Another Lion Escapes In Kenya, Mauls Man

A man was injured by a lion that was subsequently shot dead by wildlife rangers as it was roaming outside the Kenyan capital Nairobi on Wednesday.

It is the fourth time this year that lions have roamed outside Nairobi National Park and the second time someone has been injured by a lion in less than two weeks.

The dark-maned male lion was shot by a Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) ranger after it hurt a passer-by near Isinya, a built-up area south of the capital where onlookers were gathering to stare at the agitated animal.

“The stray lion that was roaming in Isinya has been shot dead after injuring a person,” said KWS spokesman Paul Udoto.

Udoto said the injured man had been taken to hospital and the animal shot “after it (had) become wild”.

In previous incidents this year the lions have either been herded back to the 117 square kilometre (29,000-acre) park or have returned of their own accord.

The reserve is almost surrounded by a fast-growing city of over three million people.

Earlier this month a 63-year old man was injured when a lion clawed at him close to a busy highway where motorists were honking their horns and snapping photographs and videos as they drove by.

The park is not entirely fenced to enable traditional migration by animals in search of grazing.

The big cats are under growing pressure as one of Africa’s fastest growing cities expands onto ancient migration routes and hunting grounds.

Conservationists say lions lived there before people in the area and are not “escaping” the park nor “straying” into human settlements, rather people have moved into the lions’ habitat.

In mid-February, two lions spent a day wandering through Kibera, a densely-packed city slum, before returning to the park, and days later more lions were spotted in town.


Imo Govt. To Upgrade Zoological Garden

The Permanent Secretary, Imo Ministry of Environment, Mrs Lilian Asuzu, said the government was determined to upgrade the state Zoological Garden in Owerri to become an international tourist site.


She told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday in Owerri that the measure would equally go a long way to boost the state’s Internally Generated Revenue (IGR).


According to her, the proposed upgrading will attract huge patronage from tourists across the nation.


The permanent secretary said the zoological garden would promote education and research which was one of the government’s priority.


“As an economist, I know that government needed to diversify its economy to boost its IGR and one of the key areas was the state’s zoological garden,” she said.


She explained that in the entire South East, the Imo zoological garden was the only existing zoo, adding that government needed to improve its quality to make it more attractive to tourists.


Meanwhile, Prof. Udochukwu Nnadi, a tourist, told NAN that there was urgent need for the state government to carry out maintenance, especially at the Lion’s Cave.


He said the zoo had potential but the government should put certain infrastructure in place for it to be fully harnessed.



Woman Is Charged With Trespassing After Being Bitten By Tiger

A woman in Omaha was accused of trespassing after sneaking into a local zoo and being bitten by a tiger on Halloween night. Jacqueline Edie, 33, is currently being treated for injuries on her left hand at the Creighton University Medial Center. Edie, who showed signs of intoxication and acted aggressively towards hospital staff, allegedly snuck into the Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium Saturday night to pet an 18-year-old Malayan tiger named Mai.

Zoo officials say that upon reaching into the animal’s cage, the tiger bit Edie’s hand and caused severe trauma. A friend then transported Edie to the hospital.
Police say the incident may have occurred at 4 a.m and it’s is currently under investigation by the Omaha Police Department.
How Edie managed to enter the zoo is still under investigation. Executive director Dennis Pate told Sky News additional cameras are being installed at the zoo, which is currently staffed by 24-hour security personnel and equipped with computerized locks for entry and exit points.

Zoo patron Ron Hegg told the tiger’s actions were understandable. “It’s not like it got loose and attacked someone,” Hegg said. “It was just protecting its territory.”

See What Kim Kardashian Wore to the Zoo (Photos)

Kim showed off pics of her handsome family on Instagram Monday, but explained they were from one day earlier. “Before the Super Bowl we took a trip to the zoo,” she captioned an image of little Nori. In another family pic, Kim wote she was “at the zoo with my boo and my baby boo.”

But not even Kim can be dressed to the nines all the time. In fact, Love magazine released a cheeky image of the reality star in its upcoming issue where she was apparently so tired that she couldn’t even be bothered to put on underwear.

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