Robert Mugabe caught sleeping during Ghana Independence Day celebration

A photo of Zimbabwe president allegedly sleeping at Ghana’s 60th Independence celebration has gone viral. The lethargy leader was among the many African leaders who graced the country’s 60 Independence Day anniversary parade.

Ghanaians took to social media to share various comments and observations from the former AU leader’s presence at the anniversary celebration.

”It’s funny my govt has money to send Mugabe to sleep in Ghana and no money to pay its workers. What is Mugabe going to bring from there? ” – Stolen Dreams @Mukoma59 said.

”We thought Mugabe was representing Zimbabwe in Ghana, he was sleeping. Mugabe has two vice presidents but he never let them do assignments. ” – Lucky @maDube_ said

Yobe governor sends commissioner caught snoring during budget presentation home

Gov. Ibrahim Gaidam of Yobe State on Thursday directed a sleeping commissioner at the presentation of the 2017 budget to the State House of Assembly to go home for more sleep.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the governor had barely commenced reading the budget speech when the cabinet member started snoring.

Mr. Gaidam warned that any public officer henceforth caught sleeping stood sacked.

“As from today, any commissioner or special adviser caught sleeping stands sacked and will immediately be replaced.

“We will borrow a leaf from the North Korea experience to make government affairs a serious business,” he said.

Mr. Gaidam while reviewing the budget performance of the outgoing year paused and directed the sleeping commissioner to go home.

“I am referring to the commissioner who is sleeping, you can go back home to sleep since you cannot endure the session,” he said.

Although the governor did not mention the name of the sleeping commissioner, he pointed to the row of the commissioners to issue the directive.

NAN reports that the bewildered commissioners looked at each other in embarrassment and sat up to avoid dozing and being victims of the governor’s sledge hammer.

Adamu Dala-Dogo, speaker of the assembly, however, advised public officers to take beverages that would keep them awake during public functions.

Chinese People Engage In Sleeping Competition

While many people are packing their suitcases for a trip during China’s seven-day National Day holiday, also known as “the Golden Week”, some people in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, are packing their sleepwear for a sleeping competition.

The competition lasted two days and participants needed to sleep on their deck chair from 9:30 am to 7:30 pm. During the 10-hour sleeping marathon, the competitors cannot leave their chair for bathroom or meal breaks, or touch any electronic devices.

On the first day, a total of 16 people finished the competition, while only eight stayed the course on the second day amid the rain and temperatures falling to as low as 0? at dusk.

Although it was cold, participants were also not allowed to leave to get thicker quilts.

Participants from different places around the world joined the challenge with different intentions.

“I will win the game for my parents because winners are awarded a two-day stay at a spring hotel in Dalian, a coastal city. I want to take them there,” a female participant told the Harbin-based newspaper, Modern Evening Times.

“My girlfriend registered for me. I will prove that I can win,” a participant, nicknamed Leifeng Cap, said.

It was reported that the sleeping competition was not only a respite from electronics, but a challenge to people’s physical well-being.

Credit: CCTV

Man Stabs Another To Death For Sleeping With His Wife

A man named Sohnan Sunday has stabbed to death one Garba Vondung to death for sleeping with his wife.

According to the Police Commissioner, Plateau State Command, Mr. Adekunle Oladunjoye, in a press conference with journalists stated that, on December 4, 2015, Police operatives from the State Central Intelligence Agency (SCID) arrested one Sohnan Sunday of Wase Local Government Area, who stabbed one Garba Vondung to death during a fight.

The CP was quoted saying that, “from the investigation, it was reliably gathered that, the suspect, Mr. Sohnan Sunday, visited his wife, Mrs. Chanchit Sohnan in her father’s house at Wase LGA, to persuade her to return back to her matrimonial home, which she deserted in the month of May, 2015, as a result of family misunderstanding between them. Unfortunately, the suspect Sohnan Sunday, met his wife and Garba Vondung, having sex on that faithful day. Consequently, the suspect stabbed the deceased to death during the scuffle”, the CP said.

In an interaction with the suspect Sohnan Sunday, as the matter is yet to be charge to court, he testified that, he sent his wife packing as a result of the extra marital affairs his wife was having with Garba Vondung. He said he has severally reported the matter to his wives parents but when the act continued, he had no choice than to send her back to her parent.

Credit: DailyTimes

Kanye West & Kris Jenner Caught On Camera!

The duo were caught on camera sleeping!

James Harden, Khloe Kardashian “alleged” boyfriend, shares a rare photo of himself, Kanye and the queen mother, Kris Jenner during his 26th birthday.

Kim K shared the picture of her sleeping mom and husband on twitter and captioned “Rager”.

Photo Credit: @KimKardashian/Twitter