…THAT GOD DOES NOT EXIST! by Japheth J Omojuwa

Published:13 Sep, 2010

My Dad would disown me for writing the above, my friends will ostracize me and atheists will welcome me like the churches welcome their first timers and possibly even continue the first-timer treatment for ever. Everyone that reads the length of this piece will be left refreshed and possibly perplexed – the former I promise, the latter we shall see. I promise nothing else. I am not one of those freaked by new knowledge, who are left confused by the logorrheaic effect of incoherent learning.

To write this piece, I subjected myself to months of mental torture and wahala. I started out purging myself of all that I had known and been fed with as to the existence of God over the years and decided to learn anew, relearn or and/or unlearn. I moved out of the bustle of Lagos to a quiet, empty house on the city’s periphery where I had to make do with my own cooking something which to me is almost like a Samuel Peter daring a Vladimir Klitschko, but which had to happen if I had to join the ends of the converging and contrasting theories in my head as Samuel had to fight to make ends meet.

I was left mentally drained, my inner being felt like in a void and the God-inquisition ended with a re-adoption of one of the names I was called weeks after my birth. My research has paid off as I can write on the existence ( or non-existence) of God without leaving both men of reason and men of faith in confusion at the end of my effort at putting my wisdom to words. Be careful not to make a conclusion before my conclusion as that could render you a ‘s…inner’.

I grew up without religion. My Dad was strictly a money man. He worked and worked and only observed the closest thing to serving God by organising a mega party for all and sundry on every Christmas day. It was a celebration that literally brought everyone together. No invitations were needed to share in the meals and the gifts. Those years, I regarded Christians as poor people who excused their poverty on the fact that they’d live as rich folks in heaven. I never ever wanted to be a Christian. I asked several questions and one particular one that haunted me even till this century, ‘‘who created God!?’’, which no one gave a sensible enough answer to, so I went on discovering the answers myself. I haven’t found the answers to all of my questions but the answers have been provided.

Life has no void or gap as every gap has been filled. There is no where on earth or in the galaxy or the entire cosmos where you will find nothing. Nothing does not exist! What is nothing? You can’t define it a hundred times without mistaking it for something. Life has no gaps and there’s no nothing. Time, space, matter and knowledge fill every seeming void. Where it seems men do not have an answer, it is because they haven’t found it not because it is not somewhere either in the past, the present or the future.

Whenever I heard them talk about ‘‘Jesus is coming soon’’, it always sounded vague and stupid to me. The older ones saw me as intelligent enough despite my age so I was always allowed to share in the regular arguments and episodes about the still elusive Christ, hell and heaven. I still have much older people as friends today and still engage in what my tribesmen will refer to as oro agba (words of the aged) – a kid that knows to wash his hands will dine with elders. I dine with elders and that means I know more than the average man – it is not the time for modesty, it is the time for the truth.

At King’s College, Lagos (JSS1-JSS3), the only time I went to church was when we were forced to attend by the cries of Mr. Ibiam! Mr. Ibiam! – a name that meant pain at the centre of the head and possibly even suspension or expulsion from the hostel. My first visit to the school fellowship ended before it had started as I joined the service at its conclusion – during the sharing of the grace. Sunday mornings were for pillow fights and wrestling matches after the hugely popular loaf and egg breakfast.

When a certain Haluchi Ezeiruaku introduced Christ to me, I told him I’d be ready to hear the gist and possibly even ‘‘give my life to Christ’’ in 1997. This was in late 1995. My attendance record markedly improved at the Annex in Victoria Island at the senior school and I even got born again when Evangelist Kenneth Mulzach made enough sense for me to reason out the possibility of The Christ and his salvation gift.

The years have since gone by and I have by myself searched through literature for insights into the existence (or non-existence of God). I decided to search places where religion would rather have me not search…

Atheists hold one thing to be the basis of any arguments about God and that is reason. That I believe is reasonable enough. I will descend to that level even though I deal at much higher levels. One phenomenon that has used logic to great effect and results is Science. Few people argue against the existence of science because science settles virtually every argument against itself. Logic and Reasoning are scientific. The problem with science is that science has not solved the arguments it puts to itself. Some of those arguments the common man may be aware, most of those he has no idea. Logic they say should guide our identification of consciousness but what happens to that identification if logic fails? Or may be logic never fails.

Albert Einstein, arguably the greatest scientist said a ‘‘cosmic religious feeling’’ was his strongest motivation for research. I do not take that to mean God because I do not equate religion with God. They are two different phenomena even though men have lost the boundary that separates both. People who do not know and want to prove their lack of knowledge point to science as their arbiter of truth. When you look at it critically though, you will find that science is just a logical arrangement of what seem at a certain time to be facts and turns out at other times to be faulty theories. Modern scientists are baffled by the uncertainty principle, chaos theory, indeterminism, and vacuum fluctuations. They still cannot say without a doubt if Schrodinger’s cat is dead or alive. Modern scientists know a kazallion exabytes of information more than those of previous centuries but while those of previous centuries thought they were close to knowing everything, modern scientists are puzzled by the fact that they seem to know nothing for sure and despite new breakthroughs, more questions remain unanswered as answered ones even raise more questions. It is almost like a shadow chase, except it is worse.

Roger Shepard of Stanford says ‘‘we may be headed toward a situation where knowledge is too complicated to understand.’’ That is a point that has been referred to as the ultimate scientific plateau – a point where intellectual, technological and financial capacities are exceeded. Scientists who have pushed beyond that limit have found that they were delving into realms beyond science to something like metaphysical mysticism. The precision of the mathematics of the universe, the bizarreness of the subatomic world, the mind boggling situation of a particle also being a wave, the elusive ‘‘theory of everything’’ or ‘‘grand universal theory’’, and more apt to this work, where did everything all come from in the first place?

Scientists claim to eschew religion, but it dominates their thoughts to the degree that God dominates the mind of atheists. You want your mind to know that something does not exist, which makes that thing nothing, yet your mind dwells on this nothing more than things it holds to exist. It is a paradox but scientists are more bothered about thoughts of God and religion than even the clergy. It is as a result of the fact that they see more than logic can allow the mind sees. They see what logic cannot see yet what they see is true because they can identify the existence and are conscious of that identification.

Take the formation of the human for instance: when the math was computed, unbelieving astrophysicists were spiritually stunned. ‘‘A delicate match between the energies of helium, the unstable beryllium and the resulting carbon allows the last to be created.’’ Explains Harvard astronomer Robert Kirshner. ‘‘Without this process, we would not be here.’’ The carbon resonance match is both dramatic and extremely precise, it was scientifically impossible to achieve. Science is here literally saying human formation in terms of its chemical substance was illogical yet the physical composition of man looks the easier part to form were we to try to create man because I can’t imagine how we will create his spirit and his soul. May be there are no Spirits and no Souls because we can’t see them. I ask, what was the highest mount in the world before the discovery of Mt. Everest? Don’t be too certain you know the answer because would have said something other than Mt. Everest at the time and based on its premises would have proved itself to be correct. Would that have been correct?

Every matter in the universe is influenced by four forces. These forces can be measured, they can be monitored and have even been manipulated. The fundamental forces of the universe are the gravitational force, the electromagnetic force, the weak nuclear force and the strong nuclear force. Each of these forces works with different strengths on different particles over vastly different distances. If a small change in the strength of one of these forces with respect to another were to occur, life as we know would not be possible.

Of the four, gravity is by far the weakest while the strong nuclear force is the strongest. Hawking suggested that the universe was formed out of forces of gravitation and Newton seemed to agree albeit more poignantly he says ‘‘So then Gravity may put the Planets in Motion, but without the divine Power it could never put them into such a circulating motion as they have about the sun; and therefore for this, as well as other Reasons, I am compelled to ascribe the Frame of the System to an intelligent Agent…The cause of Gravity is what I do not pretend to know.’’ Gravity is the most familiar of the four forces and the first to be investigated scientifically. Though the weakest of the four (over a trillion trillion trillion times weaker than the strong nuclear force), Gravity’s importance is not measured by its strength though but because it controls the balance of power in the entire macroscopic universe. While the nuclear forces exert their powers within the tiny confines of the atom itself, gravitational force extends to infinity. Though clarified by Sir Isaac Newton several hundred years ago, it remains a mysterious force. If we drop a pencil, it falls to the floor. Why? Is there a rubber band connecting the two? Obviously not. Why does the pencil drop? At the deepest level we do not know, yet if the law of gravity were to be suspended, we would need a steel cable six hundred miles in diameter to hold the moon in place.

One possible explanation for gravity is found in the theoretical gravitons. It is postulated that gravitons are tiny energy quanta that function within gravitational fields in a way similar to that of photons carrying light. But if so, how exactly do these gravitons constitute an attraction between earth and moon? We don’t know. ‘‘We do not understand what mechanism generates mass in the basic building blocks of matter,’’ observed the president of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Interpretation: we do not know why there is gravity.

Science knows a lot of things but the thing is the more it knows, the less it seems certain of, and the more it needs to know. It is like a catch-me-if-you-can game between science and something which seems to hold the information. When British physicist Stephen Hawking was asked his opinion about the biggest unsolved problem in physics today, he did not equivocate: ‘‘The theory of everything…We feel we are near, but we never get there. It always seems just over the rainbow’s edge.’’

Hawking’s concluding paragraph in his best-selling A Brief History of Time reads: ‘‘If we do discover a complete theory, it should in time be understandable in broad principle by everyone, not just a few scientists. Then we shall all, philosophers, scientists, and just ordinary people, be able to take part in the discussion of the question of why it is that we and the universe exist. If we find the answer to that, it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason – for then we would know the mind of God’’. Hawking by the way does not believe in a personal deity or an afterlife.

I do not want to delve into the world of quantum mechanics because if it is profound enough to leave scientists dumbfounded, I can’t imagine its effect on the man whose understanding of science is as basic as Force, Load and Fulcrum. Forget quantum mechanics because in reality scientists have decided it is better left to solve itself over the course of time – almost like a trial and error method. ‘‘It is clear by now that ALL interpretations of quantum mechanics are to some extent crazy,’’ says cognitive scientist and consciousness expert David J Chalmers.

