Soyinka knocks Buhari, El-Rufai’s “lethargic” handling of southern Kaduna crisis

Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka yesterday criticised President Muhammadu Buhari’s and Governor Nasir El-Rufai’s handling of the southern Kaduna crisis. “If you ask why Gen. Buhari did not act fast enough when these events took place, which degrade us as human beings, it was perhaps he had been waiting for the governor of that state to send money to the killers first for them to stop the killing,” Soyinka said.

This was the first time that Soyinka who supported Buhari’s bid for the presidency last year would openly criticise him. This shows how the president’s handling of the crisis over which he did not comment for a long time despite the carnage is alienating him from his support base.

Soyinka said at the launch of a book, Religion and the Making of Nigeria in Abuja yesterday that he was not astonished by the admission of El-Rufai that he paid out money to foreigners to stop the carnage on Nigerian soil.

“There was nothing new about it. Has appeasement to religious forces not become a Nigerian face of justice and equity? First lethargy and then appeasement. Was Boko Haram’s Muhammed Yusuf not a beneficiary of appeasement in a similar fashion?

“What, however, concerns the rest of us, no matter the internal wrangling, rivalries or controversies within any religion, is that the innocent are often those who pay the highest price. The non-adherents to one line of belief or another,” Soyinka said.

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo who was also at the launch lamented the hypocrisy displayed by Nigerians on the issue of federal character, wondering why cases related to religious violence were not brought to a logical conclusion.

His words: “Very few people have been prosecuted for religious violence but none has ever been brought to conclusion. Why is it that such cases are never concluded? Too many cases of high-profile murders that are not concluded in this country.

“National character is very hypocritical. When we are playing football, we all clamour for the best legs because we want to win. We don’t ask how many Muslims or Christians are on the team. When you are sick, nobody asks the religion of the doctor, we only ask about competencies.”

Meanwhile,? Buhari yesterday met with security chiefs over the prevailing insecurity in southern Kaduna, the Niger Delta and other parts of the country.At the meeting held at the Presidential Villa in Abuja, the Minister of Defence, Mohammed Dan-Ali, disclosed that troops had been moved to southern Kaduna while negotiations were ongoing to end the killings in the area.

The military also said it had concluded an arrangement to launch an operation as part of measures to completely restore peace in the wake of the insecurity in the area.The Chief of Army Staff, Lt.-Gen. Tukur Buratai, who gave the indication at the end of the security meeting, yesterday disclosed that the exercise would also cover some parts of Plateau and Kano states. He said the operation was akin to the other military endeavours in the Niger Delta, among others.

It was alleged that no fewer than three persons were feared killed in the incident leading to the heavy presence of security operatives around the community.
Eyewitness told The Guardian that the problem started on Tuesday night when a Hausa scrap dealer carrying a generator in a wheelbarrow was accosted around the Udo Udoma area of Itiam Etoi by some local residents.

“They asked him for settlement , and when he refused to pay, the youths resorted to confronting him. The minor misunderstanding led to a brawl and forced a reprisal attack from the Hausa/Fulani settlers in the area,” he said .The Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Cordelia Nwawe, confirmed that there was a crisis but denied that there were casualties.

Soyinka Will Not Face Charges if He Destroys His Green Card — U.S. Immigration Lawyers

The United States government will not bring any civil or criminal charges against Nobel laureate, Wole Soyinka, if he eventually destroys his American green card as openly threatened, U.S. immigration experts told newsmen.

In fact, Mr. Soyinka will still be able to visit the United States at any time he desires even after destroying his green card before the public glare, the lawyers said.

Immigration attorneys, Isaac Falusi and Samuel Adewusi, said in separate interviews with PREMIUM TIMES that the controversies surrounding the decision of the professor are inconsequential in the U.S.

Mr. Falusi, an expert in immigration and international trade law, said Mr. Soyinka would have merely exercised his free speech by destroying his green card.

“Destroying a green card is an expression of free speech which no one will ever be penalised for in America,” Mr. Falusi said. “Being a resident in America is a voluntary thing.”
“The government gave him the green card because he was qualified when he applied for it,” Mr. Falusi said.

The lawyer said the U.S. Homeland Security, which handles such documents, may not even be aware of the controversy and even if it were, it still won’t mean an action will be taken.
“If he has made a public show of destroying his card, that doesn’t mean the Homeland Security is aware of it,” Mr. Falusi said. “ But even if they were, he will still be able to easily obtain another green card because his name is still on the computer as a valid American resident.”

There have been reports that Mr. Soyinka faces a jail term should he destroy his green card.
The professor first stated a fortnight ago that he would destroy his green card if Donald Trump was elected president.

“The moment they announce his [Trump’s] victory, I will cut my green card myself and start packing up,” Mr. Soyinka told a gathering at Oxford University in what appeared like a casual observation about the tone of the American campaign at the time.

Mr. Trump won the election on June 8, prompting immediate demand and mockery from Nigerians.
He hit back at critics in a 4,000-word essay on Saturday, describing them as noisome creatures and nattering nitwits. He, however, reassured that he will still go ahead to ahead as planned, but only on his own terms.

But if he really wants to cut his access to the U.S., then he will need to do more than shred his residency card, Mr. Adewusi said.

Mr. Adewusi, Chairman of the Board of Trustee of the Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation in the Americas, further stated that “in order to destroy your green card you have to go to a consulate near you, especially if you’re outside the United States.”

“At the consulate, you must request for and fill a document called Form I-407. It is a long process but only after you complete before you could boldly say that you have destroyed your access to enter America.”

Mr. Adewusi echoed Mr. Falusi’s position that Mr. Soyinka’s action is strictly an exercise of his free speech.

“It’s more of a free speech the same way people burn flags and their passports. No one will penalise him for anything,” Mr. Adewusi said.


Trump will withdraw support in fighting Boko Haram – Soyinka

Nobel Prize winner, Professor Wole Soyinka has said that the victory of Donald Trump in the United State’s November 8 presidential election could lead to the withdrawal of support in Nigeria’s fight against the Boko Haram insurgents.


Soyinka told Newsweek that Trump’s “bunker mentality” could see the American government take back their help for counter-terrorism operations in West Africa.


The Nigerian author and playwright had declared he will destroy his green card and return to Nigeria if the Republican candidate emerges as president elect of the US  and later confirmed that he will keep his word and tear his green card, on the day Trump is sworn in as the 45th president of the country.


Trump surprised the world when he defeated Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton in Tuesday’s vote.


Boko Haram, a militant group, which commenced immense operation against the Nigerian government in 2009, have killed thousands and displaced more than 2 million in the northeast.


The administration of Barack Obama, has provided financial support and military training to West African countries fighting the insurgents.


According to the US State Department reports on February, the country has provided $71 million worth of equipment, logistics and training to Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad, Niger, and Benin that together formed a joint task force in 2015 to fight the militants.


Soyinka said, “One should expect that level of collaboration to diminish. Trump’s mentality is one of, ‘What are we doing there? What business do we have over there?’”


“I foresee Trump dismissing that kind of expectation offhand and closing in, shrinking, becoming smaller in terms of [the U.S.’s] presence in other parts of the world.”

If Trump Wins US Election, I’ll Destroy my American Green Card – Soyinka

Wole Soyinka, Nobel laureate, has said he would destroy his green card if Donald Trump becomes president of the United States.

Soyinka said this on Wednesday while giving a speech to students of Oxford University, England, reports the Guardian UK.

“If in the unlikely event he does win, the first thing he’ll do is to say [that] all green-card holders must reapply to come back into the US. Well, I’m not waiting for that.

“The moment they announce his victory, I will cut my green card myself and start packing up,” said Soyinka, who is scholar-in-residence at New York University’s Institute of African American Affairs.

The internationally-acclaimed playwright and poet described Britain’s decision to exit the European Union as a “ridiculous decision”.

He said: “What is happening in Europe shouldn’t surprise any of us … It has happened before. We were here when Enoch Powell was leading his thugs out to drive blacks from here.

“It’s a constant fight to try to get a nation to recognise its own noble persuasions, its own persuasions of the loftiness of human possibility. It’s for young people like you to say no to them whenever that happens.”

Soyinka also informed the students that the torch of African literature is being carried by the younger generation.

“I think we of the older are getting a little bit tired, and I think our production gets thinner and thinner. But fortunately, it doesn’t worry any of us, as far as I know, because the body of literature that is coming out [is] varied and liberated.

“African literature suffered from some kind of ideological spasm in which the younger generation was bombarded by a sense of ideological duty, in other words it was bombarded with a very simplistic notion by leftist radical writers, very reformative revolutionary thinkers, that all literature is ideological and therefore writers must ensure that their writing illustrates progressive ideologies.”

BBOG Protesters Not A Security Threat, Soyinka Replies IG

Nobel laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka, on Thursday, warned against the use of force against the #BringBackOurGirls campaigners, saying that the group should be given their space to protest.

He also noted that protests by the group could not be too much as long as the Chibok girls remained Boko Haram captives.

Soyinka said this at a symposium to start the 20th anniversary programme of Halifield Schools, Maryland, Lagos.

The social commentator, who delivered the keynote address, added that  peaceful demonstration was a democratic right which could not constitute threats to national security and public order.

The Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, had on Wednesday, warned the BBOG campaigners against continuing with their street processions, which he said constituted a security threat to public peace and order.

He stated that the police “will not sit on the fence and watch such a scenario unfold.”

But Soyinka, while reacting to the IG’s comments at the occasion, noted that it would be dangerous to forget the missing Chibok girls, saying that it could boost their morale and teach pupils in the country the need to stand up for their rights.

‘‘I saw a report in a national daily that demonstrations on behalf of the Chibok girls pose a threat to national security and I thought, not again. My mind flew back immediately to another governor under whose democratic leadership, parents were tear-gassed for demonstrating peacefully about losing their children in a plane crash in Port Harcourt.

 “Democracy is not just about campaigning. It is exercising human rights. It is about helping to build the society. Demonstrations cannot be too much as long as those girls are missing. Demonstrations are an act of solidarity. Wherever they are today, when their mothers demonstrate on their behalf, their morale is raised.

“That is my message to security operatives who get scared of those who are agitating for a cause and fire tear gas at them. They must be treated with utmost respect and must be given their space. It is an act of solidarity for the children. Otherwise, when you stop these demonstrations, you are saying forget about the children,’’ he said.

Soyinka, who also urged the Federal Government and its agencies to speak with one voice, said Nigerians should express solidarity with the missing girls and their families.

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Soyinka Seeks Trial Of Hate Preachers

Nobel laureate Prof. Wole Soyinka yesterday advocated the prosecution of hate preachers to stem religious violence.

Soyinka noted that religious violence would be encouraged if those who instigate killings in the name of blasphemy are allowed to walk freely without being made to face trial.

He spoke at the University of Benin (UNIBEN) while delivering a lecture titled: “Culture At Risk.”

Soyinka noted that prosecution of advocates of religious violence would deter others nursing the idea of inciting more violence.

He said the bombings and killings of innocent citizens across the country was a result of what they had been made to believe from the religious perspective.

Describing religion as the greatest threat to culture, Soyinka described the destruction of mosques, churches, shrines and ancient monuments as a product of religious intolerance.

He said Nigerians must learn to tolerate one another irrespective of cultural and religious difference.

“When you have people like that who I know that have instigated the killing of others walking freely on the street, without being made to pay restitution for incitement to murder under the banner of cultural relativism, it encourages others to continue in the act.

