Ese Walter, pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo and anywhere-belle-face social media vultures – Japheth J Omojuwa


It will not do you any good to read this piece if you are one of those who read Ese Walter’s story and believed it hook, line, sinker and pole before hearing the other sides. You would do well to stop reading this now if you are one of those who thinks the pastor should not be questioned or is not answerable to his church and the public for the allegations made against him. Those who read Ese and said she is right because she had written against a pastor and those who read Ese and concluded she lied because she had written against “our” pastor are only different based on the sides they took, they are not different in character. They are essentially united by their interest in sticking to their guns and biases and not caring about what the truth is. There is the Ese Walter side of the story, which she has since extensively shared and I respect her bravery to do that. There is the Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo’s side of the story, which he insists he’d share in due course. Pastor Biodun potentially has more to lose here than anyone so he must know enough to make sure whenever he speaks and whatever he says finds him in right standing with the Truth, with his friends and family and with his God. There is then a side of the story which few care about; The Truth. I will share my thoughts on this quest for truth in the same way I wrote an article on the Muslim Women’s hijab wearing Lagos controversy even though I was not affected directly. It mattered that the truth had to be said.

Long before pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo spoke, one side of the story had convicted him and he had been discharged and acquitted by the other side. This is not a place to share the tweets in question but the bulk of the people had passed their judgment. They went to church today (Sunday 25th August, 2013) or tuned in via the Internet not to hear him speak his own side but to hear him confirm their conviction. Unfortunately, the man only said as much as pass subliminal messages and then eventually say he’d take his time to respond “robustly.” This did not go down well with many who had convicted him. They needed him to say “I did it and I am sorry” so that they’d at least discover he is human just like them and can sin just like they do. The followers of pastor Biodun wouldn’t even have cared anyway, as long as they were concerned, to some of them, he could do no wrong. Very few people were interested in really hearing him say his side of the story. Few will admit but even if the man had spoken in defense of himself today, irrespective of what he’d have said, they’d only even add more nails to his crucifixion.

 Ese Biodun 1

This is not a society that cares for the truth, it is a society that cares to bring anyone down who is up and keep anyone down who is down. I wanted to hear the pastor’s side. I was hoping he’d state his own position. He didn’t do that but he did say he’d say something in due time. I didn’t like that. I was not pleased and I was not moved a bit but does that still mean Ese Walter was right? Did anything the pastor said today make Ese Walter wrong? Both questions have the same answer. Decide for yourself. The public is still yet to hear all the sides of the story! Of course, the public delivered its judgment aided by anywhere belle face, one-dimensional social media vultures, long before the pastor even had a chance.

I’d ordinarily restrict myself to tweets and comments on the Ese Walter pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo saga but there is a side of it I need to address. This matters to me because I was in a media storm – no where near the magnitude of this one but a media storm all the same. Articles were written and those who had always wanted a chance to take me down misrepresented me. They did try, they were popular for two or three days or give a week but today they have since gone back to where they used to be – unknown, unimportant and inconsequential.

Some of them are old enough to live meaningful lives, some even older than the pastor in question yet wait daily on twitter to take anyone down as long as there is enough news or nonsense that put such in bad light. They don’t care about the truth; they just care about bringing others to their level – down. I experienced this in June when a debate on protests and my ideas about it resulted in tales of me abusing Chief Gani Fawehinmi. A live TV programme that did not generate a single word about me abusing anyone while people watched it live, became a different story just because someone deemed it fit to add a scandalous title to the Youtube post. Those who watched the live TV programme cared about jackets and shirts and looks but suddenly began to curse me over what they had watched earlier because someone told them a different side of the story, just by tweeting on the legacy of Chief Gani Fawehinmi which was not in anyway a part of the earlier debate. According to them, saying protests should evolve beyond just running to the street meant that I had said Chief Gani Fawehinmi did not give scholarships or help other people. They are in their numbers but they fit into a box you’d tag one-dimensional vultures.

