Breaking The Jinx: Tokyo Gets First Ever Female Governor

Tokyo broke its long history of electing male Governors as exit polls reveal that the former Japanese Defense Minister, Yuriko Koike emerged the winner of the Tokyo gubernatorial election.


The newly elected Governor will be saddled with the task of organising a world-class Summer Olympics which is scheduled for year 2020 amongst other responsibilities.


Koike’s win on Sunday confirms her a the successor to the former governor Yoichi Masuzoe.


Recall that the election was called due to Masuzoe’s resignation in June. His resignation followed his implication in financial scandal which makes him the second successive city leader to step down due to such charges.


Koike, a former TV anchorwoman while speaking on Sunday after the announcement of the exit poll win assured that she will lead the city in an unprecedented manner, being the first female governor of the Japanese capital.

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