You Are All Bunch of Ingrates – Kaffy to Dancers


Read her response to the allegations made against her by a fellow dancer after the cut…

I really want to use this medium to address the so called maltreatment allegations of dancers that has been in circulation! 

It is a pity that it is the same People u fight for with clients for countless hours at meetings . Dancers who mostly get jobs out of the relentless hours of conviction and negotiations not to talk of back and forth that goes on with various deals and clients in order to secure them jobs while they sit at home waiting for a call by we leaders in dance that they are insulting today , in this case am the king pin EVIL QUEEN. 

You see it is easy for people to see u on top and wish for your position but they are never ready to take the pain and Sacrifice required to get there. A dancer that started today want to earn the same as people that are more experienced and skillful than him just because they stand side by side at rehearsals grounds. 

I am a victim of my Humanity and Humility . It is emotional attachment to want to help as many people as possible that has caused me bigger problems in my life but I can’t change what God is using me for just because of persecution. 

They say I put 50 people in a room ?without pay . Pls what kind of room is it o and where . When u make allegations pls be ready to defend to the last with proof. Where did this occur? 

Which job have u done that I have gotten paid for I repeat that u can prove I have gotten paid for and failed to pay you? 

You say I maltreat u when all you do is try to even sabotage jobs that you begged to be part of i made it happen then u stab me in d back. 

I don’t condone misconduct around clients because in business customers still have an edge and we have been faced with the most difficult clients and as dance leader are thrown into d storm of protecting our clients and dancers who are to render services at the same time. Do you know how difficult that can be sometimes. Sometimes budgets are reviewed and cut without warning even with the tightest contracts the corruption of our country still subjects us to succumb and try to resolve matter with humility even when d other party is wrong. 

Don’t u think am tires of looking bad to dancers because of what I face with defaulting clients ?

If I have never paid you why do you still come to work for me.

Why do u guys betray me and come back to beg over and over and over again and I keep forgiving because I know it’s a phase u going through and for each time u do wrong and come back to beg I take u back against the will of my family and friends.

I have lost my family for dance. I have lost love for dance, I will be sick but work so u a m make money  U say am owing u for Calabar am I the carnival commission who didn’t pay . 

You are all bunch of ingrates. I have been doing carnival since 2012 till 2015 for every year u got paid except a handful left for 2014 . The same people I called again doe 2015 and the carnival band paid you all promising to remit previous payment as soon as the government sorts them. When payment was delayed for almost 8 months in 2012 but u guys got paid less than 3 months after Did u know where the money came from? My personal funds . Same I did for 2013 and 2014. Till today am still owed . An average dancer gets 5 gigs from me and his owed 1 then I become a thief. 

It’s further painful that a lot of u are not even skillfully ready for any job we practically train u on re job giving u knowledge that u use to start ur own thing.

Infact if those of u that have passed through my company ever paid for the knowledge ,u will still be owing me and other choreographers. 

You don’t train urself to be better but u want more money. I will even be begging u rehearse.i open my home u come and don’t expect to clean ,wash etc. then u stay rent and utility bill free and I make u money and u still expect me to cook for u? Which still do so we have family time together.from DNMT TO AWANJO FROM DNA TO GGB I have impacted and open doors for u guys to earn a living with or without me. What more do U want ?

Kaffy Bares Her Mind To Tiwa Savage On Respecting Dancers

Following her confrontation with Davido on social media, Kaffy faces Tiwa Savage with a rather different tone. The professional dancer applauded Tiwa Savage for acknowledging the art of dance and reposted a prayer said for her.

See her caption below:

When the fruit of your Labour
can flourish through people who take it seriously and appreciate ur input in their life
This is the artiste I worked for on 3Thrones concert. She worked hard didn’t miss a rehearsal took care of her dancers and u can see the result on stage . Even she gets prayed for like this .
I planned everything before I left with a capable team of dancers who didn’t have to dance for another artiste because @tiwasavage was enough to make a choreographer ‘s dream.


#Reposting@adetsright with @instarepost_app — Professionalism seems effortless with you; Boundaries you broke with a cute smile; Heights you have attained yet the Humility within your Divine Personality is unequalled by any other. You are a Sister I pray for even in the next life. Whatever you lay hands on, whatever you kneel and seek of God shall be granted beyond your imagination. You shall continue to create landmarks for your peers and the world to emulate. Jamil would grow into an enviable King because he is raised by a Great Queen. This is just the beginning. Thanks #TiwaEkoOniBaje@tiwasavage

Davido Reacts to Kaffy’s Rants

Davido spoke to Planet Radio TV about Kaffy‘s Instagram video vent.

The dancer and choreographer told the world how Davido canceled last minute, disappointing many backup dancers who had spent hours rehearsing and getting ready to perform with him at the 3 Thrones concert on Sunday.

Davido said he was “shocked” and if he sees her he will say “hi, hello what’s up” and add, “I hope there’s no problem”.

See Photos Of Kaffy & Ebube Nwagbo From House Of Maliq’s October Issue

World class choreographer, Kaffy, took to her instagram page to share a photo of herself covering the House Of Maliq’s October Issue; more interestingly embracing a chicken.

Here are more photos of Kaffy and Nollywood actress, Ebube Nwagbo, gracing the pages of the magazine as shared by House Of Maliq:

DSC_7371 (2)


DSC_7543-1 copy


DSC_7762 copyDSC_7914-1 copy

Pictures & Video : Kaffy Teaches Ciara The “Kukere”, “Duro” & “Shakitibobo” Dance Moves Onstage At ‘Love Like a Movie 3’ Show

At Darey Art Alade’s “Love Like a Movie 3” last night, Grammy award winner Ciara brought the house down at the Eko Hotel Convention Centre as the audience received an unexpected treat they will remember for a long time. Shortly after completing her final performance of the night, the R&B superstar invited Nigerian dance queen Kaffy onstage to teach her some popular Nigerian dance moves.

For the next three minutes, the auditorium recorded its loudest noise of the night as Kaffy taught Ciara and her backup dancers how to dance to Iyanya’s “Kukere”, Tekno’s “Duro” and Olamide’s
“Bobo” to the wild delight of the crowd. When it was over, the crowd screamed for more as Ciara reluctantly made her exit after leaving a huge impression on everyone.

See the photos and video below:

Watch the Video below…

SAD! Dance Queen Kaffy Loses Mum.

Dance sensation Kaffy looses her mum today. She took to her Instagram and poured out her heart.




The words she wrote on her Instagram page this morning.

……I remember every smile
I remember every wink of ur eye
I remember how u move nd turn heads in parties

I remember how heavy u were with my brother in ur womb yet u organized d best one year birthday for me.
I remember the good,the bad ,the wealth of experience.
I remember a lot more than tears will allow my shaking hands write
And I thank you ,for everything has made me who I am today.
It hurts that this day has come sooner than expected but God knows best.
Rest well as you are now in His care forever.
Goodbye Mum
My dance queen

Our hearts are with you Kaffy, May she rest In peace. Amen


Credit: Instagram