Doren Specialist Hospital Ajah: A tale of woes, tragedies and death | Victims speak

One of the men who inspired me in my University days and now a major supporter of my works and today a dear friend lost his pregnant wife to Doren Specialist Hospital’s carelessness and nonchalant attitude to their patience. Those who traits would be a enough to cause a pregnant woman’s death but add their incompetence and you have something close to a murder-network in your hands. Adekunle Sanusi is young Nigerian, widely known amongst Junior Chamber International, JCI. He lost his young, promising, pregnant wife to the above named hospital. Listening to a tape of the meeting between the deceased family and the hospital, I could already sense the I-don’t-care attitude of the medical head. Kunle in his own words to me said;

As I write you this the hospital is yet make any form remorseful apology or even any condolences to me or my family, also my wife’s wedding band and engagement is yet to be returned or handed back to me despite the fact that we had requested for it. As a matter of fact we just renewed our vows and exchanged new sets of rings we bought this last August during our summer trip to US and Dubai.
I choose to give you the exclusive right and mandate to write about the ills of this hospital because there are many persons who had fallen victim to their callousness and negligence, some of this person had personally come to me after they heard about the tragic event, and I am pretty sure they will give their account of their experience with the hospital.
I plead with you take this with attention and seriousness it deserves, I believe in your wide reach and I know by the time you start writing on this story people will come out to add their voice, I do not wish to drag legal issues with the hospital but I would love for the hospital to show remorse and humility and in all, clean up their acts in other save other people from the grief I am experiencing at the moment.

From the tape I listened to, the hospital bluntly refused to take responsibility. No sign of remorse neither did they act like two lives which had been lost due to their negligence were being discussed. I decided not to hear Kunle alone, I asked to hear from other people who had something to say about this Ajah, Lagos based hospital. Their testimonies are shared below. Except for Kunle’s name, the names of the other people have been edited for security reasons.

Mrs Umweni’s Testimony

My name is *Mrs. Umweni, I want to share my experience in Doren Specialist Hospital, Ajah; it happened in the year 2012. My two sons were brought back from school for being sick, that they were running temperature and vomiting so, when I took them to Doren Specialist Hospital, Ajah and the doctor we met was Doctor Felix (Now revealed as a Senior Medical Officer).

Upon meeting Dr Felix, he told my first son Dayo by name to open his mouth and Dr Felix said the red thing in my son’s throat is red and a little bit thing, he said the same thing of Dayo’s brother (my second son), Dr. Felix did not carry any test nor detail examination and I brought it to his notice but he said there is no need for any test.

Before we knew anything we had already paid over 20,000Naira without any particular test was being carried out and Dr. Felix prescribed some drugs and injections for my sons; right there in the Hospital before we left my sons were vomiting again and I called the attention of the doctor who said the drugs haven’t started working yet and he (Dr Felix) gave them another injection.

When we got home my sons condition worsened and I called the hospital on the phone to complain but I was told to calm down that the drugs will soon take effect and they will feel better. My son never felt better, my husband and I had to keep vigil over them because my first son Bayo was not even dilating anymore.

We were fortunate that a relative recommended another clinic of a doctor who was trained abroad, upon getting there ran some tests on my sons and came out with food poisoning diagnosis, the new doctor also made mention of the initial prescription made by Dr Felix has been wrong and dangerous to my sons.

This experience made my family really scared of going back to Doren Specialist Hospital. I would also like to state the hospital has very nonchalant and has a care free attitude towards attending to patients They are not thorough in their job and I learnt from similar victims of their incompetence that most of their doctors are youth corps members or students still undergoing medical houseman ship!

*Mrs. Joy Akpabio’s Testimony

My name is Mrs Joy Akpabio, I had cause to have my first baby at Doren Specialist Hospital, Ajah on October 2nd 2007. I was admitted in the early morning of 2nd October 2007 for induction but the induction did not take place until about 3pm later on the 2nd of October 2007 and I delivered my baby between 9 and 10pm that day.

After delivery, since it was my first baby; I didn’t know what to really expect but after cleaning my baby and all other things done, I noticed that if I get up to stand a pool of blood will gush out from me soaking my legs and private area, I feel very scared and I called the attention of the doctors but there were only nurses around and the nurse that came said it was because of my being stitched in the private that is causing the flow and it will stop, I was not convinced more so the nurse wanted to check the stitched area and I declined because I was feeling pain there.

I snapped at the nurse that if there is anything I should be given that could have stopped or control the blood flow should be done rather than guessing what the problem was; after a while the nurse came with an injection, which I was given and the blood flow stopped.

The medical director of Doren Specialist Hospital came during the time I was in labour; another lady shared my ward and she was in labour as well. When the MD came in he wanted to check our level dilation by inserting his hand into our private area, I declined seeking for the matron to be the one to do mine and to my utter surprise the MD said he was going home leaving us in the hands of nurses with no other doctors available.

I had my baby safely to the glory of God but not without being scared by the hospital, when I wanted to my second baby at another hospital this time around, it was difficult for me to pass feces and upon examination the doctors attending to me found out that I was wrongly stitched the last time I delivered which showed that anus was almost closed by the wrong stitch done at Doren Specialist Hospital.

The stitch was corrected and I had my second baby safely, I also witnessed how the  other lady that shared my ward was treated, her own case was even more worse because she eventually had her baby through CS after undergoing severe pain and agony due to neglect and untimely attendance by the hospital personnel

There were no doctors or nurses stationed with us during after delivery, it was the other lady house maid who sat with us in the ward that served as person calling the personnel attention to our need, the nurse were very nasty and abusive and uncaring.

The hospital should be stopped before more lives are lost to their incompetence and unprofessionalism

PS: Names have been edited for security reasons. Do you know anyone with a similar experience as the above persons? Please share. If the government cannot clean up the system, we might as well alert fellow citizens of the dangers out there. May Mrs. Sanusi continue to Rest In Peace.

