“Jay Z Tired Of Being Beyonce’s Bi*ch”, Report Gives Exclusive Insight Into New Divorce Rumour

Beyonce and Jay Z have been the victims of divorce rumors for years, and a new report suggests they could be true by revealing they are living in separate areas of their new Beverly Hills mansion.

A member of their staff told Radar Online: “Jay Z and Beyonce each have their own bedrooms. They are on opposite sides of a long hallway with Blue Ivy’s room in between them.”

Perhaps one of them has a snoring problem and the other one really needs to sleep? Separate bedrooms don’t necessarily mean there’s a relationship problem.

The pair was inundated with divorce rumors during their “On The Run” tour in 2014. Queen B’s father, Matthew Knowles, claimed the pair was in on the gossip in order to sell more tickets. Beyonce and Jay Z wed in 2008, and the songstress gave birth to their daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, in January 2012.

When the couple moved into their new Beverly Hills rental home in November, the staff witnessed them having “explosive fights,” according to the publication.

An insider previously told Radar: “Beyonce blew up at Jay Z for no reason and was barking orders at everyone like she was the first person to ever move into a new home.

“They got into a huge fight in front of everyone over how he is handling the move. He told her that they only reason they chose this place to begin with is because it is what she wanted, not him. He told her that he is really sick and tired of being her b***h.”

Credit: starpulse