Hospitals no longer need our report to treat gunshot victims – Police

Ibrahim Idris, inspector-general of police (IGP), has directed hospitals to treat gunshot wounds with or without police report.

Fatai Owoseni, police commissioner in Lagos state, disclosed this while addressing reporters on Wednesday.

Owoseni the IGP only advised hospitals to ensure that they make proper report at the nearest police station.

“Any medical practitioner that insists on the production of a police report is doing that on his own,” he said.

“All the hospital needs to do is to report at the nearest police station for accountability and record purpose.

“This is important for the protection of the hospital because when the police is aware, they can protect the hospital from further invasion by the victim’s gangs to rescue him.

“Our personnel have been warned not to hoodwink any medical practitioner.”

Owoseni said the command was aware of the public observations on acts of indiscipline by some policemen, saying that the area commanders and divisional police officers (DPOs) had been cautioned.

“We have passed on your observations and we hope they pass it on to their subordinates, too,” he said.

FG to build three more VVF hospitals for poor, vulnerable – Minister

The Minister of Health, Prof. Isaac Adewole, says the Federal Government is planning to build three more Vesico Vaginal Fistula hospitals in the country to make treatment accessible to the poor and vulnerable.

Adewole told the News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos that poverty and lack of accessible healthcare were major causes of VVF in the country.

He said VVF mostly affected the poor, younger women and many of them abandoned by their husbands.

Adewole said: “There are thousands of Nigerian women with VVF, and it is only poor people that will have it. The rich won’t have it because it is an indication of lack of care during delivery.

“About 85.7 per cent of the poor have no health coverage and no one to look after them.

“The rich ones are taken care of, no rich one will have it, even when they have it or there is a mistake, they will quickly repair it and they will be okay because they have the money.”

Adewole said Federal Government, through its Rapid Results Initiative launched in October, would be performing 10,150 free VVF surgeries in partnership with International Society of Obstetric Fistula Surgeons.

He said it was already taking place concurrently in Abuja, Ibadan, Katsina, Minna and Abakaliki.

He said: “We are picking these women. The Federal Government has set up three VVF hospitals in the country, but we are planning on building two or three more to clear off the backlogs.

“This will enable the poor and the vulnerable who could not afford the fistula treatment to beam with smiles.”

The Minister described VVF as an abnormal opening created between the urinary system and the vagina usually after a prolonged labour not attended by skilled personnel.

He said: “These are women who for one reason or the other could not really deliver their babies through the normal birth canal.

“And because there is a misfit between the baby and the passage, the head of the baby or the other parts of the baby would compress the bladder against the bone and thereafter, the woman starts leaking urine.”

NAN reports that recent records by a health awareness group, Community Partners for Development revealed that Nigeria has the highest prevalence rate of women suffering from VVF in the world.

About 800,000 Nigerian women are living with the condition.

Government Should Scale-Up Primary Health Care Service Delivery Nationwide – CODE

A leading NGO Connected development [CODE] has called on government at all level to take up one of its responsibilities by ensuring proper facilities are put in place in various primary health care centers in Nigeria.

Following the release of $1.5million dollars from World Bank to the 36 states respectively including the Federal Capital Territory as part of the World Bank supported “Save One million Lives” the Follow the Money team of CODE visited 6 states respectively to assess the state of the PHCs to track the implementation of these funds. These states are AkwaIbom, Enugu, Kano, Kogi and Yobe.

Findings from the field visit to each of the states are rather appalling as most of the Primary Health Centres are facing several reprehensible and elementary challenges. Generically, most of them have no improved water supply, electricity, security, quarters for hospital staffers; there is no stationed doctor; and the toilet facilities are in a mess. Furthermore, because of these challenges, the PHCs do not operate 24/7, cannot admit or treat sick people and lack sufficient tables & chairs.


This in return made Follow the Money team comes up with advocacy hashtags representing various local governments in each state’s.

Some key Findings:

In Kano

Follow The money team visited Kantudu in Makoda LGA of Kano State. They found out that the PHC serves 2,500 people, all coming from 13 surrounding villages. The PHC was built 5-6 years ago as a senatorial project in Makoda LGA. The PHC has one male and female ward, which are not presently functioning. There are only three staffers with one community health worker who are not certified health professionals.

During the interactive section with the head of community Alhaji Muhammad Musa, and the community association said that they have reached out to the government of Kano twice on the state of the health center in Kantudu, but there was no response. “We hope this campaign with ONE and CODE will make the government of Kano to look at the plight of our health center, so that our people can start using it” says Malam Ali, the medical head at the PHC.