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[photo: courtesy, Doren Specialist Hospital]

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  • Kaycee

    It is a pathetic story of the deplorable state of hospital regulations in Nigeria. Where is “consumer protection Right”? There must be informed consent in our medical practice. A male doctor must always seek informed consent before crossing the line of dignity for their patients.

    I commiserate with u Mr. Sanusi in this most horrible period of ur loss. The good Lord is comforting u.

  • Felix

    Apart from the story of Mrs Akpabio in which there was a possible case of complication from an episiotomy repair (which is a possibility even in the best of centers) the other cases haven’t shown any clear case of medical malpractice from the hospital. Why does Mr Kunle think the hospital is at fault in the death of his wife? The case wasn’t made here. So why would be hospital admit to an error they don’t think they made. Just saying.

  • Felix

    Also with regards to Mrs Umweni’s case, from the little details that is here I don’t think the doctor made a wrong diagnosis. Inflammed throat with fever and vomiting is a clear case of pharyngitis and not food poisoning. May not require any tests to confirm. The other doctor obviously did the tests to calm the parents down which is what many hospitals in Nigeria do to inflate bills. Dr Felix hasn’t done anything wrong in this case.

  • Felix

    Finally Mrs Akpabio obviously prefer a matron to check her dilatation rather than the doctor. So she made her choice for a caregiver (which she has a right to). So she got the level of care she demanded. When a nurse repair your episiotomy then the chances of complication like the type she experienced increases. However I do not believe she had her anus partially close because it would have shown many months before she actually presented. It takes only a couple of days for a repair to heal and she would have presented with symptoms earlier.

  • mrs A

    @Felix,is that you the CMD of the Doren Specialist Killers talking?

  • lekan

    Felix has already set the ball rolling. Let me start by expressing my condolences to the families of the affected. Permit me to clarify some things in this write up:
    1) Housemanship is not a job for students; it’s a doctor’s job. Members of the public mostly think house officers are still students.
    2) A male doctor can examine a female patient; all he needs to make it legit is a chaperone.
    3) Doctors who are youth corp members are not necessarily incompetent
    Nuff said. I don’t know a properly trained doctor who wouldn’t carry out a complete physical exam on his/her patients. The management of this hospital should be thoroughly investigated.

  • wumi

    A friend who kept going to Doren only got drugs to suppress his malaria and not really treat them. Till he had an epileptic malaria seizure. Even after then the doctor only prescribed some drugs for him and that was it.
    It was when we got to another hospital and texts were carried out we found that the malaria parasites had gotten to his brain. And that was what caused the seizure.

  • Noble

    Evidence based medical practise is the recommended standard all over the world. The world has gone beyond the times of guess work or assumption medicine. It is the Medico-legal right of the patient to know the doctors diagnosis, how he arrived at such diagnosis and his plan of therapy. NEVER ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE TREATED BY QUACKS WHO ASSUME WITHOUT LABORATORY EVIDENCE. The major reason why we keep evolving from one anti malarial to another is cuz the parasite keeps evolving resistance, as many doctors sensitize patients who might be suffering from other pyrogenic fever with anti-malarials. W.H.O recommends that malaria should be treated only after laboratory confirmation but a lot of physicians won’t listen. How will a doctor differentiate sepsis from malaria without laboratory evidense? Nigerians should rise up and realize that doctors are not encyclopedias, they should be scrutinized and that you have every right to know whatever treatment plan you are being subjected to. I can bet doren specialist doesn’t have a laboratory, and even if it does, it won’t have a qualified medical laboratory scientist but would rather employ a microbiologist, science lab technologist or a biochemist with no medical background to handle such labs. If you visit a medical laboratory facility where the operator’s license of practice isn’t displayed, RUN!!!!!! They are quacks. A qualified medical laboratory scientist performs testd on body fluids and tissues to obtain results that enable the diagnosis of disease. He undergoes training in the basic medical sciences of anatomy, human physiology and medical biochemistry and futher training in haematology, transfusion science, chemical pathology, medical microbiology, histopathology and parasitology and then further takes a specialization in any of the aforementioned areas of clinical laboratory science. Egotism is when a doctor who knows nothing about this field of study decides to count this important aspect of holistic medicine as unnecessary. My point is, hospitals like doren are many in Nigeria and carelessly kill peoplel daily. This will continue, unless we stand and demand for quality health care system where each member of the medical team performs his role towards attainment of maximum therapy.

  • jane

    An average Nigerian Dr is the lab scientist,pharmacist,n physician. Very haughty ppl,dt won’t allow others perfom their expertise. Causing high motality rate. They will never follow the most recent guidline for treatment. Some of them will even argue standard guidlines,with no research. All they know is to beg for biro,n paper,n cash,food, from pharm company reps. @felix,u are mad. For saying all that thrash. Naija Dr r kiLlers of humans and of other proffeSsions

  • o j

    Doren saved my neighbour during childbirth when other hospital refused to take her when she went into labour in the early hours of the day. She just moved into the area and registered with the general hospital at Akodo area of Lekki, the husband was away and we had to come to the rescue, when others decline, Doren was the only hospital that accepted.

