Hausa singer, Sadiq Zazzabi, facilitated the freedom 35 prison inmates.

Pro-Kwankwaso Hausa singer, Sadiq Zazzabi says he facilitated the release of 35 inmates who were either wrongly detained in prison or could not meet up with their bail and fine terms.

The award-winning singer who was detained for seven days at a Kano prison for allegedly violating the Kano State Censorship Board Law, disclosed this in a chat with PREMIUM TIMES shortly after his release.

The law states that every song or movie must be screened and approved by the state censorship board before it can be released.

The 38-year-old artiste failed to get the approval of the censorship board before releasing his controversial song, “Maza bayan ka” (All Men Behind You).

“While I was in detention, I met many prisoners who were wrongly detained and some could not just afford a simple bail pledge. After I regained my freedom I was determined to make sure such people get their freedom back. I quickly mobilized for their release by paying their fine and bail terms,” he said.

Mr. Sadiq said he got some form of support from his friends and bosses.

“Many of the inmates only required less that N10,000 to regain their freedom while others were wrongly arrested and detained during a raid by security operatives. One of the victims Ali Mai Shayi, is a tea seller who was wrongly arrested by security operatives during a raid around his tea joint,” he noted.

PREMIUM TIMES spoke with one of the beneficiaries of Sadiq’s benevolence, Manu Sambo, in Kano.

He said, “I am a shoe seller who was also wrongly arrested by security operatives at night on my way to my abode in Gidan Murtala along with other people. We were asked to pay a fine of N5000 before we could be released.

“Some people got their friends and relatives to pay for them while I had nobody to pay for me. I kept praying until God sent Sadiq Zazzabi to help secure my release.”

But the singer told PREMIUM TIMES he was being targeted because of his support for Mr. Kwankwaso. He maintained that he was charged because the song expresses open support for former Kano governor and criticises the incumbent, Umar Ganduje.

The Kano State government has since denied the allegation.

Sadiq said he has since moved although he is still facing trial at a Kano court for the offence.

Sadiq is a talented R&B singer in northern Nigeria who is popular for his songs about love, social issues and politics.

He was taken to court in the city of Kano on a two-count charge of releasing a song which the prosecutor described as “containing immorality by featuring seductive dance(s) by women”.

Kano’s censorship board was set up in 2002 to regulate the city’s booming film and music industry popular among Hausa speakers.


Source: Premium Times

Pandemonium as Hausa, Yoruba traders clash in Ile-Ife.

At least five people have been killed in a clash between Yoruba and Hausa traders in the Sabo area of Ile-Ife in Osun state.

A resident of the ancient city told TheCable that the situation started on Tuesday, but escalated on Wednesday morning.

Adeyeye Ogunwusi, ooni of Ife, reportedly intervened through seeking the assistance of security operatives.

The security agents deployed in the town were said to have foiled an attempt of aggrieved Yoruba residents to gain access into Sabo community, which is predominantly occupied by Hausa people.

The angry mob then stormed Lagere, a neighbouring community, and attacked Hausa traders there.

A witness said security agents found it difficult to control the rampaging mob.

Many have fled Ife as a result of the crisis, which has also led to the destruction of property worth millions of naira.

Some of the persons who sustained injuries have been taken to the Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital (OAUTH) for medical attention.

The cause of the clash is not yet known.


Source: The Cable

Photo credit: Ikeokwu Chidozie

“I’m Not Allowed To Get Married As An Hausa Actress” – Rahama Sadau

About two months ago at the City People Entertainment awards, embattled Hausa actress, Rahama Sadau had a chat with popular journalist Morakinyo Olugbiji where she talked about Challenges faced by actresses in the Northern part of the country. According to her, one of the challenges is that she is not allowed to get married as long as she is still practising the profession. She either quits or remains single. She also told the journalist her dream to become an international actress. With her recent ban from acting in Kannywood and the invitation to Hollywood by Jeta Amata and US singer, Akon, it looks like Rahama’s dream is fast coming to a reality. Read the interview below… 

You just won an award at the 2016 City People Entertainment Awards, what does this award mean to you?
A lot! It means a whole lot. I was actually surprised about the award.

What would you say that you’ve done within Kannywood to have deserved this?

Well, I will first of all say that finally, my hard work paid off because I am a very hard-working person and a dedicated person. Although I was surprised by winning this award because I wasn’t expecting it,however, it wasn’t a big surprise because I have been working hard and hard work always definitely get rewarded at the end of the day.

With this kind of prestigious award, do you think Kannywood is finally getting it’s due recognition in the Nigerian film industry?
Yes, I think so. It is getting recognised which is why we could be included in this kind of award. In fact, I would say Kannywood is now everywhere.

What’s your major challenge as a Kannywood actress?

