US-based Nigerians Write Donald Trump, Demand Equitable Treatment

Nigerians based in the United States of America, under the auspices of Nigerian Union Diaspora (NUD), have congratulated the country’s President-elect. Mr. Donald Trump, on his electoral victory and urged him to run an equitable government.


The NUD’s congratulatory message was contained in a letter to Mr. Trump. Dated 20 November and jointly signed by Dr. SKC Ogbonnia, Secretary-General, and Mr. Bayo Oluwasanmi, Executive Director (Political Affairs), the letter called on Mr. Trump to remember his victory speech in which he said: “it is now time for America to bind wounds of division”.


“This statement is especially important considering the divisive tone that characterized the long presidential campaign.


“We strongly encourage you, henceforth, to capitalize on the post-election goodwill and extend an open hand to all Americans, including minority groups, most of who were frightened by certain aspects of your campaign that were widely viewed with apprehension.


“But with your pledge to ‘be president for all’, Nigerian-Americans are emboldened to stand willing, ready, and able to do all we can to the enormous work of healing the country and building a better America for all its citizens; an America that works well for all the people is a pillar of global peace and stability,” the letter said.


The NUD, the umbrella organization of people of Nigerian descent outside Nigeria, said it has over 2.4 million members in the United States. It further said that Nigerians contribute over $150 billion annually to the US economy. The group added that it would arrange a meeting with Mr. Trump’s to explore opportunities of working together.


NUD’s letter traced the history of Nigerians in the United States back to over four centuries, during which it said they have made immense contributions in all spheres of US national development. It explained that Nigerians remain the most credentialed immigrant bloc in the United States, as they have demonstrated in the fields of research, education, healthcare, military, engineering, economics and job creation among others.


The NUD added that it hopes that the Trump administration will recognize the significant pedigree of Nigerians and forge lasting relationships them as well as with the Nigerian nation.


“Aside from being the flagship country of the African continent, Nigeria has the abundant resources to advance strong bilateral relations with the United States on mutually beneficial terms. The well-being of Nigeria on the African continent is the well-being of the people of Nigerian descent in America,” the NUD added.


It equally called on Mr. Trump to consider his position, on assumption of office, as the leader of the world’s most influential country to run a government devoid of racial, gender, religious and ethnic prejudices, adding that he has a responsibility to treat everyone equally.


“Posterity beckons on you, therefore, to break from the unfortunate past—to finally accord the Nigerian nation as well as the Nigerian-Americans similar attention as other leading countries of other continents and their immigrants in the United States, including but not limited to policies on trade, immigration, terrorism, global security, economic opportunities, social issues, and human rights. Just policies on Africa will go a long way in binding ‘the wounds of division’ that have existed between African-Americans in general and the larger American population,” the letter concluded.

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