Mum Delivered Of Baby With Two Heads

Two heads are better than one — so goes the popular saying.

But there are times when two heads are a big problem, such as with a new born baby delivered on Tuesday at a hospital in Ogudu on the outskirts of Lagos.

It has two heads with oxygen tube strapped on each, a neck, chest, two legs and two hands.

Doctors at Med-In Specialist Hospital, Osogbo Street, who took the delivery, said the baby was born around  6:30pm  on Tuesday through an elective caesarean section.  Its mother, surgeon and nurses entered the theatre prepared to take delivery of a set of twins as indicated by the various scans she underwent in the course of the pregnancy.

But what they saw were two heads sharing a body

At the hospital yesterday, it was gathered that the baby  was resuscitated and transferred to the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) for advance care.

According to one of the nurses who was in the delivery room, they had prepared two cots for each of the twins but were shocked when they saw that they were conjoined.

“This is the first time I am seeing anything like this. I have watched it in movies but seeing it in real life was such an experience for me. Thankfully, the surgeon ensured that they survived.

“As I speak to you, the mother doesn’t know the condition of the babies. She still believes and expects to carry her twins. We haven’t told her yet. Only her husband was brought into the theatre to see his children and he was the one who went with the doctors to LUTH,” said the nurse.

In medical parlance, the condition is known as Parapagus. It is a rare form of partial twinning where there are two heads and two necks side by side on one torso.

Such cases are rampant in India and doctors say they cannot be separated since they have only one pair of arms and one pair of legs and one heart. This disorder is different from conjoined twins as the baby has only one set of internal organs. The extremely rare case is thought to be brought on during the early stages of pregnancy as a result of genetic mutation.

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Mum delivered of baby with two heads

JSS III dropout impersonates doctor, performs operation, kills mum, baby.

The Lagos State Police Command has arrested 32-year-old Nonlonfun Celestine, a Junior Secondary School dropout for allegedly parading himself as medical doctor.

The suspect was paraded on Monday in Lagos by the state Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni.

The father of two met his waterloo when he conducted a surgery on a pregnant woman who died alongside her baby.

The family of the deceased, who were angered by the death of their daughter and grandchild, wrote a petition to the State Criminal Investigation Department, Panti, Yaba to investigate the sudden death of the woman and her child.

They said they suspected foul play.

When police operatives stormed the clinic, it was discovered that the suspect, who hails from Badagry in Lagos State, had been parading himself as a medical doctor with fake certificates.

Investigations revealed that the University of Ibadan Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery certificate, certificate of annual practicing license from the Medical and Dental Association of Nigeria and the Certificate of Registration of Business from the Corporate Affairs Commission, with which he had registered his hospital, were all fake.

Celestine said he was enrolled in an auxiliary nursing school in Benin Republic before returning to Nigeria.

Celestine said: “I am from Lagos State but my mother is from Benin Republic. I lived with my mother for over 18 years over there and it was in the country I graduated with a certificate of nursing and returned to join my father in Nigeria in 2004. I started selling drugs at Badagry but later moved to Tomaro in Apapa area where I started a clinic and taking care of the sick within the community.

“The pregnant woman was brought to the clinic by her husband and her brother at about 4am on November, 12. She was convulsing seriously. I administered first aid treatment but she didn’t get better. About four hours later, I called her husband to take her to another hospital for proper medical assistance, but he begged me to continue trying my best because he didn’t have enough money to take her.

“He gave me N8,000 to continue with the treatment and left and came back at about 8pm. I carried out a surgery on the woman and she gave birth to a baby boy who died almost immediately he was delivered?

“Two hours after, the mother also died. I called the husband who was at the waiting room and gave him the news. He was bitter about it. He however came with his family member to take her remains and the dead baby for burial.

“I learnt the woman was buried the following day. I was surprised when some men came to my clinic to look for me. When I stepped out of my office to see who the person was, it was then I discovered they were police officers.

“The policemen then told me they had received a petition about my illegal operation of a hospital in the area by the community leaders and I was arrested.

“unfortunately for me, when I was about taking money from my drawer to bribe the policemen, my fake medical certificate fell off and the policemen picked it up and asked where I got it from and I told them it wasn’t original that I paid to get it from a friend when I wanted to register my clinic.

“I presented my nursing certificate to the Corporate Affairs Commission for registration of my clinic but they turned it down. So I had to pay N35,000 to a friend to get the fake certificates. I did not kill woman and the baby intentionally.”

Owoseni stated that the suspect would be charged to court after completion of investigation.

Suspected killers of ex-FIRS boss’ mum arrested

The Edo state police command has made an arrest of three suspects allegedly involved in the robbery attack and murder of late Mrs. Grace Omoigui, mother of former chairman of the Federal Inland Revenue Service, Ifueko Omoigui-Okauru.


Findings revealed that late Omoigui was shot in the thigh during a robbery attack, after she had been trailed from GTBank on Sapele road where she had gone to withdraw some money sent to her by her daughter.


The deceased was said to have driven off from the bank when her car tyres were shot at by the robbers, but they were said to have followed her to a hotel on Liberty avenue where they reportedly robbed her of N2 million and shot her.


The Edo state Commisioner of Police, Haliru Gwandu, however confirmed that the suspects were arrested 4 days after the attack. They were identified as Austin Orene, Isaiah Ngbeken, and Esogie Aigbede.