My main challenge is trying to break from Kannywood into Nollywood. That is the challenge. I want to be able to juggle between the two industries because I believe that I am a Nigerian actress, not a Kannywood actress. Although, I must say that Kannywood is a foundation for me to start. Kannywood is my root, but then I am a Nigerian actress. A true actress is not boxed into a certain area, a true actress is versatile. So, crossing fully into Nollywood and being accepted as a Nigerian actress, instead of being referred to as a Kannywood actress has been a challenge. I just want to beable to act the two together. But I’m gradually overcoming that.

How did you get into acting?

I had always been a big fan of actors. When I was in secondary school, I joined this drama group entertaining our mates in Secondary school. So being an actress wasn’t something that hadn’t been a part of me. I had been dreaming of being an actress, and I am now.

Who is your mentor in the industry?

Ali Nuhu is my mentor. He is my brother and everything. He is the one that introduced me to Kannywood and everywhere. I am where I am today because of Ali Nuhu. If not for Ali Nuhu, I wouldn’t be here.

What are you aiming towards career-wise?

I want to be an international actress, apart from being a Nigerian actress. I just don’t want to be this actress that whenever it is mentioned anywhere in the world that she is an actress, what will come to mind of people is she belongs to a particular part. I just want to be a world actress, an international actress. So I have this dream of becoming an international actress.

You want to crossover, but a lot of your colleagues seem to complain about the religious and traditional restraint of acting in Kannywood, with that in mind, do you think crossing over will be possible at all?

Honestly, it feels a bit bad. It makes me feel a little bit bad, but you know, you can’t just crossover because of religion and tradition; what you can just do is to be careful in order not to offend the society. You just have to be very careful, especially in my own case that I’m determined to fully cross over. I will be having this challenges of different culture and tradition from Nollywood and Kannywood. So like I said, you just have to be careful.

Now, that you want to fully cross over to Nollywood, don’t you think the ‘offensive’ style of the industry will rub off on you; like the dress sense and all which might infuriate many?

I won’t express too much to attract the fury of the Northerners. I am an ambassador of my northern society and wherever you find yourself, you must represent yourself in a worthy manner. Just as we are here now, everyone that sees us at this event will know that we are from the north.

But that’s because you are still in Kannywood, is that not so?

(Laughs) Even if it is still in Nollywood, there are certain things that you just have to be careful about because you are representing your people and you have to protect their interests and their culture.

I know you are still growing, but what would you consider as the climax of your career so far?

There have been a lot. Like you said, I am still growing. I’m just grateful for every moment. Every moment has been a high point. I just had one with this award. So I would say, Alhamdulillah, Masha Allah.

You saw a lot of jaw-dropping dressing among Nollywood actresses here, for instance when Kiki Omeli was going to claim her award, she causes a stir because of her bum-short which had her derriere wiggling, what was going through your mind?

Yeah, I saw a lot of Nollywood actresses and their dressing and I was like huh? I mean, we don’t dress like this in the north. You know, I can’t walk like that, I just can’t!

What’s your advice to them, do you condemn that or would you say that it’s a free world?

No, no, no! I’m not complaining. It’s their life! Everyone has their lives to live. I’m not complaining at all. They should just do what they want; what they like. So it’s a free world, yes.

Anyone you would like to work with in Nollywood?

Yes, so many people. I have worked with so many already. I have worked Majid Michel, that’s Ghallywood. I have worked with Mercy Johnson, Eniola Badmus, OC Ukeje, Deyemi Okanlawon and a few others I can’t remember now. I’m aiming to work with much more.

What determines your fashion style; I mean you are all covered up, yet you look attractive and fashionable?

Thank you. I just wear what suits me best. What makes me comfortable. That’s just what determines my dress sense.

I’m aware that once you are married, you will not be able to act again, how true is that?

Yes, yes it’s true! But in my own case, I’d say no because there are politicians that are working mothers. Same, there are journalists and broadcasters that are working mothers. Are they not all media people, so what happens to we actresses? Why? That’s my own challenge I’m posing. why? So in my own case, I say no!

When you go against the norm, don’t you think the society that you are will frown at you, or despise you?

They might. I know they might.

So when that time comes what are you going to do?

Hmm, I don’t know. Honestly, I really don’t know.

Are you going to vacate Kannywood?

No, no, no! I won’t do that. I can’t quit acting for marriage.

What if your husband does not want to accept that you continue acting while married to him?

Whoever sees me now and say he wants to marry me, has definitely seen what I do. So, we need to decide whether he can bear me doing this as his wife or not. That’s it. Marriage cannot stop me.

Have you ever been criticised based on being an actress?

Yes. I have been criticised especially for the way I dressed as an actress.

