.
“It’s been proven by a medical assessment and by a lie detector so there should be no question at all now but I’ll happily do anything I can to prove I am a virgin because it’s the truth.
“If I don’t do this I will never be able to marry within my culture and have the family I crave so life might as well be over.

“My parents were traditional and I was raised like most travelling girls, with a view to marrying young and settling down to raise a family.”

Brides are expected to remain pure until their wedding night and Shona was more than happy to follow tradition like her friends.

She was engaged to marry when she turned 17, but broke of the engagement because she felt too young to marry.But the decision she says triggered the rumours that have dogged her ever since.

“People started talking about me and rumours started to spread and grow as a result of me breaking off the engagement.
“Soon my parents heard that people were saying I was no longer a virgin. It wasn’t true and many women reading this will not understand why it bothered me so much.”But in our community it is totally unacceptable.I knew my parents were mortified like me.”

Last year, almost a decade after the rumours that she was not a virgin started Shona hit rock bottom.
Relying on antidepressants and battling suicidal thoughts she said that at times she felt her life might as well be over.
She insists her parents had always remained supportive but feared that even her own mother Valerie, 64, was starting to wonder if there was any truth behind the rumours.

So in a last ditch attempt Shona called a national television programme and volunteered to take a lie detector test.

She was accompanied on the show which aired earlier this year by her mother who admitted she would disown her daughter were she found to by lying.

 “The public’s reaction to that was pretty extreme but it didn’t bother me because I knew I was telling the truth.
“And if the test had shown I had been lying to my mother all these years I would not blame her for disowning me.”

Culled from Uk Mirror 

Is Foreplay & Oral Sex Permitted in Islam?

Modern Muse discusses what is permissible, and what not, with regards to oral sex, foreplay and Islamic law.

Q: Is oral sex and foreplay allowed in Islam?


Oral sex is lawful for both the husband and wife. It can be understood from the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) saying: “Approach from the front or the back, but avoid anal sex and sex during menstruation.”

This is clear evidence that the prohibited sexual acts are anal intercourse and intercourse with a woman during menstruation and post natal-bleeding. Everything else between a husband and a wife is permissible.

The possibility of the existence of impurity does not stand as a sufficient evidence for forbidding it. If a person thinks the intake of impurity (semen/ fluid from a woman’s genital’s), is imminent, he must take action to avoid it.

The female genitals are not impure as long as they are free from ordinary impurities.
A feeling of guilt cannot stand as evidence for the unlawfulness of something. The evidence can only be derived from what is in Allah’s Book or the Prophet’s Sunnah (peace be upon him). There is no evidence whatsoever from these two sources forbidding this practice. Therefore, as things are basically lawful unless evidence to the contrary exists, then this practice is lawful.

Some people may dislike a practice for their own personal reasons, but we cannot say that it is an unlawful practice in Islam.

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Why Do So many Women Fantasise About Sex They Find Unacceptable In Real Life?

At first sight it would appear to be a contradiction of the most bizarre kind.

On the one hand, we have women all over the Western world lining up to enjoy the story of a powerful man and his sex slave, whom he treats with savage abandon. References to rough sex are everywhere: the world is aflame with what are usually considered the seediest of practices.

On the other hand, at precisely the same moment that Fifty Shades Of Grey is storming the box office, there’s another story in the news — about a powerful man said to have used not one but several disempowered women as his paid sex slaves. In this case, the world is outraged.

Dakota Johnson (pictured in the film) plays Anastasia Steele in the big screen adaptation of EL James' hit erotic novel, Fifty Shades of Grey

Dakota Johnson (pictured in the film) plays Anastasia Steele in the big screen adaptation of EL James’ hit erotic novel, Fifty Shades of Grey

The coincidence between the release of the film of E.L. James’s S&M blockbuster Fifty Shades Of Grey last week and the court case involving the sex ring allegedly co-ordinated by former International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn makes a curious and disturbing conjunction.

Why, in one case, should violent sex have become such a collective female fantasy, drawing millions to the cinema and making a cool £161.6 million in its opening weekend, while in the other, it should be a cause of international condemnation?