According to the commissioner, items recovered from the suspects include a one double barrelled cut-to-size gun, two single barrelled cut-to-size guns, a live cartridge, handsets, ID cards, a decoder, a DVD, receipts and a laptop.


Gwandu said though charges made earlier against the suspects was armed robbery, it would be reviewed to include murder following the death of Mrs. Grace Omoigui on the 19th of November.


“We have already arrested them (suspects). They are in prison. They were charged with armed robbery. But this time around, we will modify our case file and transmit to the DPP to inform them that she had died. So, there is an additional charge of murder,” said the Commissioner.

Unbelievable! Mom Goes Clubbing With Colleagues Leaving Toddler Alone In Car

This shocking photo shows a hysterical toddler screaming for help after being left in a locked car while his mother went clubbing with her work colleagues.

In astonishing scenes, a dramatic confrontation erupted between the party animal parent, 25, and a group of concerned bystanders who called the police.

One angry man damaged the woman’s car resulting in her reporting him to the cops for vandalism. The two-year-old’s cries were said to be heard by the group of passers-by in the early hours of

Sunday morning.

When they found the distraught child locked in the vehicle without any adult supervision they phoned the authorities.

The police, who arrived at the scene shortly after, called a mechanic to bust the frightened toddler out of the car before the clubbing-fanatic mother turned up 20 minutes later.

The police in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, said in a statement that the mother had left the child so that she could party at a nightclub with her workmates.

They said the young woman faces charges for “dereliction of the duty of care of her child in front of the public prosecutors”.

Neighbours Defend Mum-Of-Two Arrested For ‘Stabbing Boyfriend To Death’

A mum-of-two has been arrested on suspicion of murder after allegedly stabbing her partner to death.
The woman, who has been named locally as Elizabeth Hart-Browne, 27, was detained shortly after 11pm on Saturday night at her home.

Neighbours recalled hearing “screams” shortly before the police arrived and a pool of blood could be seen near to the flat in Ealing, west London, yesterday.

It is believed the woman stabbed her partner named by a neighbour as Stephen Rayner, inside before he later collapsed outside the property.

One man, who did not want to be named, said: “She’s a lovely girl, she is decent, all I know is if she
has done what she’s done there must have been a cause for it. There’s more than what it looks like, she wouldn’t just do this, he would have had to have done something. He was quite an abusive guy behind closed doors, she was a decent girl, that’s all I’ve got to say.”

Another neighbour, Patrick Meehan, 72, who has lived in the block of flats for 20 years, said: “At about half 11 I heard girls screaming.

“And it went on till 1am, I heard a lot of commotion between half 11 and 1am.

“It was out here and it was mostly a girl screaming, or children, maybe even young girls.

“It’s the first time this sort of thing has happened, never anything this serious, it’s a fairly stable community.

“We have some people who come here and drink and fight and are loud, but nothing to this extreme.

“I heard something on Friday night, some sort of noise below me, there was shouting but last night was more real, the screams were more real.

“But I thought it was local people just drunk from the pub, I didn’t get up to look.

“It’s very sad someone has lost their life and it is shocking for it to happen so close to home.”
Flowers were left at the scene yesterday in a tribute to the man.

She is due to appear in court today.

Mum Who Has Sex With Her Son Plans To Marry And Have Kids With Him

51 year old English woman, Kim West gave up her son, Ben Ford for adoption 30 years ago. Ben who was living in the US was able to track her down in 2013 and sent her a letter to let her know he was her son. Ben who had been married 2 years prior to contacting his mum began exchanging phone calls with his mum before they agreed to meet up.
Kim said when they met, it seemed like they had known each other for years.
Kim who is an interior designer said after she met her son, Ben Ford, 32, she started having sexy dreams about him and then realized she was sexually attracted to him so decided to look it up on the
Internet. She said while surfing the net, she came across an article on Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA), and felt like a weight had lifted.

She said the first time they met was in a hotel, she shared they kissed and it progressed from there.

But the couple, who say their sex life is ‘incredible’ and are planning to get married, insist their relationship is not incest, the New Day reports

Kim has now been in a relationship with her biological son Ben Ford, 32, for two years and believe they are ‘meant to be’. She said they are now in love with each other and are trying for a baby together.

Ben who was married for 2 years to his wife Victoria has since divorced her to be in a relationship with his mum. He said his wife was disgusted when he told her but he insisted that the relationship wasn’t incestuous.

They claim it is ‘Genetic Sexual Attraction’, a term used for relatives who feel sexual attraction for each other after meeting as adults.

Source: New Day

Blac Chyna’s Mum Goes Off On Kris Jenner, Threatens To Fight Her

Blac Chyna’s mum who is visiting her daughter in California took to her IG page to complain that the Kardashians haven’t asked to meet her despite knowing their children are in a relationship and knowing she’s in town.  She threatened to fight Kris Jenner  and asked her to wear sketchers and not high heel shoes to the fight. Read her post below:

Pro-Gun Mum Shot By 4 Year Old After Teaching Him How To Use A Gun

A gun-loving Florida mother was shot by her own four-year-old son – a day after she boasted about his shooting skills.

Jamie Gilt, 31, had a loaded .45 calibre weapon in her car, and her son shot her through her seat while she was driving.

She is in a stable condition in hospital.

‘Even my 4 year old gets jacked up to target shoot with the .22,’ Gilt wrote on Facebook  this week – one of many pro-gun statements on her social media accounts.

