Army Raises Panel To Investigate Involvement Of Personnale In Elections

The Nigerian Army has set up a five-man panel to investigate the alleged involvement of some soldiers and officers during the governorship elections in some states during the 2014 and 2015 elections.

President of the panel and the General Officer of the 1 Division of the Nigerian Army, Kaduna, Maj. Gen. Adeniyi Oyebade, who inaugurated the panel at the headquarters of the division on Monday in Kaduna, said the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Tukur Yusuf Buratai, insituted the panel based on weighty allegations against some army officers and soldiers during the elections.

“The last general elections conducted in March 2015 elicited criticism in some quarters, especially from the Nigerian Army personnel during both the gubernatorial and presidential elections,” Oyebade said.

According to him, “These allegations were centred on the gubernatorial elections conducted in some states such as Ekiti, Osun, Rivers and Akwa-Ibom to mention a few.”

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APC Wins Borno Central Senatorial Bye-election

The Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) on Sunday declared Alhaji Babakaka Garbai, All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate winner of the bye-election for Borno Central Senatorial district.

The election was conducted on Saturday.

INEC’s Returning Officer, Prof. Mohammed Fannami, who announced the results in Maiduguri, said that Garbai scored 120, 639 votes against 32,347 votes scored by Alhaji Kaka Bolori of the PDP who came second.

The returning officer added that Alhaji Bukar Muhammed of APGA had 324 votes, while Mallam Babakura Modu of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) had 660 votes.

He said that the total number of registered voters was 908, 114, while the total number of accredited voters was 174, 329.

“The total number of votes cast was 159, 998, the number of valid votes was 155, 443 while the total number of rejected votes was 4, 555,” Fannami said.

In his reaction, Garbai described his victory as an “act of God”.

“The people have spoken; the victory is a clear testimony of the fact that the people have confidence in my ability to deliver,” he said.

“It is also an indication that the people have confidence in the government of Borno, because the government has been working for them.

“So any candidate presented by the APC in the state will always have the peoples support.

“By God grace we are going to work for the people.

“I intend to pursue an agenda to rehabilitate my people who are badly affected by the Boko Haram insurgency.

“Borno Central is the major population area in the state.

“Aside from Maiduguri, all the other population centres in the zone have been displaced by Boko Haram and my major task is to work towards rehabilitating them.”

Popular Comedian Wins Presidential Election In Quatemala

Basketmouth, get in here! This could be you! Lol. A popular TV comic actor and stand up comedian, Jimmy Morales, with no prior political experience. has been elected president of Guatemala.

The 46 year old won by a landslide yesterday Sunday October 25th by taking more than 72% of the vote. His biggest opponent was former Quatemala First Lady, Sandra Torres..

“As President, I received a mandate, and the mandate of the people of Guatemala is to fight against the corruption that is consuming us. God bless and thank you,” Morales said after he won.

An election was called for last month after the country’s former President Otto Pérez Molina stepped down in the face of a bribery scandal. Molina is now in a military prison. Now a comic actor is president. How neat!

Ajiroba Oladipupo: Justin Trudeau, Canada Elections And The Nigerian Experience

I have been inundate with comments on the recently concluded elections in Canada that saw 43 years old, and leader of the Liberal Party, Justin Trudeau emerging as the next Prime Minister of Canada. Having been on ground and actively involved across different platforms on governance and political issues in Canada, to an extent, can give account of what transpired.

Justin Trudeau rode to victory on the back of many young people that bought his vision for post-secondary education and love his charismatic sense. Also, significant migrant community, especially from the Caribbean supported him on account of the immigration policies implemented during his father’s tenure as a Prime Minister. In other words, there was a track record that spurred him to victory. Many candidates across the party platforms were supported by ordinary citizens without any hope for compensation. Personally, I put in many hours voluntarily to canvass for my choice candidate and even donated my hard earned money for the campaign.

Fast forward to Nigeria, what do we have? Noise makers well divided along ethnic and/ or religious lines. Lazy young people who seek patronage from old political figures, praise singing and ready to their dirty biddings for pea nuts. Even when this same set of people who have been raping them for many years are being tried, the armies of jobless citizens are ready to protest and are fast to tell us their masters are being witch-hunted.

It is often said that one cannot eat his or her cake and have it and the same time. This is particularly true in the Nigerian case where citizens look forward to enjoy patronage during election period, and at the same time expect such elected officials deliver on good governance. If we are to see any change, then the followers must withdraw from the bilateral symbiotic relationship it enjoys with the political leaders. If this does not happen, let us forget it, we all will write, talk, shout and die and yet nothing will ever change.

The young people as a matter of urgency, must sit up and start being pro-active. The willingness to be a tool in the hands of these political leaders must cease henceforth. Money politics must be discouraged, and citizens with genuine agenda to promote general prosperity of all must be encouraged to get elected. Governance is not a rocket science, and we can get it right if bold enough to do what is right.
Time to start walking the talk is here. Nigerian youths must arise and send the old politicians away.

Oladipupo is a member of Leak Times Editorial Board and a Nigerian Sustainable Development Expert currently based in Toronto, Canada.

Views expressed are solely that of author and does not represent views of nor its associates

Reuben Abati: Clark, The Father, Jonathan, The son

I have tried delaying the writing of this piece in the honest expectation that someone probably misquoted Chief E.K. Clark, when he reportedly publicly disowned former President Goodluck Jonathan. I had hoped that our dear father, E.K. Clark, would issue a counter statement and say the usual things politicians say: “they quoted me out of context!”  “Jonathan is my son”. That has not happened; rather, some other Ijaw voices, including one Joseph Evah, have come to the defence of the old man, to join hands in rubbishing a man they once defended to the hilt and used as a bargaining chip for the Ijaw interest in the larger Nigerian geo-politics.


If President Jonathan had returned to power on May 29, 2015, these same persons would have remained in the corridors of power, displaying all forms of ethnic triumphalism. It is the reason in case they do not realize it, why the existent power blocs that consider themselves most fit to rule, continue to believe that those whose ancestors never ran empires can never be trusted with power, hence they can only be admitted as other people’s agents or as merchants of their own interests which may even be defined for them as is deemed convenient. Mercantilism may bring profit, but in power politics, it destroys integrity and compromises otherwise sacred values.


President Jonathan being publicly condemned by his own Ijaw brothers, particularly those who were once staunch supporters of his government further serves the purpose of exposing the limits of the politics of proximity. Politics in Africa is driven by this particular factor; it is at the root of all the other evils: prebendalism, clientelism and what Matthew Kukah has famously described as the “myownisation of power”.  It is both positive and negative, but obviously, more of the latter than the former. It is considered positive only when it is beneficial to all parties concerned, and when the template changes, the ground also shifts. As in that song, the solid rock of proximity is soon replaced by shifting sands. Old worship becomes new opportunism. And the observant public is left confounded.


Chief E.K. Clark? Who would ever think, Chief E.K. Clark would publicly disown President Jonathan?  He says Jonathan was a weak President. At what point did he come to that realization? Yet, throughout the five years (not six, please) of the Jonathan Presidency, he spoke loudly against anyone who opposed the President. He was so combative he was once quoted as suggesting that Nigeria could have problems if Jonathan was not allowed to return to office. Today, he is the one helping President Jonathan’s successor to quench the fires. He always openly said President Jonathan is “his son”. Today, he is not just turning against his own son, he is telling the world his son as President lacked the political will to fight corruption. He has also accused his son of being too much of a gentleman. Really? Gentlemanliness would be considered honourable in refined circles.  Is Pa E.K. Clark recommending something else in order to prove that he is no longer a politician but a statesman as he says?


As someone who was a member of the Jonathan administration, and who interacted often with the old man, I can only say that I am shocked.  This is the equivalent of the old man deleting President Jonathan’s phone number and ensuring that calls from his phone no longer ring at the Jonathan end. During the Jonathan years, Chief E. K. Clark was arguably the most vocal Ijaw leader defending the government. He called the President “my son”, and both father and son remained in constant touch.


There is something about having the President’s ears in a Presidential system, elevated to the level of a fetish in the clientilist Nigerian political system. Persons in the corridors of power who have the President’s ear- be they cook, valet, inlaws, wife, cousin, former school mates, priests, or whatever, enjoy special privileges. They have access to the President and they can whisper into his ears. That’s all they have as power: the power to whisper and run a whispering campaign that can translate into opportunities or losses for those outside that informal power loop around every Presidency, that tends to be really influential.


Every President must beware of those persons who come around calling them “Daddy”, “Uncle”, na my brother dey there”, “my son”, “our in-law”: emotional blackmailers relying on old connections. They are courted, patronized and given more attention and honour than they deserve by those looking for access to the President or government. Even when the power and authority of the whispering exploiters of the politics of proximity is contrived, they go out of their way to exaggerate it. They acquire so much from being seen to be in a position to make things happen.


Chief E. K. Clark had the President’s ears. He had unfettered access to his son. He was invited to most state events.  And he looked out for the man he called “my son”, in whom he was well pleased. Chief Clark’s energy level in the service of the Jonathan administration was impressive. Fearless and outspoken, he deployed his enormous talents in the service of the Jonathan government.  If a press statement was tame, he drew attention to it and urged a more robust defence of “your boss”. If any invective from the APC was overlooked, he urged prompt rebuttal. If the party was tardy in defending “his son”, he weighed in.


If anyone had accused the President of lacking “the political will to fight corruption” at that time, he, E.K. Clark, would have called a press conference to draw attention to the Jonathan administration’s institutional reforms and preventive measures, his commitment to electoral integrity to check political corruption, and the hundreds of convictions secured by both the ICPC and EFCC under his son’s watch. So prominent and influential was he, that ministers, political jobbers etc etc trooped to his house to pay homage.


In due course, those who opposed President Jonathan did not spare Chief E. K. Clark either. He was accused of making inflammatory and unstatesman-like statements. An old war-horse, nobody could intimidate him. He was not President Olusegun Obasanjo’s fan in particular. He believed Obasanjo wanted to sabotage his son, and he wanted Obasanjo put in his place. Beneath all of that, was an unmistaken rivalry between the two old men, seeking to control the levers of Nigerian politics.


Every President probably needs a strong, passionate ally like Chief E. K. Clark. But what happened? What went wrong? Don’t get me wrong. I am not necessarily saying that the Ijaw leader should have remained loyal to and defend Goodluck Jonathan because they are both Ijaws, patriotism definitely could be stronger than ethnic affinities, nonetheless that E. K. Clark tale about leaving politics and becoming a statesman is nothing but sheer crap.  If Jonathan had returned to office, he would still be a card-carrying member of the PDP and the “father of the President” and we would still have been hearing that famous phrase, “my son”. Chief E. K. Clark, five months after, has practically told the world that President Buhari is better than “his own son”.


 It is the worst form of humiliation that President Jonathan has received since he left office.  It is also the finest compliment that President Buhari has received since he assumed office. The timing is also auspicious: just when the public is beginning to worry about the direction of the Buhari government, E. K. Clark shows up to lend a hand of support and endorsement. Only one phrase was missing in his statement, and it should have been added: “my son, Buhari.” It probably won’t be too long before we hear the old man saying “I am a statesman, Buhari is my son.”  I can imagine President Obasanjo grinning with delight. If he really wants to be kind, he could invite E.K. Clark to his home in Ota or Abeokuta to come and do the needful by publicly tearing his PDP membership card and join him in that exclusive club of Nigerian statesmen! The only problem with that club these days is that you can become a member by just saying so or by retiring from partisan politics. We are more or less being told that there are no statesmen in any of the political parties.  


It is not funny. Julius Ceasar asked Brutus in one of the famous lines in written literature: “Et tu Brutus?” President Jonathan should ask Chief E. K. Clark: “Et tu Papa?” To which the father will probably tell the son: “Ces’t la vie, mon cher garcon.”  And really, that is life. In the face of other considerations, loyalties vanish; synergies collapse. The wisdom of the tribe is overturned; the politics of proximity dissolves; loyalties remain in a perpetual process of construction.  Thus, individual interests and transactions drive the political game in Nigeria, with time and context as key determinants.


These are teachable moments for President Jonathan. Power attracts men and women like bees to nectar, the state of powerlessness ends as a journey to the island of loneliness. However, the greatest defender of our work in office is not our ethnic “fathers and “brothers” but rather our legacy. The real loss is that President Jonathan’s heroism, his messianic sacrifice in the face of defeat, is being swept under the carpet and his own brothers who used to say that the Ijaws are driven by a principle of “one for all and all for another”, have become agent-architects of his pain. The Ijaw platform having seemingly been de-centered, Chief E.K. Clark and others are seeking assimilation in the new power structure. It is a telling reconstruction of the politics of proximity and mimicry.


Chief E.K. Clark once defended the rights of ethnic minorities to aspire to the highest offices in the land, his latest declaration about his son reaffirms the existing stereotype at the heart of Nigeria’s hegemonic politics. The same hegemons and their agents whom Clark used to fight furiously will no doubt find him eminently quotable now that he has proclaimed that it is wrong to be a “gentleman”, and that his son lacks “the political will to fight corruption”. There is more to this than we may ever know. Chief Clark can insist from now till 2019,  that he has spoken as a statesman and as a matter of principle. His re-alignment,  is curious nonetheless. 

INEC Strategises For Better Elections

Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, has said it is working with various stakeholders to improve on the country’s electoral process.

Acting Chairperson of the commission, Mrs Amina Zakari stated this at a one-day workshop for selected journalists and INEC Public Affairs Officers held in Kaduna.

The event was designed to examine lessons learnt from the just-concluded general elections in the country.

Mrs Zakari who was represented at the occasion by INEC’s Director, Human Resources Management, Alhaji Musa Adamu said the event which was to brainstorm on what went well or wrong in the last general elections as well as chart the way forward for better elections in the future.

“Our major concern is to work together, criticize and praise ourselves too in our various contributions for us to get it right”, she said.

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David Mark Declines Testifying In Elections Petition

To avoid the fire of cross-examination, former Senate President David Mark on Tuesday declined giving evidence in the petition seeking the nullification of his election into the legislative chamber.

The candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for the election, Mr. Daniel Onjeh, is challenging the result of the election declared in favour of Senator Mark by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

Mark’s counsel, Mr. Kenneth Ikonne, had on August 13 told the elections petition tribunal that his client was ready to give evidence in the matter on Tuesday.

At the resumption of sitting, however, Ikonne told the tribunal that although present in court, his client would not enter the witness box to avoid harassment from petitioner’s counsel, Mr Tunji Oso during cross-examination.

During cross-examination, a lawyer is allowed to ask any question under the sun, even if it appears unrelated to the matter at hand.

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Tribunal Orders INEC To Move A’Ibom Guber Election Materials To Abuja For Inspection

The Akwa Ibom State Governorship Elections Petitions Tribunal sitting in Abuja yesterday ordered the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to move all the materials used in the April 11, 2015 governorship election in the state to its headquarters in Abuja for inspection.

Chairman of the tribunal, Justice Sadiq Umar made the order sequel to an application by the petitioners, the All Progressives Congress (APC) and its gubernatorial candidate, Umana Okon Umana to that effect.

The petitioners made the request for the material to be moved to Abuja to enable them inspect same. At the resumed hearing of the matter yesterday, the petitioners asked the tribunal for extension of time to enable them inspect the election materials, as they claimed they were not made available to them by the electoral body to enable them challenge Udom Emmanuel’s victory.

Following the tribunal’s directive on the movement of the election materials to Abuja, it also directed that security agencies should ensure adequate security of the materials during movement and inspection by the petitioners.

The petition filed before the tribunal by Chief Wole Olanipekun (SAN) on behalf of the petitioners is challenging the election victory of Udom Gabriel Emmanuel of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the April 11, 2015 governorship election in Akwa Ibom State.

The tribunal declined the oral application for the striking out of the name of the governor from the petition and ordered the governor, who is the first respondent to file and serve his process yesterday and adjourned further hearing of the matter till today.

Governor Udom Emmanuel, who had challenged the relocation of the tribunal from Uyo to Abuja through his lead counsel, Chief Adegboyega Awomolo (SAN) told the tribunal that it had no jurisdiction to determine the outcome of the 2015 governorship elections in Akwa Ibom State.

Following the April 11, 2015 elections, the APC had rejected the result declared by INEC, which proclaimed the PDP candidate, Udom Emmanuel, winner.

In its petition, the APC had alleged, among other things, that the election was marred by widespread electoral malpractice, disenfranchisement of its supporters and a declaration of votes for the PDP in virtual violation of INEC provisions that required that all votes cast be duly accredited.

Since the tribunal commenced sitting on the petition, the APC has continued to cry foul that both the INEC and PDP in the state have consistently frustrated their attempt to pursue justice.

Preliminary hearing had commenced in Uyo before the parties were informed that the tribunal had been relocated to Abuja, a move the respondents are challenging. Justice Sadiq Umar had earlier affirmed the tribunal’s commitment to ensuring that all the parties were treated fairly and for justice to be done.

Adeola Of Sahara TV Brings ‘Keeping It Real’ Web TV series To An End After President Mugabe Encounter

Adeola Fayehun of Sahara Reporters have been forced to bring her popular weekly show Keeping It Real, to an abrupt end after the backlash she received all over Africa after her encounter with Mugabe during the May 29th Presidential inauguration.

I confess, I will really miss her show even though I hated the way she attacked GEJ in some of her episodes, but It’s still a good show and I have learned a lot about what goes on in some African countries and the world in general.

Wishing her success in her next project. Watch her last episode Below

Only One Candidate Shows up For Tanzania’s Presidential Election Debate

The CEO roundtable (CEOrt) (an elite political forum in Tanzania) was forced to adjourn the first presidential aspirants’ debate it had organised for the Presidential hopefuls last night in the city after the aspirants failed to show up for the earlier confirmed dialogue.

The invitees to the platform debate were former Prime Minister Fredrick Sumaye, Minister for Tourism and Natural Resources Lazaro Nyalandu, Deputy Minister for Science, Communication and Technology January Makamba and Deputy Minister for Finance Mwigulu Nchemba.

Among the five invited, only the African Union Permanent Ambassador in the United States, Amina Salum Ali, attended. All aspirants have already picked up nomination forms.
Announcing the postponement of the debate, CEO rt Chairman Ali Mufuruki did not find a word with which to convince the audiences, who already had secured their seats waiting anxiously for the aspirants to come and start the debate on straight.

In his introductory speech he expressed his disappointment on the decisions made by the aspirants who at that moment had sent him messages to inform that they couldn’t attend the debate with no reasons whatsoever

Group Urges FG To Strengthen INEC

Dr Uloma Osuala, Deputy Country Director, International Foundation for Electoral System ( IFES), on Wednesday urged the Federal Government to strengthen the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to Improve on the nation’s electoral system.

She made the plea in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos, adding that the electoral body should be made to ensure that registration of voters is continuous.

