Man Arrested After Punching His 4-Year-Old Daughter To Death

A man in Minneapolis, Minnesota was charged with second-degree intentional murder on Tuesday after repeatedly punching his 4-month-old daughter to “quiet her” when she was crying. The child was later pronounced dead at a hospital as a result of her injuries.

According to The Star Tribune, Cory Morris, 21, told police that he was watching television when his daughter, Emersyn Morris, began making “baby talk,” and he carried her to the changing table in her bedroom. When she continued making noises, he punched her with a closed fist to get her to stop. CBS reports that he hit the child 15 times in the head and seven times in the chest.

Morris reportedly showed no signs of remorse over the murder and turned himself into police after the violence occurred. When authorities arrived at his home on Saturday, he was covered in blood and his right fist was swollen. Family members tell The Star Tribune that they had been trying to get Morris psychological help for at least a year, but that he’d never previously showed violent tendencies. Both they and the child’s mother, Jennifer Anderson, said they would not have left Emersyn under his care if they had believed he was capable of hurting her.

“We never thought he would hurt the baby,” his mother, Ginny Morris, said. “We would never allow him to be with the baby if that was the case. We were worried he was going to hurt himself, not the baby.”

On Monday, Anderson took to Facebook to voice her grief over losing her child.

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