#Volunteer2Teach is a project that will address the shortage of teachers in our classrooms.

Nigeria accounts for the world’s highest number for out of school children, summing to about 10.5 million and even the ones within school walls cannot boast of quality education.

This project is assembling some professionals who are willing to grants these children quality education by dedicating at leats 2 hours of their time weekly to take lessons in classes.

Partnering with credible organisations that share this plight, Naija Teenz will keep 60 children in school via its scholarship scheme, which may expand with the help of individuals and organisations who see the need to keep students in school who lack financial support.

Watch the video clip below and find out more vivid details into this project.

Also email us on naijateenz@gmail.com if you want to volunteer or donate to keep a child in school.

This project will begin with schools in Abuja and Lagos, but will eventually spread to other parts of Nigeria subject to the approval of the State Education Boards.

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