Man Whose Wife Was Killed In Paris Attack Writes Open Letter To ISIS

Hélène Muyal-Leiris?, 35, was one of the 89 innocent people gunned down at the Bataclan concert hall during the Paris attacks on Friday evening. On Monday, her husband, Antoine Leiris, penned a powerful Facebook post addressed to ISIS, entitled “You Will Not Have My Hatred.” ?

In the post (the original of which is in French), Leiris says he will not give the terrorist organization the satisfaction of instilling him with anger and suspicion toward his fellow man. ?

“Friday night, you took an exceptional life — the love of my life, the mother of my son — but you will not have my hatred. I don’t know who you are and I don’t want to know, you are dead souls,” he wrote. “So, no, I will not grant you the gift of my hatred. You’re asking for it, but responding to hatred with anger is falling victim to the same ignorance that has made you what you are. You want me to be scared, to view my countrymen with mistrust, to sacrifice my liberty for my security. You lost.” ??

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Man Duped To The Tune Of $718,000 By Fake Psychics

33-year-old British consultant, Mr. Rice was a successful and well-traveled professional, with close to seven figures in the bank, and plans for much more. And then he gave it all away, more than $718,000, in chunks at a time, to two Manhattan psychics who vowed to reunite him with the woman he loved. Even after they had discovered that she was dead.

“I just got sucked in,” the man, Niall Rice, said in a telephone interview last week from Los Angeles. “That’s what people don’t understand. ‘How can you fall for it?’”

There was even, between payments to one of the psychics for a time machine to cleanse the past, a brief romance.

“It’s embarrassing now,” he said.

In May, the police arrested one of the psychics, Priscilla Kelly Delmaro, 26, after Mr. Rice sought out a private investigator and decided to press charges. She was charged with grand larceny.
The man’s identity was not revealed in court documents. But Mr. Rice said he chose to come forward last week, after learning that the Manhattan district attorney’s office intended to allow Ms. Delmaro to plead guilty in exchange for a year in jail, and that it was unlikely that he would ever see any restitution. A hearing is set for Tuesday.

“I just want justice,” Mr. Rice said from Los Angeles, where he now lives. “I just don’t want her to do to anyone else what happened to me.”

It seems almost unfathomable that anyone could be taken in so thoroughly, with such a breathtaking level of gullibility. And so, Mr. Rice’s story begins.
By the spring of 2013, he had earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in search engine optimization, drawing traffic to websites in exchange for commissions. He was raised in a poor family, and planned to buy his mother a house in England.
But he was troubled. Painfully uncomfortable in social settings, he drank heavily and used drugs, he said. That year, he flew from England to Arizona to enter a rehabilitation clinic for acute anxiety, he said. In the clinic, he met a woman named Michelle, another patient.

“We had such a strong connection, it was unbelievable,” he said. “I loved her deeply.”

But the relationship ended a couple of weeks after they left rehab, when Michelle overdosed on pills and returned to the clinic. She broke it off with Mr. Rice. He said he agreed it was for the best.

“I was moving on with my life,” he said. He came to New York and found a bed in the McKibbin lofts in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, two former warehouses filled with makeshift apartments that are often likened to a rowdy dormitory for young newcomers.

Depressed one day in August, he walked over the Williamsburg Bridge to Manhattan and spotted a psychic shop on Delancey Street. “And I went in,” he said. (In a previous written statement to the police about this day, Mr. Rice claimed to have visited a psychic in Times Square. In fact, he said on Thursday, he was on Delancey. His Times Square encounter was still two months away.)
He met a psychic named Brandy. “She knew a lot of stuff,” he said. Stuff about him. “‘I saw that you were connected to this girl,’” she told him.
He told her about Michelle. “She said, ‘If you could choose, would you want to be back with her?’” he said. Yes, he said.
She asked for $2,500 that day, and he withdrew it from a nearby Chase bank. She said he would have his money back soon.

“I ended up giving her 10 grand, 12 grand in the first week,” he said. “It’s hard to explain.”

He continued. “It wasn’t like saying, ‘Give me 10 grand and I’ll tie your shoelaces,’” he said. “There’s a half truth in there, there’s something in it. This whole psychic scam is based on them knowing what’s going on in your life. They have a gift.”

He bought a $40,000 ring from Tiffany’s for Brandy to ward off evil spirits. He spent his birthday with her and her family, and they cooked him a steak. But he lost faith in her. He had recently visited Michelle in California, a disastrous five-minute conversation on the sidewalk.

“The whole way I was caught up in it, she said afterward I was acting weird,” he said.

So he shopped around for a new psychic. He drove to work in Midtown Manhattan and parked his car in a garage near Times Square, on West 43rd Street. He noticed a psychic parlor across the street. There, he met Ms. Delmaro, who called herself Christina, Mr. Rice said.

“She somehow said all the right things,” he said. “It sounds mad now that I’m saying it.”

He led a double life. “I’d go to Christina and talk about Michelle for an hour, and go back to the office. She wouldn’t leave me alone. She was like family.” He paused and added, “I needed my mum, really.”

He kept his visits to the psychics largely to himself, but eventually mentioned Christina to a roommate from McKibbin, Lauren Horton.

“He seemed like a normal guy,” Ms. Horton, 34, a graphic designer, said Friday. But his faith in Christina, and the money he was paying her, was something else altogether.

“It was insane to me,” Ms. Horton said. “I told him many times he was out of his mind. He was convinced that if he didn’t pay her for the work she was doing for him, bad things would happen to him.” She likened his ongoing visits to the psychic to an addiction.

Mr. Rice moved out of East Williamsburg to an apartment on the Lower East Side, and invited Ms. Horton over for Christmas. Christina was there. “I didn’t like her because I knew what was going on,” Ms. Horton said.
In February 2014, Mr. Rice, longing to see Michelle, logged on to her Facebook page.
“I saw, ‘R.I.P.,’” he said. Michelle had died of a drug overdose.
Mr. Rice said he had just paid Christina $90,000 that she said was needed to build a bridge of gold in another dimension to trick an evil spirit that was haunting Michelle. He called her and told her Michelle was dead.

“Christina said, ‘Don’t believe it,’” he said. “‘If you believe it, it’s true.’”

She said she could help get Michelle back — a reincarnated Michelle, a new Michelle.
Then things escalated.

“I slept with Christina,” Mr. Rice said. “We slept together once. It was a massive mistake.”

Ms. Delmaro’s lawyer, Jeffrey Cylkowski, said the relationship throws his accusations of theft into question. “If you’re involved with somebody, was it a gift?” he said.
Mr. Rice left New York and moved to California, where he had briefly lived. He said Christina emailed him constantly about visions she had of a new Michelle: “‘I just saw someone in the supermarket; it might have been her.’”
There was one last giant payment — “the big one” — for $100,000, he said. His bank asked him to confirm what he was spending the money on. A car, he said.

Christina told him she was broke because she had no time for other clients. “She was homeless, she’d lost everything for me,” Mr. Rice recalled being told. “I believed she lived in a church.”

He met and dated a woman who Christina led him to believe was the new Michelle. He questioned her, looking for common traits — “I was being weird” — and the relationship ended.
He flew back to New York and met a private investigator who identified Christina as Ms. Delmaro, who had been arrested previously in Florida. Mr. Rice pressed charges in May, giving the police bank records showing the payments.
He later acknowledged that his statements were incomplete: He accused Ms. Delmaro of taking all his money, leaving out the two months he spent consulting with the other psychic, Brandy, because he had resumed contact with her and now believed she was protecting him from possible retaliation, he said. He later amended his complaint. Brandy has not been charged with a crime.
The district attorney’s office said it would not comment on the case before it was resolved.
Mr. Rice’s misstatements, and the affair with Ms. Delmaro, did not help his case, the private investigator, Bob Nygaard, acknowledged. But they are not unusual, he said.

“The things that make a person a perfect mark also make him a bad witness,” Mr. Nygaard said. He said prosecutors could have done more to seek out other potential victims of Ms. Delmaro.

Mr. Rice went broke. He lost his apartment in Manhattan and sold his BMW, expensive watch and laptop. He asked his father for a few thousand dollars. Now, he said, he is barely making his rent payments of $500.
Last week, Mr. Rice said he wants to return to England, “I’m trying to get it together”, but acknowledged that he had been drinking again of late, including the day of the interview.

“I don’t know if I want to make money again. I’m scared to,” he said. “I want to go home, but I want to see this through.”

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Woman Pours Hot Water On Husband Over N700, Blames It On The Devil

A housewife identified as Iya Deborah, last Thursday morning reportedly threw a bowl of hot water on her husband, identified as Ajagadi at the Gbagidi, Ijanikin area of Lagos State, .
It was reported that Iya Deborah was upset after her husband had given her N700, out of the N800 he had, in order for her to prepare yam and stew breakfast for the family. She bought the yam, boiled some water and then poured it on her husband, who was on his phone in the living room.

The couple have been married for eight years, has four children, including a six-month-old baby.
A neighbour said: “I was in front of the compound when I heard the victim screaming and his wife running out of the compound as if the devil was chasing her. Neighbours who were still in the compound ran into their apartment only to see him in pains.

“When we asked him what happened, he said his wife poured hot water on him. We bought raw eggs and honey which we poured on the burns, before taking him to the hospital.”

The Husband had burns and blisters on his chest, face, right hand, and lap.

A nurse at the hospital told Vanguard correspondent on the condition of anonymity about what Iya Deborah said to them:
The nurse said:

“When the wife of the victim came to the hospital, she kept saying that she did it because the money her husband gave to her was too little.

She alleged that he had been cheating on her with other women and keeps complaining that there was no money, but keeps spending it on his lovers.

Feeling remorseful, Iya Deborah, who was interrogated at the Ijanikin Police Divisional Headquarters, said:

“I don’t know what came over me; it is the devil’s handiwork.”

Husband To Be Dies During His Bachelor Party

A husband-to-be drowned in a horrific accident on his stag do .Dale Joint, 24, died just a fortnight before he was due to wed his fiancé Katie McNamara.
Mr Joint was in Liverpool with his dad, Stephen, and pals to celebrate his forthcoming nuptials., According to the Liverpool Echo,the group had drinks at Revolution in the Albert Dock area of the city
Some of the group had already started their journey home in a minibus while the others, including Dale, waited for a second minibus to collect them.

Dale, suggested going onto one of the boats in the dock.He jumped down towards the boardwalk but
ended up in the water instead.
One of Dale’s friends jumped in after to rescue him while the other looked for him from the dockside.
It was dark and the water was murky, they could not see him.
The emergency services were called out with the fire service recovering Dale’s body from the water.

He wrote abut his excitement for his wedding on twitter “Sat in work thinking about how excited I am to get married to the most wonderful girl on earth.”