I needed to make this point to give you an understanding into the reality of what it is to be at the centre of a media storm. You have to be there to know what it is. There are people just waiting to hear the worst thing about you just so they can blog, retweet and tweet. More often than not, they succeed for may be a week but if you handle your case well, if the truth is on your side and you carefully and strategically put out your case like I did in my case here , you’d be fine. By God’s grace, I have achieved more between June when the incident happened than I did in the whole of say 2011 and definitely far more than I did in the two months before June. My experience taught me many things about friendship, trust and the length jealousy would go to make to make its point, but the most important thing it taught me was to see that there are always more than one side to a story and that my position at all times should only be about what the truth is and not what my feelings or personal bias against personalities are. I am a better man and blogger for that experience.

Tell me how it helps the search and quest for truth by sharing photos of Ese Walter and making unprofessional and disrespectful comments about her body? How is the objectification of the lady going to help us with knowing who was wrong and who was right?  This is the worst side of the lot. These people do not care for any side, they do not care for Ese Walter, they do not care for pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo and they do not care for the truth. They just care about wanting to feel relevant. If my experience serves me right, they will be relevant may be for two weeks.

True men of God have fallen before but they rise after their fall because their assignments and their call are bigger than their fall. People may try to abuse the essence of Christianity because of this issue but Christianity is bigger than pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo’ failings – if indeed he failed. Some have seen an opportunity to throw jabs at a faith they never professed hoping this proves them right but whoever told them Christians pray to Ese Walter and pastor Fatoyinbo? Until you show me Jesus Christ failing, not even the immorality of all the pastors I respect will change my thoughts and understanding of my faith.

As for the Christians reading this hear me clearly: God is God and man is man, we might have been created in God’s image but we are at best a perspective of Him. We are not God and can and will never be! We must stop looking at God through the eyes and ways of pastors, these pastors are men and women just like us and they can fall. For those of them humble enough like King David to admit their wrong and keep their heads low before God, they are soon forgiven and they are back to their work in God’s Kingdom. For those of them who think they are too big to answer to the questions of those who expect more from them, they have God to answer to. If of a truth pastor Biodun had cheated on his wife by sleeping with a member of his church, that’d be a betrayal of truth on many levels, not least his wife’s, God’s and the congregation’s. The public does not at the moment have enough information to pass judgment on the matter but judgment has been passed. People have taken sides with Ese Walter and with pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo while the most important side, The Truth, trudges along from the past hoping to meet us at a point in the future.

I have prayed for Ese Walter because I believe that irrespective of whether she was lying or saying the truth on her blog, she must be going through a lot right now. I prayed for pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo because irrespective of whether he did it or not, he must be going through tough mental times right now. I pray they’d both still be standing after this storm.

Be whatever you want to be but never subject your will to another man. When the time comes, you will be answerable to God and there’d be no room for excuses of “my pastor was the one that said.” There is a reason the Holy Bible is the world’s highest selling book ever…it is so because men are searching for God themselves. You should not just have the Holy Bible, you should study it first for your self edification and second for the benefit of others. God’s kingdom will not fall and it will not fail. It was here before us mere mortals and it will be here after us. If the failings of one man or woman – whether a pastor or not – leads you away from God please ask yourself: would you rather be led away from God by the failings of another or would you rather be the reason someone finds trust and faith in Christ? I have spoken my mind with a conscience that says “I don’t care what people think or say, I have spoken my mind without favour to any man but to God who has made me who I am.” Have my best wishes.

I’d rather die with my faith in God to discover God never was than to cease to live and realise God isJapheth J Omojuwa

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  • El Komo

    Excellent article. Funny thing is the world revolves around taking sides which you have now refused to take.

  • oamle t oamle

    Well said omojuwa….

  • eddykappa

    Wonderful write-up, but in all this people still need to get the truth or the pastor’s side of the story in order not to take his followers for granted.

  • @dolpsowo

    Nice piece. Whatever the case maybe, i just hope everyone understands that we are all fallible. God bless you.

  • Afouda Dotun Ehizojie

    Well written… the truth is what we should seek for before jumping to conclusions.but i know one thing for sure… This too shall pass.