‘‘Whenever man tries to probe into the universe’s dimension of time, he will finally be confronted with eternity. Where he tries to understand the dimension of space, he will finally be confronted with infinity. And where he tries to understand matter by separating it into ever smaller particles, he will always discover something that is even smaller, and be confronted with the fact that there is no final smallest particle.’’ These are the words of Gerhard Staguhn, a renowned German science writer. To men of certainty and logic, this is gravely discomforting but for men whose reasoning ability allows them also the liberty of faith it is endlessly exciting.

The universe is far more exciting than first suspected – scientifically and spiritually. To reduce the existence of God to reason, first you must reason out all the possibilities the universe is capable of, you must tell us all that we don’t know about logic-universe – failure to do this, men of reason accept the limitedness of their logic. Logic by the way is the least level of consciousness. Even Albert Einstein agrees Imagination beats Knowledge hands down.

A boy who could not get a bicycle after praying grows up into an adult that begrudges the God who did not provide that bicycle. As that God continues to seemingly abandon him, he begins to find reasons to cloud his previous knowledge of God till God is logically reasoned out. How sad!

My birthday comes soon enough on the 3rd of October and I have asked God for a Bold 3 BlackBerry phone and a writing contract. If I don’t get those, then God does not exist! Dear Lord, why are we humans so weak and limited in our ability to think, reason and imagine. If there is bad leadership in Nigeria God is at fault, if President Obama turns out to be just another human president then God cannot be in existence. You won’t miss out on an atheist saying if God exists then he should strike him to death and I asked when God has fallen for human temptations. If a pastor rapes his church member, then God cannot exist, if pastors engage themselves in political and media battles then God cannot exist. If your pastor uses a plasma or 3D TV and he forbids you the usage of television let alone a black and white TV then God cannot be in existence. Man’s inadequacies and shortcomings cannot establish nothingness – the nothingness that there is no God.

Look at man, it is taking him years and years of study to deduce the essence of God or for some to prove God’s non-existence. Is it not ironic that despite your apparent agnosticism or absolute conviction that there is no God you read all you can, write say and think all you can to prove His non-existence? It amounts to a man spending incalculable time trying to prove the absence of nothing. If God does not exist, then God is nothing, so why bother being an atheist – an anti-God. That’s funny in every sense of the word.

I have taken care not to refer to any holy book for this work because I chose to deal with people who hold the topic of this piece to be true at their own level, the level of logic. I wanted to reason with what we both could relate with. I know a man who was born blind, yet sees God all his life because to see God is not to open your eyes, it is to open all of your self and take your reasoning beyond reasoning. No, it is not being irrational, it is being extra-rational.

I have got loads of stuff to write but it has never been in the length,depth or breadth of knowledge, it is about that knowledge being useful in understanding life and that in understanding we are wise enough to know that we are humans and while the world was created for us to live in and to do and say whatever we like, we all die in the long run. Truly, if God does not exist then his non-existence would be a miracle in itself. It does not take faith to believe in the existence of God because the truth is out there in everything you see, rather it takes faith to be an atheist because it is a refusal to see what is obvious. I’d rather die with my faith in God to discover God never was than to cease to live and realise God is.

All our days we must create things to have them. We build houses and must be careful to use the right materials and dimensions to ensure we are safe in them. We make planes, we make clothes, we make cars, toys, movies and what we don’t make from what we have we can’t have. Nothing we make can be made out of nothing. Everything is made out of something yet our universe as uniquely set as it is, we are being told it just came into being. Stupid has never been more useful a word.

See this, ‘‘The eye to this day gives me a cold shudder, to suppose that the eye, with all of its inimitable contrivances for adjusting the focus to different distances, for admitting different amounts of light, and for the correction of spherical and chromatic aberration, could have been formed by natural selection, seems, I freely confess, absurd in the highest possible degree,’’ so says the father of Darwinism, the great evolution theorists Charles Darwin.

‘‘In man is a three-pound brain, which, as far as we know, is the most complex and orderly arrangement of matter in the universe,’’ says Isaac Asimov renown scientist and author, who remained an avowed atheist until his death in 1992. He saw enough to see the complexity of the brain, but he saw too much to see the simplicity of the God behind it.

God will not prove his existence to men. He has created the world for man’s use. He created time, space, light and matter and indeed all there is but he is not subject to those. He created the brain which we use to reason and logically analyse phenomena. He is not subject to time, nor to logic, nor matter, space and all of those things. He cannot be judged by the failings of the world – whether men or matter. He has saved man once, he won’t do no more. You say God prove yourself within 7 days if you exist, He laughs and wonders because seven days creates a limit called time, God does not function under limits. He created them for man to know his place. For all of our knowledge, understanding, logic and all, we remain limited. There has to be something better than we have now and there is because God does have an insurance plan for man. Like the insurance you are used to, it is optional.
Does God exist? Do you really need me to answer that now?

As for me, my mind, my heart and all I am and will ever be, GOD EXISTS AND LIVES. It matters not what happens on my birthday, my lifetime or in the span of time. My name is Joshua or Yeshua!

Further reading: References

Jeremy Rifkin, Algeny (New York: Viking)

Schrodinger’s cat is a famous example of the indeterminism built into quantum physics. The cat is in an opaque box with a random radioactive decay switching device. If the decay randomly triggers one switch, the cat will be fed food and live. If the decay randomly triggers the other switch, the cat will be fed poison and die. Schrodinger’s point is that within the strange quantum world of random indetermi ism, the cat is both dead and alive. Once we open the box, the cat will be either dead or alive. But before we open the box, the cat is both dead and alive at the same time.

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And several others too numerous to mention and I am glad no Professor is marking this because then I would not be allowed to submit this for bad referencing. Who cares?

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  • http://www.larigold.blogspot.com larigold

    i really don’t know of too many places where content competes with bravery, sound intellectual discuss and an overwhelming heap of knowledge.

    infact, i cant tell what topic you will write next, cos you are outrightly unpredictable.

    soon, u might be mistaken for an encyclopaedia.

    jay i dove my hat! though i wear none as i write.

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    Japh, I love ur writing and appreciate it. Why use logic to attempt to criticize logic. When u say ‘rising above logic’ what does it really mean? To be delusional? We must not throw away logical reasoning for any reason whatsoever. Its d basis of understanding. It is through logical reasoning and logical arguments that we all can come to agree on something short of which different groups and sects may end up fighting or maiming one another (which they often do at this point). Logical reasoning help us to understand our world – to deduce concepts like gravity, force etc to explain phenomenal around us and also me and you can marvel about like u did in your write. People just ‘knowing’ things is very dangerous because they believe they can exempt logic. People just ‘know’ things. You are baffled by the universe and subatomic world and how it came to existence but you sure ‘know’ that it must be ‘God’ that put it there without even considering other possibilities (it has to be God! and nothing else!, too shallow and intellectually lazy). It is better to say ‘we’ve not found all the answers yet, let’s keep searching, discovering and reevaluating our theories of phenomena than to say ‘it must be God’ especially when ‘God’ is evidently a documented vague idea; an all knowing, all loving, omnipotent being who created the world we exist in full of cruelty etc. This sort of creationism idea stands in the way of highly needed scientific progress when little kids are taught creationism in school as absolute truth. This is the kind of reason why scientists are concerned about ‘God’, not that they are infatuated about it as u erroneously assumed. Japh, people listen to you, don’t tell them to throw logic out the window. Logical reasoning brings understanding without it its just delusions. Pls read: The Magic of Reality by Richard Dawkins (for all ages, brilliant), equips your thinking. You can also read the few posts on my blog (KnowYourUniverse.wordpress.com)if you find time.

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  • Akeem

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    This is awesome and a must read for everyone,I deeply appreciate your effort in putting this together,it’s quite indepth and insightfull

  • abdullone

    Wat a brilliant piece of work I most comment its bin long I red something soo brain stormin lyk dis article but I hv a question 2 ask u, a question u don’t hv an answer, a question u posed 2 all includin u urself, a question dat can b a rong act with my faith. . . . How did God came into existence. As an intellectual individual I hv respect soo much 4 pls endeavor 2 reply me bck ur comment I wld lyk 2 hear ur view on dis question

  • may

    This is a masterpiece(the topic initially gave me a scare though). You actually preached’God’ without even quoting any scripture and yet with so much depth. Well done and Godbless you more.

  • http://omojuwa.com Japh

    @abdullone No matter how much we try, we will never know everything even as a common humanity. We used to think light was the fastest now neutrinos are here to prove Einstein wrong. So in essence, the fact that those who believed Kilimanjaro was the highest mountain in the world because they did not know about Everest were still wrong. We will always improve on knowledge and there will never be that point where we know everything. Forget about that. You will never know it. Try knowing what you can know. There are at least one of such out of a possible billion information per nanosecond. :)

  • Mubarak

    Good one Japh, its illogical for any human being not to appreciate the presence of God given our inherent intellectual prowess. However, acknowledging his existence is just half full the cup. Knowing why and how to fulfil his purpose of creating us and effecting it as his subjects makes if a full cup. On this wise, I will refer you to a compendium which I hope will further broaden your horrizon if only you will objectively digest its contents. Its a book titled “CRUCIFIXION OR CRUCI-FICTION” By Deedat Ahmed.

  • Niyiposh

    Carefully researched, thought-provoking and piercing. This is a great write-up from a brilliant mind, J.J. Omojuwa. It’s clear that God cannot be limited by human reasoning, time and man judgements/parameters.
    This will do well when developed as a book! Well done bros!

  • Bisi

    This can only be by Divine inspiration, a must read for everyone…great work of our time

  • Tomisin

    This is superb! There’s no other word for it. More grease to your elbow. A very nice and intelligent piece.

  • Nana

    Omojuwa, I read this piece scantily with my late husband last year. I took time out to read it again. In a weird way, its comforting and engaging…I understand it better

  • chidi

    first time I’ve totally agreed with U… great piece.. it takes great faith to believe there is no God…

  • uche

    You should live your life and try to make the world a better place for your being in it, whether or not you believe in god. If there is no god, you have lost nothing and will be remembered fondly by those you left behind. If there is a benevolent god, he will judge you on your merits and not just on whether or not you believed in him…..I’m an atheist.

  • Simi

    Mr J, as usual, you just blew me outta my mind. For me, God is incomprehensible. We always ask questions as humans, and not all questions can be answered.
    The most important thing is 2 look at how you can’t answer all questions, and tell yourself that truly you can’t explain the existence of God, but there is God and he exists!! (Faith)
    This is a really insightful piece, kip up d gud work.

