Breaking Up Cos She is White Garment…

Hello, I have been in this brief relationship and we are still dating but I want to break up with her cos I just recently discovered that she is a white garment church member.

I am actually indifferent about the whole situation and about her being a white garment but my mind will not just let me be. She is a very decent, loving and amazing girl but my perception and affection towards her changed completely when she told me the church she attends.

We were having a random conversation about native wears and I said I would love to see her in a native outfit cos she was fond of wearing English clothing.  She said she doesn’t have a single ankara outfit and I asked if she still wears her office cloths to church. That was when she revealed the white garment issue to me.

I just don’t feel it is a good reason to split but my mind is just not at peace with the fact that she attends a white garment church. Right now, I am not even very sure if I love her anymore. I just want to know if saying that to her would break her heart or hurt her cos I just want us to call it quit without having to hurt her.