The passionate advocate of gun rights said in online discussions this week that she was teaching her children to defend their family.

Captain Joseph Wells of the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office said, ‘This is definitely not a criminal event. This is an accidental shooting.’

Police officers have not yet filed charges, but said in a statement, ‘Florida Statute makes it a misdemeanor for a person to store or leave, on a premise under his or her control, a loaded firearm in such a manner that it is likely a child can gain access to the firearm.’

 Credit: Yahoo

Mom Who Went Viral For Looking Just Like Her Daughters Shares Her Secret Beauty Tip

Last week, a photo of 35-year-old Tina Brown and her teen daughters Kyla and Kaylan completely dumbfounded the Internet. You see, Ms. Brown appears so ageless that people could not figure out which one of the three gorgeous ladies in the selfie was the mother.

So what’s the secret to her eternal youth? Does she wipe her face with an ice cube every morning, like Marilyn Monroe? Does she bathe in a tub of hot milk and honey, like Cleopatra?

Nope, the answer is much simpler than that.

“It’s good to wash your face most of the time with plain water,” Brown told People. “I also exfoliate once a week, but I do think the water helps.”

Credit: Cosmopolitan

Texas Teenager Kills Mom, 2 Neighbors And Commits Suicide

A 19-year-old killed his mother and two neighbors before turning his gun on himself in a shooting that brought SWAT and various emergency vehicles to a rural area in Texas, authorities said Sunday.

Uvalde County Sheriff Charlie Mendeke said Dylan Westerburg gunned down his mother Friday afternoon in their home near Uvalde, about 85 miles west of San Antonio. He then went next door and killed two brothers, Arthur and Phinny Norton, Mendeke said.
Mendeke said investigators haven’t determined a clear motive for the shootings. Westerburg lived with his mother in a small cabin about 20 yards from the Nortons’ mobile home on the brothers’ property.
Phinny Norton, 60, had some “sort of romantic relationship” with Westerburg’s mother, 42-year-old Jennifer Diane Jacques, Mendeke said. Deputies had been called out to the property in the past because of domestic disputes but “nothing violent,” Mendeke said.
Authorities arrived at the scene after a teenage witness called them. The teenage boy was with Arthur Norton, 58, when they saw shotgun shells and broken glass as they approached the Nortons’ mobile home, Mendeke said.

“Mr. Norton enters the house,” Mendeke said. “The kid who was with him hears and sees a gun blast and sees Mr. Norton fall to the floor” before running to call authorities.

When officers arrived they heard another gunshot. Not knowing whether there were multiple gunmen or whether the gunman was dead, authorities surrounded the homes and began evacuating people nearby.
It was during that search that they found Jacques’ body. The family’s dog had also been killed.
Mendeke said he called in about 50 to 60 officers from different agencies as well as a Texas Department of Public Safety SWAT team out of caution. Authorities closed the road leading to the property and they stayed there overnight.

“I didn’t know how many shooters I had in the Norton residence when I found the mother,” he said. “You’re looking at farm- and ranchland. You could get into a dangerous situation.”

The SWAT team finally entered the Nortons’ mobile home on Saturday afternoon and found the Norton brothers and Westerburg dead inside. Mendeke said Westerburg had shot himself in the head.

Source: AP

Did Angels Do This? 18-Month Old Rescued From Crashed Car That Killed Her Mother After 4 Police Officers Heard Mysterious Voice Calling For Help

This baby was saved from drowning by a mysterious voice. Four police officers said they heard a mysterious adult voice calling for help from a scene of a car crash in northern Utah. When they rushed there to help, they only found 18-month-old Lily alive. Her 25-year-old mother had died in the crash. The police said they could have sworn they heard an adult female voice calling to them for help…but only met Lily trapped in the car but alive in the icy river. The mother was long dead. Read full storybelow… From UK Daily Mail
At 10 o’clock on a Friday night in March last year Jennifer Groesbeck veered off a road in northern Utah as she drove back from dinner at her father’s home and hurtled into the icy waters of the Spanish Fork river.
What caused her to swerve remains a mystery but, unluckily, the front wheel of her car caught the edge of the bridge’s concrete wall, causing the vehicle to flip over it and crash down into the river. It landed upside down in the shallows with such force that the windscreen was blown out and the roof crushed as if it had been cardboard.
Out of sight from the road, the red Dodge hatchback sat in chest-high foaming water for 14 hours until it was spotted by an angler, who reported seeing a hand dangling out of a broken window.
Four local police officers arrived first, their sense of urgency captured by the body camera one of them had switched on and whose footage has since been watched thousands of times on the internet.
They dash into the water – so cold that a total of seven policemen and firemen were later treated for hypothermia – and desperately try to get inside the crushed vehicle. Then, about two minutes into the body camera footage, its microphone picks up the faint sound of an adult voice, sounding urgent. It is unintelligible on the footage but appears to be a plea for help as Officer Jared Warner responds: ‘We’re helping, we’re coming.’
Something very odd had just happened, although the emergency responders weren’t to realise it at the time. With visibly new urgency, the rescuers turned the waterlogged car on to its side and discovered the 25-year-old driver was long dead.


