Pig’s Severed Head Discovered In Mosque’s Toilet At Australian University

A certain Majdi who wishes to keep his surname anonymous found a severed pig’s head in the washroom of a mosque at an Australian University. He said he was getting ready for his regular prayers around 12:30 on Sunday at University of Western Australia when he made the gruesome find which he promptly reported to the authorities. 

The 31-year-old PhD student said the room, located on campus, is used mostly by Muslims for their ablutions – the traditional washing of hands and feet before performing prayers.
‘At first, I thought it was a human’s head because I didn’t have my glasses on,’ Majdi said. ‘But I had a second look and realised it was a dead pig’s head. It was shocking to see something like that, especially in a clean area. There was blood on the animal. I guess it is a message of threat as we, Muslims, do not eat pork. It was not a good start to the day.’
Pigs are considered unclean by Muslims, who are forbidden from eating them.
According to a spokesman for the University of Western Australia, the matter has been reported to police for investigation.

The University is very saddened by this deplorable act,’ the UAW spokesman said.
‘It is concerning that people using the UWA Muslim prayer room have been targeted this way. We would like to reinforce that UWA strives to support a culturally inclusive and tolerant campus community and the University will offer help and support to our Muslim students at this time.’
On Sunday, Majdi posted shocking images of the incident on social media.
‘Everyone has been very supportive. We’ve received supportive messages around Australia from all walks of life,’ he told DMA. ‘But we need to be more alert about what has happened to protect the community. If you have any issues or misunderstandings, I’m sure the Muslim community are happy to talk to them. All Muslims are opened to discussions and move any issues forward. We’re here to build our future together. ‘

The incident comes about a year after worshippers found a pig’s head at a mosque’s courtyard in Wallsend in Newcastle’s western suburbs of NSW.

‘Church Is For Love’, Gay Ugandans Send Message To Pope

It is a weekend of anticipation for Uganda’s LGBTI community. For them, the doors of the church have long been closed. So when Pope Francis’ long-awaited first visit to Africa as leader of the Catholic Church brings him to Kampala on Friday, they hope that he comes bearing a message of tolerance after years of persecution, violence and, at times, death.

It is an issue that has divided the more conservative African church leaders, eager to retain a rapidly growing Catholic population, and a seemingly progressive pontiff.

Frank Mugisha is one of Uganda’s most prominent LGBTI activists and the executive director of Sexual Minorities Uganda. A practising Catholic, he tells Al Jazeera’s Priyanka Gupta, that the pope’s visit has brought both hope and disappointment.

He said, The Catholic Church in Uganda has been in alliance with all the other churches in condemning and discriminating against LGBTI persons. The language that preachers use and the anti-gay statements make people who are even in the closet feel discriminated against.

Church is a place for love, for refuge and for peace and support, but that support is not given to them. They feel they have been let down by the church a lot.

Ugandans are very Christian and very religious. Eighty percent of our population is Christian. If you belong to the society, you need to belong to the church. But LGBTI persons can’t. Some of them haven’t been able to reconcile their faith and their sexuality and cannot go to the church.”

Credit: Aljazeera

Independence Day: Charlie Boy’s Message To Nigerian Youths

Entertainment maverick, Charlie Boy, on Thursday, urged Nigerian youths to imbibe self dependence and hard work as virtues to secure the change they so much desired.

According to him, after 55 years of independence, Nigeria as a nation is still economically and politically dependent, and this is reflecting in the youth’s attitude to life.

He said “it is now 55 years since we gained independence as a nation. My serious concern is the youth who are said to be the future leaders. They are yet to see life with the attitude of true independence.

“They still look on government, their parents and Nigeria for everything, and the change they so much desire cannot come that way.

“Why can’t they look inward, take their future in their hands through hard work and personal development?,’’ he asked.

The ‘Areafada’, as he was fondly called by young people, recounted his experience as someone who worked independently to attain stardom and relevance and urged the youth to be self-sustaining.

“My advice for every Nigerian youth is to imbibe the ‘Charlie Boy philosophy’ of self dependence. It is therapeutic for me to share a little bit of my experience with the youth, not just as Charlie Boy, but as a friend, a big brother and a mentor. It had been a very bumpy ride to my present location and the success attained so far. Many people think that as a son of a former Justice, I did not struggle for myself, but it is not true. The only thing my father gave me was good education.’’

He explained that at a point he was almost abandoned by his father because of what he believed was okay by him, and that made him to start fending for himself very early.