Man Who Allegedly Killed His Wife Posted Pictures Of Her Dead Body On Facebook

A man who killed his wife and posted a photo of her corpse on Facebook shot her in self-defense because he lived in fear of her drug abuse, violent tendencies, and even Satan worship, the man’s attorney said Monday.

Defense attorney Saam Zangeneh said Monday that he will seek to introduce evidence that 27-year-old Jennifer Alfonso was an avid user of synthetic drugs such as ecstasy, that she battered her husband, and that she was deeply involved in the occult and Satan worship.

Jury selection begins Tuesday for Derek Medina, 33, who faces life in prison if convicted of the August 2013 slaying at the couple’s South Miami home. Medina has been jailed since his arrest.

The case gained national attention because Medina posted the photo of Alfonso’s body on Facebook, admitting in the post that he killed her and would likely go to prison. In later interviews with police, however, he said it was self-defense.

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Husband Stabbed In The Back 3 Times By His Wife When He Decided To Leave His Abusive Marriage

Simon and Crystal Smith lived in Gosport, Hampshire with their four-year-old daughter. The 30 year old was a Leading Seaman in the Royal Navy and had been with his probation-worker wife Crystal for six years. Crystal was volatile. She controlled Simon’s finances and bullied him by threatening to take their daughter away if he ever left her. Little things could trigger her temper – from losing a board game to a bad-tasting gravy.

On the night of 12 February this year, Crystal and Simon attended a navy function for the crew of HMS Lancaster at the Royal Beach Hotel in Southsea. Simon had been reluctant to take her because he knew from experience that a night out could go very wrong. And he was right to worry.

In front of friends and colleagues, Crystal accused Simon of having an affair. It was an unfounded accusation that left Simon publicly humiliated. In the taxi on the way home, Crystal taunted him with a rap-style song. “I’m going to make it rain,” she sang. “I’m going to make it rain with pain.”

At home, Crystal threw a knife block at her husband, sending knives scattering across the floor. Simon calmly left the house, but made the decision to return for his keys and some belongings. Which was a big mistake.

Crystal had lost control and while Simon was in the bedroom packing a bag, she crept upstairs, clutching a kitchen knife. Simon didn’t hear her and was facing away from Crystal when she plunged the knife into his back three times.
Two of the wounds were at the top of his back, but the third went through the rear of his arm and severed an artery. Blood pulsed out, staining the room.

“What have you done?” Simon cried.

Crystal replied, “I’m going to go to prison for this…”

Simon staggered downstairs, applied a tourniquet and collapsed in the porch in a pool of blood while Crystal fled. As Simon called an ambulance, neighbours who had heard the commotion rushed to his aid.
Simon survived the attack but lost six pints of blood. He faced several operations and has not fully regained the feeling in his left arm.
Police arrested Crystal that night and charged her with attempted murder. With a trial approaching, Simon had one major concern. With men so often the abuser in domestic violence cases, would anyone believe that he was the victim?

The trial started this summer at Portsmouth Crown Court. Crystal had pleaded not guilty. The jury heard how Crystal had “crept up the stairs in stockinged feet” before stabbing Simon three times.
They heard about the domestic abuse Simon had suffered, including an outburst where she’d swung at him with a baseball bat and left a dent in the kitchen door.

Simon bravely gave evidence and talked about how his wife had been verbally abusive at the navy function they’d attended before the stabbing.

“I shut it down, tried to ignore it. I knew things would happen when we got home, that’s how it worked. “The phrase she used was, ‘Wait until we get home’.”

Simon recalled the first he knew about the stabbing was feeling the sensation of warm blood running down his arm.

After three hours of deliberation, the jury cleared Crystal of attempted murder but found her guilty of wounding with intent.
At the sentencing in August, Judge Sarah Munro QC addressed Crystal..

“As he calmly packed his bag you armed yourself with the sharpest knife. You crept up the stairs in stockinged feet and as his back was turned, stabbed him with glancing blows and one went through the back of his arm to the front, severing his arterial vessel and spurting vast quantities of blood all over him and you, and down the stairs as he went to get help.”

The judge added, “I’m quite satisfied the consequences of what you did very shortly hit you and at the time you stabbed Simon, you were fuelled by the fury you had worked yourself up to and had the intention to cause him really serious harm.”

She added that their marriage was ‘doomed to fail’.
Simon’s victim impact statement was read out in court. “I was the victim of sustained physical abuse from my wife Crystal over the six years we were together. Crystal was the only serious relationship I ever had.

“Because I had nothing to compare it to I simply accepted it as normal. This incident has had a profound impact on my life and will continue to do so over many years. I have lost feeling in my left arm and it may never return.”

Simon has taken a shore job in order to raise his daughter, and has been left with recurring nightmares.
As Crystal, 30, was sentenced to nine years she doubled over and hysterically cried out, “Please Simon, tell the truth, please Simon, tell the truth.”
The case put the spotlight on the subject of domestic violence against men. After the trial, Simon said he hopes to move on and raise his daughter.

“I expected to be called a liar and be accused of what she accused me of,” he added.

Source: Mirror Online

76 Year Old Woman Kills 78 Year Old Husband After He Accused Her Of Cheating

Investigators say a 76-year-old woman charged with murder in her husband’s shooting told deputies she was angry because he accused her of cheating.
Aiken County deputies say Mary Todd also told the officers who came to her Beech Island home around 4 a.m. Tuesday that she drank too much before the confrontation.

Coroner Tim Carlton identified the victim as 78-year-old William Todd. Paramedics pronounced him dead in the couple’s home.

Deputies say they had never been to the couple’s home before for a domestic violence call.

Mary Todd is also charged with possession of a weapon during a violent crime. She is being held at the Aiken County jail awaiting a bond hearing.

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Wife, Daughter Of Local Government Chairman Kidnapped

Gunmen believed to be kidnappers allegedly adopted the wife and daughter of the chairman of Aniocha South Local Government Area in Delta State.

Confirming the report, the acting state police command spokesman, Mr Charles Muka, a deputy superintendent of police (DSP), said that the victims were whisked away after the criminals stormed the Agidisei Ogwashi-Uku residence of the local council chairman, Mr Isaac Anwuzia at about 7.30 am on Monday.

Muka, who gave the name of the wife of the council boss as 32-year old Favour Ifeoma and her daughter, Goodness Anwuzia aged three years, said that the invaders took the victims away in “a Toyota Corolla car parked in the compound and drove to an unknown destination.”

The police spokesman, however, said that the police on receiving the distress call gave the criminals a hot chase, forcing them to abandon the victims.

Two of the suspected kidnappers were eventually arrested after fleeing into the bush, he disclosed.

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Ex-Wife Of Russia’s Richest Man Vows To Fight For Half His £10BILLION Fortune

The spurned former wife at the centre of the world’s biggest divorce has laughed off her estranged husband’s claim that he is down to his last millions.

Vladimir Potanin told a court in Moscow that he has no assets, despite being listed by Forbes as Russia’s richest man worth £10billion.His scorned ex-wife Natalia, 53, to whom he was married for 30 years, blasted her former husband’s court claim that he is merely a millionaire. He ‘offered’ her £32million settlement – but she says he’s worth £10billion and wants half.

Natalia blasted:

 ‘Vladimir Potanin dumped, betrayed and humiliated me. He also decided to wipe every
kopek (penny) off our family money.

Natalia, who has three children with the Russian oligarch, is offering him the chance to settle out of court and away from the media glare, as long as he agrees to negotiate her demands for a half share of his alleged wealth of £10billion, to which she insists she is fully entitled.

Mining tycoon Potanin, 54, is fighting the financial claim by his wife of three decades, insisting he does not own the mega-assets she says are his.

Last month, a Moscow judge rejected Natalia’s demand to equally divide his investment company Interros International, and his 30 per cent stake in mining giant Norilsk Nickel, a which is worth an estimated £4.5billion for which Potanin is listed as CEO.

In her first exclusive interview since the ruling, Natalia flew to London to tell MailOnline she will battle for justice no matter how long it takes…

The couple met as poor students in the Communist era and had three children during their long marriage.

Petite and wearing immaculate Prada with understated but expensive jewellery, Natalia described the moment her ex-husband revealed that he had a second family, with mistress Katya, an employee 15 years his junior, who he has since married.

With new wife

When Pontanin dropped the bombshell in 2013, he told her that not only did he want a divorce, he demanded that it be backdated to 2007.

‘I thought this was some kind of a badly-worded tease, a joke. How else would you look at it?’ she said.’I sat with him at the end of 2013, and he was saying ‘Let’s divorce behindhand, so that the divorce and any settlement is dated to 2007’.

‘So imagine, year 2007 goes by, then 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and we’re living together all this time, and at the end of 2013 he says he wants the backdated divorce.”We certainly made no agreements that evening, I was too shocked.

‘I wasn’t prepared for it. As I understand now, he must have taken his time to get ready for this conversation, perhaps not even a day or month, but longer. But for me it was totally unexpected, it was a deep shock.

Now she believes this was a move to fix any settlement on his assets as they were in 2007, not at the moment they actually split.

‘He left that evening, leaving those papers, and he has not slept at home since then. He never came back. So the last memory of my husband was how he started the conversation, and how it got nowhere.

Natalia made clear she will appeal the Russian verdict given last month which she described as ‘odious’, and which has been seen as a major setback in her quest to become the world’s wealthiest ex-wife.

I find it extremely unpleasant to sit in court and hear about all the extramarital affairs which, it turned out, my husband had when we were together.’It’s exhausting, and if there is a way to avoid it, quickly and peacefully, I would certainly go for it.’But what my husband offered was for me to sign papers saying that I had no claims on assets, and that was it.’It happened in November 2013, which is when he suggested we divorce. This was the moment when we spoke for the last time.’

Both Pictured in 1977

Natalia said that since they separated, her husband has made no effort to contact their their two sons Ivan, 26, and Vasily, 16.The couple also have a daughter, Anastasia, 31.

 ‘I think he is totally irrational, aggressive and not reasonable. I struggle to explain it.’His social position, his public face has always been based on an image of a strong family man.’I trusted my husband completely. I believed him, I, well, I loved him. I realise this was wrong, in that to be blind in your belief in someone is wrong. But I was absolutely happy in the past.’I can’t understand what will come next. I am not broken, but I continue living in this situation and, whatever I do, it still dominates my life. I don’t have freedom.’

She shows a steely confidence that she will win in the end:

‘I want to show other women in a similar situation that we have got to keep fighting and not to give up, at least for the sake of our children,’ she said. ‘Yes, Vladimir Potanin and his lawyers keep winning court cases, but I don’t see it as their final victory.’There are thousands of women in Russia in a similar situation, ruthlessly dumped, often with newborn children.’Men allow themselves to treat women like something they possess and can throw away at the point when they get bored and want something new.

‘This has to stop. There are laws that protect women in Russia, but they don’t always work in reality.’