But there was a baby in the back seat, Mrs Groesbeck’s 18-month-old daughter, Lily. Upside down and strapped into a child seat that had kept her out of the water and – crucially – kept her clothes dry, she had remained there for an age, her face suspended just above the churning river.
Unconscious and suffering from hypothermia, Lily was successfully revived at hospital.
Her miraculous survival made headlines around the world, and it wasn’t until later that the four policemen discussed those frantic minutes and realised there was something very puzzling about them.
If the mother had died in the initial impact of the crash and the baby was unconscious, whose was the female voice they each swore they had heard coming from the car?
One of those policemen, Tyler Beddoes, believes he knows the answer: Lily was saved by a heavenly guardian who had comforted her during that bleak, freezing night in the half-submerged car and then called for help as her life hung in the balance.
In a new book, Proof Of Angels, Beddoes – an officer with ten years’ experience – describes how the rescue has solidified a religious faith he previously hadn’t really felt.
One doesn’t have to be a sceptical atheist to wonder whether someone might be trying to find a religious message here that isn’t warranted. Beddoes is a Mormon, a religion that believes we all have a guardian angel.
The Lily Groesbeck case, nevertheless, defies any easy explanation. One impressionable or superstitious officer could decide to believe he heard a mysterious voice. But four witnesses are harder to dismiss, especially with video footage capturing a muffled voice and the officer’s response to it.
Quizzed later, each of the rescuers concurred in what they had heard.


Officer Bryan Dewitt said: ‘We were down on the car and a distinct voice says: ‘Help me, help me.’ ‘
Jared Warner, the policeman who was in the video saying they were doing their best, said a few days later: ‘All four of us can swear that we heard somebody inside the car saying ‘Help’.’
‘I think it pushed us to go harder a little longer. I don’t think that any one of us had intended on flipping a car over that day.’
Beddoes soon became the spokesman for the four, as his colleagues grew wary of being labelled as naive – or mad.
Culled from UK Daily Mail

Pregnant Woman In Labor Has Emergency C-section But Doctors Can’t Find The Baby

Mom of 4, Amber Hughes went into labor at 30 weeks. She had been warned she would go into early labor by doctors after losing her mucus plug at 24 weeks. The young mum endured 36 hours of hard labor and when it became apparent the baby had an infection, they rushed her in to have a C-section.

It wasn’t long before Hughes knew something was very wrong. The doctors were moving about frantically and there was no crying heard for at least two minutes. Remarkably, Hughes was delivering her baby naturally at the exact moment the doctors were performing the C-section. All of a
sudden, cries from baby Olly were heard, and he was found under the sheet.

Hughes said:

“For two minutes they had lost my baby. That is just ludicrous…My body was telling me it was ready and I should have listened to it. I now wear a scar that wasn’t needed, across my tummy. I’m thankful my baby is okay, but we’ll never be able to forget the day the doctors lost our baby.”

Amber is currently trying to get answers from the hospital. Thankfully, little Olly is healthy

Woman Beats Daughter’s Boyfriend To Stupor After Finding Them In Bed

A mother has been arrested for brutally beating her daughter’s teen boyfriend after she caught the pair in bed together in Tucson, Texas, USA.
Jeanette Salas Woods, 35, came home to find a 16-year-old boy sleeping with her daughter in one bed. The woman flew into rage and repeatedly punched the unsuspecting boy in the face.

Jeanette Salas Woods is now facing criminal charges

When the teenager woke up Mrs Woods  jumped on him, hitting, kicking and swearing at him. At one point, the boy got so terrified he lost control of his bladder and peed on himself.

And even when he managed to free himself and ran out of the house wearing only a pair of jeans, a furious woman continued pursuing him and threatening with reprisal. Then she turned back home and smashed his car with a baseball bat.

The boy called the police reporting the assault and Woods was arrested afteradmitting  to hit the boy. She is now facing charges of assault and causing  $5,300 damage to a vehicle.

Kanye West Takes North To Disneyland While Kim Kardashian Stays Home

So cute! Kanye West and Kris Jenner took little North to the Happiest Place On Earth on Dec. 14, while Kim Kardashian continues to recover from giving birth to son Saint just over a week ago. Kourtney and her kids also tagged along — see the pics here!

The Kardashians celebrated Mason and Reign Disick‘s birthdays in the best way possible — with a trip to Disneyland! Kanye West, North, Kris Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Penelope, and Corey Gamble also tagged along for the fun-filled day on Dec. 14, but Kim stayed back at home with baby Saint, as she continues to recover after giving birth just over a week ago.


Mason was celebrating his sixth birthday, while Reign celebrated his first. And Kanye was a doting dad, as he kept an eye on North throughout the day, Daily Mail reports. At one point, Kanye was even pictured pushing North in a stroller and letting her sit on his lap as they tried out the park’s famous rides. (See ALL the photos here.)


One person who was noticeably absent from the birthday party was Scott Disick. Could he have skipped out because he’s upset about Kourtney’s alleged hookups with Justin Bieber? We wouldn’t be surprised, as a source told us EXCLUSIVELY that he’s shocked about their sexcapades.

“Scott is trying to get better, trying to turn over a new leaf and now Kourtney is going out late at night and hooking up with another bad boy — Justin,” a source close to Scott told HollywoodLife.comEXCLUSIVELY, revealing his frustration with the situation. “So, Scott feels like it is a slap to the face. He feels that he is doing what she wants and she is now doing things just to make him feel bad.”

Well, at least everyone seemed to have a good time at Disneyland.