“My view is that, we can complain, we can proffer, we can condemn, as much as we want, until those who are guilty, even by curious liability when a murder is committed are brought to book and made to apologise to the whole nation,  and face penalty, such will not stop.

“In my view, it is that toxin injected into the social consciousness of the followers of that religion, which has resulted in the murder of its citizens. Is there something called vicarious guilt or not? The question I ask is: Was that deputy governor ever brought to trial? Was his boss, Ahmed Yerima?

“Should we be surprised and start shouting aloud and condemning some stupid young fellows who took the law into their own hands and killed, burnt eight people alive, who were not even part of the original scenario.

“I call them stupid and a disgrace to their school, Abdul Gusau Polytechnic. I say they are stupid and a disgrace to learning anywhere because even a child who leaves in a community must understand  that, if you want to create a serious fight between two people, just say that, ‘That individual whom you are targeting has abused your mother’. It is as elementary as that.

“It is this kind of mentality that created Boko Haram and all its seedling, the sense of intolerance, the failure to understand that you are just another member of society and you have no right over another human being.

“My view is that we can complain, we can protest, we can condemn as much as we want. Until those who are guilty even of vicarious liability when a murder is committed are brought to book and made to apologise to the whole nation and do penance.”

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Soyinka seeks trial of hate preachers

Soyinka Urges Buhari To Dialogue With Militants

Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka has appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari to hearken to the agitations of Niger Delta militant groups, who have had to resort to insurgency and bombing of oil pipeline in recent months.
Soyinka made the call while addressing journalists at the launch of Study Abroad in Lebanon (SAIL) initiative in Lagos on yesterday.

The elder statesman, who said he was recently contacted to play an interventionist role in the crisis rocking the oil-producing region, appealed to Buhari to show more commitment that would bring about lasting solution.
“I wish to make an appeal to government to respond to the outrage of the militant groups. That was a request being made by some of the groups, who got me into this interventionist role in the first place. At the moment, they feel the government of President Buhari is not seriously responding to their outrage. And I wish to personally appeal to the government to positively respond and lets us see where it ends us,” Soyinka said.
The Nobel Laureate was however quick to debunk the insinuation that he was actually working with some international organizations to get the crisis resolved, insisting that so far, he has been acting in his capacity as an individual interventionist.

Credit: dailytrust

Those Behind Artists’ Village Demolition Must Be Punished – Soyinka

Nobel Laureate Professor Wole Soyinka has called for the punishment of all those who were responsible for the demolition of a section of the Artists Village in National Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos.


At a press conference in Lagos yesterday, Soyinka, alongside former National President of Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA), Odia Ofeimum, among other prominent film and creative arts stakeholders, described the demolition of some sections of the Artists’ Village as “travesty of justice.”


?It would be recalled that some sections of the Artists Village within the premises of ?National Theatre, Iganmu Lagos were demolished on Saturday January 23, 2015, allegedly on the order of Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed and Director General of National Arts Theatre, Yusuf Kabiru.


The minister visited the scene of the demolition and refuted the allegation, saying his orders were for the demolition of shanties and illegal structures within the theatre.
?But at the briefing in Lagos, the Nobel Laureate said it was ironical that those who should strengthen democracy were the ones who often deployed “military mentality” in handling civil cases.


“?To me, democracy means a humane approach to governance. Relate with other people as human beings and not as rodents, that you can do away with. At the moment I am not apportioning blames. I am addressing what happened on Saturday. This I hope will lead to enquiry as to who did what? Who gave the order? ?Who brought arms? The police, army? Who authorised the police? This time, we don’t want to hear about the usual Oga at the top? We must get down to the nitty, gritty,” Soyinka said.

Credit : Daily Trust

Soyinka Responds To Rivers Govt’s Call For His Probe Over N82 Million Dinner

Nobel laureate, Wole Soyinka, has responded to claims by the Rivers State government that its former governor, Rotimi Amaechi, spent N82 million to organize a dinner in his honour.

In a statement, Wednesday, Mr. Soyinka said the “unprecedented call” for his probe was a form of corruption fighting back.

“This morning, I saw only the headlines in one or two print media regarding the 80th Birthday dinner to which I was hosted by the former governor of Rivers State, the Honorable Rotimi Amaechi, now Minister of Aviation,” said Mr. Soyinka.

“I ignored them. It was not, and remains not my business to probe into the catering and logistical implications of the hundreds of institutions and governments all over the world to whom I acknowledge an immense debt of unsolicited recognition over the years.

“Since then however, I have learnt of some unsavory statements by the insecure incumbent of the Rivers State government Lodge. These included a loose invitation to anti-crime agencies to investigate the potential crime of being honoured through any occasion.”

Credit: PremiumTimes

‘Jonathan Would Have Ruined Nigeria If He Was Re-Elected’ – Soyinka

Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka yesterday during a programme titled, ‘Channels Book Club’ on Channels Television said that Nigerians made a good choice of voting Good Luck Jonathan out, else the country would have been ruined if he was allowed to rule for another four years. Soyinka said he is happy that he encouraged people to vote for Buhari, because his Government can’t be anyway compared to that of Jonathan. He said;

“We were left with two credible contestants in terms of catchment area for the nation. We had reached, in my view, the bottom. I became convinced that if this country underwent four more years under President Jonathan, the country would run aground completely. I looked at the record and said
this cannot go on, this has to stop.

“Then I looked at this man who had contested elections three times before and said he would not contest anymore and then decided to throw his hat in the ring. I talked to people and I said do you know what you’re doing?

“And after weighing all the options, I said let’s try a new one. And since in electoral terms, he was the one, I guardedly, with reservations, announced that no, not a continuation under Jonathan.

“And so very reluctantly, I want this on record, because I made it quite clear, I weighed the two of them and I said this nation stands a better chance under Buhari. And what has been coming out now? Look at all that has been coming out? Look at the figures (loot) which virtually hammer one into the ground just the sheer enormity of the robbery of this nation that is getting exposed progressively. It shows that we did not make a bad choice.”

Engr Rotimi Fabiyi: ‘Why Professor Wole Soyinka Has Issues With Olusegun Obasanjo’

 On a certain day in August 2015, the internationally respected Nobel Literature Prize winner Professor Wole Soyinka told the world that he has commenced the writing of a book that will be titled Republic Of Liars and that will be based on some of the numerous lies of Nigeria’s ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo. Chief Olusegun Obasanjo (who is presently a doctorate degree student of National Open University of Nigeria) had earlier written in his 2014 autobiographical book titled My Watch that Professor Soyinka is not as intellectual excellent as he has make himself believe because he actually is an expert in only 2 directions which are that he is a wine connoisseur and a guinea fowl hunter.

   Expectedly, Wole Soyinka was angry at this Obasanjo’s trivialising description of him but instead of engaging in verbal quarrel with Obasanjo, he has elected to reply Obasanjo in writing and specifically in book form. Professor Soyinka’s forthcoming book will not be the first book to counter the content of a book written by Chief Obasanjo. A certain Nigerian brigadier general named Godwin Alabi–Isama used 163 pages out of his 621-paged book titled The Tragedy Of Victory. On-The-Spot Account Of The Nigeria- Biafra War In The Atlantic Theatre to debunk and disprove much of what Obasanjo wrote in his own first published book titled My Command while a certain politician named Ebenezer Babatope (who was the director of organisation of Obafemi Awolowo’s now defunct political party Unity Party of Nigeria) wrote a whole book titled Not His Will. The Awolowo – Obasanjo Wager to counter (a) most of what Obasanjo wrote against the illustrious Chief Obafemi Awolowo in his book titled Not My Will and (b) most of what Obasanjo said against the selfsame Awolowo in an interview with The Guardian Nigerian newspaper.

   Before Professor Soyinka releases to the general public this his forthcoming book titled Republic Of Liars, myself Rotimi Fabiyi have elected to tell the world few of Obasanjo’s many untruths, falsities, fibs and lies. It is important to note that the lies of Obasanjo as listed and explained in this article are not arranged based on their importance, nor were they listed chronologically

(1) Obasanjo Claims He Never Had 3rd Term Ambition. This is a wicked lie. In her autobiography titled No Higher Honour, former United States Secretary Of State Ms Condoleezza Rice stated that she was physically present when then-Nigerian President Obasanjo told then US Prsesident George H.W Bush Jnr. at the White House that he (Obasanjo) wanted to go for 3rd term. Bush told him not to do such but he went on to do it and ridiculed himself by failing woefully with his 3rd Term Agenda

(2)Obasanjo Claims In His book Titled My Watch That He Never Knew That Umar Yaradua Had A Terminal Sickness. This is another lie. He has been close to Yaradua family since the 1970s when Shehu Yaradua (Umar Yaradua’s elder brother) was his deputy head of state when he (Obasanjo) was Nigerian military head of state so he clearly must have known about Yaradua’s ailment but lied as usual

(3)Obasanjo Claims He Built FESTAC Town, Lagos State, Nigeria. Another lie.  Festac town was fully paid for by General Yakubu Gowon before he was deposed as Nigerian ruler, Obasanjo only commissioned the building upon completion. Gowon copied this method of fully paying for a project from Chief Obafemi Awolowo (who was Gowon’s finance  minister for 5 years) because Awolowo used the same method to pay for Nigeria’s 1st skyscraper Cocoa House a decade earlier

(4)Obasanjo Claims He Built National Theatre. Another lie. Gowon made a full payment for National Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos State, Nigeria (it was Awolowo that told Gowon to design National Theatre in the shape of a military cap called peak cap). Obasanjo simply commissioned it on completion and till today claims the glory (see the book The Nigerian Year Book 1975 by James Ojiako (ed.) for evidence that Gowon started and nearly completed the construction of National Theatre)

(5)Obasanjo Claims He Stopped The 1967 Agbekoya Riots In Western State, Nigeria. This is a strange lie. The price of cocoa was rapidly declining in 1967 and the cocoa farmers in Yorubaland (then known as Western State) were infuriated that the Federal Government of Nigeria apparently didn’t give a damn (obviously because all the attention of the Federal Government was on winning the then ongoing Biafra War). The cocoa farmers eventually decided to stage a protest and march to the State Government House at Ibadan. Even before they reached their destination, they had started destroying everything they met on the way and even overpowered the guards at Agodi Prisons and freed all the inmates. When the head of the Nigerian Army Garrison stationed at Ibadan Olusegun Obasanjo was contacted by the governor Robert Adeyinka Adebayo to help disperse the rioting farmers, he simply gave the excuse that he had no equipment for such a task. It was a civilian Mr. C.S Akande that summoned courage and blew up the bridge between the state government house and the rioting farmers’ route (with dynamites used to break rocks) and saved the day so Obasanjo should stop lying (see the books Onward Soldier Marches On: A Biography Of Major General Adeyinka Adebayo and The Tragedy Of Victory by Godwin Alabi-Isama for more details)

(6)He Claims He Knows Nothing About The Burning Down Of Fela’s House In 1978 .Another Lie. In February 1978, musician Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s house was besieged by hundreds of soldiers of the Nigerian Army obviously because of Fela’s endless criticism of Obasanjo’s military junta. Fela and other residents and visitors to his multi-storey house on that day were not only beaten to pulp, his mother Mrs. Ransome-Kuti (who was the 1st Nigerian woman to drive a car and also the 1st Nigerian woman to form a political party) was thrown from the 4th floor by the soldiers (she died of multiple fractures few weeks later) and the whole 4-storey building with Fela’s clothes, 500 pairs of shoes, money, musical instruments, master tapes, motor cars, etc were burnt to ashes (see the book A Nation In Custody by Naiwu Osahon for more details). How can such a dastardly act by hundreds of soldiers happen in daylight in Lagos right under the nose of then Lagos-residing General Obasanjo and yet he claims ignorance of it?

