NEMA: About 83 Nigerians have been deported from the United Kingdom.

Recently, it was gathered from Ibrahim Farinloye, the spokesperson of the National Emergency Management Agency, South-West Zone, that no fewer than 83 Nigerians are expected to arrive in the country today, Wednesday, following their deportation from the United Kingdom.


According to Ibrahim, the deportees were residents whose documents had expired and prisoners whose terms of imprisonment were nearing completion and were expected to be in the country at 5am.


He said, “We were informed that 83 Nigerians would be deported from the United Kingdom on Wednesday morning. Some of the people affected are those who haven’t completed their prison sentences. They would be taken to Nigerian prisons to complete their terms. Although we cannot tell the various offences, we believe others could be drug-related and immigration problems.”


“We expect that when they arrive in the country, we would be able to know the real reason for their deportation. The aircraft is expected to arrive in the country at 5am at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport.”


Source: Ventures Africa

Queen Elizabeth Upset With Kate Middleton Over Wardrobe Malfunction?

Queen Elizabeth is upset with Kate Middleton over a wardrobe malfunction, according to new reports.

Kate recently appeared in public for the first time in over a month to welcome the president of Singapore to the United Kingdom. While outside with her husband Prince William waiting for the president and his wife, Kate’s dress was caught by the wind and hitched up a bit.

Pictures show a glimpse of Kate’s underwear.

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Reports suggest that Queen Elizabeth is upset over the malfunction, although it’s unclear what the origin of the reports are.

“British tabloids are reporting that an anonymous source claims both the Queen and Camilla Parker-Bowles spoke with Kate afterward about being more careful in her wardrobe selections,” reported The Hollywood Gossip.

And gossip website Celeb Dirty Laundry said that “it’s not shocking to hear that neither Queen Elizabeth nor Camilla Parker-Bowles are happy about Kate’s billionth wardrobe malfunction” without citing a source.

“The Queen is probably furious, Camilla is probably running around and [complaining] about Kate to everyone who will listen, and Kate is once again in the hot seat for all the wrong reasons,” it added.

While it’s not confirmed that the latest malfunction–which was not nearly as bad as some of the previous ones–upset the queen, she has voiced displeasure with Kate’s wardrobe in the past.

The Daily Mail reported earlier this year that Kate would start wearing longer dressed than she had previously favored, in a makeover supported by the Queen.