Mexicans utterly devastated by Donald Trump’s win.

Mexicans bowed their heads in disbelief, the peso tumbled and the government prepared a response as Donald Trump, whose anti-immigrant rhetoric infuriated the country, won the US presidential election.

At an American barbecue restaurant called Pinche Gringo in Mexico City, a festive mood turned somber as Mexicans and Americans rubbed their necks and could barely utter a word as they watched television networks confirming Trump’s victories in key states against Democrat Hillary Clinton.

“I feel very sad. It’s a nightmare, with a lot of uncertainty about what’s going to happen,” said Erick Sauri, a 35-year-old architect, who wore a blue T-shirt reading “Hillary Clinton for President.”

“For now we’re already making less (money) than we making yesterday,” Sauri said, referring to the national currency’s fall to a record low.

The dollar was buying 20.78 pesos, eclipsing the Mexican currency’s previous low of 19.93 set in September.

Mexicans have closely watched the US presidential campaign ever since Trump burst into the scene last year by calling migrants “rapists” and drug dealers.

The Republican real estate tycoon has pledged to deport millions of undocumented immigrants, force Mexico to pay billions of dollars for a border wall, freeze remittances migrants send back home and renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

Mexican Finance Minister Jose Antonio Meade and central bank chief Agustin Carstens were due to address the media early Wednesday to outline actions the government will take in response to the peso’s fall.

Meade said last week he expected such market “volatility” if Trump won, while Carstens said the government had an unspecified contingency plan in place to weather the storm.

Foreign Minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu, meanwhile, cancelled a late night news conference. An official said she would speak after both Trump and Clinton have spoken.

– Meeting Mexican president –

In the runup to the election, Mexicans vented their anger in different ways, crushing Trump pinatas, burning his effigy and organizing an exhibit of cartoons mocking him as a Nazi or excrement.

Their president, Enrique Pena Nieto, tried a different approach, shocking many in his country when he met Trump at his official residence in Mexico City on August 31.

Pena Nieto’s failure to forcefully condemn Trump during a joint press conference angered Mexicans.

While the Mexican leader later tweeted that he had told Trump that his government would never pay for the wall, several analysts saw the visit as a mistake that helped Trump burnish his presidential image and Pena Nieto himself later admitted that the invitation was “hasty.”

But his invitation may pay off now, since Pena Nieto said his goal was to open dialogue with a man who could become the next US president.

– Good or bad? –

But that was little consolation to the Mexicans at Pinche Gringo, a Mexican-American-owned restaurant whose name refers to an insult lodged against Americans.

“I’m dismayed. It’s incredible that so many people voted for a message of hate. It’s like a bad dream,” said Monserrat Valencia, a 25-year-old economist, who left the restaurant even before Trump was declared the winner.

But not all saw doom and gloom.

Carlos Arturo Fernandez, a 36-year-old Uber driver navigating heavy traffic on a rainy night, said things may not turn out that bad with Trump as US president.

“Whether it’s Trump or Hillary, it can bring bad things and good things,” Fernandez said.

Mexicans pray Trump defeat in Tuesday’s US election.

Mexicans have smashed Donald Trump pinatas and torched the Republican White House hopeful’s effigy. Now they hope he will crash and burn in Tuesday’s US presidential election.

The New York billionaire became Mexico’s bogeyman ever since he called migrants “rapists” and drug dealers when he launched his campaign last year.

“The guy is a clown, a blowhard,” said Jafet Granados, an 18-year-old biotechnology student who was standing under Mexico City’s Angel of Independence monument.

“If he wins, he won’t do half of what he has promised.”

The government certainly sees risks in a Trump victory.

Finance Minister Jose Antonio Meade said while a Trump victory would undoubtedly cause more “volatility” in the markets, the country was on strong financial footing to deal with it.

And central bank chief Agustin Carstens, who warned in September that Trump could hit Mexico like a powerful “hurricane,” said this week that the government had a contingency plan to weather the storm.

With his vows to tear up the North American Free Trade Agreement and make Mexico pay to build a massive border wall, Trump’s rise in opinion polls just before the US vote contributed to the fall of the Mexican peso to 19.50 per dollar.

The peso however soared to 18.5563 per dollar in early Asian trading on Monday after the FBI lifted the threat of charges against Trump’s rival, Democrat Hillary Clinton, over her use of a private email server while secretary of state.

– Slim vs Trump –

Not everyone in Mexico is putting a brave face on a possible victory for the 70-year-old Manhattan property mogul.

Mexican telecommunications tycoon Carlos Slim has warned that a Trump administration would “destroy” the US economy by imposing big tariffs on imports.

“As we say in Mexico, being a drunk is different from being a bartender,” Slim quipped to reporters on Friday.

Trump lashed out at Slim last month after The New York Times published claims from women accusing the real estate baron of sexual misconduct. Slim is the newspaper’s largest shareholder.

Despite Trump’s unpopularity in Mexico, President Enrique Pena Nieto made the shocking decision to invite him to his official residence in August.

The invitation and Pena Nieto’s failure to forcefully criticize Trump during a joint news conference angered Mexicans.

Pena Nieto defended the move, saying it was important to open dialogue with someone who could be the next US president, though he admitted that he may have rushed to hold the meeting and failed to anticipate the anger it caused.

– Republican in Mexico: ‘Disgrace’ –

“The majority of Mexicans don’t want (Trump) to win,” Jose Antonio Crespo, a political expert at the Economic and Teaching Research Center, told AFP.