(7)He Sees Himself As A Paradigm Of Accountability. This is a lie. During Obasanjo’s military rule from 1976 to 1979, Buhari was the petroleum minister but at a stage he was required to go oversees for a 1-year military course so head of state General Obasanjo took over the petroleum portfolio. Throughout the 12 months that Obasanjo took charge of Nigeria’s oil, the 1-year oil money (about 2.8 billion naira which was equivalent to 4 billion US dollars because Nigerian currency was at that time stronger that U.S currency i e US $1=54kobo) Nigeria made could not be found till today. This was why Awolowo told Nigerian in 1979 that he will probe Obasanjo if he (Awolowo) wins 1979 Presidential Elections and that was why Obasanjo made sure Awolowo lost that election. Part of that money allegedly strayed to Idi Amin’s Uganda on its way to Swiss banks and the whole episode was analysed in books like A Nation In Custody by Naiwu Osahon, Watch The Watcher. A Book Of Remembrance Of Obasanjo Years by Yinka Odumakin, Beckoned To Serve by Shehu Shagari, Nigeria. 20 Years Of Independence by Financial Times Of London, Out Of Nigeria by J.K Brandler and also in individual books by British author Jeffry Archer and Nigerian author Oba Otudeko

(8)Obasanjo Usually States That He Created A Level Playing Ground During 1979 Elections. This is a vicious lie. Just before the 1979 Presidential Elections, Obasano was asked by a journalist who he thought would win. His reply that “…the best candidate [obviously Awolowo] may not win the election …” made many confirm even before the election that Obasanjo did not want Awolowo as president (see page ix of the book Watch The Watcher. A Book Of Remembrance Of Obasanjo Years by Yinka Odumakin)

(9)Obasanjo Claims 1979 Presidential Elections Was Free And Fair. Another big lie. FEDECO (which was an equivalent of today’s INEC) was then led by an Obasanjo stooge named Chief Michael Ani. In that election, the myth of “indivisible north” was shattered because 3 candidates from 3 parties came out for president from the north (i e NPN’s Shehu Shagari, GNPP’s Ibrahim Waziri, and PRP’s Aminu Kano). With the votes in the north divided into 3, Awolowo’s party UPN made giant strides and clearly won the election but when FEDECO saw that Awolowo’s vote was at 4.92 million while Shagari’s vote was at 5.7 million, FEDECO simply stopped counting the ballot and declared Shagari winner because the states remaining to be counted (Kano, Borno, Bauchi, Gongola, etc) will never vote Shagari. Apart from Yorubaland, Awolowo’s party UPN won several senatorial and representative seats in states like Gongola, Bendel, Cross River, Kaduna, Kano and Kwara which means Awolowo’s party was truly national (see the books Nigeria Returns To Civil Rule by Okion Ojigbo,, The 1979 Elections by Lai Joseph, Nigeria: Shadow Of A Great Nation by Lai Joseph, 13 Years Of Military Rule. 1966 –1979 by James Ojiako, and  Just Before Dawn by Kole Omotosho for more details)

(10)Obasanjo Claims He Never Knew President Shehu Shagari Would Be Ousted By Coup. Another big lie. Ibrahim Babangida would later state in an interview that when he and his coupist clique told Obasanjo of their plan to depose Shehu Shagari by a coup, “… he [Obasanjo] said he was not stopping us from going ahead with the plot …” (see page 14 of the book Soldiers Of Fortune by British-Nigerian author Max Siollun for more details)

(11)Obasanjo Claims He Encouraged MKO Abiola In His June 12, 1993 Presidential Bid. This is a discouraging lie. Multibillionaire MKO Abiola and former Nigerian Army General Olusegun Obasanjo were truly secondary school mates at Baptist Boys High School, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria and they were both respectively the editors and deputy-editors of the selfsame school’s magazine but Obasanjo was not too enthusiastic about Abiola’s emergence as Nigerian president as shown not only in his actions at that time but also by his statements. Not only did Obasanjo avoid been seen with Abiola during the latter’s massive presidential campaign in 1993, it was also recorded on page 569 of the book The Tragedy Of Victory by Godwin Alabi-Isama that “… during Chief [MKO] Abiola’s June 12 issue in Nigeria, General Obasanjo then said that Chief Abiola was not the messiah that [Nigerians)]were looking for…” Unsurprisingly, Abiola’s clear presidential mandate was cancelled few days later by General Ibrahim Babangida, proving that Obasanjo worked against MKO Abiola’s presidential ambition but lies to the contrary

(12)Some Think Obasanjo Formed People’s Democratic Party. Another thoughtless lie. General Sanni Abacha died on 8th June, 1998 and was immediately replaced by General Abdulsalam Abubakar whose first acts in office included the release of Obasanjo, Bola Ige and 7 others from prison on 15th June, 1998. Even though Obasanjo told journalists on that same day that “… I am willing to serve …”,  he did not immediately join (much less form) any political movement of the time. As for Bola Ige, he immediately started the formation of a political party tentatively known as G-34 and by 15th July, 1998 when he officially announced the formation of the G-34 party, he named the leaders of the party as himself Bola Ige, Alex Ekwueme (an eastern Nigerian) and Solomon Lar (a northern Nigerian) to give it a national outlook. On 25th August, 1998, the same Bola Ige & Co led G-34 announced its final official name as People’s Democratic Party but few days later, Bola Ige, Chukwuemeka Ezeife and several others willingly (and angrily) left PDP to form another party called All Progressive Party, APP because they were infuriated by the large numbers of anti-progressives (including many conservatives like Ibrahim Babangida and his military boys who worked against democracy by cancelling June 12 Elections years earlier) rushing to register with PDP. APP was officially registered on 31st August, 1998 but on 2nd September, 1998, almost half of the members of the newly formed APP left the party as a protest against the acceptance of “Abacha Politicians” (i e those Nigerian politicians that openly supported the Gestapo regime of General Sanni Abacha) like Lamidi Adedibu into the party. This break-away group (led by Bola Ige) immediately formed Alliance for Democracy and it was on 16th September, 1998 that PDP announced that Obasanjo had registered with the party which means that Obasanjo joined PDP 21 days after the party was officially registered (for more details, see the article “Let’s Rewind: The Story Of Our New Democracy. The First Obasanjo Years” by Yemi Ogunjobi , Historical Flashback Nigerian newspaper, June 3 – June 30, 2015, pages 22-25) so he and his cronies should stop acting as if he (Obasanjo) formed and owns PDP

(13)Obasanjo Claims He Never Promised In 1999 To Spend Only 4 Years As Nigerian President. A strange lie. Obasanjo’s open promise in 1999 that he does not need to be Nigerian president for more than one term of 4 years was what made Babangida publicly and boldly state just before the 1999 Elections that he also was ready for politics but he only wanted to wait for his boss (Obasanjo) to go for it first, so Obasanjo should stop lying to the contrary

(14)Obasanjo Claims He Respects Nigerian Constitution. This is a lie. When Lagos State Government created additional local governments during the governorship of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, then president Obasanjo insisted that Governor Tinubu should immediately scrap the new local governments even though Section 8, Subsections 3(a), 3(b), 3(c) and 3(d) of the 1999 Constitution Of The Federal Republic Of Nigeria clearly state that any of the 36 states in Nigeria has the right to create new local governments. When Tinubu refused to rescind the local governments (because their creation was legally backed by Nigerian Constitution), Obasanjo went further in his rascality to illegally seize the budgetary allocation of Lagos State in an effort to financially destabilize the governorship of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu but Tinubu proved himself to be a superior administrator by making Lagos State survive and even excel financially without federal allocation

(15)Obasanjo Claims He Has The Right To Remove A State Governor During State Of Emergency. This is a brazen lie. Section 305, Subsections 1 to 6 of the Nigerian Constitution has clearly explained the procedure for declaration of state of emergency but there is no provision whatsoever therein that states that the president of the Federal Government of Nigeria has the right to remove a governor in whose state a state of emergency is declared. Section 188, Subsections 1 to 11 provide for the removal of a governor or deputy governor from office but no provision therein states that a state governor can be removed from office by the president or because a state of emergency is declared in his state

(16)Some Persons Believe That If Obasanjo Had Supported Jonathan In 2015 Presidential Election, Jonathan Would Have Won. This is another lie. If Obasanjo had stood with Jonathan throughout the 2015 elections, he would have been disgraced with Jonathan by Nigerian voters.  Obasanjo does not command votes as some of his toadies would want Nigerians to believe-his daughter was thoroughly defeated by Tinubu’s ACN candidate when she contested to be a senator in Ogun State in 2011, his stooge General Olurin (rtd) was completely defeated by a Tinubu’s ACN candidate in the 2011 Ogun State Governorship Elections (Olurin openly congratulated Amosun when the latter defeated him so it was not Jonathan that was the first PDP candidate that failed in elections and yet congratulated his successful opponent as some liars want us to believe), his candidate Debo Dosumu was defeated by Tinubu’s ACN candidate in 2011 Lagos State Governorship elections (Mr  Dosumu promptly congratulated Fashola that defeated him when he learnt  of the latter’s election success), all the PDP governors he imposed on Southwest Nigeria did not last very long, and he himself lost elections in his state and even in his local government in 1999 Presidential Elections

(17) After Tearing His PDP Membership Card, Obasanjo Joined APC . Another lie. After instructing the chairman of PDP in his ward to tear his PDP membership card on 16th February, 2015, Obasanjo did not join APC as some people have made themselves believe

(18)Obasanjo Claims That He Never Liked Tinubu Because Tinubu Is Too Corrupt. This is a pernicious lie. As far back as November 2000, Obasanjo tried to cajole Tinubu to leave his then political party Alliance for Democracy, AD and join the People’s Democratic Party, PDP. This was because of the serious cleavage that developed in the AD on 1st November, 2000 when the party strangely held 2 different conventions and 2 different party chairmen strangely emerged (viz  Alhaji Ahmed Abdulkadri and Alhaji Yusuf Mamman). As INEC announced that it recognized Ahmed Abdulkadri (instead of Yusuf Mamman as widely and normally expected), everybody knew AD was set to ruin itself with an intra-party power tussle so Obasanjo reportedly sent delegates to Tinubu to encourage him to decamp to PDP but Tinubu refused and instead formed his own party Action Congress, AC  sometime later. In other words, Obasanjo proved himself to be a liar by saying he never liked Tinubu because he once tried to woo Tinubu to PDP

(19)Obasanjo Claims He Had No Hand In Bukola Saraki’s Crooked Emergence As Senate President. Another lie. Few days after the political coup that crookedly made Saraki a senate president , he (Saraki) visited Obasanjo at his Hilltop Mansion located in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria in the company of die-hard “Obasanjo Boys” like Senator Danjuma Goje, Senator Ahmed Sanni Yerima, Senator Godswill Akpabio, Senator Tayo Alasoadura and Senator Andy Uba (the very set of persons that made Saraki crookedly become senate president) and held a closed door meeting with him (Obasanjo) for about 2 hours. That meeting clearly showed that Obasanjo was actually the brain behind Saraki’s crooked emergence as senate president even though he wants us to believe otherwise (see page 4 of Saturday Tribune Nigerian newspaper, 20 June, 2015 for more details)