Oh, you are dressed this way and someone still, thinks it’s not appropriate?

Yes, yes because they believe we are meant to cover everything totally. Also, I have been criticised for the things I do on TV and for the collaborations with Nollywood stars of course. That’s my main challenge because I am the first Kannywood actress to cross over to Nollywood.

Finally, tell me briefly about your family background?

My families are all northerners. My dad is from Kaduna state while my mum is from Gombe state. The only difference between my parents and other parents is that my parents don’t care what career you choose as long as you are protective of your background and tradition. They allow you follow your dream. My parents don’t believe in a world of strictness because they believe strictness leads a child to become a bad person.


Five Feared Killed As Hausa, Fulani Clash Over A Girl In Lagos

No fewer than five persons were yesterday feared killed and many others injured as some Hausa and Fulani men clash in Lagos

The cause of the fracas in Abbattior/Kara, Agege, was the alleged robbery of some Hausa men by some Fulani boys at a hotel in Kogiri.

The police confirmed the clash but said only one person died in the violence that lasted for many hours.

The area was tension-soaked in spite of the heavy security presence and the deployment of an Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) by the Rapid Response Squad (RRS).

There were many accounts of the incident as recounted by those who claimed to have knowledge of it.

A trader who gave his name as Usman said the Hausa boys complained to their brothers and a complaint was filed before the Seriki Fulani, Bello Damobapa, who allegedly took no action to sanction the boys.

Angered by the alleged silence of the Seriki, the Hausa boys were said to have stormed his palace on Tuesday night and vandalised three Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) belonging to him, his deputy and secretary.

By yesterday morning, it was learnt that a crowd of Fulani boys armed with sticks, bottles and cutlasses trooped to the railway lines where Hausa scraps collectors operate and started attacking people.

Usman said: “I usually sleep here but last night something just made me go home and I did. So I came out here around 7am and one woman told me to go back that Hausa and Fulani men were fighting.

“But I crossed to the other side and I saw a large number of Fulani people. They were carrying sticks with which they rear cattle, cutlasses and bottles. They were marching down, attacking anyone in sight

“The retreating Hausa men regrouped and confronted the Fulani group. The Hausa group called their kins from other markets for reinforcement. They came from Katangura, Agege and other markets. They chased the Fulani back into the abattoir complex.

“By that time, the police and soldiers had not come.  When they chased the Fulani people back, the Fulani went into the market and started attacking anyone they saw. They attacked even people who are not Hausa.

Police spokesman Dolapo Badmos, a Superintendent (SP) said four persons had been arrested.

She said the fight erupted following the assault of a Hausa girl by a Fulani man.

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Five feared killed as Hausa, Fulani clash

Salihu Tanko Yakasai: Arewa Governors, A Clarion Call For Regional Economic Integration

The first ever article that I wrote was “19 Northern Governors: The certified parasites” back in 2012. In that article, I lambasted our governors, for I opined that they were the ones holding Arewa back as a region. Majority of them lacked focus, had no vision, and represented a complete betrayal of what the founding fathers of Arewa laid their lives for, to see Arewa become. Most of those Governors were members of the hitherto government in power the PDP.

Elections are now over, new leaders have been sworn in across the federation. For the first time in the history of our great nation, and indeed our democracy, an opposition party has defeated a ruling party and with it, brought in new fresh set of leaders, particularly here in Arewa. Currently,  out of the 19 Northern States, only 3 are under the control of PDP, while the rest are of the APC. This unprecedented event has presented a golden opportunity for our governors to stand out, be different and write their names in GOLD in the book of history.

Arewa as a whole is suffering from all sorts of negative parameters. From illiteracy, to poverty, to insecurity, inadequate healthcare facilities and massive unemployment amongst others. The statistics on these are some of the worst around the world, how sad. Yet, this is a region with massive potentials, from the vast fertile land for farming, to huge deposits of mineral resources, abundant affordable Labour, to the biggest of them all -human resources. Unfortunately, our elected governors do not see it fit, to rise to the occasion and save the day. If left unchecked, the current insecurity that has plagued the region is a child’s play, compared to the looming crises that will engulf the region (God Forbid) and the country at large.

The Northern Governors, irrespective of political parties, need to come together in an effort to device functional strategies of moving the region from its near comatose state URGENTLY by first calling for an emergency meeting AS SOON AS POSSIBLE with the SOLE agenda of regional economic development and integration. There are well researched and documented regional blueprints that have been sleeping around waiting to be implemented. I know of two groups that have done well in this regard, one is the work done by Dr Bugaje and his team, Arewa Research and Development Project, and the other wasn’t made public, but it was done by couple of brilliant northerners, one of whom is currently a Governor from the North West zone, how timely. These documents should be looked into thoroughly, upgraded and enhanced to suit the needs and challenges of today, and implemented ASAP. As a matter of urgency, they should first and foremost, declare a state of emergency in the education sector, and tackle the problem head-on. If they can do this alone, we would have solved half of the problems in the region. Then followed by agriculture, the importance of this cannot be over emphasized, it will not only feed the region, but also provide employment, expand the industrial based, and the multiplier effect of this is unimaginable. Another vital area is the solid minerals that have for the most part, been ignored and untapped, sadly. let us also not forget ICT, his sector can create huge opportunities as well as becoming a huge revenue earner for the region.