Twitter User Guessed Kanye and Kim’s Son’s Name “Saint” Many Months Before Delivery

This feels and looks Creepy to my eyes and makes me wonder if time travelers really don’t exist. If not how could he have ever Guessed such a Unique name of The baby that Kim and Kanye Just had a couple of days back. I am sure i am not the only One that finds this creepy as well.  See tweet below and see date of tweet which was over 6 months the Kid was born in this world. That User definitely had some insight on what possible name That Befits the New West called “Saint”

Woman Survives Car Crash But Is Killed Minutes Later While Going To Take Her Purse From The Wreckage

A 25-year-old mother-of-one who survived a car crash on Sunday morning has died after going back to the vehicle to grab her purse, police claim.

Brittany Leith, mother of a three-year-old girl, was left completely uninjured when her Nissan hit the center median and flipped over onto its roof on Long Island’s Southern State Parkway at 3.54am.
However, after clambering out of the wreckage through a cracked window and being helped to the roadside by other drivers, Leith went back to her car to collect her belongings.
But before cops arrived,she returned to her vehicle in the left lane to retrieve property from it, as she walked back, she was hit and instantly killed by another car on the highway.
A state police car then arrived and was also struck from behind by another passing motorist. A state trooper was taken to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries.
Her 73-year-old grandmother Claire Hansen said she doesn’t know how they will break the news to Leith’s daughter.
‘We have to tell this little baby, this little doll,’ Hansen said. ‘How do we tell this little girl? . . . She keeps saying, “Where’s Mommy? Where’s Mommy?” It’s not supposed to happen this way.’
According to State Police Senior Investigator Thomas Hughes, Leith was adamant that she had to collect her belongings despite warnings from other motorists.
Source: NY Post

Mum Who Was Told She Couldn’t Have Any More Kids Gives Birth To A Baby Boy

A mum, 36 year old Emma Bromfield, who was told she could never have any more children was shocked after she gave birth to a baby boy – just two days after she found out she was pregnant.
Emma and her husband Jason, 38, had not planned on adding to their family after already defying the odds to have Millie, seven, Molly, six, and 15-month-old George.

But after missing her period last month, Emma did a pregnancy test on Tuesday and was stunned when she realised she was expecting.
She went to her GP on Thursday morning after passing blood and was sent for an early pregnancy scan at the Queen’s Hospital in Burton-upon-Trent, Staffs.

Her doctor told her there was a heartbeat and that she was around nine weeks pregnant but could be having a miscarriage.

But Emma had the shock of her life when a midwife at the hospital told her she was actually 35 weeks pregnant.
Incredibly, the mum-of-four was taken to the maternity ward to be examined at 3.30pm where they realised she had dilated 5cm and was already in labour.

Emma then delivered a healthy baby boy Frankie, who weighed 6lb 1oz, just 40 minutes later at 4.10pm.

Sunday, Emma, who lives with her husband-of-nine years Jason in Newhall, Derbyshire, said she didn’t gain any weight or have any pregnancy symptoms.
She added:

“The nurse who was doing the scan said: ‘I don’t know what to say, this scan shows you are 35 weeks gone’. “I was in total shock. “I am not new to the signs of pregnancy and I had not had any of the morning sickness I had had with the other three.

“With George I was waddling around and couldn’t even do up my coat. “With this one I hadn’t put on any weight and I was still in my everyday jeans. “Amazingly, I’ve actually lost weight now and I’ve had to buy loads of new clothes.

“It was the best pregnancy ever. “I had read about this in magazines and always thought: ‘how could you go that long without knowing?’ And then it happened to me.”

Emma, who works as a lunchtime supervisor at a school, said everything happened so quickly that the sex of their new baby was a complete surprise.

Emma’s Husband who is a security officer said:

“I was only 15 minutes away from the hospital and probably drove through three or four red lights. “I called work to tell them I wasn’t coming in because my wife was in labour. “They said: ‘we didn’t even know your wife was pregnant ‘ and I said: ‘neither did I’.

“I got to the hospital ten minutes after Emma gave birth. “She did everything in a day instead of nine months. “We really have defied the odds. “It’s unbelievable.

“We are still in shock, but it was a nice early Christmas present for us.”

The surprise birth was made all the sweeter because when she was younger Emma had problems with her ovaries and was told she couldn’t have children.

Dad Jason added: “When I met her, we had two girls and then Emma suffered two miscarriages both at five weeks.

“She was then told she probably couldn’t have a baby boy and amazingly we’ve now had two.”

Emma added: “Our other children have taken to him really well, although Molly thought we had bought Frankie from the hospital shop and asked if it had run out of girls.

Kim K Reveals How She And Kanye Will Be Choosing Son’s Name – What Does North Think?

The couple have an idea about naming their second child – but their eldest already has her own suggestion

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West ‘s baby boy is due in just a few weeks, but the couple won’t be settling on a name just yet.

The reality TV beauty has revealed and she and her husband haven’t thought of a moniker for their second child, but they’re not getting worried.

Speaking to PEOPLE, Kim admitted: “It’s like the last thing that Kanye and I did when North was born.

“We didn’t name her for like seven days. I feel like it will just come to us.”

Broadimage/REX Shutterstock
Kim spotted at her baby shower – but no rush on a name yet

The couple already have two-year-old North together, and their little girl has an adorable suggestion for what to call her future sibling.

Kim added: “She just says, ‘Baby Brother’. [We ask her], ‘What should we name baby brother?’ [She says], ‘Baby Brother!’ “

The star also revealed that the rest of the family are also chipping in with their own suggestions, and it sounds like there are some interesting choices.

