Kanye West, Jay Z named GQ’s Most Stylish Men Alive

Kanye West and Jay Z makes GQ’s Most Stylish Men Alive List .I think Kanye reigns supreme ..He is actually the most stylish man now..What Kanye wants, he gets ..He has conquered music,and now, he is doing the same with fashion..
Others on the list include Brad Pitt,Ryan Gosling, Pharrell Williams and Bradley Cooper

According to GQ, the men were chosen by their street style.They said..

“The team spent countless hours pulling scores of photos—pretty much every look each nominee has been caught wearing in the last few years,”There were moving boxes full of
research files, long editing sessions spearheaded by creative director Jim Moore and design director Fred Woodward, and still more debate that centered around the question: Who truly has unique, effortless, deeply-ingrained personal style that we all can learn