  • Wole Oke

    DEEP…interesting and creative…

  • hadiza

    Dis is d most wonderful tin av read, at a point in ma life wen am begining to av doubt , thank you so much, its crystal clear now. This means alot

  • Femiolas

    The search into the existence of God will forever confounds science, atheists and even those that believe God exists. In reality, one cannot but wonders who God was and/or is. As an undergraduate in OAU, I came across lecturers in literature class who often made us students wanting to doubt that God exists. I believe the mysteries surrounding God’s existence is a deliberate design; the search will continue and will forever remain elusive. This is a wonderful piece. Well done

  • Jumoke- @BiolaJay

    Intellectual piece of work…awestruck, this from a young Nigerian. you’re sure going place *thumbs up*

  • Jumoke- @BiolaJay


  • Yusuf

    Japh sky isn’t a place for you, okay, you just keep imagining where to start from cause this is a piece one too many to digest. Goes beyond any human’s imagination, you have done a great job, come and take your bold 15 come october. Good piece. God go make you bigger

  • Dr Ebirim Danvictor

    Let me start by congratulating you for the piece, silly as it will sound to any scientist worth his mettle atleast u did your best!
    I’m a medical doctor and also physicist and looking at the comments here can’t help but laugh at the degeneracy that is NIGERIAN education!
    Let me also disclose that I am agnostic!
    The points you’ve raised here are not only laughable but proves to anyone reading this who have truly sought the truth from an unbiased point of view and who have read most of the things you put up that you actually have not read some of the books you reference….for if you have really read them then this thing you wrote here would be different! if you have read a brief history of time it would be evident!
    The sad thing about nigeria is how we so often let pseudointellectuals get away with anything they write and how the ignorant almost uneducated masses fall for such crap and praise the write up!
    Wat you have done here is get various internet clippings add a few twist of personal effect and post!
    I say this because all the things you say here are arguments any person searching for truth would have found in various online fora run by religious zealots, arguments that have been roundly debunked by sound logic, your claims that renowned scientists agree that because science digs up more question’s as it answers more is in the least myopic and at worst grossly misleading! For every good scientist admits that that is the strength of logic and science! Of course your intelligent design line is stuff anyone could have gotten from any available awake!
    your discourse of quantum mechanics and particle physics shows how shallow your understanding of those facts are!
    i’ve stopped respondin to things like this because the minds that write them can never appreciate reason!
    This is journalism not research!

  • kunle

    Wonderful piece.

  • ade badejo

    limitedness of logic….&truly, faith takes over where reasons fail to move further! God is a designer! by the way, who are the speechwriters for Gej? you should be in Reuben Abati’s team!

  • kunle

    Firstly, man as clever as he is, is not smart enough to prove or disprove the existence of God.
    Also i see the existence of God is intended to be linked to the nature of man and not the scientific nature of the universe.

    Secondly if you do not believe in God there is no point in having a conscience. Let me explain. If for instance you sell your grandchild for money there is nothing wrong with it and nothing to feel bad about so long as you don’t get caught. There is no such thing as evil if there is no God.

    We just live for our instincts like animals. In the Mayan culture, it’s people believed they had to kill a man and take his still beating heart out of his body and throw it into a fire everyday or they felt the sun would not rise. Roman culture allowed the male head of the house or paterfamilias to kill anyone in his household family members included for insubordination. They also threw unwanted babies out with the trash and saw nothing wrong with it.

    The idea of living to make the world a better place and caring for those less fortunate is a purely Christian/Muslim aspect of faith, not a natural trait of man.

    I think what the modern world now seeks are the Christian/Muslim principles of how to live your physical life minus the spiritual aspect which now seems to be gobbledegook!!

    From the bible we can see that this will not be the first time that man thought he was smarter or more clever than God. It happened all the time throughout history.

    The nature of man however is evil and even within these religions that profess peace and love, man has found excuse within them to be evil and has tried to contradict them, reinterpret them, for his own evil agenda. But the bible and Koran limit how far he can go as they are written record.

    With time, and without the religious boundaries to tell us right from wrong, and caring about our fellow man, there is nothing to restrict people from having any reason to have remorse for what they do. Thus evil thrives as nothing is no longer wrong as morals no longer exist as we understand them today.

    If there is no God, is murder bad? Animals murder all the time with no consequences. What if the person we kill is mentally and physically handicapped? He is useless to society, why should he be allowed to live? There is no consequence if we kill that person as there is no God. That means there is nothing wrong with killing such a person.

    Where there is evil there is good. Evil-Devil good -God. Therein is a battleground for souls that transcends both the physical and the spiritual, and why we must remain ever vigilant.

  • jide

    This really should be put in a book

  • Bimbo

    My guy why don’t you just publish your works & deliver, evangelize and fulfill Gods purpose for this beautiful gift he blessed you with. More to it you are trusting God for bb bold 3 in the existence of bold 5 when God had giving you the power to become billionaire in $ and £.
    God bless you Joshua or Japheth!!!!!

  • G. BROWN

    Bros Jay maga hailin for u. In shot i butu for ur tinkness…I di-gwe for ur biro…I tortor-ri my brain sotey i first confuse den I come dey kajad when u come nak d koko…d odgonge tori, na im i come bigin torch light d mata proper. Bros…I gree ur own die. Pipul like u no dey plenty for dis we kontiri. Estein no go see ur bak!

  • akodu haroun

    I’d just like to refer you to d book titled “the bible, quran and science”- by Dr.maurice buccaile, you’d be amazed @ the scientific correlates of the quran in particular..

  • Adefioye Sheriff Olumuyiwa

    A good one in deed,God existence is beyond human reasoning.from Him we came to this world and to Him we shall return.

  • Odelight Matthew

    Bros! U fit form forum wey go consist of pple lyk us wey want b intellectual machìne lyk u, thru there we go form youths 4we 9ja wey go stand 4 positive changes.[08064257464]

  • http://omojuwa.com Japh

    Dr.Ebirim, instead of abusing me, why not make your point or even write a counter view? Abusing the writer does not make you look like a cultured civilised Doctor. Of course that is if you are a real Dr. As anyone can write anything after his name. I am used to intellectuals making their points without descending to the level of touts and retards by abusing people with a different argument. I guess human diversity means we get to meet new folks everyday.

  • Stephen Aideyan

    The question is not if God exist or not but how do you understand it and what does it mean to you if yes or no. My understanding about God’s existence is supported by simple logic, as far there is human, there is God because we are created in God’s image. What exist is what is spoken by mouth of man, in other word, it mean everything already exist but yet to be discovered.It is an incomplete fact that an entity that has no life cannot create life, which mean living things are from living things and nonliving things are nonliving things.The question is, how do the first living thing happened? In other word, I am saying chicken is from egg and egg is from chicken but how do the first egg or first chicken happened? To me, God is life, God is the first chicken or egg that started life;God is man and man exhibit two phases, a living phase which is life and nonliving phase which is death. The psych and physiologic component of human is the existence of nonliving components during living phase and manifest recessively and unreal.
    In the living phase of human, Anatomic component is the existence of living component during life and manifest dominantly and real. Which mean, there is coexistance of nonliving and living components manifest dominantly or recessively depending on the phase, it also mean that everything has life, even the smallest cell or particle has life but their manifestation varies between dominant and recessive depending on the phase.It also mean if stick can be tree, there is always a stick in a tree even when tree were tree.
    God is life when living and nonliving when death. It also mean, God is everything and there is nothing that has not God in it.

  • http://www.adeebimomi.blogspot.com Ade King Ebimomi

    Hmmm…and I thought I was a good writer. This, in its composition, style, substance and delivery, blows me out of the water! Those who praise my writings would have a 180 degree change of mind when they read this. Go a step further: turn it into a book and see Research In Motion (makers of BB) set up shop in your bedroom.

    As a former avowed atheist, your treatise hits quite close to home.

    Bravo, young man! The world needs more intellects like you.

    And @ Adio Adambao: it’s obvious you don’t have the mental capacity to understand or appreciate intellectual works. Like you’ve been advised, stick to playing your ludo game rather than insult the intelligence of those of us who appreciate beautiful works of prose, with your shallow, market-square comments.

  • kunle

    Having read this article again, I have to conclude that this chap is a bit thick or a very good con artist/rabble rouser.
    Is he trying to discover the secrets of the Universe or whether God exists. Is Steve Hawkins atheism or any other scientists atheism the basis for God not existing? Didn’t Charles Darwin accept Christ on his death bed? Does it even matter?
    How does his unanswered questions prove or disprove the Existence of God? Did he just steal a dictionary and thesaurus and find pretty ways to put “clever” words together to make him sound intelligent and start off with a controversial remark like “there is no God” to catch everyone’s attention? Does that make us all thick for paying any attention to these ramblings? That is the real question!!

  • sarah

    I must confess I didnt read the whole article, i tried but my brain got tired, I promise to read all of it though. my question is how old is this writer,You sound like an OLD philosopher.

  • Omolade Olufemi

    I was pressed, but couldn’t move an inche, now I can visit the gent. Nice one my Brother

  • oluseven

    I cant believe I just wasted my time to read this, nothing new only lots and lots of defence theists hold to make themselves believe there is God. The writer has failed to prove anything to atheists but has only proven he/she has read a lot of science books with prejudice! Iranu.

  • uche

    Dr Ebirim Danvictor did not abuse u oga! He is just stating the obvious. This is actually a rubbish write up! Can’t comprehend why all these pple are hailin u either. What sence did u make in particular? Stick to journalism where u are subject matter expert. (Now that’s an abuse).

  • kunle

    If you gloss over his words and focus on the title, he sounds like a philosopher who has a controversial, insightful opinion on God and the Universe, which can inspire or enrage passions depending on your beliefs.
    But if you read it properly you will discover that he is just an idiot with nothing truly intellectual to contribute whether or not you believe in God or not. I tell you this man is a buffoon!!

