3 People You Should Never Take Relationship Advice From (MUST READ)

1. Anyone who is angry and bitter

Was your best friend a jilted bride or a groom who was stood up at the altar? Don’t ask friends or family with a chip on their shoulder how to win at love. If you hang around them long enough, their attitude could rub off on you. Then no one will want to date you because you have such a bad attitude. Don’t let someone else’s bad experiences warp how you see relationships. Psychologist Randi Gunther said bitterness may temporarily protect you from experiencing painful feelings, but it will only hold you back from finding a fulfilling relationship in the long run. Gunther describes bitterness as emotional poison. “Bitterness hurts, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. People appear to hold on to it to protect themselves from more pain. It does shield them from more hurt, but also from love as well. Cynical relationship seekers, bitter from the heartbreaks of the past, may not allow for a new and dangerous future. That engulfing sorrow holds open a painful wound of disappointed memories, even when the lovers who caused them are long gone,” said Gunther.

2. Someone who hasn’t had a successful relationship

It’s possible you could learn a thing or two about what not to do, but that may not get you very far. When seeking quality love advice, go to someone who has actually had quality relationships. Personal development expert Michael Hyatt said it’s best to get advice from those who have the results you seek. “Here’s my rule of thumb, and it rarely fails me: Never take advice from people who aren’t getting the results you want to experience. If you don’t like what you see in the life of the messenger, it’s usually best to ignore the message,” said Hyatt.

3. Players

If you’re seeking advice from someone who thinks being in a relationship is a game, and quickly getting someone into bed means you’ve “won,” you’re looking in the wrong place. Steer clear of anyone who thinks of relationships simply as a way to pass the time. Mari Ruti, associate professor of critical theory at the University of Toronto, said those who are careless when it comes to love are only doing themselves a disservice. Focusing all of your energy on winning will lead you nowhere. “The trouble with the games of romance is that eventually the mask will have to come off. Eventually you’ll have to reveal who you actually are, and then what? The rules of love may allow you to hoodwink your partner for a while, but ultimately they’ll lead you to a dead end,” said Ruti.



Buhari Never Received Pension, Gratuities From Army- Presidency

President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday said he has not been receiving military pensions and salaries as former head of state since he assumed office in May 2015.

Mr. Buhari said, in fact, he did not receive pensions due to him as a retired military officers, unlike many of his contemporaries.

Mr. Buhari was reacting to a narrative circulating on social media which said he has been receiving double payments from the federal coffers.

In a statement released by presidential spokesman, Garba Shehu, on Twitter, Mr. Buhari said all financial gratuities, vehicles and even souvenirs due him were not paid to him by the Army.

“The President has never received pension from the army or car as had gone to former Commanders-in-Chief,” Mr. Shehu said. “After his overthrow, they didn’t remember him even  in the annual distribution of diaries or calendars.”

“Buhari stopped collecting allowances paid to former Heads of State the moment he took office as elected President last year.

“Since his overthrow as military ruler, the army never instituted a pension for him. The army is known to supply cars to former heads of the army. President Buhari never got any of that,” Mr. Shehu said.

Mr. Shehu said before Mr. Buhari was elected president, he did not benefit from vehicle supplies to former Nigerian leaders, a claim he said could be verified at the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation.

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5 Signs He Is Never Going To Marry You

1. Discussions about marriage are avoided

If discussions about making your relationship more permanent are shut down before you can even get started, this is a red flag. A partner who just wants to have a casual relationship will not want to discuss the possibility of getting married or even talk about other people’s upcoming nuptials.

“If [your partner] won’t talk about sharing a future with you, the only thing you can conclude is that you are in a relationship without a long-term commitment. Whether [your significant other] loves you or not is a different kind of question. Love does not always lead to commitment, so an important thing for you to consider is how you feel about being in a just-for-right-now relationship and how long you wish to stay there,” said psychotherapist Lisa C. DeLuca.

