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Posting the Doren story Doren Specialist Hospital Ajah: A tale of woes, tragedies and death | Victims speak  

was a difficult decision because I realized the several consequences that could arise. I decided to hear from other people instead of creating a story out of Mr. Adekunle Sanusi’s report and audio recording of his meeting with Doren officials alone. It was important for me to know that this was not a one-off as could happen with any hospital or institution. Upon posting the story, my first feeling immediately after posting was a feeling of justification. If I had a bullet shot at me for this, I’d go to heaven with a smile. The reactions have been nothing but even more saddening. Please check my latest Twitter favourites for some of them while you read two of the several emails I have received since posting the story late last night. In a sane country, reporting to the authorities would be the very logical step but that’s a country where acts of negligence like these are punished. In a country like ours, sometimes your best bet is to just share your experience with others and let the social make a natural decision. | @omojuwa

A Nasty Nurse & Losing My mum

I am *Shade Adewale. You can use my story but not my real name please. However, should you need a witness in future, I will be very happy to speak.

A few months ago, my son took ill late at night and I had to go to Doren Specialist Hospital. This was after I had sworn against them after an incident a few years ago. It was too late to go to our other hospital in VI and I was concerned for my son.

He was admitted into the hospital that night and I spent the night with him. We shared the room with another child and her mum who had been ill for several days and had not eaten or drank anything for days. We got talking and I offered the daughter one of my son’s snacks and to the mother’s surprise she took it. I was very happy about this and left the mum to go help her get water for her daughter to drink so she could continue feeding her daughter.

When I asked for water at the Nurse’s station, the nurse (Ifeanyiwa Aror) told me to go call her the child’s mother. I asked her why and she said she would direct the mother to the dispenser downstairs to go get the water. Of course, I was stunned and asked the nurse why she wouldn’t go get the water for a child we should be grateful to God was finally eating something. She blatantly refused to get the water and I railed at her and told her of strongly in my blind anger. I also told her I would report her to their MD in the morning. I left my son in the hospital with my sister in the morning to go get some rest and freshen up. My own nightmare had just started.

Barely an hour later, my sister called me to tell me that the hospital had made a police report that I assaulted the nurse and were preventing her and my son from leaving the hospital. Also, my son’s sheet was soaked with blood from the drip point because the nurse had done it the wrong way. I rushed back there and asked them to release my sister and son that I would stay with them and go with the police to give my statement. They decided to hold us all hostages even though my son was seriously ill and crying.

After I made a scene at the reception downstairs, they released my son and sister. Thank God for the police head at the station who saw their story had no logic, he dismissed the hospitals reports.

Through it all, the MD was nasty and uncaring. They even asked that I pay their bill. It’s not a place any sane person should go to. I can’t write the second story now but suffice to say it involved my mum who ended up passing away.

The Doren Doctor From Hell

Hi Japheth,

My name is *Victoria Ikechukwu. As I picked up my phone to catch the latest gist on twitter before calling it a night, the sight of the #Doren on my time line immediately sent shivers down my spine – I almost put down the phone but on a second thought curiosity got he better of me. Reading through got me upset all over again and I had to respond to the tweet.

I was registered with the hospital in 2011 with a private card no 18105 and had my baby girl there on 19-06-12. My frustration with the hospital started during my antenatal. With mixed up schedules and the ob-gyn either running really late (sometimes I’d wait for 4hrs) or not showing up at all after the wait. The attendants were the most inattentive, inconsiderate and rude personnel I have ever had the misfortune of meeting. It got to a point I had to get the phone number of the ob-gyn and would keep tabs on her till she got on seat before I set out.

On the day I gave birth, everything went fine – well labour wasn’t fun but well worth it. However, the 2nd labour in the hands of the sadistic doctor that stitched me was worse than the actual labour in giving birth (I had an unpleasant cut because my baby was on the big side 4.1kg). The experience was horrific. I couldn’t tell if what she injected me with was actually an anaesthetic or not because it refused to work! Every single jab of the needle sent me to hell and back. I could feel the vibration of the thread as it went through the thin layers of skin on the tenderest part of my body. About 7 minutes into the process, I told her I could feel everything and I was already emotionally and physically torn, but she said she had given more than enough dose of the pain killer and there was nothing more to help me with the pain. I laid back and she continued while I grimaced…no, let me rephrase – I understood with utmost clarity what the bible meant by ‘gnashing of teeth’. To worsen it, she was so slow! Always running out of thread or erroneously pulling too hard that the thread would run loose from the skin. I sat up after a bit and took a very good look at her face and asked her if she knew me from anywhere and if I had done any wrong against her. A monstrous laughter from her as she asked me to lie back and she would try to finish up the ‘patch up work’. I laid back but refused to open up to let her continue. The matron had to step in to plead with me. I asked for my main ob-gyn who actually delivered me of my baby and I was told she was already in theatre attending to another patient in surgery. My husband who had been in the labour room with me all along could not handle the panel-beating act and got to distract himself with our new bundle of joy. I could not enjoy the sight of my baby as most mothers do when they are handed their baby for the first time because my below region was literally on fire. I could barely walk and I’m certain most people who had caesarean sessions, recovered faster than I did. It took me over a month to properly sit on my butt as I adopted the side sitting style or always lying face down. This traumatic experience made it difficult for breastfeed and properly me to sit my girl. She even lost interest because her sensitive soul noticed I was always in pain.

Even the room we stayed in was another nightmare – it was rotation from room to room in search of a manageable one; as the electrical fittings were just non functional – fan, AC, fridge, lights! Arrrghhh! Having to sleep with a newborn in such heat. The ACs just refused to work as they kept switching from big generator set to small one that could not power the ACs – and all these after full deposit was made including accommodation.

As if that was not enough for me to hate the hospital, I went back for my 6-week check up and the receptionists decided to top it with their stupidity. I was just keeping the appointment given to us, nothing was wrong with either of us except the pain I was recovering from with my ‘old roger hiperty hop walk’ .I was told I could see the Gynaecologist but my daughter could not see the Paediatrician unless I registered a different card for her and that she could no longer use my card to cover her. My options were to pay #5000 for her card or obtain a family card. I explained that my husband was out of town and he had already made a request to his employer for a letter of introduction for his family so we could be covered by the company’s HMO…but we would have to wait till he got into town to fill out the necessary forms. I was going to pay cash for the consultation so I saw no reason why my private card could not be used for her since her medical history since birth has been in my file. As far as they were concerned, I was speaking jargons. They insisted on her own card so as to get the #5000. To me, the amount was not the problem but their attitude- besides that would mean double work, filling forms then in a couple of days we would have had to come back again for the family registration. I simply told them that would be the last time I visited. I just quietly drove to VI and got my kid registered at Ave Maria hospital and so far, they have been good.

Doren has a couple of good hands – the lady ob-gyn consultant and the matron were pretty ok. The other doctors are pretty much lousy. From time to time while waiting for the gynaecologist, many patients have let off steam in the premises for their laxity and callous attitude.

And as for that Dr from hell, I hope to meet her somewhere someday and I better not be behind the wheels while she’s walking…let me not say anymore so there will be no documentary evidence against me.

I really hope the management does an overhaul and improve…because that hospital and its attendants are write-offs in my opinion.

*Not real names for safety reasons.

[photo credit: Doren Hospital]

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