  • 00F

    This guy is not great but is what great is tryiny to explain. Science as he indirectly pointed out is that quest to understand God but not to reverence but to disprove and posibily anihilite. That though, does not underplay the authenticity of science and like he mentioned also man is an animal of logic and reason. So far God has eluded man in that respect. I hang on a thread size belief and that belief is that God is beyound human comprehension. Maybe that is why part of my acknoledgment in my project thesis reads “to He, the one beyound human comprehension”. May be the most prominent indicator as to the relationship between science and God lies in a questiong we have at one point or the other encountered. Why do great scientist surfer a common curiosity in philosophy? Albert Einstine, Newton, Galileo just name it. Philosophy as we know is the closest to fathoming God, infact it is prerequisite to theology.
    I disagree some what with him on gravity as regards to its clarity. Gravity, with respect to a dropped object, according to Newton (so far no one has disproved it) happens because every two objects irrespective of their size, shap or mass are in a constant state of attraction that is proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the sqare of their distance apart(Newton’s law of universal gravity). So the earth being exponentially larger than man or everything in the world, draws man and everything to itself. One may wonder why hasn’t the sun drawn the earth to itself or earth, the moon down here. This is because this attraction is universal thus everything draws everything to itself that way maitaining some form balance
    ??Why we are able to move about without distrupting this balance is the question we may not be able to answer nor would we be able to answer why is there any attraction(gravity) between two objects in the first place? I think we are free to explore these elusive doors of infinity (Their is just another door behind the next), as it wows us with the mystery we call God.


    Nice piece to read on my birthday.

  • James

    Well I must commend u for a well thought out right up.
    You see, no one is saying that science has all the answers about the universe or life therein; it should be a thing to be appreciated that scientists are making tremendous effort to unlock the universe, and such effort has yielded some result as we see in technological application in several field of life which has in no small we benefited mankind tremendously. I hate it when a layman in the street thinks that science is anti God. I bet u God is more grateful for scientists than for a lazy religious zealot who only sit around and expect God to miraculously improve his life. Like your write up seem to conclude, God or a SUPERNATURAL FORCE is in existence and I believe it is in the conscience of every man just like the moral law(that explains why atheists also are preoccupied with it). The argument or controversy most time lie with religious believe. To me, religion is man’s invention to try to explain the existence of God and to maintain societal stability(partly becos if religion was directly from God, he should have made it uniform). There are many religions and all originated from the same probity, and serve the same purpose. It is only when one religion tries to prove that hers’ is the only true one, and also when some people hijack religion to exploit others that controversies arise. If u read the bible, Koran, and other religious book closely, u wld realise that they are the handiwork of men as well, in their quest to unlock God, which is in itself a very good feat that has help in shaping mankind, even though it has also contributed to some woes to mankind, just like science. In conclusion, God or a supernatural force must be in existence, and science and religion may never satisfactorily explain that.

  • uche

    To exist, by definition, means to consist of something and to be somewhere. Since no one can say what this god consists of (and how they know it) or where this god is located (and how they know it), “god” is a word without meaning, a sound that expresses nothing more than an imaginary idea.

  • Agbasiere Chimezie Obiora

    As a physicist, I would say u did a good job. That was a good argument and I stand where u stand….more of this bro!

  • Niceguyabd

    Nice piece. Hw I wish people like Wole Soyinka will go through ur piece.

  • bikos

    I Love the creativity and technicality displayed here, I advice that you implore this in criticising the present administration constructively. Good and educating article, keep it Up.

  • 00F

    It is not surprising for a post like this one to be met with the king of criticism it is getting. writting as not the subject nor object of a piece, and placing contradicting details side by side for the reader to weight facts and pick where the road leads comes with its own drag. Some, who unfortunately are outspoken, are still waiting to see points that support God’s existence or not. Thus, u can understand their genuine frustration. Some are just too full of themselves to acknowledge true brilliance, if u can’t appreciate the quality of the write up, appreciate the except cheat (as u(Kunle) put it. For all I care you can believe what you want). The piece is absolutely brilliant those who think otherwise should do as intellects do. Write a counter piece. In the absence of that just shot up

  • Njidda Abdulrahman

    This is piece is a confirmation of Allah’s statements in the Qur’an as to his existence. It is a must read for mankind.

  • @OGEE5

    Great piece I must say. It felt like I was reading a piece by C.S. Lewis, the atheist-turned-Christian Oxford prof. Strange I was actually reading an article by a man I only know 4 political comments and well, some Arsenal tweets.

    Funny how men can believe in an octopus that can predict football results and yet claim they can’t believe in God because they can’t prove His existence empirically.

    God definitely doesn’t dwell in the realm of the five senses and most definitely can’t be contained in a test tube.

    Thank God I accepted the limitations of science years ago and definitely expect it to answer all my question.

    I hope I have your permission to post this on my yahoo group.

    Thank God there is God!

  • Emissai

    I have read d piece and am happy dat confusion in juxtaposition of scientific theories dat cancel themselves out has lead to him seeing d orderliness yet inexplicable arrangement of God’s creativity. I am a full science scholar(forget my function as an entertainer/ entertainment business man). I was happy when Omojuwa just like other objective scientist or researchers concluded, though not in dis exact words, that It cannot be possible for everything in creation to be so orderly except there is a designer who realised His design by creation. GOD IS REAL!!!!….. And am happy d world dat sees knows.

  • SAY NO

    Redbull: No to Blasphemious Advert


    The aim of this group is to serve as a forum to show our discontentment towards the blasphemious and antichristian redbull advert doing the rounds on the airwaves. This Advert depicts Christ in a blasphemious and derogatory manner. It is a mockery of the faith of over 60% of the world’s population. Not to mention the EMEA region where I presume this advert is been propagated. They must stop this advert and issue an unreserved appology. Until then this group remains to checkmate their excesses.

  • @OluBabajide

    Science is obviously a house divided against itself, you need no spiritual or divine conjecture to disprove it. It’s own laws of LOGIC, REASONING, TIME, etal is enough to dwarf and sink it. God used you, no doubt. My hat is off, Japh baba.

  • Tobi

    Classic apologist article – same trite point. You miss the point. The question is not whether or not God exists. As long as we exist within the limits of time, we may never be able to prove or disprove that; the question is the intellectual or moral arrogance of anyone claiming authoritatively that either is true and disparaging anyone with a contrary opinion. Keep you religious or irreligious opinion, but be humble enough to accept that it is merely an opinion and everyone has a right to his. I am a christian.

  • bidemi

    Omojuwa,Omojuwa,Omojuwa,Omojuwa. If only Jonathan was this deep!

  • kunle

    I’m sorry …I have read this three times now and all i see is a Nigerian culture of celebrating mediocrity by writing a piece that is more about form than substance. What does this piece have to do with the existence of God? Aside from the actual title,I won’t even say it is blasphemous as his conclusion seems confused. The title is attention seeking and the write up has almost nothing to do with the title other than to catch the reader’s attention

  • http://omojuwa.com Japh

    @kunle wow! You are such a unique person. You admitted to reading the article 3 times and you have dropped at least 3 comments over a period of 3 days. You did all these for a piece you also say is mediocre. Are you usually this obsessed about medicority or there is something you are not telling us? Man says article is useless and then reads it at least 3 times. Wow!

  • duenthegooner

    @DanVictor Couldn’t have said it better myself.Nigerians love to say ‘nice one’. When you inquire ‘what’s nice?’ they start to stammer. I found the article extremely boring.Extremely long quotes clearly copied and pasted from the web interspersed with some lame comments from an author can do that.Then again I knew where the article was headed from the get go.The ‘click on me!!! I am controversial title’ can do that.
    On a personal note @DanVictor you are an agnostic? LOL brings back memories of an episode of South Park I watched. You can know, You cant possibly know. Cracks me up every time!

  • duenthegooner

    @japh I think bloggers should be courteous in their responses to comments. You clearly have a problem with criticism as evidenced by who you chose to respond to. Lots of people testifying to your ‘brilliance’ but you only respond to comments that say your write up isn’t up to scratch.I read @DanVictors comments and he attacks the write up and was clearly not ‘abusing you’. I’ll be sure to report him to the class captain when he does :)

  • trafels

    In my opinion, this is quite disappointing because I expected a more detailed and rational explanation.
    Catchy title got me interested and the first two paragraghs weren’t bad but after that, it just went downhill.
    Believer or Atheist, Its your conviction that matters…. From this write up, all i can see is some logical points ( which were lifted not researched), some scientific points which doesnt prove any point leading you to your own conclusion of BELIEF.
    I can bet you that 90% of the people who commended you for this write up dont even understand what you are saying (Beware of that lot).

  • seyi

    Now u got one confused.

  • Babatunde

    I bet it’s best to allow the fact on it’s own…I mean the fact whether God exist or not.

    Iwa lesin(Meaning your character is your religion).

    I wonder what kind of mindset we would all have had now, if as kids, we were told there was no God.

    In my opinion, I believe a supernatural being exist, and if the name God can go on and on in arguments, then the supernatural being GOD EXIST…

    In truth, a research into the existence of God is truly not necessary.

    Live and let’s live..!

    ff @2ngbaskee on twitter

  • @ogee5

    Must the people who dont appreciate this piece attack the people who do…. and vice versa?

    We should be more respectful of other people’s opinions.

    The fact that your opinion differs from mine doesnt mean your reasoning is inferior, its just a difference of opinions.


  • Dawari

    Brilliant opening but went downhill with the hurried attempt to use the never ending questions logic brings upon itself as a reason why God exists.

    Also assuming atheists spend their days proving God’s non-existence is a tad naive considering that it is religious people that actually prosletyse. There are millions of atheists worldwide and Dawkin’s behaviour is not representative of them all.

    Finally, I was disappointed that the writer finally threw forward the same innuendos seen on creationsits websites about the ‘perfect’ earth and all as reasons why we all should believe in God. The major world religions do not go down this disgraceful route and I do not expect anyone who knows how to spell schrodinger to use ‘perfect’ earth as a point.

    We are all passangers on life’s journey with varied experiences and thought processes. No one would know for sure if and why the universe exists and nobody is allowed to claim a full understanding of the workings of the universe even if belief is used a default assumption

  • AkinCole

    Beautiful peiece. Muwah!

  • http://www.aol.com katakori


    A profound waste of time and effort that could have been devoted to addressing an issue more germane to mankind and human development.

