Pregnant Woman In Labor Has Emergency C-section But Doctors Can’t Find The Baby

Mom of 4, Amber Hughes went into labor at 30 weeks. She had been warned she would go into early labor by doctors after losing her mucus plug at 24 weeks. The young mum endured 36 hours of hard labor and when it became apparent the baby had an infection, they rushed her in to have a C-section.

It wasn’t long before Hughes knew something was very wrong. The doctors were moving about frantically and there was no crying heard for at least two minutes. Remarkably, Hughes was delivering her baby naturally at the exact moment the doctors were performing the C-section. All of a
sudden, cries from baby Olly were heard, and he was found under the sheet.

Hughes said:

“For two minutes they had lost my baby. That is just ludicrous…My body was telling me it was ready and I should have listened to it. I now wear a scar that wasn’t needed, across my tummy. I’m thankful my baby is okay, but we’ll never be able to forget the day the doctors lost our baby.”

Amber is currently trying to get answers from the hospital. Thankfully, little Olly is healthy

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