The couple aren’t panicking

“[My nephew Mason and niece Penelope] come up with different names all the time,” she admitted. “I think it’s so funny.”

Kidnappers Of Samson Siasia’s Mum Demand N150 Million Ransom

The abductors of the 72 year old mother of U-23 National team Coach Samson Siasia, Madam Beauty Siasia, has demanded N150 million ransom for her safe return.

The younger brother of Samson, Moses Siloko Siasia, who is also the Governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Movement (PDM), in the December 5 election, made the disclosure while speaking with The Guardian in Yenagoa.

Moses disclosed that the family had opened channel of communication with the criminals. “We are communicating with them (abductors). It shall be well, we are dealing with it,” he said.

When asked if he thinks the abduction was targeted at his mother in order to distract him, he said: “If that was the plans, then it is bound to fail because I am now stronger in my resolve to come tops in the forthcoming Governorship election.

The old women was abducted on Monday in the riverside town of Odoni, Sagbama Local Government Area of Bayelsa State by about three gunmen who stormed the community in a commando-style operation on motorcycles.

Her abduction occurred less than 24 hours after a leading Ijaw musician, Grandmaster Pereama Freetown, was kidnapped by some yet to be identified gunmen at Polaku in Yenagoa.

The Inspector General of Police, Solomon Aranse assured yesterday that the police was working round the clock to ensure the safe release of Siasia’s mother.

Mom Kills Son Before Taking Her Own Life In Arizona Hospital

A mother of a patient at a suburban Phoenix children’s hospital took her son’s life before taking her own, police said.
Nurses at Cardon Children’s Medical Center in Mesa found the woman and her 5-year-old child dead inside the child’s room while conducting a 2 a.m. bed check Saturday, Mesa police spokesman Steve Berry said:

“Every two hours they do a check,” Berry said. “They were seen alive and fine at midnight and then found at 2 a.m.”

The mother had a fatal gunshot wound, Berry said. He could not describe how the child died.
Upon finding the pair, the nurses immediately called for trauma units as well as security. An off-duty police officer was already working at the hospital, according to authorities.

Investigators believe the mother killed the child and then herself. Nobody at the hospital recalls hearing any gunshots or suspicious activity, Berry said. The boy was in a private room.

Berry told KPHO-TV that the woman was 27-year-old Tammy Griffith, and the 5-year-old’s name was Helious.

Police have completed their investigation of the scene and the room has been turned back over to the hospital. No one else in the hospital was threatened or harmed.
According to Mesa Police Department Det. Steve Berry  “Everything was kind of confined to that one room,” he said.

According to police, the boy had been hospitalized for the past week. Berry declined to say why the boy was hospitalized, citing privacy rules.

Banner Health, which owns Cardon Children’s Medical Center, said in a statement that each of their health care centers have a policy that prohibits weapons of any kind.

“The safety of our patients, associates and visitors is paramount to us and is our top priority,” the statement said. “Our thoughts are with the family and their loss at this time.”

The mother currently had an open case with the Arizona Department of Child Safety but she was the boy’s legal guardian, Berry said.

Mum Begs Chelsea Fans After Missing Son Was Spotted In Crowd At Stamford Bridge

A heartbroken mum has pleaded for the help of Chelsea fans in finding her missing son – who vanished 11 months ago – after she ‘spotted’ him in the crowd at Stamford Bridge.
Lesley Edwards, 54, has been desperately searching for Jon Anderson Edwards after he disappeared without a trace while working in Lagos, Portugal, in September 2014.

The chef, originally from Arbroath, Scotland, suffered head injuries in a fall and the 31-year-old then
failed to turn up for work.

His friends later discovered he had left his clothes, passport and phone in his apartment and a police search in both Portugal and the UK has so far drawn a blank
But Lesley, who initially travelled to Lagos to search for Jon, believes she may have spotted her son among Chelsea supporters in a picture taken at a recent game.
She told Mirror Online:

 “We’ve been searching for him for almost a year now and we’ve had so many wrong sightings and different twists and turns but I saw that picture last night and said ‘God that looks like John’.
“My heart skipped a beat and I was up half the night. Even if we can find the information to discount it at least we can move on but if it’s not him it’s his absolute double…

Lesley is looking for help from anyone who may be able to confirm or rule out the sighting and an appeal has already been shared more than 1,500 times on Facebook.
She said:

 “The search was really well publicised over in Portugal but we’ve never had any information, it’s a mystery.
“He went out on a Friday night and had a fall and said he’d been feeling sick and dizzy afterwards. He went missing without his phone, clothes and passport.How he’d have got back into the country I don’t know as the Portuguese police still have his passport.
“We’re contacting the club and police to try and get to the bottom of it but we’re hoping someone out there who was at the game or recognises him may be able to help us.”

Bobbi Kristina Brown To Be Buried Next To Her Late Mom Whitney Houston This Week

Bobbi Kristina Brown lost her six month battle to live last night after she was found unresponsive in her bath tub at home. Family sources now say that the 22-year-old will be laid to rest in New Jersey, next to her beloved mother Whitney Houston.

Her body will be flown to New Jersey following a funeral service in Atlanta so she can be laid to rest
alongside the singer.

Whitney Houston died in February 2012 and was buried at Fairview Cemetery in Westfield, New Jersey next to her late father, John Russell Houston who died in 2003 following a long battle with diabetes and heart disease.