In Yobe State

We were in Lantenwa, Yobe where a Primary Health Care is in a messy situation. The PHC in Lantenwa is in Lantewa village, Lantewa ward, Tarmuwa LGA. It serves a population of 13,400 under 5 yrs; 10-15 patients daily, 70-105 weekly. Speaking to the head commnity ,AuduLantewa, mentioned that the dispensary has been dilapidated for more than 7 yrs, he added that dispensary situation is critical and he personally reported the issue to local authorities several times. He further lamented that “Lantewa is the gathering center of four neighboring with approximately 7,000 registered voters, as such we should get better things from the government” he said.


In Kogi State

We went to the PHC to find out if the implementation of the fund is ongoing as well as to track the implementation of the N10.5 million earmarked by the National Primary Health care Development Agency for the rehabilitation of the PHC. On reaching there, there was no such intervention taking place. The Officer in Charge (OIC) said it was the first time she was hearing of such. The village head whom we paid a courtesy visit to also said he has never heard of such. We then went to the Operational Base of the NsitIbom LGA’s Health Centres and the Director of the base told us that she has never heard of such fund for the PHC’s rehabilitation


In Osun State

Our team went on ground to track the $1.5m earmarked by the World Bank and the Federal Government of Nigeria for the Saving One Million Lives Initiative and all we could see while on the field is nothing to write home about. From our findings, the facility is meant to serve 11 villages which are: Gboore, Alajue-Logun, Asunmo, Ayegbami, Agbopa, Jagun-Odomu, Olodan, Aladie, Amosun, Seesa, Akiribiti amongst others. In total, the target population which the facility is meant to serve is 12,498. 498 of the population are children less than one year, the Primary Health Care Centre has a monthly target of 42 patients, but it end up serving more than 400 on an average.

Consequently, a Freedom of Information letters was sent to the concerned government institutions and offices for a breakdown of the funds usage, implementation window and respective contractors, especially the governmental institutions concerned, to instantaneously start the implementation of these funds, ensure transparency & accountability in the funds’ implementation, and make government data open in line with the Open Government Partnership.

Follow The Money is a growing movement currently in 32 states of the country, held community outreaches to 10 primary health facilities in Kano, Yobe, osun, and found out that all were in a state of dysfunction, even with the funds that have been released to the states to upgrade the primary health care “Most of the head of clinic at the PHC in the 5 that I visited were in an abandoned state, lacks basic healthcare amenities and needs urgent attention to serve people at local communities.” affirmed HamzatLawal, CODE’s Chief Executive & Co-Founder, Follow The Money.   

He stressed that annually; Nigeria loses over 99% children below the age of 5 due to dilapidated healthcare services and urges government actions to serve the people by improving better service delivery while ensuring transparency and accountability.

Hospitals Are Starting To Offer Laughing Gas For Women Giving Birth

Finally, an option for women giving birth who don’t mess with an epidural but also don’t want to mess with blinding pain for hours and hours!

The Cut writes about a new NPR report about how laughing gas is growing in popularity for pain management during labour. It was widely used in hospitals for all sorts of pain throughout the mid-1800s to the 1950s, and now it’s making a comeback specifically with labour as some women are forgoing epidurals.

As The Cut explains, about half of women get epidurals during labour, and although the risks are minimal, more and more are opting to give a natural birth without pain medication. Laughing gas presents an alternative, and it’s one that midwives are excited about. They like it because it’s mild, safe, and doesn’t mask the pain, but rather relaxes your body and makes you care less about it. Sounds pretty tight, to be honest.

Right now, nearly 300 U.S. hospitals offer it, and the list is expected to grow.

Credit: cosmopolitan

Bello lampoons doctors, nurses over inhuman treatment of patients

Governor Abubakar Sani Bello of Niger state has expressed displeasure over the attitude of doctors and nurses towards the treatment of patients in public hospitals in the state, saying they are inhuman in their conduct.

He said: “If you see the way some patients are treated by nurses and doctor, it is inhuman, to the extent that the sickness of the patients often times degenerate”.

He said that with such attitude, there could not be service delivery and actualisation of the change desired by the people.

The governor said he had been “having headache and sleepless nights over this and the behaviour of many other institutions in the state including the police, civil service and the judiciary”.