Osuala said that continuous improvement on the mandate and activities of INEC would deepen the democratic system of the country.

According to her, many Nigerians were not able to participate in the last electoral process because there was not enough time for voters’ registration and INEC could not capture many eligible Nigerians.

”IFES in collaboration with the European Union organised a project called `Mitigation of Violence in Election’ to evaluate the last general election.

”The project has an objective to strengthen capacity of stakeholders in Nigeria to prevent and remedy electoral violence and also provide constructive engagement.

”Even when it was said that the last general election was to some extent successful, we still noted some issues that could be improved upon, like the technical issues with the Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs).

“Many people did not get and could not vote.

”There is the need for a continuous voters’ registration, so that it becomes a continual process. We do not have to wait until it is a year to another election before you validate your PVC.

”On the card reader machine, there are few problems that must be fixed to strengthen the efficiency of the machine as well create awareness on the use.

”There should also be continuous training and retraining of INEC officials on the use of the card reader machines and results collation.

”Voter and civic education are part of the global improvement of the education of the people.

” Nigerians must be educated in this field of citizenship and the important role elections play in the democratic process, ” she said.

Osuala also urged the Federal Government to adequately fund INEC to enable it efficiently deliver on its mandate and prepare for future elections. (NAN)

Nigeria Would Have Been In Crisis If Jonathan Disputed Elections- Buhari

The President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, has again commended President Goodluck Jonathan for conceding defeat at the March 28 polls.

Mr. Buhari, who gave the commendation in Abuja on Thursday when he received Nigerien President Issoufou Mahamadou, said Mr. Jonathan’s action turned around Nigeria’s nervous political process.

He said: “The Nigerien president purposely came to congratulate me on my victory and President Jonathan for the maturity and statesmanship that he exhibited by accepting that he had lost the election.

“His action actually doused tensions and averted crisis in Nigeria.

“Not only Africa but the world has commended the president for that because if he had disputed the elections, there would have been crisis in the country.

“That is what people don’t want, not only Nigerians but other countries. So, he came to commend President Jonathan for his courage and statesmanship.’’

He said Mr. Mahammadou had also come to show solidarity and acknowledge Nigeria’s importance on the continent.
Mr. Buhari said but for colonialism, Niger and Nigeria and all countries living along the border were one as they shared similar cultures, religions and mannerisms.

“As he rightly puts it, if Nigeria sneezes, the rest of Africa catches cold because of its importance, population and resources.

“So, Nigeria and Niger Republic are one entity as one singer from Niger puts it in his lyrics. We share a 1,500 kilometre long border with Niger which stretches from Chad to Sokoto, and all the people living along the borders on either sides are same people.

“The colonialists separated these people when they partitioned Africa at the Berlin conference in 1885. They separated the Fulanis, Kanuris and the Hausas from their brothers who are presently in Niger.

“They separated the Yorubas of Nigeria and the ones in Benin Republic. They also separated the Fulanis and other tribes who were living together as one along the Cameroon border.

“So, all these countries around us were a single entity with people of similar culture and religion before they became separated but time has changed and we thank him for reminding us of our history of brotherhood.’’
Earlier, Mahammadou said he was in Nigeria to convey the gratitude and salutation of Niger Republic for the peaceful conduct of the? elections held in spite of challenges.

“President Jonathan conceding defeat and this act will have a lasting impact and influence on politics in Africa, West Africa and Africa at large.

“So, I’m here both to congratulate the president-elect and the people of Nigeria for the smooth conduct of the elections,” Mr. Mahammadou said.

Credit – NAN

Group Urges Nigeria To Learn From UK Election

A pressure group, the Informed Youth Political Forum (IYPF) has called on Nigeria to learn some lessons from the last general elections in the United Kingdom.

National Coordinator of IYPF, Mr. Tokunbo Olateru Olagbegi, who made the call yesterday while speaking to newsmen in Port Harcourt, stated that one good lesson from the election was the power of the people to choose their leaders.

Olagbegi, who was an international observer during the UK elections, said another lesson to be learnt was to conduct credible elections.

He said, ‘’Credible election, from what i observed in the UK, is not necessarily gotten from the electoral commission, but rather from the people. As a people, we should conduct ourselves in orderly manner to ensure credible, free and fair elections.’’

Olagbegi stated that on election day in the UK, he observed that there were no security at the polling stations as people came and cast their ballots and went home.

The IYPF coordinator said, ‘’What i observed was very simple and basic. The power of a credible election is in the people. In the UK , they trust that the people will do the right thing. Go to your polling station, identify yourself and go about your normal business.’’

He stated that the UK process can be done in Nigeria through civic education for the people and politicians to do the right thing, adding that in the UK polls, politicians did not use do or die approach in the conduct of the elections and that the will of the people prevailed throughout the election.

The coordinator said that Nigeria should use civic education approach to prepare for the 2019 election and ensure that the will of the people prevailed at all times.

Olagbegi, who disclosed that in the UK, they used the biro and paper to choose their candidates and still produced credible elections, said sincere and painstaking civic education could be applied in Nigeria to ensure that the people’s votes counted on election day.

He said, ‘’Nigerians hold the key to a successful election and it is possible to achieve this. As a people, Nigerians can learn some lessons from the UK elections. I think that slowly and surely, we will get there and Nigerians have the key to this success through civic education.’’

Wike Alleges Amaechi Paid N300m To Acquire Illegal Injunction To Stop His Inauguration

Rivers State Governor-Elect, Barrister Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has decried the use of the office of the Attorney General of Rivers State by outgoing Governor, Rotimi Amaechi to file a suit for Rivers State All Progressives Congress ( APC ) to stop his inauguration.

Addressing members of the inauguration and transition committees on Tuesday in Port Harcourt, Barrister Wike announced that the Federal High Court in Owerri has struck out the suit filed by Attorney General of Rivers State and the Rivers APC.

He informed that credible information available to him indicates that Governor Amaechi paid out N300m to some lawyers out of an agreed N500m for the procurement of the illegal order which has failed.

Barrister Wike noted that the state became bankrupt because of the outgoing governor’s fixation on stopping his inauguration and his siphoning of government funds to shop for unconstitutional court orders.

He said it was unfortunate that outgoing governor, Rotimi Amaechi would desecrate the office of the Attorney General of Rivers State and enmesh it in illegal political manoeuvres.

He said : “ Amaechi has boasted that he has looted all the funds and he is threatening that if Buhari is sworn in he will deal with this and the policeman and soldier.

“That tells you the kind of man you are dealing with. This is just to inform those who you who are not informed about his antics, so that you will be encouraged in the face his needless provocation”.

He commended the judiciary for always living above the treacherous antics of politicians like Amaechi who survive on name dropping and use of corrupt means to negatively influence due process.

It would be recalled that Governor Amaechi had earlier approached an Awka High Court to procure an injunction to stop Barrister Wike’s inauguration.

The joint meeting of the Transition and Inauguration Committees was convened to conclude preparations for the inauguration of the governor-elect, Barrister Wike and his deputy, Dr. Mrs Ipalibo Banigo.

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Jonathan Played And Outsmarted APC By Conceding Defeat – Reuben Abati

Special Adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan on Media and Publicity, Reuben Abati, said that Jonathan was able to outsmart the All Progressives Congress (APC) by conceding defeat after the Presidential election on March 28.

Abati noted that the APC had prior to the presidential election threatened to form a parallel government and had even predicted that Jonathan would be like former Ivorian President, Laurent Gbagbo, who refused to leave office despite losing and was eventually dragged before the International Criminal Court.

“By his very unusual and highly symbolic act of graceful concession, President Jonathan snatched glorious victory from the jaws of seeming defeat. He outsmarted his traducers and became, overnight,
a hero of global proponents of true democracy in Africa,” wrote Abati, in an article published on his website, titled ‘Right of Reply: Olusegun Adeniyi’s Trip to Babel.’

“While many of his opponents seemed obsessed with power at all costs and by all means possible, by calling General Buhari to concede victory, President Jonathan fully lived up to his often-stated conviction that the country is more important than individual ambitions and that leadership should be more about sacrifice than the pursuit of self-interest.

“Some had threatened that he would end up like Cote d’Ivoire’s Laurent Gbagbo. He proved to be a much better student of history. They promised that if his electoral defeat which they had dictated as inevitable did not come to pass, they would instigate chaos and confusion, form a parallel government and make Nigeria ungovernable, hang it all on his head and send him to the International Criminal Court.

“In the end, he short-circuited their conspiracy and showed that he belongs to a global hall of honour, not infamy,” Abati wrote.

He denied reports that Jonathan was pressured into conceding defeat, adding that the president had already started moving his belongings out of the presidential villa since April 1, when the Independent national Electoral Commission announced the results.

Why I Challenged Past Presidential Elections – Gen. Buhari

The president-elect has revealed why he challenged past election results and didn’t concede defeat in 2003, 2007 and 2011.He said he wanted Nigeria to be free ..

Buhari,  stated this when Delta State All Progressives Congress members visited him in Abuja,
“Going through the court is not easy, both materially and physically, and I maintained that consistency because my view about my country is that Nigeria should be truly free.”“I understand why many of you, who were denied the opportunity to choose those you want to represent and lead you are taking the line I took in the last 12 years – in line with our constitution.
“Whether you get it or not, the most important thing is that you believe in the system and you should continue to try until the system is perfect.

“I express my condolence to you for the people murdered and I assure you that my objective of remaining consistently in partisan politics is to make sure that Nigerians are given their inherent right to choose whoever they want to lead them.”

Tribunal Orders Inspection Of Ballot Papers From Akpabio’s Senatorial Win

The National and State Houses of Assembly Election Petitions Tribunal for Akwa Ibom on Friday ordered the inspection of 450,000 ballot papers used in declaring Governor Godswill Akpabio as Senator-elect.

The Independent National Electoral Commission had declared Akpabio the winner of the March 28 Senatorial Election for Akwa Ibom North-West District.

This declaration prompted the All Progressives Congress candidate for the Senatorial District, Chief Inibehe Okorie, to petition the Tribunal asking that Akpabio’s election be nullified for alleged irregularities.

Ruling on the prayers of the petitioner, the Chairman of the Tribunal, Justice Adedayo Oyebanji, directed that the polling documents used in the election be inspected.

Oyebanji explained that the order was derived from the provisions of Section 151 (1) of the Electoral Act 2010.
The section allows for inspection of polling documents if the Tribunal is satisfied that it could help maintain or defend an election petition.

The chairman further directed that the inspection should be conducted within 10 days from May 8, in the presence of the respondent or his agents and the security agents.

Earlier, the counsel for the petitioner, Chief Assam Assam (SAN), had prayed the Tribunal to grant leave for inspection of the polling documents to verify 450,000 votes scored by Akpabio.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that 35 petitions had been received by the Tribunal in the state as of May 8.

Credit – Punch Newspaper

Failed Senators, Rep Members Have Started Moving Their Belongings Out Of National Assembly

Senators and House of Representative members who failed in their reelection bids yesterday started moving their personal effects out of the National Assembly complex. The development came less than about one month to the proclamation of the eight National Assembly.

Personal effects of the lawmakers, including tables and chairs of various sizes, framed photographs, books, standing mirror, centre rug and artworks of various sizes were seen being loaded into waiting trucks by various aides.

PDP Chairman Mu’azu Warns Jonathan’s Men: You Can’t Use And Dump Me

The national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Adamu Mu’azu is not ready to play soft with Goodluck Jonathan and his boys, especially some PDP governors loyal to the outgoing president.

Mu’azu knows that Jonathan no longer has power to determine what would happen in the party, hence he has decided to call the bluff of all those in the Presidency and PDP governors forum who are calling for his resignation. He said the party is bigger than all of them and no one can dictate to him again.

The angry PDP chairman, investigations gathered, has threatened to suspend any governor or top member of the party, including those in the outgoing president who fail to abide to party supremacy.

Mu’azu was said to have told those close to him that all those who lost elections, including Jonathan should blame themselves for their failure to deliver to the expectations of the generality of Nigerians.

He said he is not ready to take the fall for anyone and, in fact, he is now the leader of the party.

Aftermath Of Nigerian Elections: 10 Lessons Applicable To Life By Adegbaju Christina

1. Never give up (Buhari): Failure is when you concede defeat and never try again. Buhari even in his old age and after losing presidential elections 3 times became the president –elect in 2015. That shows Power of hope and believing in your dreams.
2. The Desired Change is in your hands (Votes): You can achieve the change you long for by taking the right decision and implement it. While some of the electorate chose to obtain the Pvcs (Permanent voters card) , few of them actually went to the polls to vote. So in a country of 150 million people , 90 million are eligible to vote (18-70 years),that’s excluding babies, over aged And people incapable of voting(mentally challenged or ill patients). According to INEC records,30 million citizens exercised their voting right, so In this present age, less than 30% decided the fate of others. Babatunde Fashola and Jimi Agbaje are some of those who bemoaned the low voter turnout in past election.
Moral of story: If you don’t vote, Don’t Complain.
3. Be magnanimous even in defeat (Jonathan): Whenever things are not going to plan or to your liking, remember the adage “ You live to fight another day”. People will see you more as a hero, if in a fight you can concede defeat and congratulate your opponent. You do not have to stir up violence against your opposition, backbite or make underhanded moves just to discredit your fellow contestants. A contest is a game of numbers, analytical thinking , foreseeing your opponent’s moves and taking necessary actions. Business like politics is not a do or die affair, Alliances are broken, new ones are made depending on interests. Be ready to forgive and move on.
4. Unite for a cause (APC): Two heads are better than one, but ONE mega party is better than 3 small ones. People with similar interests, agenda and focus can form a coalition to advance their cause. You need not wonder why a conglomerate wins contacts or get the juicer deals than one man businesses. Also, a joint protest by many is more heard than a one-man protest. Look for a party with similar interests , form an alliance , with well written defined terms stated in the agreement and work towards achieving your goals.
5. Mentors and role models are a must have (Obasanjo, Bola Tinubu): “One with God is a majority with many” Agreed. But “ One with God with numerous destiny helpers will get you to the promised land faster”. Your role model will influence many of your thought processes and how you carry out decisions,While you can pattern your life after a role model from afar ,A mentor must be closer, he shares with you his experiences, expectations from you, pleads on your behalf,takes his share of blame, and guides you how to overcome challenges. Your choice of role model/ mentor can have a negative or positive influence in your chances of winning. If your “Yes sir” means they will carry you on their back to your destination, then Say it. At no time , must you publicly disagree or quarrel with them, resolve all issues privately and let people see your loyalty and commitment to them. Make your opinions known but do not engage in public fights, they are a show of shame. In one of the states, though a party presented a viable candidate, his Godfather marred his chances, while his opponent rode on the machinery and wittiness of his own godfather to victory.
6. Modern days calls for modern innovations (Card reader, Social media): Change is constant, you cannot fight it. Just prepare for it and accept it. For you to stand out and be outstanding you must be innovative, study latest trends and make use of it. While others were objecting to the use of card readers, clamoring for election postponements and making massive adverts using traditional means, others , who benefited in the long run, were getting prepared for any eventuality and influencing the decisions of many through the use of social media which even costs less. An average young person (18-40 years) gets his information on Facebook, email, twitter, instagram and other online means and spends a considerable amount of time surfing the internet.
In the recent elections, the discourse on political issues especially on twitter makes interesting reads (elnathan,omojuwa, kayode Ogundamisi, Tolu Ogunlesi, ayourb, ayedee, demola olanrewaju,debola williams,eggheader,renomomokri, realffk have all turned to be the spokesmen of their favorite parties , some even call themselves the progressives, their twitter fights is very enlightening)
Moral: You cannot solve tomorrow’s problems with Yesterday’s answers.
7. Be a port in the storm (Jega): you will go farther in life, if people look up to you as an arbitrator of peace. Your experience, fairness and calmness ,no matter the situation will always be valued as gold. In your workplace don’t be surprised even if your boss relies or looks up to you because he is assured you will always keep a cool head even in crisis . Do not give away too much of your feelings, emote easily or throw tantrums unnecessarily (Orubebe), that one minute of madness will eventually count and be used against you even if is your first and only time. Always be known to be peace loving rather than a trouble stirrer, that way you win more people to your side.
8. Focus on the bigger picture: Have the end in mind , don’t be embroiled in little things that do not matter . They have a way of making you lose focus. Don’t engage in unnecessary fights, they only cause distractions.
9. Always be in charge: This is true especially if you in a position of authority , You are the head, so you must be able to accept all responsibility that goes with it. Be careful in your choice of aides, spokesperson,team members, their attitudes, actions and words will reflect off you which can put you in a good or bad position. Do not isolate anyone but you should be able to remove or replace anyone who does perform up to expectation or does more harm than good. Do not always impose your ideas on others .Listen, be attentive and observe all what goes on around you.Have a good feedback network that gives actual and not made up reports.
10. Integrity is key: Let your “Yes” be “Yes” and “No” be “No” . In the recent elections, some group of people were seen to easily switch allegiance due to promise of position, monetary gains. loyalties were destroyed and friendships ruined. This led to bitterness, tribal dissension and total distrust . Its best to let people know where you stand and a true leader to your followers. In other words, be a man of your word. Don’t be easily swayed by immediate gain, Think deep. Have an end in mind, Plan and Foresee into the future, the latter benefit can be more than the monetary reward you get now. Some say ” Promises are made to be Broken” but don’t make yours lightly , Some people’s words is more than an insurance and bankable. Let yours be one of theirs.
Final words: VOX POPULI VOX DEI ( The voice of the people is the voice of God).If people desire change, they can make it happen and nothing can stop it.
Article written by : Adegbaju Christina, a lifestyle blogger at

Views expressed are solely taht of author and does not represent views of nor its associates

Rochas Okorocha Blasts INEC, Declares Himself Winner!

Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo state has reacted bitterly after INEC declared the state’s gubernatorial election inconclusive .
Yesterday,Returning Officer in Imo state, Prof. Ibidapo Obe,declared the election inconclusive because Mr. Okorocha’s 79,529 margin against his rival  Emeka Ihedioha of PDP was less than the 144,715 number of registered voters in wards where elections did not hold or were cancelled.

While speaking to news men at the Government House in Imo State today Monday,Okorocha said

“The electoral act has talked about registered voters and in the workings of that act and in the spirit of the law, you cannot not make use of number of registered voters, you have to make use of number of PVC collected.