  • seun

    I sympathise with those that have lost a love one,I pray for the repose of the soul of the departed.
    I have no affiliations whatsoever with the hospital in question, and my opinion is entirely mine., I am willing to be corrected.
    I find the fact that the hospital and it’s management haven’t condoled with the family of the departed.. this happens too frequently. Where I trained, it was listed almost always as part of management plan anytime a patient passed on. This however was never put in writing… it was always verbal
    Childbirth has its complication.. sadly Nigeria has one of, if not the highest maternal mortality rates in the world. These figures are contributed to by all health facilities across the nation (Please ignore the falsified Ondo state figures)
    House officers are NOT medical students… they carry a provisional licence to practice under the supervision of qualified specialist.. however,I find it disturbing, if true, that the hospital in question trains House officers.
    Episiotomies like any other procedure can go wrong.. but with the best hands or even with adequate supervision, house officers routinely do problem free Episiotomies
    A vaginal examination is routine for doctors irrespective of cadre,midwives and nurses provided there are no contraindications. Patient consent is required all the same. So if a patient declines a VE, and requests to have a qualified female staff do it, it’s nobody’s negligence
    Once again I sympathise profusely with families involved

  • Adenike

    This is why some people would rather spend hours at teaching hospitals or general hospitals than visit private ones. Felix, you speak like 1) A medical practitioner in the private sector 2) a very heartless doctor. Did you skip the part where Kunle said they requested for his wife’s wedding rings? Or the hospital is conducting an autopsy on the rings?
    And Lekan, yes we know a male doctor can inspect a female patient but if the patient disagrees with him touching her down there nko? The doctor has the right to walk away and leave the patient there? Is that your point? What if she’s in purdah?

    A good number of private hospitals in Nigeria are glorified funeral parlors let’s be honest. My former HMO hospital once prescribed malaria drugs for me by just looking at my eyes and some other random questions. I then put it back to the doctor “I’m a sexually active person, not even to send me for tests!” Dude started throwing tantrums that I wanted to teach him his job etc. I didn’t leave that hospital that night without proper tests. Same hospital told me I had ectopic pregnancy and had started making arrangements for me to be operated upon and I wasn’t even pregnant!!!!!
    Let me just stop here. The koko is that this silly Doreen Specialist (I have a problem with the name by the way) needs to be investigated properly.

  • phemnahs

    Evidence-based medicine, as one commentator said, is the goldpiece of medical practise all over the world today. Any hospital without a well equipped laboratory manned by a qualified Medical Lab Scientist should not operate as a standard health facilty, but of a clinic with no right to admit patients.
    Having said this, I don’t think one man grief should be a reason for some of us to air our professional differences and rivalry. A medical doctor will forever be the head of any medical team anywhere in the world.
    There re good doctors and there re bad ones. There re competent ones and incompetent ones but that give no right to anybody to classify all doctors as incompetent and cheats!
    Doren Specialist Hospital should be investigated by the NMA and the Lagos state ministry of health for all these allegations. I will strongly advised we calm down till we hear from the hospital management. I have friends that ve worked there and I know these friends are all well trained and highly competents medical personnel.
    My condolence to the bereaved Mr Sanusi, may the soul of ur wife rest in perfect peace. Amen!

  • Haidee

    My friend was given paracetamol (and other drugs) at Doren wen she clearly knew she was miscarrying. Thankfully, she is a medical biologist and knew better. All of my colleagues who visit doren either end up dumping the drugs becos they get/feel worse or being admitted longer than necessary by same hospital. I once had a burn treated by their nursing sttaff.My mom (a retired nurse) saw it and commented that the dressing was done wrong hence the very ugly scar….many of my colleagues av resorted to taking care of themselves on their own now.

  • seun

    Having read mo re comments, it would be unwise to attempt to make a case for this hospital,
    We however must understand that such events are a result of incompetence of larger magnitude.
    General hospitals aren’t too different.. I am a doctor, my brother is a doctor and my dad is a doctor. In my final year of med school, I presented in this hospital with appendicitis, surgery took another 15hrs.. appendicitis is an EMERGENCY, I WAS A STUDENT IN THAT FACILITY AND MY DAD IS A CONSULTANT IN THAT FACILITY.
    Resident doctors have been on strike nationwide for 23 days with no resolution in sight. With these, health care services would certainly not improve.
    The solution: an Iimmediate audit of this case and similar ones, but ultimately and audit and psychiatric evaluation of decision makers who have made it impossible to run a system that works.
    I am aware of a general hospital in katsina state where there are facilities for blood transfusion, but nothing to check pcv… it’s a strange nation

  • Mrs Y

    I almost lost my life and my baby during child birth in doreen because I was left in the hands of an auxilliary nurse who knew nothing about VE not to talk of delivery,it took the timely intervention of my mum who wanted to take the delivery herself and the student doctor to save myself and my baby.The so called auxilliary nurse is still taking deliveries in doreen.Good doctors don’t stay in doreen because they don’t like paying,they like using doctors.I had a good friend working there but he stopped when they wanted him a gyneacologist to also do ultra sound for people.Doreen hosp needs to top up their game

  • zed

    @phemnahs its ppl like u that mislead the public in nigeria. A Dr is not always the head of the medical teams all over the world.get your facts right. Heading a medical team is an administrative function.and the whole bunch is a team work,no one is more important than another.they are just diff arms of a tree.let the pharmacy outlets be closed in nigeria,let me see if the Dr will diagnos n manufacture drugs.just let Nigeria start medical litigation and all this issues will stop.these clinics with no employed lab or pharm,is just the cumulative cuase of nigeria’s health issue.even in the USA,withh all their precision,they are battling drug missuse-associated deaths upto 9%.imagine what ours will be,shuld we have statistics. I don’t blame the Dr.I blame d lab and pharm.their regulatory bodies need to step up their game.I understand that the Dr established their proffession in nigeria b4 others,hence the upper hand they have in practice.just 2things,medical practice regulations,for all,and a good medical litigation for the consumers. Send 1 Dr,or a lab person to jail,n all will sit up and stop feeling like Gods.ppl have lost confidence in nigeria medical practice completly.which doesn’t happen in other countries.our govt is partly to be blamed

  • jss

    May her soul rest in perfect peace, amen. GOD gives n takes. Best kown to GOD . know this hospital in ? If such testtimony Ç????. From pple. ?. Feel NMA should act fast b4 more. Live are mismanaged. ? what it means to lose a loved one. My muM. It i????t well.