2. You’re not in the future

If your partner talks about the future but you’re never mentioned in his or her plans, there’s a problem. Someone who is excited about your relationship and desires to spend a lifetime with you will make these intentions clear. Vague or nonexistent references to a future together are not a good sign if you have hopes of getting hitched. Relationship expert Evan Marc Katz says waiting too long for a commitment is just wasting time. There comes a point where you need to make a decision to stay or call it quits:

The only leverage you have is to walk away from [from your partner] and see if [he or she] follows. Sure, you can wait for another year. Sure, you can move in together…But this doesn’t give you what you’re looking for. This is just moving deck chairs around the Titanic, spinning wheels, making noise. These are just things that you might do to avoid breaking up, but they don’t ensure that you’ll be together forever.

3. Your partner runs hot and cold

If things are hot and spicy one minute and then ice cold the next, your partner could be playing games with you. If you never know quite where you stand when it comes to a long-term commitment, your significant other could be buying time or just having fun until someone else enters the picture.

 “Some [partners] lie about what they really feel for you and what their real plans are. They can break up with you at any given time, going from hot to cold in an instant. [They’ll] take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride and will make your love life a living hell,” said relationship expert Brian Nox.

4. You want different things

Do you want children but your partner doesn’t? Are you dead set on monogamy but your partner prefers polyamory? This is a big indicator that you are not going to be walking down the aisle any time soon. Your best bet is to find someone who is compatible and has goals that more closely align with yours.

5. Your partner tells you

The most obvious sign? Your partner tells you that marriage just isn’t in the cards. No matter what you do or say, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to change this decision. If you’re satisfied with dating indefinitely, then just accept it. However, if you know you’d like to settle down, this is your cue to move on.



Sheriff’s Removal: Abuja High Court Never Gave An Order

Facts have emerged that the Abuja Federal High Court presided over by Justice Valentine Ashi last Wednesday never gave an order for the removal of the National Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Ali Modu Sheriff as it only nullified the 2014 PDP Constitution Amendment.

Besides, the National PDP Chairman was not joined in that suit which according to a top member of the PDP, Dr. Christopher C. Ousala who spoke with journalists in Abuja yesterday said  Alhaji Ali Modu Sheriff still remains the National Chairman of the Party as the High Court Ruling has nothing to do with him or his position as National Chairman of the party.

He said:  “Ali-Modu Sheriff is not a party in the said suit, neither was his name mentioned anywhere in the ruling. There was no consequential order in that ruling to warrant the attendant insinuations as the law does not take implied effects on people”.

According to him, the court merely voided the processes leading to the amendment of the PDP constitution in 2014, while Sheriff’s emergence was not covered by the amended section of the constitution in 2014 but the PDP constitution of 2012.He said that if there was any procedural error in introducing new clauses or amendments to existing ones, the court would only void the new amended version not the entire constitution of the PDP of 2012.

Given an insight of what happened, he said a People’s Democratic Party (PDP) member, Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere had some time ago, taken the party to court to challenge the 2014 PDP Constitution Amendment. He said nowhere in the suit is Modu Sheriff joined or his name mentioned and that it is a misnomer to impute that “Sheriff has been removed  as he is not part of the case”.

Credit: Leadership

Military Never Arrested Our Strike Team- Avengers

New militant group responsible for the bombing of oil facilities in the Niger Delta region, the Niger Delta Avengers, NDA, on Tuesday, said claims by the Nigerian Military that no fewer than 10 of its suspected members were arrested on Sunday, was false.

The Commander, 4 Brigade, Nigerian Army, Benin City, Farouk Yahaya, while addressing journalists had said that the the Nigerian Army arrested 10 suspected militants and pipeline vandals in the Niger Delta region, on Sunday.

But in a tweet today, via its Twitter handle, @NDAvengers, the militant group said: “Our attention has been drawn to the arrest of 10Niger Delta Avengers boys by Nigerian Military. None of our Strike Team has been arrested. It’s all lies.”





