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NDDC Scholarship: The Typification Of Nigeria’s Chaotic Downtrend

The Niger Delta Development Commission in May, 2016 called for a Computer Based Test of all intending scholars by text message who wished to pursue their Masters and Doctorate degrees abroad – with an official release of this list of successful candidates of the Computer based test published on the NDDC website much later in July.
In June 2016, before the list of successful candidates in the computer based test was even published online; interviews were conducted for the successful candidates who were contacted by text messages. As at the 21st of September 2016, the finalized list of successful candidates had not yet been released.
90% of students applied to UK schools which are scheduled to resume between the second week in September to October 2016 with most enrolment deadlines in October.
As we speak to date; we are yet to receive news from NDDC.
Here are a few details:
1.  The NDDC did not communicate the reasons for this delay. All efforts to get a response from the authorities have proved abortive.
2. There are rumors that the successful scholars list is being tampered with.
3. Many have already lost their admissions.
4. Many are unable to defer as most Uk schools only have September Intakes; meanwhile the Nddc scholarship is only Valid for a limited time from when issued. Thus are on the verge of loosing their admissions.
5. The Visa process alone takes about a month
6. The 2015/2016 set of scholars had to write several letters and stage protests before their allowances were finally paid without a public apology. Their videos can be found on YouTube.
7. The future of the  brightest minds from the oil producing states is being mortgaged for the benefits of a few.
8. The lack of integrity and structure is laughable. Other scholarship bodies like PTDF have duly finalized details with their intending scholars who are now; this moment already abroad settling properly into school.
9. This chaotic manner of governance has been said to be the order of the day, a bitter pill which we must swallow since “we are not the only set to face this”.
We write to say that this is unacceptable and that the scholars who have made it to the final stage and the youth of the Niger Delta Area demand a response from the commission and delivery of their promise to serve the people in truth and integrity.
We demand the following:
1. A public statement and apology indicating why the list has been delayed for so long.
2. A swift release of the award list and letters so that September scholars can proceed to obtain Visas and resume school salvaging the admissions left.
3. A swift release of the full monies for tuition and upkeep immediately to the schools and students upon arrival in order not to repeat the evils and delays as in the previous sets who received their monies some 8months after arrival.
We are aware that given NDDCs past record with the scholars and youth of this scheme, these claims may be denied, refused and sought to be stifled..snuffed out from the public eye with grandiose arguments lacking simple evidence.
My dear citizens; what may we gain by  concocting such stories?…absolutely nothing. But there is much selfish gain on the other side after all they fight for no cause and stand to gain immensely from fixed accounts gathering interest on the monies and necks of the helpless.
The citizens are greater than the elected. Let us speak up. Let us share this across all platforms.
There is hope.
Signed on behalf of
NDDC (Niger Delta Development Committee) Prospective Scholars.

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