(20)He Portrays Himself As A Nationalist .  Another barefaced lie. Obasanjo likes to state that his supports of Shehu Shagari in 1979 Presidential Elections, Umar Yaradua in 2007 Presidential Elections and Jonathan in 2011 Presidential Elections show that he is a nationalist, not a tribalist but a close look at his political shenanigans shows that he only supports candidates loyal to him. Remember that he himself connoted in one of his pronouncements before 1979 Presidential Elections that Awolowo was the best candidate but made sure Shagari “won” obviously because of Awolowo’s promise that he will probe him (Obasanjo) when elected

(21)When Ooni Of Ife Okunade Sijuwade Died In 2015, Obasanjo Spoke Of Him As If They Have Always Been Good Friends. This is another lie. Multibillionaire businessman Prince Okunade Sijuwade (who was an employee of Chief Obafemi Awolowo from 1951 to 1953) was coronated as the king of Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria in December 1980 by Oyo State Governor Bola Ige (who was an Awolowo political protégé and who became governor on the platform of Awolowo’s political party Unity Party Of Nigeria, UPN). Before, during and after the coronation, Obasanjo was one of the few persons that ceaselessly excoriated the emergence of multibillionaire Prince Sijuwade as the king of Ife, denouncing the whole episode as an Awolowo-orchestrated affair in which he (Awolowo) imposed his boy Bola Ige (who was elected and sworn-in in 1979) as Oyo State Governor and imposed another of his boy (Prince Sijuwade, who was the employer of a certain Gabriel Igbinedion that later became a multibillionaire) as the Ooni of Ife even though Bola Ige became a governor after contesting against and defeating several political opponents in the governorship election held on 28th July, 1979 while multibillionaire Prince Sijuwade became a king after all the kingmakers in Ile-Ife unanimously decided to pick him as the king. With Obasanjo’s excoriation of King Sijuwade on record, he (Obasanjo) simply confirmed himself as a liar by suggesting that they were close friends

(22)Obasanjo Usually States That, As A Pastor, He Always Has A Clear Mind With Every Human Being. This is a patent lie. If he truly has a clear mind with every human being, he wouldn’t have ridiculed Awolowo (he once described Awolowo as “… a failed politician whose many election losses have made him lost touch with reality…” in an interview with The Guardian Nigerian newspaper), sabotaged Abiola (by openly stating that Abiola was not the messiah Nigeria was looking for), victimized Tinubu (by illegally and unconstitutionally seizing the financial allocation of Lagos State during the governorship of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu), trivialised Soyinka (by calling him an empty-headed fellow that knows nothing except how to hunt guinea fowl and how to identify a wine by its taste), etc

(23)He Usually Implies That He Never Had A Questionable Source Of Fund While In The Nigerian Army. This is clearly a lie. In 1963, a certain Nigerian Army officer named Alani Akinrinade took his military friend Godwin Alabi-Isama to visit another military friend named Olusegun Obasanjo. Alabi-Isama was surprised to see that Obasanjo (then a mere 2nd lieutenant) was living in his own house not in a small village where land will be very cheap but in a big cosmopolitan city like Ibadan where land was sure to be expensive so he (Alabi-Isama) promptly asked his friend Akirinade “… how could a 2nd lieutenant … build a house in Ibadan for himself …?” (see page 401 of the Tragedy Of Victory by Godwin Alabi-Isama). If ownership of a house by a 2nd lieutenant of the Nigerian Army in a big city as at 1963 is not a questionable affair (on page 444 of the same book, Alabi-Isama wrote that “[when I was a 2nd lieutenant], … the [Nigerian] Army did not approve of my marriage on the presumption that I …. would not be able to maintain a wife on the salary of a second lietenant…”), Alabi-Isama clearly would not have expressed the type of surprise he spontaneously expressed

(24)Obasanjo Farms Is His Brainchild .  Another lie.  According to the book Bitter-Sweet.My Life With Obasanjo by Oluremi Obasanjo (who Olusegun Obasanjo married on 22nd June, 1963 at Camberwell Green Registry, South East London, United Kingdom when she was just 21 years old and he was 26 years old), the idea to start a poultry farm business was that of Oluremi Obasanjo (not of her husband Olusegun Obasanjo) when she started a poultry farm in Ogun State with her own money but (to her greatest mistake) on her husband’s piece of land. By the time she started making huge sums of money (particularly from egg sales) from the poultry farm, Obasanjo arranged for her to be arrested (while transporting a truckload of eggs and fowls to Lagos State for sale) and accused of stealing eggs and fowls. She was detained at Lafenwa Police Station, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria for several days and when she regained her freedom, she wisely left the poultry farm for her strange and estranged husband and the farm later metamorphosed into Obasanjo Farms, Nigeria

(25)Obasanjo Gives The Impression That He Is A Prude Or Even A Celibate. This is a clear lie. According to his wife Oluremi Obasanjo (who has HND in Institutional Management) in her book Bitter-Sweet.My Life With Obasanjo, “… [Olusegun Obasanjo’s] womanising knows no bounds …” and she also wrote that he has “…  monumental moral indiscipline …” due to his multiple sexual relationships with many women of different extraction (women older than him, wives of other army officers, etc) though she was honest enough to explain in her own words that whenever it became necessary, she wasted no opportunity to slap, beat, kick and even bite other Obasanjo women (all of whom she named and described in details in the book) so Olusegun Obasanjo should stop behaving like a prude or even a celibate because the details emanating from his wife confirm the exact opposite

(26)He Gives The Impression That He Quelled The 1976 Dimka Coup . Another blatant lie. In a military setting, the proper thing is for the second-in-command to immediately take charge when the commander is suddenly incapacitated by wound or death but when General Murtala Muhammed (then Nigerian head of state) was shot dead by Lieutenant Colonel Bukar Sukar Dimka on Friday, 13th February, 1976 as part of a coup d’etat, his (Murtala’s) second-in-command Lieutenant General Olusegun Obasanjo simply disappeared and left the command structure leaderless but not rudderless because Colonel Ibrahim Babangida volunteered to reconnaissance the military strength of Dimka while Lieutenant General Theophilus Danjuma arranged the strike force (from Bonny Camp, Lagos State, Nigeria) that effectively neutralized the Dimka Coup (based on Babangida’s eventual intelligence report). It was about 5pm (several hours after the coup had been smashed by his subordinates) that Obasanjo surfaced after spending hours hiding without his military uniform (to avoid being detected) in the sprawling mansion of Lagos multimillionaire businessman Chief S.B Bakare which means he was not in any way involved in quelling the coup but actually ran away during the coup (see the books The Tragedy Of Victory  by Godwin Alabi-Isama, Not My Will by Olusegun Obasanjo, Just Before Dawn by Kole Omotosho, and Oil, Politics And Violence. Nigeria’s Military Coup Culture (1966 – 1976) by Max Siollun for more details

(27)Obasanjo Usually Implies That All Northern Nigerian Army Officers Supported Him When Murtala Died In 1976. This is a big lie. According to page 437 of the book The Tragedy Of Victory by Godwin Alabi-Isama, Colonel Ibrahim Babangida and Lieutenant General Theophilus Danjuma initially wanted to form a new government when Murtala was killed during Dimka Coup because they were the 2 persons directly responsible for smashing that coup on 13th February, 1976 mainly because Murtala’s second-in-command (Obasanjo) that supposed to immediately rally soldiers to counter-attack the coupists himself ran away but Brigadier Alabi-Isama and Brigadier Alani Akinrinade insisted that “… the next senior officer must be the next head of state, and that was Obasanjo…[but Danjuma and Babangida immediately asked if it made sense for]… the senior officer who ran away during a coup against the government in which he was number two [to]come back to lead those who put the coup down …” Danjuma and Babangida later accepted Obasanjo’s emergence as head-of-state but it is on record that they initially refused to support (with tangible reason) the emergence

(28)Obasanjo Gives The Impression That He Willingly Chose To Go To War Front In 1969. Another lie. When the Nigerian Supreme Military Council headed by General Gowon decided to replace then Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Adekunle with Lieutenant Colonel Olusegun Obasanjo as the commander of the 3rd Marine Commandos of the Nigerian Army during Nigerian Civil War, Gowon told Major Alani Akinrinade and Major Godwin Alabi-Isama to go and inform Obasanjo (who until then was not directly involved with the ongoing war) of the new post and also to inform him of the Commandos’ efforts till that time and what was expected of him when he becomes the commander of the 3rd Marine Commandos. After Akinrinade and Alabi-Isama spent four and a half hours to brief him, “… Obasanjo … [surprisingly] told us that he was an engineer, and that he was not going to war front! …” which made Alabi–Isama “ …[grew] so annoyed that I went on pouring venom on this officer [Obasanjo], asking [him]what engineering university he did attend anyway…[and]reminded him also that engineers like Bayo Onadeko, Oladejobi and Duke who were university graduates [were] at the war front …” It was only when General Gown announced on the news media Obasanjo’s new post that he choicelessly went to war  front though in the company of the then Nigerian Army chaplain Colonel Father Pedro Martins, an act which turned him into a laughing stock because he clearly had the puerile belief that he was brought to the war front to die (see pages 40 5–409 of The Tragedy Of Victory by Godwin Alabi–Isama for more detailed information about this episode)

(29)Obasanjo Always Portrays Himself As An Epitome Of A Good Soldier. This is an epitome of a bad lie. Obasanjo officially took over command of the 3rd Marine Commandos on Friday, 16th May, 1969 and, within a week, he ordered that Nigerian soldiers should attack a Biafran town named Ohoba (despite the fact that his subordinates Alani Akinrinde and Godwin Alabi–Isama told him how disastrous such a venture would be). Within an hour of battle, 1000 Nigerian soldiers were dead (see pages 659–660 of The Tragedy Of Victory by Godwin Alabi–Isama) and Obasanjo himself wrote that “… [when we attacked Ohoba] causalities (sic) were high, some one thousand and four hundred killed, wounded and missing at the end of the operation …” (see page 97 of My Command by Olusegun Obasanjo). Only a novice commander would lose 1400 soldiers in a single battle and only a novice soldier will become a novice commander so Obasanjo should stop seeing himself as an epitome of a good soldier

(30)He Openly States That He Devised The Plan That Ended The Nigerian Civil War. This is a planless lie. In his book titled My Command, Obasanjo told the world that Nigerian Civil War ended by his actualization of his self –devised war plan named Operation Tail Wind but he curiously forgot to include detailed maps and sketches that any original military commander will surely include in a military book like My Command. A deeper research however shows that his bogus Operation Tail Wind was a carbon copy of his subordinate Lieutenant Colonel (later Brigadier  General) Alabi–Isama’s Operation Pincer 2 war plan as minutely detailed in Alabi–Isama’s book The Tragedy Of Victory (which contains about 500 maps and pictures). In other words, Nigerian Civil War was won by Nigeria with Alabi–Isama’s Operation Pincer 2, not by any plagiarism called Operation Tail Wind by Obasanjo