British Lawyer & Wife Found Hacked To Death At Home

A British Lawyer and his wife suffered horrific injuries to their heads, arms and throat at their home in Tobago where they had lived for 16 years before they eventually waved the earth bye.

Mr Wheeler, 73 and Mrs wheeler, 67 were both killed in a suspected robbery at home, the police have said.

Their gardener found Mrs Wheeler unresponsive on the lawn with her throat cut, while Mr Wheeler was later discovered by police face down in a pool of blood with wounds to both arms and the back of the head. A reward of £10,218 is being offered for anyone with credible information.

Couple Unhappy Because People Refer To Them As Father And Daughter

74-year old Keith and 34-year old Michaela have told how they are often mistaken for father and daughter because of the staggering age difference between them. The pair met five years ago and Michaela says she is madly in love.

“I had always been interested in older men and Keith was just my type. We’re just the same as any other couple, but admittedly Keith does get mistaken for my dad when we’re out,” Michaela said.

Keith is equally as besotted; “When we met I was 68, which was the same age as Michaela’s dad, but I didn’t find it strange, I didn’t care about age, I was attracted to her and that was all that mattered.”

In all her family supported her, despite her husband being the age mate of her father. She said; “When I introduced Keith to my family, I knew they’d be supportive as I’d dated older men in the past. I wasn’t surprised that my dad, was really happy that I’d found such a gentleman.”

The only problem they however find embarrassing is people referring to Michaela as Keith’s daughter.

Khloe Kardashian Splits From James Harden, Vows To Stay By Lamar Odom

Anyone surprised? Khloe Kardashian has put a hold on her relationship with James Harden, in the wake of Lamar Odom’s medical crisis ,TMZ  reports:

We’re told Khloe is putting her relationship with the NBA star on ice, and as one source puts it, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see she still has deep feelings for Lamar.

It has also been claimed that Lamar, managed to  tell Khloe that he ‘loves her’, after waking from a coma.She has vowed to support him especially as it’s thought ex-NBA star Lamar will take months to be nursed back to health.

Meanwhile, Lamar has now been discharged from Sunrise hospital in Las Vegas and transferred to
LA. E News! reports Khloe rode in the helicopter with her husband.

Man Who Died Two Years Ago ‘Rises’ Every Night To Have Sex With His Widow

A Zimbabwean woman is claiming that the spirit of her dead husband has been brought back to life in order to have sex with her as part of a ritual cleansing process.

Witch-hunters in the village reportedly discovered an infant’s skull dug from the dead man’s grave causing his spirit to rise and demand sex from his wife.

The widow confirmed the claims by the witch hunters, in the process angering the deceased man’s family.

It all came out when Chief Magama invited witch-hunters to cleanse the village which had been
lately dominated by bad vibes.

Upon arrival at the deceased Mpilo Henry Moyo’s homestead, the witch hunters told the deceased’s wife, Siphindile Ncube, that there was an infant’s skull inside her late husband’s grave that brings him from the dead to come and have sex with her.

Strangely enough,  the wife confirmed that indeed she had been seeing visions of her husband and even had sex constantly with him. She said she couldn’t sleep at night and sometimes he even came during the day to demand for sex.

The witch-hunters burnt the skull afterwards so that the randy spirit would stop being visiting the widow..

However, the matter did not go down well with other relatives, including Elliot Dube, the uncle to the deceased.

Dube is said to have labelled the act of these witch hunters as bogus and reported the matter to the police.

Dube took the news crew to the grave where the skull was removed. He castigated the ill-practices of the witch-hunters.

The three witch hunters were arrested for unlawful entry. They however, escaped with fines.

How I Moved From Side Chick To Wifey

It’s not my belief that you set out be the other woman. No one, I think, chooses to be thought of as slut, homewrecker, or “other” but then there is a moment that each one of us can recognize as defining. I certainly never imagined I’d fall in love with a married man but I did.

With me it only took one smile accompanying a quick handshake and hello to cement my future and fate. John was new to our IT department and so we were co-workers in a sense but only spent a limited amount of time together. We didn’t share office space but we did see one another from time to time, in the hallways, quick conversations in the cafeteria that turned into longer talks in the parking lot over the course of a year of getting to know each other. Our relationship steadily progressed instead of taking a running start.

We joked and flirted but kept a sizable distance between us. I was single and dating someone at the time with no real interest in breaking up a marriage. While my past up to that point had been riddled with dalliances and numerous boyfriends, this new territory of getting involved with a married man was a place I had refused to venture. I imagined too much hurt, too much confusion and worse, the knowledge that our relationship had started as a betrayal.

But by the time our random passing in the hallways had turned into a friendship it was hard to ignore the feelings that both of us were experiencing. We would email each other or find a reason to be in the same building. Flirting, subtle but calculated, I like to think we were feeling each other out in an attempt to minimize the damage if we decided to take the next step.

My friends supported and warned me in equal measure. My family wanted me to be happy and worried that I would come to resent being a second choice. But my heart knew that it had found a mate and after all our discussions when it realized this man knew all about me and loved me because and in some cases in spite of it. From that moment on, we were that couple. The ones with a secret. The people you never thought you’d become. The couple that sneaks around, makes phone calls early in the morning or very late at night. Dating was hard enough for normal couples but we were Catholics, co-workers in a company that frowned upon fraternizing, and he was married. We were like the trifecta of what not to do.

I wasn’t always comfortable with the names I was being called behind my back even if I knew they were true. And I wasn’t happy when I felt the need to explain and defend our relationship over and over again to people who had no business asking in the first place.

But like people in love we completely ignored everything but one another. John told his wife he wanted a divorce and looking back it was the easiest and most amicable break up I’d ever seen. They split their money and furniture, they made decisions about their dogs and on the morning of September 11, 2001 in a tiny courthouse in New Jersey a judge ended their marriage amid the news of twin towers crumbling. It was a day of endings and beginnings.

The statistics and several of our closest friends told us we were doomed. Once a cheater and all that, but now 14 years later we have survived the loss of parents, four long years of infertility, a scary and expensive in-vitro fertility procedure, and parenting our beautiful twin boys. I think it’s safe to say these days that we have weathered enough storms together — starting with his divorce — to rest assured that we are on much more solid ground these days.

It doesn’t always happen, but sometimes you break the cycle. Sometimes you become the exception and not the rule. Sometimes you get a happy ending to a really lousy beginning.

I like to think ours came the day he slipped a diamond band on my finger and instead of being the other woman, I became his wife.


Wealthy Man Forced To Live On The Lawn Of His $1.3m Home After Wife Kicks Him Out

A 69-year-old man has been forced to live on the front lawn of his $1.3million mansion for six months after his angry doctor wife kicked him out. 
Sharafat Khan is homeless but sleeping just a few feet away from the front door of his lavish Seabrook, Texas, home because the mother of his two children, Shahnaz, 61, changed the locks in the midst of an ongoing domestic dispute.

Someone close to the situation said Khan’s wife claims she can’t file for divorce because she and her husband practice Islam and they strictly follow Sharia law. Khan told KPRC this has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with money.
“She doesn’t want to hand over half her fortune,” he said.
He can’t file for divorce because he claims he can’t afford to.

He has no access to the couple’s money and has been barred from using the washing facilities, even though he owns half the suburban property.

Neighbours are very worried because he is elderly, in poor health and in a fragile state.

“He’s wearing the same clothing, it’s dirty,” neighbor Debbie Scoggins said. “He has no bathroom facilities, no shoes.”

“The weather is starting to get colder,” Laurel Stout, who lives across the street, said. “He’s very frail, he can’t even walk. I’m afraid he is going to die out here in his yard.”

Khan doesn’t feel like he should have to leave because the home and property are just as much his. He said he wants to be allowed inside and he’s hoping he can pressure his wife into changing her mind.

“She doesn’t want me to have any sort of comfort,” he said.

Night after night he sleeps on the front porch wrapped in a sheet. During the day he tries to find shade under the trees. On Monday he was eating saltine crackers and drinking a warm bottle of water.
Neighbors said if they take him blankets and pillows, the wife takes them away.
There are signs posted all over the home instructing the neighbors not to help him or feed him.
Khan said the dispute is over his relationship with other family members. She wanted him to cut ties but he refused.
Police officers who are familiar with the situation said they have been called out to the home 20 to 30 times in the last six months. There is nothing legally they can do because Khan has every right to be there and they can’t force his wife to let him in.

“Our hands are tied,” one officer said.

Adult Protective Services are involved but can’t release specific information about the case because of confidentiality laws. A spokesperson for the agency said they cannot force someone to get help.

“I’m just hoping we can find help for him,” Scoggins said.

“Allowing this to continue is not in the best interest of anyone,” Stout said.

KPRC 2 reached out to the doctor for comment, she said it was a private matter and did not wish to speak about it.
Some problems stemmed from a 2008 assault charge, that’s when Sharafat Khan was accused of hitting his wife, according to court documents.
Family members also said they have tried to get Khan help but he refuses. They’ve spoken with social workers and he’s been in and out of certain facilities but often leaves against medical advice.

84 Year Old Wife Files Divorce From 88 year Old Husband Because They Were Having Sex ‘Just’ Twice A Month

An 84-year-old Italian woman has filed for a divorce from her 88-year-old husband on the grounds of sexual unfulfillment.  The octogenarian who hails from Scafati in Campania, southern Italy, told her lawyer that her elderly husband only wants to have sex with her twice a month, which is not enough for her.

The woman, who has outlived two husbands, then added insult to injury, by claiming that her late partners had been better in bed than her third spouse,

When asked if she could not possibly find any other activity which could keep her happy and satisfied, the retired teacher said she could not see why she should have to give up sex just because of
her age.

During mediation the 84-year-old admitted that the divorce proceedings had been an ‘elaborate rouse’ to get her 88-year-old husband to take Viagra.

Italian media reports that when her husband, a retired bank clerk, refused to take the erectile aid due to a heart condition, she shouted: ‘Rubbish! You just have palpitations from time to time.’

Her husband is then said to have admitted to the lawyer that he prefers ‘playing boules with my friends’ to having sex with his elderly wife. In response, the woman allegedly pledged to find herself ‘a new lover’.

It is not known if the couple has gone through with the divorce.

Diezani’s Husband Putting Together Legal Team To Defend Wife

Following the arrest of the former Minister of Petroleum Resources, Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke, on allegations of bribery, corruption and money laundering, her interrogation continued yesterday at the Charing Cross Police Station, just as her husband, a former Chief of Naval Staff, Rear-Admiral Alison Madueke (rtd), has put together a legal team to defend his wife against the charges by the United Kingdom authorities.

Since her arrest, her husband, was said to have swung into action by putting together a crack legal team to defend his wife in the UK.

One of the lawyers, Mr. Chike C. Amobi, a US-trained attorney, was said to have departed Lagos on Saturday night for London to join a Queen’s Counsel, who accompanied the minister to the Charing Cross Police Station to respond to questions from NCA on the allegations of bribery, corruption and money laundering against her. Amobi is expected back in Lagos today.