“When you look at the number of PVC collected you find out that there is no need for this supplementary election because the number of PVC collected will be less than the 79,000 votes difference between me and the PDP candidate. But now they are basing on the number of registered voters. Number of registered voters do not cast the vote; it is the number of PVC collected that does,” You can only change the date of a burial but you cannot change the burial. From the results available, the fact speaks for itself, we have won this election despite all the irregularities, I am the winner”

“Let me say that there is no basis for comparison when I’m told that I’m in contest with the PDP candidate and he scored some votes it is not true. I think I’m in contest with more unseen elements than the candidate himself. If this election is conducted in the way it should be conducted in a free and fair manner, my opponent would have up to 100,000 votes. Never. Not in Imo State; not at all,”

“If you look at what has happened in his areas of jurisdiction and his local government, Mbaise local government, Ahiazu, Ezinnite, Aboh Mbaise, where he gave himself almost 80,000 votes. Can you imagine in Aboh Mbaise, you have 51,000 voters when the actual PVC collected is about 60,000 and in Mbaitoli where you have over 100,000 PVC collected the total votes there is about 30,000 so that tells you the manipulation. What we saw in those areas was simply the militarisation of the entire process – snatching of ballot boxes and violence and what have you.

“But because of these manipulations and writing of results and taking result sheets and going to somebody’s house – escorted by security agencies- to write the result and come in the private car to INEC headquarters, that is why many people think there is a contest. So I’m not in contest with that gentle man, I’m in contest with the entire manipulation of the system and the election,”

Obasanjo Hails State Elections, Says Nigeria’s Democracy Improving

Nigeria’s former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, has said that the nation’s electoral process has improved remarkably.

Chief Obasanjo explained that the success recorded so far in the 2015 general elections, despite initial reservations and challenges over the process, is an indication that Nigeria’s democracy has matured.

The former president made the observation shortly after his accreditation at Ward 11, Unit 21 of Olusomi Compound polling centre at Sokori area of Abeokuta South Council Area in South West Nigeria, where he eventually cast his vote at exactly 2.25pm.

Just Before Yobe’s Gubernatorial Elections By Mallam Abba Gadaka

‘The punishment we suffer, if we refuse to take an interest in matter of government, is to live under the government of worse men’ – Plato 300BC

  Thanks to the just concluded general elections, the electorates-mostly the masses are now equip with powerful weapon (PVC) to hire and fire non-performing leaders in their climes. The important aspect of this development is that leaders will henceforth respect people’s wishes and aspirations; this will greatly improve our democracy. I’m mortified and terrified to say the least, being a Yobean at this unfortunate moment, which our people had been painfully and silently passing through which the nation has not taken notice off. But with Adamu Maina Waziri throwing his hat into the race, I’m confident my worries would soon be history giving his utmost dedication to service delivery, experienced, tested and trusted public servant with financial displine to his belt. The issue of corruption, incompetence, ineptitude and nepotism is glorified momentously which make Jonathan’s administration decent, to the extend criticism is view as a blasphemy. A certain Ibrahim Gaidam is running a charade-called-government from Abuja which he turn his capital into a sojourn appearing when the allocation is ready and disappearing  like a sand clock after siphoning it, he runs a government of clique popularly  referred to as family and friends  consisting of sycophants and ethnic jingoists ready to hawk on Yobe’s  treasury. The national bureau of statistics classified Yobe as the least in terms of all major developmental indexes, with least GDP of $2.01 million and IGR of 2.1 billion naira in 2014. The governor is seeking re-election cannot boast of any significant project of his own, he has nothing to showcase, his abysmal performance is not acceptable, pathetic!. The educational sterility Is heartbreaking at all levels, lack of adequate and conducive classrooms, teaching materials to inadequate and qualified teachers is heartwarming, this is evident in the woeful performance of Yobe state in 2014 WAEC examinations as only 4.85% passes 5 credits including math and English language, that’s only 743  out of over 30,000 students that sat for the exams got the required papers to seek admission in the university, thus making the youth  easy target for radicalization. In health care delivery, there is nearly collapse of facilities and dearth of medical workers in our so called hospitals, citizens are forced to seek medical help from neighboring states. Yobeans defend on water vendors for their water supply while the infrastructure is nothing to write home about, with inter and intra road network are in sorry state.  It’s no longer news that Yobe is among the state revenged by boko haram insurgency, they succeeded in sacking two local governments which render the people in that area homeless and seeks shelter in Damaturu and elsewhere, had it been he attended a normal school not an adult education he could have set up an IDP camp to cater for the homeless citizens even if it is for political gains. His non-chalant attitude towards bomb blast and other insurgency related victims is worrisome, he shows little or no attention to them, but he quickly went on to sympathized with Geidam residents when Boko haram attacked his hometown on the 21st of December last year and even set up a committee to compensate all those that loses property, Bra-bra are the other victims less human?.  The other arm of government (legislators) that would have checked the excesses of the executives are mere his rubber stamp. In short, Yobe Is run by monarchy-cum-comprador-plutocracy-bourgeois form of government. I am certainly sure the wind of change will blow this government even if they stand against the candidature of Mr. waziri which he has been resilient, focus, dogged and have been pushing consistently for the third time which he vows to  improve our living condition, execute meaningful people oriented project through decent and honest leadership that will in turn improve our education, health, agriculture, youth and women empowerment. In short, we cannot survive another 4-years of Gaidam administration.

Change is here, sai Waziri.
Contributed by
Mallam Abba Gadaka.

Views expressed are solely authors opinion and has not association with nor its associates

A Vote For APC At The Governorship And House of Assembly Elections Would Be Great For My New Government– Buhari Urges Supporters

The President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, has urged supporters of the All Progressives Congress across the country to come out massively and vote the party’s governorship and House of Assembly candidates in next Saturday’s elections.

In a statement issued in Abuja over the weekend, Mr. Buhari said while thanking Nigerians for voting him into office, there are still greater challenges of consolidating the electoral victory of the opposition party.

According to him, the election of APC governorship and House of Assembly candidates is no less important than his own victory during the March 28 presidential election.

He explained that his election should not be treated in isolation because the APC needs to win at other levels of democratic representation across the country.

The President-elect added that for APC to govern effectively, its supporters should also elect the party’s candidates in the governorship and House of Assembly elections on April 11.

Mr. Buhari used the opportunity to condole the families of his supporters who lost their lives celebrating the APC victory and wished speedy recovery to those nursing injuries.

He also called for total moral support for the Independent National Electoral Commission to enable it improve on its impressive performance, despite logistical challenges and other unforeseen hiccups.

Credit –

Police Fire Tear Gas At APC Women Protesters In Rivers

About two thousand female members of the All Progressive Congress, APC, Monday protested on the ever busy Aba road in Port Harcourt calling for cancellation of Saturday’selection.

Rivers Women Protest over Presidential and National Assembly Elections in Rivers

The protesters were dispersed at Waterlines portion of the road by stern looking policemen with mild teargas fired into the air, thus preventing the protesters from getting to the office of the Independent National Electoral Comission, INEC about five hundred meters away.

Meantime, the APC in a statement issued Monday by it’s Chairman in the state, Dr Davies Ikanya called for suspension of the Resident Electoral Comissioner in the state, Dame Gesilia Khan, accusing her of electoral bias.

The statement signed by media aide to the Chairman, Chief Eze Chukwuemeka said the state INEC boss should not be allowed to conduct the governorship and House of Assembly elections.

“The Rivers State Chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has demanded the immediate suspension of the State Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC), Mrs. Gesila Khan, for colluding with the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to rig last weekend’s presidential and National Assembly elections in the State.

A Female APC Supporter allegedly beaten up at the Polls on Saturday in Rivers State when A Mamoth Delegation of Women led by the Rivers State Commissioner for Women Affairs Joe-eba West  tried to access the INEC Headquaters in Rivers State to Lodge their Complaints Over the Presidential and National Assembly Elections in the State. Photo: Nwankpa Chijioke

For Mrs. Khan to have removed the INEC result sheets in all the polling units in the State with the intention of rigging the polls is a very serious criminal offence. Mrs. Khan should not only be suspended but should not be allowed to conduct the April 11 Gubernatorial and State Assembly elections, as well as the Presidential and National Assembly elections when rescheduled.

We are very convinced that if our case is thoroughly investigated it will be confirmed that the State REC, Mrs. Khan, compromised her office and tarnished the good image of INEC.”, the party said.

According to the party, governor Chibuike Amaechi had to demand to see the result sheet on Saturday before submitting himself for accreditation to be sure that the electoral body had not sold the sheets to the PDP.

“The Governor took that step as we were aware that the State REC had traded off the result sheets to PDP to write the results as they deemed fit. Amaechi wanted to prevent a situation whereby people would queue to vote while PDP and INEC would write a different result not reflecting the true voting pattern in the State.” , the party said.

The party further alleged that soldiers were deployed on Saturday to secure victory for the PDP, adding that the PDP also allegedly armed youths on the election day for violence.

Update On Presidential Election Results From Ondo State As Declared By INEC

Akoko North-West Local Government
APC-     17,997
PDP-     12,048

Ose Local Government
APC-    11,300
PDP-    13,466

Ifedore Local Government
APC-    13,459
PDP-    8, 031

Ondo west Local Government
APC –   18,923
PDP-    20,243

Akure North Local Government
APC-  13,092
PDP-  7, 817

Owo Local Government
APC-   27,290
PDP-  7,817

Akoko South-East
APC-     7,245
PDP-     6,769

Idanre Local Government
APC-       12,654
PDP-       12,290

Akoko South-West Local Government
APC-        25,336
PDP-        15,490

Odigbo Local Government
APC-        18,655
PDP-        19,315

Ile-Oluji Local Government
APC-       12,338
PDP-        13,652

Ese-Odo Local Government
APC-        4,002
PDP-        24,943

Ondo- East Local Government
APC-         5,922
PDP-          8,708

Irele Local Government
APC-         9,969
PDP –        11,639

Akure South Local Government
APC-        50,411
PDP-        18,125

Okitipupa Local Government
APC-       17,495
PDP-       19,035

It remains 2 Local Government


APC-         266,084
PDP-         225,328

I Can’t Be Pressured To Declare Election Inconclusive – Jega

Urging all Nigerians to calm down and wait for the announcement of the genuine results, Prof Attahiru Jega has stated that the commission is not under pressure to declare the elections inconclusive.

Jega, who gave a situation report on the presidential and National Assembly elections at a press conference in Abuja, stressed that, “We are not under any pressure to declare inconclusive elections.”

He added that he would hope that politicians “want to be declared winner” of the election.

Jega also revealed that the commission had commenced investigation into the incidence of electoral violence, especially burning of its office in Rivers and the killing of INEC ad hoc workers in Gombe.The INEC chairman noted that the commissioned had received allegations of election rigging by its employees, stating that the commission had also started an enquiry into the matter.

Jega revealed that he had received a petition from the APC calling for the rescheduling of the elections in the state, and pledged that the commission would also do its best to investigate its merit.

He also announced that collation of results would commence by noon on Monday.

Pregnant Woman Stabs Husband To Death Over PDP, APC Presidential Candidates

Lagos State Police Command has arrested a 26-year-old pregnant woman who allegedly stabbed her husband to death during a quarrel over who would emerge winner between the Peoples Democratic Party and All Progressives Congress, APC presidential candidates, while voting was on-going , weekend, at Ejigbo area of the state.

There were different accounts on how tragedy struck. A version of the account said the couple had divergent views on their choice of presidential candidates. While the husband was said to have decided to vote for the PDP, his wife, simply called Onyiyechi, reportedly chose to vote for the presidential candidate of the APC. An argument which degenerated into a fight over whose choice would hold sway reportedly ensued between them.The incident, which threw the densely populated area into disarray, occurred at about 12noon inside the couple’s one room apartment at 81 Military zone junction.

In the process, Onyiyechi allegedly stabbed her husband with a kitchen knife in the chest region.

Another version said the deceased, whose identity could not be immediately ascertained, told his pregnant wife to take the okro she was grating inside the room, to the veranda which also served as kitchen , an instruction she reportedly disobeyed, following which an argument which led to a fight occurred.

 Visit to the scene

When Vanguard visited the scene of the incident yesterday, the couple’s apartment was under lock . Their neighbours however described the suspect as an amicable person who had never quarreled with anyone since she moved into the building.

One of the tenants who spoke on condition of anonymity told Vanguard that they did not witness how the suspect allegedly stabbed her husband.

But he explained that : “ We were all outside waiting to vote when Onyiyechi rushed out, shouting for help. Out of curiosity, we all ran inside, only to discover blood all over the ground, on entering their apartment.

”On closer observation, we noticed that the blood was from her husband chest region. We met him on the ground. Before we could rush him to the hospital, he gave up the ghost.

Perhaps, he would have survived the attack had Onyiyechi called for help early. From all indication, it was clear that she attempted to manage the situation immediately the incident occurred. It was when she discovered that the situation had overwhelmed her that she raised alarm.

”I do not know the name of her husband. We only know that of his wife, who we fondly call Onyiyechi. The irony of this matter is that she is not cantankerous.

”She has never beaten a little child, let alone to fight with any neighbor. Again on that day, we saw both of them together. They were seen sitting outside, one hour before the incident occurred. Policemen from Ejigbo later came to remove the corpse to the Isolo morgue”.

Source – vanguard ngr

Oshiomhole Expresses Shock As Soldiers Block INEC Officials #NigeriaDecides2015

Following reports that accredited INEC officials were restricted and stopped by some soldiers from conducting their lawful duties in parts of Edo North, Governor Adams Oshiomhole said the report is shocking as electoral officials should not be restricted on their own day.

The Governor who noted that the soldiers must have got an illegal order from their Commander said, “yesterday (Friday) I addressed the Press and I did say that Brigadier Odidi has chosen to frustrate this exercise in Edo North. Ironically, Brigadier Odidi is from Agenebode and he is the one who is giving this unlawful order.”

INEC officials who were taking election materials to Ward 10, Unit 1 in Iyamho, Etsako West Local Government Area were stopped by soldiers who had laid siege to the home town of Governor Adams Oshiomhole. The INEC officials told reporters that were forced to sit on the ground, alongside their police escort for several hours.

They were later allowed to leave after they got calls from their superiors. The soldiers said they were acting on strict orders from above.

Even journalists were not spared the soldiers’ ordeal as the INEC accreditation cards and reflective jackets were ignored while each reporter was asked to produce their company ID cards. The soldiers said the reporters were not permitted to monitor the exercise from one unit to another as they were only allowed to monitor a particular unit.

 Miffed by the restriction of INEC officials, Oshiomhole continued, “Why the Nigerian Army will be used in this manner, only God knows. So I am surprised that they are restricting INEC Officers from distributing materials.

I have told the Brigade Commander and I am waiting to see what he is going to do but when you bear in mind that time is if the essence, if we finally go and beg the General to please allow democracy, time is gone.

First there is no light across the country so we are going to have everywhere in the dark. Under such situation, nobody knows what happens but I refuse to be frustrated and I appeal to our people not to be frustrated, we will sort things out. 

“It is clear they have serious problem taking off. As you can see I am here and they say the card reader is not well programmed, it is not functioning and I got report from my Ward Headquarters that there are materials that are there and apparently the returning officers are trapped there because the soldiers  wouldn’t let them cross their barricade. From Apana the Ward Headquarters to this place, my voting centre takes about 10 minutes because of the good roads we have done.” 

The Governor maintained, “I have complained to the soldiers here. I have also called the Brigade Commander to draw his attention to it. This one is completely incomprehensible because I do not know what the briefing of the Army is but what Professor Jega said is that in the event of a machine not working, they have spare to use and they have officers who would put them to work.

“Now if the Army is blocking INEC officials from moving, this is a new dimension that we have not heard of before and I thought the business of the Army is basically to check people who are carrying offensive weapons, I do not know if card reader is now an offensive weapon. I have complained to the Brigade Commander, Major General Olaleye and you have also heard me mentioning it to the Electoral Officer (E.O). 

“My appeal; our people have a proverb that when you know that enemies are surrounding you, you do not go and rub yourself with an inflammable chemical such that when they just push you a little bit and you sit near fire, you get roasted.

PDP Member Killed As Violence Erupts in Osun

One person has been murdered in Ikirun, Ifelodun LGA in Osun State in the early hours of Saturday morning. According to a report, hoodlums invaded the area and killed Yomi Ademola, a PDP member, after gunfire broke out.

Residents in the area are said to have been awoken by the sound of gunshots at around 4:45 am. The victim is alleged to have recently defected to the PDP from the APC.

Read More: Vanguard

#NigeriaDecides2015 : Election Materials Reportedly Hijacked In Rivers

Ahead of the Saturday’s presidential election, Rivers state has recorded the first report of hijacking of electoral materials meant for the Presidential election in the state.

Violence has dominated the political atmosphere of Rivers State since the build up to the 2015 general elections started in earnest.

Reports coming out of rivers has it that electoral materials and INEC personnel deployed to certain Local government areas in the state have been hijacked by unknown hoodlums.

We gathered that thugs working for a particular political party in the state attacked INEC officials who were moving election materials to Akuku-Toru, Asari-Toru and Gokana Local Government areas.

Confirming the incident, a member of the APC in the state said: “PDP thugs hijacked materials and Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, personnel meant for Akuku Toru Wards 15, 16 and 17. The hijacked materials and men were taken to Freetown, a hinterland coastal community. The attack was led by two youths whose identities are known.

“In Tombia, in the same Akuku Toru local government area, PDP had by Friday night filled the community with Ijaw Youth Council, IYC, bouncers who were attacking APC members and at the same time, preventing those returning home to vote from entering the town. They were doing so in the presence of soldiers who were too few in number. The Caretaker Committee Chairman and others were injured on Friday.

“In Buguma, which is in Asari Toru Local government area, policemen were busy all day arresting chieftains of All Progressives Congress, APC.

