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It’s been a long time away from writing… I have missed writing, sharing and getting your feedbacks. I inevitably couldn’t help it but take a break from writing as my schedule was tighter than ever. Never mind, I am back, better and fitter.


Good day and welcome to #AwakeningYou, a Tuesday weekly script of #StartupNigeria. My name is Haastrup Steven.


I will be running a 4 week series beginning from today; we will be looking at how bold you should be in acting on your dream.


It was Robert Greenleaf that said, “Nothing much happens without a dream. And for something great to happen, there must be a great dream. But much more than a dream is needed to bring it to pass.”


Are you genuinely concerned about making the difference to the society? And do your hearts resonate with a vision to achieve this concern? Then you must be determined to put the vision to work. As vital as a dream is to the transformation of our society, we need more than a dream to actualize it. Concerted action must back up a dream to give it the wings on which it can fly.  A dream without concerted action is a mere wishful thinking.


I remember the story of my mentor and boss who told me how he learnt this in a hard way as a little child. He shared his mom’s room with my three siblings. There was only one bed, which his mom obviously took. The rest of them slept on mat. He further told me of a dream he had on one cold night. He was on a big stage receiving an award for an achievement that He couldn’t now remember. It must have been an Olympic year or something he said and must have been impressed by the medal presentation ceremonies he heard on the radio. They had no television back then. As he took his seat on the well upholstered seat, He had a gentle pat on my back. Well, He thought it was the kind of pat you receive from a friend after a brilliant performance. He changed his mind when the gentle pat gave way to a slap. He was dazed. In this state of daze, He heard a familiar voice. He could not believe it at first. It took another heavy slap to jolt Him out of his daze. He opened his eyes slightly and took in the ceiling of his room. Then his eyes caught the sparse furniture and lastly his mom standing determinedly over him, a bowl of water in hand. Whatever doubt He had about that fizzled away as she attempted to pour water on his head. She said… “Son, if you don’t stand up right now, I will empty this bowl of water on your head.”


He said… I hated my mom then for scuttling my dream and looked forward to another night of dream without mom’s intervention. It was a luxury I never had. Today, looking back, he was glad he woke up from that dream and he put His dream into action as his dream has come to pass in more than 4 continents of the world.


The truth is, no matter how great your dream is, it stands no solo chance of helping you make that significant contribution you desire to make to your person and the society, until you roll out of your bed and go to work.


In fact, our talks, craves and dreams would end up so beautifully in our minds and words if we don’t sincerely get to work. Transforming your dreams to reality might seem hard, you will face constraints at every turn but always remember the beautiful world you want to create within you… the turns, twists and norms might stand on our way but they are the real mapped out path to living the dream.


Be determined to do that today and give momentum to your dream.


Meet me again next Tuesday for another edition of #AwakeningYou as we continue on the Acting on the Vision-series.


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Haastrup Steven is the Executive Director of Startup Nigeria; He is a freelance writer, Impact public speaker, a startup trainer and a lover of God. He is a fan of technology and its influence over our lives and the society.


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