Amnesty An Act Of Laziness And Enrichment By Ajise Tega

When the present generation work for the future generation, both the present and the future generation is secured. When the present generation steals, or believes in earning their daily bread for no tangible work done, both the present and the future generation becomes lazy, redundant and unproductive. An unproductive nation is a danger first to itself and then to other nations.
For the incoming APC administration that has promised job creation as a priority, Job creation would not be complete without the right concept of dignity of labour. To prove a better alternative as they have so bragged about, they must do things differently in the area of job creation. It is no news that Nigerians are growing lazy in fending for themselves; the causative reasons cannot be mentioned without government being the major culprit. Everyone wants easy access to money for doing frivolous jobs like their counterpart contractors.
Most jobs the GEJ led administration claimed to have created are unsustainable. It would not be excused for its inability to pay workers salary leading to the country borrowing to meet up with its responsibility. It would have been better if GEJ classed these jobs as welfare packages. This would give a clear picture of the problem at hand rather than live in self deceit that millions of jobs were created that can never be found.
It is appalling to see every youth and community fighting for oil pipeline protection contract, one thing is obvious this same people are the vandals of these pipelines. All they are doing is telling the FG to give them money or they will destroy our common source of national livelihood. Like the continuous theft of 400,000 barrels per day with the money been paid to stop it. One can conclude that giving out such contracts is not a guarantee that the pipelines won’t be vandalized. It is a lazy call, a lazy way to fend for our daily bread that would take the country backwards. Most of these pipeline vandals has aligned themselves as militants or affiliated to an existing group that was granted a costly amnesty.
There have been calls for Buhari to continue the amnesty program. An overview of the amnesty program, which the main beneficiaries are using groups to sound the call for continuum. The main benefactors are the high ranking militant bosses or the amnesty contractor or consultants as call them(selves), who gets the large chunk of money and become overnight multi millionaires and billionaire. then use whatsoever they like in the name of training. If amnesty program makes this possible then it is as unfair as the same reasons that lead to agitations that brought about it.
As a southerner I have always asked my people who say a certain part of the country enjoy our oil wealth to the detriment of the producing region, though I don’t dispute their facts, the one question I ask is what have we as southerners come together to make of our oil wealth for the now not to talk of the future? The most effective which is a good job with the oil company is made possible by the oil companies. The answers I get have always been nothing. The said NDDC if properly probed a lot will be shocked that it’s more of a waste pipe. By the time our oil is finished the things that can point to the region as once oil producing is the stark environmental pollution and degradation caused by exploration and the few who can keep their oil gotten wealth.
I would like the incoming administration to ask every amnesty consultant/contractor to present a visionary plan they have for the Niger delta region, aside a vision of their contractual monetary gains I would say nothing. There is a time for everything, Amnesty came, like every sector of the economy it was exploited, it is high time it is scrapped for the sake of the Niger delta people who are beginning to see the oil in the region as a justified reason why they must have access to government funds in whatever guise for doing nothing thereby making a lot redundant. rather such funds should be geared towards job creation. It may take time, such wait can be frustrating. Putting the future generation in perspective if properly done we would always be glad.
May God Help Us.

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