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Read Pope’s Message To Buhari, Other World Leaders

Pope Francis on Thursday urged the world to act quickly to prevent “extraordinary” climate change from destroying the planet and said wealthy countries must bear responsibility for creating the problem and for solving it. In a radically worded letter addressed to every person on the planet, the leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics blames human greed for the critical situation “Our Sister, mother Earth” now finds itself in.

“This sister now cries out to us because of the harm we have inflicted on her by our irresponsible use and abuse of the goods with which God has endowed her,” he writes in his long-anticipated Encyclical on the environment.

Arguing that environmental damage is intimately linked to global inequality, he goes on to say that doomsday predictions can no longer be dismissed and that: “The earth, our home, is beginning to look more and more like an immense pile of filth.”

Green activists hailed the charismatic Argentinian pontiff’s widely-trailed intervention as a potential game-changer in the debate over what causes global warming and how to reverse it. “Everyone, whether religious or secular, can and must respond to this clarion call for bold urgent action,”said Kumi Naido, the International Executive Director of Greenpeace.

Environmentalists hope the pope’s message will significantly increase the pressure for binding restrictions on carbon emissions to be agreed at global talks in Paris at the end of this year. But even before the official publication, climate change sceptics had dismissed the document’s argument that the phenomenon is primarily man-made and that humanity can reverse it through lifestyle changes including an early phasing-out of fossil fuels.

“I don’t get economic policy from my bishops or my cardinal or my pope,” US presidential candidate Jeb Bush said on the eve of the release in comments that underlined the depth of opposition in the United States to a binding agreement to curb greenhouse gases.

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Okorocha’s Message to All Igbos in the North

Imo State governor, Rochas Okorocha, has advised Igbos living in the Northern part of the country not to leave their place of residence because of the February 14 and 28 general elections.

The governor gave the advice on Monday in Abuja after a meeting of the APC chieftains Sunday night, Daily Trust reports.

Okorocha assured the Igbo people that fear of post-election violence is unfounded, adding that they should ignore the pronouncements of people like Asari Dokubo and other militants who are threatening war if President Goodluck Jonathan should lose his re-election bid.

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Alleged Message to Buhari From Alhaji Shehu Shagari

My brother, you have contested the Presidential elections three times in this country and in all these times, you have never asked me or my people at Shagari village to support your bid. It is very obvious why you can’t do that. You don’t have the courage after what you did to me. You truncated democracy with a dastardly coup and took away power from me.You humiliated me and made me to suffer,and you took away my opportunity to RULE Nigeria. You said you do not want democracy in Nigeria.

The same democracy you truncated, you are fighting hard to get with desperation and diabolical power. You have entered into unholy alliance with some known elements of disunity in the south but let me warn you. You will suffer hard in the hands of Tinubu and his political merchants who will use and dump you as they did to Nuhu. In 2011, you cried publicly when you lost election,and you made provocative and inciting statements that plunged this country into untoward unrest. You provoked our hot- blooded youths with war cries which erupted into post election violence, that brought Boko Haram into existence, over 500 innocent Nigerians died instantly, most of them youth corpers deployed from one of the unifying agencies of this country. Personally,I do not have a problem with your ambition.

It is your arrogance that bothers me. If you cannot summon the courage to ask me and my family to vote for you because you know we would not,why do you think Nigerians would look kindly on your past record of destroying a progressing democratic institutions painfully put in place by some respected fathers of this nations like Awolowo and Azikiwe. No my brother. It is time to wake up from your delusion and do the needful if you still have some conscience. I am not writing this to you with vengeance intention. I am a practicing Muslim and we leave matters of vengeance to Allah. I write to you as a Nigerian,your brother and a statesman who is deeply concerned. Quit the presidential race now and save this country from the dangling sword of Damocles being menacingly wield by the crooks who surround you.

This elections is not about you or President Goodluck Jonathan. It is about the unity of Nigeria which can only be assured by being fair. By this I mean,being fair to the people of Niger Delta. We can only do this by either re-electing Goodluck or substitute him with any of his kinsmen from the South-south as that can only count fair for a people who are entitled to 8 years in the office of the President. For the elders council in the north,we have come to the conclusion to work towards realizing that fairness. 4 years more is not eternity. It is not too much of a concession for us to make to move Nigeria forward as one indivisible and united country under one God. May Allah open your mind to see reason.God bless Nigeria~~ Alhaji Shehu Shagari ( GCFR)

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