BREAKING: Trump says Israel settlement growth not ‘good for peace’.

US President Donald Trump does not believe Israeli settlement growth in Palestinian territories is “good for peace”, he told a paper Friday, in his most direct comments on the matter since inauguration.


In an interview published in Hebrew by the Israel Hayom newspaper, Trump was quoted as saying he was “not someone who believes that advancing settlements is good for peace”.


Source: AFP

Israeli Police Shoot Two Palestinian Teenage Girls After They Attack Elderly Man With Scissors

Israeli police shot two Palestinian teenage girls after the pair reportedly attacked an elderly man with a pair of scissors. One of the girls was killed in the incident, while the other was injured.

The shocking CCTV footage appears to show the girls, aged 14 and 16, pulling scissors out of their schoolbags before waving the blades around in the air.

They then advance towards the elderly onlooker, thought to be 70-years-old. Seconds later, a police officer is seen confronting one of the girls and shooting her with his pistol.

Attack: The girls appear to pull scissors out of their schoolbags


 Shooting: An officer shot both of the girls, killing one

He then turns his attention to the other girl and shoots her several times, even after she was lying motionless on the ground.

It is believed the attack took place outside Mahne Yehuda, a busy outdoor market in central Jerusalem.

A 27-year-old Israeli security guard was taken to hospital after the event.

Shooting: An officer shot both of the girls, killing one


Deadly: Police are believed to have shot one of the girls multiple times after the attack

He is thought to have suffered cuts on his hand from bullet shrapnel.

Questions are now being raised over the excessive force used by police.

Secured: The area outside the market is taped off by police

Security forces in the area have been on high alert after a spate of stabbings recently. Eighty-six Palestinians have been killed in a wave of recent violence since October 1.