Gazans Return to Rubbled Gaza

Joyous Gazans cheerfully celebrating return to Gaza on the announce of an unlimited ceasefire by Israel and Hamas. The truce initiated by Egypt has eased the blockade on Gaza, opened borders for aid and lifts the restriction of fishing activities off the coast, as some fishing boats have been seen sailing those restricted areas to resume business today. Also children have resumed playing in the surfs alongside the fishing activities.

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The ceasefire has ended the vicious attacks on Gaza which has killed over two thousand people within a period of 50 days.

Normal life activities is quite evident in Gaza as structures damaged by Israeli airstrikes are already being attended to. Gazans also attest to the fact that they have not heard any shelling from Israel or any rockets being fired from Gaza after the ceasefire.


Hamas however, has declared the ceasefire as “Victory for Resistance”, contrary to Israeli’s stance, claiming that Hamas has finally agreed to the offer it had repeatedly refused.

Some world authorities are however skeptical of the truce and some consider it as an opportunity not a certainty.

Both sides have however agreed to return to Cairo for further talks.

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