@Allsocks_: 10 Tips To Stop Your Shoe From Stinking

What can be more annoying than the pungent, gag-inducing stench of a fresh foot after a hot day of activities? It is quite embarrassing to pull off one’s shoe then a sharp odour slaps everyone with that space right in the middle of the face. Issues like smelly shoe or feet are less publicly discussed, but smelly shoe has the potential to kill relationships, appetites and maybe brain cells…Hehehehe.

We would be sharing some tips on how to avoid smelly shoes which has the ability to cause unimaginable embarrassment. But jokes apart, why should an issue like smelly shoe damage your relationship, or make friends and family avoid coming to your room for those heart to heart discussions and catch up?

Anyone can avoid smelly shoe wahala by merely following these few tips.

  1. Did you know that shoes can be kept in the freezer like this to take the stink out? Putting your shoe in the freezer could kill bacteria and fungus causing odour.


  1. Combination of baking soda, dish soap, hydrogen peroxide and some elbow grease will take out the stink in shoes.


  1. Spraying rubbing alcohol mixed with water on your shoe would help kill the bacteria that causes odour.


  1. Shoes like sneakers can actually be tossed into the washing machine for utmost freshness which cancels odour. Needless to say, not all shoes of course should go into the washing machine. Shoes that can’t get into the washing machine can benefit from other mentioned tip or yet to be mentioned ones.


  • 5.There are also a good number of chemical sprays in the supermarket shelf that would get rid of shoe odour.


  1. There are machine deodorizer designed to remove odour from shoes.


  1. Wearing socks regularly reduces swamp-foot, if you are not comfortable wearing some of specific outfit, you might as well settle for the no-show socks that caters for sweaty feet. If you haven’t changed your socks in the last six months you should visit allsocks.com.ng for great and amazing designs.
  1. Sometimes, all that is required to avoid smelly shoes is to replace the shoe insoles. Odor-controlling insoles can be cut to fit the shape of your sole, and they work well for sandals, high heels or open-toe-shoes.


  1. For those who have sweaty feet, it is advisable to wear breathable cotton socks always. Cotton socks help to absorb moisture from your feet, hence keeping your shoes cleaner.
  1. Always wear shoes that fit, when your shoes don’t fit, your feet would sweat more than usual.

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