It has been further gathered that during its search of her residence in London, agents of the NCA, in addition to dispossessing the former minister of all her mobile phones, also confiscated less than £30,000 in her possession. NCA, in addition, seized her passport to prevent her from leaving the UK.

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Emir Sanusi Responds To Those Opposed To His Marriage Of An 18-Year-Old

The marriage of the Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido to an 18-year-old Adamawa princess has been the subject of several articles, feminist ire and social media chatter.

In the piece that follows, the former Central Bank of Nigeria Governor explains why his choice of spouse shouldn’t really be anyone’s cup of tea.

I am sure NC members all have their views and have kept quiet out of (appropriate) deference to our right to make our individual choice. Obviously I do not need to explain anything to anyone in a purely personal matter but a few points are worthy of note:

The lady in question is 18 and therefore legally of age to marry under all laws and certainly under Muslim law.

She is proceeding for her undergraduate education in the UK in January. She had an A in computer science in her O levels and plans to get a degree in computer science.

Each and every one of my wives is a university graduate and some have worked and then stopped and in each case the choice was purely theirs.

It is a tradition in Kano that emirs and princes in choosing wives consider issues beyond the individual. The family is in every sense a social unit. My predecessor was married to princesses from Ilorin, Katsina and Sokoto.

The relationship between the late Lamido of Adamawa Aliyu Musdafa the father of the current Lamido is well known. Lamido Aliyu was the first emir turbaned after emir Sanusi I and they remained close until Sanusi’s death.

My own relationship with the current Lamido dates back to 1981 when he was Ciroma and commissioner for works. By the way the Lamido and I are not illiterates we know what we are doing and he does have a PhD in Engineering.

My own mother was married in Adamawa and lived there for more than two decades and I have eight younger brothers and sisters from there.

It is therefore natural that if I choose to marry from another kingdom Adamawa would be the first choice for me and I am extremely happy to strengthen these long historical bonds.

The young lady in question gave her free consent and even after the contract the wedding will not happen for a few years. By then she may be 21. If she freely consents to this I do not know on what moral grounds anyone has a grouse. She is an adult, she gave her consent, and her education is not being in anyway interrupted.

The real issue is that people do not accept cultural difference. And you can see it in the approach to these issues. I am supposed to be urbane and western educated. Yes but I am not European. I am a northern Nigerian Fulani Muslim brought up in a setting exactly like the one my children are being brought up in.

If you read this and it improves your understanding of this issue that is fine. If it does not just remember it is not your life, it is not your daughter and you are not my wife therefore it is not your business.

I obviously cannot stoop to the level of responding publicly to these kinds of articles. I have always been an advocate of girls marrying after maturing. I personally like the minimum age of 18 even though I understand those who say 16 is fine and indeed this is the law in most so called advanced countries.

Is this something that I expect a European or western trained or feminist mind to appreciate or endorse? Not at all. But has any American been bothered about my views on men marrying men or women marrying women who frankly I find primitive and bestial? No and my views do not matter. These are cultural issues.

Even in Nigeria I have heard all this stuff as in Pius article about “north” and northerners.

Again it is a failure to respect difference. There are parts of this country where parents expect their daughters to live with their boyfriends for years and actually get pregnant before they marry. It has become culture. We do not have that in the north and if your daughter gets pregnant before marriage she brings nothing but shame to the name. But we do not issue condemnations. We agree that this is how they choose to live. And I can give many other examples.

When people use the term libido they do themselves injustice. First of all it shows how they view women and marriage. Women are nothing but the object of sexual desire. Marriage is nothing but sexual gratification. Well I am sorry but in my tradition it is not. Beauty and attraction rank third after religion and lineage in the choice of a wife.

They see an 18 year old young lady. I see a princess of noble birth whose mother is also a princess, and who has been brought up in a good Muslim home. This is the kind of woman that is prepared for giving birth to princes and bringing them up for the role expected of them in society.

Marriage is both social and political. Expanding the links of Kano which have already been established by my predecessors through inter-marriage with Katsina, Sokoto, Ilorin, Katagum, Ningi, Bauchi etc to Adamawa is an important and significant step and this is obvious to anyone with a sense of how royal families work and Ibn Khaldun’s sociological concept of Asabiyyah.

When the Emir of Kano marries it has to be something beyond what he personally desires to what is appropriate for that position and the expectations of the people he represents. You don’t just pick up any girl on the street. And by the way, for those who shout libido, sex is cheap and available everywhere in all shapes and sizes and all colours if that is what they want. And all ages too. Marriage is a very different proposition. The mother of your children has to be something other than, not at least much more than a mere object of sexual fantasy. But if you do not know that you need to buy yourself a brain.

I have daughters. And they know they can only marry from certain backgrounds. I always prefer family. When my daughter wanted to marry Mouftah Baba Ahmed’s son and she asked me, knowing my views on family, I told her Mouftah is family. And this is not about me and Mouftah or me an Hakeem or Nafiu. No. It goes back to Baba Ahmed and Emirs Sanusi and Bayero. And the same rule applies to my sons. And it applied to me as well.

It is, I am sure, very strange that I should even bother to comment on this. But it would be hypocritical for me to just keep quiet so long as these things are being posted and commented upon explicitly or in a snide manner. There was no secrecy in the marriage fatiha. The date was fixed and it was to be done in the central mosque after Friday prayers.

The day before we had a tragedy in Saudi Arabia and decided the fatiha must be very low key as a mark of respect for the dead. All traditional rulers in Adamawa were there, as were governors and commissioners, members of my own emirate council and Adamawa people. There is nothing here to hide or be apologetic about.

The emirs of Adamawa have shown love to my parents and grandparents and it is a sign of my appreciation of their love that I marry their daughter. This is the highest statement of friendship and loyalty on both sides.

Again if you understand this, this is fine. If you do not, buy yourself a brain, A la Pius.

In any event this is my one and final and only comment on this. And I am making it out of respect for NC members.


My Wife & I Have Been Hiding- Jonathan

Former President Goodluck Jonathan said yesterday that the death of Mrs. Hannah Idowu Dideolu Awolowo forced him out of seclusion.

He said he elected to remain out of public glare since leaving office on May 29 and had wanted the seclusion to continue.

The former President spoke at the Ikenne home of the Awolowos after he led a delegation to visit the family.

He said: “Within this period, my wife and I have been hiding; we don’t even go out. We thought we’ll be hiding for at least 12 months.

“But in this particular case, we could not hide. So, we’ve come here to console and encourage our brothers and sisters that we are together.”

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Man Arrested With 21 Female Genitalia In His Freezer Blames It On His Wife

A Danish gun shop owner who was arrested after 21 pieces of female genitalia were found in his freezer,has blamed it on his wife..
The man, identified as 63-year-old Peter Frederiksen, will appear on charges of sexual assault and violation of female genitals in a court in Bloemfontein, South Africa.
And he claims that his estranged wife, 28, wanted to sell the body parts in Lesotho – the tiny nation surrounded by South Africa, where he owns another gun shop.

He was arrested after his wife, who is from Lesotho, told police he drugged her before carrying out the procedure on her.But Frederiksen claims he had no idea what was in the freezer.

He told Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet:

“It is totally unfounded.It is my wife who uses the stuff and not me.”

He claims they are getting divorced.
When asked if he knew about the macabre haul, he said:

“No, no, no.”I told her many times that she had to pick up the stuff in the refrigerator.”

Cops also found pictures of female genital mutilation (FGM) at the property.He says he took the pictures in Lesotho, but he has not committed FGM – in South Africa.

I have never made any circumcision of any women here in South Africa,I myself have been involved in the things over in Lesotho.I have been allowed to take a lot of pictures in Lesotho in the mountains, where they circumcise women.”

Police are investigating who the other 20 body parts belong to.
Masilela Langa, a police spokesman, told Netwerk24:

“At this stage we do not know how many women there are, as there are many, many photos.
“We are engaged in research and questioning the man. It is as if he knew his victims, and knew where to look for them.”

UK Mirror  

How Sun DMD’s Wife Was Released

Freed wife of The Sun Deputy Managing Director (DMD) Mr Steve Nwosu, Toyin yesterday relived her experience in kidnappers’ hands. She was abducted on Monday and released early yesterday.

She said she was well treated, adding that the kidnappers served her food, but she could not eat.

Mrs Nwosu was released around 2.20am when the kidnappers took her to the First Avenue/Amuwo Odofin Link Bridge and gave her a phone to call her husband.

It was gathered that the kidnappers, who had demanded N100 million ransom, blindfolded her before taking her to the bridge, which is less than 15 minutes drive to the Nwosus’ Ago Palace Way, Okota home on the outskirts of Lagos.

After her call, they collected the phone from her and left in their speed boat.

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Sun DMD Speaks On How Kidnappers Abducted His Wife & Ransom Required

The deputy managing director (DMD) cum editor-in-chief of The Sun Publishing Limited, Mr Steve Nwosu, yesterday told a pathetic story of how armed robbers attacked him and his wife, Toyin, before kidnapping her from their residence in Amuwo-Odofin local government area of Lagos State.

Nwosu explained that the robbers came at about 1.50am and after smashing the glass window and breaking the burglary proof of the house at Bale Street, Bashorun Ogundairo Estate, jumped inside the sitting room.

Nwosu said he heard a loud sound and when he went to the parlour, the robbers pointed guns at him.

The DMD said one of them pointed a pistol while the other pointed an AK-47 rifle at him. He said there was nothing he could do because he could not fight people with guns.

He said they slapped him and kicked him several times before ordering him to lie down on the floor.

He said they were stepping on his body as they demanded for money but unfortunately, he had no money in the house.

Nwosu further said the miscreants held his wife and took her to several rooms in search of cash but when they found out that there was no money in the house, they were enraged and decided to blindfold him.

He said they pushed him outside and later brought him back to the room and abducted his wife, adding that they flogged him with horsewhip.

He said as they were leaving, they asked if he could remember his phone number by heart and he said yes. They told him to call it, after which they said he would hear from them.

He said they took away two phones, laptop and other things but the third phone was covered by some items which prevented them from seeing it.

“The robbers were making funny demand of N100 million. We are still negotiating. They said they will call back , so I’m still waiting for them to call back. The robbers escaped in a speedboat through the waterway”, he said.

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Wife Of Newspaper Editor Abducted

Toyin Nwosu, the wife of former Editor of Sun Newspaper, Steve Nwosu, was abducted early Monday from their home in the Okota area of Lagos State.

Mr Nwosu, who serves as an Executive Director of the newspaper, told journalists that the abductors were yet to make contact with the family as at the time of this report.

In 2012, Mr Nwosu was shot in the head by people suspected to be armed robbers. He was lucky as the bullet grazed his scalp.