  • akinboye tolu

    Couldn’t have put it better…

  • Modest

    Well said my brother. The more mature members of the body of Christ will see beyond the actions or inactions of these two and deal with the grand motive of weakening the faith of worshippers, causing people to drift farther away from God. The truth remains that we are first Children of God before becoming Pastors or Church-members. Thus, these two children of God are under attack and need our prayers, sound-counsel and love to overcome this storm.

  • da truth finder

    Beautifully put

  • Gbenga

    Excellent! Japh, very on point! God bless

  • Frederick

    We must indeed pray even more so for ourselves… “let him that standeth take heed lest he falls” and indeed let our WORD’S be matters like this we must indeed tread cautiously and our actions or reactions should be to restoring let our us not kill our wounded let us just pray for ourselves and them.God help us all.

  • hillsate

    JJ, my greatest concern when I read the Ese Walters story isn’t about wether it was true or not but the fragile faith of some christians that may be affected when they read such stories. JJ, I must tell you that am glad you just cleared the air. We should not judge christianity by the defect we see in anyone who professes to be or claims to be the custodian of christianity. Thank you.

  • DadaDavid

    Thank God curiousity made me read ds article. Atleast I now know where a new found matured Omojuwa hs emmerged from – learning. No wonder I see less of Omojuwa’s insultative Elrufai triggered comments abt d President. I admired not only ur writtings prowles but also ability to apply wisdom. A good man that learns n apply d knowledge will be better n wise.

  • santa

    Peaceful Piece.

  • @Lharmberry

    We should thread easily on this kind of matters,we all are bound to make mistakes..they need our prayers more than ever..don’t let’s judge any of them

  • Ayodeji

    This is a great write up in the defence of the Christian faith. God bless you brother.

  • dami

    Dear Japheth, this was apt and objective. Much respect. Really, I must say, I am wooowed! Keep it up. 🙂

  • Beeola

    Thank you so much for this article,you just wrote what’s on my mind.More of God’s wisdom to you.

  • arome

    nice piece Japh, may we all seek d truth and not just taking side

  • Seun A

    I learnt from this piece, to be sincere I took side with the Pastor. Simply because I saw all this as an attack on a faith Majority of us profess and not based on whether it was true or not. As a matter of fact I don’t care whether its true or not. We should all ammend our ways with God one man’s sin isn’t a justification for others to Sin most especially in the process of condemning sinner.

  • Adesola Ade

    This is so objective. You’ve said it all J. May your wisdom blossom than ever before. My greatest concern has been people taking this up all personally, and then losing sight of the salvation and walk with God.

  • Ibiyemi

    I am more than impressed with this article. You just earned yourself some new level of respect. Been reading all sorts of comments on blogs and I was really worried about the sudden negative perception about christianity. God is God and man is man. Each man is required to work out his/her salvation and its time we began to pray about the body of Christ. As you rightly have said I would rather place my faith in God, die and discover there is no God than to live without believing the existence of God. God Bless

  • Chibuzor

    It’s okay oooo. But just like a court of law, don’t discuss pending cases in the media. Can we allow the defendant speak, while at it let’s examine ourselves to determine if we are worthy judge of this issue. God knows his people.

  • Adetomiwa

    Well written. The truth is way more important than hearing one side of an issue.

  • Rocky

    It is my view that whatever has happened has happened! Ese Walter wrote her part cos she felt it will make her move from it (according to her article) and if Pastor Biodun feels not saying a lot about it will help him move from it fine enough. Whether its 2 sided or not the main idea is moving from it! Media vultures will always be plenty its part of what makes social media what it is, its left to the readers to use their common sense which is not common to determine the truth and filter lies from it. Nice piece Omojuwa

  • @remmyalex

    Japheth, for those of us in the media.. this is an objective report. It is high time our religious leaders start taking responsibility for their actions and they should be accountable to the congregating. No body is above the law even in the spiritual life, we have divine law. Im not castigating any pastor or imam but I think its high time Pastor Biodun and the likes hit the nail and uncover whatever transpired between him ans Ese.

    On the part of Walter Ese, as a blogger, you need more evidence to make your allegations stands. It is ethical so that you don’t suffer the trumarization later in life.

