Our Citizens Aren’t Having Enough Sex – Swedish Government.

Swedish people might not be getting laid enough – and the government is worried.


In an attempt to tackle the issue, the country’s government will ask its people about their bedroom habits in Sweden’s first major sex study in 20 years.


Reports in Swedish media have suggested a decline in sexual activity, sparking the major survey on all things sex.

The nation’s loss of libido could be a ‘political problem’ if it is linked to stress and other health issues, according to Public Health Minister Gabriel Wikstrom.


In an opinion piece for newspaper Dagens Nyheter, the politician wrote: ‘It is important to find out how much less sex Swedes are having, and what the reason is.’


And in a separate article on the government’s website, Mr Wikstrom said the government must carry out a new survey to help guide its policies related to sexual and reproductive health.


He said: ‘Sex is an area that strongly influences people’s health, so we can’t just talk about things like, for example, venereal disease, but also things that are positive and lust-filled about sex.’


The people of Sweden have a bit of time to get down to business – as the Public Health Agency of Sweden has been tasked with preparing a report by 2019.

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