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Femi Kuti Speaks About Ex-Wife, Funke, And The Downside Of Marriage

Popular Nollywood Afrobeat musician, Femi Kuti spoke to The Nation about his marriage to his ex-wife, Funke, and disclosing why he married her despite his disbelief in marriage.
Femi said:

I never believed in marriage. I loved my wife, and got carried away. I am happy about the experience. We got married for a number of reasons;  she left home, and many people said she had made the greatest mistake of her life; she got pregnant; and for us to have a certain status for our child; documentation and so on. There were so many reasons to get married.

Now we are great friends, but probably if we had not gotten married, we probably would have still been together. When you get married, if it breaks up, you get into a very bitter street, that makes it is very difficult for people to make up afterwards. Everything goes bitter around you, and hatred comes in. And when hatred comes, you find that many couples can no longer stand each other.

Heartbroken Vet Kills Herself And Leaves Note For Her ‘Cheating’ Husband’s Mistress

A promising vet who accused her husband of having an affair hung herself in a hotel room and left a note to the ‘other woman’
Nicole Putney, 32, was once named Vet Student of the Year and was described as a “very talented young lady” but had become extremely depressed following the breakdown of her five-month marriage.
She killed herself after travelling to Manchester to attend a business conference and that she left a suicide note for a woman she believed was having an affair with her scientist husband.

The accomplished animal welfare expert told her dad that she was about to commit suicide.
Staff at the Novotel in Worsley, Greater Manchester were alerted by a friend of Ms Putney but were unable to get to her in time.

In his statement,Simon Mueller, a physicist at the International Energy Agency claimed her mental illness caused a strain in their marriage.He said

My relationship with my wife was harmonious to begin with.She quit her job and moved to Paris to be with me and our goal was to move to London.Nicole moved her things to Paris in late September 2014 but didn’t handle the transition very well.Our relationship deteriorated over a period of time.”

Mr Mueller said his wife had first attempted suicide by taking an overdose at some time in 2014, after he’d left their home to meet a friend.He said he called an ambulance after he returned home and found his then fiancee with a knife, pills and a note.
In another failed attempt just before their wedding, the statement said his wife had tried to hang herself.

 “She made another suicide attempt in January 2015, she tried hanging herself and the fixation point collapsed.Despite those events, we decided to follow through with our planned marriage which was on January 9 2015.”

After their wedding Ms Putney began looking for jobs in London and it wasn’t long before she accepted an offer but that led to additional strain in their relationship.

“In the following months, she started looking for jobs in London,She was offered one and we continued to have problems because I decided I would not quit my job in Paris straight away. We visited London on March 7. We had an argument and she told me she was going out to get a drink, then she text me saying she was going to jump in front of a train. “She was found and taken to an emergency care ward where she was hospitalised until 27 April.

Later that month and ten days before her death, Mr Meuller told the inquest that his wife had asked for a divorce.

“I received a very difficult telephone call when she asked me to get a divorce lawyer and get the papers.I didn’t know what to respond to her request. She contacted me several times before her death and we were texting.”

Huffington Post

Toolz Documents Different Shades Of Emotions From Her Introduction Ceremony

The popular OAP who had her introduction last week, took to her website to write on all the emotions she felt as she did her introduction with her man, Tunde Demuren. Read what she wrote below…

“Ishhh is getting real!! Can’t believe I’m going to be a married woman, it’s all so terribly grown up lol. I didn’t want to put up anything on my site, but I’m trying to make it a bit more personal, so let’s see how this goes. Anyhoo, so on Saturday 5th September, I had my introduction. This is where the families of the bride and groom officially meet. We had expected about 100 people, I hear there were about 250 people there! Eeek!

I didn’t sleep well the night before, because I was so nervous and I really didn’t know what to expect. I’ve been to events like this before, but I’m generally in a corner somewhere just observing.
Today the attention was all on me…and that was so unnerving! I’m used to being on stage, but then work-mode has been activated, so in my mind its all about work.

I was so nervous, couldn’t eat…also because I was paranoid that I would get food stuck in my braces and would end up having lots of pictures with efo (spinach) hanging from my teeth lol.
I worked myself up so much that I ended up developing a nervous tick. My right eye twitched for hours and I could barely stop myself from freaking out….but when I saw him aka Bae the twitching stopped…(and the crowd went awwww!)

All thanks to God!
Much love to family and friends for making it all happen, looking forward to Part 2 & 3!
A big thank you to:
Valerie Davids for the dress she ‘built’ for me
Lois of Prospotted Makeover for the make-up
Lush Jewels for the jewelry
Itunu Fabrics & Bimmms
So here are some pictures, enjoy!

Angry Wife Destroys Husband’s Ford For Dumping Her For a 28 Yr Old Girl

A furious 48-year-old wife has responded fiercely after discovering that her husband of 26 years left her for a 28 year old girl who is 20 years her junior.

The scorned woman spotted her hubby’s car near the apartment of the 28 yr old girl friend and decided to take revenge on the car. She bought spray paint, knives, sledge hammer and rotten egg for the mission.
She then went to the Ford Focus, destroyed it and and wrote:

“We were married for 26 years, he left the family in favour of a 28-year-old called Veronika”

The enraged 48-year-old painted graffiti all over his Ford Focus before smashing the windows, puncturing the tyres and pelting it with eggs.

To make sure everyone knew what her cheating husband had been up to, she scrawled a note on the ruined motor’s windscreen…

..It read: “I and my husband Aleksandr are both 48 years old.

“We were married for 26 years. He left the family in favour of a 28-year-old called Veronika.

“Meanwhile, his eldest daughter is 25 years old and the youngest is just 6 years old. He betrayed me and as you can see I am very unhappy now!”

The incident took place in city of Novosibirsk in south-central Russia’s Novosibirsk Oblast region.

The woman expressed her rage clearly after spotting the car parked near the flat where Veronika lives.

Wife Of Former Enugu Governor, Chimaroke Nnamani Dies At 47

Wife of Former Governor Chimaroke Nnamani of Enugu State, Nnenna Agnes Nnamani has died at the age of 47. A statement by Dan Nwomeh, the media aide to the former governor, says Nnenna died following complications from sickle cell disease and cerebral aneurysm at a Florida Hospital in the US on Friday September 4th. May her soul rest in peace Amen.

‘I Beat My Wife For Refusing To Have Sex With Me’ – 40 Year Old Man Tells Court

A man named Salau Kehinde who was accused of beating his wife told a Customary Court in Ikorodu, Lagos that he indeed physically abuses his wife whenever she refuses to have sex with him.

His wife, Shakirat approached the court seeking for dissolution of their 10-year old marriage that has produced two children. This was because of his continuous assault anytime she returned from work and refused to have sex because she was either too tired or for other reasons.

According to a report by Vanguard, the woman requested that the court dissolve their marriage and grant her custody of the children. Reacting to the wife’s accusation, Kehinde accepted the claim that he used to beat her whenever she denied him sex and if she came home late from her trading business.

He said, “She refuses to cook for me when she is pregnant. She also said I should look for another wife.”

He however promised to stop beating or threatening her and will take her back if she wants to stay with him. The Court adjourned the case for possible reconciliation.

‘I’m Yet To Find My Wife’ – Nollywood Actor, Bryan Okwara

Handsome Nollywood actor, Bryan Okwara, is no doubt a lady’s man. His looks and dress sense have made him a hot cake to girls.
But despite these intimidating qualities most women pray to have in a man, he is still not married and the former Mr Nigeria said the reason for this is because he is yet to find his lost rib.
He spoke to on this and other issues:

What’s your definition of fashion?
My definition of fashion is 1, dress how you want to be addressed, 2, always be a gentle man, 3, dare
to be different, 4, exude confidence, 5, be original.
But you hardly wear native dresses

(Laughs), well, yeah, I just finished a campaign with Yomi Casuals and Sly Mone, I wore this Agbada, mehn, I’m killing it and he gave me a piece.

So, how many native wears do you have in your wardrobe?
Hmm, right now maybe four.

Why, don’t you support Nigerian fabrics?
It’s not that I don’t support Nigerian fabrics, it’s just about what is ready for me to wear, which goes with my brand. I wear natives of course. Like I said, I was on a campaign with Yomi Casual and native on Vogue fashion week in Port Harcourt, it was actually a native show. But naturally, I would rather wear a suit not because I have a preference, its something you are sooth in. If you wear something you are comfortable in, you will speak better, you will look better and act better. So, that’s my idea of an outfit.

Do you plan to cut your dreadlocks?
Well, you have to ask Kanu this question. If you are in the entertainment industry, different people pick different style, you pick different personality, so whatever goes with you, you go with it and if it does not go with you, don’t try to be somebody else.

When do you plan to settle down?
(Laughs), mehn, you guys just keep to your social media, you will know when the wedding bells will start ringing because this boy right here is going to the top and there is a saying that once a man has found a wife, has found a good thing, So hopefully I pray that some day that I find a good thing to go with.

Bride To Be Dumped An Hour Before Taking The Vows Just Because She Wanted Kids From The Marriage

Lol some weird stories we read on A bride-to-be whose partner dumped her as she stood in her veil an hour before their wedding has written a letter detailing her heartbreak. Cyndi Maisonneuve says she was “blindsided” when her fiancée broke things off as the wedding guests waited on a beach in Hawaii where the ceremony was due to take place.

In her letter to the Guardian, Cyndi says:

“He came into the room and said we needed to talk alone. He was crying. I assumed he was letting the emotion of the day get to him. Then he said it.

‘I don’t think I can do this.’

I stood there – with the veil already in my hair. This man who was supposed to be the love of my life was telling me he was calling off the wedding less than an hour before we were due on the beach. I didn’t even ask why. I told him to leave.

In her letter, she speaks about how she was about to marry a man that was her best friend, who she’d met two years earlier at a baseball game.

She describes them as besotted and said when he proposed after six months on a beach at sunrise, it didn’t feel too soon.

Cyndi writes: “I was 23 and it felt as if life was coming together.

“People would say how good we were as a match.”

But somehow everything went wrong.

“I had to watch from the window as my sister went to the beach and let everyone know,” she told.

“While I’d been out that morning, he had taken all his clothes and passport.

“He’d actually left me.

“I was heartbroken.”

Cyndi had to stay at the holiday resort for a week, bumping into her ex-fiancée who also stayed on the island.

She describes how she tried to pack her days with activities to stop her thinking about things, and to try and tire herself out so she would fall asleep at night.

The devastated woman ends the letter with: “The reason he gave for calling it off was that he didn’t want children and I did.

“He never said why that became an irresolvable issue only on the day itself.

“Eventually we lost touch.

“Now, six years on, I’ve started dating again.

“What happened is far enough in the past now not to hurt so much.

“I can even laugh about it.”


Man Granted Divorce Over Wife’s Late Meals

A Nigerian court granted a 57-year-old man a divorce after hearing that his wife often brought his meals to him too late in the evening.