    God will reveal the thruth. Amen.

  • AHole

    You’ve opinion is hereby discounted on the basis of that flimsy Pascal’s Wager.

  • ma men

    Ma men…. You have done nothing but say what you think a good guy would say when deep down you have picked a side to the story.. Have you really adressed the issue?? Or are you trying to call us to order??… Understand something, you also belong to the group you talk about, especially when u and your guys come out to pass d wrong info, like yall did with the Senate constitution amendment. I’m not here to bash you my brother. We are all in the circle you talk about. Do you expect everyone to keep quiet?? Do you not think its natural to act on the information provided?? Yes it is one side of the story and it could be true or just another lie, but we will analyse it. You have to understand that Nigerians are becoming aware of the Manupulations by our pastors and naturally they will take on any one of them found wanting.. Do not look at the issue as a christian, look at it as a humna being with logical reasonin.. Whatever I say about pastor biodun is based on what Ese wrote and I am waiting for his “Robust” reply, if he comes out to say he is guilty and sorry, then what? You will come out to say we should not abuse a man of God, but you Omojuwa spend a great amount of time dissing politicians because what you think they do, but you do not have any proof to call any man a thief if he hasn’t been found guilty by the court of law, or if you didn’t catch him red handed.. Pls don’t come here and play the holy good christian be patient guy here… You are only making yourself look Good by being judgemental yourself, so you see its a big circle. Adress the issue my friend and don’t say because he is a pastor.

  • Sally

    This article is so major cool,nice one Japheth!I’m really proud of you although I’ld say I’m not a bit suprised at ur level of maturity nd wisdom. Keep it up bro!

  • @Ma Men: If the above words did not address the issue enough then I apologise. Cheers.

  • Toni

    Omojuwa, this piece lacks depth. All you have said can be summed up in two sentences; People have taken sides before hearing from the other side. It is for God to judge. Look Brother, by this you are condoning gross misdemeanour and impunity which are the bane of our society. People, especially so called leaders be it political, religious, social live fake lives of deceit, yet they command the respect of other mortals who by the true grace of God live godly and decent lives. Pastor should not play on any one’s intelligence. He should say the truth so as to be free. History is replete with wayward preachers with mumu brainwashed flocks and the consequences of blind faith. Omojuwa should also know that the attempt to draw an analogy with his June experience falls flat. You had the truth behind you and it is there for all to see despite the failed attempt to misrepresent the simple truth. But in this case, someone finds it difficult to present the true facts, (according to him), but prefers not to come straight on point. The issue simple, yes it happened or No it never happened. If the pastor refuses to clear the issue either way, I urge the other lady that claimed to have been similarly harassed to present the hard evidence which she claimed to have. Too much corruption in our national lives. Too many irresponsible bigots and hypocrites occupying our public space. They should be shamed so as to create space for a saner society.

  • deji

    Omojuwa, you have spoken well. I am a Muslim and from my experiences about life, I have learnt never to put the sins on one person on everyone l him. Whether PB actually did a accused or not does not mean all pastors or Christianity is flawed. Also, if Ese’s story is true or not, I also agree that PB has his side of the story. In every conflict, the first casualty is always the truth. Never take what you hear at face value and take decisions on it. We are not right to judge any of them as one can never be too sure on what the truth is anymore. The whole thing should be used as a point of learning, not just to pastors but to all who hold positions of authority

  • Ola’Davies

    What a subtle way of jettisoning the main issue and try to rationalise your preferred mode of thinking when serious issue of adultery pastor has been raised against a man of God. We all know that the truth has an inherent ability of defence and survival but it may take a long time to find out but I tell you,digging out the truth by conscientious “media vultures” is a more noble effort which further emboldens the truth to reveal itself. Nice piece though @ Omojuwa.

  • seun

    Sometimes when we go through stuff it is for us to gain more depth and become better persons. I believe Omojuwa’s earlier experience prompted him to take a second look at the matter before saying anything. Experience makes us appreciate active truth.

