400 Boko Haram Fighters Killed as Nigerian Troops Battle for Seized Towns

The Nigerian military launched heavy offensive attacks in Adamawa State to recapture towns that have been siezed by Boko Haram.


The attack launched on Monday, which lasted through the night touched the towns of Bazza, Michika and Madagali was launched from the town of Vimtim.

Sources reveal that about 400 boko haram members were killed, while the Nigerian Military had about 70 casualties.

Contacted on the development, Director of Defence Information, Major General Chris Olukolade confirmed the fighting but stated he cannot give casualty figures or full details as operatives on ground were yet to furnish him with the situation report. He said he would give details when the operation is concluded.

Another source reveals that the army came in on Sallah day and since then fierce fighting has been on. But, as you can see the insurgents are moving away and the military are following them, adding that the insurgents who were in their thousands came through Uba and attacked the Nigeria troops. That is, the Nigerians soldiers were attacked from the rear by the militants but the military men engaged them in fierce battle over five hours .

Hunters Kill 75 Boko Haram Fighters


Sources reveal that 75 Boko Haram fighters have been hunted down by local hunters while fleeing Michika and Madagali Local Government Areas of Adamawa State. 

Residents say that the Islamic militants ran out of ammunition and were running out of the Local Government Areas they have besieged for about a week now, but ran into the ambush of the Nigerian Military and some local hunters. Residents also showed excitement as regards the improvement of the issue that has been favourable to them and the well being of their environment.

Nigerian Army Intensifies Attack on Boko Haram


The Nigerian army has launched a massive attack against Boko Haram to recapture the northeastern town of Michika that fell to militants over the weekend.

A resident of Chibok, located 20 kilometers from Michika said on Wednesday that, they have been hearing thunderous explosions from bombs dropped by military jets on Michika.

He adds that, “the sounds of explosions are more intense at night when flashes of exploding bombs can be seen from Chibok.”

Another witness from Jiginlambu village, eight kilometers from Michika, said that “Nigerian troops are getting an upper hand on Boko Haram.”