  • rawsheedah

    Hmmmm,I’m speechless..awesome and lovely piece I must say….
    Adio???really??? Ur just intimidated…japh ur going places

  • @lordrooz

    GOD!!!!!!!! Japh, what planet do u emante from?? GOD ALMIGHTY,to God who created me, u r an awesome human being!!! God!! I was beginnin 2 think u insane until…………dear Lord, ds guy is jst massive!! Bro, ds is incredible!!! Am tripped I swear down on ma popman’s grave!! Dear Lord!!!

  • Aliyu

    This piece lack scholarship,it portrays the writer as inept,naive,and lacking even the most basic philosophical foundation.there is no evidence in the article to show that the writer of this piece knows what he is writing about.i think he should concern himself only with his twitting,and stop delving into philosophical issues!

  • elizabeth

    Shoot: Good heavens what did Nigeria do right to God to deserve such talent? You are a vessel and truth be told, u keep some of us going.Good one! What more cld we ask for?

  • http://twitter.com/twoondei tunde Ajayi

    Brilliant piece with a rich & extensive depth. I believe God exists & is real however, medicine makes me ponder how & when he operates. The most complex creature known is man & the synchrony of the human physiology confirms the authorship/creatorship status that God holds. The Pathology of the human body,aetiologies, dimensions, interventions & limitations of knowledge in colving these problems

  • http://twitter.com/twoondei tunde Ajayi

    Brilliant piece with a rich & extensive depth. I believe God exists & is real however, medicine makes me ponder how & when he operates. The most complex creature known is man & the synchrony of the human physiology confirms the authorship/creatorship status that God holds. The Pathology of the human body,aetiologies, dimensions, interventions & limitations of knowledge in solving these problems make me wonder…..How does God really work?

  • Ugo

    If, even as limitedly human as we are, we are hardly moved by the intense criticisms of fellow beings especially when we believe we have done right, then believe me God is not moved by the choice and act of stupidity by a select few of his human creation who choose to wallow in self denial of His beauty and existence. It just makes no difference, just as criticisms of some of our actions and attitude changes nothing. Its a beautiful piece by Japhet.

  • http://shesearches.blogspot.com Chioma

    @Aliyu 23:14;You say, the article lacks evidence. May I ask evidence from what? or from who?..evidence from a mere mortal like you? Please even the greatest philosopher and theologian had doubts. We even make references to their works/theories (of which themselves were not even 100% convinced as true) Sometimes I feel most of the things we learnt in science classes might not be true after all.


  • kayla

    Hmmm, deep, very deep, yet so simple. I have never doubted the existense of God, but this puts everything into perspective. Nice one bro, big ups!

  • http://shesearches.blogspot.com Chioma

    In my opinion, God does exist. Sometimes, I perceive him as a force (Not gravitational though, a force bigger than any of the forces, JJ mentioned) Other time I perceive him as a being, sometimes I see him as good(ie, anything good just has to be God).

    People perceive him differently, some not at all. BTW, I don’t believe the evolution theory of Man. But one thing I believe is God did not create a chaotic world. We humans did and I also believe, he’s busy somewhere, creating Solution/antidote/medicines/cures for every disaster/mishap/problem/ailment we are bringing upon ourselves.

  • Seyi Doxa

    Waoh! This is wisdom unleashed! GREAT WORK! GREAT PIECE!! GREAT MIND!!!

  • Segun

    In what would have been a wonderfully well-thought out piece, having had a very scintillating opening, you went totally adrift starting from the paragraph about “your birthday”. Unfortunately, I am not afforded the time and space to address all the fallacies contained in this piece of yours.

    Needless to say, you ended up committing the very same mistakes that religionists often make — making a case for God out of ignorance and stupefaction on a seemingly “perfect” universe. Need I tell you that the teleological argument is not a viable case for God? On the surface – and to the less informed – it sounds totally cool and awesome (e.g. look the skies, see the beautiful oceans, see the orderliness of the planets, etc.), but it is funny how we conveniently ignore the apparent chaos in the same universe we claim was created by an intelligent and perfect being. You tell me what is “perfect” or “intelligent” about the collision of planetary bodies, or the phenomenon of congenital birth defects, just to name a few.

    Furthermore, you reference lots of scientific quotes and the big guns of science, perhaps in a bid to intimidate your readers, but in the end, it’s really all a fallacious appeal to authority. It has now become a trend in recent times to refer to Albert Einstein and the likes in order to give one’s argument more weight. You also make the mistake of labeling atheism “anti-God”, and subsequently building upon that fallacy.

    You sound intelligent though, but brother, you got a whole lot of things wrong, that I do not even know where to begin. Even if somehow, you manage to establish a case for God and convince everyone through the cosmological and teleological arguments, it would indeed take a significant leap for you to establish this God is a personal God, and that he/she/it is the God of Christianity (or Islam or what-have-you).

  • http://Website Oge

    You are obviously a christian, from your “save the world” perspective. He existed for about 33 years he was around, and then died a human death, his followers then cook up a story that he will come back in time to take them to heaven, Laughable. That is what you took time away to disproof. Perhaps God exists, so what if he doesn’t? If your search for God is based on something of the sort of morality, trust me, humans do not need any deity to help with that. to know what is right or wrong, no one needs any metaphysics or quantum physics. and more than the existence or proving the existence of God, I think if he exists, he will rather have us focus on certain things, choosing right from wrong, greater good, and especially not focusing on the ” good we against the bad them” which is what your religion preaches by the way. “DO NOT BE UNEQUALLY YOKED WITH UNBELIEVERS” thereby imagining you are more equal than others. and your article does smack of the arrogance of the ignorant. In truth, the more you know, the more “humble” you are, because you are confound by wisdom. If you like, be feeling like “you know more than the average man and that you can’t be modest”.

    Finally, to your rhetorical question, your article doesn’t nearly provide enough evidence for an answer. Your article also fails when it comes to logic or even philosophy. You have loads of fallacies, to start with fallacy of over- generalization. to assume that all atheists spend time being anti-God, hmmn. to assume that they are even anti-God. I think atheists just hold that there is no God, perhaps some of them do spend time being anti-God. a lot of them also just spend time living their lives.

    And since u r smitten by Einstein, realise that since imagination beats knowledge. with all the knowledge you claim to have above the average man, you can’t tell what the average man imagines; only God, if he exists can do that. therefore, shove your knowledge, comeback down to earth and realise that you are the inferior one for having so much knowledge. Perhaps, less than the average man. Also realise that if you set out to prove the existence of God, you have really done justice to that.

  • Tammie

    Amazing piece. I love how you clearly pointed out the Scientific inadequacies where God and the existence of the Universe is concerned, and even where knowledge is concerned. I really would rather live as though God exists, because He does. Those who say He doesn’t haven’t experienced Him. If only they did, they’ll see the beauty of God and his expression through us. Thank you for this. TEDtalk material!

  • Loyeh

    Omojuwa’s best piece I’ve ever read…

  • molayo

    RESPECT!I would love to meet you one day.u r an inspiration.

  • http://www.facebook.com/obayomi.b.abiola Obayomi Abiola Benjamin

    Wao!!!!! This is the greatest piece i ave ever read about the Existence of God. I have been surfing your blog all day and suddenly stumble on this one. God bless your wisdom. Hoping to meet you someday….thank you.

  • ola

    I wanted to stop SCANNING thru your article when I was on page two but thanks goodness I managed to read the whole episode cos doing that confirm my acertion that you had read wider to come-up with this. Your references confirm. No doubt, you kept your regular readers busy out there afterall someone said she was using 30mins to phantom the mystery behind the article.

  • seun

    Dis ????§ Awesome

  • http://www.ojeanetor.com oje anetor

    ”KNOWLEDGE” the best thing I’ve read in years, I’ve always been a fan of science but I always use it to appreciate God more.

  • http://omojuwa.com chide

    Thorough gibberish. Mere academic exercise designed to draw attention, as usual. The article hasn’t said anything new. Mere collection of old ideas. Reaching a conclusion that does not flow from the premise.whether God exists or not is not relevant to our material condition here. I have always known that Omojuwa is not different from anyone in govt. All his activities are meant to launch him into political power and nothing more. He’s not different from anyone who has gone path before – Abati, etc. Wasted my time reading thrash. Mscheeeeeeeeew

  • http://papabaks.blogspot.com papabaks

    As far as am concerned, this write up is quite disappointing and unbelievable because I was expecting something more detailed and rational, and not just a combination of theories by some old philosophers. @first instance the Catchy title got me interested which I must commend you on for job well done by getting peoples attentions and getting them stick to your post, I was actually enjoying the first two paragraphs which weren’t bad but after that, the whole thing just went down the hill,
    1. I couldn’t see your point any longer
    2. To much of grammar and complex english in post that you people to read and understand that God do not or rather exist, is a No for me
    3. There’s no way u are going to prove this point without bringing the two holy books (Bible and Quran) into Remarks
    5. Always be specific and Factual.

    Less I forget! People opinion will always be different from yours, so always create more room for criticism.

    Above all, Good job for putting some stuff together to get some people thinking!

  • dapo kelvin

    There is no doubt abt d existence of God wich i strongly believe in!!!It’s jus unfortunate dat we’ve allow religious bigot,our pastors n imam to deceiv us for too long!Som wil evn say “ur heart is ur God”.Rememba human heart is d most threacherous place,how can God b der!Oga japh,dis is a very nice article,altho i might disagree wit som of ur opinion but on d whole,its a wonderful piece!kip it up Sir?Av always,????? wil always respect pple’s opinion!Whoever is criticizing dis shud giv us a counter article.Dats wat intellectuals do.

  • welikrus

    belief in God has been proved scientifically!
    please get the books:
    Life How did it get here? By evolution or by creation.
    is there a creator who cares about you!
    Jehovah’s Witnesses would be glad to give you.

  • Petterson

    Fancy eye catching title but haven read it carefully I still didn’t find any proof to your wonderful claim.If I claim I can cure AIDS with a simple kiss,it’s my place to proove that I can,not yours to disproove.Some people will belive me still,but that doesn’t change the facts if I can or can’t.Funny how your daily life is lived based on logic/reasoning yet you try to use logic to discredit the use of logic.”I’ll rather die and find…” Wow,then you have basically wasted your entire life “believing” and living for a fictional myth.