Change, according to him, was not a one-man business, he said and called for more commitment and support for the “Change Begins With Me” campaign of President Muhammadu Buhari.

He lamented that more lip service was paid to the campaign, stressing that for the country to achieve the desired change all and sundry must deliberately and consciously work towards it.

“We all have been shouting the change slogan, but I am disappointed because the change is not yet with us. Whether you are a doctor, policeman, civil servant, politician or a judge, the change is about everyone”.

“The day the police and the judiciary will uphold the law, is the day things will change for the better. We must move away from the way we have been doing businesses; we must pity those that don’t have and those who cannot help themselves. Everyone has a role to play”, he said.

He emphasised the need for Nigerians to shun corruption and be dedicated in the discharge of duties with strict adherence to the ethics of our professions and callings.

He said: “Everyone has a role to play from the governor to the last political appointee, we must move away from the old ways, we must care and pity those who cannot help themselves. We must care for the less-privileged. We must also desist from employing family members who do nothing at the expense of the state.“

Julius Agwu Dismisses Brain Surgery Rumours

Popular comedian Julius Agwu was rumored to have undergone a brain surgery in some sections of social media today. His manager, Bishop, has dismissed the rumors, stating that the 43-year-old survivor of brain surgery in 2013 only went for a medical checkup in London, United Kingdom during the weekend.

His words:

“That’s not true. It’s nothing serious. Julius just went for a checkup. He was grounded on routine visit to the Doctor on Friday because he hadn’t been having enough rest as prescribed by the doctor.

“He’s doing pretty well and might even come over to US to complete his much needed rest and routine doctor’s visit.”

Pregnant Woman In Labor Has Emergency C-section But Doctors Can’t Find The Baby

Mom of 4, Amber Hughes went into labor at 30 weeks. She had been warned she would go into early labor by doctors after losing her mucus plug at 24 weeks. The young mum endured 36 hours of hard labor and when it became apparent the baby had an infection, they rushed her in to have a C-section.

It wasn’t long before Hughes knew something was very wrong. The doctors were moving about frantically and there was no crying heard for at least two minutes. Remarkably, Hughes was delivering her baby naturally at the exact moment the doctors were performing the C-section. All of a
sudden, cries from baby Olly were heard, and he was found under the sheet.

Hughes said:

“For two minutes they had lost my baby. That is just ludicrous…My body was telling me it was ready and I should have listened to it. I now wear a scar that wasn’t needed, across my tummy. I’m thankful my baby is okay, but we’ll never be able to forget the day the doctors lost our baby.”

Amber is currently trying to get answers from the hospital. Thankfully, little Olly is healthy

Gay Men Subjected To Horrific Electric Shock Therapy To ‘Cure Homosexuality’ In China

They are horrific images of young Chinese men with electrodes placed near their genitals and on their head before being subjected to huge doses of electric voltage to try and rid them of their homosexuality.

It’s been revealed that men are still regularly subjected to gay electric shock therapy in China, 15 years after it was no longer classified a ‘mental illness’.

Hospitals across the country continue to offer the brutal treatment, saying they can ‘cure homosexuality’. Their barbaric methods are exposed by the Dateline program.

Viewers are taken inside medical facilities like the Tianjin Mental Health Hospital where undercover activist, John Shen, is told he can be prescribed drugs and shock therapy.

‘It’s a small electric rod, when you have these urges, you shock yourself with the rod, then you know you should avoid these urges,’ a psychiatrist tells Mr Shen.

In one particularly confronting image it appears a nurse even places electrodes near the man’s genitalia as he calls out that ‘I’m nervous’.

‘Now what I want to make you to feel is scared,’ the clinician tells him as she sends the charge through his body.

China outlawed the classification more than 15 years ago but that hasn’t stopped the shocking practice taking place in medical facilities.

Undercover reporter
Another ‘patient’ went ahead with the treatment at the Huashan Hospital to secretly recorded the process.

‘When these urges arise, you can take a cold shower or go jogging to release the excess hormones,” a psychiatrist suggested to him before offering the electric shock treatment. He is told it costs $800 each time and that several appointments will be required for him to be ‘cured’..

Electrodes are attached to the man’s head, which goes numb as the voltage is turned up.’He’s told it will rebalance his nervous system.’

Culled from Mailonline

Eyewitnesses, Doctors, Confirm Drugs On Lamar, As Khloe Makes Medical Decisions

Lamar Odom was found unconscious with white stuff coming out of his nose, two different people at Nevada brothel have confirmed.