These are some of the well known areas that demand immediate attention from our governors, but for me personally, I want to see more bilateral as well as multilateral cooperation between states for rapid economic development. The old Kano (Now Kano and Jigawa States) have an agricultural blueprint developed by Late Audu Bako, first Governor of Kano State, Alhaji Inuwa Dutse was his commissioner of Agriculture to explain the vision. But after the creation of Jigawa State, Kano was left with all the 14 dams constructed for the sole purpose of irrigation farming, while Jigawa took away the lands. But the Governors of these two states have never deemed it fit, to come together and put resources to harness these common potential that they share. Katsina State and Zamfara are well known for their cotton, while Kano and Kaduna have textile industries that are now moribund, taking with them the livelihood and lives of the employees. These four states can come together, to pool funds for cotton farming in Katsina and Zamfara, while providing raw materials for the textile industries in Kano and kaduna, (particularly now that the two states are in the process of having their own Independent Power Projects). If we go to Sokoto, they have one of the best  hides and skin  in the world, while Kano is known for its tanneries, Kano used to be one of the major exporter of hides and skins, often referred to as Moroccan leather  is globally well sought after . The tanneries have also been shut down. Imagine the two states coming in to resuscitate this sector.

One of the FEW things that I commend former president Goodluck Jonathan, is the Abuja-Kaduna rail line. Once commissioned, travel time will be an average of 40 minutes. Why can’t Kano start thinking of having a rail line that can take passengers to kaduna so that they can board the Kaduna-Abuja train, cutting costs and saving time? Niger and Nasarawa are also two states that are close to the federal capital, a rail line should be put in place with the federal capital providing counterpart funding for not only economic development, but also de congesting our roads and Abuja itself, because people can live in these states while working or doing their businesses in Abuja. Also, there are about 361 Local governments in the 19 Northern States, imagine if each local government can commit just N10 million a month from their allocation, that’s N3.6Billion a month, and if each of the 19 States can commit N100million that’s N1.9Billion, add that up and you have N5.5Billion a month, then multiply that by 12 months, that’s a huge total of about N66Billion a year. That’s enough funds to set up hedge funds and asset management companies managed according to global best practices. Imagine the profits they will be sharing at the end of the day.
All these things are REALISTIC and POSSIBLE if our Northern Governors put their minds to it. We share a lot in common, our culture and history, our way of life, and trade. It will be very easy for integration, rapid cooperation and economic development, these states can go it alone no doubt, but they can rapidly grow by collaborating with one another. What we’ve always lacked is the political will, and I believe this is where the massive opportunity brings itself, with the new government of APC, and the new exemplary leadership some of these governors bring to the table, people like Dr Abdullahi U. Ganduje of Kano, Mallam Nasir Elrufai of Kaduna, Alhaji Aminu Tambuwal of Sokoto, and many others. If they do not rise to the occasion, then we will miss a golden opportunity, to reclaim Arewa’s lost glory, and save our people from further hardship. I do hope and pray, they will make us proud, in the words of Mike Hockabee. “A leader is the one who can outline the broad vision and the direction, and say here’s where we are going to go, here’s why we need to go there, and here’s how we are going to get there.” We have chosen them, let them lead with remarkable vision and foresight.


Views expressed are solely that of author and does not represent views of nor its associates.


Watch Jackie Chan Speak Pidgin, Yoruba, Igbo & Hausa

You probably might have seen this movie, ” Dragon Blade”, starring Jackie Chan, John Cusack, among others; but you have to see Jackie Chan speak  Pidgin, Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa in the bid to promote the movie to Nigerians. Watch clip below:

CreditFilmOne Distribution/ YouTube

APC Launches Hausa Radio Station

APC) has launched a new international radio station. The station has started broadcasting to the Hausa listeners in Nigeria and beyond with powerful 500kw transmitters on test transmission from 7:00am-7:30am on 11720khz on the 25 meter band shortwave.

The station’s programme for now are largely APC musicals in Hausa language and are in support of the party’s presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, the party’s Kaduna state governorship candidate, Nasir el-Rufai, and other notable party chieftains among others. The station is expected to begin a 24-hour transmission before the commencement of the general elections.

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