 A court in Lagos heard that Olufade Adekoya was at the end of his tether after Olusola, his spouse of 25 years, refused to serve him when he demanded.

“My wife had failed in her matrimonial obligations. She does not prepare my food on time and I have warned her several times, but she would not listen to me,” he was quoted as saying.

“There is no point in harbouring a wife that makes me hungry. I am totally fed up,” Adekoya told the hearing, for which the paper gave no date.

His wife denied the alleged dereliction, accusing her husband of plotting to take another wife.

But court president Olu Adebiyi reportedly dissolved the unhappy union, concluding: “The court had tried several times to reconcile their differences, but all efforts proved abortive.”


Divorce Update: Emeka Ike’s Wife Breaks Down In Court, Says Dissolve Our Marriage Now

Emeka Ike’s Wife is not a happy woman at the moment. The lady who was yesterday in court in continuation of the suit she had filed seeking to divorce her husband is unhappy and in pains. A reporter with The Nation who was in court yesterday reports the court outcome below;

Ace Actor Emeka Ike yesterday prayed the Lagos Island Customary Court not to dissolve his marriage, saying he still loves his wife, Emma. Emma had gone to court, seeking dissolution of their 12-year-old marriage.

Emeka, represented by his counsel, Abdul’Hakeem Labi-Lawal, said his client has not appeared in court because he is ill.

“My client is ill but I will try my best possible he comes on the next adjourned date. We indulge the court to give us six months from this day to see if there is possibility of settlement between the couple,” he said.

But Mrs Ike said six months was too long adding that the respondent had two years to reconcile with her but he didn’t.

She said: “The last time I wanted to speak with our children, it was my mother-in-law who

picked the call and asked if I had read Exodus 21 which says that if I go, I shouldn’t return.”

The court’s President, Chief Awos Awosola, said the court could only grant two weeks.

He said: “I am expecting Emeka Ike in this court if he really wants settlement.”

Awosola adjourned the matter till August 12 for further hearing.

After the court rose, Mrs Ike told The Nation that she wasn’t ready to return to her husband. “Over two years since I left the house, he never taught of reconciliation. He had every opportunity to ask me to return but he didn’t. So why now?”she asked.

Mrs Ike said her husband took her last two children from her when she was going for her mother’s burial in February.

“He promised to bring them to me immediately I returned from my mother’s burial but he didn’t. Even when he didn’t allow me access to see our children, I spoke with them on several occasions but now, he doesn’t allow me anymore. My children are now against me, she said.

Mrs Ike said she left her matrimonial home because she could no longer bear being tortured anymore.

“If I was still with him, I may not survive. I was 19-year old when I met him and he was the one who deflowered me. I see no reason I shouldn’t be treated with utmost respect.

“Due to physical torture, my health has been affected. There was even a time I thought I had breast cancer because I felt a lump on one part of my breast.” Mrs Ike said.

She said things became worse last Sunday when she called her husband to speak with their children.

In tears, Mrs Ike said:”I almost went mad when my first son told me on phone that if I truly loved them, I wouldn’t have abandoned them. Even my seven-year-old son whose day wouldn’t be complete without seeing me said he doesn’t love me. I love my children. I miss my children. I never abandoned them. I am in pain. They don’t have any other mother. I really need my children. I am a good woman; I endured so many things as his wife.”

The union produced four children between ages 4 and 13.

Man Snatches Friend’s Wife And 5 Children In Imo, Says He Fathered Them

A 52 year-old man, Gilbert Maduako, has lost his wife, Oluchi and five children after his friend, Akwusi Aluwaogu, who allegedly snatched Oluchi and took away the children claiming that he was their father. The incident happened at Ugwuakwu Village in Umuchu in Aguate Local Government in Anambra State, southeast Nigeria. The marriage which produced those children, collapsed after Oluchi and her children moved to Aluwaogu’s home who is an indigene of Akokwa town in Imo State and introduced the man to her children as their real father. P.M.NEWS reports:

It was learnt that both Maduako and Aluwaogu were good friends for years before he married Oluchi. Unknown to Maduako, his friend was secretly dating his wife even though he visited them as a family friend.  He later got to know when he returned from work and did not find his wife and children. He started looking for them and later found them at Aluwaogu’s house at his village in Akokwa, Imo State.

The wife reportedly introduced Aluwaogu as her husband and father of those five children. It was not certain who among the two husbands actually impregnated Oluchi and had the children. P.M.NEWS gathered from the indigeines that the children belong to Maduako because he properly married Oluchi by paying her bride price. Trouble started after Aluwaogu planned to give the eldest daughter to a husband at a tender age to collect her dowry. Maduako got wind of the plan and reported to the police at Umuchu Division who intervened.

The police arrested Aluwaogu and took him to the station where he was interrogated and he confessed that he actually wanted to marry off the teenager. He said since they are living with him and their mother, who actually knew their real father of those children, he had since adopted them as his own children. On the fate of his friend, Maduako, he said he cannot force Oluchi to marry him and suggested that he should go and get himself another wife and accept his fate.

When correspondents visited the station, the new DPO was not around to comment on the matter.

P.M.NEWS gathered from police sources that police stopped the marriage on two grounds-to determine the rightful owner of those children and that the girl was too young to get married.

I’ll Work In Niger General Hospital – Gov’s Wife

Wife of the Niger State Governor, Dr. Amina Bello, on Thursday said she would work as a medical practitioner at the State General Hospital, Minna.

The governor’s wife, who visited the female and pediatric wards at the General Hospital, Minna, said as a consultant gynaecologist, she would want to contribute to the treatment of women in the hospital.

She said, “My visit is to see how I can contribute to the society. That is what I do. I see pregnant women, I see women with problems, I operate on women on caesarian section; that is what I intend to do as my own contribution. The hospital should expect better services.”

“I would like to contribute my own quota, visit some of these women, spend time with them, helping with their surgeries and deliveries.

“I also need to see how the premises, where I will render my services, looks like. And I am very happy because the environment is so clean despite the old structures.”

She however lamented inadequate space in the hospital.

“It is too small. In a place where you have 600 deliveries, you have only 20 beds? It is not encouraging,” she added.

The Permanent Secretary of the Hospital Management Board, Dr. Makusidi Muhammad, commended the governor’s wife for her input and readiness to contribute her own quota.

He told journalists that the rate of infant and maternal mortality in Niger State has reduced.

Bigiano Now A Father In South Africa

Hit maker, Bigiano who is popularly known as Shayo Master, due to his hit song, Shayo years back is now a father in Cape Town, South Africa where he has been residing for the past 3 years. We hear Bigiano has been ‘dealing’ with the Southy girls ‘appropriately’ especially those calling for his eggplant. He gives it to them at will. One of them has however put to bed for him making him a father.

‘I Can’t Face This Anymore, I Need Help,’ – Emeka Ike’s Wife Yells As She Files For Divorce

After 12 years of marriage, Nollywood actor, Emeka Ike and his wife are heading for divorce. According to those in the know the lady had already filed for divorce and the case has been mentioned. Narrating how the actor turned her into a punching bag while she lived with him to a customary court, Emma said;

“It was when my husband beat me mercilessly I believed that people truly saw stars whenever they were unconscious. It was my brother who took me to the hospital where I spent two months. There was also a day I was feeding our last child with tea, my husband, out of anger took the tea and poured it on my head.”

She also explained how the couple’s school project failed on account of Emeka not allowing her
manage it. “I even persuaded his sister to bring four of her children to our school without paying a dime but instead of showing appreciation, she said I was a lavish spender and that was how I stopped being in charge of his school.”

“Each time we fight, he calls me a witch saying whenever he intends to start a project and he informs me it eventually fails. He also said if he hadn’t married me, I would have become a prostitute. Since I left, he doesn’t allow me to speak with our first two children asking me to come home if I really want to see them. Even when I was in with him, he leaves home for months on the pretext of different appointments. I can’t face all this anymore. I need help,” she said.

The case has been adjourned until July 22, 2015.

Suswam Denies Beating Wife In London, Says He’s In Germany

Former Benue State Governor, Gabriel Suswan, Sunday said he was not arrested in London for wife beating.

His lawyer, P.H. Ogbole, who spoke in Abuja yesterday called on friends and family of the former governor to disregard the publications claiming that Suswam was arrested in the United Kingdom for beating up his wife, Yemisi.

While threatening to take legal action against those behind the falsehood, Suswam described publication alleging that he beat his wife as a calculated attempt to smear his image.

Reports circulated on the social media last week, alleging that the former governor was arrested in London by the Metropolitan Police for beating his wife over an argument about his mistress.

The report added that he was released on bail. But Suswam however denied all the allegations which he said were the handiwork of his enemies.

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Beninoise Wife Poisons Husband Over Boyfriend In Lagos

A Beninoise, Kwenume Ojo, aka Abiodun, has been arrested by men of the Lagos State Police Command for allegedly killing her husband, Jimoh Ojo, 32, in the Yaba area of the state.
PUNCH Metro learnt that Kwenume put poison in her husband’s soft drink and forced it down his throat while he slept on the bed.
Our correspondent gathered that the 17-year-old suspect took the poison from a relative of her boyfriend after she was forced to marry Jimoh.The incident happened on Friday on Apolo Street, the Makoko area of Lagos.