The Nye County Sheriff’s Office has also released the recordings from two employees of the Nevada brothel where both described they saw a white/pinkish substance running out of his nose and mouth.

The male caller was Richard Hunter, media director of the ranch, and he told the operator Lamar had cocaine on him on Saturday. He also said Lamar was taking heavy doses of the herbal Viagra substitute called Reload.

Doctors have also confirmed there was cocaine in Odom’s system when he was rushed to the hospital.


A police officer says there’s a possibility Odom could be charged for drug possession when he recovers.

Meanwhile, his ex-wife, Khloe Kardashian has been making medical decisions as Lamar lies in a coma. Though Khloe and Lamar had already filed for divorce, officially they remain husband and wife as the union has not been officially dissolved, so she has been making his medical decisions.

Aftermath Of Attack In Ondo State, Singer Ayefele Hospitalized

Below is a press statement from Ayefele’s management following his attack in Ondo last Saturday:

Aftermath of attacks by hoodlums in Akure, Ondo State capital on Saturday, Gospel Tungba crooner, Yinka Ayefele has been hospitalised following impact of the injuries he sustained in the attack. The popular musician was this afternoon rushed to an undisclosed hospital in Ado Ekiti where he had gone to honour the invitation of the Ekiti State government to perform at the World Teachers Day organised by the state government.

A release signed by his Publicist, Mr. David Ajiboye disclosed that the versatile artiste was hit with a plank on his chest during the attack on him on Saturday in Akure. According to the release, “Yinka Ayefele, MON was attacked by hoodlums on the outskirt of Akure on Saturday 3rd October, 2015 during the burial party of Madam Ebunoluwa Lydia Odumakinde where he was contracted to perform with his band members.

“The hoodlums, after collecting N200, 000 from the artiste as “settlement” later demanded for a sum of N500,000 which did not go down well with Ayefele and in the process of the argument, he was hit on the chest by a plank which was thrown at him.”

The release added that Ayefele’s Ford Explorer 2015 model was vandalized and his recently acquired N150 million musical equipment was not spared. “The hoodlums vandalised the newly acquired musical equipment and the truck while his new Ford Explorer 2015 model SUV was also vandalised, as well. The band boys escaped unhurt contrary to reports in the media that they were beating.

Buhari Called To Wish Me Speedy Recovery While I Was In UK Hospital – Akpabio

While trying to dispel rumors that he is a sworn enemy of President Buhari, Godwill Akpabio who returned to Nigeria two days ago after flying abroad to get medical treatment on injuries he sustained in car accident, said President Buhari actually reached out to him by telephone.

“Let me place on record the support of Pres. Buhari who did something extraordinary. The President called the hospital that I was in London. He called the hospital line, and said put me through to the Minority Leader of the Senate who is in your hospital. And they connected him. The room number was Room 215. And he spoke with me.
He said, Akpabio we are praying for you. Insha Allah, it shall be well with you.” Akpabio said at a programme to celebrate the 28th anniversary of the state.

He also narrated talked about the accident

 “When that accident happened, I was rushing in the morning to join my daughter who was ill in her school abroad and when it happened I lost consciousness and all I shouted was God take care of my children and my people,”he said.

Oluwakemi Gbadamosi: Traditional Birth Attendants And Nigeria’s Maternal And Infant Health Issues. Lessons From The Field

Over the past one month, various states in Nigeria have marked the Maternal, New born and Child Health week; popularly referred to as MNCH week. The MNCH week is an essential part of the Integrated Maternal Newborn and Child health (IMNCH) strategy, which was adopted at the National Council of Health in 2007 to strengthen access to quality health services, in order to improve maternal health and reduce child mortality in line with the millennium development goals (MDGs) 4 and 5. The MNCH week is implemented by providing a combination of proven interventions; which includes Immunization, Antenatal Care, Nutrition, HIV Counselling and Testing, long lasting insecticide-treated nets distribution, health promotion (hand washing, early initiation and exclusive breast feeding, hygiene and sanitation etc.