  • Tommy

    Let Felix and whoever have sympathy for Doren Specialist Hospital keep patronising the hospital. Let Felix and co go there to prove the reported cases with there own lives as experiment. Let them also come back to inform us they’ve learnt in a hard way when they do and not gnash their tooth in their closets. My brother had been sent for a scanning in a private hospital in Ilorin in 2008 and I saw the result read “no sign of ulcer, no sign of appendicitis” only to get to another hospital after I got pissed off by their staff attitude and the other hospital diagnosed ruptured appendicitis. Only God saved my bother’s life. That said, it Is pathetic that cases of unprofessional practices abound in most of our hospital in Nigeria today- public or private. The sad thing is that the govt which cannot even manage its own affairs will sure dangerously find it unnecessary to look into such challenges that take innocent people’s lives. If we must all give account of our experiences, no hospital will be worth visiting when need arise. Let us go back to God to rescue us from evil leader who care less about people’s right to life. But for me, I know when we go back to the root and leave ways, the herbal cure, certain simple cases that can be addressed with herbs will not find its way to the hospitals and thereby reducing the risk of falling into the unprofessional hands of hospital FELIXES.

  • phemnahs

    @Zed, with respect to the grieving Mr Sanusi and in an attempt to at least put an end to this issue of who leads a medical team, I will advise u get ur facts right before exhibiting ur ignorance on public forum. There is always an administrative head of any health facility who can be a medical, paramedical or an allied medical professional. However when it comes to a medical/clinical team, a Medical doctor is and always will be the head. Don’t limit ur exposure to limited “village” like Nigeria, do ur research and stop contributing to what u have knowledge about.
    As per medical litigation, I ve always been a supporter of ur motion, I have been lobbying for such law in the national assembly and very soon, no medical professional shall go scot free for any negligence or discrepancies at work.
    And mind u pharmacist re not pharmacologist, afterall most pharmacist are just glorified marketers in nigeria. Instead of people like u to join hands with doctors for us all to correct the wrongs in our noble profession, u re busy making noise on who should be the head. Pity!!!
    Once again, my condolence to Mr Sanusi

  • mamatolu

    I took my son to Doren on the 21st July because he was throwing up, he was given four liquid medication by the next day he became worse and was throwing out virtually everything. I took him back to the hospital on 22nd of July Monday evening because he got worse, we got to the hospital at 6:20pm saw the doctor, we did a test and was told he has viral infection (he was treated for the same in June) the doctor decided my son will be admitted this was around 7:30pm we were there at the reception for another 2hrs 30mins waiting for the nurse that will take us to the ward.

    When we eventually got to the ward at about 10pm they only had baby curt / bed so I asked how long my son will be admitted for I was told may be 5days I was shocked because no arrangement was made for me the mother in the children ward. So I asked the nurse were I will be staying while my son is taking his treatment I was told the only provision made for parent is a chair, so I decided to ask my husband to bring me a mattress while I was making enquiry if my husband could bring a mattress for me I noticed there were black ants crawling all over the floor, when I brought the nurses attention to it she told me the room had not been cleaned in two days yet they have a patient already admitted in a room that has not been cleaned for two days and the dad of the boy admission told me he has been trying his best to keep the room clean because their cleaners have not been in that room.

    I then requested to be put in another ward, I was given the option of the women ward when I got there I found out there is no light in that ward at this point I was so upset I went back to the reception and asked for an alternative treatment to admission I was told no alternative then I told them I cannot stay in a room with ants crawling all over also in a room without light, the said if I want to go with my son I will have to sign. I told them I will not sign because my decision to take my son was due to inadequate facility to calm the situation their director offered me a single room free. I took that option thinking that was the end of my ordeal.

    We got to the room that was about 11pm now I was told a doctor will set a line for him the doctor tried but it was not successful then I was told it will be converted to injection just for the night I agreed he was given the injection.

    The next morning Tuesday 23rd at about 8am I went to the nursing station to ask for the medication for the day because I was told he was on antibiotics on getting there the nurse I met told me she was coming and asked me to go back to my room I waited at about Ihr 30mins no one showed up so I went back to the nursing station again I met a nurse so I asked her for my son’s medication she told me she just resume duty and she needs to eat I ask if she could see him before she eat I went on to tell her he’s running temperature and crying she said she was hungry and will see me after she finish eating. I decided not to talk again I went back to the room and gave my son pain reliever I had on me and I continue waiting I waited till 12noon and no one came I went back to the nursing station and enquire if someone can see my son four nurses came and they started auguring on what the doctor wrote in the file at this point I drove them out of the room and ask to see a doctor that can properly interpret medical note. Cos I don’t want to continue waiting I went to their reception and asked to see the director I was taken to his secretary I eventually saw him he then handed over the case to his secretary not quite 30mins a doctor came to see my son it was already 1pm in the afternoon. The doctor set the IV line and my son started his treatment I still continued the follow up so the medication can be administered on time.

    On Wednesday I continued with my follow up. I told the doctor that came for ward visit that he was still throwing up she said he might need a stronger antibiotics which they don’t have in their pharmacy because its expensive

    In the early hours of Thursday at about I :30am my son had very high temperature I went to the nursing station saw the nurses sleeping woke one of them up and told her my son is running temperature and throwing up she told me she was coming but did not show up for another hour before she came I had given him pain reliever and mopping him with lukewarm water though he threw some of the medication at about 5am the night doctor came, his temperature was still high so I asked if they could carry out another test, he said it was not necessary I asked why he said it will just amount to incurring an on necessary cost on the part of the hospital and the HMO may not pay for it. I told him I will pay then he replied I will have to wait for the Morning doctor I asked why he said because his shift will soon be over. I had no choice but to wait. I waited till 10 am I had to keep mounting pressure on the nurses until they got tired of seeing my face every 30mins. The doctor came and ordered for a new test to be carried out when the test result came my sons infection level was still as high as what it was on Monday evening.