(31)Obasanjo Is Fond Of Referring To Himself As An Engineer. This is an engineered lie. Because he was an army sapper (a sapper is a soldier whose job is to build or repair roads, bridges, etc), Obasanjo is fond of calling himself an engineer but for a Nigerian to be qualified to call himself an engineer, he has to be registered with the Council For The Regulation Of Engineering In Nigerian, COREN after passing a series of examinations set by the Council. Obasanjo till today is not registered with COREN and an eyewitness to one of his projects as an army sapper wrote that “ … even in army engineering, when Colonel Obasanjo [who was the head of Nigerian Army Engineering] tried to build Ojuelagba Bridge …  in Lagos [State] after the [Nigerian Civil] War, the bridge collapsed in … front of all invited guests on the day of opening. Why did the bridge collapsed? …” (see page 614 of the book The Tragedy Of Victory by Godwin Alabi –Isama. See also the book A Nation In Custody by Naiwu Osahon for more details)

(32)Obasanjo Usually Gives The Impression That He Detests and Despises The Coup Plotters Of January 1966. This is a detestable lie. In his book titled My Command, Obasanjo angrily (and rightly) wrote damnable things about the perpetrators of the 15th January, 1966 coup (in which Nigerian politicians like Tafawa Balewa, Ahmadu Bello and his pregnant wife named Zarumi, Festus Okotie – Eboh, and Ladoke Akintola and Nigerian senior military officers like Abogo Largema, Zakariya Maimalari, Yakubu Pam, Mohammed Kur, Samuel Ademulegun and his pregnant wife named Latifat, Ralph Shodeinde,  etc were brutally but needlessly shot dead) and in the biography he (Obasanjo) wrote about one of the culprits named Nzeogwu and titled Nzeogwu, Obasanjo rightly called the coup plotters “ … reactionaries … ” but according to Adewale Ademoyega (who was part of the perpetrators of the bloody coup and who remained impenitent for the needless multiple murders till he died in 2007), “ … for… two days, I stayed very warmly with  … Nzeogwu [who led the coup] … , Anuforo [who was also part of the coup plotters, and] …  Obasanjo … [who] had just arrived back in Nigeria [2 days after the coup from] … a military course in India. [Obasanjo] was full of praise and admiration for Nzeogwu and for all the officer and men [that staged the bloody coup]…, he believed that is a high level achievement in spite of our subsequent failure to take over the government of the Federation. Obasanjo regretted that he was not around to have taken part in the [coup]…, gave us his unqualified support and hoped that things might yet turn in our favour … ” (see pages 136 and 137 of the book Why We Struck. The Story Of The First Nigerian Coup by Adewale Ademoyega). In other words, Obasanjo actually gave retroactive moral support for the unnecessary (and unnecessarily bloody) coup of 15th January, 1966 but wants Nigerians and the world to believe otherwise

(33)He Presents Himself As A Warrior That Led His Soldiers By Example. This is a good example of a lie. Throughout the 6 short months he spent at the war front during the Nigerian Civil War, Obasanjo was never present with his soldiers on the battle field (compared with his immediate predecessor Brigadier Benjamin Adekunle who always led his soldiers on the battle field) but always several hundreds of kilometers away mostly at Hotel Presidential, Port Harcourt, Nigeria. See several evidences to back this fact in the book The Tragedy Of Victory by Godwin Alabi–Isama and also in the book Not My Will by Olusegun Obasanjo in which he himself indirectly declared himself a coward when he wrote of how he ran away (instead of immediately organising in a counter-attack strike force) in 1976 when Australia-trained Dimka shot Muritala dead (see the book Oil, Politics And Violence. Nigeria’s Military Coup Culture (1966–1976) by Max Siollun for additional information about the coup)

(34)Obasanjo Usually Talks Of How He Easily Forgives People That Offend Him. This is an offensive lie. When  a certain Brigadier–General Godwin Alabi–Isama tendered his willful resignation letter to the Nigerian Army in May 1977, General Obasanjo-led Federal Government of Nigeria kept mute but when the Federal Republic Of Nigeria Official Gazette was published in December 1977, the selfsame Alabi-Isama (who called Obasanjo a fake engineer to his face 8 years earlier because Obasanjo was trying to dodge going to war front) was not listed as resigned from Nigerian Army but as “… dismissed from Nigerian Army …” and therefore deprived of pension and gratuity (see pages 445,455 and 462 of the book The Tragedy Of Victory by Godwin Alabi–Isama). So much for Obasanjo’s ease of  “forgiving” people

(35)Obasanjo Speaks Of Meritocracy As If He Became Nigerian Ruler Through Merit.  Another meritorious lie. From the 1967 Agbekoya Riots, Nigerian Civil War, 1976 Dimka Coup to 1977 FESTAC, 1999 Presidential Election, etc, Obasanjo has always surfaced towards the end of an event and simply take the glory. This is why an online news media Sahara Reporters published an article which declared Obasanjo as “ … the luckiest Nigerian ever … ” In other words, Obasanjo achieved all he achieved not because of merit  but  simply because of luck

(36)Obasanjo Parades Himself As Being Humble And Knowledgeable. Another humble lie. In his book titled Not His Will. The Awolowo–Obasanjo Wager, Ebenezer Babatope described Obasanjo as “ … suffering from a complex problem which makes him think only him can solve Nigeria’s problems … ” while in his book titled Beckoned To Serve, Shehu Shagari wrote that “… [Obasanjo falsely] sees himself as a super administrator, super diplomat and a military genius …”  So much for Obasanjo’s alleged humility and knowledgeability

(37)Obasanjo Portrays Himself As A Quintessence Of A Good Family Man. Another quintessential lie. In the book titled Bitter-Sweet. My Life With Obasanjo by Oluremi Obasanjo, she wrote of how she once sold some of her gold jewelries to pay the school fees of 2 of her children attending Corona Schools, Victoria Island, Lagos State, Nigeria because their father Olusegun Obasanjo bluntly refused to pay and on page 81 of the same book, she explained that when Enitan (their 6th child) fell ill and was hospitalised, “ … it was [former Inspector General Of Nigerian Police Force] M.D Yusuf who paid the hospital bill … ” Obasanjo’s daughter Iyabo Obasanjo–Bello would also write in The Vanguard Nigerian newspaper of 18 December, 2013 that “ … of course [my father] is the great pretender, making people believe [he] has a good family life and a good relationship with [his] children but once in a while [his] pretence gets cracked …”

(38)Obasanjo Speaks Of Himself As Being A Fearless Old Soldier. This is a fearless lie. When then-Nigerian ruler General Sanni Abacha sentenced Obasanjo to death for his alleged role in a planned (but not yet executed) coup, Obasanjo openly burst into tears in front of the press both national and international. No fearless soldier will weep openly  because of being sentenced to death (Iraqi General Saddam Hussein, Nazi German Reich Marshall Herman Goering, etc were sentenced to death in front of world press but they did not weep like Obasanjo but rather accepted their fate like any original fearless soldier does). Obasanjo’s profuse tears plausibly touched a soft spot in the usually-ruthless Abacha because few days later, Abacha commuted Obasanjo’s death sentence to life imprisonment. So much for a crying ex–general

(39)Obasanjo Once Accused Tinubu Of Nepotism. Another lie. Tinubu has never been a nepotist because after he spent 8 years as a governor (which he contested with several candidates of other political parties), his wife Oluremi Tinubu became a senator only after contesting against and defeating candidates of other political parties and his daughter Folashade Tinubu–Ojo (who studied marketing in a respectable international university) emerged as the Iyaloja (market leader) of Nigeria only after delegates from each state in Nigeria voted her in but as for Obasanjo, his daughter Iyabo Obasanjo-Bello became a Commissioner Of Health in OgunState, Nigeria without contesting for the post while his son Gbenga Obasanjo was appointed presidential special adviser by Olusegun Obasanjo himself during his (Obasanjo’s) 8-year presidential tenure. In other words Obasanjo is the real nepotist, not Tinubu, so he (Obasanjo) should stop calling others nepotist

(40)Obasanjo Usually States That He Willingly Handed Over Charles Taylor To International Criminal Court. This is another lie. Despite all the war crimes of Charles Taylor in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast and even Senegal (watch the U.S movies titled Lord Of War and Blood Diamonds for more details on Charles Taylor’s direct and indirect contributions to mass killing), Obasanjo initially resolved to protect Charles Taylor from prosecution (which has always been a common behaviour among African leaders even when there is overwhelming evidence of foul play by the person being defended. See page 187 of the book Survey Of Nigerian Affairs, 1975 by Oyeleye Oyediran (ed.) to see how Nigeria’s external affairs minister Colonel Joseph Garba passionately defended the human flesh-eating mass murderer Idi Amin of Uganda when U.S Secretary of State Dr Henry Kissinger verbally attacked Idi amin at the 30th Session of the United Nations General Assembly in 1975) which was why he gave him (Charles Taylor) political assylum in Nigeria and pampered him like a king. It was until U.S President George H.W Bush, Jnr humiliated Obasanjo by refusing to see him (when he went on a state visit to USA) unless he handed over Charles Taylor to the International Criminal Court that Obasanjo reluctantly handed over Charles Taylor to ICC (google the article “Charles Taylor. A Man Betrayed” on the internet to see more details)

(41)Obasanjo Stated In His Book My Watch That Yorubas Never Had A Single Leader i e No Asiwaju. This is a blatant lie. 2 weeks after being released from Calabar Prison (and at the exact prison cell the record-breaking multi-talented Herbert Macaulay was once locked up) by General Yakubu Gowon in 1966, the enormously popular Chief Obafemi Awolowo was unanimously elected as the Asiwaju (the overall leader) of Yorubaland during a meeting convened on 12 August , 1966 by the military administrator of Western Nigeria General Adeyinka Adebayo and having in attendance all the traditional rulers in Yorubaland and all the politicians(both Awolowo supporters and opponents like Dauda  Adegbenro, Lateef Jakande, Dr Koye Majekodunmi, Chief T.O.S Benson, Chief Adisa Akinloye , Dr Tunji Otegbeye, etc ) in Yorubaland (for more details , see the books(a) Onward Soldier Marches On : A Biography Of Major General Adeyinka Adebayo (b)Adventures In Power Book One : My March Through Prison by Obafemi Awolowo, and (c) the article titled “Obasanjo Is Distorting History” by  Olusegun  Osoba , Saturday  Tribune Nigerian  newspaper, 15 August , 2015 , page 20) . In other words, Obasanjo ‘s claim in his book My Watch that Yorubas have  never had a single leader (i e  Obafemi Awolowo and Bola Tinubu respectively have never been or is an Asiwaju )  is blatantly false and simply confirmed him a liar

(42)Obasanjo Usually Tells The World That He Supports Gender Equality. This is a quality lie. In the book Bitter-Sweet.My Life With Obasanjo, Olusegun  Obasanjo’s wife Oluremi Obasanjo wrote  in details how he (Obasanjo) slapped her , kicked her, assaulted her endlessly, tortured her psychologically, drove her out of her matrimonial home , once got her arrested and detained, and even once threatened to kill her younger brother , all because of her complaints about  Obasanjo’s ceaseless extramarital sexual adventures.  Obasanjo’s daughter Iyabo Obasanjo-Bello would also write in The Vanguard Nigerian newspaper of 18 December , 2013  that “… getting back to my mother, I still remember … [my father Olusegun Obasanjo] beating her up continually  when we were kids . What kids can forget that kind of violence against their mother? [My father’s] maltreatment of women is legendary. Many of [my father’s] women have come out to denounce [him] in public but since [his] madness is also part of the madness of the [Nigerian] society, it is the women that are usually ignored and mistreated …’’ So much for Obasanjo’s support of gender equality