I Never Said Petrol Will Sell For N40 Per Litre– Tam David-West

A former Minister of Petroleum Re­sources, Prof Tam David-West, has denied newspaper reports, Daily Sun not included, that Buhari will crash the price of petrol to N40 per litre.

The Professor of Virology who spoke in a telephone interview at the weekend, said at no time did he ever made such com­ment, regretting that he must have been misquoted.

Rather, he said, he only canvassed that some 14 items currently listed in the petrol pricing template be re­moved as that would help crash pet­rol price to N40.

David-West said some of the 14 items included, Petroleum Equal­ization Fund (PEF) charges, trans­porters margin, lithering expenses among other charges, currently con­tained in the pricing template tend to increase the cost of petrol.

The former Minister said it was shameful that Nigeria is still in­volved in importation of petroleum products despite having four refin­eries capable of meeting the energy needs of the country.

He equally took a swipe at those pushing for sustenance of subsidy re­gime, saying the scheme was a fraud that should not be encouraged by all Nigerians.

‘‘I signed the contract for the re­finery in Port Harcourt in 1985. And I can tell you that there is nothing wrong with our refineries. But the is­sue is just that some people bent on sabotaging the efforts of government are frustrating plans to ensure that the refineries produce at optimal ca­pacity. David-West equally berated proponents of the co-locating of re­fineries, arguing that such idea was a waste of resources.

‘‘How can you co-locate refiner­ies within the existing refineries that NNPC has tagged as scraps? For you to co-locate refineries that means the refineries still have value and can be efficient,’’ he said.

Recall that NNPC had recently said that it was targeting to increase the nation’s refining capacity from 445,000 barrels per day(bpd) to 650,000 (bpd)

The Corporation said the move was aimed at reducing fuel importa­tion in the foreseeable future, adding that nine companies have submitted bids for the co-location of new re­fineries within the complexes of its three existing refineries in Kaduna, Warri and Port Harcourt.

Credit: Sun

Buhari Never Called Nigerians ‘Criminals’, Presidency Clarifies

The State House has described as misconstrued, the various interpretations of President Muhammadu Buhari’s comments in an interview granted to the UK’s Daily Telegraph newspaper on February 5.

In a statement yesterday by his media aide, Mr. Garba Shehu, the presidency stated that the wave of negative reactions to the president’s remarks about the reputation of Nigerians abroad was as a result of an incomplete understanding of the president’s point.

Shehu said: “President Buhari was asked about the flood of migrants from Nigeria and the fraudulent applications for asylum put in by people desperate to leave their motherland at any cost, and it was this question that elicited his response.”

Shehu urged Nigerians to avail themselves of a full text of the interview, which he said was available on the Telegraph’s website.
He said it was preposterous for anyone to imagine that the President of Nigeria would describe all the citizens of the country he leads as “criminals”, when he himself is a Nigerian — obviously not a criminal — and when there are many Nigerians of honest living making their country proud all over the world.

“Unfortunately, there are also Nigerians giving their country a bad image abroad, and it is to those Nigerians that the president referred in his comments,” he said, adding that people might play politics and online games with the president’s comments, but the fact of the matter remained that Nigeria’s reputation abroad had been severely damaged by her own citizens.

“These Nigerians who leave their country to go and make mischief on foreign shores have given the rest of us a bad reputation that we daily struggle to overcome,” Shehu said.

He also drew attention to the many efforts of Buhari to clean up the image of Nigeria, such as the war against corruption, stating that acknowledging a problem was the first step to preferring a solution.

He said: “Buhari is very aware of the problems the people of Nigeria face both at home and abroad, and he is not shying away from admitting them, even as he focuses on solutions to bring them to a permanent end.”

Credit: ThisDay

I Was Never Invited By Panel On Arms Purchase– Dasuki

The former National Security Adviser (NSA) Colonel Sambo Dasuki, has denied ever receiving any invitation letter to appear before a committee set up by the current administration to investigate procurement processes relating to any arms transaction by the last administration, under which he served.