  • http://www.samademi.wordpress.com Adedeji Ologbenla

    Japh is a wonderfull person, he faces the questions that everybody tries not to ask. When I was young I ask such questions, but I get scolded for it, ” Deji don’t ask that kind of question again”. This piece is not their to convince you nor does it care if you agrEe, it is just a thought and research of this great man @omojuwa. Hate him or love him he is among the best there is. Excellent piece. So before you criticize him write a counter write-up that will catch peoples attention like this and no man has all the knowledge in life just some uses their small knowledge expertly.

  • drdodiey

    Good thing at the end you said you don’t care how a professor will see this. Well, not just for bad referencing. You started by praising your omnihuman intuition and then contradicted it as you wrote. Not just the philosophy, even the science- where did you get your four types of forces? Lol. Your insertion of the idea of faith was hapzahard indeed, but your idea of time was good. In all, you scratched most aspects of philosophy into one passage which gave it a good edge. But for a person of high media repute, this is highly unimpressive. Pls forget about all these people that praise you for everything you write. Here: http://www.onlinephilosophyclub.com

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  • Sphinx

    This is what I believe; evolution is real, now to disintegrate the complexities with reference to its origin,existence and metamorphosis is however a nightmarish ordeal. There’s metaphysics in the element of every matter, so we cannot gullibly accept the unsubstantiated perception that every galaxy and space itself just appeared into void just as we cannot seem to assume that ‘God’ created himself. Of course astrophysicists will claim a source, but again we’ll plunge into the labyrinths of that source and we fall deeper into nothingness. I often conclude this train of thought with; we are here and we are fair but what happens after death?

  • johnson

    hello Omojuwa. Thank you for the simplicity of the depth you have shown in this seminal work. I appreciate that you have used your social media status as a force for good. continue to be a leading light in provoking thought in those subjects that actually deepen the quality of our lives

  • meem?

    N?ce p?ece, good start, confus?ng body,too much grammar, but at the end, the po?nt ?s there ?s God. Keep ?t up

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    this write up sucks,, it only has a cathy, ambiguous title ..wats wit all the grammar? and yet you failed to drive home your points..in fact I feel you dont no where you stand. yu started out as an atheist, became a believer, went back to atheism and then concluded the write up as a believer. I see no sense in this….all those praising this stuff, are only captivated by the grammars nothing more..

  • ikenna

    It beats how much a man will get abused for penning his personnal convictions. Why are some fellows threatened by this article? The argument about the existence or non-existence of God will ever exist till God Himself ends it with outright manifest. Its really of no need to try cure the fool of folly…”What’s God to the non-believer?”

    Beautiful piece needless to say.

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Anambra people are currently not in a happy mood as fuel now sells for N500 per litre in the state. This is due to the closure of most filling stations in protest over what they described as high levies imposed on them by the state government. In order to protest the high levies, most filling Stations shut down leading into fuel scarcity in the state. Black market sellers however resulted in selling theirs at N500 per...

London’s Heathrow Airport To Be Expanded, 800 Houses To Go

Heathrow airport is said to undergo a £19b expansion plan. This is needed for a 3rd runway at one of the busiest airports in Europe, a total of about 800 homes would also be demolished . the runway is the first new runway to be built in the South-East of England since the 1940s. Notable ministers have concluded that the expansion is needed to keep London in connection to the rest of the world and keep...

Saraki Condemns Recent Boko Haram Attacks, Expresses Sadness Over Lagos Boat Mishap

The president of the Senate, Bukola Saraki, on Thursday condemned in strong terms what he described as renewed onslaught against innocent Nigerians by the Boko Haram sect especially during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Mr. Saraki also expressed pain over the death of six school children in Lagos following a boat mishap that involved 14 school children who were being conveyed across Ojo to Irewe jetty. A statement released by the senate president’s spokesperson, Yusuph...

Suspected PDP Thugs Batters APC Witnesses In Court

Thugs suspected to be loyal to the Peoples Democratic Party in Ekiti State on Tuesday beat up witnesses who testified for the All Progressives Congress before the National Assembly Election Petitions Tribunal. The tribunal is hearing a petition filed by the APC senatorial candidate for Ekiti Central, Gbenga Olofin, against the return of Senator Fatimat Rasaki of the PDP. Olofin on Tuesday closed his case at the tribunal after calling eight witnesses while his opponent,...

Buhari Has No Personal Relationship With New INEC Boss, Presidency Tells PDP

The Presidency yesterday said that due process was followed in the appointment of Mrs. Amina Zakari as the Acting Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC. Her appointment has generated concerns and reactions from many quarters. One of such quarters is the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP which accused the President of naming an ally of his to pave way for the ruling All Progressive Congress, APC reclaim the PDP controlled States at the election...

Fuel Scarcity Returns in Nigeria, As Marketers Ration Products

After a brief respite, fuel queues have returned at the filling stations across the country just as some filling stations in Lagos and Ogun states, as well as the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, have started indiscriminate hike of pump price while a few others have locked their premises. However, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) said the queues resulted from panic buying, urging consumers to ignore the baseless rumours spurring the action. It noted that some filling...

UN Urges FG To Relax Abortion Laws For Boko Haram Victims

UN Human Rights Chief, Zeid Al-Hussein, has appealed to Nigerian authorities to ease abortion restrictions for women and girls who had been sexually enslaved, raped and forced into so-called “marriages” by Boko Haram fighters. He said this on Thursday in New York while discussing with the Human Rights Council on Boko Haram’s rights violations and abuses, the findings of a 12-member team to Cameroon, southern Niger and the north-eastern regions of Nigeria on Boko Haram.

Pay Back! ISIS Militants Executed By Rival Rebel Group Called ‘The Mother State’

In a chilling case of an eye for an eye,a rebel group in Syria has responded to ISIS by beheading ISIS terrorists .. Hours after ISIS released a video where they beheaded 12 of their fighters, Jaysh al-Islam also released videos of their fighters capturing Islamic State fighters and slaughtering them. In the video, the Jaysh Al-Islam soldiers,are dressed in the orange jump suits that are normally worn by prisoners of ISIS...The Islamic State's captured soldiers, dressed in...

EFCC To Challenge Fani-Kayode’s Acquittal

As Fani Kayode celebrates his court victory today, the EFCC has said it will challenge his acquittal  by a federal high court..The former aviation minister was discharged and acquitted of laundering  almost N100 million while he was the minister of aviation in 2006.The EFCC had filed the suit against him in 2013..Discharging Kayode,Justice Rita Ofili-Ajumogobia said ”It is apparent that the prosecution’s case is feeble and has failed to establish that the accused person paid or accepted...

Finally! Benue Govt Begins Payment of Salary Arrears

There was jubilation in all nooks and crannies of Benue State yesterday as the state government commenced payment of salary arrears of civil servants. The former Governor Gabriel Suswam administration had owed salaries of workers for several months. The former administration said it lacked adequate finances to offset the backlog of salaries due to the dwindling federal allocation. However, Governor Samuel Ortom had on assumption of office about a month ago, told the state workers...

El-Rufai Sues Over False Assets Report

After a busy few weeks as governor, Malam Nasir El-Rufai is dismayed by the blatant falsehood being practised as journalism by The Union newspapers. He has consequently directed his legal team to vigorously enforce his rights to protect his reputation from the vandalism of irresponsible hacks. The Union chose to write a spurious story alleging N90b as his assets declaration without seeing the declaration made by Malam El Rufai. The circle of blackmail that did the story claimed...

Fani-Kayode’s Acquittal a Shock, Says EFCC

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has said it was shocked by Wednesday’s acquittal of former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode. A Federal High Court in Lagos acquitted Mr. Fani-Kayode of corruption charges, saying the EFCC failed to prove its “feeble case” against Mr. Fani-Kayode beyond reasonable doubt. The spokesperson for the commission, Wilson Uwujaren, in a statement, said the ruling by the judge, Rita Ofili- Ajumogobia, was shocking. Mr. Uwujaren said, “The Commission...

VIDEO: American Tele- Evangelist Blasts US Supreme Court Ruling On Same Sex Marriage

Popular American preacher and Tele- Evangelist, John Hagee, responds to U.S Supreme Court Marriage Ruling. Watch video below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PhzBsDfTMI Credit: YouTube/ John Hagee Ministries

PDP Demands Removal Of New Acting INEC Boss

Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has demanded the removal of the newly appointed acting chairperson of the Independent national Electoral Commission, INEC, Amina Zakari. Ms. Zakari was appointed as head of INEC by President Muhammadu Buhari hours after its former chairman, Attahiru Jega, handed over to Ahmed Wali, a national commissioner there. Addressing a press conference in his office Wednesday, PDP’s publicity secretary, Olisa Metuh, said the party was disturbed by the development in INEC where...

FG To Introduce Fund For Road Repair

A fund to cater for the construction and maintenance of roads in the country is in the works, the Federal Ministry of Works has said. The Director, Federal Highway Services in the ministry, Alhaji Shehu Dankano, said this at the inauguration of the headquarters of the National Association of Road Transport Owners in Abuja on Tuesday. Dankano said the National Roads Fund Bill was already in the National Assembly and expressed confidence that the 8th...

Two Suicide Bombers Attack Village During Osinbajo’s Maiduguri Visit

Two suicide bombers, male and female, today blew themselves up outside a village in Maiduguri, capital of Borno state, at the time the vice president of Nigeria, Yemi Osinbanjo, was visiting the city, witnesses and security sources said. VP Osibanjo arrived Maiduguri at about 10:45 am. He was in to assess the security situation in the state capital, to visit the Internally Displaced Persons camps, before proceeding to Yola, another northeast Nigerian city plagued by...

Six Children Drown As Boat Capsize In Lagos

A canoe conveying fourteen school children capsized. Six of them reportedly drowned, while eight of them including the driver were rescued. The incident occurred after a fibre canoe reportedly ran into the passenger boat at about 9am. As at time of writing this report, the rescued children , some of whom were said to be primary school pupils and secondary school students who were on their way to school, were responding to treatment at the...

Photos From Osinbajo’s Visit To Borno

VP Yemi Osinbajo visited an IDP camp today in Maiduguri. He shared these very heart touching photos of a victim and her daughter, who has been badly affected by the insurgency. See his Facebook post below: On the instructions of President Buhari, VP Yemi Osinbajo visited an IDP camp in Maiduguri today conveying the concern of the President and bringing hope to the victims of terrorism and the entire Borno State. He met a number of the victims at...