(43)He Portrays Himself As A Truth Teller. Another lie. During his 70th birthday in March 2007, Obasanjo stated on a national television that he has 6 children but 7 years later in his 2014 book titled My Watch, he wrote that he has 21 children. So much for Obasanjo’s penchant to tell the truth

(44)The Title Of His Book This Animal Called Man Was Self-Given. Another very big lie. Due to the repeated maltreatment and humiliation she suffered from her husband Olusegun Obasanjo , Mrs Oluremi Obasanjo was the person that first used to refer to her husband  Olusegun Obasanjo as “the animal called man” both in his presence and in his absence (she probably adapted this phrase from the title of the popular 1972 U.S cowboy movie titled An Animal Called Man ). Years later, Obasanjo would later light-heartedly adapt the derogatory phrase for the title of his book This Animal Called Man even though the book had nothing to do with the story of his family’s internal troubles

(45)He Gives The Impression That He Was A No-Nonsense Soldier. Another nonsensical lie. Obasanjo was truly part of the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Congo during the bloody Congo Crises of the early 1960s but on a certain day during his tour of the duty in Congo, a group of militiamen captured him, locked him in the boot of a car and drove the car around town till the evening before they later decided to release him from the car boot. Obasanjo himself wrote (in the book titled Nzeogwu and authored by himself Olusegun Obasanjo) that his captors were heavily drunk and that he had in his belt a fully-loaded army pistol yet he strangely made no attempt whatsoever to escape from his captors for a whole day until released (fast-drawing his gun and shooting some bullets up would have scared the heavily drunk militiamen away). So much for Obasanjo’s no-nonsensical soldiering

(46)Obasanjo Gives The Impression That As A Soldier, He Stayed Away From Politics. Another lie. Many of the statements General Obasanjo  made before the 1979 Nigerian Presidential Elections clearly showed that he was openly in support of National Party of Nigeria’s Shehu Shagari ( who eventually “won” ) and therefore was a political soldier and his insistence when he  became the commander of Nigeria’s 3rd  Marine  Commandos in 1969 during Nigeria Civil War  that combat soldiers should be paid their full salaries at the war front (as opposed to standard military practise since  soldiers at the war front have nothing to buy on the battle field and plenty money in their pockets will only divert their attention from winning the war to safeguard the contents of their pockets, which might in turn make them orchestrate self–inflicted injuries on themselves to be able to be discharged from the war front to spend their money) showed that he was very political even as a soldier because it earned him cheap popularity among the rank and file soldiers but deep scorn among the officers (both commissioned and non-commissioned) because it contributed to the protraction of the civil war

(47)Obasanjo Claims He Has No Grudge Against Awolowo.  Another grudging  lie. Just before the 1979 Presidential Elections, Obasanjo said that “ …every Nigerian has the right  to vote for the candidate he or she chooses , including the candidate that promises free education and free wives … ” This clearly was a mockery of Awolowo whose party Unity Party of Nigeria, UPN manifesto  promised free education , free health care , etc if voted in. If Obasanjo had no grudges against Awolowo, he wouldn’t have mocked him in such a puerile manner

(48)Obasanjo Presents Himself As Being Free Of Financial Corruption. This is a corrupt lie. In his autobiography book titled My Watch, Obasanjo described Asiwaju Bola Tinubu (who is the Asiwaju of Yorubaland and the Jagaban of Borgu Kingdom) as being “… corrupt to the marrow…” even though he gave no factual evidence of the so-called “corruption to the marrow” but Obasanjo himself is yet to explain to Nigerians how he garnered 8.5billion naira to build himself the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library (which made the Bruno Kreisky Prize-winning human rights activist lawyer Gani Fawehinmi sue him to court) so Nigerians should ask themselves who is really the corrupt-to-the-marrow personality

(49)Obasanjo Believes He Is Internationally-Respected.  This is a lie. International film company Sony Pictures released a highly commercially–successful movie titled District 9 in 2009 which featured an unkempt South Africa-based paraplegic villain named Obesandjo (which was pronounced exactly as Obasanjo) who was a superstitious Nigerian illegal arms dealer, who ate human flesh for ritual purposes, who was a pimp that had several prostitutes under his control and who was the leader of a heavily-armed criminal gang. Even though the Nigerian ministry of information (then having Dora Akunyili as its minister) banned the film in Nigeria because of the way it indirectly ridiculed Nigeria’s Olusegun Obasanjo, the movie still enjoyed huge commercial success worldwide. Due to this fact, it could be firmly established that Obasanjo has been accorded international disrespect in addition to the few international respect he has been accorded

   The thousands of words above (that explained the 49 points above) are enough for any person that is initially not sure to now clearly understand why Wole Soyinka is quarrelling with Olusegun Obasanjo. This is article, as thoroughly fact-checked against several sources of information as it is, should not be seen to mean that Obasanjo is the only Nigerian that lies even when confronted with facts (Nigerian ex-president Jonathan stated on a national television that he will not re-contest his presidential seat but few years later, he denied ever saying such even when confronted with video recordings of his initial promise), nor should it be construed to mean that Obasanjo had never spoken a word of truth (his description of Nigerian ex-president Jonathan as “ … [a very dangerous] moving train who was providentially stopped [by the 2015 Nigerian Presidential Election] from bringing down Nigeria … ” was exact and correct as stated in the article “Jonathan’s Train Would Have Crushed Me” by Olusegun Obasanjo, Saturday Tribune Nigerian newspaper, 25 April, 2015, page 5) but the present article is based on Obasanjo’s numerous lies (other researchers are encouraged to write about his truths, or the truths or lies of any Nigerian or non-Nigerian they have facts on), two of which are the reasons why Wole Soyinka is quarrelling with him (Obasanjo). Nothing needs to be further said about why Soyinka is quarrelling with Obasanjo

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Soyinka Is More Of A Successful Hunter Than A Political Critic- Obasanjo Re Echoes Opinion

Former president of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo has repeated once again that Professor Wole Soyinka is more of a successful aparo (guinea fowl) hunter than a political critic. He repeated it on a programme tagged ‘Book Club’ on Channels. It will be recalled that in his book, My Watch, the former president had said;

“For Wole, no one can be good, nor can anything be spot-on politically except that which emanates from him or is ordained by him. His friends and loved ones will always be right and correct no matter what they do or fail to do. He is surely a better wine connoisseur and a more successful aparo (guinea fowl) hunter than a political critic.”

The professor however replied him last year December, shortly after the book went public, in a piece titled ‘Watch And Pray, Watch And Prey’, where he vehemently protested the description of him, calling Obasanjo an expert liar, who lies to boost his ego.

But repeating what he had earlier said, Obasanjo in the interview said;

“Wole Soyinka is a gifted man. I have always acknowledged that but he is a bad politician and I have also always said that; and that is my own point of view. He may agree with it, he may not agree with it.

“But having said that, I also, in my book, bring out Wole Soyinka as I see him and that’s my own judgment; that’s my own perspective of him. He may agree, he may not agree but anybody can bring out his own perspective of me.

“For instance, I know that if I want somebody to give me the best wine, one of the people I will go to is Wole Soyinka and I know he has a taste for good wine and I said that in the book.”

“It’s A Trap”, Soyinka Advises Buhari Not To Sign Anti-Rape Bill

Nobel laureate, Wole Soyinka, has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to withhold his assent to the Sexual Offences Bill (also known as the anti-rape bill) passed by the last National Assembly.

In a letter apologizing for his absence at an event marking the June 12 anniversary in Lagos, Mr. Soyinka said that a nation should not be founded on the sexual exploitation of the fragile and innocent.

“President Buhari – and here I make my first imposition on his presidency – should never place his assent on such a nefarious distraction,” Mr. Soyinka, a professor of Comparative Literature, said in the letter to the organizing committee of the June 12 Movement of Nigeria.

“Its implications doom the victim to afflictions that churn the stomach even to think of the human toll. Perhaps those legislators think that vaginal fistula is something thought up by arm-chair critics with nothing better to occupy their minds. No matter, let those who profess a genuine concern declare their stand on this.

“On my part, I find unacceptable any effort to build a nation on perversions that merely minister to man’s sexual appetites. This is a sordid appeasement of a minority who actually require psychiatric help.

“President Buhari should not give his assent to the Bill without amendments that address the earlier Yerimah gift to the nation. It’s a trap.”

The Sexual Offences Bill, 2015, was among the 46 bills passed by the 7th Senate in a last minute flurry of activities last week.
The bill stipulates a life imprisonment for any individual found guilty of rape or sexual intercourse with children under 11 years; 10 years for incest; 10 years for child pornography or a fine of N2 million; and 14 years for sexual abuse, among others.

Mr. Soyinka asked for help in understanding the bill which he described as a case of “rubbing vaseline on leprosy”.

“In this supposedly progressive bill, sponsored by the respected Senator Chris Anyanwu. I could not help but notice a reiteration – as if to ensure that there is no ambiguity – of the word ‘child’, near superfluously,” Mr. Soyinka said.

“Well, we understand ‘child’ as defined in most dictionaries. There is however also child as defined by the Nigerian legislature. This definition is contained in a prior Bill, sponsored, no less, by a notorious serial paedophile and cross-border sex trafficker, yet lawmaker – one Ahmed Yerima.

“Does Yerima’s Bill, gleefully assented to by his peers, not simply vitiate this latter, supposedly humane concern for the protection of the child? Again, I confess to being only a ‘bloody layman’ in such matters.

“However, reading both bills, it strikes me that all the new bill does is empower the clique of paedophiles. All you need do is ‘marry’ even a six-year old under any local laws, and do whatever you want with her. Through marriage, she is already an ‘adult’. Her ‘defiler’ is now fully protected by this law. She is not.”

Mr. Soyinka said that the issue of child protection looms large all over the world, including bills passed or under debate, adding that it defines how a people is viewed in the global community.

“The current bill is the ancient story of locking the stable door after the horse has bolted. End of story? Yerimah and his fellow perverts are having the last laugh,” said Mr. Soyinka.

“This latest addition of insult to social injury was tucked within a last-minute avalanche of bills that were passed at lightning speed during the tail-end of the last legislative assemblage – 47 bills in under 3 hours – surely one for the Guinness Book of Records. An accident? Or by design?

“This bill, subjected to wrong arguments, merely consolidates the reduction of female minors to sex objects. As long as you can afford a bag of rice or – as in the case of cross-border tastes such as Ahmed Yerima’s – ten thousand dollars, you are free to rape a child to death.

“This, surely cannot pretend to represent the will of a people who care. Once you re-define female adulthood as marital status, all subsequent protection bills for the girl-child are worthless, cynical.”

Mr. Soyinka called on Nigerians to learn from the heroes of June 12.

“Few people have done more for the cause of liberation than the hero of this day. M.K.O. Abiola was an open polygamist,” he said.
“None of his wives was ever found to be below the only age of consent that is now needlessly under contention – the scientific. We cannot substitute science and observation for any spurious alibis that sacrifice the child to private lust.”


Don’t Merge FRSC With The Police, Soyinka Warns FG

Nobel laureate and the first Chairman of the Federal Road Safety Corps, Prof. Wole Soyinka, on Thursday called on the Federal Government not to merge the agency with the Nigeria Police Force. He made the call at Asero Motor Park, Abeokuta, during the Road Safety advocacy mega rally with the theme: “Towards an enduring safe road culture in Nigeria.”

“It’s Not For Nothing That Jonathan Was Called Clueless”: 10 Take Away Punchlines From Wole Soyinka’s Harvard Lecture

A week ago, Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka, was at the Harvard University Hutchins Center for African and African American Research, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. 