Colonel Dasuki told an online publication, Premium Times that the DSS is determined to re-arrest him without any court warrant or fresh charges.

He said that his current travails started on Tuesday after Justice Adeniyi Ademola of the Federal High Court ordered his passport returned to him to enable him go abroad for medical treatment.

He added that he received “intelligence” that an order was given to the operatives to effect his arrest at the airport.

As a result, he failed to leave on Wednesday as arranged.

Credit: ChannelsTV

I Never Denied My Lip Fillers- Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner, in her Elle Canada Magazine interview spoke specifically on her lips and the injections… of which she has now admitted to.

Mama Kris was “super-against” the procedure, Kylie notes, “but I begged her and begged her and she finally let me do it.” As she’s said before, Kylie explained her lips had been a long-term insecurity; as to why she didn’t immediately come clean, she says she thought it was obvious anyway (and, also, nobody else’s business!).

And, she adds, “I never denied” going under the needle either. This seems like an obvious fact-checking opportunity at first, but it turns out she’s right! Really, she pretty much never did say, “Nope, no fillers” at least not outright! Instead, she and her publicists talked around the subject masterfully in interviews and social media updates over the past year or so, never explicitly lying but, you know, perhaps falling a little short of a full disclosure also. Here’s some sneaky-smart examples:

“That’s so ridiculous and not true.”Daily Mail, March 2014 (on rumors of lip fillers AND a nose job)

“These plastic surgery rumors hurt my feelings to be honest, and are kinda insulting.” —Twitter, April 2014

“How long are we gonna talk about this lip thing lmao Let’s get a [ sic] our lives together guys and talk about some important shit.” —Twitter, October 2014

“I love lip liner and over lining my lips... I feel like everyone has been talking about [my lips] for months, so I’m kind of sick of it,” —E! News, November 2014

“Kylie’s lips are created using expertly applied lip liner and a little lip balm I find it funny that so much attention is drawn to my work, but I like it.” —Daily Mail, December 2014 (an interview with Kylie’s makeup artist)

“I know how to do my makeup, contour, and everything. I’m not against surgery. I’d never say no, but I don’t desire it right now.” —Cosmopolitan, February 2015

“Stop talking about my lipsI’ve never been under the knife.” —Grazia, April 2015.

“No one’s ever asked me about my lipsmy heart literally dropped.” KUWTK, May 2015.

Kylie first spoke about her fillers on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians back in May, after sister Khloé told her that she didn’t want to “look like a liar” on the subject. But technically she never did, seriously! Her konscience should be totes clear, right?

Credit: Cosmopolitan

We Never Denied APC Broadcast Space- AIT

Management of DAAR Communications, owners of Africa Independent Television (AIT), has denied allegations that it exhibited bias against the presidential campaign of Muhammadu Buhari, ahead the March 28 election.

This was as the company refuted claims that it denied the All Progressives Congress (APC) considerable airtime on its medium.

In a statement issued by the management of DAAR Communications, following a statement credited to the head of President Muhammadu Buhari media team, Garba Shehu, said “we wish to state categorically and emphatically that at no time did we reject or deny the presidential candidate of the APC broadcast space on our station – Africa Independent Television (AIT).

“It has always been our policy to open up the democratic space to all the broad spectrum of actors in the political horizon.

“For the benefit of discerning members of the public and political academics who will obviously document some facts for historical purposes and the stock of public information compendium, we hereby challenge Mallam Garba Shehu to state the names of the officer(s)/department(s) that he dealt with, wherein the materials that he wanted aired were out rightly rejected.”

It added that “we feel pained, disappointed and betrayed by the allegation of maltreatment of APC presidential campaigns by Mallam Garba Shehu who, at various times, requested for unusual discounts and concessions, at short notices, which we often obliged in our spirited efforts of ensuring that we engaged all political parties; most especially the APC in our broadcasts so that we would be fair to all parties.”