It’s Don Jazzy Again! Di’Ja, Korede Bello & Reekado Banks Become Glo Ambassadors

Don Jazzy has a knack for making stars and you'd agree great people help to nurture stars but how often does one man make three stars in one fell swoop? That's exactly what Don Jazzy has done with Korede Bello, Reekado Banks and Di'Ja. He has moved them from one of Nigeria's numerous upcoming artists to genuine super stars. Each of them has had at least one hit song in the last year and have troubled the...

New Name Alert: Fani-Kayode Changes Name After Court Victory | Read Full Statement

Chief Femi Fani-Kayode has changed his name and he wants you to know why. Read his full statement below. Press Statement by Chief Femi Fani-Kayode on the Occasion of his Victory at the Federal High Court on 1st July 2015 Ladies and gentlemen, I am delighted, humbled and relieved by this verdict. In the last seven years, I have been subjected to the most malicious, vicious, sinister, well-orchestrated, insidious and devastating form of political persecution...

I Did Not Inherit An Empty Treasury- C’River Governor

Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River State yesterday said that he did not inherit empty treasury from the immediate past administration in the state as is being speculated in some quarters. Ayade said this in Calabar while briefing stakeholders, including the media, on his development agenda for the state. “I did not inherit empty treasury but a great potential from my predecessor,” he said. The governor said that as part of efforts to tap the abundant resources in...

Corruption Charges: ‘Nightmare Has Finally Ended’ – Fani-Kayode

A former Minister of Aviation in Nigeria, Mr Femi Fani-Kayode, says the dismissal of a case filed against him on money laundering charges was the “doing of the lord” and an end to a nightmare. A Federal High Court in Lagos on Wednesday morning dismissed the case against Mr Fani-Kayode, saying the prosecution’s case was “feeble” and failed to provide “copious evidence” linking...

Rings In Burgers, Getting Down On One knee In Public Toilets: The Worst Proposals Of All Time Revealed

It's a moment in your life that theoretically should only happen once - the marriage proposal. But while some men (and women) go all out when asking for their beloved's hand in marriage, others take the laissez faire approach. For every boat trip down the Seine or fireworks display, there is a ring nestled in a takeaway burger or a proposal hastily scrawled on the lid of a fast food container.

Oshiomhole Blames Ministry Of Petroleum And Finance For Owed Salaries

The Governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomhole has blamed the Ministry of Petroleum Resources and Ministry of Finance for workers salaries owed by different states. He said both Ministries “refused to transfer into the Federation Account. Governor Oshiomhole said: “the NNLG had every year made payments of about $1.5 billion to 2 billion Naira which ought to go the Federation Account but was expended by the Federal Government”. Governor Oshiomhole also stated that the...

Bashir Akanbi: Attacks By The Nation Newspaper and Sahara Reporters On Saraki and Aisha Buhari: An Impediment To Democratic Norms

In various attempts to impede the norms of democracy in the country, for which gigantic sacrifices were made by millions of Nigerians in the last general elections, The Nation daily newspaper and Sahara Reporters online have jointly started an astonishing display of mendacity and subjectivity giving up their conventional wisdom. This recent subversive practices of the popular media have attracted widespread criticism. These unripe antics however by far, unclothed the purposes for which the media house, The...

Syrian Rebel Group Executes 18 ISIS Fighters In New Video

A Syrian rebel group operating around Damascus has executed 18 alleged members of the Islamic State group in a video mimicking the extremist organisation's own productions. The video, which emerged overnight, shows fighters from Jaysh al-Islam (Army of Islam) wearing the orange prison clothes that ISIS victims often sport. The ISIS prisoners however are wearing black clothes and chained together wearing ankle and hand shackles with metal balls attached. The nearly 20-minute production...

ISIS Beheads Two Women In Syria For Witchcraft

Islamic State beheaded two women over the weekend accused of witchcraft and working with elves in eastern Syria The 2 women have become the first to be beheaded by Isis after being accused of witchcraft, sorcery and working with elves by the Islamic extremist group, according to reports emerging from eastern Syria. The executions, for a supposed breach of sharia law, were carried out on Sunday and...

President Buhari Assures Victims Of Insurgency Govt Support

President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday commended the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA) and other government agencies on measures taken to rehabilitate victims of terrorism and violent extremism in Nigeria. Receiving officials of the Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Department of ONSA, Buhari said the Federal Government would provide necessary assistance to victims of Boko Haram insurgency. The president also reiterated the determination of his administration to rid the country of terrorism and insurgency. "One of...

CBN Adjusts Forex Peg As Naira Hits N228 Per Dollar

The Central Bank of Nigeria on Tuesday lowered the naira peg to 196.95 against the dollar from 196.90 it set last week. This made it the fourth time the CBN had adjusted the peg since it was introduced in February, Reuters reported. This happened just as the naira tumbled further to 228 against the dollar at the parallel market on Tuesday from 265 on Monday. Reuters reported that the yield on the Federal Government’s...

Kate Henshaw Loses Everything In House Fire

While Kate Henshaw was on location shooting the 'Do-Good' TV series, she was called by her neighbours to inform her that her house was on fire. Reports are saying that Kate Henshaw quickly went home after the phone call and called fire fighters, but at that point, the damage had already been done as the twin duplex was burnt.  According to witnesses at the scene, Kate Henshaw was said to have lost all the...

EFCC Arrests 2 Tourism Travel Agents Over Alleged N70 Million Fraud

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has arrested two officials of a travel agency for allegedly swindling and defrauding several Nigerians to the tune of N70 million. This is contained in a statement issued by Mr Wilson Uwujaren, the Head, Media and Publicity of EFCC and made available to newsmen on Tuesday in Abuja. It stated that the two officials, Mr Banabas Magi, an accountant and Mr Owoseli Samuel, General Manager of the agency were arrested...

I Have Gotten A Lot Of My Confidence From Kanye – Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian  was at the prestigious San Francisco Commonwealth Club to talk about her famous family, her new book Selfie and the objectification of women in media. Kim talked about Kanye and how most of her recent ventures which rake in big bucks were created by him. On Kanye, she said: "I love the way he creates, thinks, stands up for what he believes in whole-heartedly. He is such a good person."I have gotten a lot...

10 Tips For Choosing The Right Partner

1. Don't make choices out of fear: So many times people either choose a partner or stay with someone in an unhappy relationship predominantly out of some kind of fear. Usually that fear is being alone but fears can vary widely from person to person. It's often better to be alone and wait for the right person than to make a decision out of fear. Making decisions out of fear leads to confusion, anxiety and a general...

Gov. Ambode Set to Launch People Friendly Traffic Regime

Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode is set to drastically change the face of Lagos traffic by  introducing a world class traffic information and management system. The globally tested traffic system which has worked for many cities similar to Lagos is set to have caught the eye of Governor Ambode who wants to see Lagosians spend less hours in traffic and more in their offices and at work. Our investigations reveal that in the next few weeks, the...

One Minute With Jess : Why Do You Earn a Living #Vlog

Why wake up so early to resume at work, why do you do the business you do? why do you earn a living: family, children, society, why? On this episode I seek to know why we earn a living. Please leave a comment below of why you earn a living as it will enlighten other viewers of the Vlog in getting their thought pattern right towards why they earn a living too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSytLo5N8sQ&feature=youtu.be

President Buhari To Meet With #BringBackOurGirls Group

The #BringBackOurGirls campaigners on Tuesday secured a meeting with Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari, a month since his assumption of duty on May 29. The convener of the group, Obiageli Ezekwesili, via twitter, said a presidential confirmation of the meeting had been received by the group. She said, “WE @BBOG_Nigeria have received confirmation of schedule of OUR MEETING with @MBuhari & FG on our #ChibokGirls for July 8th 2015 @ 12 noon.” On assumption of...

Breaking News !!! Court Dismisses Agbaje’s Petition Against Ambode

The Lagos state governorship election tribunal sitting in Ikeja, on Wednesday dismissed the petition filed by Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, candidate, Jimi Agbaje, against Akinwunmi Ambode of the All Progressives Congress, APC. Agbaje had petitioned the tribunal challenging the declaration of Ambode as the winner of the April 11, 2015 governorship election in the state. But the three-man tribunal led by...

Ambode Seeks Navy’s Support To Tackle Robberies

Governor Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos State says the Nigerian Navy, like other stakeholders, should be part of the efforts to rid the state of crime. The governor, according to a statement on Tuesday, spoke during a courtesy visit to the Chief of Naval Staff, Admiral Usman Jibrin, at the Defence Headquarters, Abuja. Ambode stated that the call became imperative due to the spate of robbery attacks in Lagos State, which started a week into his...

ISIS Threatens Hamas In Video Message On Failure To Implement Rigid Laws

ISIS has threatened the Palestinian armed group Hamas, vowing to end the faction's rule in the territory. In a 16-minute long video shared by social media accounts sympathetic to ISIS on Wednesday, fighters based in Syria's Aleppo province condemned Hamas for its crackdown on Salafist groups in the Gaza Strip, and its failure to implement a rigid enough interpretation of Islamic law. "The point of jihad is not to liberate land ... but jihad as...

Breaking News!!! Court Acquits Femi Fani-Kayode Of Money Laundering Charges

Justice Rita Ofili-Ajumogobia of the Federal High Court on Wednesday July 1, 2015, acquitted former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, of money laundering charges. Fani-Kayode, who was spokesperson for the President Goodluck Jonathan’s Campaign Committee, has been facing trial for alleged criminal acts committed during his time as minister. The judge described the case brought by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) as “feeble” and duly discharged Fani-Kayode in the absence of “copious evidence.”

The Buhari Shocker By Tony Ademiluyi

It is now no news that twenty-two governors owe outstanding salary arrears. Ever since Buhari upset the apple cart by winning the Presidential elections on March 28, they have all hoped that he would bail them out of their respective mess when he got sworn in. In his speech on the inauguration of the National Economic Council, he categorically told the beggar governors to source for funds to offset their gargantuan debts through the growth of their internally...

