Meet the Couple with a 57-Year Age Gap, “Has Nothing to do with his Fortune…”

A former playboy model has married a multi-multimillionaire who is 57 years her senior – but claims her decision it has nothing to do with his fortune.


German beauty Cathy Schmitz, 25, wed mega-rich 82-year-old lover Richard Lugner in the autumn – and has given up her telly career to live a life of luxury with him in his homeland of Vienna. The couple appeared on This Morning on Monday to defend their relationship ahead of a documentary about their age-gap airing on Wednesday night.

Filthy-rich Richard, who famously took Kim Kardashian to the Vienna ball last year and branded her ‘annoying’, is old enough to be Cathy’s grandfather, but insists the age gap doesn’t bother him. “We have to learn to be married,” Richard says.