Deji Adeyanju Linked With Murder: Jonathan’s Aide, Doyin Okupe’s Associate Linked With Murder

I consider myself favoured by God and privileged but I have done a bit of hard work over the years. Over these years, I have been building a name for myself and I remain committed to living according to my values and my faith in God. It has taken me painful nights and days of thinking and sweating to build a name for myself, it is too early in the day to allow Nigeria’s muddy political waters get in the way. I won’t have such blot on my escutcheon. Day in and out, I ignore efforts by the Nigerian government and its social media associates to blackmail me but the blackmail crossed a line today.

I was in Germany lecturing at the Freie University for 6 months September 2013 to February 2014. As I type these words, I still have papers to grade even though I have since returned to Nigeria. I represented Africa and Nigerian well in those 6 months, addressing panels at Hertie School of Governance, Afrika Haus, the United Nations General Assembly, amongst other platforms. When @Adeyanjude9 today tweeted that I was spending jail time in Germany, I never saw it because my humble self had duly blocked him on Twitter, weeks ago. The blackmail soon took another life when other twitter accounts associated with Nigeria’s President Jonathan started retweeting or creating fresh tweets to give weight to the allegation. I couldn’t ignore it anymore.

The @Adeyanjude9 account is closely linked to Dr. Doyin Okupe, presidential aide to Nigeria’s president Jonathan. Through the account, Mr. Okupe hauls abuses at perceived enemies of the President when his own account gets overwhelmed by the numerous accounts deemed as such.

It was in the midst of my tweets I got a fortuitous call from a celebrated Nigerian author whose name I’d rather keep out of this for now. The author informed me that I had to be careful with Adeyanju Deji – this was the first time I discovered @Adeyanjude9 ‘s real names – because he was once jailed for murder as a University student. This sounded outlandish so I kept pressing for details.

Adeyanju is alleged to be a cultist from his days as a student at Bayero University, Kano where he was admitted to study English Language in the year 2000. He was alleged to have soon joined a gang known for carrying out assassination jobs. Adeyanju reportedly fired the shot that killed their victim. This happened at Sabon Gari, Kano, Nigeria. The particular operation that landed Adeyanju – also known as Charles and likely to be known by other names because he was alleged to have been kicked out by the Nigerian Peace Corp for impersonation – was an operation for one Mohd. Knight. The murder trial was at the Kano State High Court but Adeyanju and his gang avoided trial time. They did spend time behind bars and were eventually eased out of jail by their godfathers.

As an awaiting trial prisoner, Adeyanju converted to Islam and changed names. He has since re-converted to Christianity. He is also known as Charles (Umar when he converted to Islam). When this allegation got tweeted today, he admitted he had spent time in jail for murder but that he was never convicted. See attached images and tweets. Anyone with information on Adeyanju Deji’s history at BUK in the early 2000s should please send information to With someone like Adeyanju Deji working with Dr. Doyin Okupe, one should start considering President Obansanjo’s killer squad allegations against the president.

Investigation continues. You can help us track Deji Adeyanju’s history as an alleged cultist and murder while at BUK.

Adeyanju 2


Adeyanju Deji, alleged murderer and cultist

Adeyanju Deji, alleged murderer and cultist

Adeyanju Deji

Adeyanju Deji



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  • 4lah

    Goodness gracious! Should such shady character be seen around public officials?

  • love reading your post as they are always very comprehensive to understand and very up to the point

  • Omojuwa, your own sef dey your body! i see no reason why you should link this with the President. Agreed, Deji is a hardened criminal from past records, moreover he has given room for no doubt abt it after deactivating his own twitter account. It’d be more reasonable if you’ve addressed the issue w/o attaching the government office

  • sulaiman

    i’m aware of the case, even though i was not at BUK at the time, but to be afriend to one who knows boy1. boy 1 is the one that recruits musa terror and perhaps deji to kill muhd knight over some issues, even though they are all 419ers.

  • beesonova

    Tor!!!! Oh na na na nanananana.

  • sani

    may Allah delivered him…

  • james

    Nice write up, but your link to the president is at best clumsy hearsay. Your dislike for the president defies logic and may develop to full hysteria. Stick to the issues , discuss intelligently and stop this nonsense.

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