    At this point I asked to see the doctor again to know what next to do, I was told they will have to refer him to a pediatrician and will have to speak to the HMO they called and got a referral code.

    In conclusion, each time Doren treats me is either I go back to the hospital for a retreatment or I consult other doctors or pharmacist for example: I was treated for cough and cold in march at Doreen the cough persisted for 3 months and I kept going back to Doreen to complain because it was becoming embarrassing they a advised I should take time off. In june I decided to ignore the hospital and did a research on dry tickly cough and I got the treatment for it on the internet I then went further to enquire from a doctor he asked if he could see the medication I was given earlier from Doreen I showed him and he confirm that the medication will not treat my cough in a million years he also asked me to get the same medication I saw on the internet (Bendryl N1,200 and piriton N30) the doctor added that Doreen will not dispense such drugs because its expensive but they should have advised me to get it. I bought this medication and my cough went in 3 days.

    It was due to their service I decided to change my hospital when I was pregnant with my son because I could not entrust my life and that of my unborn child to so called professional as careless as they are.

    Doreen care for no one but money, their nurses are very rude same has their front desk staff. The hospital is always dirty and smells, one has to practically beg to be attended to because you cab stay the whole day at the hospital if you don’t beg and continuously remind them not to forget about you. Doreen has substandard doctors and nurses.


  • @mum

    I do not and have never agreed to the idea of judgement being passed based on narratives, public opinion and sentiments. What is going on in this forum is no different from the mobs who kill on the streets simply because 1 person- 1- started the attack on a-possibly- innocent individual. Character or Brand assassination on social media wont do more than get them fidgeting. If any meaningful change is to be achieved, like some ppl here have said, legal recourse must be sought. That being said, I am in NO WAY trying to undermine the pain, sorrow or truth behind the stories of these individuals. I believe every one of them and not just about Doren…every single hospital in lag has had cause to be investigated for either negligence or malpractice if u ask me. My colleague lost his daughter- stillbirth- in premier hospital this yr. I was dazed! Shocked that a hospital of that calibre could have allowed that. Baby came out with her cord wrapped around her throat. That was ENTIRELY d fault of d hospital if u ask me. With all d equipment available 2 check vitals n monitor d baby n all???? I believe I should now point out what my own theory is; In Nigeria, based on my experience,experiences of ppl I know, and research information available out there for everyone….NO hospital… not one single hospital, is ‘safe’. NONE! My elder brother, a consultant in a teaching hospital-a RENOWNED teaching hospital- almost lost his wife- also a doctor- during childbirth. He had to call in his friend, classmate, also a consultant, to take over her case. He believes till 2dy that his timely intervention is what saved her life. All 3 of them were trained in that SAME hospital mind u. But what made the difference…they were trained way back when the facilities, lecturers and even they the students themselves were competent and committed 2 the ‘Socrates oath’. One of my colleagues whose husband is a consultant anesthesiologist (sp) @ a teaching hospital, says some days her husband breaks down and cries cos he says the death is the fault of a doctor but they decide in the theatre to cover it up. He made her swear never to go to Govt/teaching hospitals. Today, ALL hospitals have one or more bad eggs, or have or more reasons to cut corners or make one or more (un) ethical decisions in d interest of the ‘greater’ good. It is now the duty of d patient, to distrust practically each n every doctor/hospital. Sad but true! 4 yrs ago when I was preggers with my 1st child, my doctor- the MD of a Hosp. @ Ogba – DR Sanusi- kept me for 5mths without revealing 2 me I had preeclampsia. It took d intervention of my colleague who insisted – after hearing from me that my specialist doc was comfortable with my swollen legs, that early in pregnancy- on a 2nd opinion to find out that I was in trouble. The day i went to see the new doc (Dr Ore-God bless him) my bp was 150/100. To this day, my doc is in awe and claims it was a miracle. He did not let me get up from d couch in his office. He made me call my husband and give him directions to d hosp and proceeded to sedate me. I had gone for antenatal 2 days prior and did neither urinary test nor did they say anythn abt my bp. I stayed in d hosp 2 weeks. That was when i was told abt my condition. Natural delivery was ruled out as an option for me. After i was discharged, i ‘woke up’. I saw 4 other doctors here in lagos who gave me d same info. With my doc’s permission, I sent my history to my parent’s doc and my brother to review with his colleagues. They all had d same opinion as my doc. Only then did I settle with him. I was forced to have my baby pre term and thru cs like he had said. I have had 3 other surgeries since then, but my experience has taught me in each case to always ALWAYS SEEK A 2ND OPINION. ALWAYS! If possible a 3rd and 4th sef. Lol. Its the only way to survive in Nigeria with the type of medicare available to us.

  • jay

    Hippocrates oath nor socrates….i’m glad you’re fine and have no tangible regrets

  • Except there are concrete evidences to indict the hospital, such medical tragedies also occur in public hospitals, if not more. So I strongly recommend utmost discretion in speech and in writing while hoping that investigations will soon bring to fore the truth or falsity of the claims.