Coming shortly after Nigeria’s recent general elections, Soyinka delivered a lecture on: “Predicting Nigeria, Electoral Ironies.”

Soyinka, as usual was direct and unsparing in his interpretation of the events leading to and after the polls which Pres. Goodluck Jonathan lost at the presidential level to Gen. Muhammadu Buhari. 

Here are 10 takeaways from the lecture.

1. Just as Soyinka had emphasised shortly before the elections when he grudgingly endorsed Buhari’s candidacy, he once again contrasted the choices Nigerians were faced with: “A failed president” vs “a former military dictator”.

In his opinion Buhari was the better of the two “evils” without a doubt just because of how bad Jonathan had been as president. Another 4 years of Jonathan, according to Soyinka, could have ensured a further plummeting of Nigeria as the crawling giant of Africa

Hear him:

“It was a painful decision to tell people to vote Buhari, but the country needed a new beginning. I was more against Jonathan, than I was pro-Buhari.

“If the incumbent had been anything near competent, Buhari’s most maladroit statement about the dog and the baboon being soaked in blood, would have been enough to scuttle his presidential ambition for the fourth time.

“In a country where one of the six zones that make up the federation was on the verge of excision, with millions of beleaguered citizens marooned in the north east of the country; and thousands more cruelly murdered by insurgents, all Jonathan could offer was mollifying rhetoric and empty promises. Even as the nation tittered on the brink of perdition, a mesmerizing state of perplexity seemed to envelope the seat of power. Nigeria is in a state of war, and the President, Commander-in-chief must not only lead but be seen to lead the charge. The situation demanded exemplary leadership, which Jonathan could not provide; not because he was unaware of the problem; he was just at a loss for solutions. It is not for nothing that he [Jonathan] was called clueless.”

2. Soyinka highlighted some of the president’s actions which he found condemnable.

One such action was his recognition of the Jonah Jang faction of the Governor’s Forum even when Rotimi Amaechi had clearly won that election.

Soyinka said that by supporting the minority, Jonathan upturned arithmetic and that his recognition of the minority after a straightforward, peer election rendered democracy meaningless where it should have been most fervently exemplified.

According to Soyinka, the president surrounded himself with bad hands, became increasingly intolerant of opposition and “even after Jonathan personally confided to me that he made a mistake by surrounding himself with the wrong people, the president continued to surprise us in ways that very few could have conjectured.”

3. Wole Soyinka sounded like one who is now far too frustrated about the bad turns the nation keeps taking.

He said that soldiers who transmuted into politicians into politicians – the ‘militricians’ – aren’t looking for excellence and that their civilian cohorts are even worse.

“Short cuts and how to circumvent the system for the profit of a few are the norm of governance. Those who do honest work are derided as lacking the skill to fit it. Ironically, things haven’t quite changed a bit after 16 years of democracy in the country. How do you account for a society saddled with monsters strutting the national landscape as leaders? How do you counterbalance the national madness for the sanity of ordinary citizens trying to make sense of their lives? Soyinka finds the answer in predicting Nigeria; electoral ironies, to counter the inanities of leadership and those ruining the nation with their greed and avarice.”

4. Soyinka spoke about the destructive role religion has played in the polity.

He said that conflicts arising from religious divisions have led to deaths and destruction of property even though the nation was not founded solely on the basis of Muslim/Christian configuration.

“Had every religious leader or their followers adhered to the tenets of their religion in a way that is shorn of worldly manipulations, there is no doubt that Nigeria would have been a better place for every citizen and would have been saved much of the stress and strain being witnessed today. If Nigeria must have a new lease of life, religion must cease to be a defining factor or must play a less destructive role,” he said.

5. Soyinka revealed that there was a time when the wife of Asari Dokubo was living in his house where she sought asylum after her husband had been tricked and jailed by the then president Olusegun Obasanjo.

He lamented that now, Dokubo has been transformed into a Frankenstein monster by the Yar’Adua-Jonathan administration who gave him millions of dollar contracts to secure the creeks and protect oil installations, even after Dokubo had initially rejected the government’s amnesty program; insisting he should be the one granting amnesty to the government.

6. On Boko Haram, Soyinka insisted that it was originally the brain child of some northern politicians.

He pointedly mentioned former Borno governor Ali Modu-Sheriff, accusing him of ordering the extra-judicial killing of the sect’s leader, Mohammed Yusuf, in police custody to prevent him from revealing his backers. He said that he was daring the ex-governor and PDP stalwart to sue him for defamation.

He condemned the controversial image which had Modu Sheriff in audience with Pres. Jonathan and Chadian president Idris Derby in Ndjamena, saying Jonathan’s widely publicized scandalous liaison with the alleged Boko Haram financier, was inappropriate and indecent; portraying either extreme naivety or callous disdain for public opinion.

He said “it was unlikely there was any country in the world, where such grave accusation bordering on national security and public peace has been levelled against a former public official so high, and no investigation is made. Either way, it was a bad sight to see; as it conveyed contempt for the principles of accountable leadership.”

7. Soyinka had praises for some Nigerian patriots.

First: the Nigerian soldiers risking it all and reversing the tide against Boko Haram.

He also praised the singular patriotism of Dr. Stella Ameyo Adadevoh, whose sacrificial act of preventing the Liberian Ebola carrier, Patrick Sawyer, from unleashing the dreaded virus on all of Nigeria, saved the country from a health catastrophe beyond imagination; saying she “personified the best of Nigeria and the best in the Nigerian. Her life is a profile in courage and a good place to begin in forging a national character if Nigeria would have a future.”

8. Some more tongue lashing.

Soyinka has never hidden his disdain for the wife of Nigeria’s president, Patience Jonathan.

“Given that the office of first lady is unknown to the Nigerian constitution, a better conduct was expected of the first lady at a time when the ship of state was floundering; rather than the valorization of impunity. In concord with the dictates of right reason and good conscience, the bare-faced debasement of the law by Mrs. Jonathan; who by association with democratic rule, should be an ambassador of civil decorum, respect for the rights of persons and the rule of law, deserves condemnation. If Mrs. Jonathan would abuse her position to fan her ego, it is at least the duty of the President who ought to know better, to negate this anomaly by reining his wife’s embarrassing comportment.”

9. On Obasanjo

Soyinka blasted Obasanjo in strong terms, saying the nation and its politics descended into absurdity under him.

According to him:

Having assumed power under a civilian dispensation, democracy in Nigeria became a dangerous object of derision, no thanks to Obasanjo who decided to pervert legality and constitutionality in his quest for tenure elongation. Having directly handpicked his successors, and by default responsible for the crisis of governance that ensued following the demise of late President Yar’Adua, it is difficult for Obasanjo to stand blameless in the ensuing breach of constitutional order.

He called OBJ a pathological liar, especially as regards some of the ex-president’s revelations in his memoir. According to him, OBJ remained the most “sadistic, self-serving, self-adoring, manipulative hypocrite” whose lust for power drove him to choose Yar’Adua (despite the latter’s failing health); because “he believed Yar’Adua will die during the arduous campaign, and setting a propitious scenario for him to hang on to power; even as a “back-seat driver.”

10. On Buhari

He said that even though the president-elect’s anti-democratic credentials are well known and established, another chapter in Nigeria’s life must begin as Nigerians have decided to lay to rest existing prejudices and distrust and feelings of marginalization in whatever form, as a way of inspiring confidence in the strength of a diverse country.

“If Buhari the ‘Militrician’ is sensitive to all areas of mutual distrust, he will earn the confidence and trust of the people, and this will certainly imbue his actions with legitimacy and acceptability. This is how, in the final analysis, a new Nigeria, which is the dream of all, will be born,” he said.

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Buhari A Better Evil Than Jonathan- Soyinka

Nobel laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka has described the election of Muhammadu Buhari has a better option among two evils.

Delivering a lecture titled, “Predicting Nigeria, Electoral Ironies”, at the Harvard University Hutchins Centre for African & African American Research, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, Soyinka said the outcome of the March 28 presidential election was a stark choice between a failed president and a former military dictator.

He noted that  it was a painful decision to tell people to vote Buhari, but the country needed a new beginning, saying he was more against Jonathan, than he was pro-Buhari.

He stated 2015 elections offered Nigerians an opportunity to halt the nation’s descent into anarchy, adding that four more years of Jonathan would have seen Nigeria plummet further as the crawling giant of Africa.

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Only Mental Retards Will Credit Comment To Me, Soyinka Denies Making Disparaging Statement Against Igbos

An angry Wole Soyinka, Wednesday, lashed out at news outlets which credited to him with a disparaging statement against the Igbo ethnic group in Nigeria.

In a terse statement, Mr. Soyinka attributed the report to the handiwork of “cowards” who fasten their “imbecilic pronouncements” on others.

“I have just read a statement attributed to me on something called The Cable, a news outlet, evidently one of the Internet infestations,” said Mr. Soyinka, a professor of Comparative Literature.

“My lecture at the Hutchins Centre, Harvard University, was video recorded. Anyone who believes what I am alleged to have said must be a moron – repeat, a moron.

“It is demeaning, sickening and boring to have to deal with these cowards who cannot fight their own battles but must fasten their imbecilic pronouncements on others.

Several online news media (not PREMIUM TIMES) had reported Tuesday that Mr. Soyinka had described the Igbos as a “greedy” group.

“The Igbos are probably the only group of Nigerians that you can predict with great accuracy whom they will vote for in an election, because they tend to put their votes where their stomachs take them; suffering as it were, from incurable money-mindedness, as they would stop at nothing in their quest for personal financial gain,” Mr. Soyinka was quoted as saying.

The Nobel Laureate had delivered a lecture on April 29th titled, ‘Predicting Nigeria? Electoral Ironies’ at the Belfer Centre for Science and International Affairs in the U.S.

The alleged comment ignited a scathing backlash against Mr. Soyinka on social media as critics likened the statement to the anti-Igbo speech of Rilwanu Akiolu, the Oba of Lagos.

But Mr. Soyinka denied making such a statement.

“Only the mentally retarded will credit this comment attributed to me regarding the Ndigbo voting pattern in the last elections,” he said.

“I strongly suspect the author of this despicable concoction, and may make a further statement, once the source is verified.”


For 5 days Jonathan Didn’t Know That Morocco Ambassador Was Withdrawn Until I Told Him – Prof Soyinka

In a blockbuster new interview, Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka has told The Guardian (UK) that until he told President Goodluck Jonathan, the Nigerian leader did not know for an entire five days that Morocco, a friendly but angry country, had withdrawn its ambassador from Nigeria.

“He jumped up as if his seat was on fire,” Soyinka said of the moment Jonathan learned of the situation, adding that it was that night that the president made a public statement about it for the first time.

Speaking further about Jonathan’s many troubles, Prof Soyinka said:

“So when I say that there is a force around, I know what I’m talking about.

“There is a very sinister force in control and it is that sinister cabal which is responsible for caging him in and showing him what they think he should know about and keeping away from him things which are not in their interest, and this for me is the most dangerous situation that any nation can be in.”

I No Longer See Patience Jonathan As The First Lady – Soyinka

Nobel laureate ,Wole Soyinka has announced that he nolonger sees Dame Patience Jonathan as Nigeria’s first lady; THE CABLE reports. Soyinka made the comment after listening to the first lady’s outburst during campaign rallies organised by the Peoples Democratic Party.