“The bilateral relation will be more quarrelsome than it normally is,” Crespo said.

Marcos Reyes, 46, who works at an advertising firm, said he feared that Trump would go through with mass deportations while those who remain in the United States would have “few opportunities” to have a better life.

Even the Republican Party’s representative in Mexico, Larry Rubin, is not voting Trump.

“It wouldn’t be good for the United States and much less for relations between the United States and Mexico,” Rubin, a dual US-Mexican citizen, told the Televisa network.

“His rhetoric has been very negative,” he said. “It would be a disgrace.”

Why Nigerians, Ghanaians, Mexicans, Columbians Are The Happiest People On Earth

Again, Nigerians have been listed as some of the happiest people on earth. According to research, the more people in a country have a particular gene, the happier the nation will be.

According to a new study published in the Journal of Happiness Studies and first reported by Fiona Macrae, Science Editor for The Daily Mail UK, the genetic material that is Deoxy ribo-Nucleic Acid (DNA) in question, the FAAH gene, makes a protein that affects feelings of pleasure and pain. People with a particular version of it tend to be cheerier souls.

However, wealth and health were found to have little effect on happiness. The more people in a country who have a variety of the FAAH gene, the happier that nation tends to be, according to new research from Varna University, Bulgaria.

The researchers said what they found could help explain why some of the world’s poorest nations are also the happiest.

According to the study, Ghana, Nigeria, Mexico and Columbia all came out near the top in the happiness league and all three sported high rates of the gene.

In contrast, the peoples of Iraq, Jordan, Hong Kong, China were among the least likely to rate themselves as ‘very happy’ and also had the lowest levels of the gene.

The team from Bulgaria and Hong Kong looked at whether there was a link between levels of the FAAH gene in a population and number of people who said they were ‘very happy’ in global study of life satisfaction.

An earlier study of more than 65 countries published 2003 in the UK’s New Scientist magazine showed that the happiest people in the world live in Nigeria – and the least happy, in Romania.

People in Latin America, Western Europe and North America are happier than their counterparts in Eastern Europe and Russia.

According to the study, Nigeria has the highest percentage of happy people followed by Mexico, Venezuela, El Salvador and Puerto Rico, while Russia, Armenia and Romania have the fewest.

But factors that make people happy may vary from one country to the next with personal success and self-expression being seen as the most important in the United States (U.S.), while in Japan, fulfilling the expectations of family and society is valued more highly.

The survey appears to confirm the old adage that money cannot buy happiness.

Credit: Guardian



Chris Rock Slams ‘Racist’ Hollywood

Chris Rock has slammed the “slave state” of Mexicans in Hollywood and questioned why so few black women are considered for roles in film and television.

In an essay for The Hollywood Reporter, the American performer said black actors are frequently overlooked. 

“When it comes to casting, Hollywood pretty much decides to cast a black guy or they don’t,” wrote the former Saturday Night Live cast member, whose work spans stage, film and television.

Chris Rock speaks out against racism in Hollywood, saying: 'We're never in the mix.'Chris Rock speaks out against racism in Hollywood, saying: ‘We’re never in the mix.’ Photo: Reuters

“We’re never ‘in the mix’. When there’s a hot part in town and the guys are reading for it, that’s just what happens. It was never like, ‘Is it going to be Ryan Gosling or Chiwetel Ejiofor for Fifty Shades of Grey?’ And you know, black people f—, too. White women actually want to f— black guys, sometimes more than white guys.”

Rock also uses casting rumours about the second season of True Detective to illustrate his point about black women. 

“I never heard anyone go, ‘Is it going to be Amy Adams or Gabrielle Union?’ for that show,” he said. 

“I didn’t hear one black girl’s name on those lists. Not one. Literally everyone in town was up for that part, unless you were black. And I haven’t read the script, but something tells me if Gabrielle Union were Colin Farrell’s wife, it wouldn’t change a thing. 

“And there are almost no black women in film. You can go to whole movies and not see one black woman. They will throw a black guy a bone. OK, here’s a black guy. But is there a single black woman in Interstellar? Or Gone Girl? Birdman? The Purge? Neighbours? I’m not sure there are. I don’t remember them.

“I go to the movies almost every week, and I can go a month and not see a black woman having an actual speaking part in a movie. That’s the truth.”

Rock described Hollywood as “a white industry, just as the NBA is a black industry – I’m not even saying it’s a bad thing; it just is”. 

But he claimed that while it is “the most liberal town in the world”, it harbours racism. 

“Not racist like, ‘F— you, ni—-,’ racist, but just an acceptance that there’s a slave state in LA. There’s an acceptance that Mexicans are going to take care of white people in LA that doesn’t exist anywhere else. 

“You’re telling me no Mexicans are qualified to do anything at a studio? Really? Nothing but mop up?”

He adds that there is “probably a Mexican David Geffen” mopping the floors “who’s never going to be given a shot”. 

The essay follows a recent interview with New York magazine, in which Rock describes the notions of American race relations and racial progress as “nonsense”. 

“To say Obama is progress is saying that he’s the first black person that is qualified to be president,” he said. 

“That’s not black progress. That’s white progress. There’s been black people qualified to be president for hundreds of years.

“You know, my kids are smart, educated, beautiful, polite children. There have been smart, educated, beautiful, polite black children for hundreds of years. The advantage that my children have is that my children are encountering the nicest white people that America has ever produced. Let’s hope America keeps producing nicer white people.”