Jimoh’s in-law, Rotimi Akinlagun, explained that the deceased was retarded, which made it difficult for him to get a wife.He said his marriage to Kwenume was arranged by the two families.
He said,
“Jimoh was a carpenter. When he was born, he fell sick and that affected his health as he became retarded.“When he became mature, we decided to get him a wife. We started asking around for anybody who could give him a wife.“Kwenume’s father heard and he contacted Jimoh’s family. He gave them Kwenume to become Jimoh’s wife. She had no choice in the matter.”
PUNCH Metro learnt that Kwenume’s father took the decision to prevent her from marrying her boyfriend, who he did not like.
The dislike, it was gathered, stemmed from the maltreatment of Kwenume’s sister, who was married into the boyfriend’s family.
“She was brought to me and we took her to Jimoh’s hometown in Yewa, Ogun State. He was going there to make love with her. After six months, she became pregnant and we brought her back to Lagos State.
“The couple moved into a new apartment to start a new family. Their apartment was close to my house so I could monitor them. Abiodun (Kwenume) was assisting my wife to sell food at her canteen,” Rotimi added.
Our correspondent learnt that after giving birth to a baby girl, christened Hannah, the suspect became attracted to her former boyfriend and she started visiting him.
She was said to have met his elder brother, Wensu, an herbalist, who allegedly gave her the poison to put in her hubby’s drink so she could marry the unidentified boyfriend.
Jimoh’s elder sister, Modupe Akinlagun, said the victim had returned from work on the fateful Friday and visited her shop to get food.
She said, “He dished the food himself and ate. After eating, I asked him to go home and rest. When his wife returned from an errand I sent her, I asked her to also return home with her baby.
“I was still there when his wife came to call me that he had slumped in the toilet.
“When we got there, people had surrounded him and were pouring palm oil into his mouth. He was vomiting the oil and a white substance. He kept saying, ‘Iya Hannah has killed me, she opened my mouth and poured drug inside.’
“Iya Hannah (Kwenume) denied Jimoh’s accusation, but he insisted that she forced the poison down his throat.”
Another relative explained that Kwenume put the poison in a bottle of drink that the victim had brought home to share with her.
He said, “They usually shared their food and drinks together. After he finished eating at the canteen that day, he bought a bottle of drink and drank half. He took the remaining home to share with his wife.
“It was when she returned that she put the poison in the drink. She then forced it down his throat.”
Modupe’s husband said Jimoh died around 11.30pm on Friday.
He said the community elders took Kwenume aside to press her for information on where she got the poison.He said after some time, she confessed to the crime, adding that she collected the poison from her boyfriend’s brother who lived in the Sogunro, Iwaya area of the state.
He said, “Around 3am on Saturday, a policeman, together with some of our people went to get the man.”
The two suspects were said to have been kept till dawn until a team of policemen from the Adekunle division arrived in six vans.
PUNCH Metro gathered that some youths attempted to lynch both suspects, but for the intervention of the policemen.
The traditional ruler of the Egun community, Seriki Dito,appealed to governmental and non-governmental organisations, to assist in taking care of the couple’s child, Hannah.
He said, “This is something that has shaken our community terribly. We want the government to give the deceased justice. We also want help for the girl because she is almost an orphan now.”
The Police Public Relations Officer, Kenneth Nwosu, confirmed the incident, adding that it had been transferred to the Department of Criminal Investigation.
He said, “The woman and her accomplice are in custody. The case has been transferred to the DCI for investigation.”

Wife Kills Husband For Keeping Late Night In Kaduna

Kefas Luca, has accused his 40-year-old mother, Mary, of beating his father to death in Kaduna. According to Kefas, trouble started after his Dad arrived home at midnight and an argument ensued.

It was gathered that his mom had warned his Dad several times against coming home late but the husband never listened.
According to the deceased’s first son, Kefas, at about 3am, he heard his father screaming for help. Kefas said his mum shouted that it was armed robbers that were attacking them and told him not to enter the room.
Kefas explained that the more he tried to know what was happening, the louder his mother screamed ‘thieves! thieves!’.
He said,

“I heard my father shouting around 3am that day (Saturday) and so I called on my mother to inquire what was happening.

“My mother shouted back at me from her room to keep off and remain quiet that armed robbers were operating. The more I tried to get closer to my father’s room, the more my mother screamed thieves! thieves! thieves!

“When I finally summoned up courage to enter my father’s room, I found him vomiting blood and he could no longer talk while my mother was still pretending that it was armed robbers that attacked him.

“There was a heavy object by his side and he was bleeding profusely from his forehead. At daybreak, neighbours came around to help and the police outpost at Gonin Gora arrested my mother and took her to Sabon Tasha Police station.”

The Police Public Relations Officer at the Command, Abubakar Zubairu, confirmed the arrest, said Mary had been detained by the command for further investigation.

Source: Punch

Namadi Sambo, Wife Beg For Forgiveness

Vice-President Namadi Sambo, and wife, Amina Sambo, on Monday urged those they offended to forgive them.

The vice-president, who spoke to newsmen shortly after a valedictory meeting with his supporting members of staff, at Aguda House, Abuja, said he had forgiven all those he had interracted with in the last five years.

According to him, he has enjoyed good and cordial working relationship with all his supporting members of staff. “Whether in government or outside government, we will continue to contribute towards the development of the country.

“And also, we have enjoyed working together and we have become one family with our staff and we assure them that we shall always be there for them.

“Also, we pray that all those that we have offended during this period, we beg for their forgiveness and we forgive all those that have done anything wrong to us.”

Sambo thanked the staff for their support and cooperation and urged them to extend the same to the incoming administration.

In her remarks, the wife of the Vice-President, Hajiya Amina Sambo, said the Sambo’s family would forever remain grateful for the support, encouragement and prayers they enjoyed from the staff.

The farewell meeting was attended by all the supporting staff, including Special Advisers and Senior Special Assistants to the vice-president and his wife.

Credit: NAN

I’m Happy To Remarry Again, Says Oshiomhole

It was glitz and glamour as Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State, yesterday, exchanged marital vows with his heartthrob, former Miss Iara Fortes, from Cape Verde.

The Governor and his bride had signed the dotted lines at a private marriage registry attended only by family members and a few friends at his Iyamho residence after which top dignitaries in the country, were led by the President-elect, General Muhammadu Buhari to the wedding reception held at the People’s White Hall in the Governor’s country home.

 Governor Adams Oshiomhole slips puts a ring on the finger of fomer Miss Iara Fortes at a private marriage registry at Iyamho, Etsako West Local Government Area of Edo State, on Friday.

Among a list of who-is-who in the country who also graced the ceremony were President-elect, Gen Muhammadu Buhari, his wife Aisha, Vice President Elect, Professor Yemi Osibanjo, Speaker of the House of Reps, Alhaji Aminu Tambuwal, Cross Rivers State Governor, Liyel Imoke, Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan of Delta State, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, Dr Samuel Ogbemudia, Peter Obi, former head of state, Gen. Yakubu Godwin, Alike Dangote, Captain Hosa Okunbor, Femi Otedola, Chief Tom Ikimi, Gen. Charles Airiavbere, Engr.Chris Ogiemwonyi, Saraki, Minority Whip of the House of Reps, Samson Osagie, Pally Iriase and many other members of the National Assembly.

Others are National Chairman of the APC, Chief John Odigie Oyegun, National Leader of the APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, Governor Rauf Arigbesola, Otunba Niyi Adebayo, High Chief Raymond Dokpesi, representative of Crown Prince of Benin, Jim Ovia, President of a faction of the NLC, Ayuba Wahab, Gen Tunde Ogbeha, Dr Samuel Ogbemudia, former Governor of Edo State, Prof Osarhiemen Osunbor, former Governor of Anambra State, Dr Peter Obi, Senator Daisy Danjuma, Esogban of Benin Kingdom, Chief David Edebiri, Matthew Iduoriyekemwen, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu, Governor-elect of Kaduna State, Mallam el Rufai, Gov Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State, Senator Chris Ngige,Kenneth Imuasuagbo among others.

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The Inspector-General of Police, Mr Solomon Arase, former Governors Kayode Fayemi, Oserheimen Osunbor, Senator Tunde Ogbeha; Osaigbovo Ogbemudia,Otunba Niyi Adebayo were also in attendance.

Top military brass including Brigadier-General MJ Abel, Commandant, Nigerian Army School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Auchi were also in attendance. The Director-General of the State Security was represented by Engr Joseph oworuya, while Mr Bello Bakori, Director, SSS Edo State was also at the ceremony.

Members of the Edo state Executive Council were led by the Deputy Governor of the state, Dr Pius Odubu, Chief Judge of Edo state, elected members of the State and National Assemblies and many others.

Parents of the bride, Mr and Mrs Fortes flew in from their home in the Netherlands to attend the ceremony while the Governor’s mother, Hajia Aishetu Oshiomhole was also in attendance.

The Governor’s children Steve, Adams, Jane and two of his grandchildren also on hand to show love and support for their father and his wife.

The Governor’s marriage is coming about five years after the painful death of his first wife, Clara Oshiomhole, following a protracted battle with cancer.

The delectable Iara, a lawyer by profession and top model, is from the Cape Verde Islands.

The chairman of the ceremony, General Yakubu Gowon said the Governor’s wife completes and complements him and he admonished the couple to show true love and have patience in their dealings with one another.

Fielding question form newsmen, Oshiomhole who noted that both PDP and APC leaders attended the wedding, said it shows that despite political differences, Nigerians remains one.

He described his wife as very “ understanding, caring and a loving lady and also expressed joy with his family for the support given to him to remarry.

“This is something that one is happy about. I am also happy that I have friends across all political divide. The occasion reminds me that across all divides, we have friends and well-wishers.”

Describing his wife, Oshiomhole said: “She is very humble, she appreciates the nature of my job and life that I return home late, some times 3am. She understands my weaknesses, she is more or less the mother of the house, the one that has accepted to be the mother of my children.

“I am happy that all my children are at home with her and accept her as their mother even though she is not old enough to be their mother. She has accepted to fill that gap” he said.

Nigerian incoming First Lady, Aisha Buhari made an interesting comment. She described Oshiomhole’s wife as beautiful and turning to her she said “but for you to marry a Nigerian, you need to cook Edi-Kaikon, Egusi, and other Nigerian delicacies. God bless the marriage and we know as First-lady you have a big task and God will guide and protect the family”.

Family Crisis: Husband Beats Wife Over Election Results In Kwara

Raphael Abiodun, a commercial motorcyclist from Kwara State, is alleged to have cruelly beat his wife over a disagreement on the outcome of this past weekend’s elections.

The couple, who live in the Igangu area of Omu-Aran in the Irepodun LGA, are members of different political parties and are said to have engaged in an argument after Bose, Abiodun’s wife, began celebrating the victory of her party in the House of Representatives and senatorial elections.

Neighbors are said to have intervened and broken up the fight before it could continue any further.

Abiodun revealed that his wife’s attitude angered him due to the fact that she benefited from funds provided through Abiodun’s party of choice.

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Group Rejects Buhari Over Wife’s Comment On Edo Women

Movement for the Eradication of Child Abandonment (MECA), has rejected the candidature of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd) of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in the Saturday, March 28 Presidential election.

In a statement signed by its National Coordinator, Mrs. Eugene Afonja and its Secretary, Obi Erumaka, the group said it took the decision because neither the leadership of APC nor Gen. Buhari, has rebuked Mrs. Aisha Buhari for alleged referring to Edo women as prostitutes.

Mrs. Buhari had in a campaign rally for her husband’s presidential bid in Edo State over the weekend, purportedly made the statement, claiming her husband’s administration will stop the prostitution by Edo women abroad.

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BIZARRE: Man Glues Wife’s Vagina For “Cheating”

A 40-year-old Mpumalanga woman says she’ll never ever be able to have sex because her husband put super glue on her genitals, scarring her for life. The woman, who cannot be named to protect her dignity, lives in Ngwamtila village near Bushbuckridge.

Her husband, whose name is known to African Eye News Service, allegedly put the super glue on her vagina on 9 March 2013, after accusing her of cheating on him with her uncle.

“My husband was an abusive man for many years. His abuse spiralled out of control when my uncle dropped me off at our home. He then accused me of cheating on him with my uncle. It was shocking because he knew my uncle well and even greeted him nicely when he dropped me off,” says the woman.