She had been quoted as saying Muhammadu Buhari, presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC is brain dead and urging supporters to stone anybody that preaches ‘Change’.

In his reaction, Soyinka told DW, a German radio station, “What she said was totally unacceptable. I no longer regard her as the first lady of Nigeria”.

Wole Soyinka: The Silver Lining In The Cloud Of Postponement

The “Advertorial” – full front page of Punch“ Feb 23, 2015 – sponsored by Mr. Ayo Fayose (aka “No Apology”) deserves to succeed in its aim of putting an end to all dispute surrounding the Ekiti elections of June 21, 2014. After all, its entire page is dedicated to a Press Statement from the US Department of State, which purportedly endorses the results of that election, congratulates the electoral organization, the winner/loser duo, not forgetting the security forces – all for their laudable contributions. The release could not be more timely, what with the governor’s own exhortations on the virtues of credibility, avoidance of violence, and its special appeal to “ALL THOSE WHO HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE”.

It is that last item in the advertisement to which I am especially drawn, in view of an audio recording that has now become the latest marvel of democratic exposes, internationally. For those who have nothing to hide, disrobing lies and forgeries and reinforcing truth is regarded as part and parcel of the obligations we owe democracy.

The audio could well be one of such forgeries. We are daily inundated with allegations, evasions, distortions, image plundering and image laundering, all under the permissive canopy of electoral proceeding. Once in a while however, we encounter exposure of an exceptional dimension that appears to strike at the very root of Democracy, questions the validity of an entire electoral system and even erodes confidence in the integrity of the state. Such an event need not be regarded as a repudiation of the formal mechanics put in place by an electioneering agency such as INEC, but nonetheless extends the scope of its responsibilities, including its projection of looming hazards of future electoral exercises.

This is why, in the absence of a Constitutional Court or its equivalent, one is left with no other course than to call on INEC to also take formal charge of the recorded incident of this alleged conspiracy to pervert the course of Democracy. For those ‘who have nothing to hide’, it is a call that deserves unstinting support. They should not hesitate to assist in calling on the same US expertise to assist us in exposing a forgery. We are speaking here of a development that implicates not only products, beneficiaries or would-be constitutional guardians of the electoral process – that is, an elected governor, a governorship aspirant, but also state agencies – the military, two serving ministers – that is, members of the Executive arm of government, one of them in charge of the nation’s defence portfolio – and others. In addition to the logical role of the police, the nation’s electoral commission should undertake an independent investigation and make its findings known to the nation. Is this perhaps something INEC can undertake while the nation waits out its suspended electoral sentence? It only requires repudiation – or validation – of the findings of an already advanced forensic enquiry.

So also should the two anti-corruption agencies – the EFCC and the ICPC – since material corruption is also implicit in the present instance. At the fount of all electoral manipulation is the grim facilitator – Money! Here, for instance, is a lesson drawn from the travails of a former Inspector-General of Police in recent history.

That scandal happened to coincide with a barely concluded electoral exercise, considered by some as a strong contestant for one of the most blatantly manipulated election in the nation’s history. A number of bulging accounts had been traced to that Inspector-General. During private discussions, I exhorted the then Director of EFCC to go beyond the sensational monetary finds and track each of them painstakingly back to source. “If you succeed in that”, I urged Nuhu Ribadu, “you would have done more than merely expose institutional police corruption, you would have done inestimable service to the cause of Democracy. The I-G,” I insisted, “was a mere bag holder for electoral manipulators inhabiting the most rarefied levels of governance!” I therefore pleaded with him not to stop at the prosecution and conviction of the sacrificial face – in effect, a scapegoat, albeit most willing – of that operation. This was equally my prayer to the Nigerian Bar Association during an Abuja lecture at the time.

Anyone who disputes a robust connection between material and political corruption should reflect on the mild slap on the wrist that the I-G received for charges of misappropriation of such staggering dimensions. Now it is the turn of the Army as facilitators for the alleged political crime. Allied to this elite criminal corps – again, as alleged – was a former Chairman of the Senate Appropriation Committee turned governorship candidate. The evidence resides in the recording of a conspiracy against free and fair elections, later reinforced by a televised interview with the whistleblower – a military intelligence officer. That recording has been heard by millions all over the world – governments, Human Rights Organizations, election monitoring groups, business individuals, even those merely seeking real-life variants on improbable Nollywood fare. The alleged crime is in global domain.

Let no one attempt to facilitate the rampaging course of Impunity by brushing this aside as just another electoral malpractice – no, in my layman estimation, this approaches criminal subversion and treason. The accusation is blatant and the demand for rigorous investigation must remain unrelenting. The accounts of the inculpated General and others should be subjected to the same scrutiny as those of the earlier cited Inspector-General of police. And so on, and so clamorous! Those who have nothing to fear can sleep easy.

If the formal agencies fail, then citizens must learn to assert their right of access to Truth. As is the practice in other societies, a Citizens Trial can be instituted, experts co-opted, and both accusers and accused invited to testify. Even the venue does not have to be internal, since witnesses may require protection. Democracy does not begin or end with the ballot box, nor is it confined to national boundaries. There is no assertion anywhere yet of a “Case Proven”, no rush to judgment, simply a craving – as urged in the said governor’s advertorial – to let “facts Speak for themselves!”

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Ekiti Rigging Tape: Soyinka Demands Probe of Fayose, Obanikoro, Omisore, Others

Wole Soyinka, has demanded investigation into the Ekiti rigging audio, which appears to show how the military hierarchy and some members of the Peoples Democratic Party, including Governor Ayo Fayose, planned the rigging of the June 21, 2014 governorship election in the state.

In a statement on Tuesday, Mr. Soyinka asked the Independent National Electoral Commission to work with the international community to conduct the investigation and make the findings of the exercise known to save Nigeria’s democracy.

He said brushing the issue aside as just electoral malpractice approaches criminal subversion and treason. Mr. Fayose defeated the All Progressive Congress candidate and then governor, Kayode Fayemi, in the election.

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Nigeria’s Nobel Prize winning author Wole Soyinka has strongly criticized the two main contenders in Nigeria’s presidential election.

In a BBC interview, he insisted that the country should have come up with far better options and described President Goodluck Jonathan, who is running for a second full-term, and opposition leader Muhammadu Buhari as “problematic candidates”.


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Soyinkaism:  We Deserve No Nihilist By WHYTE HABEEB IBIDAPO

The unleashing viperous cult like Boko Haram on peaceful citizens qualifies as a crime against humanity, and deserves that very dimension in its resolution. If a people must survive, the reign of impunity must end. Truth – in all available detail – is in the interest, not only of Nigeria, the sub-region and the continent, but of the international community whose aid we so belatedly moved to seek’’.



The clearest way to show what the rule of law means to us in everyday life is to recall what has happened when there is no rule of law.As with any other species, human populations are shaped by the usual forces of natural selection, like famine, disease or climate. A strong culture of impunity has come to stay in Nigerian polity. No matter how you try to kill the truth, it has a phenomenal way of self resurrection. To say we are enjoying good governance in the Nigeria of today is a real thesis that needs no defence for validation. The rule behind the conspiracy scheme of governance in Nigeria is self explanatory. Nigeria has moved towards what the philosophers have identified as nihilism, in which its advocates disavow all institutions. They don’t believe in law and due process. I wonder if the current government are not close nihilists. When you don’t obey the law and breach protocol all for personal gain and you disdain institutions. You are a nihilist, if you don’t know. If you had employ the service of a negotiator to look into a matter and the result of his investigation points accusing fingers to your political associate and on that basis you refuse to take the proper action under the law, it is safe to conclude that you are a nihilist. No doubt our presidency is climbing the ladder of success wrong by wrong when it comes to proper governance.

We are blessed with all manner of blessings under the sun but the blessings and geniuses in us are hindered because of corruption occasioned by the priority and perpetuation of self above the interest of the citizenry. It could well argued that some of the problems began with inherited colonial state which made it a point of duty to isolate itself from the entire citizenry but with the extent of government transition, we should have gotten it right. Nigeria’s role in the world and African affairs had declined significantly. The democracy we celebrate is one representation narrowly concerned with rights, mainly political rights but hardly participatory or deliberative in the sense of harnessing the energies of communities let alone making them the focus of governance. There is always the shortage of many of the things that makes life and living meaningful in every part of the country. It is more or less diarchy. It is just a mockery of the government of popular reflection.

Our government teaches the whole people by its example. If the government becomes the lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy.Often time than not, we yap over act instead of act over yap; we get engrossed in myopic politicking when our health system is amongst the worst in Africa, our education is deteriorating every day, corruption is escalating on exponential scale and employment is killing our national potential, insecurity and terrorism have claimed several lives most among whom are productive youths. And above all, are the Chibok school girls that were carted away from school without a national security responsive other than a mockery of our political will power and national dignity. The Boko Haram issue is a complete mockery of our national dignity and it is actually a manifestation of the degenerations in every department of our national architecture. I believe strongly that some people are working day and night to disintegrate our great nation. Unfortunately for us, they are more purposeful and better co-ordinated than our leaders across boards. They are more dedicated to their mission than our leaders and even more disciplined. Even if we think they are fallen angels that were let loose from hell, they are still purposeful to their cause. Why can’t the government of the day be responsive enough to quash them completely? The government should better learn the basics of dedication to a cause from the fallen angels that are threatening our safety. The safety of Nigerians should be the highest law of the land. Afteral, the law protects you from being abused. It doesn’t threaten your lifestyle for someone else to have the right to exhibit their lifestyle. The government must tread where angels feared to tread.

As at today, we are not still sure about the capone of Boko Haram. Accusing fingers are directed towards the Grand commander himself others believes that it is the Northern leaders in a bid to make governance in 2015 etc. We don’t even know who to believe. Different version of truth are been spoken everyday and we forget about them easily. The fact still remains that there are innocent youths in captivity whose society and governance have failed their existence. Some persons have even taken the issue to be political rather than coming together to put an end to the problem at large. I guess one of the fundamentals of a political party is to represent platforms of ideas, policy options and visionary goals around which the electorate is invited to gather. It is rather an assemblage of power hungry individuals that wish to exhibit their nihilist abilities. It’s essentially a club of elites for the motive of sharing oil rents and political spoils. Sanity has lost its position in our governmental affairs. It’s a nihilistic affair.

It should be noted that Nigerians are tired of digesting concoctions that are filled with empty promises rather proactive actions should be taken. The law should be blind to race, gender and sexual orientation, just as it claims to be blind to wealth and power. There should be no specially protected groups of any kind, except for children, the severely disabled and the elderly, whose physical frailty demands society’s care. To prove that this government is not nihilist in doings, people that are find wanton on our security issues should be prosecuted with immediate effect. We are not supposed to be all equal. Let’s just forget that. We are supposed to have equal rights under law. If we do that, we have done enough. The same right that the government have in prosecuting individuals over alleged corruption acts should be extended to those that are been suspected to be the backbone of the fallen angels that are threatening our survival. We must reject the idea that every time a law’s broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore precept that each individual is accountable for his actions. It may be true that the law cannot make a man love, but it can keep him from lynching, and I think that’s pretty important. No man is justified in doing evil on the grounds of expediency. For this sake of this generation and generation to come, the federal government should please BRING BACK OUR HONOUR.

( WHYTE HABEEB IBIDAPO is a United Nations Award winner, Africa International Arbitration Award winner and Coca cola/ The Nation Campuslife Award Winner.



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