Village Man Invades Lagos Fashion Week | City Bishop Debuts

City Bishop is a comedy show about the adventures of Bishop Edoghogho Isoko Ogheneoboakpororo a journalist from the village of Isoko (Delta State) in the city Lagos.

His mission to explore urban culture and export back home. This episode he invades the glamourous Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2014.


Bishop Edoghogho Isoko Ogheneoboakpororo is a young man in his late 20s. A Native of Igbide, Isoko – a community known for fishing, farming and boat making. He is single, but has three kids from different women who don’t stay with him. His mother is alive, but his dad is late. He is the 7th of 11 kids. Bishops mom is a farmer, his dad was a fish farmer.

Bishop is a graduate of Fisheries technology from the prestigious Ozoro polytechnic, Isoko. Bishop has virtually spent all his life in the village and has never been to the city prior to now. As recipient of the Isoko Rural- Urban Transformation Fund, he arrive the city to investigate the urban lifestyle and culture, to study and assimilate, document and take it back to the village. His aim is to take a mega city down to Isoko. Lagos has been referred to as the preferred city to study and emulate.

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