Even though Strauss-Kahn’s trial may end soon — his lawyers have asked for an acquittal after four prostitutes dropped their civil actions against him — the details to emerge from the hearing have nevertheless been stomach-churning.

From 2007, DSK was one of the world’s most influential decision-makers. His career ended abruptly in May 2011 when he was taken into custody, following accusations of sexual assault by a New York hotel maid. These claims were eventually dropped.

However, what we learned last week is that this key global figure viewed women as nothing more than objects, and despised objects at that.

Lawyers for the 65-year-old concede that he took part in sex parties between 2008 and 2011, but argue that he did so without knowing that the women were professionals (in France, it is against the law to solicit or run a prostitution operation). They also deny that he organised the parties.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn and his partner Myriam L'Aouffir pictured in 2013. Strauss-Kahn is alleged to have co-ordinated a sex ring

Regardless, the manner in which he treated these women was brutish. He is accused not only of being a pimp, but a violent pimp who routinely and barbarically abused the women in his employ.

In one chilling account, a witness told the court that she was ‘forced into’ certain sex acts against her will, while Strauss-Kahn gazed on ‘smiling’.

He is accused of having engaged in anal rape. Meanwhile, his orgies were described in terms of the most extreme violence as both ‘a massacre’ and ‘slaughterhouse’ with a ‘mishmash’ of writhing bodies.

Despite holding the fate of the world in his hands during the financial crisis, he evidently viewed half its population in terms only of their sexual function.

‘I dare you to distinguish between a prostitute and a naked socialite,’ he taunted the court. Swaggering and self-assured, he was robustly unrepentant. ‘I was one of the world’s most powerful men,’ he bragged. ‘Many people wanted to please me. Women have offered themselves to me ten times. It is nothing unusual to me.’

He styled himself not as a rapacious monster, but a ‘libertine who likes to party’, noting merely: ‘I have a rougher sexuality than the average man.’

Few would not recoil from his words. But as one man asked me this week: ‘If this is what sadism looks like in the sagging flesh, then what the hell are so many women doing fantasising about being tied up and beaten?’ ‘And why,’ he demanded, ‘is this happening at a time when they have never been more empowered?’

Former IMF boss, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, was once one of the world’s most influential decision-makers but his career ended in May 2011 when he was taken into custody, following accusations of sexual assault

Former IMF boss, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, was once one of the world’s most influential decision-makers but his career ended in May 2011 when he was taken into custody, following accusations of sexual assault

It is easy to understand the disbelief. There may still be a massive amount of work to be done in preventing women being subjected to discrimination and harassment. Nevertheless, most of us consider ourselves if not as strong as men, then considerably stronger. Historically, we can be more sure of ourselves than ever before.

Girls beat boys hands down at school. A review of 308 studies involving 1.1 million children and published by the University of New Brunswick in 2013 found that boys have performed worse than girls at every single subject over the past 100 years across the globe. Meanwhile, male students are outnumbered by females at most British universities, despite the fact there are actually more young men than women in the UK.

In adult life, women become Herculean multi-taskers, juggling workplace and family demands in a way than makes the majority of men look like amateurs. We are exhorted to aim for nothing less than a seat at the boardroom table by campaigners such as Facebook boss Sheryl Sandberg. The IMF itself is now headed by the formidable Christine Lagarde.

 I dare you to distinguish between a prostitute and a naked socialite.
 Dominique Strauss-Kahn

For today’s superwomen, submitting to Fifty Shades-type behaviour might seem utterly incongruous — but the appeal is clearly strong. A friend’s nine-year-old daughter mused over spaghetti hoops: ‘Lucy’s mother is having a handcuff party to celebrate this new film.’ Cue parental jaws dropping about the kitchen table.

Apparently, the hostess in question (sassy, assertive in her job) views this as being innocuous: a celebration of herself, her friends, and a manifestation of what used to be referred to as ‘girl power’.

And that’s the strange logic at the heart of this sexual conundrum: now that women find themselves increasingly empowered, many seem to be finding more enjoyment from being playfully disempowered in the bedroom.

