See Don Jazzy’s Reaction To Illuminati Saga (VIDEO)

Video clips of one lady who claims to be Baphomet recently flooded timelines on social media.

The so called Baphomet revealed that about 89 percent of the entertainment industry in Nigeria is under their control. She made the “revelation” in one Liberation Ministries in Lagos while the pastor asked her several questions.

An instagram comedian made a joke out of it, mentioning names in his funny skit. Don Jazzy reposted the short clip which is assumed to be a joke and captioned:

?????? Na me dey collect gate fee for there sef.

 Watch video clip here

Power Couple React to Kanye West Rushing the Stage After Beck’s Win at Grammy Awards 2015

Jay and Bey say no way Ye! Jay Z and Beyonce did not want Kanye West to finish when the rapper ran up to the stage after Beck won Album of the Year at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday, Feb. 8.

A hilarious new Vine of the superstar couple reacting to the moment has gone viral, and it shows that the two, despite Beyonce’s surprising loss, most definitely did not want Yeezus to interrupt Beck. As West bombarded the Morning Phase singer, Jay Z’s expression went from shocked to horrified, and he even slightly shook his head in disagreement.

His wife, meanwhile, stopped clapping as she remarked: “No, Kanye, No!”