Credit: Tribune

12 Things Guys Will Never Understand About Bras

The pure relief you feel at the end of the day when you take them off.I’ve had this described to me on multiple occasions through a variety of different expressive mediums, and it sounds way better than how just taking off your underwear feels. If I had to draw a male parallel, it’d probably be the moment your balls touch the water as you jump in a pool on a hot summer’s day. And that requires a pool. You can get that sensation just from a single unclasping of some fabric. Every day.

What it’s like to own bras for different situations, like fancy underwear. Sure, we can go out and buy underwear that makes us feel fancy. But we could be wearing our 9-year-old lucky boxers under our wedding tux and no one would know.

Going braless. We can go commando, sure, but that’s not quite as uh … sanitary. Going braless brings all the freedom and gentle breeziness novelty going commando affords, without all the junk and butt sweat. It’s all positives.

Color-coordinating your bra with your outfit. Most of the time, our underwear won’t even be visible (and if it is, we’re probably wearing jeans, and everything goes with jeans). We don’t have to carefully budget out our underwear or think about what boxer briefs we’re going to wear when. We reach in a drawer and throw on whatever. We could not handle making sure we have a bra to match our spaghetti straps. I’d probably just only buy white bras and make things easy. 

How the fuuuck those sizes work.Unless we’re buying a suit, we just deal with S, M, L, XL. With bras, there are way too many dimensions involved. 

Having it “cut into your skin.”Why would an item of clothing ever do this to you? This sounds horrible.

Having a piece of clothing betray you via underwire. Nothing we wear can just spring pain on you seemingly out of nowhere. Sure, we can get into some excruciatingly painful situations via the flies on our pants, but at least we’re actively involved in that. We’re not just walking down the street and suddenly our shorts are stabbing us.

Boob sweat. We won’t understand this, but frankly, we have ball sweat, which I can assure you is worse.

Actually paying for them. Why are they so much money?

How quickly they seem to wear out. Apparently, bras aren’t even good for a full year. You know how long guys’ underwear lasts? Until our partner finds them in the laundry and throws them out without us knowing. And that can be decades.

Those weird band ones. You know the ones I’m talking about? How do they stay on? [Ed. note: I think he’s talking about strapless bras?]

Choosing the right bra for a situation. When we’re choosing our underwear in the morning, we have to ask ourselves, “Am I going running?” If the answer is no, then anything goes (otherwise we’re throwing on some athletic underwear). Women seem to have a deep bra stable designed for a variety of tactical situations, like they’re boob secret agents.

Credit: cosmopolitan

Presidency Insists Buhari Never Promised Specifics in 100 Days

The presidency has again reiterated its position and that of the All Progressives Congress (APC) that President Muhammadu Buhari never promised Nigerians that he would achieve specific things within his first 100 days in office.

It maintained that the document tagged “One Hundred Things Buhari Will Do in 100 Days” and another one, “My Covenant With Nigerians” did not emanate from the authentic channel of the campaign’s media department.

The Senior Special Assistant to the President, Media and Publicity, Mallam Garba Shehu, who made the presidency’s position known yesterday, was responding to criticism that has trailed the denial by both the presidency and the APC that the president made such promises.

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Why You Don’t Get The Job: 3 Colours You Should Never Wear in a Job Interview

Snagging a job interview, you definately don’t want to look like you’re going to a funeral, but you don’t want to look like a clown, either. While color choice depends on the type of job you’re looking for, there are some colors that just won’t cut it.  Here are a few tips for making sure you don’t leave the wrong impression on your interviewer.

1. Orange

No matter how much you like this color, stay away. According to Ben Parr, author of the book Captivology: The Science of Capturing People’s Attention, people have automatic reactions to specific sights, sounds, and colors. Parr asserts that the color orange has the lowest correlation with confidence. A lack of confidence is the last thing you want to convey to a potential employer, so steer clear of this hue on the big day. Furthermore, in a survey conducted by Harris Interactive for CareerBuilder, 25% of employers said orange was the worst color a job candidate could wear because they associated the color with someone who is unprofessional. Orange is not the new black when it comes to job interviews.