  • Temi

    Mr Omojuwa, this is an excellent piece. I commend your unbiased view of the matter and pray God continues to strengthen your faith.
    God bless.

  • @Toni: I am sorry but you are just a lazy person. If you truly read the piece I am sure you’d see your comments are unnecessary because the points were treated. Having said that, you can say whatever you wanna say it is your right. I have said mine.

  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    Mr. Omojuwa,

    With all due respects, this piece is a non sequitur!

  • pdtrcn

    Im not impressed by this write up at all.iwonder wy everyone is making so much noise over it.and the fact that u got 300 follwers on twitter and a call to politics really baffles me,anyway majority of twitterati are dim this write up u seem to be playing around wt words and jus beating about the bush. No proper point made. U seem to capitalize on the present matter yourself to straighten out your own past issues.Totally pointless! Like a circle…….

  • Babateye Akinyede

    You’ve just shared my thought since the issue came on board a couple of days ago. Let him that thinks he stand take heed less he falls. Would the pastor really had been left on his own without people around him- either host or protocol people. Is it possible Pst Biodun will be bookng hotel all by himself. And who knows whether Ese Walter has been eyeing the pastor with an intention of making him fall? Or maybe its pastor biodun that’s been eyeing Ese? Who knows? Only God. The bible says all have sinned and fall shirt ofthe glry of God. Be it adultery or fornication, for as long as we wear this body, we will stumble, falter and fall like Adam. How i wish this story isn’t true? How i wish its just a wish? Hmmmmm

  • Jerry Osagie

    Hi Omojunwa, you just hit the nail on the head. Why will I throw away the kingdom of God because I read a story I can’t confirm. I feel for Ese on one hand and pst. Biodun on another because the truth is the only thing that can set us free.
    I will advise those with hitching fingers cruising round the social media to apply wisdom and remain balance in their approach now and in the future.
    For those christians who wish to spread this and make this a reason for their unbelieve or sin, I say nothing should separate us from the love of God.
    What more can I say bro, you took the word out of my mouth and it was as if you were with us in a discussion on friday where I made my point.

    God bless you bro and I pray He uphold both parties and the truth should prevail.

  • fresh Moore

    Let him speak for himsekf_
    Else, stop raising the issue

  • I am sirheed

    I fully understand your neutrality card being played through your article and I commend it. Its good to hear both sides of the story but it is wiser to discern using deductive reasoning. The man’s integrity (not calling) has been questioned, he is a man entrusted with spiritual guidance and to my own understanding, a man of honour and integrity will always be quick to defend his honour and integrity. However when a simple answer of yes I did or no I didn’t is substituted for beating around the bush; “people said I should say nothing and that’s the painful part”, “we are consulting (the Ifa oracle or the Nigerian god)…will give a robust reply” and finally, “God said I shouldn’t speak”. I am sorry Omojuwa, but as a rational mind I am tempted to start doubting his integrity and honour. In the law courts, you’ll be asked guilty or not guilty. Simple question that doesn’t require consultation because the act alleged didn’t require consultation.

  • Toni

    Japh, you did not have to be rude because I disagreed with you. You called someone lazy simply because he held a divergent view about your stance. You merely show the narrow stuff many of you so called activists are made of. You can criticise and oppose anything under the sun, but in your own case, everybody must be entitled to your opinion. If you thought my comments are unnecessary, then perhaps you need to read other commentators that saw no sense in your write up other than beating around the bush like your pastor friend. Wishing you well.

  • Yomi

    Nice piece. What I like most is your reference to the fact that a man’s calling is bigger than his failings.
    May God uphold our ‘men of God’.

  • @Toni: May be you should read the comments again. The bulk of the comments are from people who are sensible enough to understand my point. Those who aren’t have their rights not to but I am even shocked you didn’t clearly see most of the comments are not in agreement with you. It is impossible for everyone to agree but we both can see which is the popular opinion here. Secondly, saying you are lazy is not being rude. It is a description of an act or inaction. Finally, I am not an activist. Anyone who knows anything about me knows I am not an activist so you can keep your activism and all the boxes you want to go with you in your pocket. I am a normal Nigerian citizen. I have made my point. You have made yours. I am done. Thank you.

