Nigerians Mock Peter Okoye’s Sitting Posture Beside Dangote

It’s amazing how Nigerians manage to finger out a flaw in almost everything. So Peter Okoye shared a photo with Billionaire, Aliko Dangote during a private party with his twin, Paul, but all hell got loosed. See the memes and comments made, criticizing Peter’s sitting posture beside Dangote.

Twitter user's comment on #PeterOkoye's picture with #Dangote goes viral

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It Is Not Easy Being Married to a Musician – Lola Omotayo

The singer’s wife took to Instagram sharing old photos of the couple as she revealed they’ve come a
long way.

According to her, their journey of 11 years has been filled with lessons and experiences.

She wrote, “To my dearest husband @peterpsquare, happy anniversary. Ours has been a long journey filled with lessons and unique experiences that have shaped who we have become today.

I am happy to say that we are now best friends besides everything else. I have learned to listen and respect you more and you have learned to appreciate me as I am.

I thank you for treating me like a lady and for always being there for me. I thank you for providing for our family and for putting us first at all times. It is not easy being married to a musician as people only see the glamorous side of this life but refuse to realize that you are a human being first with feelings and needs just as any one else.

11years together is not a joke. I see the non-glamorous side of you and still love you as you come.I love you! May God continue to bless and protect us in Jesus Name!#3years #anniversary #peterandlola #Okoyes #blessed #parents #daddy #mummy #happyanniversary #november17th #11yearstogether #nobejoke.”

Peter Okoye Announces New Management

Following the unfortunate drama trailing the twin sensational group, P Square, Peter Okoye, officially announces his new management.

Recalling the incident that led to the family fuss on social media, where Peter Okoye called for his brother, Jude Okoye, to step down as manager; Peter also announced his new management on Instagram.

He appreciated his fans for their love and support and gave detailed information of his new management for booking.

Even though fans of the duo have pleaded for the brothers to stay together, it seems things are gradually falling apart to suit individual differences. Paul Okoye is however busy with his new record label while Peter, the other half is planning on tours with dancers of the group.

No More Family Business; PSquare Sacks Brother, Jude

All is not well with the Okoye brothers as Peter Okoye has taken to his official twitter page to vent about the cracks in their relationship.


Stating that his group, PSquare with twin brother Paul Okoye is still intact, Peter Okoye reduced his elder brother and long time manager, Jude ‘Engees’ Okoye to an attaché.


Peter’s responses came after Jude had taken to social media to ask their fans to pray for Peter, noting that, “He’s been going through a lot lately.”


In an apparent response to Jude, Peter wrote that: “You said I need Prayers! Bro you need GOD!”


He then went on to say “Some ask why on social media. Do I have a choice! Insisting you must remain Psquare’s manager? And that your decision is final? #Psquare4ever”

He then stressed that “Peter and Paul is Psquare”, noting that, Psquare will remain.

“I repeat Psquare is not breaking up. Thanks for the love and support. I appreciate #NoMoreFamilyBusiness”


Peter who emphasized that he is no longer interested in family business, disclosed he is tired of Jude forcing himself on the duo as manager.

In a series of tweets, Peter further warned all who cared to listen not to do business or consult about the brand PSquare with Jude or his record label, Northside Music Inc.


See some of his tweets below:

Peter Of P-square Starts TV Dancing Competition!

The unveiling of Glo-sponsored dance reality show was held at silver bird galleria, Victoria Island Lagos.

The title of the show “Dance With Peter”, the show is hosted by Peter of P-square, the aim of the show is to promote dance culture among the youths.

The winner of the competition will get a whopping sum of 3million naira and a brand new Rav-4; the winner will also be featured on the next p-square music video.






Peter Okoye Expresses His Opinion On Emmanuel Adebayor’s Family Issues

Yesterday, the story of how the Spurs’ footballer Emmanuel Adebayor took to his Facebook page to talk disparagingly about his family travails went viral. While most people felt disturbed by that story, Peter Okoye of Psquare thinks Adebayor was very brave in telling his story.

Read the post he just made on his instagram page below….

Psquare does Illuminati Pyramid with Hands

FullSizeRender (100)  FullSizeRender (100)

Peter Okoye of the Psquare group posted this photo on his Instagram today with the caption, “Start Talking!….. Lol”

He did not say anything as regards to the hand posture or render any explanation or justification but as we all know, that symbol is always recognized as the illunimati pyramid.

So was this done to call attention or he is indirectly sending a message to the public?

Peter Okoye Posts Heart Warming Message to Wife, Lola.

photo (10)

He captioned this today on his Instagram after his twin, Paul Okoye shared his birthday wish to the then Lola Omotayo.

p n lola

Remembering the white range rover sport “will you marry me?” show off, we just hope things keep getting better for the lovely couple. Again, this will probably be double celebration for the couple, considering the unfolding success of the release of their hit single video “Ejeajo”, featuring American rapper T. I.