2. Red

source: Pixar

Bright colors like red can elicit very strong feelings, and they are often not positive when it comes to job interviews. Your best bet is to stay away from colors that can be seen from clear across the room. “Hiring managers tend to love or hate red, so only choose red if you are comfortable with risk,” said Civitelli. Unless you’re a crime fighter or going on a date, red is not your color.

3. Brown

Source: Thinkstock

Brown may seem like a safe color, but Civitelli says many hiring managers don’t care for this shade. Brown is a little too safe. Although this color tends to be associated with reliability and comfort, this may backfire when it comes to interviewing at a fast-paced company. An interviewer could get the impression that you’re resistant to change and would insist on doing things the way they’ve always been done. So ditch the cuddly bear look, and opt for a strong color like navy instead.


APC Southwest Chairmen Vow To Never Acknowledge Saraki, Dogara

Chairmen of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in the Southwest have vowed not to recognize the emergence of Senate President, Bukola Saraki and Speaker, House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara until the crisis revolving around the National Assembly contest is sufficiently resolved by the party.

Chairman of the Ekiti State chapter of the party, Chief Jide Awe disclosed this yesterday as his counterpart in Oyo State, Chief Akin Oke insisted that the two presiding officers of the National Assembly should apologise to the party to avoid compounding their problems.

The duo spoke in the wake of assertions that the Southwest caucus of the party may have decided to boycott activities of the party upon the crisis provoked by the failure of Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila to win the leadership contest and the subsequent resistance to his emergence as Majority Leader of the House.

Speaking on the development, Awe said: “I was at the NEC meeting but I did not go and salute the Senate President and the Speaker. This is because there are issues on ground that have not been resolved by the leadership of the party. This crisis has to be resolved. We are a third party to this crisis and a third party should not contribute to an existing problem, rather he should look for solutions.”

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Osinbajo Was Never Excluded From National Security Meetings- Report

More details are now emerging about the purported exclusion of the Vice President from some National Security Council meetings held so far, days after the presidency formally denied the false speculations describing them as “the creation of someone who just wanted to write something”.

Informed presidency sources said the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo was actually informed and invited to the meeting by the President himself, and that due to other pressing engagements and commitments of the presidency, the VP had to be present at other events, including a foreign trip to Sudan.

According to sources, “there was no way the Vice President would be excluded from a meeting for which it was the President himself that told him about it and requested him to attend in line with the law of the land, but as things turn out there were other events requiring the attention of at least the President or the Vice President at the same time.”

Some of the media outlets that reported and republished the false story includes naij.com, dailypost.ng and a foreign paper, International Business Times.

No major Nigerian or international media organization published the story

Sources close to Mr. Osinbajo said they believe some outgoing political appointees of the PDP administration still in the presidency were responsible for planting the falsehood in the media in order to cause disaffection among the Nigerian people, hoping to spur an early crisis for the new Buhari presidency.

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I Would Never Insult Buhari- Tinubu

Former Governor of Lagos state and National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has raised an alarm over a plot by some people to turn him against President Muhammadu Buhari.

The former governor of Lagos State in a statement by his media office said this in response to a report that claimed Tinubu accused President Buhari of moving against the party by helping Senator Bukola Saraki to emerge as Senate President.

Tinubu however said he never made a public statement about the National Assembly since Saraki and Yakubu Dogara emerged as Senate President and the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

The APC leader said he could never insult the President or castigate a government that he helped to form.

Read the statement below:

“The story first published on an online news site and later parroted by other online news outlet is an example of irresponsible journalism. This story has no source. It is a blatant fabrication to serve the interest of its sponsors. Tinubu has not spoken about the Senate election. This story is a perverse fiction. Not journalism…”

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