A strategic intervention like the MNCH week has become very vital over the years in addressing Nigeria’s high maternal and child mortality rates, and high mother-to-child transmission of HIV.  Although Nigeria has made great progress in maternal and child health, current statistics are still very unsettling. According to UNICEF, Nigeria loses about 2,300 children under five and 145 women of childbearing age daily; making Nigeria the 2nd largest contributor to the maternal and under-five mortality rate globally.  Nigeria also accounts for about 30% of the burden in mother-to-child-transmission (MTCT) of HIV in the world, which is also very high compared to most African countries. It is very important to note that beyond MTCT, HIV/AIDS is also one of the largest contributors to infant mortality in the country.  Recently, WHO declared Cuba as the first country in the world to eliminate-mother-to-child transmission of HIV, a very enviable feat. While countries like Botswana and South Africa have reduced transmission rates to 3% and 7% respectively, according to the 2013 UNAIDS global progress report.

Various factors have been identified as responsible for Nigeria’s poor maternal and child health statistics; such as low access and utilization of quality healthcare services, low literacy level, poor healthcare practices, inadequate skilled human resource, funding issues, low awareness and distance from healthcare centers-especially in hard to reach communities, among others.  However, a recent visit to the field, specifically primary healthcare centers in very remote areas highlighted another contributory factor, which may not be receiving the desired attention in our quest to drastically reduce maternal and infant mortality rates – Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs).

In virtually every community, facilities recorded high Antenatal Care (ANC) attendance, but recorded abysmal delivery figures. In one of the facilities, ANC attendance for the month of April was over 20 women but delivery was just 3.  The facility head explained that 17 of their women delivered with the Traditional Birth Attendants and the women only visited the facility for immunization or when complications arise. The great disparity in delivery figures is also supported by a report from UNICEF which reveals that only 35% of deliveries are attended by skilled birth attendants. Further discussions revealed that issues of complications and transmission of HIV to children are recurrent. While some facilities explained that integration between them and TBA’s have been quite successful and helpful (TBA’s refer pregnant women to facilities after delivery for the necessary examinations and follow-up); others decried the underutilization of the healthcare centers and risks women are exposed to when they visit TBAs.

TBAs have been defined by the WHO “as a person who assists the mother during childbirth and who initially acquired her skills by delivering babies herself or through an apprenticeship to other TBA’s”.  They are often not formally trained, but are usually respected elderly women in their communities.   TBA’s play a very pivotal role in maternal and child health; because they somewhat bridge the gaps in supporting women with deliveries especially in communities where the closest health center is many miles away.  The potential of TBA’s cannot be underestimated, which has necessitated research studies and training programs to improve their skills.  Unfortunately, my visits to these communities reveal that more needs to be done.

Deliveries with TBA’s have been tainted with use of unsterilized tools, unskilled personnel, poor environmental conditions, and little or no knowledge of PMTCT, hence contributing to high maternal and infant mortality and MTCT of HIV rates. Interactions with facility workers also revealed that most of these women are influenced by religious leaders in their communities and cultural beliefs; leading to high patronage of TBA’s.  The issues raised in these facilities reveal that TBAs and the role they play in maternal and child health needs to be revisited and necessary strategies put in place across the entire country, to ensure that women and children are not at risk.   The following may be considered:

  • Integration of health facilities and TBAs should be made compulsory – TBAs should refer pregnant women to facilities for delivery and counselling. Facility personnel can also be invited to provide support for TBAs, where distance to the facility is a huge issue.

  • Every local government secretariat should have a TBA desk and make it mandatory for TBAs to be registered and accredited for easy monitoring.

  • TBAs should be constantly trained and carried along in various health programs and thematic areas, at state and local government levels.

  • Communities should be provided with mobile vans and head TBAs provided with mobile phones, to enable mobility and communication for effective transfer of women in labor to health centers.

  • Community awareness, door-to-door education should be revitalized to encourage women to visit health centers and the benefits.

  • Above all, quality service delivery in health centers and healthcare workers needs to be strengthened and sustained.

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Views expressed are solely that of author and does not represent views of nor its associates

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Aunt Slams Reports That Bobbi Is Being Taken Home To Die

Story went viral last week that Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown, who has been unresponsive in hospital for four months, was being taken home to die. Thankfully, her aunt Leolah Brown set the story straight with an extremely long Facebook post on Tuesday.

Leolah told her Facebook followers to ‘please ignore any of these LIES coming from the media’, adding that Bobbi Kristina ‘IS “NOT” ON LIFE SUPPORT ANYMORE’ and is improving every day. However, she slammed wife of Whitney Houston’s brother Gary, of telling Bobby Brown that it was ‘costing too much money’ to keep Bobbi Kristina Brown alive.