  • Doren Specialist Hospital

    Of all the qualities that are conducive to deep character, STILLNESS (QUIETNESS) may be the hardest one to hold on to. Our modern environment is anything but still and it takes discipline to maintain a quiet centre in the midst of our lives. Medical practice, most times a very thankless job, is rife with its own turbulence; sometimes deserved, most times undeserved or misplaced.
    Our profession and life as a whole requires a good deal of communication, often times in defence of one’s actions or inactions, obviously, but as time goes by and as we mature, we realise that SILENCE is golden. We suffer if we never engage in SILENCE.
    One of the main reasons why silence is so helpful is that it allows us to meditate, and by meditation i do not mean that which is devoid of any cognitive content. I refer to the contemplation of fruitful thoughts, those which can not only refresh us, but instruct us.
    Many of the demands of life and indeed medical practice require faith, confidence, confidentiality and trust. So when confronted with doubtful and worrisome challenges and unwarranted assaults, there is a great value in knowing how to “sit still”.
    Faced with danger or distraction, when falsely accused or when facing misplaced criticism, most of us become frantic. In desperation, we lash out and flair at the problem thereby belittling ourselves. Stillness, Quietness and Calmness means we have learnt to keep our heads and control our responses. This ability to be still, to be calm, to be patient, and not to panic or lose perspective, is a valuable skill. It means that we are courageous. On this battlefield of medical practice, we “stand still” and refuse to retreat before the onslaught of evil machinations, unverified allegations and unproven accusations.
    Merely standing our ground in the knowledge that we give our best to our patients and to humanity, may not seem very heroic, but it is. There is bravery in standing still that is nothing short of noble. We can strive to make our good better, and our better best, following the internationally acclaimed NICE guidelines and Hippocratic oath.
    Words and deeds are fine; indeed they are necessary especially when they are constructive and corrective criticisms. But let us not be so wordy and busy with the PULL-HIM-DOWN (PHD) mentality that we lose our balance. The good life consists not only of fruitful activities, but also of nourishing STILLNESS. DOREN’s greatest events are not the noisiest, but are our stillest hours. We are quietly rendering QUALITY, AFFORDABLE and SPECIALIST Medical Services to thousands of people in the Ajah axis. We are indeed a referral centre in the area without blowing our trumpets. For the few dissatisfied patients, there are thousands of thankful voiceless people who need not go to the internet to sing our praises.
    Medical interventions are fraught with morbidities and mortalities. Be it in Doren or the Best hospitals in Nigeria and indeed the whole world, Death is an inevitable occurrence. Some of these are inevitable, some are inexplicable. We are humble to accept that some are indeed avoidable. None of our detractors has been able to establish a case of negligence or avoidable morbidity/mortality against DOREN SPECIALIST HOSPITAL.
    Our Silence should NEVER be misconstrued as acceptance of guilt or cowardice. We will not want to join issues (publishing details of our patients’ illnesses) on the internet. They (including those that were not satisfied with our services) deserve better than that. It is also UNETHICAL.
    One of the complainants is a qualified lawyer who was diagnosed of acute appendicitis. She had a successful appendicectomy with histological confirmation by Professors of pathology. There has been no complications arising therefrom a year after appendicectomy. She later developed a more sinister illness after the surgery. She has been threatening fire and brimstones at DOREN. How on earth can appendicectomy cause her present predicament? She has been educated on civilised options and avenues for seeking redress on medical matters (HEFAMA, MDCN, etc) but she chooses to use the faceless world of social media to malign us. We have kept “still” waiting for her to match her words with facts and action.
    One of the “accusers of the brethren” was identified. She has had three (3) children with DOREN since 2007. When confronted, she came down to DOREN with her husband and children to deny and refute the publication. She could not explain how they knew her full name and that her child was born on 07/07/07 at DOREN.
    Hope you can understand why we should keep “still” as said in the hymn popularised by the Biafran Republic as an anthem.
    Be still my soul, the Lord is on thy side
    Bear patiently the cross of grief or pain
    Leave to thy God, to order and provide
    In every change, He faithful will remain.
    Be still my soul, thy best, thy heavenly Friend
    Thru thorny ways leads to a joyful end.

    Be still my soul, thy God doth undertake
    To guide the future as He has the past
    Thy Hope, thy Confidence, let nothing shake
    All now mysterious shall be bright at last
    Be still my soul, the waves and winds still know
    His voice who ruled them while He dwelt below.

    The Sanusi case is still fresh. It falls within the inexplicable complications. We had a team of well qualified professionals attending to her. We at DOREN are still grieving her demise. Is there any doctor who does not mourn when he/she loses a patient? We have sent the family a letter conveying our heartfelt CONDOLENCES and EMPATHY through courier and the HMO. We also had a meeting with the family. Regrettably, we will not be able to send an APOLOGY because we did not do anything wrong in treating her. We still pray God to console the family and give them the fortitude to bear the loss.
    The NHIS and ManagedCare have made Healthcare more affordable and accessible to more Nigerians. Unfortunately, there are numerous problems and challenges with the system. A few include delays in obtaining P.A. (Pre-Authorisation), services (including laboratory and X-ray services) not covered, poor remuneration of the primary care providers, delay in payment for services rendered and so on. I doubt if there is any provider who is satisfied with the system as evidenced by complaints at Health Care Providers Forum. The patient, not fully aware of these problems, blames the Hospital and is suspicious that maybe he/she is getting substandard treatment in the hospital. With this mindset, you are faced with hard-to-please patients who are very impatient. They want “branded drugs” whereas the NHIS prescribes “equivalent generic, unbranded drugs”. Most of the investigations are not paid for. The Hospital must not bad mouth the HMO, including the fact that the HMO pays N750 (yes, seven hundred and fifty naira) per month per patient irrespective of how many times he/she visits the hospital.
    According to one of the comments on Twitter… ”IT IS WELL OOOO”

  • titi

    Nigerians!! so bcos there r a lot of hospitals like Doren we should not talk bout this one… How come it s only doren dt is generating so much negative sentiments? I habe live in thomas estate bfore and my daughter had an incident,funny my brother and i were talking about it a few wks back when he had to sadly take his wife out of the country to have their baby cos of fear of medical care in nigeria…… Shame on Doren,shame on pple making excuses rather than look in and address d situation,shame on us all. How about rude staff>>>>? what do we say bout that. i hv copied and pasted another blog and there are many more who hv had issues with doren,. This is no mob asction we r talking bout lives here!!!

