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TITLE: The FIRST Nation-building Regional Conference (South West Symposium), 29th & 30th May 2013, Welcome Centre Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos

THEME: Building a developed Nigeria in One Generation

Why this event?

v Nigeria is underdeveloped both in terms of human and infrastructural development, yet most citizens have left the destiny of their nation solely in the hands of their political leaders. This includes the generation of solutions that will address the challenges we face as a nation.

v This event will transform mindsets & equip citizens with the tools to identify, research, launch, and sustain an initiative towards building a developed Nigeria.

v It will also provide a community for the small number of Nigerians who genuinely desire change and want to lead it but feel isolate and overwhelmed.


Why attend this event?

v Because you desire a developed Nigeria & you believe it is possible in your lifetime

v Because you have an idea that can lead to change but don’t know how to implement it

v Because you desire change but have no idea about what initiative to undertake

v Because you have a vision for a particular sector and seek like-minds to work with

v Because you desire the culture of a nation-builder to survive in our hostile environment


How will it happen?

v Two days of serious content led agenda in classroom style set up

v Well researched content excellently delivered by experienced speakers, innovators and thinkers

v Undertake mindset transformation exercises and be led into a new thinking culture

v Learn how to initiate change where change is hard & make the change stick

v Train on the core values that transform lives, organisations and nations


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What must I do now?

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Tel. 0810 363 4220


Who is behind this?

The Nation-building Regional Conference Series is organised by The Cascade Initiative for Development and Change (CIDC). This is a nation-building organisation founded by Bobby Udoh the well-known Nation-building Author & Blogger, to accelerate the building of a developed Nigeria through transformed & equipped nation-builders. Find out more about our regional events and other nation-building initiatives at


“This event is exclusive to those who will build a developed Nigeria in their lifetime”

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