‘Zookeeper’ In The Viral Leopard Attack Video Says The Leopard Was Playing, Not Trying To Attack Him

Eduardo Serio, a ‘zookeeper’ at the Black Jaguar White Tiger Sanctuary in Mexico City was supposedly saved from a potential leopard attack by a tiger. A video of the dramatic incident shows Serio playing with a group of six lions around him oblivious to the danger behind as Dharma the leopard tries to sneak up on him. Aztlan the tiger sees the danger however and stops Dharma in its stride. But Eduardo, who rescues & trains the animals, says he was never in any danger
Here’s the thing. Eduardo doesn’t regard the sanctuary as a Zoo and says he’s more of a father to the wild animals. The sanctuary/foundation is a non profit organization whose aim is to rescue animals in need from circuses, breeding facilities, from private owners and providing the a safe home with good medical care. He shared a statement via his IG page and it read,

“There is an old video that is going viral all over the world where my boy Dharma is stalking me like he always does and Aztlan intercepted him. Again, we are all over the Planet. Great exposure. The only problem is that they called me a zoo keeper. I’m a father, but well. I rescued Dharma from a private owner that was feeding him Cow and condensed milk, so he was dying and had no hair when he arrived. I cured him. I taught him to respect his family members, including our Dog Chiquitin. I taught him to climb Trees since he was afraid of doing it. I Love my boy with the same intensity that he Loves me back. Super proud of him being a beautiful, healthy and Lovely 3 year old Leopard.”