Basketmouth Performs At The Improv Comedy Club In Dallas

Last night, Basketmouth had his 1st ever performance at the Improv comedy club, the improv is the biggest chain of comedy clubs across America. The ace Nigerian comedian performed alongside Robert Powell and Alfred Kainga. His performance was so good discussions of having him headline a night or more is on going with the club management. You go, Basketmouth!

Hilarious Photo: Basketmouth Responds To Davido’s Graduation News

Lol the ace comedian also received the news with surprise

The news of Davido graduating with first class just gave me hope that I can become an Astronaut, Architect, Lawyer and a brain surgeon at the same time. Congrats bro.

Davido has since refuted the reports. He graduated with a second class degree in music..

See Amber Rose’s Reaction to BasketMouth’s Parody of her Photo

Amber Rose was busy breaking the internet with provocative bikini photos recently and Nigerian comedian, Basket Mouth projected his own version of the photo.

The photo eventually got to the original owner (Amber Rose) and she reposted the photo. Find out about her reaction to the parody on her instagram post below:



BasketMouth “Worships” Wife on Wedding Anniversary

This one has gone beyond adoring someone…, BasketMouth literally worshipped his wife to mark their wedding anniversary. He started the day posting photos of her and saying sweet phrases to her. He even thanked God for the day he met her.

We are not sure, but from the look of things, these guys are truly happily married!!! Awwww…

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BasketMouth to Post 100 Photos of Wife in 1 Day

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Most of us had to check the calendar to make sure it isn’t February 14th.

Comedian, Basket Mouth took on Instagram today posting lovely photos of himself and his wife with the caption, “She love Him”. He initially vowed to post 50 photos of her but later changed his mind and doubled the number, telling his fans that they would get tired of his post today. We hope he keeps to his words.

We are happy they are happy… they really seem happy… Don’t they?