  • @pdcrtn: when you are brave enough to use your name, I can address your beef. Cheers.

  • @Kay Soyemi (Esq): You’ve been noticed.

  • Abisoye

    Well said Omojuwa, Great perspective.

  • ikhilebose

    @japh, the only part you said that made sense to me was …. if true or false both of them(pastor and ese would be down right now. I dont blame people that believed ese walter because when the pastor had opportunity to deny it in front of his congregation he kept beating about the bush. I didnt totally believe the story until after his response today.

  • @ikhilebose: My point has been made in the article but considering the length of the piece I’d assume some will avoid reading through. The pastor had been convicted long before he spoke. May be you didn’t convict him but I don’t think anyone used to social media would deny majority had pronounced him guilty. He was in a lose-lose situation today. If I was in his shoes, whether I did it or not, I’d have avoided the pulpit altogether but I am not in his shoes and I don’t know what he knows. Some are already reading their biases as they would into an article that makes itself clear: This is not about whether the stuff happened, it is about a society obsessed with hugging whatever lies gets thrown at it. I think I have made my point but those who don’t see it have a right not to see it. I am glad those who saw it saw it. I am not in the business of saying what people want to hear. This is a blog and it represents my opinion. Thank you.

  • Dapsy

    In my opinion, No man is perfect and No man should be judgemental. For those seeking to know the “truth”, your convictions will lead you to it. Your faith in God should not be dependent on a “man of God” or what you see or hear around.

  • AnuOluwapo

    Hmm…The highest a man can be is human being at its best but never God!

  • Rolly

    You nailed it sir.

  • Isaac @daizak

    Thanks a lot, Christianity is truly bigger than man’s frailty. On the other hand, I think we parade too many social-media freaks who called themselves Bloggers these days just to obtain cheap popularity.

  • Sam

    What a piece!

  • adewale

    Nice piece,! But the Pastor’s response today was not satisfactory.We expected more than beating around the bush.

  • Bunmi

    The story written was Ese addressing rumors in COZA. The write up was really for COZA members. I’ve really tried not to get involved cos I’m not a member (only visited there twice) but it keeps popping up. I think Biodun owes it to his church to give a statement and not be political about it.Whatever his response is, the one’s that truly love him would stick with him. Half of us tryin to jump on it, he owes no explanation and owning up or denying it won’t bring us down or lift us up. The truth is Nigerian women are so engrossed with being church members they forget true worshippers worship in deed and in truth. Check all mothers out, 90% of them are always in church. Hospitality and care to the needy can’t be done in church, make your impact in places and don’t try to be the pastor’s best friend. Ese’s story (true or false) should empower women. Just cos u aren’t “spiri-koko” doesn’t mean u don’t have a relationship with God.

  • Radiant

    Thank you, Japheth. God keep you. You gave words to my thoughts quite well.

  • Mcloyd Tokunbo

    To every student of PR,wht pastor Biodun did is not new,its simply known as damage control.If the pastor was accused of rape and he’s to appear before a judge would he have said”God and people said I shouldn’t speak”…NO.and to be sincere he would have long calld this girl a liar if he wasn’t guilty.The problem is the pastor didn’t use the PR stunt well,Next time all he needed to do was simply not talk about it altogether.U don’t need a sooth sayer to tell you that was the voice of a guilty man…..

  • DK

    This is one robust piece, covering all bases. Now this is what we are talking about. It stands apart from the braying public.

  • olukoya

    Good morning! Do follow you on twitter. My contributions will be two faced and do hope it makes sense to many of us. Reading your peace surely will give peace to a raging storm. Candidly,I would want to speak like an Human being for Ese Walter I douse my hat. I feel the article damaged her more than PB The question is did PB do it? The truth I believe will ease the tension in the media they may feast on it as vultures for some time or so. Really people in position of power should be careful what they do and say cause it may end up being their albatross. I am wise enough not to take sides on this kind of issues but I pity both parties (damage control) please don’t stop stressing it to people Man of God is not God a follower of God too should use their Brain to address issues. Great write up mr JJ.

