Before We Met – A short poem by Fatima Garba Aliyu

Before We Met – Fatima Garba Aliyu


Before we met, I was minding my own business,

Before we met, I was a peaceful African Country,

Before we met, I was termed the giant of Africa,

Before we met, my elites were strong and united,

Before we met, my people were hard-working,

Before we met, transparency was what I adopted,

Before we met, my leaders were after good leadership,

To serve there people, And not to be served,

Before we met, those at the top respected those at the root,

And those at the root honoured those at the top,

Before we met, a universal understanding was between my people,

Before we met, I was bearing the name Nigeria,

And not the name Nigeria bearing me,

Before we met

Before we met

I was a corrupt free society

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In the beginning...Let there be Light http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japheth_J._Omojuwa

  • Sophie

    Bravo Tee-mee! Nice piece

  • Aliyu Yahaya

    This is a master piece Fatima . I have every confidence that from this humble beginning, we shall see more of such meaningful poems from this young talented lady. Keep it up please.

  • Sanusi North

    Before i met u , i was a young poet., but now i feel great and well- versed — just after meeting u !

  • nehal nour

    MashAaaa Allah,this is a masterpiece teemee…w wd Luv to read more

  • Ibrahim isah


    I read “BEFORE WE MET”.. But I wonder, How fear failed so many times to fall them.. Just to utter the words which will change the passage of time.

    I looked back, Wonder was alI i saw… How our life and things all were.

    I now wonder..yet, for some days Our paths has to cross, will it be these ways ?

    I wonder, how fear hasn’t taken so many falls trying hard to break your spine.. This piece you wrote has an astatic aroma.

    I WONDER..


    My calibre!!

  • Kabo Aminu

    Wow! What a great piece from an insipiring lady… Am sure this is is just the beginning.can’t wait to read more of your great work here Fateemah.

  • Othman Usman

    Before we met was creativity at da finger tips of teemee such a nyc nd wonderful poem keep it up and make us proud