#MrJudgemental: #TBT Annie Idibia Style.

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Stumbled on this pathetic but highly trashy photo of Annie Idibia on Instagram and before I proceed, I want to make clear this fact; that I do not have anything against her. Or maybe it is because I admire her that I am this pissed.

So she hashtags #singledays and captioned a shoutout to all single mums out there… I mean really? So all single ladies are single mums or what???

Besides why won’t you become a single mum dressed like that in broad daylight??? Please help me answer this one; what will she now wear to a club at night?

And she said she encountered challenges being a mum and a dad at the same time and I wonder how that is meant to attract sympathy with that hooker dress.

And to cap the annoying caption, she said God bless you all…??? God bless who? Single ladies or her baby mama crew? And God bless for getting hit before holy matrimony or sticking to your baby father till he marries you after generously spreading his genes to other women?

Infact I’m worn out!!! Single girls, please don’t dress like that and there is no pride in being a single mum or getting pregnant outside matrimony. Do not allow people who are meant to inspire you to mislead you.

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