  • Chinny

    …………… I love this part most……. True men of God have fallen before but they rise after their fall because their assignments and their call are bigger than their fall. People may try to abuse the essence of Christianity because of this issue but Christianity is bigger than pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo’ failings – if indeed he failed. Some have seen an opportunity to throw jabs at a faith they never professed hoping this proves them right but whoever told them Christians pray to Ese Walter and pastor Fatoyinbo? Until you show me Jesus Christ failing, not even the immorality of all the pastors I respect will change my thoughts and understanding of my faith……

    people are so fast to discredit the church cos of d undoings of some people. The bible says…. look unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith,,,, not look unot your pastor who has failings just like every other man. No matter the accusations and counter-accusations, Jesus will be glorified cos He is far bigger than any pastor or any human being. So, while we are throwing stones, never , ever mock the name above all names….. Jesus is Lord.

  • Stella

    This is such an excellent and mature write up! Kudos!! For people like @Toni and the like, please ignore…what I suspect is they didn’t read the article through.

  • ADE

    if theres anything this whole thing has taught me, is that every one that proffeses to be a christian should work out their salvation with fear and trembling. The Bible should be our standard, and not a pastor, your write up was on point

  • Udom Somtochukwu

    Omojuwa! You are too much! Nice 1… you just poured out my mind on this one. Let me tell all Christains that care to know, your pastors are human beings like you. We are all running the same race, be it pastor, imam, prophet, president, armed robber etc. every man will be judged by God according to the way he/she lived his/her life. I am not saying it is right for a pator to live in sin ooooo! what i’m saying is that a pastor can fall into temptation, but it is the way he rises and repents that matters. My point is this (which is very important); If you condemn anyone, whether pastor, armed robber, ashawo just have it in mind that you are also condeming yourself. This is because you lie everyday, hate everyday, slander, gossip, envy, pretend, do eye-service, bear grudge etc. everyday. So therefore, I say be careful! dont be quick to condemn. That is why Jesus said, “if anyone has no sin let him/her cast the first stone”. Most of us that are shouting and wailing fornicate everyday but are quick to judge another man when he falls into the same sin. Some of you even wait for the slightest opportunity for another man to sin so that you can have what to gossip about abi? ok! what stops you from going into the world and, making disciples as Jesus commanded? You sit at home and condemn all the pastors ” Oyedepo dis…, T.B Joshua that…, Oyakilome this…, etc. instead of you to pray for your brothers when they are falling, and going the wrong path all you do is slander, condemn, gossip. You better change your ways now!

  • saint steve

    and there Goes the Narcissist. Good advert perhaps one of the camps can hire your services so you manage their image in the face of this storm. As a true Christian you should no better than use this as a medium to draw traffic to your blog

  • solomon

    Great write up JJ! This is a storm I believe the both parties involved will eventually sail above, though not without paying the price tagged on the issue by the unavoidable media because of the personalities involved-which they presently paying every farthing. Now, my great concern is the pitiable choice that some people made to bear the collateral damage that exudes from issues of this magnitude instead of indulging their creative instincts not to rob the victims of the needed to salvage the not-so-good situation. Bro, your comment on death for believing God existed even without a proof than life than to believe otherwise is in my file-greatly admired. God bless you for your rich contributions. It’ll reduce a lot of embarrasment.

  • faye Olaosebikan

    Thanks for this piece Japhet. The truth remains, there’s always more than enough blames 2throw around dat’s cos it really doesn’t matter what PB said or dint say, people will hear/interpret what their itching ears wants 2hear (GIGO). Its human nature to criticise and attack what they do not understand. But the spirit searches and knows all things, when in doubt turn right to Him, He will teach you just what u need to know. Quit struggling @it, learn @the master’s feet.

    My advice is “look away from ALL that distracts to God. Refuse to be distracted by d schemes of d enemy. Keep your eyes fixed on God. There’s a race set b4 each one of us, its a personal race, run with diligence”

  • “I will build (and protect) my church and all the powers of darkness will not conquer it”— Jesus Christ