Bobbi was 18 at the time of her mum’s death and was left devastated. Soon after Whitney’s death, the teenager suffered a hysterical breakdown and was sedated in hospital.

She was latterly treated for severe stress and anxiety. More recently though, she was depressed and was at times suicidal, according to her cousin, Jerod Brown.

In eerily similar circumstances, Whitney was found dead in a bath at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles. A post-mortem showed that she drowned after suffering a heart attack following cocaine use. Bobbi Kristina, whose father is Every Little Step I Take singer Bobby Brown, was also found unresponsive in the bath in the home she shared with boyfriend Nick Gordon on January 31 of this year.

She was taken to North Fulton Hospital in Roswell, Georgia, where she was put on a ventilator to assist her breathing. She was later placed in a medically induced coma at Atlanta’s Emory University Hospital.

Nearly two months later, she was moved to a rehabilitation center, where she remained until June 24, when she was moved to the Peachtree Christian Hospice where she died on Sunday night surrounded by her family.

May their souls rest in perfect peace.

‘Emotionless’ Son Who Brutally Murdered His Mother As She Slept Gets 30 Years Jail Time

Sadistic Alexander McDonald tortured his mother by stabbing her through the neck with a knitting needle, a court heard.

The 27-year-old waiter had downed alcohol at a wine tasting evening at his work before taking cocaine. He then embarked on a sex texting conversation with a male friend which left him ‘in a state of sexual excitement’.
He was jailed at Exeter Crown Court after he was convicted of murdering his 57-year-old mother Catherine.

Mr Justice Dingemans said: “I am sure the attack was carried out in order to subdue Ms McDonald so that Mr McDonald could satisfy his sexual urges which were unsatisfied following his sexting conversation. This is another evidence based example of the destruction caused by the use of drugs in society. I do not doubt that Mr McDonald would have not have acted as he did but for the ingestion of the drugs which disinhibited him.
“But the jury found on overwhelming evidence Mr McDonald was both capable of forming an intention to kill, and in the course of his attack, did form that intention.”

30 years or forever?

Emmanuel Adebayor Shares More Insight Into His Family Drama With New Post About His Older Brother, Kola Adebayor!

Footballer Emmanuel Adebayor is still talking about his family drama in a bid to shed more light on what he has been going through in the past few years.

In his newest post, which talks about his older brother, he concludes by saying ‘But If I die, no one would know my story, no one would learn from it… Some people say I should keep these stories private, but someone has to sacrifice himself; someone has to talk about it. I know people would relate to my story and others would learn from it.’
Read the lengthy post below…
SEA, if I decide to bring out the Part 3 today, it is because my brother @Kola Adebayor and my other siblings have decided to talk about our family issues on social medias, through letters to my club, radios…I could write an autobiography and sell it but I decided to share with you here.
25 years ago, my big older brother Kola went to Germany and he became the hope of our

family. We all thought he could change the way we were living. Years after he left Togo, we still had no electricity and no phones. If he wanted to talk to us, he would call the Atlantic Hotel that was very close to our house. We would then run to the hotel reception and talk to him.