She said after screaming at her he told her that he would teach her a lesson. “Every time the month of March comes along I remember the cruelty that he showed me. He took out a panga and ordered me to take off my clothes. As I started doing that he told me that if I didn’t do it he would chop off my head with the panga. He had previously tried to chop off my hand with the panga but I managed to escape. This time I could not escape.

“He then ordered me to lie down and open my legs. He then took out super glue and applied it on my vagina while I looked at him with horror and tears streaming down my face. I do not know what would make a man who loves a woman do that to her,” she said.

Asked if her husband was ever arrested for his cruel actions she said: “I wanted to press charges but he fled and has not been seen since the incident. I am scared that he might come back anytime and remove my head.”

The woman feels pain every time she urinates.

Credit:  African Eye

Woman For Free: Buy This Lovely House And Get A Free Wife

A woman is not and cannot be equal with a man. If you still think that their must be equality between man and woman, the joke is on you. A forty years old man can marry a 25 years old girl and it is cool but a woman of forty can’t go and marry a 25 years old boy. If you do, be ready to face the society.

This woman just realized that. Now, she is ready to offer herself as a wife to any mature man who can buy the house her late husband left behind for her. She doesn’t just want to be sleeping around with small boys, but be a decent woman with a husband. Read her story below…

An advert for a house in Indonesia has gone viral online after the woman selling it offered to throw in an unusual extra feature for free — her hand in marriage.

The Internet ad reads for the most part like a regular house listing, saying that the single-storey property has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a parking space and a fish pond.

But it also proposes to buyers a “rare offer” — “when you buy this house, you can ask the owner to marry you”, alongside a picture of Wina Lia, a 40-year-old widow and beauty salon owner, leaning against a car in front of the house.

The ad said that terms and conditions apply, and notes the offer is “for serious buyers and non-negotiable”. The house in Sleman, on the island of Java, is on the market for 999 million rupiah (about $75,000).

News of the offer quickly spread among Internet users in social media-crazy Indonesia.

A user on popular online forum said Wina Lia is “quite smart — even though the house will be sold, she will remain the owner.”

But the mother of two explained that she had asked a friend who was a property agent to help her find a buyer — and in the process a husband — but she had expected him to pass on the news to a limited number of people, not put an ad online.

“I told a friend of mine who also works as property agent that if there is a buyer who is a single man or a widower who wants to buy a house, and at the same time look for a wife, he can let me know as I’m also a widow,” she said.

She added that a potential buyer had visited on Wednesday, but refused to give further details about him.

Divorce Drama: I Can’t Cope With His Big Manhood- Wife Tells Court

There was laughter at the Sharia Court, Samaru, Gusau, Zamfara State, during the week, when a housewife, Aisha Dannupawa, asked the court to dissolve her one-week marriage to her husband, Ali Maizinari, because she could not bear the size of his joystick.

When the case came up, the woman told the court that she married her husband after her first marriage failed.

The mother of three revealed that before she packed into her husband’s house, as the tradition demanded, she was invited into his parents house.

She told the court that “when he came, we had sex but the experience was a nightmare. Instead of enjoying the sex, it turned out to be something else because his joystick was too big,” she told
the court.

She also told the court that after the experience, she took some medication, which was given to her by her mother.

“I told my mother the experience but she told me to endure and that with time, I will be able to cope. She then gave me some drugs,’’ she added.

According to her, “two days later when he came to visit me, we had sex again, but the experience was too much to bear. It was then I knew that I coulld not continue with the marriage because of the size of his joystick.’’

The husband, Maizinari, did not deny what his wife said. He told the court that he was willing to divorce her but that she should pay back the dowry and all that he spent on her during the courtship.

When he was asked to state the amount, Maizinari disclosed that what he expected from her was N60,000.

President of the court, Alhaji Mamman Shinkafi, told the couple to try reconciliation

Man Beats Wife on Wedding Night After Failing to Undress Her

After a delightful ceremony in St. Mary’s Church in the village of West Rainton in County Durham, England, the reception for Dawson and her new husband, her long-term partner and father of her child, Gavin Golightly, in nearby Beamish Hall was full of love and laughter.

Then, at 12:55 a.m. the following morning, the newlyweds decided to retire to bed and Dawson asked Golightly to help take off her wedding dress.

Instead, he attacked her and she thought she was going to die. “The defendant (Golightly) then tried to undo Ms. Dawson’s dress. She received a crochet (to undo the dress with), but the defendant then refused to undo his new wife’s dress,” prosecutor Sarah Traynor told Peterlee Magistrates Court.

“The defendant then jumped up from his chair, approached Ms. Dawson and pushed her over.

“He then sat on top of her and started punching her with clenched fists. He then got up and left the room. It appears that the defendant then came back to the room.”

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My Wife Pregnant for Okada Man, Pastor Tells Court- Vanguard

A pastor, Chris Onyekachi-Madu, 45, has told an Igando Customary Court to dissolve his 18-year marriage to his estranged wife, Augusta Madu, who got pregnant for an Okada man. He said he didn’t love her anymore because she slept with an Okada man in his house, got pregnant and then packed out to start living with the Okada man.

The court President, Rasack Isola-Adeyeri, adjourned the matter to January 28 for judgment.
Madu, who resides at 1, Bola Kadiri Street in Egbeda area of Lagos State and a pastor at Victory in Christ Gospel Ministry, Egbeda, told the court how his 18 years marriage collapsed. Narrating his ordeal before the court, Madu said his wife, with whom he had two children, started fighting him on a daily basis while also bringing strange men into their home.

He also told the court that since the crisis began, he started seeing strange faces in his house.
He said: “They come to my house at about 11p.m. There was a day I had to interrogate a man that she brought home. She introduced her to me as her pastor.”

He said further that his wife brought an Okada man to his house, who she introduced to him as someone that would be taking their children to and from school.

-Madu further stated that the Okada rider, after taking his children to school in the morning and bringing them back, would then take his wife away even in his presence, adding that this happened on three consecutive occasions, after which she slept over the fourth time.

Credit: Vanguard Nigeria

Wife of Charlie Hebdo Attacker Condemns Deadly Strikes

The wife of Charlie Hebdo attacker Cherif Kouachi, held for 72 hours after the deadly assault, has condemned her husband’s actions and expressed her feelings for the victims, her lawyer told AFP on Sunday.

Speaking after she was released from custody on Saturday, Christian Saint-Palais said the young woman had “expressed her indignation and condemnation of violence” to investigators.

She had also noted her “thoughts for the victims” and said her response to the attack “was the same reaction as that of the entire nation,” Saint-Palais said as he joined hundreds of thousands of people in a march of solidarity for the victims on Sunday.

According to the lawyer, Cherif Kouachi’s wife Izzana Hamyd said she had never seen any sign in her husband to suggest that he might undertake such terrorist activity, and described herself as “stupefied” by the attack.

Cherif Kouachi, 32, and his brother Said killed a dozen people, including two police officers, during their attack on the office of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris January 7.



Woman Detained in Lebanon Not ISIS Leader’s Wife, Says Iraq

Iraq says a woman detained in Lebanon is not the wife of the Islamic State (IS) leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Lebanese officials said on Tuesday that the army had picked up a woman named Saja al-Dulaimi after she tried to enter from Syria with forged papers. But the Iraqi interior ministry said on Wednesday that while Ms Dulaimi was from a family of known militants, she was not married to Baghdadi.

Unofficially, the Lebanese army says it still thinks it is holding his wife. A source told the BBC it believed the woman was a current or former spouse of the IS leader. The Iraqi interior ministry said Baghdadi’s wives were believed to be named Asma Fawzi Mohammed al-Dulaimi and Isra Mahal al-Qaisi.

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Wife of ISIS Leader Detained in Lebanon

Lebanese authorities have detained a wife and son of the leader of the Islamic State group, and she is being questioned, two senior Lebanese officials said Tuesday. A military official said the woman and her son were detained about 10 days ago while carrying fake identification cards.

Both officials refused to give further details about the woman who is believed to be one of the wives of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the group’s reclusive leader. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity in line with regulations.

The military official said the woman is a Syrian citizen and is being questioned by authorities. The officials refused to give details about the son.

The Lebanese daily As-Safir was the first to break the news, saying they were detained near a border crossing point with Syria. It added that the arrest was in “coordination with foreign intelligence agencies.”

Very little is known about al-Baghdadi’s personal life, including how many wives and children he has. Conservative interpretations of Islam allow for a man to marry up to four wives.

Al-Baghdadi’s first wife is believed to be Iraqi citizen Suja al-Dulaimi, who was reportedly held by Syrian authorities and freed in a prisoner exchange with al-Qaida’s branch in Syria earlier this year. In March, the Nusra Front freed more than a dozen Greek Orthodox nuns, ending their four-month captivity in exchange for Syrian authorities releasing dozens of female prisoners.

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Myles Munroe: Investigation Continues into Plane Crash

The investigation continues into the plane crash that killed Myles Munroe, an influential and popular religious leader, and eight others in the Bahamas on Sunday.

An official investigation into the crash continued on Monday, with police having said that bad weather is suspected to have been a factor.

“It has left the country reeling,” said Bahamas Foreign Minister Fred Mitchell in a statement. “Reverend Munroe was a giant of a Bahamian.”

His wife and top deputy were also among the casualties, authorities have said.

The plane exploded on impact with a crane at the Grand Bahama Ship Yard and plunged into a junkyard below as it was making its landing approach for Grand Bahama in Freeport at about 5:10 p.m. EST, roughly an hour after takeoff from Nassau, authorities have said.

Others on board the plane included Bahamas Faith Ministries deputy Richard Pinder, youth ministers Lavard and Rudel Parks, and their young son, Johannan.

None aboard the plane survived the crash, officials said.

Among those mourning Munroe, who in 1998 was the youngest recipient of the Order of the British Empire, was Bahamian Prime Minister Perry Christie.

“It is utterly impossible to measure the magnitude of Dr. Munroe’s loss to the Bahamas and to the world,” Christie said. “He was indisputably one of the most globally recognizable religious figures our nation has ever produced.”

The author of numerous books and a regular traveler to countries in Africa and Latin America, Munroe was also chief executive and chairman of the International Third World Leaders Association.

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BasketMouth “Worships” Wife on Wedding Anniversary

This one has gone beyond adoring someone…, BasketMouth literally worshipped his wife to mark their wedding anniversary. He started the day posting photos of her and saying sweet phrases to her. He even thanked God for the day he met her.

We are not sure, but from the look of things, these guys are truly happily married!!! Awwww…

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BasketMouth to Post 100 Photos of Wife in 1 Day

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Most of us had to check the calendar to make sure it isn’t February 14th.

Comedian, Basket Mouth took on Instagram today posting lovely photos of himself and his wife with the caption, “She love Him”. He initially vowed to post 50 photos of her but later changed his mind and doubled the number, telling his fans that they would get tired of his post today. We hope he keeps to his words.

We are happy they are happy… they really seem happy… Don’t they?