The 2015 Elections And The Rouse Of Ethnic Militias In Nigeria By Orukotan Ayomikun Samuel

Nigeria is a pluralistic society moving towards quite another matter. In former times, national leaders had rallied their political forces with the exhortation that unity in diversity must not be compromised for political differences or social inequality. It is so disheartening these days that Nigeria is slowly but surely dividing along ethnic climes, religious sentiments and tribal life by its so-called flesh and blood. This strategy of conquest by disparagement employed by our kith and kin will continue to weaken our fragile democratic institution, diverse cultural values and relic continental relevance.
It is clear as day that tribe is mafia and that ethnic cleansing is a form of genocide. This is why the percipient role played by all these unlawful and vetoed ethnic champions like the Odua Peoples’ Congress (OPC), Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), Ex-militants of the Niger Delta in our already intense political space is anti-democratic and suspicious.
Our pledge of allegiance as patriotic Nigerians is to sustain the tenet of peace and unity even if bullies attack us and our buddies. In view of this, patriotism frustrates any knavish political trick that could undermine the greatest good to the greatest number. Patriotism entails building national strength through solidarity even in the face of a common enemy. Hence, it becomes obvious that, I become unpatriotic the very day i start romancing with ethnic militias impregnated with vices. Yes, I become unpatriotic for I too am a Nigerian. In fact, you become more unpatriotic the day you start refusing to strengthen our weak democratic institutions because you too are Nigerians.
Ethnic militias and their sponsors are great evils to our developing society but yet ethnic militias keep striving in countless leaps and in bounds, some keep hoisting flags as proof of territorial dominance while the native land that gave birth to us all is dicing with danger of infertility and malnutrition. Sometimes, I extremely wonder, why the children of our native land will keep devising to plunge us all into anarchy. Why would they result to disrupting societal peace, inciting violence, making derogatory remarks and singing proverbial and war songs? Why would they suddenly become guerrillas fighting for toadies forgetting the whole Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) system could become rubbles within an eye’s twinkle?
On March 8th 2014, the Biafra Zionist federation (BZF) rekindled their hope of reclaiming Biafra’s independence when its sturdy clan overwhelmed the sophisticated military personnel and intelligence by operating for hours successfully at the safest building in Enugu state (Enugu Government House). They hoisted their flag that same day and even boastfully promised to do same in the entire government house exposing the lives and properties of the Ndigbo’s to danger. In another development, they warned the Boko-Haram dynasty in the Northern region never to cross their boundaries to wreak havoc in any South-eastern state. Ever since that warning, they have sincerely adhered to a fault.
Boko-Haram is still a threat today no matter the successes recorded recently by those playing active roles (patriots) in fighting those beasts that have killed, destroyed, stolen, maimed and are still engrossed in these various unpatriotic and nefarious act.
In a nutshell, the main region in Nigeria (Southern and Northern regions) boasts of ethnic militias in its complicated armoury. There is the OPC in the South-western part of Nigeria, Boko-Haram in the Northern part of Nigeria. MASSOB in the South- eastern part of Nigeria, and the Niger-Delta militants in the South-South. Our history book is prime evidence that they exist and that they have clear-cut plans to implement. Most importantly, as the Election Day draws very near, they have higher mandates- it is either to make or to mar the electoral architecture. If the way these ethnic militias have conducted themselves in the school of morality and equally gone about their sponsored protests against good electoral reforms is anything to go by, then it is apparent that the simple task is to secure your region for “my party” come the 28th of March 2015 (Election Day) and get “these” as recompense.
Why would it be at this time that a Nigerian will be awarding a contract (pipeline security) to an ethnic militia? Why not this time? Don’t you know it will provide almost 15,000 jobs for Yoruba Youths? If the national coordinator of OPC, Gani Adams is still living in the figment of his imagination, let him continue but as for me and many discerning Nigerians, it is another sorry case of bringing sweets to bribe us. Too late!
What can these megalomaniacs not do to get power? What is the big deal to sycophants making grave promises? Do these power seekers really count the cost before striking a pact with sons of perfidy? Have they forgotten that many innocent Nigerians had died all because sheriff signed a pact with Mohammed Yusuf in a bid to get power back then in Borno state?
In good conscience, any nation that keeps energizing ethnic militias, funding their wicked act and keeps providing cover ups for their public sin will continue to slide into atrophic economic growth. Yes, any nation that keeps celebrating ethnic militias, religious bigots and mediocre at the full expense of flag-wavers will continue to languish in untold torments and celebrated slavery. Unfortunately, the nation even has more nationals against it than nationals for it in recent times. These nationals against the nation have started collaborating with the enemies within once again; giving them the strong accord to sabotage the collective will of the people. Deeds of partnership have already preceded this alliance, terms and conditions have equally been reached. Indubitably, the imminent of post-election violence is no longer a prophecy. However, according to Ben Franklin, “there is no bad peace and no good war but as it stands, kingdom may rise against kingdom, principalities against principalities no matter who emerges.”
In 1999, the Timorese militia group that had vehemently opposed autonomy reacted violently to the outcome of the Indonesia election. This militia group went on rampage all over the East Timor, destroying infrastructures, murdering pro-independence supporters and forcing large numbers of East Timorese to flee their abode because East Timorese voted in favour of independence. This is why I believe that, no matter how painful the birth pangs of progress becomes, we must collectively rise against ethnic militias who are bent on destroying the land of our birth.
March 28th 2015 will go down memory lane as the determining factor that changed the destiny of Nigeria, if it truly turns out to be so. History would judge us if we refuse to rewrite our history. Then, if we do not want to face the brutal judgement of history, definitely, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Security Forces, Observers and other relevant agencies must not a bit shirk their sacred responsibilities. Let us say, the INEC has good intentions but will they pass the Ron-Seal test? Will it not be corrupt and bias all the same? Corrupt in that, “I won the elections” but “he won the count”. Will it? Will it not? Only time would tell.
As a final point, I want to urge Nigerians to raise their words and not their voice because voice votes will not count at this point of rewriting history. Fighting does not change the course of history, only a vote does. History is watching us and paying attention to details, the international community are observing proceedings even as Nigerians elect a new president. Please get it right!
Orukotan Ayomikun Samuel

Views expressed are solely that of author and has no association with nor its associates

Expect Results Of Polls In 48 Hours – Jega

Going by the assurance from the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Prof. Attahiru Jega, results of the presidential and National assembly elections will be declared within 48 hours.

Jega who disclosed this Friday in Abuja during a joint press conference alongside the Director General of the National Youth Service Commission (NYSC), Brig-Gen. Johnson Olawumi noted that the commission has put a lot in place to ensure the 48hours target was met.

He said the commission is making all efforts to ensure that results are disclosed much earlier than in 2011.

Jega also denied the report making the rounds that the Commission’s database has been compromised.

INEC Boss in an apparent reaction to an allegation by the Peoples Democratic Party Presidential Campaign Council that the master key was in possession of the APC, said only the producers of the data base infrastructure of INEC have the source code.

He further said that the company, Act Technologies Limited, was approved by Federal Executive Committee and was never blacklisted.

While also describing the allegations as baseless, Jega however regretted that it has the propensity to threaten the credibility of the election.

Defending the choice of the firm, Jega said it went through all the expected checks before it was awarded the contract to develop the database.

He said “it is regrettable that it is a pity that people can say all sorts of things and get away freely with it.  “it is a last minute attempt to undermine the credibility of the elections.”

Jega also cleared the air on his disagreement on the issue of voters having to wait after casting their ballot or go home as advised by the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Suleiman Abba.

Jega noted that his stand was not a sign of disagreement with the police but that voters should have the choice of waiting or staying after casting their votes.

Explaining further that the presence of voters during the counting of votes would enhance the credibility of the polls.

INEC Chairman also urged corp members drafted for the elections to take the assignment with all seriousness it deserves, noting that their security and welfare has been taken care of.

He hailed the role of Corps members in enhancing the electoral process.

On his part, the DG of the NYSC, urged the corp members to handle the assignment with high integrity.

He urged them to stay away from any temptation that may tarnish the image of the scheme, families and nation.

The DG also assured Corp members of their welfare and security, noting that while INEC has disbursed 100 percent for the corp members, the NYSC has disbursed 50 percent of that amount pending the completion of their assignment.

DSS Uncovers Plot To Announce Election Results Before INEC

The Department of State Service has uncovered plans by some persons to announce election results ahead of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, warning Nigerians and international observers to disregard any such announcement.

The DSS made this known yesterday in a statement signed by the Service spokesman, Marilyn Ogar and made available to LEADERSHIP Friday, in which she warned Nigerians who have no business with the elections to stay away from polling centres.

“Information at the disposal of this Service has revealed that certain mischievous persons or groups have concluded plans to announce election results before the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) concludes its collation exercise.

“This statement therefore is to advice all citizens of Nigeria, election observers and the International community to disregard election results which are not announced by INEC, as the commission remains the only authentic body authorized to do so.

“Once more, we reiterate our call on all eligible voters to come out and exercise their franchise as security is guaranteed. We also want to seize this opportunity to remind voters to remain vigilant and to warn all those who have no business with the electoral process to keep away from Polling Units and Collation Centres,” Ogar said

If Fayose Provokes Us Further, We’ll Respond In Kind – Ex-Govs Adebayo, Oni, Fayemi Warn

Former civilian Governors of Ekiti State on Friday reacted to the alleged reign of terror being unleashed on members of the All Progressives Congress as well as members of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party in the state opposed to the political philosophy of incumbent Governor Ayodele Fayose.

The ex-governors said it had come to their notice that a team of hoodlums in three unmarked Hilux vehicles went round the State, armed with guns, machetes and other dangerous weapons to the houses of Mr. Fayose’s perceived opponents, leaving them ‘severely bloodied’ in the process.

In a press statement jointly signed by the former governors – Niyi Adebayo, Segun Oni and Kayode Fayemi – they alleged that the hoodlums, in their most recent operation in Ijero Local Government, created mayhem, beat and tortured the 90-year old father of the Commissioner for Finance under the Fayemi administration. They also alleged that the hoodlums destroyed shops and properties including cars belonging even to PDP members because of their perceived opposition to Fayose.

According to the statement, the attack came barely 48 hours after the former governors visited the State Commissioner of Police as well as the State Director of DSS on the security situation in Ekiti.

The statement noted that Messrs Adebayo, Oni and Fayemi had called on the security chiefs to prevail on Governor Fayose to put an end to the ongoing impunity, thuggery, brigandage, political rascality and torture.

“We had warned that if push comes to shove, the Party and all well-meaning people in the State will result to self-help to protect themselves, their assets and their rights guaranteed under the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria”, the statement said.

The statement recalled other acts of violence against the APC in the state, warning that these unwarranted attacks would no longer be tolerated.

“During the visit of the Vice Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) to Ekiti on Monday March 23rd, 2015, members of APC riding to the reception venue in Buhari/Osinbajo and APC branded vehicles were attacked in Ado Ekiti. They were shot at and several of their vehicles, including those belonging to Hon. Mrs. Bunmi Oriniowo, APC House of Assembly candidate and Amb. Olofin, the APC Ekiti Central Senatorial candidate, were destroyed by the hoodlums.

“We want to state unequivocally that we will no longer tolerate any further unprovoked attack on and willful destruction of APC branded vehicles and assets in the State.

“Keeping calm thus far is not out of weakness or incapacity to respond. We are only mindful of the lessons of history.

“Please recall that the First Republic ended with the ‘Operation Wetie’ political violence that erupted in Ekiti when similar situation of political rascality as we have now became prevalent in the West. We do not want this to happen again.

Presidential Poll: How Buhari Survived Disqualification Scare

Respite came the way of the presidential candidate of the Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Major-General Muhammadu Buhari (retd) yesterday, as hearing on 10 separate suits that sought to disqualify him from contesting against President Goodluck Jonathan this weekend, suffered a setback.

Justice Ademola Adeniyi of the Federal High Court in Abuja adjourned hearing on all the suits till April 22 and 23, shortly after he declined to join two human right activists, Mr. Chukwuma Ochu, who is a member of the APC in Rivers State, and Mr. Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa from Lagos State, as interested parties in the suit.

The court struck out the two joinder applications on the premise that the matter could be effectively heard and determined without the input of the two activists who the court described as “meddlesome
interlopers and busybodies”.

Justice Adeniyi maintained that the duo failed to convince the court on how their personal interests would be affected by the outcome of the suits if they are not joined as parties in the matter.

“The parties seeking to be joined in the suit have nothing to lose if they are not made parties. I agree with counsel to the plaintiff that they are meddlesome interlopers who want to waste time of this court. The two joinder applications lack merit, they are hereby discountenanced and accordingly struck out”, the court held.

Essentially, the deferment of hearing on the suits has put paid to speculations that Buhari who was accused of supplying false details to the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, with regards to his educational qualifications, might be legally knocked out of the presidential race at the eleventh hour.

Investigations by Vanguard yesterday further revealed that the Chief Justice of Nigeria, CJN, Justice Mahmud Mohammed, was a major influence on the decision of Justice Adeniyi to subtly push hearing of the suits beyond the already scheduled presidential election.

A top source in the office of the CJN, who pleaded anonymity, told Vanguard yesterday that the CJN had sternly warned all heads of courts in the country, including the Chief Judge of the Federal High Court, Justice Ibrahim Auta, to caution all judges under them not to grant or issue any order or injunction on any election related matter, capable of exposing the judiciary to unnecessary public opprobrium.

The CJN was said to have particularly warned two judges of the Abuja Division of the Federal High Court, who were said to have between them, issued over 50 ex-parte orders prior to the 2011 general elections, to put themselves on check or face severe sanctions from the National Judicial Council, NJC.
The source equally told Vanguard that other heads of courts that the CJN also directed to closely monitor all political matters pending before Justices/Judges under them, included the President of the Court of Appeal, Justice Zainab Bulkachuwa and the Chief Judge of the FCT, Justice I.M. Bukar.

“I can assure you that no ridiculous or frivolous injunction will be granted by any judge before this election. The CJN is really committed towards ensuring that the judiciary is not used by anyone as a tool to truncate the democratic process in Nigeria”, the source added.

Meantime, constitutional lawyer and counsel to one of the plaintiffs in the suit that came up before Justice Adeniyi yesterday, Chief Mike Ozekhome, SAN, has warned the APC and Buhari’s supporters against celebrating prematurely over the postponement of hearing on eligibility suits.

Source: Vanguard

Why We Can’t Afford To Sit On The Fence By Yinka Adeosun

Promises and lies are the cheapest commodities of this era. With the rising proportion of deceit in the land, objectivity has been sent on vacation. A community of the deceived is also growing by the day. Interrogation and introspection are in a state of dormancy as party devotees continue to spread the embellished messages of their principals.  Having suspended civility, decorum and decency, the government in power and the opposition are bent on outdoing each other in a bid to capture the votes of the masses.

As I ponder on the forthcoming elections, my mind wanders back to the June 12, 1993 election, one that was adjudged the freest and fairest election in Nigeria’s political history. In anticipation of hope, the central message at the time, Nigerians, for the first time, defied every historical factor that has tainted our elections. Religion, tribe, sentiments, and emotions were set aside as the people cast their vote for M.K.O. Abiola of the Social Democratic Party.

As the new date of March 28 approaches for Nigerians to decide their fate via polls, it is doubtful if there would be a repetition or similitude of 1993. The current atmosphere is toxic and devoid of any hope – religious institutions have been politicized; even the military which should be non-partisan has been infected and imputed into the political calculus of the day. The current political climate is shorn of logic and value based arguments as primordial sentiments have become the gospel truths. Political analysts seem to suggest that the electorates are going to vote across ethnic lines. And this is an indictment on the 16-year civil rule since 1999. As we elect “new” heads every political year, our politics has refused to grow beyond the voting pattern after independence. Curiously, the political actors are a semblance of the old block, in character and learning, having successfully imbibed their mannerisms and peculiaritiess.

Mudslinging and campaign of calumny that characterised electioneering years back is still rife in 2015. Today’s politicians have stepped up denigration with cartoons, advertorial and documentaries that are targeted at destroying reputations than selling their programmes to the populace. If we have learnt any lesson, it is how not to walk, after crawling and feeding on baby feed. Our development instinct is knock-kneed. We have not yet developed the virtues and values that strengthen democracy. Rather, our democratic institutions are saturated with vices and villains. It is a shame that the political parties are filled with men whose campaign tactics are targeted at insulting the intelligence of Nigerians. Determined to win the people’s mandate, they dangle before us carrots of ‘stomach infrastructure’, which often times are an exhibition of their theft of our commonwealth. Like a lamb led to the slaughter slab, the pauperised populace sheepishly trade their national destiny for this evil offer.

It is worthy of note that the presidential election promises to be most competitive. And the two main candidates are not new to the electorates, having ruled Nigeria at one time or the other. For the incumbent administration of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, his transformation agenda is synonymous with a worsening electricity situation crippling an already comatose manufacturing sector and frustrating several power-dependent enterprises. It is to note that if Dr. Jonathan ever had a good intention for Nigeria, his performance in the last six years does not give credence to that fact. His superlative self-appraisal is a reflection of his academic stature. Little wonder, his students are yet to come out and identify with him publicly. Mildly put, his performance in the last six years is not good enough to deserve another. Else, his campaign would have been more of exhibition of his works than the rigour he has exhausted to persuade electorates to his side. Sadly, what he lacks in performance, he vigorously tries to make up in promises. Promises! Promises!!

For General Muhammadu Buhari, it is quizzical that the rejected candidate in 2003, 2007 and 2011 elections is now the beautiful bride of the All Progressives Congress. The General has enjoyed a large and a cult-like following since he won the Presidential ticket of the APC. His profile and political weight in the North is a vivid threat to the PDP. Sadly, since a tree does not make a forest, it is doubtful how the General would bring about the much touted “change” should he win at the polls. Considering that the APC which has been dubbed Aggrieved Peoples’ Congress is widely regarded as a mixed multitude of people who joined the party not because they love the party’s manifestoes or believe its programmes but because they were sweet-talked with positions and possibilities of privileges, its enduring prospects is in doubt. How will Buhari prosecute his sponsors whose wealth is reportedly not corruption-free? Can GMB free himself of the hawks who are touting him as being the emblem of anti-corruption?

It is an anomaly that the best and the brightest among us are never considered for the presidency. There are 12 other candidates, but the electorates are either unaware or they are just looking away. If only the popular but pretentious candidates can be shoved aside for a people-oriented president. The people are more important than power. After all, the people make the power; the power is worthless without the people. But then, it has also been said that a people deserve the kind of leaders they get.

The forthcoming election is not about the North against the South, neither is it about Christianity versus Islam. It is not about major and minor ethnic groups. It is about Nigeria and Nigerians. It is about our heritage, our political future. It is about who is capable of leading us,, in determining our destiny in the next four years. You may not be rich. You may not be popular. But you are powerful. If you have already got your PVC, that is your determinant weapon; for mass decision. You will decide the next set of persons who will govern Nigeria. The political parties are aware of this. By insisting on the permanent voter’s card and the card reader, INEC under Jega is working to ensure that the coming elections are difficult to rig. Thus, you must play your part in deciding the leaders of our fatherland. It we don’t get it right again, our stay in the abyss of political misadventure will continue, even as the coming generation gets impoverished further.

It is amazing how Nigerians abandon their civic obligations in one breath, and then turn around to agitate for the enforcement of their rights. A perceptive fellow posits that bad people are elected by good people who refuse to vote. If by now you cannot boldly flaunt your PVC, or you have decided not to vote because you cannot queue up in inclement conditions, or you claim there is no candidate to vote for, then you have no right or reason to complain in the days ahead.

It is very easy to tweet or rant on facebook. The candid truth is that your critical words in the media and the number of hashtags on the social media are insufficient to create the country of our dreams. But one thing can: your PVC, as well as an unwavering determination to cast your vote. The consequence of abstaining from performing your civic duty is as damming as rigging in an unpopular candidate.

Popular author and poet, Dante Alighieri states that “the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.” This is not the time to sit on a fence and intentionally abstain from the electoral process. Now is the time to pick up your PVC, stand in line and vote for your desired outcome.