  • gal

    Mmmh! Have also had cases where female went outside the country to put to birth but it ended up tragic. Just like in any other profession and any other hospital,some come out smiling, others might not but the one very bitter soul might take the action of God. All professions deal with lives directly and indirectly. After each day, docs,traders, accts , bankers etc,ask yourself which life did I affect positively and not wrecked directly or indirectly. Being a doc is not one day job oh oh and not for all. It ,s all a matter of consciences.every one strive to be better your own side first

  • gal

    May the soul of the departed ones rest in peace

  • moi

    I had an unforgettable experience in doren hospital, Ajah and just came back home, decided I had a responsibility to share my experience cos you never know who the will be their next victim. I am amazed to read a lot of other people’s frightening experiences here. I think it’s high time something is done about that hospital, it’s more like a ritual centre, you go there and only the mercy of God can bring you out whole.
    On the 5th of November, my husband woke up in the wee hours of the morning feeling feverish, I cldn’t take him to the hospital cos it was about 3am so I prayed with him and gave him paracetamol, he calmed down and slept. At about 12noon again, he felt a bit unwell so we went to doren hospital cos it was the closest to us, (we normally use lagoon hospital in prior to this experience with doren hospital). We went in and after waiting for about 3 hours, we saw Dr A (I’ll reveal their names at d right time), and he said my husband had malaria and his blood pressure was high and he needed to bring d blood pressure down till Friday where he will need to come in and see the ‘Consultant Cardiologist’, by 4pm, he then prescribed some drugs and we thanked him and went home.

    Later in the evening, the fever came back again and this time, my husband was rolling all over the floor (even after taking the medications) and I couldn’t take it cos he’s normally a strong man and never really seen him like that before, so I took him back to doren hospital after praying. We met another dr, who happens to be the night dr by the name dr Felix’. Who immediately saw my husband without any investigation, told the nurses to organise a bed for him that he was going to be admitted and they should ‘sedate’, him (found out later, that happens to be his favourite word as he kept sedating all d patients at night cos he was a football freak and all he did at night was ‘watch football’, till day break)

    Making my husband pass the night there was one the greatest mistake of my life as it was now a case of trial and error, every 3-4 hours, the nurses came in with a lot of drugs ( like 10-12 at d same time) to give him coupled with all sorts of injections and drips.

    Then I started noticing my husband felt worse anytime they administered those drugs to him, he would scream with more pain, weakness, fainting, and lo and behold, my husband collapsed right in my presence on Friday, at this time, I had called my pastor and another pastor and my parents and loved ones to start praying , the nurses didn’t have a clue what they were given him as I kept asking questions they couldn’t answer and they were angry I was even asking, in fact I had a face-off with several of the nurses, as it was almost impossible to see the day dr, they kept saying dr ‘A’ was busy attending to out-patients, d only dr one could see was dr B whom have nicknamed ‘killer dr’. On Thursday, about 1pm, the 7th of November, they brought in this guy to the ward my husband was in, the guy was telling the nurses he was beaten to stupor by his brothers since Sunday.

    He was immediately admitted but only d nurses kept coming in to see telling him he should put his leg up so the pain can subside (unbelievable). No tests, no investigations. I was concerned cos it was obvious even to the blind the guy needed urgent attention cos of the state at which he was brought in yet no dr was available to see him un till evening when the nurses came with a blood sac to administer blood into this guy, before then, the electrical wires by my husband’s bedside started smelling like it was burning from inside and before I could move him away from there, it sparked fire and smoke everywhere, the nurses came again and moved my husband and this guy to the next room.

    By this time, the guy was screaming pain, which was scary, though he was brought beaten, he wasn’t screaming pain but as soon as the nurses started the blood transfusion, the guy was uncontrollable with so much pain, he was asking for water, they declined saying it would interrupt the blood transfusion he was being given (unbelievable), I felt so uncomfortable seeing this guy in so much pain, after screaming in pain for about 30nims and d nurses couldn’t control him, they went to get the killer dr who reluctantly came upstairs as he had been interrupted from watching his football. As soon as he came in, you could see from the look in his eyes he had given up on the guy and he said, ‘this guy will die of renal failure o’, ‘who brought him here’? At this point, the guy now started saying, ‘I’m dying’, I’m dying, I’m dying’, they just kept telling him, sorry, sorry, (I suspect the blood he was being given was not screened properly or was not his blood type). So I went downstairs to get something from the car, before I knew what was happening, I saw my husband, downstairs, looking traumatised and he said the guy had given up, I said what!!! My husband said just as I said stepped out, he was screaming, ‘I’m going’, ‘I’m going o,’ and killer dr just stood there and watched him literally die and as soon he gave up, they dint even touch him pr try to revive him, they just put the bed sheet over his head and covered him and d killer dr, asked d nurses what time it was and they said 12.07 (just past midnight), he then told them to record it as d time he passed on.
    I went home feeling horrible, ve never seen that sort of thing before, I couldn’t believe what I just saw, by d next morning, they had moved my husband from that room again to the room upstairs, this time he wasn’t even recognising anyone, he was hallucinating and just rolling on d bed and they kept saying, he’s ok, he had not even eating anything since Tuesday, he was reduced to almost a skeleton.
    I knew at this point it was only God that will rescue my husband, I prayed asking God that the legs my husband used to walk into Doren is the same leg he will use walk out of there. I called my brother and he came in with his wife demanding to see the dr to find out what exactly they are treating him for or to move him to another hospital and the killer dr was so reluctant to talk to them and said he only speaks to his patient to anybody, (of course, he was watching football and didn’t want to be bothered by anyone). So my sister in-law asked him, if my husband was being given a particular drug because that’s only way he will be feeling that way (by the way, she’s a biochemist) and the dr denied, that they could never used that on their patients as it causes weakness and can make a man impotent and assured us by Friday when d ‘physician’ comes as she’s fondly called (the cardiologist), he would know what to do and all the test they’ve done on him so far has been coming back as normal/fine.
    Friday the 8th of November, finally, this old, frail elderly woman walks in with my husband’s file in her hands, asking him basic health questions for about 5mins, before she was about to take her and my husband now suggested her that he needs an ‘ECG’, x-ray to be done before the so-called cardiologist now wrote a note on his file that he should be taken for x-ray and ECG test. We could see the shock on her face, she then how my husband knew about ECG, my husband then explained some things to her. Meanwhile for the 5mins she spoke to my husband, we were charged N 15,000 as her fee, which excludes the admissions and other charges. They billed him for food for the 4 days he was there which he never ate.

