ADP, new mega party, submits documents for registration

The Action Democratic Party (ADP), a new mega political party, has submitted requirements for registration to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

Speaking to journalists on Wednesday, Yagbayi Sani, protem national chairman of the party, described ADP as an alternative political party that will put the country “on the path of sustainable development and national cohesion”.

Members of the new party are reportedly drawn from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), All Progressives Congress (APC) and a number of other political groups.

“The current pathetic and weak conditions of the existing major political parties in Nigeria as well as the challenging socio-economic and political situation in the country made us establish this party… It is a child of necessity,” he said.

“The ADP is poised to rebuild Nigeria to achieve greatness as envisaged and desired by all. It is regrettable that despite the enormous human resources for development that we are endowed with, the nation wallows in abject poverty, and lack of direction, the ADP is prepared and equipped to halt this slide.

“Having complied with all the constitutional requirements for registration as a full-fledged political party by INEC, including interim structures in the 36 states of the Federation and the FCT, Abuja, today we are making history by submitting our documents formally and a few of our members decided to join us to this place.”

Sani said the party will rise to the challenge of fixing the country’s irregularities.

“As concerned patriots, like the proverbial sagacious elders who will not allow the head of the newborn child be askew on the back of a slothful mother in the market place, we have risen to the challenge to correct this abnormally and re-position of our country,” he said.

Source: The Cable

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