When I got the opportunity to go play football in France for the first time, we needed money to for the flight tickets and other expenses. My brother was nowhere to be found. Only God knows what he was doing in Germany.
When I arrived in France, I did all the paperwork with my team and they allowed me to stay in the academy. A few months later, my brother wanted to come visit me. I was running out of money and I was living at the academy. Therefore, I had to borrow money so I could pay for his hotel. At that time, my teammate Sega N’diaye from Cameroon was kind enough to lend me some money. I also had to borrow some more money because I had to give my brother some money for his trip back to Germany. Keep in mind he is my older brother.
A couple years later, things started to get better. Thank God, I signed a contract with Metz. Since then, my brother would contact me whenever it was time to pay his bills. Sometimes, he would say his son is sick… I had to get used to all this.
Again, I was lucky enough to get an offer from Monaco and I signed for the football club. One day, Kola and the late Peter Adebayor came to visit me in Monaco. My two brothers did not let me know they were coming. Someone said “blood is thicker than water” so I took them in. They arrived early in the morning and I was on my way to training. When I came back home, we had a discussion and they wanted to start a car business. Obviously, it involves a lot of money. I told them that I could help them out as soon as I get paid next. At that time, Thierry Mangwa was staying in my apartment because he was struggling with some personal issues and needed a place to stay. One day, I came back from training and he was crying. He never told me why. My brothers could also not explain. Another day, one of my friends Padjoe came to visit me and as he was leaving the house, I believe I offered him about €500. My brother Kola noticed that and was very upset. He was trying to understand why I gave my friend some money right away but not him. My reason was very simple; the money he (Kola) needed was a huge amount of money that I did not carry in my house. We went on and had an argument about it.
Another day, after training…I was very tired and decided to go take a nap. I woke up and a knife was held to my throat. As I opened my eyes, both of my brothers were there. They were shouting and they claimed that I was wasting their time. Peter was going mad and Kola was supporting. I asked them: “Is this the only way to solve this issue? I yes, then kill me and take the money”. It’s only at that moment that he put the knife down. After all this, I found a way out of my own apartment and I called my parents. My mom suggested that I call the police. That was the only way for me to get back into my house safely… I had training the next day, by the way. So I did what my mom said. Police came and they settled down. Again, “blood is thicker than water”, so I let it go. A few days after, Peter went to visit one of Kola’s friends in Paris. That means I was left in the house with Kola; for my own safety, I found a way to get him the money as soon as I could. Only God knows how much I gave him that day.
A few months after all this, I went back to Togo and I was surprised when my mom started to ask me why I called the police on my brothers, she continued and said I am the bad person in the family. That is another story I will leave for later…
Every time I went back home, everyone kept asking me why my brother never visited after all these years. Immediately, I organized a flight for him and he came back to visit the family, at my own expenses.
On April 22nd 2005, we received some bad news. I received a call and they announced that my father passed away. I was devastated. I called my big brother and told him that we all have to be there. Again I made sure there was a flight ticket ready for him. We all went back home and I took care of everything. A long time before my dad died, he was in the hospital one day and he asked me to make sure his funeral is not a moment of sadness. He wanted us to celebrate his life. I leave it to God to decide if the funeral I organized for my dad was what he wanted. The man who calls himself the “big man” in the family did not contribute to anything. But he still has the boldness to say I do not take care of this family.
In 2006, I had another big opportunity to go play for Arsenal. Since then, my brother has started to come up with series of false accusations against me.
On July 22nd, 2013 sad news hit us in the family. My brother Peter Adebayor passed away. His death was sad and I was affected by it. One thing I find difficult to swallow today is that Kola was accusing me of Peter’s death. He is saying that the shop I opened for Peter was not good enough. He kept texting saying that my career would be destroyed. I did everything for Peter when he was alive, I brought him to Metz, and Monaco with me. What can Kola say that he has done for Peter? Nothing. The man did not even show up at the funeral even after all the money I sent for the trip back home.
He is saying that I also made my mom suffer, but he forgot that when he was in Germany, at some point I was the one always by my mom’s side. As soon as I started to make a living with football, I did everything you could imagine for our mom. That is normal. But my brother is never satisfied. He said I bought a shitty car for my mom. Why can’t he buy a better one? All I want from him is to take his responsibilities. Since I am not doing it right, he should show the example as a big brother. He has been in Germany for more than 20 years, but he never brought our mother there to visit. Even to go back home for a visit is another struggle. All he keeps saying is that my father said I should build a house for each one of them. I don’t think my father said that. Does that even make sense for him or anyone? As a big brother, he is supposed to be doing all that I am doing for the family. He should stop hiding and take his responsibilities. When he came to Europe, he was young enough to become a football player too. Anyways, some people are drivers here but they are able to take care of their families. They even bring their parents and other family members. Why has he not done anything like that but he keeps talking? As a matter fact, he should at least bring Rotimi, Bidemi or his own son Aziz here before talking about “taking care of the family”. Actions are louder than speeches.
A lot of people are saying that I never went to school, but they forget that it is because we could not afford it. I never blamed my parents for that. But thank God, today I am able to speak more than 3 languages and I can send my daughter to school. I am proud of that. People can accuse me for not going to school, but in the end it is all about who you become and what you teach yourself. It is also about what life teaches you and what you learn from it.
Many times I wanted to give up. Ask my sister Iyabo Adebayor how many times I have called and was ready to commit suicide? I kept these stories for years… But If I die, no one would know my story, no one would learn from it… Some people say I should keep these stories private, but someone has to sacrifice himself; someone has to talk about it. I know people would relate to my story and others would learn from it. For every one who knows me, I’d do anything for my country and my people.
Final message from the younger brother to the older brother: Quit Smoking and Quit Drinking. That was my story.

6 Weeks Old Baby Suffocates To Death While Sleeping In Between His Parents

A 6-week-old baby named Noah Pearson (pictured above), suffocated to death in his sleep after being deprived of oxygen while sleeping in between his parent in bed at their home in Bradford, in West Yorkshire.

According to the UK Telegraph, Noah’s parents, Paul Pearson 24 and Emily Lambert 22, had left him with his grandmother while they went out with friends for drinks for the first time in a year. They returned at about 3.30am the following day drunk but still took their baby from the grandmother…

Noah’s father took him into their room to sleep in his Moses basket which was placed by his side of their bed. But when Noah started to cry around 5am, his father took him from the Moses basket and brought him into the bed he shared with his partner and placed him between them.

When the couple woke up at about 8.50am, they found blood coming out from Noah’s nostrils. He was immediately taken to the Bradford Royal hospital where test showed he died from Sudden Infant Death syndrome after being deprived of oxygen.

At an inquest, a doctor warned of the dangers of parents sleeping with their babies as a coroner said a contributary factor in Noah’s death on May 31 was “co-sleeping and parental alcohol consumption”.

Consultant paediatrician Dr Eduardo Moya told the hearing that the parents’ decision to co-sleep with their baby and having consumed alcohol that night may have contributed to their baby’s death. He said baby Noah was found to have a minor rhino virus, akin to a nose cold.

Dr Moya said:

“The not deliberate and unfortunate set of circumstances is well-documented – bed sharing with parents combined with alcohol consumption. Furthermore one or both of the parents did smoke and that could be a contributory factor as that baby had a rhino viral infection. There are a series of risk factors that increase the likelihood of having SIDS. One reason bed sharing is considered dangerous is that one parents could roll on to the infant in the middle of the night.”

“This was a tragedy and there is nobody as fault but I believe it is important to know the etymology of SIDS. These are contributory factors because we don’t know the ultimate cause of SIDS. I pass my condolences on to the family. It was clear to me when I went to see them that nobody did anything wrong or deliberate. It was an unfortunate tragedy.”

Source: UK Telegraph