Before We Met – A short poem by Fatima Garba Aliyu

Before We Met – Fatima Garba Aliyu


Before we met, I was minding my own business,

Before we met, I was a peaceful African Country,

Before we met, I was termed the giant of Africa,

Before we met, my elites were strong and united,

Before we met, my people were hard-working,

Before we met, transparency was what I adopted,

Before we met, my leaders were after good leadership,

To serve there people, And not to be served,

Before we met, those at the top respected those at the root,

And those at the root honoured those at the top,

Before we met, a universal understanding was between my people,

Before we met, I was bearing the name Nigeria,

And not the name Nigeria bearing me,

Before we met

Before we met

I was a corrupt free society

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