Ahmed Oluwasanjo: Reno, Ex-SA New Media Now Black Market Baby Advocator At Retirement

I read with reluctance Reno Omokiri’s brackish defense against government’s clamp down on babe making factories, given the role he played as Special Assistant to president Goodluck Jonathan on New Media. Those who could recall the “Wendel Slimlin”  twitter handle’s case would understand the reason for my reluctance. But, I’m not surprised that such advocacy emanated from a “Tanoid”  like Reno because promoting low brand is in their DNA.

First, I find his support for Nigeria babe making factories mischievous, why? The questions we should ask Reno are, was he at Lesotho or in a state of coma when the government of his pay master clamp down on babe making factories? When his boss was at the helms of affairs as our president, why didn’t he push for this, given that it would get easy approval? Why is Reno just finding his voice now? These questions are begging for answers If we must take his view seriously.

Agreed, surrogacy is globally recognized and practiced with the aim of helping childless couples have children through either gestational or traditional, commercial or altruistic surrogacy. Surrogacy as practiced in the continents mentioned by Reno has legal processes that varies between jurisdictions and countries unlike what some fellow practice here. I will like Reno to tell us if there are any legal process undergone by black market babe sellers and their buyers which he advocates for.

Reno goofed by calling teenagers and women in Nigerian baby making factories surrogate mothers who have children for childless couple. It reveals his ignorance about surrogacy and how it works in other places. Such argument is out of context In Nigeria, where teenagers and women with unwanted pregnancy see babe making factories as save haven to birth a child and sell it off without a second thought on who buys their babies. There are several cases of such to suffice my claim. How about victims of kidnappers impregnated and used to make babies by wicked abductors who deal in babe’s sale with ritualist? Considering these obvious abnormally that characterizes baby making factories in Nigeria, should any one advocate for such?

I think we should also ask Reno to provide us with facts on how many Nigerian childless couples get babies from baby making factory because of the unforeseen medical issues it helps to tackle by knowing the biological parents of bought babies.

Advocating for genuine surrogacy inline with best global practices is not bad. We all know it succors childless couples but not drumming support for a vice perpetrated by some set of wicked quacks. Besides, the fact that we want to import a foreign culture should not make us fail to consider our complexities as a country and understand how best it can fit into our system before adopting them because copying wrong has taken us no where.

Therefore, I will advice Mr. Reno to bring up better issues of national importance to the public space now that his phones have stopped ringing too. Nigerians are wiser now and we would not countenance non issue brought up to insult our collective senses by attention seekers like Reno.

Ahmed Oluwasanjo

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