Man Linked To Chibok Girls’ Abduction Arrested

Nigerian troops have arrested a businessman accused of "participating actively" in Boko Haram's mass abduction of nearly 300 schoolgirls from the northeastern town of Chibok last year, Nigeria's Defense Ministry said Tuesday. Spokesman Maj. Gen. Chris Olukolade said Babuji Ya'ari headed a "terrorists' intelligence cell" for the Islamic extremists while masquerading as a member of the self-defense Youth Vigilante Group. That news confirms suspicions that the vigilantes have been infiltrated by Boko...

Why CBN Extended BVN Registration Deadline

The Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN), yesterday extended the deadline for customers to enrol for the Bank Verification Number (BVN) by four months till October 31, 2015. Director, Banking and Payments System Department, CBN, Mr. Dipo Fatokun, announced the extension in a circular to the public. The circular stated:  “You would recall that as part of its effort in the implementation of the Bank Verification Number (BVN) project, the Central Bank of Nigeria issued circulars stipulating...

President Buhari And The Cost of Running This Government By Kofoworola Ayodeji

The highly industrious Baba Yemi wakes up every morning thinking how he will struggle to feed his wife and children to fulfill their usual 0-1-0 pattern of feeding (no breakfast, there might be lunch, no dinner). Meanwhile, the story is not different for the brilliant Chioma who is begging to have a better higher education so that her dreams of a great future could come true, but there are no funds and ‘connection’. What about the very resourceful...

President Muhammadu Buhari One Month Later: “Sai Change” Or “Sai Patience” By Omonile Olasunkanmi

President Muhammadu Buhari’s days in office so far has been everything short of the fanfare, glitz and glamour with which Nigerians welcomed his emergence as the new commander- in-chief. Buhari’s journey to Aso Rock broke many records which are not unknown to majority of the Nigerian populace. Worth mentioning amongst them are; first opposition candidate to gain more popularity and acceptance than the incumbent, he was the man that led an opposition party from a simple minority,...

Woman Gets $18 Million From Boss After Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

After a bombshell sexual harassment lawsuit that rocked the tabloids, a former Wall Street worker has won a whopping $18 million from her former boss. Hanna Bouveng, 25, from Sweden, sued Benjamin Wey, 43, owner of the New York Global Group, claiming he pressured her into a sexual relationship and retaliated by firing and harassing her after she broke it off. According to Bouveng, Wey, who is married, began pursuing her after...

Open Letter To President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR,  By Nigerian Volunteers To The West African Ebola (ASEOWA) Mission – Appeal for Intervention

Your Excellency, Congratulations on your victory in the March 28th 2015 Presidential Election. You indeed are a success model for every Nigerian or any human being for that matter, toiling everyday to get his due. Your victory proves that self-belief pays, that there is reward for consistency and faith in hard work and democracy. You confirm that once there is resolute commitment and persistence to strategic efforts, success will come. The massive votes you received from...

Buhari Promises Reforms, New Policies To Boost Oil, Gas Income

President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday restated his administration’s promise to initiate appropriate reforms and implement policies to boost income from the oil and gas industry. Speaking at separate meetings with delegations from ExxonMobil and the Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas Company, President Buhari listed the removal of bureaucratic bottlenecks created by multiple government agencies that currently impede the operations of companies in the oil and gas sector as one of the reforms to be undertaken by his...

Ahmad Salkida Disputes NSA’s Claim Of De-Radicalizing 22 Boko Haram Members

The office of the National Security Adviser (NSA) yesterday told President Muhammadu Buhari, that no fewer than 22 women and girls, recruited as suicide bombers by the Boko Haram sect and another 47 former sect members were now undergoing rehabilitation after voluntarily embracing a de-radicalization programme of the office under the Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) programme. But Ahmad Salkida with twitter Handle @contactsaldika disputes such claims saying you can only de radicalize people you understand their ideologies...

FG Rehabilitates 22 Female Bombers, 47 Dump Boko Haram

The Head of the Countering Violent Extremism Department in the Office of the National Security Adviser, Dr. Fatima Akilu, told President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday that no fewer than 22 women and girls recruited as suicide bombers by members of the Boko Haram sect are now undergoing rehabilitation under the programme. She said the female trained as suicide bombers by the sect were being rehabilitated after voluntarily embracing the agency’s de-radicalisation programme. A statement by...

Chad Military Arrests Top Boko Haram Leader

A Chadian Public Prosecutor, Alghassim Khamis, has said that one of the key Boko Haram leaders, Baana Fanay, who has been coordinating trafficking of weapons in Nigeria, Cameroon and Chad was arrested on Sunday in N’Djamena. “Fanay, alias Mahamat Moustapha, was arrested by security forces after a fierce resistance,” Khamis said. He said Fanay, who was arrested with two other terrorists, was responsible for the purchase of weapons and recruitment of fighters for Boko Haram. The...

Queen Bey Dethroned As Forbes Highest Paid Celebrity, Who is Number 1?

Forbes has released their annual list of the highest paid celebrities - and Beyonce has been dethroned! Replacing her as the top earning celebrity for this fiscal year is Floyd Mayweather. The boxer, nicknamed 'Money', earned $300 million...

Terrorism: Court Grants Sen. Ndume Leave To Travel Abroad

An Abuja Federal High Court yesterday granted an application by Sen. Ali Ndume, who is charged with terrorism to enable him travel to Saudi Arabia for the lesser Hajj. Ndume was arraigned after he was implicated by a suspected member of the Boko Haram sect, Ali Konduga, who has since been convicted and sentenced for the offence.? Delivering a short ruling on the Senator’s application, the trial judge, Justice Gabriel Kolawole, ordered the court’s Deputy...

Need To Strengthen Regional Security Cooperation in West Africa: A Non-Negotiable Priority For The Incoming Administration By Fola Aina

The West African sub region has witnessed relative peace and stability over the years. This has also helped the economies within the region to consolidate economic growth and development. While the popular assumption has been that democracy has come to stay in Africa, the case has not necessarily been the same for all the countries in the West African region. Mali, Chad, Guinea Bissau and Niger for instance have been victims of the activities of Islamic extremists...

President Buhari Appoints New Official

Prof. Attahiru Jega on Tuesday bowed out of office as the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission. Consequently, President Muhammadu Buhari has appointed Mrs. Amina Bala Zakari, as the acting chairman of INEC. Zakari, the first female to occupy the position albeit in an acting capacity, was until Tuesday, a National Electoral Commissioner at INEC. A statement issued by the Director Communications in the Office of Head of Civil Service of the Federation, Alhaji Haruna...

Osun Government Commences Payment Of Workers Salaries, Slashes Politicians’ Salaries By 50 Percent

Following series of criticism over prolonged non-payment of workers’ salaries in the state, the Osun State government on Tuesday announced that it has commenced payment of salaries, slashing politicians’ salaries by 50 percent. Confirming the news, the Chairman of the Nigerian Labour Congress in Osun state, Mr. Jacob Adekomi said that Governor Rauf Aregbesola has approved the payment of December, 2014 salaries of workers in the state. The Governor was also said to have approved the payment of 30% outstanding balance...

Senators Will Return From Break To Screen Ministers On One Condition- Saraki

President of the Senate, Senator Bukola Saraki, on Tuesda, has promised that senators presently on break would rush back from their homes to screen ministers any time President Muhammadu Buhari sends his ministerial list to the upper Legislative chambers. According to him, the 8th Senate was prepared to support President Buhari to effect the positive change expected from his administration by Nigerians, just as he also pledged the cooperation of the National Assembly with the executive...

Supreme Court Allows Texas Abortion Clinics to Stay Open

Today, the Supreme Court refused to let Texas enforce an abortion law so restrictive that it would have forced 10 clinics to close across the state. The law, House Bill 2, requires all abortion providers have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals and holds clinics to the same standards as ambulatory surgical centers. These regulations, which supporters of the bill claim are for the safety of patients, are seen as unnecessarily stringent by many others...

Rihanna Has A Message For Young Guys

At Sunday night's BET Awards, an Armani-clad Rihanna offered some wisdom on the 10-year-old Black-ish cast member. According to Brown's "thank you" tweet, RiRi advised the young star to "be a man, not a heartbreaker!" Rihanna, keeping puppies safe and the young in line. https://twitter.com/mrbabyboogaloo/status/615580799895625728/photo/1 Credit: racked

South Sudan Army Rape, Burn Girls Alive – UN

UN rights reports have said on Tuesday that South Sudan’s army raped then torched girls alive inside their homes during a recent campaign notable for its “new brutality and intensity”. A UN mission in South Sudan said some of the most disturbing allegations focused on the abduction and sexual abuse of women and girls, some of whom were reportedly burnt alive in their dwellings. The UN mission said they have interviewed 115 victims and...

Fresh case of Ebola recorded in Liberia

Liberia has been hit with a fresh case of Ebola. According to the Liberian Deputy Health Minister, Tolbert Nyensuah, a 19 year old man died of the deadly virus. And they are saying it's possible he infected close friends or relatives before he died. "A new case of Ebola has been reported in Margibi County. The person has died and was confirmed positive before death. He has been buried" Nyensuah said Family members of the deceased have been quarantined so...

Petr Cech Sent Death Threats And Labelled ‘A Snake’ By Angry Chelsea Fans Following Arsenal Move

New Arsenal signing Petr Cech may have left Chelsea with a heartfelt letter to the fans, but that has not stopped a small proportion of them sending the goalkeeper death threats and brandishing him a "snake". Cech completed a reported £11m transfer to the Gunners on Monday...

Breaking !!! CBN Extends BVN Registration Exercise

The Central Bank of Nigeria has extended the deadline for the ongoing registration for the Bank Verification number to 31st of October, 2015.

Merge Indebted Arik, Aero, Others To Form National Carrier; Joda Committee Tells Buhari

The Buhari administration may be considering merging all debtor airlines in the country into a national carrier, capable of serving the West and Central African regions, with Nigeria as the regional aviation hub. That is part of the recommendations by the Ahmed Joda transition committee, which submitted its report to President Muhammadu Buhari about two weeks ago. Six of Nigeria’s leading domestic airlines are currently bogged down by huge debts totalling almost N130 billion, forcing...

President Buhari Probes Military

There is tension in the Armed Forces as President Muhammadu Buhari may have ordered the military hierarchy to account for the number of weapons purchased to fight Boko Haram insurgency in the North-East. The President was also said to have ordered the Military High Command to make available records of total amount of money it received from the Federal Government to curb insurgency. Top military sources who spoke with Daily Sun, revealed that these and many...