NLC Faction Accuses Wabba of Instigating EFCC’s Probe of Unions

The crisis rocking the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, has taken a new twist, as the Joe Ajaero’s faction has accused that led by Ayuba Wabba of instigating illegal probe of the finances of some industrial unions by anti-graft agencies, especially the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC.

But Wabba, who denied receipt of the petition, said there was no truth in the petition, saying even EFCC knew it was not true.

He, however, said a former response would be issued once he received the petition and promised to get back as soon he read through the petition.

But in the four-page petition to Mr. Wabba, titled Insidious attempts at destabilizing the Labour Movement: An urgent call to stop, dated October 20, 2016, by Ajaero, the faction claimed Wabba’ was sponsoring illegal groups in unions to undermine their leadership, negating the spirit of the movement.

The petition read: “Inviting the EFCC or other security agencies through proxies as a leverage to hunt labour leaders in Nigeria will not work.

‘’Pursuing the appropriation of state powers for purposes of resolving purely industrial relations issues is at best self-defeating and we can say very destructive.

‘’If what you have to offer the Nigerian state at this time is this distraction of negative deployment of its institutions and apparatuses, then it is unfortunate.”

‘’What some of us occupy ourselves with sometimes raises an ugly spectre about our innate capacities and capabilities which questions our claim to any form of leadership.

“We want to state that the aws of Nigeria individually and collectively have stated how union accounts are controlled. Trying to use any unconventional instrument of governance with the boast that their leadership have primordial affinity with yourself is rather un-comradely and a testament of deep frustration and cowardice.

‘’Introducing ethnic sentiment into the affairs of trade unions and the movement in general is the height of sabotage. A man that invites outsiders into a clearly internal disputes is like a man who gathers maggot infested firewood, you know exactly what will happen; Lizards will come for a feast.”

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