And though this is a long way from the brutality of Christian Grey and the allegations facing Dominique Strauss-Kahn, if there is one area of life in which women can take a break from being in control in a loving relationship, while men try their hand at reclaiming it, it may just be here.

As one senior female executive of my acquaintance tells me: ‘Obviously, it goes without saying that none of us wants real violence in our lives.

‘However, I am in charge in every aspect of my existence: my work, my family, my relationship. Just occasionally, I want to surrender this control and enjoy not being the decision maker.

‘I feel like an idiot admitting it, but exploring these fantasies makes me feel feminine. This is one area in which I don’t always have to be calling the shots.’

The same — in reverse — may apply for what we now refer to as ‘new men’.

Steamy sex scene in Fifty Shades of Grey trailer

Fifty Shades Of Grey's main character, Christian Grey, is a sadist who treats women as objects, but he is also deemed a ‘safe’ sadist women can control

Fifty Shades Of Grey’s main character, Christian Grey, is a sadist who treats women as objects, but he is also deemed a ‘safe’ sadist women can control

A lawyer friend, who boasts a predilection for bondage, insists: ‘My husband needs this vent, too. In his public life, he is the ultimate new man: kind, caring, a good father and colleague. He’s so good, it becomes exhausting. The bedroom is a safe space in which he can try on traditionally masculine roles without compromising his personality.’

Even women who maintain more traditional roles insist they, too, require escapism. A full-time mother-of-three told me: ‘I may not be ball-breaking in the boardroom, but I still need some sort of release, not least on days when I feel more of a feeding machine than a female.

‘I think of this sort of sex as a healthier take on “wine o’clock” — that moment when everything else can be shut out. I can stop running a one-woman show and switch off.’

In other words, it is not so much rough sex as an opportunity for imaginative escapism that these women truly want.

Besides, Christian Grey is a sadist recreated in Mills & Boon form. He may treat women as objects, but the right woman will be an object hotly and tenderly adored. He will dominate only her, a faithful tormentor. A ‘safe’ sadist women can control.

The answer, then, to the paradox as to why so many modern women appear to be seeking to cede power in the bedroom is that they are still in control; crucially, they have given their consent.

Where the problems, as evidenced all too horrifically in the DSK trial, emerge is when consent is not granted. It is then that the grisly reality of what can happen when such fantasies veer out of control is brutally exposed.

Signs He/She is the “One”

1. He/She tells you things you don’t tell anyone else:

This goes beyond random talks. If there is a desire to share intimate details about your lives; this means you both trust each other, which implies a major component of successful long-term love.

2. He/She lets you see his/her weak moments:

It’s easy to be happy with someone when you’re feeling good about life. But what about when you’re not doing so well? Do you want to see her when you’ve been denied a raise, or your cat died or you had a plain old bad day? She/He should be a comfort during tough times, not a burden.

3. Respect:

You don’t want to change the essence of who he/she is. There may be stuff that irritates you in everyday life, but you accommodate and respect what they like, eat, watch and often do.

4. He/She wants you to meet his/her parents:

You feel proud of him/her and you want to show him/her off—as opposed to feeling like you have to make excuses for him/her.

5. You can imagine a future together:

You don’t have to practice writing your first name with his last name, but do you periodically let your mind wander to picture a life together? Is it amazing? You mostly discuss about the kind of house you want or probably how many kids you would like to have, without deliberately planning to discuss it.

6. You’re not afraid to argue:

You know that even if you fight, he’ll/she’ll listen to you and won’t brush you off. He/she takes you seriously, even when he/she thinks you’re wrong.

7. You want to work out your major difference

 If you do have crucial differences that will impact your future together—different opinions about religion, money or something else—you want to work them out with him, and you believe you can come to a conclusion that will satisfy both of you.

8. You laugh together:

Laughter is one of life’s simplest pleasures—you should definitely be able to crack each other up.

9. Incredibly attracted to each other:

Physical chemistry is an undeniably important ingredient in a healthy relationship. And if she’s/he’s not a  your usual “type”, that’s even more reason to think she’s/he’s the one.