    By the evening, my husband was not feeling any better, I had made up mind to we were leaving there; it was more like they were given him those drugs to keep him there so the bill will keep running. In fact, they said it was ‘resistant malaria’ and they needed to keep him there to give him more drugs and injections. I was fed up of their stories and we decided to leave the hospital, they then asked to wait till Saturday for all the results to come in then he will be discharged, at this juncture, I wasn’t leaving him alone there at night anymore, I was sleeping there with him cos I noticed anytime l left him to go home and see the children, he would be drugged and by the time I came back, he would be unable to recognise me.

    That Friday night was the day they could have succeeded in killing him, the nurses came with like 15 different types of drugs and I told them, he’s not eaten, he’s not taking drip as substitute and you are given him this amount of drugs, they felt offended that I questions their competence and gave him anyway, before I knew my husband started reacting like an epileptic patient, I rushed downstairs, bought him glucose and blood tonic, started crying, screaming doctor, the next the nurses came, gave him more injections and at this point he collapsed and I started screaming his name, crying, the nurses were just standing there when d killer Dr came , and saw I was trying to give him some blended fruit (banana and orange, so he could have something in his stomach) he said I should not give him that anymore (even though he was not eaten) I then begged for them to give him drip which they obliged.

    I called my pastor and he drove all the way that night about 12 midnight and started praying, eventually my husband settled. The next morning I told them I wanted my husband discharged and the killer dr said he was ok and will be discharged but one more test result they were waiting for which was going to come in, I refused to go home and stayed, waiting all day .

    Later, we were told there no Dr available to discharge him. Waited and waited until it was late, so we had to pass the night there and I felt it was medically wrong to leave without a word from the cardiologist. The next day, this was Sunday. They kept giving the same excuses of no dr available, that’s when I started screaming down the hospital, they then said I should go to accounts first before my husband could see the dr to discharge him which I did, the silly young girl calculating was making a lot of mistakes right in my presence, I could not believe it, it was like going to a buka to eat amala and after eating, your bill is being calculated, she finally finished and gave me a bill of about N140,000, including extra charges for as many times the nurses entered the room my husband was in.

    After settling the bill, they then said to me that my husband did not need to see any doctor again as he has been discharged by the killer dr and we were given several drugs again to take home and to come back in a week’s time for review. I tried to ask the nurse to know what the drugs were for, she said 5 of the drugs were blood pressure and the other ones were for malaria.

    We left there, rested at home, didn’t want to give him to those drugs and I felt they were a bit too much, so I drove back to doren, demanded to see the doctor on duty but they said he was busy and I left and took my husband to Redington Hospital in G.R.A. Ikeja, when we saw the consultant cardiologist, and showed him the drugs from Doren, he was so shocked, asked us the name of the Hospital, and he said he knows someone who had a similar experience, he then told us 2 out of those drugs were no longer in use, they have been phased out as they can kill, the 5 blood pressure drugs at the same time could have killed my husband, he said no one is supposed to take more than 2 blood pressure drugs at the same time.

    He immediately sent my husband to their lab for x-ray and to check all his organs to be sure nothing was damaged, after all said and done, he told us to bin the drugs from Doren and gave my husband just a one drug and one antibiotics. Since then my husband has been recovering, feeling better and better.

    We went again for check up on the 14th at Redington and everything is fine with him. I’m so grateful to God for delivering us from the ritualist hospital called doren. I’m also concerned as I know several other people who are not meant to die, would have died since then and just don’t where to make official report or even if this can get to the media.

    During our stay, I had my sister in-law who came in from Brussels with her my nephew , they also decided to see d paediatrician in Doren cos my nephew has a fever within that period, the 1st dr she saw told her baby who she immunised in Brussels had malaria, she felt it was strange but took d drugs and gave my nephew, later on, he wasn’t improving and took him back, another doctor said the baby had ’pneumonia’, and they prescribed more drugs, at this time, I advised not to give the baby the drugs, but to see the paediatrician, who they had to pay extra 15k to see and the so called paediatrician said he had ‘bronchitis’, that was when my sis in-law concluded it was a rubbish hospital.

    Even the state of the hospital was horrendous, ants everywhere in the room and even in the food served, the only time I tried to taste d food my husband was being served, it was so salty I couldn’t believe it, yet, they said they were treating him for high blood pressure which everyone knows, salt is a trigger and should not even be in the food being given.

    I’d like to know if there’s a regulatory body one can report to or if this can be sent to the media, you never know how many people that can be saved.

    I am so sorry for making you read this much, it wasn’t easy for me writing this much as well but I feel I had a duty to share this for the world to see.

    I almost forgot to mention, they stole all the provision I brought there, which was in the cupboard in the first room my husband was in, when he was moved to another room, I asked the nurse about the provision, she said she didn’t check, so went downstairs to check and came to tell me, they were no longer there, and claimed the cleaners stole them.

    Their rooms were so dirty and mosquito infested that I wondering if this a prison. The beddings were only changed once by the cleaners, I had to go downstairs severally to get new beddings also a bucket for my husband to have his shower every morning. when I asked for warm water, it was like asking for diamond, they stared at me as if to say ‘where do you think you are? after about 3 hours before they brought the hot water.

    My family and I are just recovering from the traumatic experience at Doren Hospital. It took the God’s divine intervention for my husband to come out of there alive. I applied the blood, the anointing, called Pastors to join me in prayers and brought my laptop to play 24 hours prayer sessions to counter all the evil going on there. Please pass this on, let it reach as many people as possible.