Indian Farmer Lets Cobras Bite His Tongue Because Venom Gets Him High

Most of us would flee in panic if a cobra came anywhere near us. But one man in India, known as the ‘poison man’, allows a cobra to bite his tongue as part of a bizarre ritual.

Farmer Ram Rakha, 68, claims the snake injects a shot of poison when it bites him and gives him a quick high leaving him almost unconscious for a few seconds.

Alarming footage shows the farmer applying the snake to his tongue before he appears to lose consciousness and blood drips from his mouth.

But Rakha likes the experience. He said: ‘I feel no pain. I am not scared at all. I bleed for a few seconds and I’m a bit drowsy but then I’m fine. I enjoy doing this.

‘It’s given me status in the area. I believe I’m blessed by God and I can take the poison without any affects.’

Rakha has been performing his stunt for over a decade in Surili village, in Rajasthan, northern India.

Controversial South African pastor who makes his congregation eat snakes welcomes daughter

Controversial South African pastor, Penuel Mnguni, of End Time Disciples Ministries who makes his congregation swallow snakes, eat grass and prays homosexuality into them, is now a father. He and his wife, Boitumelo Mnguni, who he married in August 2015, welcomed their daughter, Angela in December 2015. Pastor that is committing fornication. All these ‘Do as I say not as I do’ pastors. More pics below…

Controversial SA Pastor Who Makes His Congregation Eat Snakes, Beaten Mercilessly, His Church Burnt Down

Controversial South African pastor, Penuel Mnguni, of the End Time Disciples Ministries was beaten up by some angry South African youths in Mmakaunyane Village in the North Western part of South Africa last week Sunday November 15th. During the attack, the youths burnt down his church and tied him and a member of his church up with rope.
Penuel, who is known for engaging in strange practices such as asking his congregation to eat grass, strip naked and swallow live snakes, had been lying low for sometime after a mob led by South African vigilante group, the Economic Freedom Fighters, burnt his church at Soshanguve in Tshwane. He had tried setting up his church again inside a bush in Mmakaunyane community but was caught.

The tent of his church was burnt down by the angry youths while he and some of his church members were beaten and tied up. Police officers fortunately came to their rescue.

Resident Johanna Baloyi said the pastor and his congregation were not allowed in their area. “How can a person eat a rat and claim it tastes like chocolate? That’s evil!” A church member who was protecting her pastor said they have the right to attend any church they wanted. She said the rats have healed and saved them from suffering.

Controversial South African Pastor Reacts To His Arrest, Says No One Can Destroy Him

Controversial South African pastor, Penuel Mnguni who was just yesterday granted bail after he was arrested and charged for ‘cruelty against animals’ after forcing his members to swallow a live snake during one of his church services, says no one can destroy him because ‘he is already destroyed’. He said the South African police do not know who they are fighting…

 “Maybe I need help if someone thinks I’m possessed let them come and deliver me, but if nothing come out then I will deliver you. Then one demon came and held her hands on the head of the Man of God but instead that demon was delivered. All laws, constitution and bi-lows are powerless; if they want to arrest me let them also arrest (Nandos).
God made these animals for us to eat; the world is fighting today because we used the same weapon. No one can destroy me, already I’m destroyed. Police don’t know who they are fighting against. There are people who are religious out there. These prophets who spoke about this long before it came to be and he was criticized same as my father. If you go to heaven and not find me it’s not heaven. To God Be the Glory”he said.

102 Snakes Found in Home in Canada

One hundred and two snakes were found in a home in Canada and they filled up five pillowcases. Apparently, these were “just” garter snakes, and it was in a rural area of Canada, and the snakes were just preparing to hibernate for the winter.

Recently a family in Canada, discovered a few small snakes in their basement and called the local wildlife rehab agency.

Megan Lawrence, the agency director, said, “The family contacted us when they found a few garter snakes in their basement. … They were finding more and more and … they were finding them in their kitchen and their bedrooms, and they decided it wasn’t a good idea to have them there anymore.”

So Lawrence and her partner used about five pillowcases to collect the serpents, and then moved the snakes into a bucket to count them. They then separated the snakes by size. She said the longest snake was nearly one meter, or a little over 3 feet, and the shortest was approximately 22 centimeters, or about 8 inches.

A snake expert at the local museum, Ray Poulin, says nothing about this story is too unusual for folks in Regina.

“That is about a normal amount,” Poulin said. A hundred “garter snakes in a basement is about a normal amount. … Usually snakes at this time are going down … getting up to your house and going straight down.”
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