10. It’s OK to be quiet around each other:

You don’t feel like you have to fill the space between you with chatter or other interaction. Instead, you feel an easy comfort.

11. You feel like yourself around each other:

You don’t feel like you have to edit your thoughts; you’re not self-conscious or anxious.

12. You long for each other:

You long for him/her—but not too much. Some neediness is good but too much breeds discontent.

13. You don’t feel too jealous:

You’re comfortable with him going out with his friends—even the opposite sex. You let each other have your own lives and hobbies.

14. You feel like she/he makes you a better person:

She/he makes you feel smart, funny, attractive, creative—like the best version of yourself. You feel like she brings out and complements the best parts of you.

15. She just gets you:

Sometimes it’s that easy. You feel like she/he understands some essential part of you that you can’t explain or articulate. It’s a warm, comfortable feeling—and one you should have with the person you marry.

16. Honest discussions on sex:

When you find yourselves honestly talking about your bodies and sexuality, then you both almost have nothing to hide from each other. Talks about sex positions, whether or not to accommodate oral sex or other forms of sex is an indication you are considering settling down.

#INSIGHTWITHLARIGOLD: It’s Sex Time by Yinka Akoleowo

Yinka shares some values I endorse about sex, hear her personal perspective to sex and marriage. Kindly do well to drop your comments too, whether you agree with her or not. Enjoy!

Right from childhood, I’ve always carried the knowing that I am unique, and that I need no one to affirm it. My thinking has always been far above average even among my peers. I seem to always have an idea about many things, if not the full picture, at least far more than half of it. Early enough, I told myself “no to premarital sex” as soon as my mum told me I was capable of bringing forth a child. Mum explained that “Having a family is no child’s play; no matter how old or prepared you are, there is always an element of surprise at each turn”.

Up until now, premarital sex didn’t use to be a celebrated thing in many Nigerian cultures, not among teenagers! As a teenager, I didn’t want to make community headlines, dragging my family name into the mud, by being the next teenage mother. So I made up my mind to do the right thing.  This is what I told myself; the only man that will know how good, bad or ugly I am in bed will be the man that has taken me to the altar. Not that I will run off with any man I see, but he must be approved by my parent, my parent necessarily don’t have to choose for me but he must be the man I love, and above all, he must love Christ, ‘cos I believe that a man who loves Christ can’t be struggling to love his wife, he should know how to love her right, give her the respect she deserves and help her in every way he can without being a tyrant. Simply because amidst so much love, respect, honour & humility is abides.

When a woman loves, it’s with all her heart. Nothing is left.

My stands on premarital sex and marriage might sound like a childhood fantasy, but believe me, it has helped me bottle up well. Not one of the above lines can be skipped; it must be truly followed to get the expected result. It is true that we live in a world where everything wrong now seems right, essentially because we erroneously choose to believe that everyone is doing it. Please snap out of it! Yeah it might seem as if everyone is losing their ability to discern from what is actually good or bad, yet, it’s important to note that it’s only in mathematics that negative * negative = positive. Our society might be losing its didactic values but we must pause in a while and then whisper some sensible truth to ourselves! Many things in life are worth waiting for, and to every single/unmarried person reading this; sex is part of it. How do you feel after doing it? So many adults are now in abusive relationship because they put the last thing first. Premarital sex can be likened to a man who wants to build a house & the first thing he buys is the paint far before getting the land. Even if you are doing it or you’re struggling with it, it’s never too late to put things right. Believe me no one says it’s going to be easy, but it’s worth the effort.

Our parents are the angels sent to guide us; they have lived long enough to know where the tree a child is cutting will fall. Never despise their warnings or frown at their rebukes because that which they see while laying you probably won’t see even when you climb the top of the tallest mountain.

The role of God cannot be over emphasized, always put God first in all you do then you will be great in life. Marriage is a sacred thing, where you do it with God’s blessing then you have the license to have sex in its full package. Old habits die hard but with God all things are possible including abstinence.

Yinka Akoleowo


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