Adeosun is a communications specialist based in Ondo, Ondo state

2015 General Elections: Letter To My Fellow Corps Members By Ojekunle, Alex Aderemi

Ajuwaya fellow Corps members and good citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, it is with deep sense of modesty and high modicum of respect that I write to you today on the forthcoming general elections. It is very pertinent and germane to urge us to reawaken the spirit of patriotism and selfless service in this country, especially at this critical period in the history of Nigeria, towards upholding its honour and glory: a stage where we decide who governs and steers the affairs of this country for another four years. Whatever decision we make, we should be sure that it will have significant effect on us and posterity, either positively or the other way.
Our inputs as ad-hoc electoral officers during the elections will be a road map for the Nigeria we all aspire and desire to live in and expect our offspring to serve. Our actions during the forthcoming elections should be more of a clarion call and our activities should portray that of a patriotic citizen of the country with the largest concentration of black people. It is our duty to shun every forms of electoral brinkmanship, malpractices and violence.

 The ineffable role of corps members, in all states of the federation and Nigeria in general, cannot be unacknowledged, understated or unheeded. Notwithstanding, corps members’ contribution to this nation, during elections, can also not be well compensated with political appointment, money, largesse or whatever greek gift that politicians could push forward.  Our role in the upcoming elections is a duty that protects the mandate of the people towards reshaping the country to a better environment for you and I which will consequently provide an enabling environment for us all – job opportunities, better welfare, stable water and electric supply, among others which should not be traded for an immediate reward but for a reward that will benefit the nation, the economy, and coming generations.

It is on this note, that I enjoin all members of the National Youth Service Corps to be diligent, assiduous and morally upright during the elections in order to guarantee us a nation where travesty and parody of justice will go into extinction.
We can make the poll a credible and generally-acceptable election by being extremely wary, disciplined, indefatigable and conscious during the electioneering process.
We need to obey the clarion call to serve with good and pure mind.

 God bless Nigeria.
OJEKUNLE, Alex Aderemi
NYSC Akure



Viewss expressed are solely that of author and has no association with nor its associates

Shocking LWKMD !!!! Guru Maharaji Reveals Who Will Win The Presidential Election

The Spiritual Leader of One Love Family, Sat Guru Maharaji Ji, has advised the All Progressives Congress, APC, and its presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd), to forget Nigeria’s presidency.

“There is no vacancy for Buhari at Aso Rock,” he declared in a statement on Sunday.

According to him, “President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is the verifiable divine choice of the forthcoming presidential election.

As the Living Perfect Master of creation in whose hands the fate of Nigerian project lies spiritually, I declare divinity’s decision to return Jonathan to Aso Rock over Muhammadu Buhari.

Full Text Of Obama’s Message To Nigerians Ahead Of 2015 Election

Hello. Today, I want to speak directly to you—the people of Nigeria.

Nigeria is a great nation and you can be proud of the progress you’ve made. Together, you won your independence, emerged from military rule, and strengthened democraticinstitutions. You’ve strived to overcome division and to turn Nigeria’s diversity into a source of strength. You’ve worked hard to improve the lives of your families and to build the largest economy in Africa.

Now you have a historic opportunity to help write the next chapter of Nigeria’s progress—by voting in the upcoming elections. For elections to be credible, they must be free, fair and peaceful. All Nigerians must be able to cast their votes without intimidation or fear.

So I call on all leaders and candidates to make it clear to their supporters that violence has no place in democratic elections—and that they will not incite, support or engage in any kind of violence—before, during, or after the votes are counted. I call on all Nigerians to peacefully express your views and to reject the voices of those who call for violence. And when elections are free and fair, it is the responsibility of all citizens to help keep the peace, no matter who wins.

PDP You Have Failed, Get Ready To Pack and Go – Buhari

The presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), General Muhammadu Buhari has said that no amount of sentiment would make the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) continue in power after this weekend’s presidential election.

Buhari stated this during his town hall meeting with political leaders, traditional rulers and religious leaders in Imo State. He maintained that the PDP has thrown the country into turmoil, noting that the urge to vote the party out is not based on religion but patriotism by the people who are yearning for change.
He said, “We are in trouble in this country; PDP cannot help us; let us vote them out; it is not about religion but patriotism; PDP has completely failed us. If you leave them for 20 years, they will still not perform.
“Nigeria is being ridiculed all over the world because of their bad governance;
Igbo people know this because they are mobile all over the world; APC represents freedom of security and integrity; they know this; so, no amount of sentiment will bring PDP back to power.”
He stressed that after 16 years, instead of the economy of the country to thrive, it becomes worse by the day as a result of bad governance by the PDP, listing the dwindling oil sector and the devaluation of the naira as some of the shameful governance style of the party.

Elections: Zero Hour Appeal to the Gladiators By Sunday Odeleke

Saturday’s election is no doubt a contest between President Goodluck Jonathan and retired Major General Mohammadu Buhari of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressives Congress (APC) although there are other parties on the ballot. Many analysts both home and abroad have opined that this election looks like the first keen political contest in the history of Nigeria. This opinion is largely supported by the emerging strong opposition in the polity and the awareness that the new media (internet) has created.

The past few months and especially the last five weeks had soaked the nation in tensions almost resulting in some to start believing that the 2015 elections may the tipping point of Nigeria’s disintegration. But histories have shown that the issues that bonded Nigerians together surpass what two days elections can break; many still believe that the country will outlive these tensed moments. For this to happen the leading candidates of the two main parties have to act as statesmen.

First is the president, Goodluck Jonathan, in this week (March 23-27), he has the power of life and death, no doubt, many close to him want him to go for the broke and wield these powers. These friends of power really don’t strongly consider the aftermath of their desired president’s actions, all they want is for the president to use the force of his office and conquer the ‘enemies’. President Jonathan must however listen to his inner voice and act as the president of Nigeria, father of the nation and Nigerians, including General Buhari and everyone in the opposition.

This can only be made possible if the president caution his supporters to give room for credible, fair and violence free elections. Like he had said on many occasions that it was God that made him the president; if fate destines him to continue he can still win without helping the fate. The president needs to realize that most of the people pushing him to the extremes will not share the burden of history with him. Any action taken against members of the opposition this week no matter how genuine it may look will be seen as hunting down his opponents. He needs to address the nation as the president to assure Nigerians of a level playing ground, free, fair and credible elections. By this, either win or lose, he will remain a statesman.

For General Mohammadu Buhari, there are no doubts that this fourth attempt at becoming a democratically elected president of Nigeria seems the most sterling so far. His preparations for the Saturday’s election are to say the least highly tasking and rigorous, with the help of those who believe in him, he has transformed from a regional politician to a national candidate who has vigorously expanded his base; and like he had also said in the past that power belongs to God who gives to whom he wants. He needs to rein in his followers and supporters to eschew violence and resist reactions to the likely provocations. He must realize that if he wins the election, he will lead not only APC members and supporters but the entire country. He should also be prepared for the worst while hoping for the best. Since he has submitted himself to the tenets of democracy and like he had done in the past three contests, resorting to judiciary must still be the choice for seeking redress for injustice if any.

The parties in the elections should use these last few days to peacefully woo the undecided without mudslinging and brickbats, Nigerians have tasted enough of these odious delicacies. Let us proof to the world that we can handle our destinies without interferences. Killing and maiming one another because of electoral contests will not solve the plethora of problems confronting the nation. Unstable Nigeria is a grave danger to the continent of Africa; hence the need for us to ensure that this testy season is handled with the utmost care.

INEC and the security must also avoid partisanship in the process; they should treat Nigerians as Nigerians and not as PDP or APC members. History will harshly judge any agency of government that allows itself to be compromised by any of the parties and/or candidates.

Everyone involved in the process leading to these elections must treat this time as a rare opportunity to grow democracy and expand the frontiers of participatory governing system. Electoral violence before, during and after the election will only further divide the people and slow the national progress. What Nigeria needs now is balm to heal her wounds and peace to evolve a prosperous nation.

Sunday Odeleke.

Houston, TX US.


Views expressed are solely authors and has no association to nor its associates

PDP Chieftain Urges Supporters To Protect Their Votes Peacefully

A Peoples Democratic Party chieftain in Sokoto State, Malam Dahiru Maishanu, on Sunday urged members of the party to embrace peace while protecting their votes in the forthcoming elections.

Maishanu told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Sokoto that it was only by so doing that the will of the electorate would be fully respected.

He also called on the leaders of the party as well as those seeking elective positions to sustain their sensitization campaign on the need for their followers   to shun violence before, during and after the elections.

Maishanu, who said that the elections must not to be seen as a do or die affair, called on politicians to abide by the rules and regulations of the electoral process.

He also called on the security agencies to provide a level- playing ground for the peaceful conduct of the elections.

“A peaceful environment will prevent rigging and all kinds of political violence”, he said. (NAN)

Re: No Waiting At Polling Booths After Voting By Adeola Austin Oyinlade

ADEOLA AUSTIN OYINLADE, LLB, BL, LLM, United Nations Peace Ambassador
20th March, 2015
Mr. Suleiman Abba,
The Inspector-General of Police,
The Nigeria Police Force Headquarters,
Louis Edet House,
Abuja, Nigeria.

Dear Sir,
I want to commend you sir for the adequate preparation of the Nigeria Police Force in order to record violence-free, fair and credible 2015 general elections. I also want to use this opportunity to commend our service men and women for ensuring protection of lives and properties in Nigeria. No matter the reservation anyone has for the Nigerian police force, I make bold to say that without you and our officers on ground, lives will be ‘nasty, brutish and short’ in the words of Thomas Hobbes.
Kindly permit me to use this open letter as a concerned citizen of Nigeria to ask for your clarification on a statement credited to you sir and widely reported on the pages of Newspapers. A good example is the one on the front page and page 2 of The Punch Newspaper titled “No waiting at polling booths after voting – IG”, dated March 20, 2015. I understand that open letters in the last two years have served different purposes for different individuals, but this only seeks your clarification on what appeared not to be cleared to me and other well meaning Nigerians.
In view of the above statement credited to you sir, could it be possible to say that was an order or a piece of advice to Nigerians? As a lawyer, I have tried in vain to see whether such assertion has any force of law as no law stipulates a time where any eligible voters must vacate the polling booths. I have also checked my primary and secondary sources of law and I can say that there is no law in force in Nigeria against eligible voters from witnessing the count of ballot papers after voting.
I read that your justification for the declaration was that “the possibility of committing electoral offence was very high if voters stayed back at the polling booths for votes to be counted.” I strongly believe that the essence of security in this task is not only to protect INEC officials and electoral materials but also the citizens. I also believe that the police can invoke their power of arrest under the Police Act against anyone who may want to breach public peace before, during and after elections.
Sir, you will agree with me that the political atmosphere of Nigeria is tensed at the moment. The attention of the whole world is on Nigeria as we go to the polls. As a United Nations Peace Ambassador and resource person to African Union on the implementation of African Youth Charter, UNESCO and UNDP, I have being privileged to hear from people within and outside Nigeria their expectations about the coming polls. While I believe that waiting till ballot papers are counted will see the process to the legitimate end, I also believe too that seeing voters standing and with our service men and women on ground can make anyone planning to steal ballot boxes to have a rethink rather than asking eligible voters to leave.
I want to thank you in anticipation for this clarification.
I wish Nigerians an emphatic success as we decide again.
Yours faithfully,

Adeola Austin Oyinlade Esq

Views expressed are solely that of author and has no association with nor its associates

Read Jega’s Stand on Rescheduling Elections

The Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Professor Atahiru Jega, has stated that the commission is fully prepared for the 2015 elections. He stated that there will be no further postponement of the elections slated for March 28 and April 11. Jega disclosed this in Abuja on Wednesday at an election situation room dialogue session with over 60 civil society organisations.

While addressing some of the issues facing the commission, he  maintained that since the commission had achieved 90 percent distribution and collection of permanent voters’ cards (PVCs) in 11 states so far, there was no  reason for any postponement.

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INEC Seeks Partnership With Traditional Rulers For 2015 Elections

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has appealed to traditional rulers to support the commission in the forthcoming general elections.

During a sensitization visit to Nekede ancient kingdom in Owerri, Imo State, INEC officials led by the National Commissioner in charge of South East, Mrs Gladys Nwafor and the Resident Commissioner in Imo State, Gabriel Ada urged traditional rulers to use the opportunity of their closeness to the grassroots to assist the commission in conveying vital information on the need for rural dwellers to collect their permanent voter cards.

The team also took time to address a cross section of women in the community and also sensitize them on how they should vote on the day of the elections.

However, the paramount traditional ruler in Nekede ancient community, Stephen Agunmanu promised to support the commission in disseminating the necessary information to his people and ensure that elections in the area is violence free.

The post 2015 Elections: INEC Seeks Partnership With Traditional Rulers appeared first on Channels Television.

Buhari’s Wife is Deceiving Nigerian Women – Patience Jonathan

First Lady Patience Jonathan, says Aishat Buhari, wife of the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has been going about deceiving Nigerian women.

According to The Cableng, the first lady said this on Tuesday when the campaign train of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) women birthed in Ilorin, capital of Kwara state.“Don’t be deceived. Don’t look at any woman that comes here; don’t listen. They are just deceiving themselves because out of the abundant of the heart, the mouth speaketh,” she said.

“Their husbands have said that they would not carry women along and that there is no office for the first lady but now they want to deceive Nigerian women and she has come out to say ‘My husband said it in error’. Don’t worry, I’ll carry on in the traditional way. “Any woman that comes, tell her to go back. Don’t let any Nigerian woman deceive you.”The first lady said she ran into the entourage of
Buhari’s wife at the airport but ordered her security details to avoid any possible problem.

Alleging that the opposition party has been fomenting trouble, she advised women to shun violence and always embrace peace.“I was in Edo state but before I got there, APC had gone. They went there just to make trouble,” she said. “I want to go to Kwara, they are there. Why do you want to go to Kwara? It is to make trouble. Trouble is not good for women. “They ran to the airport so that PDP will clash with them, but I told my security people that I am Mama Peace, I don’t kill, I don’t stone people. Please let them go with their problems. “It is not the women that are contesting elections but our husbands and all we can do is to pray for them to succeed.

As wife of leaders, we should be careful and avoid allowing ourselves to be used.”Buhari’s wife visited Kwara state on Monday.

PDP Orders $15m Card Reader Jammers To Sabotage Elections – APC

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has accused President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) of planning to render card readers ineffective on election days through the use of jammers.

The party in a statement issued in Lagos yesterday by its national publicity secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, made available to journalists, said the sinister move is geared towards justifying their fears about the use of the card readers and ultimately to scuttle the polls.

It said the PDP has placed an order for 75,000 pieces of the jammers at a cost of $200 per piece, bringing the total cost to $15 million, adding that the jammers will be air freighted to Nigeria next week.

APC said, “We can authoritatively inform Nigerians that the morbid fear of card readers by the Jonathan administration and the PDP has now been translated into concrete action: They have hired an Israeli, Gyora Berger, to do the dirty job of jamming the card readers.

“To those who might accuse us of crying wolf, they should realise that every alarm we have raised in the past has been true, including that the Jonathan administration was pushing for the postponement of the elections and that they are mortally afraid of the use of PVCs and card readers.”

The party added that the Israeli was hired specifically to develop three prototype card reader jammers, and he has now developed three of such jammers (25 metres, 50 metres and 100 metres range) to be carried in the pockets of trusted PDP stalwarts on election days with a view to disabling the card readers within the states.

The party said that apart from disabling the card readers, the jammers will also disable all telephones, iPads, etc within the states of those carrying them on their persons.

“The plan is to deploy the card jammers to the areas deemed to be the strongholds of the APC, such as the North-west, North-east, North-central and the South-west.

“It is the planned procurement of the jammers that has given the confidence to the administration and party officials to continuously boast that Buhari will never rule Nigeria, and also the reason why a chieftain of the PDP boasted last week that the card readers won’t work, thus advising INEC to make alternative arrangements,’’ APC said.

The party said the Israeli, who has agreed to do the dirty job for a desperate Jonathan Administration and the PDP, is an enemy of Nigeria and Nigerians, who does not mind if the nation burns, as long as he has collected his pay for the dirty job for which he has been hired.

It said because the opposition party has become a movement which is being propelled by the people themselves, it is difficult, if not impossible, for the Jonathan Administration and the PDP to succeed in their devilish intentions of rigging, sabotaging or scuttling the forthcoming polls.

‘’We have consistently said power resides in the people, irrespective of what the government of the day might think. When the people are determined to vote out any government, no amount of money, evil plots and shenanigans can save that government, as the Jonathan Administration will find out in two weeks,’’ APC said.

PDP In-House Dirty Fight: The Multimillion Dollars Loot Exposed

With barely two weeks to the general elections, the national chairman of PDP, Dr. Adamu Mu’azu and his deputy, Uche Secondus, are presently engaged in a cold war over the chairman’s alleged refusal to part with some of the cash he received from aspirants in what informed sources described as a huge shakedown scheme allegedly perpetrated by Mu’azu to squeeze cash out of aspirants who wanted to emerge flag bearers of the party at the primaries.

According to REPORTS,  sources close to both men said the cordial relations between the two leaders turned frosty when Mu’azu, who is presently out of favour with President Goodluck Jonathan, allegedly refused to give Secondus anything from the money estimated at about N450 billion.

The bickering over the funds has also fragmented the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) with members’ loyalty divided between both leaders, THEWILL can report.

The huge funds were said to have been received before the December primaries of the party from mostly top governorship and national assembly aspirants as well as their promoters.

It was authoritatively gathered that some governorship aspirants paid out as much as $10million to Mu’azu who in turn allowed them handpick delegates as well as electoral officers for their primaries.

However, the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) has opened investigations into one of the dealings where Ndudi Elumelu, a governorship aspirant from Delta State, was allegedly made to pay about N750million but eventually failed to clinch the party’s ticket.

THEWILL sources said the corruption in the party has spread to the presidential campaign organisation where members have been stealing funds meant for the campaign organization, a case that has forced President Jonathan to personally supervise his uphill bid for re-election on March 28.

Give Nigerian Youths PVCs Not Guns – Anti-Cult Group

The National Coordinator of Peace in Campus Initiatives for Child Education against Cultism (PCI/ICEAC) in Nigeria, Comrade Oliver Cromwell, has blamed politicians for being the brain behind violence during elections.

Cromwell urged politicians to see youths as their children and to encourage them to get their Permanent Voter Cards (PVC) and not guns. He made this statement on Sunday at the Akwa Ibom state Polytechnic, Ikot Osura.

He explained that PCI/ICEAC is committed to maintaining peace in the Nigerian post-primary and tertiary institutions and to check cult activities and examination malpractices.

“Before our organization entered Akwa Poly in 2003, the institution was closed down because of incessant cult wars which resulted in numerous deaths of students but today there is relatively peace. We have also replicated this in other higher institutions in the state with positive results’’, he stated.

The Peace in Campus co-coordinator warned students against allowing themselves to be used as thugs before, during and after elections as no politician would allow his or her wards to do so.

Cornwell commended the former Governor of the state, Obong Victor Atta, for  adopting the initiative as a state government policy, Governor Akapabio for his support and the Rector of Akwapoly, Barr Israel Affia, for providing  the enabling environment for teaching and learning, making the polytechnic  currently one of the best in the country.

Jega Says INEC Ready For Free, Fair, Credible Elections

The head of Nigeria’s electoral body said on Monday it was ready to conduct presidential and parliamentary elections in less than two weeks’ time, after the vote was delayed by security concerns.

Attahiru Jega told a meeting in the capital city Abuja that his Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) had done “everything humanly possible” for a free, fair, credible and peaceful vote on March 28.

Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC,  Prof. Attahiru Jega

INEC has come under close scrutiny since last month when Jega was forced to postpone the February 14 general election on the grounds that troops could not provide adequate security on polling day.

Nigerian soldiers, backed by troops from Cameroon, Chad and Niger, are currently involved in a major offensive against Boko Haram, which has seized swathes of territory in Nigeria’s northeast.

The Islamist insurgency, which began in 2009, has killed more than 13,000 people and forced hundreds of thousands more to flee, raising the prospect that the displaced will be unable to vote.

Despite a series of claimed military successes, security fears remain over the safety of polling stations after an increase in bomb and suicide attacks in recent weeks.

Jega maintained that the election would be peaceful, despite the insurgency and election-linked violence, and said the six-week delay had given his organisation more time to prepare.

A week before February 14, INEC said that two-thirds (66.5 percent) of the 68.8 million registered voters had collected their ID cards, prompting claims that it was unprepared.

On Monday, Jega said 67.8 million cards had been produced and distributed to individual states, including to the internally displaced, who would be able to vote near camps in the north.

But he added: “The level of collection… nationwide is about 56 million out of these 68.8 million (81 percent).

“So, there are millions of cards out there that… people have not gone out and collected.”

President Goodluck Jonathan’s ruling party has raised concerns about the use of electronic card readers, claiming it is untested technology, as well as the rate of distribution of cards.

But Jega said the card readers, which scan fingerprints and record personal data against the electoral roll, will work and reduce the possibility of the persistent problem of fraud.

Cloned cards would not work, he said, adding that INEC had “cleaned” the electoral register since the last vote in 2011, removing over four million multiple registrations.

Jonathan is seeking a second term in office but has faced a strong challenge from the main opposition candidate Muhammadu Buhari, a former military ruler.

Don’t Attempt To Assassinate Buhari-APC Warns PDP

The All Progressives Congress has called on the Peoples Democratic Party and the Federal Government to shun any plan to assassinate Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.).

But the Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the PDP, Abdullahi Jalo, has urged the APC to provide evidence of any of such plan by the ruling party to assassinate Buhari.

The National Publicity Secretary of the APC, Mr. Lai Mohammed, told Punch that the PDP-led government had security men specially trained as snipers to eliminate those opposed to President Goodluck Jonathan’s re-election bid.He said,

“I have never seen a government so terrified of elections as this present administration. And I have never seen a candidate so terrified of the opposition as Jonathan. Even as recent as last week, (Ekiti State Governor Ayodele) Fayose was asking for the withdrawal of Buhari from the Presidential election; and it is just bizarre -but that coming from Fayose, one should not be surprising.

“Coming to issue of security, they have made an attempt on his (Buhari) life once before; it can be done again. But, let us warn them that any attempt on the life of Buhari or Bola Tinubu will lead to a consequence that will be very dear for this country. They should not even contemplate it.”

Muhammed told one of our correspondents that the allegation by former President Olusegun Obasanjo concerning President Jonathan’s administration training snipers to assassinate opposition politicians was true.

The APC spokesman claimed the Special Force Team was drawn from the Police, the Air Force, the Navy, the Department of Security Service and the National Intelligence Agency.

“It is true. They were trained in Belarus. They are security agents drawn from the NIA, the DSS, the Police, the Air Force and the Navy. They were trained on how to take out targets without any trace or without being discovered and they will leave the scene quietly.”

Their Wheel ; Our Will By Whyte Habeeb Ibidapo

Alfred Adler wouldn’t have been more right when he said men of genius are admired, men of wealth are envied, men of power are feared but only men of character are trusted. One would wonder who the real men are when it comes to politics in Nigeria.  No doubt that our polity has been destroyed by the political slave merchants whose morality, sanity, and humanity has evaporated.  In forests where rapine has replace respect, the arrow would leave the bow especially where old fox had beaten other young ones to the game. It is very possible to enthrone a king, it is not possible to reign for the king. The reign of a king in this palace has reduced the palace to a mere body and not a kingdom in spirit. This is evident by the impunity that has been swaggered into the system of our governance by the kingmakers- the king makers of circumstance.

The phenomenon styled ‘godfatherism’ in Nigeria fits into what Richard Joseph, persuasively described as ‘prebendal politics,’ where primitive accumulation is exalted far and above the interest of the people. Therefore, the relationship that exists between the godfather and the godson can be described as exploitative and total subversion of the will of the people. It is more than the ruthless Mario Puzo’s kingpins in the Italian Mafia setting. It is a game- a game of who goes wins the chess game and the chess board. While the fictional godfather is characterized as a shadowy, dare-devil recluse, who combines immense underworld financial muscle with near mythical powers of enormous proportions, which is to attain a further greasing of the ever-increasing vast financial empire, the Nigeria type has the added characterization of conceit, ego, loquacity, pettiness, envy, strife, crudity, and confusion. It is between the two major party: the party that parties in the midst of uncertainties and the one that is ‘desperate’ to change something. The godfather in the Nigeria politics is a political slave merchant while the godson is the political article for sale. Sad enough, this article, like an average goodwill be offered, but there is no negotiation on its acceptance- the masses must buy it or pay with their sweat and blood. They transacts the good will of the people for personal benefits. They’ve converted politics from a civil engagement to an enterprise where only the moneybags are beneficiaries. Not even the votes of the masses make the polity right in so far they are at realm of affairs.

Godfatherism is a welcome development in decent political playground. The young cannot grow all on his own. The young has to go under the tutelage of an experienced and elderly statesman to acquire the skill of governance and imbibe the charisma of his godfather as political ingredients in his career as a well groomed politician. For example, Chief Obafemi Awolowo mentored millions of Yoruba political figures without mortgaging the interest of the Western Region; Alhaji Ahmadu Bello and Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa mentored many northerners without extracting any economic benefits from the region; Sir Odumegwu Ojukwu mentored Hon. Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe who in turn groomed many younger politicians without using them as stooges (or state money-making-machines). Godparents are usually chosen, adopted and to raise Christian children to become God-fearing, law abiding and responsible individuals in society. There is no doubt that even at present, some individuals care and raise godsons who are responsible citizens of this country. However most of the rising political servants of today are products of two main godfathers-Obasanjo and Tinubu.

To illumine this thought, it is sufficient to highlight the darkness of inexcusable backwardness the godfathers has done to us despite the country’s enviable resources and the darkness of official corruption that is a veritable blight on the land. My major concern here is based on two major actions by two men of timber and calibre. A particular sin committed separately is having effect on us right now and the youths must learn to avoid such mistakes in future politicking.

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo as a great-grand political merchant got the opportunity more than anybody else to provide pristine leadership for the younger generations and recruit leaders who would have bettered the affairs of this country for good. As president for first 8-years of hard won democracy, one would expect him to know the exact type of leader that Nigerian deserves. He’s a typical godfather in our polity, forgetting the drama of the things fall apart display with PDP. He was a chance encounter. He uses his chances as he did when he brought Jonathan and Yaradua. The incumbent is a product of Obasanjo’s godfatherism. It was never our vote and even if it was our votes, factors like Obasanjo played big roles in ensuring the successful emergence at the polls. Many voted not based on antecedents but based on those behind the President. With what Obasanjo has brought us, we are where we are. Whether for good or bad. We all can decide whether we want more or not. If reality should sets in, many don’t want more of a rotten pie of governance. A new pie made from a new flour of governance is what they crave for.  A godfather has left a nation clamouring for change even without a clue on what it may birth.

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a grand-godfather that is also guilty of a major sin that most people forgot so soon. This particular sin, is causing us more now in this polity, forgetting his championed cause of a better Nigeria.  He emerged a de-facto in our national politics after the June 12 episode. The episode saw an attempt to breakup Nigeria as a result of an ‘injury’ to southwest. Asiwaju then emerged the Generalissimo of a wounded southwest uninterested in national unity. Asiwaju was probably comfortable as Asiwaju of Yorubas and enjoyed the support of Yoruba leaders and elites until he chose to see issues from broader perspectives. Asiwaju humbled southwest for GEJ in 2011 because he was not inclined to sustaining national unity. Are we going to conclude that it as a result of some ‘gift’ as believed in some quarters or the civilian generalissimo was greater than such? I rather understand that he was then yet to be convinced that we should all pursue the course of united Nigeria. He acted the script of the southwest “regionalists” to the letter and was applauded behind doors.  This is a great sin to our polity. What would have been the product of a good campaigner of change to have delivered the southwest to CPC even if not for ACN, the party he led? The game, the story and players would have been different.

The above sins goes a long way to determine the fate of this country in one way or the other. More especially it does in a visible way. Imagine what these country would have been without Goodluck Jonathan as the Vice Presidential candidate to Yar’Adua. Imagine what this county would have been if another governor from the South-east deputised Yar’Adua. What was the sin of other PDP governors and deputy governors at that area? Where they all corrupt or not loyal to have the ability to deputise Yaradua? These are some questions Obasanjo must answer before bowing out of the main polity. If Asiwaju had love Nigerians more than every other thing and believe we needed change, he should deliver the Southwest generally to CPC considering that latter cover wider range have more possibility of winning 2011 polls than the party he led. These acts of our political merchants goes a long way. It’s time for us to think and not be used in these politicking. It’s time for us to do away with sentiments and vote freely. Even if the godfathers present to us politicians that are not worthy, they should be rejected outrightly. Enough of failed God political sons or failed political decisions to benefit one’s pocket than the polity.

Most of the political godfathers have failed to provide Nigerian youths with the leadership template that will make us to remain healthy in politics neither have they done main things that can consequently make them retire from planet Nigeria has  celebrated hero and small political god.

Yet, one must note that with the right mindset, one would see this godfathers as a blessing in disguise. Yes, they have milked us beyond recognition. But still, the memories of that should afford us the mindset to choose wisely. The decision of a godfather gave us the sandy rice in our plates. The decision of another presents an uncertain alternative- which is better? A stroll down the memory lane would tell. If the realization of an urgent need to undo certain misdeeds is the driving force of the two leaders, I may wish to suggest to Nigerian youths that ours is not yet a hopeless situation. Circumstances have changed people more than sermons have.

(WHYTE HABEEB IBIDAPO is a Lawyer, United Nations Award winner, Africa International Arbitration Award winner and Coca cola/ The Nation Campuslife Award Winner.



Views expressed are solely that of authors and has no association with nor its associates

Shifting Elections Turned Out A Blessing To Nigerians, Says Sambo

Vice President Namadi Sambo said in Kano on Thursday that shifting the general elections was a blessing to Nigerians.

Sambo, who spoke with newsmen, explained that holding it as earlier scheduled would have prevented 23 million eligible voters from exercising their civic responsibility.

“We thank God that the postponement of the elections has been a blessing to Nigerians.

“The INEC extended the period for the distribution of the PVCs to March 22, otherwise 23 million Nigerians would have been short changed’’, he said.

According to him, the postponement would give many eligible voters the opportunity to collect their PVCs before the deadline.

The Vice President, who was in Kano for a three-day visit, said the PDP was not afraid of the card reader but that the major concern of the party was to have credible elections in the country.

‘’Let us be fair to everybody. There is nothing wrong with the card reader but our concern is free, fair and credible elections.

“We don’t want anything wrong from the card reader and even to address the issue of corruption, you must ensure free and fair election’’, he said.

Sambo expressed optimism that PDP would win the forthcoming general elections in view of the numerous developmental projects the Federal Government executed within the last three and a half years.

‘’We have achieved the set objective. Nigeria has the largest economy in Africa because of the programmes we put in place’’, he added. (NAN

I’m Not A Politician Canvassing For Any Candidate – TY Danjuma

President Goodluck Jonathan, yesterday, met with the former minister of defence, General Theophilus Danjuma, at the Presidential Villa.

Speaking with State House correspondents after the meeting which was held inside the president’s official residence, Danjuma said he was cannot canvass for votes for any candidate in the forthcoming general polls because he is not a politician.

He said the meeting between him the president, which is coming barely three weeks to the conduct of the general elections, was confidential and so he would not disclose it.

“Don’t speculate. I came to visit the president and find out how things are going because I have been away for sometime and just came back,” he stated.

Asked whether he was going to canvass for support for the president in the forthcoming election, Danjuma said, “I don’t belong to any of the political parties and as such cannot canvass for votes for anyone.” The president is the president of the countryt could be recalled that President Jonathan had on Sunday met behind closed door with former Head of State, General Abdusalami Abubakar and former South African President, Thabo Mbeki in his residence.

Mbeki Consults Kalu Over Elections

Former president of South Africa, Mr. Thabo Mbeki, yesterday paid visit to the former governor of Abia State, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, to parley with him over the political future of the nation.

Mbeki has been on working visit to Nigeria and has had consultations with major political leaders, including President Goodluck Jonathan, and the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari.

At an exclusive interactive with Daily Sun in Abuja during the visit, Mbeki noted that he actually came to the country for the Obafemi Awolowo Leadership Foundation where he received a prize.

He stated: “Having been here already, and after attending the event, I felt the need to see political leaders in the country over the forthcoming elections and hear them and possibly put in some word of advice on the need for the nation to ensure a proper conduct of elections and never toe the line of violence.

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Elections Beyond Jonathan, Buhari, Says Presidency

Is President Goodluck Jonathan afraid of an election?

That was the question yesterday as one of his aides spoke on the March 28 poll.

The poll, he said, is beyond the presidential candidates of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), President Goodluck Jonathan and the All Progressives Congress (APC), Gen. Muhammadu Buhari.

Speaking with reporters in Abuja, Senior Special Assistant to President on Public Affairs, Dr Doyin Okupe, said the elections are about the stability of the country.

Urging the North to wait for the 2019 Presidency, he said when Jonathan completes his second term, the region would have what he described as an “unequivocal” and “indisputable” opportunity to rule for eight years.

According to him, the Yoruba are no longer causing trouble because their son has been allowed to rule Nigeria for eight years.

“Why can we not concede this remaining four years?” he queried.

He also said the North had always been the Nigeria’s political stabilising group.

Said Okupe: “The North, since independence, has been the political stabilising group in this country. The North is far more advanced than any section of this country in terms of politics and political leadership. When MKO died and civilian politics was brought back for us to vote, the North sat down and met and decided that because of the injustice done to the Yoruba people, the Yoruba must present the next president at that time.”

“And they called this nation to accept and buy into a national consensus to patronise Yoruba people. And that had a salutary effect on the political stability of this country. That is the role the North has always played in the politics of Nigeria.”

“The consideration and implication of the 2015 general elections for this country go beyond Goodluck Jonathan and Muhammadu Buhari.  It is beyond both of them. It is about stability of this country. And both the North and the South have always given concessionary consideration to each other. When we went for independence, the North was not ready; the South waited.”

“In 1958, the colonial masters had agreed to give Nigeria independence, but the North said they were not ready. Nnamdi Azikwe, Chief Obafemi Awolowo and other southern leadership conceded. They agreed and said they would wait for their brothers.  So, we did not start the concession for peace just now.”

“We have always tried to balance the polity and not create problems in this country. Now, Goodluck Jonathan comes from an area that, in perpetuity, has always been the strongest ally of the North.”

APC Youths Threaten To Occupy Aso Villa If Elections Are Shifted Again

The All Progressives Congress, APC, national youth wing yesterday vowed to mobilize Nigerian youths and indeed all supporters of the APC to occupy the Aso Presidential Villa and major cities in Nigeria should the general elections be postponed again.

This was as the youths warned that the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, and the presidency must respect the new dates fixed for the general elections.

They issued this threat at a meeting staged in Abuja by the National Youth Leader of the party, Alhaji Ibrahim Jalo Dasuki, which attracted APC youth leaders from the six geo-political zones and the 36 states of the federation, including the FCT.

Pointing out that the leadership of the party accepted the previous changes as a way of upholding the rule of law, the youths warned that they would do everything necessary within the ambit of the law to ensure that the authorities do not contemplate any further postponement of the election.

While speaking at the meeting, Dasuki expressed confidence that his party will be victorious in the coming elections, stressing that “Even though we know that what they have done was based on political reasons because they truly know that if election would be held that time they will definitely lose, and we want to tell them that no matter the number of times they shift the election we will definitely win these elections.

“We want to tell them that we have accepted it has our leaders have accepted but election will be held on the 28 of March and that 28 remain sacrosanct because we will not tolerate any other shift in election dates. As law abiding citizens we have accepted it but if it come to a point that the government and INEC does not want to conduct election we will definitely have to take the necessary steps legally possible.

“Why this meeting is special is because elections are around the corner in less than four weeks, therefore we have to sit down, strategise and come up with a workable program that all of us will key in and also to set a time line on how we go about campaigning to ensure that we get victory,” he said.

The National Youth Leader, who also reacted to speculations that the INEC Chairman, Professor Attahiru Jega, may be ousted from office before the date of the rescheduled elections however stated that the party was not interested in who stays on as the chairman of the electoral management body, adding that what was most important was who would conduct a free, fair and credible elections.

Asserting that Jega has shown a lot of finesses and readiness to do a good job, he called for him to “be allowed to continue his good job because if they remove him that will take us back and everything has to start afresh from the beginning, even though they have no reason whatsoever to do that.”

Dasuki went on to describe the party’s presidential candidate, General Mohammadu Buhari, as a credible candidate and choice of Nigerians in the elections given his incorruptible stance.

15 Parties, 5 Presidential Candidates to Pull Out of Elections

There are possibilities that about fifteen political parties and five presidential candidates may boycott the forthcoming general elections slated for March 28 and April 11. Their decision to pull out of the race is not unconnected with the planned use of card reading machine in the exercise.

The National Chairman of the Advanced Congress of Democrats, Breakforth Onwubuya, at a press conference on Wednesday in Abuja, said the motive behind the use of the card readers was suspicious.

Read Moredailypost

How PDP Plans To Manipulate Elections- APC

Being the text of a press conference addressed by the National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Alhaji Lai Mohammed, in Lagos on Wednesday, March 4th 2015

Good morning gentlemen and welcome to this press conference.

It’s just about three weeks to the start of the rescheduled 2015 general elections, and the expectations across the country and outside our borders are very high, just as the tension among Nigerians!

The eyes of the world are focused on our country, Nigeria, to organize a free, fair, credible and violence-free election that will not only deepen our democracy but will also show to the world that our leadership position in the West African sub-region and the African continent is not a fluke.

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Court Fixes March 16 To Hear Lawyers’ Suit Against INEC Over PVCs

Justice Ibrahim Buba of the Federal High Court in Lagos will on March 16 hear a suit filed by three lawyers against the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) over their inability to obtain their Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs).

The lawyers are asking the judge to declare that their civil and legal rights would be breached if INEC does not issue them their PVCs or provide them an alternative means of exercising their franchise.

The lawyers, Chijioke Emeka, Kalu Uduma and Emeka Odikpo, are also seeking an order directing INEC to issue them their PVCs or make other alternative arrangements to enable them vote.

The plaintiffs want the court to hold that should they be excluded from the March 28 and April 11 elections due to no fault of theirs, they are entitled to legal damages.

PDP Already Dreaming Of Defeat – APC Chieftain, Dele Alake

A former Lagos State Commissioner, Mr. Dele Alake, has stated that the claims by the Peoples Democratic Party that the All Progressives Congress Vice-Presidential candidate, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, will hand over power to former Governor Bola Tinubu after assumption of office, shows that the opposition party was heading for victory.

Alake, who doubles as the Director of Strategic Communications, All Progressives Congress Presidential Campaign Organisation in a statement on Sunday called on all Nigerians not to take the Director of Media, PDP Presidential Campaign Organisation, Mr. Femi Fani-Kayode, serious as he was known for his crude claims.

According to him, the time frame of six months for the action to take place indicate that the APC presidential candidate, Maj.-Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.) and Osinbajo would have been sworn in as President and Vice-President respectively on May 29, 2015.

Alake said, “Any psychoanalyst can read the mind of the purveyors of this concoction of falsehood. Their assumption gives away the fact that they themselves accept the certainty of victory of the APC in the presidential election.”

He said, “Fani-Kayode alleges that Asiwaju Tinubu would become President by asking the Vice- President, Professor Osinbajo, to resign after six months in office in the belief that the President Muhammadu Buhari may have terminal health challenges.

“That the message came through Fani-Kayode who, just a few days ago, was brought to answer corruption charges, makes the message incredulous. The whole world knows the other reasons for the incredulity of any message delivered through him.

“Indeed, the fact that the PDP campaign machinery can construct a post-presidential election scenario in which APC would be in power is a significant testimony of their admission that they have lost this election. We note this mental and psychological concession of victory to our party’s presidential candidate but reject the odious scenario.

More Pressure Mounts On Presidency Over Jega

Pressure mounted, weekend, on the presidency not to compel Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, Prof. Attahiru Jega to proceed on pre-retirement leave as reportedly being canvassed by some concerned stakeholders in the polity.

The anti-Jega forces had been pushing the presidency to remove the chairman from office, a move that was last night described as dangerous by notable lawyers. The pressure came in the face of heightened tension in the commission over the alleged moves. The chairman’s five-year term comes to an end on June 30 and though he is qualified for re-appointment, the chances of such have become remote given recent allegations of bias against the chairman by campaign officials of President Goodluck Jonathan.

The mood at the headquarters of INEC, weekend, was that of resignation to fate, as most of the officials, adopted a ‘wait-and-see’ disposition over Jega’s fate following claims of surreptitious moves to force the chairman out of office ahead of the first of the national elections on March 28.

Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC,  Prof. Attahiru Jega

A top official of the commission told Vanguard, yesterday that they were still working with the hope that the elections would hold as rescheduled and that the chairman would be allowed to conduct it before going in June.

The tension followed claims by the All Progressives Congress, APC, Senate caucus of the discovery of a plot by the presidency to send Jega on pre-retirement leave as a way of clearing the way for the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to emerge victorious in the forthcoming national elections.

PDP officials had in recent times kicked against the insistence of the commission to use the card reader and the Permanent Voter Cards, PVCs.

Among those who spoke against the alleged move to send Jega on pre-retirement leave were Prof. Itse Sagay, SAN, Mr Femi Falana, SAN, Chief Olisa Agbokoba, SAN, Chief Mike Ozekhome, SAN and Prince Orji Nwafor-Orizu. Chief Fredrick Fasheun, who is also a supporter of the second term aspiration of the president, also opposed any premature exit of Jega.

Constitutional lawyer, Professor Itse Sagay said that any attempt to remove Jega from office through what he called “political retirement” would set the country on fire.

In a telephone interview with Vanguard, Sagay said the INEC chairman cannot be removed from office at this time under the pretence of retirement on two grounds.

He said: “The appointment of Jega as INEC boss was ratified by the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and his removal under the law must be ratified by two-third majority of the Senate.”

Besides, he opined that the appointment is political and that he is as such “not a typical civil servant who is expected to proceed on leave after spending 35 years in service or attained the mandatory retirement age. So any attempt to force him out of office through political means is an attempt to set the country on fire.”

Meet The Intern Without Experience That Wants To Govern Lagos- Ambode Hits Agbaje Hard

The All Progressives Congress governorship candidate in Lagos State, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, says his main contender, the Peoples Democratic Party candidate, Mr. Jimi Agbaje, is an intern who lacks the executive experience to govern the state.

Ambode, during the party’s campaign rally at Ifako-Ijaye Mini Stadium on Thursday, added that the job of governing the state was too complex for an intern.

He described Agbaje as a pharmacist with just a chemist experience, who had been unable to grow his business beyond two shops.

The APC gubernatorial candidate said, “The job of the governor of Lagos is not meant for people without experience like the PDP candidate. He has no executive experience; his experience is that he has only worked in his pharmacy.

“He has not developed it beyond two shops. Lagos is too complex for an intern, we can’t entrust this state into the hands of someone who will experiment with it.”

Ambode therefore urged Lagosians to vote for him in the April 11, 2015 governorship election, assuring them that he possessed the needed executive experience to govern the state and move it to the next level.

He said, “Whatever project that Governor Babatunde Fashola has not completed, I will complete it; there must be continuity. We want continuity because Lagos is known for excellence. We will work together to make Lagos prosperous for us all and nobody will be left out.”

PDP Don’t Tell You About Change Because We Aren’t Bus Conductors That Ask For Change – Patience Jonathan

The First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, has charged women in the country to vote for the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, stressing that any woman who votes for All Progressives Congress, APC, is an enemy of herself.


Dame Jonathan, at Orerokpe, Okpe Local Government Area of Delta State, at the PDP Women for Change Initiative Presidential Rally in the state, while applauding the benevolence of the PDP administration to women in the country, cited the Youth Enterprise With Innovation in Nigeria, YouWin and Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment Programme, SUREP, as some of the empowerment programmes the President Jonathan administration was using to empower women and youths in the country.

She said: “The PDP is a party that talks less and does more, unlike the APC that tells new lies every week. When you catch them today, they will tell another lie tomorrow. We (PDP) do not tell you about change because we are not bus conductors that ask for change.

“We are now in a digital age and we should reject anyone who wants to take us back to analog days. They keep saying they will do this and that. They should tell us what they have done for Nigerians while in office. As for President Jonathan, he has vowed to do more when he is re-elected.

“President Jonathan has brought a lot of innovation and empowerment programmes for us women. This is because no one loves the Nigerian woman more than Mr. President and the best way to pay him back is by re-electing him.”

My Attack On Buhari And APC Won’t Stop – Gov Fayose

The Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose, has said he will not stop attacking the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.).

The governor, who said he owed nobody any apology for exposing the alleged hypocrisy of the APC leaders, accused them of placing personal interests above national interest.

Fayose, who spoke through his Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Idowu Adelusi, in Ado-Ekiti on Thursday, was reacting to criticisms that had trailed his campaign for the re-election of President Goodluck Jonathan of the Peoples Democratic Party and his continuous attacks on Buhari.

He however said, he had nothing personal against Buhari.
According to him, the APC has not only packaged lies and tried to foist such on Nigerians, it has also compromised the Independent National Electoral Commission to rig the election earlier scheduled for February 14.

Watch Buhari’s Mo Abudu Interview! He Says “I Was Persuaded To Run For Presidency By My Supporters “

On Tuesday, BN published an interview that Ebony Life TV CEO, Mo Abudu, conducted with President Goodluck Jonathan, in which he emphasized that his administration’s numerous accomplishments had been overshadowed by the Boko Haram insurgency.

And now, we are bringing you an interview that Abudu held with APC presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari earlier this month. During their conversation, Buhari speaks about how he intends to move Nigeria forward if he is elected president. He however notes that change will not happen immediately, as Nigeria’s problems did not emerge overnight.

Here is a brief summary of key topics discussed:

On why he wants to become president of Nigeria
He states that he was persuaded into running for president by his supporters

On how he intends to rule Nigeria if elected president
Buhari stated that the question transcends whether he will adopt a civilian or military style of ruling. He emphasized that ultimately, he will govern Nigeria in accordance with the constitution.
On how he plans to tackle insecurity
He noted that because these problems did not start over night, change will not occur immediately. He also revealed that in the fight against Boko Haram, he would employ the strategy of working closely with neighbouring countries to ensure that Nigeria’s borders are secure.
On his ideas for reviving the economy
Buhari  stated that the Nigerian economy is too reliant on oil and gas. He proffered that the development of the agriculture sector and reviving of the textile industry would contribute to helping the economy move forward.

He also recommended that simple measures could also be taken to save money in government. For instance, cutting down on spending money during ceremonies, spending less money on overhead, minimizing traveling with a large convoy of vehicles, cutting down on trips abroad, etc.

Watch the interview video below

Jonathan will Defeat Buhari Even if Election Holds Today- Campaign Official

A Lagos-based lawyer and member of the President Goodluck Jonathan Campaign in Ogun state, Adeyinka Kotoye, has expressed confidence that President Goodluck Jonathan will defeat Muhammadu Buhari whenever election holds.

Mr. Jonathan is the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party while Mr. Buhari is that of the main opposition party, All Progressives Congress. Mr. Kotoye disclosed this at the weekend in a chat with journalists.

He said his confidence was hinged on the fact that President Jonathan remained the best presidential candidate in Nigeria with a proven track record of performance. The Ogun politician said he was yet to see any parameter for people to conclude that Mr. Jonathan had not performed.

He said he had on many occasions challenged Mr. Jonathan’s critics to that. “I have not seen any parameter used by Jonathan’s critics to conclude that his administration has failed. And when you ask them to give you the parameter to their conclusion, they just get down to blackmail and insult. If you take it sector by sector, Jonathan has done extremely well…”

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Lagosians Are Not In Bondage, Gov Fashola Reacts To Jonathan’s Comment

Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State yesterday reacted to President Goodluck Jonathan’s statement that victory for the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in the forthcoming elections would free Lagos residents from oppression, saying “Lagos is not in bondage.”

Meantime, Fashola stunned a gathering in Lekki axis of the state when he said he bought his own vault where he will be buried after his demise four years ago.

The governor while reacting to the Presidents statement said “It is an un-presidential statement made in an act of desperation.”

It will be recalled that Jonathan made the statement during a meeting with leaders of market women groups, “Iyalojas”, in Lagos.

According to him, “the question to ask him (Jonathan) is that if he had come to free residents of Lagos from bondage and he lived here for five days meeting with people and distributing money in dollars. That means he lived in bondage in five days while trying to free people.

“If he can live here for five days moving with patrol vehicles that we paid for, let him go and spend five days in Chibok and he will know what bondage is,” he added.

Shifting February Polls Saved Nigeria From Massive Embarrassment – PDP

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) says contrary to subjective reactions that the postponement of the February election dates was injurious to the nation’s democracy, unfolding events, especially the prevalent huge deficit in the distribution of the Permanent Voters Cards (PVC) have shown that the development rather saved the nation and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) a huge embarrassment.

The PDP said all lovers of democracy should appreciate those who raised the alarm that led to the postponement as any election on the earlier scheduled February 14 and 28 dates would have been chaotic and far from fair and credible as over 23 million registered voters would have been disenfranchised for no fault of theirs.

PDP National Publicity Secretary, Olisa Metuh in a statement on Friday said “the fact that millions of Nigerians are still struggling to receive their PVCs a week after the February 14th date, clearly shows that the commission would have been thoroughly embarrassed had it gone ahead with the elections on that day.

“As at February 7, a week to the rescheduled elections, the Chairman of INEC, Prof. Attahiru Jega announced that only 45, 829, 808 representing 66.58 percent of the total number of registered voters have received their PVCs. INEC’s records also showed that 1.3 million cards were yet to be delivered by the printers while 1.1 million stolen cards were yet to be replaced as at that date.

“Whereas INEC gave the impressions that all processes including the PVC distribution will be perfected before February 14, it is disturbing that a week after that date, millions of Nigerians are still struggling to receive their cards, which confirms the fears that the commission was not truly ready for the election in February in spite of its posturing.

“Also, had the commission gone ahead with the polls on February 14, non-indigenes who were being denied their PVCs in select states such as Lagos and Kano would also have been disenfranchised. The shift gave INEC the time to tackle the issue, which led to the sacking of two of its culpable adhoc staff members in Lagos state.

“Furthermore, while briefing the Senate on Wednesday, the INEC Chairman had acknowledged that the postponement was a blessing in disguise which affords the commission and other stakeholders an ample opportunity to perfect all processes for credible elections.


Elections: No Guarantee on Election Date

Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Prof. Attahiru Jega, has said he can not guarantee the 2015 general elections will hold on the rescheduled dates in March and April.

Jega, who was before the Senate on Wednesday to explain the level of INEC’s preparedness for the elections, said only the service chiefs could guarantee the sanctity of the rescheduled polls in view of the security challenges facing the country.

Jega, who was grilled for about four hours by the Senate, said the security forces would be in a better position to answer the question on whether the elections would hold as re-scheduled or not. He said he could only give assurance on issues under his jurisdiction.

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Bloodbath In Benin City As PDP & APC Clash Over 500 PVCs Found In PDP Chieftain’s House

There was a bloody clash between All Progressives congress(APC) and Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) in Edo State on Tuesday, following the discovery of 500 permanent voter cards (PVCs) at the residence of a chieftain of the PDP.

Trouble started when the PDP stalwart was caught trying to use someone’s ATM card to make withdrawal at one of the new generation banks and was arrested by security operatives who later handed him over to the police.

The police took him to his house to search the place and when they got there, 500 PVCs were found in his room.

He reportedly confessed the PVCs belonged to a House of Representatives candidate from Edo Central.

While the APC in the state demanded that the suspect be transferred immediately to the state Police command in Benin City, some PDP members insisted that the suspect be left off the hook

Obasanjo : His Architectural Design And Failed Pocketing Of A Nation By Fodio Ahmed

I will try and keep it together, above all simple. Baba, I am not here to mount gramma or analyze your dramatic attitudes, but certainly as a former president who served both in the Military and Civilian eras, you need no introduction. Baba, you became a military president after the successful assassination of General Murtala Muhammed, I also do not have that unpleasant time to tell you, when was that. You tried to assassinate Late General Sani Abacha but you ran out of luck, the reason you where sentenced to life in prison.

Baba Iyabo, your release after the death of Abacha and the eventual search for greener pasture in politics began that same period, but of cause, it was clear how you made it out of prison. The discovery of your god in prison and seeing 1999 before 1999 was seen clearly by yourself, as being on a mission to restore Nigeria and her ribbons of troubles, starting with the defeat of separatism. Exactly, the vision you saw Baba came to stay, when you became the pioneer People’s Democratic Party’s presidential flag bearer and eventually the winner, I seriously do not want to discuss how you won that election, but then on 27th of May, 1999, you where sworn-in as a president elect of federal republic of Nigeria.

Baba, 4 years later from 1999, you needed an intact return in 2003, but your then Vice President was already seeing his transition glory from number 2 to 1. Atiku’s quest for transition secured an agreement, a gentlemen agreement with you, to be supported in 2007. Baba Kai!!!!!!! You are not a gentleman at all and I doubt, if you will see the glory of almighty, because you refused to respect that gentlemen agreement, rather you came up with the worst leadership desire called the 3rd term Agenda, that naked desire was the foundation of the architectural design of Nigeria’s present day misery.

Baba, can God Almighty forgive you ? He would, if Nigerians forgive you, so instead of all this stunts, it is better you seek for forgiveness from us. Baba, I seriously do not have that strength to outline your sins, against us, but aside your failed attempt to bury Nigerian constitution with whole lots of facial make up to suit your 3rd term agenda, to your many attempts to completely hijack the control of the party, or to the series of dislodgment plot within the party, which today is the reason all incumbents want be in charge of their party. Baba you successfully manipulated the PDP’s constitution which saw you becoming the Chairman Board of Trustees after dislodging Chief Tony Aneni. That post is the most powerful organ of the party.

Baba, you ko !!!! You even have the gods to accuse President Goodluck Jonathan of squandering Nigeria’s oil money, who was your Petroleum Minister during your 8 years serving as a President ? Nobody, you were the sole administrator of that Ministry, give us a detail report of the financial happenings then.

Baba, from what it is today, even the emergence of Goodluck was as your result of greedy political permutations beyond 2007, you knew the health condition of Late Umaru Musa Yar’adua, I am sure. His elder brother was once your Chief of Staff but you against all odds hand picked and did the peering, that peering now is where we are today. That peering is President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan who took over after the death of Yar’adua. Baba then believed his plans had fallen into place, like since he didn’t secure a 3rd term bid, his puppet is there. Can we now see, where the politics of ‘hand picking a successor’ got its revelation ?. In fact, even the 2007 election that brought Baba’s peering was described as the most fraudulent election ever, well maybe the 2015 might take over that record, since it is believed that students learn better than their teachers.

Follow countrymen, all sins that Baba is pin pointing in this administration, got its root from Baba as a result of his failure to to secure a 3rd term agenda. Even the fuel subsidy crisis was exactly an opposite of the notorious “Ali Must Go” crisis. Baba didn’t use the military to intimidate but he also resigned lots of not loyal uniform men, his tool then was Nuhu Ribadu and his EFCC, a cosmetic anti corruption agency used for bringing sanity unto those who have gone against the political morality of Baba Iyabo. The same thing Jonathan does with our security agencies, but Baba played a matured one though. Baba, you brought Goodluck to become your errand president while from Otta farm, you wanted to control the Nation’s treasury and pocket Goodluck’s administration, but sorry you had the devil’s luck, coupled with the fact that what you did in PDP has started witch hunting you, physically and spiritually. It got to the peak, that was why you publicly tore your membership card.

Dear Baba Iyabo, we know you are just displaying your illusive patriotism and fraudulent heroic gestures because what Nigeria is suffering today is the manifestation of your sperm from the womb of her political system and let almighty GOD reward your accordingly. Amen. You have totally failed.

Now, to APC who are busy celebrating Baba’s fraudulent heroic act, to the extent of saying he is emancipating, we the people from the shackles of PDP, I now wonder, if the CHANGE that we the masses crave for, is exactly the CHANGE as seen in the opposition because it’s obvious that the APC are just after unseating then crushing the PDP, I mean revenge time. Who knows, but this is my prayer, Dear Lord, General Buhari no doubt is a man of integrity but not perfect as coined by mischievous political supporters and it is your will that he is so loved by the masses, but seems lots of wolfs are wearing the Buhari’s face and exploiting his integrity. I pray that God exposes them before they win elections and disgrace the general who clearly is on a rescue mission. Amen.

  Views expressed in article are solely that of author and not nor its associates

The 2015 Elections: There May Be Another Country By Nnaemeka Oruh

The tension is palpable. Naked fear walks through the land unchallenged, waylaying people at every turn. While a deadly group of religious bigots has laid siege on our land and seem not to be letting go of its asphyxiating hold on us, it was not the major reason for the fear that now roams through the streets of our land. After all, the deadly group has for now confined its activities to a particular part of our land. This fear is a fear born out of something else. Something that defies geographical boundaries. Something that is omnipresent. It reaches out to all of us, through mobile phones, word of mouth, television stations, radio stations, and even the print media. This fear was born out of the gospel of hatred.
At one side, some chant change. At the other, the chant of transformation rents the air. But they do not stop at that. The campaign of calumny increases daily. This camp calls out the other camp. The other retaliates. Lies are spread, minds are poisoned and when you step back and watch, you realise that if a truce is not called, mortal enemies are being created. Families have been split right through the middle with poisonous hatred shrouding each half. There is no longer any common ground. You place a finger on the pulse of the nation and you can feel the sickness engulfing her.
Take a trip to the social media and see the insults hurled; the threats meted out, and you suddenly realise that if we survive the elections, a lot of time will be spent trying to heal this nation. It does not seem like any camp is willing to accept defeat. Pointers only show that whoever wins, the other camp(with or without the support of its leader) will revolt and blood may flow.
Ironically, the elders who should help mitigate this crackling hate fans its embers. Words that even young people like me dare not say, come out from the mouths of elders. Words that incite more hatred and threaten to tear us apart. The only thing is, when the uprising starts, the elders will not be on the streets to fight. Those voices(activists all) from London, tightly gripping the social media and inciting hate will be in London or the USA, acting as our mouthpiece, ‘agitating’ for international support under the cosy atmosphere of foreign peace.  The victims? You know who the victims will be.
The victims will be you and I, who have no access to visas that will enable us escape once the fight starts. We will be stuck here, one poor man killing the other poor man. Our children? They will suffer the most. The children of the others will be in faraway countries, still eating bacon and coffee for breakfast. My children and yours will be happy if their mothers find enough cassava leaves to prepare saltless soup.
This is not a fight for change or transformation. It is a power struggle between people who feel they are losing control of power and relevance and those who are fighting back to maintain their relevance. It is a power struggle blown out of proportion by feeding the media(especially social media) with lies, half-truths and promises bordering on utopia. Disciples have been made and encouraged to help spread the hate. And the gullible disciples, unthinking of the overall future of the nation are fanatically at work, most of them for free. The idea of doing it for free gives them a certain moral justification that they are fighting for something noble. Yet whoever claims to be fighting for the good of our nation would always stop and ask; “Will the current trend help my nation grow, or will it harm her more?”. In implementing plans, it is always pertinent to see how your proximal goals will affect your distal goals. If the good of the nation is your distal goal, take a pause and ask how your current spread of hatred will benefit Nigeria in the long run.
Fear is the lord of our land now. Many have decided that staying clear of anything that concerns the elections is the only guaranty of safety. Mother has called me too and warned me to stay clear. I rush through social media these days without paying attention to political posts. The spread of hatred is sickening.
This morning, I re-visited Chinua Achebe’s There Was a Country: A Personal History of Biafra. There are glaring similarities between the state of things now and the ones that led to the civil war. Only this time, the actors have changed. Then I fall on my knees and say this short prayer: ” Please God, don’t let there be another country”.

    Views expressed are solely that of author and has nothing to do with nor its associates

Boko Haram Goes on Vacation During APC Rallies, Asari Jabs APC

Asari Dokubo took to his Facebook page to make allegations against APC. He accused them of controlling Boko Haram and uploaded a photo, suggesting that the APC collaborates with Boko Haram.

Find his post below: 




Find Out Which PDP Group Joins Buhari’s Train

A group within the Peoples Democratic Party known as Mass Movement for Goodluck (MMG) says it has now crossed over to the All Progressives Congress (APC) and changed its name to Mass Movement for Buhari (MMB).

Inuwa Abdulkadir, the national coordinator of the group, Kenneth Ibe-Kalu said President Goodluck Jonathan and the PDP have failed to deliver on their promises to provide good governance hence their decision to swicth over to the APC.

According to Abdulkadir, it is evident that the PDP has barricaded itself against the people it intends to lead and has no answers to their survival and future livelihood.

Responding after receiving members of the group into the APC fold, Chairman, North West zone of the APC,  Inuwa Abdulkadir,  commended their courage in joining the change train, assuring them that the APC government is the answer that will salvage the country from imminent collapse.

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Ban Ki-moon Asks INEC to Embark on Rapid PVCs Distribution

The UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, has asked INEC to take advantage of the shift in polls to embark on rapid distribution of the remaining Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs) to all registered voters.

This is contained in a statement from the Secretary-General on Sunday in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on the postponement of Nigeria’s elections, initially scheduled for February 14 and 28. The statement was made available to the media by Oluseyi Soremekun, National Information Officer, UN Information Centre in Nigeria.

He urged, “the electoral authority to take all necessary measures, such as the rapid distribution of the remaining PVCs, to enable all eligible voters, including those displaced, to exercise their right to vote in a timely manner.  This is imperative for ensuring a credible, free and transparent election,” the statement said.

The statement also said that the UN scribe had spoken in a telephone conversation with President Goodluck Jonathan on Saturday over the postponement of the election, and also to Gen Muhammadu Buhari (rtd).

He had encouraged both Jonathan and opposition candidate Buhari to respect the Abuja Accord they adopted and which commits them to non-violence, peace and tolerance during the elections. “He looks up to Nigeria’s authorities to uphold their commitment to ensure a violence-free election and put in place adequate security measures, so that citizens across the country are able to exercise their civic duty safely and without fear,” the statement added.

The secretary-general expressed the hope that the forthcoming elections would meet the high expectations of the Nigerian people and the international community. “The successful conduct of these polls would strengthen Nigeria’s democracy and enable the country to continue to play a leading role in the promotion of regional peace and security,” Ban said.

Credit: NAN

PDP Knows How To Win The Elections- Muazu

National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Adamu Muazu, has revealed that the party was negatively affected by “poaching of its best brains” meaning the defection of five of its governors to the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC). But he also stressed that the worst days were already over. Muazu made his statement on February 2, 2015 in Abuja, Vanguard reports.

It would be recalled that the governors who defected to the APC included Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers; Rabiu Kwankwaso of Kano; Aliyu Magatakada Wammako of Sokoto; Abdulfatah Ahmed of Kwara and ex- Governor Murtala Nyako of Adamawa State respectively.

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Buhari To Address Nigerians in Town Hall Meetings to Alternate TV Debate

General Muhammadu Buhari has opted to interact with Nigerians directly by organizing town hall meetings across the country.

The strategy would enable him and his running mate, Yemi Osinbajo explain directly to citizens the policy thrust of their envisaged administration and how the set objectives will be achieved.

Buhari, in statement by the Director of Media and Publicity of his campaign organisation, Garba Shehu, said he was compelled to chart this course because of the compelling need to have a person-to-person interactive sessions during which pertinent questions will be posed to him and Osinbajo and responses provided.

The first of such town hall meetings started on Monday in Lagos with a public interaction between Buhari and representatives of Organised Private Sector. On Tuesday, the town hall meeting will hold in Kano with traders and market associations.  Thereafter, the meeting will hold in Benin with labour and civil society leaders.

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What the INEC numbers are telling us  – by Ayisha Osori

In the last couple of weeks, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has led the news. About everything from undistributed, stolen and rescued permanent voters cards (PVCs) to well meaning encouragement for INEC to bare its fangs at election related hate speech. And then there are the kites zigzagging everywhere: postponing the elections because INEC is not prepared and not using the PVCs and card readers – never mind that some politicians have allegedly invested in fake PVCs.

However, INEC should be in the news for other reasons as well but few seem to be paying attention. The first is the INEC voter register for the 2015 general election published January 14 2015. We now know that we have sixty eight million (68,833,941) registered voters, fifty four million (54,341,610) PVCs ordered and thirty eight million PVCs collected. What we do not know is why or how INEC decided to make only 54 million PVCs when we have 68 million registered voters. It is also curious that while INEC admits that there are 16M (16,927,045) registered voters yet to be provided their PVCs it is not clear if these 16M are part of the 54million ordered or entirely separate. If you add the 16M to the number who have collected (38M), we get 55M – which is 1M higher than the number INEC says it ordered. Or is this 16M the balance of what has not been ordered out of the original 68M? No. Because when you deduct 54M from 68M you get 14M – 2M less than the number of registered voters INEC says have not been provided PVCs. The numbers are do not provide a complete picture.

The FCT has 881,472 registered voters but only 850,360 cards were ordered. Adamawa has 1,559,012 registered voters but only 1,529,636 cards ordered, Delta 2,275,264 registered and 1,909,291 ordered. Every state had numbers shaved off. Yet, for those who thrive on mystery, conspiracy theories and the improbability of coincidence, when we compare the 2015 register with the 2011 one, we find that the NE, NW and NC, lost 3M voters while the SS, SW and SE gained 1.6M.

INEC’s voter register also tells us that the NSA, Sambo Dasuki is wrong about 30M uncollected PVCs because INEC’s register indicates that 71% of the 54M ordered have been collected, which
leaves 15.5M as of January 14. Logically and hopefully this number is much reduced since then.

The second reason we should be talking about INEC is the House of Representatives and Senate candidates’ list. 90% of the attention is on a few presidential candidates, 9% on some of gubernatorial candidates – while thousands of candidates are escaping scrutiny and we are loosing the chance to examine the impact of electing them in February. We are also ignoring the opportunity to engage the candidates who claim to be running on certain demographic issues.

The top contenders for the presidency have had a few political ads talking about gender inclusivity, with one candidate admittedly with more of a track record than the other. However, INEC’s lists do not support their words. For over 1600 candidates for the House of Representatives, PDP have only 19 female candidates, APC has 26 and Labour, 15. The party with the highest number of female candidates for the House is the Mega People Political Party (MPPP). The numbers are worse for the Senate. Out of a total of 747 Nigerians vying to get in PDP, APC and Labour out did themselves and fielded 7 each. MPPP led again with 16. In summary, women did not do well in any of the major political parties.

When it comes to age, youth fare no better. The Senate is still the retirement home of old generals, ex governors and ex any government position. The youngest candidate for the Senate is 25 – but this could be 52 written backwards considering the minimum age in the Constitution is 35 while the oldest is 74 with a lot 60+ candidates.

There is a lot more the numbers are telling us – including about the States but our ears are filled with defamatory words and our eyes blinkered with derogatory cartoons and tasteless newspaper ads. We stubbornly refuse to see the big picture about democracy and what it is supposed to mean, not just for participatory representation but also for the delivery of good governance and fulfilling the contract between citizens and government.

Until those of us with PVCs press ink stained thumbs on the ballot papers next month, there is still time to absorb the information we have and do the right thing: to think right and vote right.

Who is Afraid of Muhammadu Buhari? By Anjuwon Oluwole

President Goodluck Jonathan was the toast of the Nigerian masses before the 2011 Presidential elections. As he enjoyed great amount of goodwill from Nigerians, to the extent that Parents christened their children ‘goodluck’ as a result of the perceived elements of luck which follows the President due to the fact many see him as someone who always has an easy ride to the top of any office he finds himself and believe he would make Nigeria a great nation. As a result of this goodwill he cleared the Presidential election in an atmosphere which was free and averagely fair.

From a personal research I made in October 2014, four out of five respondents who voted for President Goodluck in 2011 stated that they would not vote for him in 2015, but would rather vote for General Buhari.

Meanwhile, all the respondents who voted for General Buhari in 2011 maintained that they would still vote for him in the coming presidential election. This implies that President Jonathan has traded the goodwill he enjoyed in 2011 to General Muhammadu Buhari.

Nigerians expected more from President Goodluck than he has delivered. Any Nigerian who is truthful and patriotic without allowing the sentiments of religion, ethnicity, political alignment and greed to override his or her sense of judgment knows that the Nigeria we all crave for isn’t the one we have this day. Those who state otherwise are simply unpatriotic.

Though the Goodluck Jonathan government has made some giant strides in the areas of agriculture and road construction but has failed woefully in dealing with corruption, insecurity, erratic power supply, unnecessary religious and ethnic rivalry among Nigerians.

President Jonathan and General Buhari are unarguably the two most powerful political brands we have in Nigeria as at today. The former has sizeable wealth and an astonishing incumbency factor in his favour. While, the latter is just a poor political figure, whose anti-corruption tendency and simplicity made him the toast of the masses.

The latter, General Mohammed Buhari is the ‘one man mopol’ we use in the local parlance, as he garnered over 12 million votes during the 2011 Presidential election without the goodwill he enjoyed now. With the goodwill he now enjoys, it’s clear Nigerians would witness the first ever defeat of an incumbent president come 2015 in a free and fair contest.

General Buhari is an incorrupt leader, who is ‘poor’ in relation to the type of wealth his fellow retired colleagues in the military have in their disposal. This is his Unique Selling Point, and that is what Nigerians crave for.

Nigerians know that corruption is the biggest problem the nation is facing and are looking for someone who would end this evil. They expect President Jonathan to deal decisively with corrupt practices, but were utterly amazed when he called cases of corrupt practices mere ‘stealing’. How then does he want them to convince them that the money meant for transforming the country is not stolen?

However the corrupt few who hold us to ransom by enriching themselves with our common resources, don’t want Muhammadu Buhari as president because they want to keep milking the nation dry.

They have also being making their privilege friends within business corridor rich at the expense of the masses.

In 2011, in one of the lavish dinners which were held to celebrate the victory of the incumbent president, one of the keynote speakers, a wealthy businessman, was quoted as saying “President Goodluck Jonathan, thank God you won. We are happy you won. If you hadn’t, most of us here in this hall would have gone on exile by now.”

This shameful statement give credence to the fact that our corrupt politicians and their friends in the business community knows the fate that would befall them, when the peoples’ general becomes President, and they have vowed in their closets to do everything within their reach to stop him,

These enemies of the Nigeria nation, has therefore branded Buhari as an Islamic fanatic, who would Islamize Nigeria and force every Christian to become a Muslim. Is this possible in the 21st century? As a military commander, Buhari permits his Christian officers to rest on Sundays and would not allow fellow Muslims to enjoy the same privilege on Fridays. Does this not rubbish the ‘fanatic’ label they have placed on him?

Furthermore, they tell us he is the sponsor of the dreaded Boko Haram, but still they haven’t come out with prove to substantiate their claim. As head of state, Buhari put an end to the evil activities of an Islamic sect known as the ‘Maitatsine.’ How then would he now sponsor Boko Haram?

Nigerians are now wiser and would not believe the many lies being put forward by the enemies of Nigeria to deny us from saving our dear country. We are ready to save Nigeria with our votes by voting General Buhari our president come 2015.

Anjuwon Oluwole @tweetjuwon

Views Expressed are Solely Author’s.

Mozambicans Vote with Hopes for Economic Boom

Mozambicans votes, Wednesday in elections expected to return the ruling Frelimo party to power in one of Africa’s fastest-growing economies, which is looking to escape years of poverty and conflict by tapping into its huge energy resources.

Polling stations opened at 7 a.m. local time across the Indian Ocean nation, whose 2,500 km (1,550 mile) coast stretches from Tanzania in the north down to South Africa.

More than 10 million voters were registered to take part in the elections for a new president, parliament and provincial assemblies. Foreign donors and investors hope the ballot will help to bury old animosities still lingering from a 1975-1992 civil war fought between Frelimo and its old foe Renamo.

Ordinary Mozambicans say they want whoever wins the vote to use the country’s newly discovered resources of coal and natural gas to end poverty and inequality and to create more jobs.

“The leaders must think of the people, they must know how to invest the resources,” said engineering student Helder Mesquita, 24, walking to a polling station with his wife and infant son.

APC And PDP Thugs Clash In Lagos

A brutal clash occurred between thugs loyal to the All Progressives Congress and those sympathetic to the Peoples Democratic Party on Monday at the Fadeyi end of Ikorodu Road, Lagos State, claiming the life of a lottery agent, Sheriff Alasia in the process.

According to one of the residents in the area, the deceased, a 30-year-old man was married with a son.

The victim, who was a Premier Lotto agent, was said to have been caught in a fire exhange between the two factions on Ikorodu Road, and died on the spot.

According to reports, the Mushin area of Lagos has become a ground of violent cult clashes between two groups- Toba gang and Toheeb boys, with the Toba gang loyal to the APC, while the Toheeb’s boys are PDP supporters.

The two groups have continued to engage themselves in a battle for supremacy ahead of the 2015 elections.

The latest battle was said to have started on Saturday afternoon after some hoodlums embarked on a protest for the release of their leader, Joel Oloruntoba, aka Toba, who was facing murder charges at a state High Court.

According to a source, Toba boys went about destroying all political posters and banners belonging to the APC.

They went on the rampage tearing the posters because they believe that Toba is an APC boy and for the past six months, the party has refused to come to his aid or assist in his release. They were shouting, ‘No Toba, no APC, no election’ They were breaking bottles,” said the source.

APC In Troubled Waters As Buhari Remains Adamant, Refuses To Step Down For Younger Candidates

Former President, and one of the Presidential hopefuls under the platform of the All Progressives Congress, General Muhammadu Buhari has remained unyielding ,

Despite pressure from different angles that he should give up the 2015 election in order to give younger people the opportunity to contest in an election the party has vowed to be ‘a do-or- die’ contest.

This decision has not only manifested in Buhari’s recent comment and consultations with party stalwarts, but has been displayed even at several gatherings of the party’s caucus where he showed no sign of a politician willing to listen to the advice of others as it concerns the 2015.

Recent events showed that the former Head of State is almost getting to the finish line of his presidential ambition, as he is now working to ensure that the October 8 formal declaration turns out successful.

Buhari who undoubtedly has cult followers and loyalists across the country, especially in the North-eastern part of the country will be making a 4th attempt to govern the country.

His several attempts have however become his greatest undoing as some of the APC members are of the views that it will be regrettable if the party opt for Buhari as the daunting criticism has always been that he is advanced in age and as such cannot be supported by majority of the country’s youth.