Leolah wrote:

Fake Nigerian Doctor Practises For 10 Years With Friend’s License

A fake doctor has been nabbed after practising for 10 years.Martins Ugwu,a senior official of the Federal Ministry of Health, who has been practising as a medical doctor for close to 10 years, was arrested by the police upon discovery that he stole the medical license from his friend.

Ugwu, who is a Senior Medical Officer II on Grade Level 13, was found to have impersonated his friend, Dr. George Davidson Daniel, who is undergoing a residency training programme in Jos, Plateau State.

He allegedly stole the license from his friend for whom he was best man during his wedding in 2006. They both hailed from Orukpa in Ogbadibo LGA of Benue State.

PUNCH learnt that Ugwu, who was due to be promoted as Assistant Director in Nigerian Centre for Disease Control, has been working in the civil service since 2006 under the name of Dr. George Davidson Daniel until he was indicted by the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria as an impostor.

Ugwu, who was arrested by the police last Thursday, was however released a few hours later, fueling speculations that the policemen might have been compromised.

Ugwu’s arrest was sequel to an investigation by the MDCN, which registers all Nigerian doctors and regulates their practice, after investigations uncovered two Dr. Daniels—the same name on two separate identity photographs.

But the MDCN said it was dissatisfied with police handling of Ugwu’s case and promised to take up the matter with the Inspector-General of Police.

Source: Punch

Hike In Price Of Food, Transportation As Fuel Scarcity Spreads In NIgeria

Residents in most Nigerian states are facing hard times, as the scarcity of fuel has triggered hike in the price of food commodities and transport fare.

In Kaduna State, service stations are currently selling fuel between 130 and 150 Naira per litre.

The development has brought untold hardship to residents who are now appealing to the relevant authorities to address the problem.

In Lagos State, a litre of petrol sells for over 300 Naira, leading to huge hike in the price of food items. Transport fare has doubled or trippled in some cases. In some areas of the Lagos State, the amount the commuter pays depends on his bargaining power.

The price of food items has doubled, with sellers willing to see their perishable items lose value than to sell at the old price.

In Lokoja, Kogi State capital, few service stations sell the product between 120 to 150 Naira.

One of the service stations at Nataco that had fuel sell for 130 Naira per liter. Commercial buses that must refuel in the state, had no choice but to buy.

Professor James Adeosun told Channels Television that the high level of corruption in the oil and gas sector led to the difficulties that Nigerians were facing.

In different states, most commercial vehicle owners now patronise the black market, as it has become difficult to get the product at service stations.

The fuel scarcity in the oil-rich nation has lingered for about four months now, with residents experiencing the worst moments. There is no end in sight of the problem, as most service stations are shut.

Motorists and those who do their daily business with petrol complain of spending their fortunes to get the product officially put at 87 Naira per litre.

The black marketers, who had stored the product and are now selling, are ripping off residents by selling at high prices. Some residents have resorted to buying the  product for their daily activities in spite of its exorbitant rate.

The scarcity had been linked to the demand by petroleum marketers for full payment of their outstanding subsidy owed by the Nigerian government.

Fuel marketers are insisting that they will not lift petroleum products except the Federal Government pays them their balance.

But one of them, Capital Oil, is defying the directive, pushing out 15 million litres. If the company sustained supplies, in the next nine days, 135 million litres would be available for consumers.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation is also discharging 36 million litres currently, as the corporation attempts to cushion the effect of the scarcity on Nigerians.

American Ebola Patient Admitted To US Hospital

An American healthcare worker who tested positive for Ebola in Sierra Leone was admitted Friday to specialized hospital near the US capital for treatment, officials said.

The person, whose identity has not been revealed, was evacuated from Sierra Leone via a private charter plane and “admitted to the NIH Clinical Center at 4:44 am (0844 GMT),” the National Institutes of Health said in a statement.

“The patient’s condition is still being evaluated. No additional details about the patient are being shared at this time.”

Located in Bethesda, Maryland, the NIH Clinical Center has “high-level isolation capabilities and is staffed by infectious diseases and critical care specialists,” said a statement from the hospital.

The same facility treated US nurse Nina Pham, who was infected while caring for a Liberian man at a Texas hospital.

The man, Thomas Eric Duncan, died. Pham and another nurse who was also infected have since recovered.

On Thursday, the World Health Organization announced that the death toll from the world’s largest Ebola outbreak had topped 10,000.

Most of the deaths in the outbreak, which began in late 2013, have been in the West African nations of Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia.