Amber Rose Claims She Was Drugged The Night She Slammed Kanye

Remember when Amber Rose dissed Kanye at a club and said he doesn’t write his own music,and the club DJ should play songs of nig**a’s she’s f-ked with? Now she claims her actions was not normal and her drink may have been laced with drugs.
Appearing on Big Boy’s Neighborhood,she said:

I really feel like someone put something in my drink that night,” she said. “I’ma be honest, one; I don’t talk like that and two; I had two cocktails … and a couple sips of champagne and that’s it. I literally blacked out and threw up all night and woke up in my
bed naked with no clothes on.
I don’t do drugs, I don’t even smoke weed … It was very weird. It was like a week later when it came out and I was like, ‘Whoa!’ I didn’t know it happened until a week later. If you look at the video, I couldn’t even stand up. I’m just not going to go to the clubs anymore.